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A new story from the “Shall we date?"series
“Shall we date?: Never Look Back” is now available!
The challenging path to the underworld! Who will you end up with?

Important! Please read.
- This app is recommended using Android 2.3.4 or later.
- This app may infrequently restart due to a system error.
- Some parts of graphics occasionally does not appear in theapp.

1. Story Introduction
Together with 3 young men, you (a protagonist) are on a rescuemission to save a kidnapped princess from the underworld. Along theway, there are random challenges in front of you… These challengesmake you discover many things, including the love of yourlife...

2. Features
1) Set in the mythical underworld
2) Players decide their love of endings
3) Beautiful still graphics

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Ninja Shadow Shall we date? Otome Sim for Girls 1.7.0 APK
Enter the world of the Edo period-- Be a brave Ninja Otome--🏮Story🏮 My twin brother is gone... Now, I seek revenge while I haveto fight for my home village. While impersonating my brother, Imust keep my identity a secret! Who would’ve thought I’d find loveon the battlefield…? 🏮Be a part of the story by🏮 【Making Choices】My story and endings vary depending on choices I make! As a memberof the Nagasaki Vigilantes, I carry out vigilante missions inNagasaki City. During my missions, I encounter many enemies, aswell as fight alongside friends. I am challenged with toughdecisions: if I don’t make the right choice, my life might be atrisk. But I have my own mission... a purpose I must carry through!Can I make the right choices? 【Creating My Own Avatar】 Create myunique custom avatars with various avatar items! 🏮People I willencounter🏮 ・ Ninjas, risking their lives for the public and thegreater good ・ The calm and collected Samurai ・ The Shogun loved bymany ・ The Shinsengumi, a special police force fighting for justice・ The Gynecologist who acts behind the scenes ・ A threatening teamof foreign assassins ・ Outstanding diviner, Onmyoji ・ Theprogressive Bakumatsu Revolutionist ・ The dependable MountainPriest ・ The Tabloid Writer who will always pursue the truth ・ Thesober and thoughtful Kendo Master ・ And many more! 🌸ThisInteractive Romance Novel Features🌸 Beautiful illustrations andcaptivating music. Play free of charge. Read stories with StoryTickets, which recharge regularly. Join in-game events to receiveexclusive stories, pictures, avatar items and more… Link youraccount on Facebook 🌸About Developer🌸 NTT Solmare is a companybased in Osaka, Japan. We strive to make the best dating sim games.If you like romance novels, cute boys, and/or anime then you willlove this Otome game. Our Shall we date? titles have over 35million downloads worldwide ? try one of our FREE games today tofind out why we are so popular! ・Official website:http://shallwedate.jp/en/ ・Official Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/ShallWeDate.NTTSolmare
Guard me, Sherlock! - otome game 1.6.0 APK
Complete the prologue and get useful items! Don’t miss the starterSALE to get special avatar items for FREE. ◆WHAT’S AN OTOME GAME?You’re the heroine - Otome - in these simulation games,experiencing sweet moments with handsome men. Tap your way through,more easily than reading a visual novel. These large-scale lovestory games are different from anime, manga or romance novels butare just as enjoyable on your device! ◆ABOUT GUARD ME, SHERLOCK! “Ididn’t realize this until you showed up, but when I sleep alone, mybed is EMPTY and COLD.” You visit the office of the world’sgreatest detective, Sherlock Holmes, with an unusual request.There, you meet charming men with colorful personalities, and getcaught up in their adventures. Do you want to live at 221B BakerStreet, with Sherlock as your bodyguard? Or do you want to go on atrip with the mysterious millionaire Professor Moriarty and catch athief? Can you escape the “elementary” crime? Experience thrillafter thrill in modern London with classic characters transformedinto irresistible hotties! These British geniuses will fall in lovewith you and whisper words of love, kissing you. Choose the path ofyour love story with them, and reach a moving, romantic ending!Crack the case and fall in love! ◆YOUR HANDSOME GUARDS: SherlockHolmes - “Do YOU have feelings for John?” Undoubtedly, the world’sgreatest detective with an exceptional logical mind. He was onlyinterested in strange cases until he met you. He’ll come to realizehis feelings for you like never before. But his best friend John HWatson has those same feelings toward you, too! Where will thislove triangle lead? John H Watson - “I promise that I’ll alwaysstrive to be someone who’s good enough for you, someone whodeserves you. So...will you marry me?” Sherlock’s best friend andfellow genius. He’s smart, gentle, and perfect - what’s the reasonbehind him proposing to you on the very first day you meet? Andwhat will you do when Sherlock tells you that you’re the only onehe could open his traumatized heart to? James Moriarty - “By thetime this journey is over, your life will have changed COMPLETELY.”The Napoleon of the backstreets of London, and Sherlock Holmes’greatest rival. Coming from a noble family and the way of the law,he plans a stage aboard the gorgeous Reichenbach Express for you.He’s not one to hide his affection for you...but at the same timehe hides a horrifying secret. ◆FEATURES: *FREE to play! *Read withStory Tickets, which recharge regularly *Beautiful artwork,alluring soundtracks and motion effects *Solve mysteries unique toeach character’s story *Multiple endings depending on the choicesyou make *Cute avatars in a Japanese anime style with constantupdates *In-game events frequently held with exclusive prizes*Available ON FACEBOOK too! *New characters make an appearance!◆HIGHLY RECOMMENDED IF YOU: -love romance novels or movies -loveJapanese games, manga, novels or anime -are interested in datingsim games but prefer something more simple -want to enjoy being inlove with a variety of men -want to have a love affair withoutanyone knowing -love to read mystery novels -are crazy aboutSherlock Holmes -love to investigate and judge someone guilty -loveromance games / dating games for free -love fashion and dressing upyour avatar -enjoy reading fiction with grand setting ◆ABOUT US NTTSolmare is a company based in Osaka, Japan. We strive to make thebest dating sim games. If you like romance novels, cute boys,and/or anime then you will love our games. Our Shall we date?titles have over 35 million downloads worldwide – try one of ourFREE games today to find out why we are so popular! ・Officialwebsite: http://shallwedate.jp/en/ ・Official Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/ShallWeDate.NTTSolmare
Lost Alice - otome game/dating sim #shall we date 1.6.0 APK
Open the door of destiny to Wonderland. Be amazed by classiccharacters from the immortal masterpiece Alice’s Adventures inWonderland. Who will you choose to shape your future? ◆ABOUT LOSTALICE “You’ve come here, neither following the White Rabbit nor inresponse to the Queen of Hearts. You’ve come to Wonderland of yourfree will.” The key to solving all The mysteries is your lostmemories. “My Alice, I’ve been waiting for you for so long.” “Itold you, I’m not Alice!” You remember nothing but your name. Theycall You Alice. An elegant tea party with the Hatter. Temptationsfrom the Cheshire Cat. A golden afternoon with Joker. As days inWonderland entertain you...you find your true love. Whose “Alice”will you be? ◆WONDROUS MEN THAT WILL FALL IN LOVE WITH YOU: LukeEstheim - The Hatter “You don’t have to worry, about anything...”This quiet and mysterious gentleman calls you by your name, unlikethe other residents of Wonderland who call you “Alice”. Luke keepssecrets, along with his sad yet passionate feelings for you... Hissecret lies in your lost memories. Kyle Knock - Cheshire Cat “Theonly one I want to touch, to have smile at me is you, my Alice.”With his charming cat ears and a tail, Kyle’s mesmerizing smileseduces you. He takes the role of your guide to Wonderland,showering you in affection. You can’t understand the reasons behindit at first, when you find out why he had been waiting desperatelyfor his “Alice”, you will realize your feelings for him. JokerBraze - Unknown “To think that we would be reunited here...it mustbe fate tying us together.” Wielding his magic playing cards and asilver tongue, this bad boy takes a liking to you. Before you knowit, you must go on an adventure with him. As your bond deepens, younotice that Joker and you have something in common. ◆Our Dating SimFeatures◆ *FREE to play! *Read with Story Tickets, which rechargeregularly *Cute avatars in Japanese anime style with constantupdates *NEW FEATURE! Go social with your avatar. ‘Snap & Post’lets you show off your avatar’s style to other players and favoritethe looks you love, so aim for the highest rank! *Beautiful datingsim illustrations and captivating Otome game music. *Multipleendings depending on the choices you make *Fun Otome game eventsand special dating sim rewards. *Available ON FACEBOOK too! ◆HIGHLYRECOMMENDED IF YOU: love romance novels or movies love Japanesegames, manga, novels or anime are interested in dating sim gamesbut have never had The chance to play want to enjoy being in lovewith a variety of men want to have a love affair without anyoneknowing love to read fantasy novels Are crazy about Alice’sAdventures in Wonderland and/or Through the Looking-Glass, and WhatAlice Found There love romance games / dating games for free lovegothic / lolita fashion and dressing up your avatar enjoy readingfiction with a grand setting Are you an Otome game fanatic? Thenour dating sim is for YOU! Our dating sim is full of love anddesigned for Otome. An Otome is a girl who is pure of heart andlooking for the man of her dreams. ♥About Us♥ NTT Solmare is acompany based in Osaka, Japan. We strive to make the best datingsim games. If you like romance novels, cute boys, and/or anime thenyou will love this Otome game. Our Shall we date? titles have over23 million downloads worldwide – try one of our FREE games today tofind out why we are so popular! ・Official website:http://shallwedate.jp/en/ ・Official Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/ShallWeDate.NTTSolmare
Shall we date?: 닌자의유혹 1.2.0 APK
“아무것도 두려워하지 말고 나에게 널 맡겨…착하지?”매혹적인 닌자들과 사랑의 감정을 숨긴채 떠나야 하는 로맨틱 어드벤쳐…닌자 세계에서 생존이 달린 위험한 전투를 승리시키고 매력 가득한 닌자들 사이에서 당신 만의 진정한 사랑을 찾아내세요!!“Shall we date? 닌자의 유혹”은 일본의 역사적인 혼돈기를 배경으로 한 소설 형식의 로맨스 시뮬레이션게임입니다. 절에서 평범한 생활을 하던 당신은 어느날 갑자기 찾아온 멋진 닌자들로부터 그들의 운명을 거머쥔 숨겨진공주라는 사실을 듣게 됩니다. 놀라움도 잠시, 당신은 숨가쁘게 전개되는 전투의 현장에서 승리하여 닌자 세계를 구하는동시에 뿌리 칠 수 없이 매혹적인 닌자의 사랑도 얻어 내야 합니다. 삶과 죽음을 가르는 전투 가운데 치명적인 사랑의감정을 느낄 수 있는 기회를 절대 놓치지 마세요!!=== 특징 ===* 새로 추가된 인물 – 오다 노부나가를 만나보세요. : 천하를 제패하려는 야심적인 인물. 이제 오다 가문의 지도자인노부노가와의 데이트를 즐길 수도 있습니다.* 본인의 아바타를 꾸미세요. : 아무도 거부할 수 없는 엣지있는 패션 아이콘으로 거듭날 수 있습니다.* 게임 속의 게임, 미니 게임을 만나보세요. : 적을 없앨 무기를 고르거나 매력 레벨을 올리기 위해 트레이닝을 하는등의 새로운 기능들이 추가 되었습니다.* 자신이 원하는 스토리 엔딩을 만들어 보세요. : 당신과 캐릭터 사이의 대화 선택에 따라 스토리의 엔딩이 달라지는구조가 게임에 흥미를 더합니다.* 다양한 캐릭터와 에피소드들을 거치며 수 많은 환상적인 모험을 즐길 수 있습니다.* 게임 곳곳에서 고화질의 사진과 메일들을 받아보세요!* 소셜 네트워크를 만드세요. : 다른 플레이어들을 초대해서 플레이어들 사이에 메세지를 주고 받을 수있습니다.* 미션들을 수행하고 가능한 많은 메달을 모아보세요!* 로그인만 해도 받을 수 있는 보너스에서부터 다양한 보너스들이 기다리고 있습니다.=== 리뷰 ===* 정말 최고네요!!!진짜 마음에 드는 게임이예요. 지금까지 해 본 게임 중에 최고예요. 해 보면 알겠지만, 별 5개 이상의게임이예요!* 재미가 끝이 없고 지루하지 않아요!!!평면적인 소설 로맨스가 아니고 다양한 기능들이 추가 되어 있어서 좋아요. 플레이어가 할 수 있는 것들이 많아서 끝까지몰입할 수 있게 해주니까요.=== 페이스 북 ===“Shall We Date?” 시리즈를 위한 페이스 북을 방문해 보세요. 게임에 관한 새로운 정보를 확인할 수 있습니다.(영어 페이지)https://www.facebook.com/ShallWeDate.NTTSolmare===주의===이 게임은 한국어로 표시됩니다."Do not be afraid ofanything ... nice of you leave me?"Ninja enchanting romantic adventure without having to leave thehidden feelings of love and ...Win a dangerous battle with survival in the ninja world and findyour own true love naeseyo among charm Ninja!"Shall we date? Temptation of the Ninja "is a romance novelformat of an historical simulation game chaos in Japan in thebackground. You will hear me was a normal life in the fact that oneday suddenly came geomeojwin their fate from the wonderful hiddenninja princess. Surprised a moment, you have to win at the scene ofthe battle that takes breath deployment must pay the fascinatingNinja loves to hit without roots at the same time to obtain theninja world. Absolutely do not miss the chance to feel the emotionof love, divides the fatal battle of life and death!=== Features ===* The new figures - Meet Oda Nobunaga. : Ambitious person you wantto conquer the world,. Now you can enjoy the dating of Oda clan'sleader, Nobu nogawa.* Decorate your own avatar. No one can be reborn as irresistibleedgy fashion icon.* Meet in games games, mini games. : Added some new features, suchas eliminating the enemies choose your weapon or to increase theattractiveness of the training level.* Feel the story ending they want. : Select dialog between you anddepending on the character structure of the ending of the storyvary more interested in the game.* You can enjoy the many fantastic adventures can undergo a varietyof characters and episodes.* Get high quality pictures and messages throughout the game!* Create a social network. : To invite other players to send andreceive messages between the players.* Collect and carry out missions and many medals as possible!* Login million from the bonus will be waiting to receive a varietyof bonus.=== === Reviews* I'm awesome !!!It's a real favorite games. It's the best game so far this year.Looking to know, it's more than five per game!* There is no end of fun, I'm not boring !!!Not a good romance novel flat in a variety of functions have beenadded. Cause the things the player can give much can indulge allthe way.=== === FacebookVisit the Facebook for "Shall We Date?" Series. To read the newinformation about the game. (English page)https://www.facebook.com/ShallWeDate.NTTSolmare=== === CautionThe game will be in Korean.
Shall we date?: 위자데스 하트+ 1.2.0 APK
미국과 캐나다에서 공전의 대히트를 기록한 비주얼 노벨 게임!우주에서 가장 명예로운 마법사를 위한 학원, 게도날룬 왕립마법학원에 오신 걸 환영합니다!위자데스 하트+는 판타지와 모험, 연애물이 넘치는 학원물 비주얼 노벨 연애시뮬레이션 게임입니다!본 게임은 마법사를 육성하는 학원을 무대로, 플레이어가 ‘임시’ 학생 마법사로서 정식적으로 학원에 편입하기 위해 마법에대해 공부하고 마법도구를 사용거나 마법을 외울 수 있습니다. 또한 개성 풍부한 반 친구들과 기숙사 룸메이트, 선생님들과신기한 마수들을 만날 수도 있어요! 모험적이며 스릴만점인 스토리와 달콤한 로맨스, 가슴설레는 장면까지! 당신의 학원생활은틀림없이 재미있을거예요!학원에는 수수께끼가 있습니다. “비탄의 탑”과 연관된 에피소드는 엘리어스, 루카, 유키야 세 명의 메인 스토리를읽음으로써 모든 수수께끼가 밝혀지고 모든 진실을 알 수 있게 됩니다.그럼, 게도날룬 왕립마법학원에서 우리 다시 만나요!게임특징:* 게임은 기본 무료입니다! 게임 속에는, 게임을 더욱 즐길 수 있는 몇가지 유료 아이템이 준비되어 있습니다!* 다양한 남성 캐릭터들 중에서 당신이 마음에 든 캐릭터를 선택할 수 있습니다.* 각각 캐릭터마다 복수의 엔딩이 있습니다. 어느 엔딩에 도달할지는 게임 중의 선택지에 따라 변화됩니다.* 본 게임에서는 독창적인 게임 설정과 개념을 중심으로, 진지한 장면과 코믹한 장면이 매력적이고 생생하게 그려져있습니다.* 일본 애니메이션풍 일러스트를 즐길 수 있습니다!* 아바타 게임에서는 다양한 장식품과 아이템을 사용하여, 당신의 아바타를 멋지게 코스프레 할 수 있습니다!SNS:facebook.com/ShallWeDate.KR.NTTSolmare (게임이 마음에 들면 “좋아요!” 눌러주세요!)http://cafe.naver.com/wizardessheartNTT Solmare란?:본 게임에 관심을 가져 주셔서 감사드립니다! NTT Solmare는 일본의 비주얼 노벨, 연애 게임, 여성향 게임을세계를 향해 발신 하고자 하는 일본의 게임회사입니다. 위자데스 하트+는 저희 연애 게임시리즈 “Shall wedate?”중의 하나입니다. 위자데스 하트+ 게임을 즐겨주세요! 게임에 대한 소중한 의견도 기다리고 있겠습니다!Visual novel game ofall-time recorded the big hit in the United States and Canada!The most prestigious school for wizards in the universe,strangely nalrun Welcome to the Royal Magic Academy!Ouija Heart Death + is a fantasy and adventure, yeonaemul hakwonmulvisual novel full of romance simulation game!This game is a school for training as a wizard stage, players learnabout the magic to transfer to formally institute a 'temporary'student wizard, or you can use magic tools to memorize the spell.In addition, personality-rich classmates and dorm roommate, we alsomeet with teachers and novelties clutches! Challenging and sweetromance, heart throbbing to the scene with a thrilling story! Yourschool life is going to be fun no doubt! It has a mystery school. Episodes associated with "Tower ofGrief" is Elias, Lucca, yukiya by reading the main story all threeriddles are turning out to be able to tell the whole truth.Then, strangely magical nalrun we'll meet again at the RoyalAcademy!Game Features:* Game is a basic free! Ln the game, the game is ready to pay a fewmore items that you can enjoy!* You can select any character in mind from a variety of malecharacters.* There are multiple endings for each character. Will varydepending on the choices of the game seem to reach a certainending.* In the game, the game set around the original concept, a seriouscomic scenes and scenes are drawn attractive and lively.* You can enjoy Japanese anime-style illustration!The Avatar game - using a variety of ornaments and items can beyour avatar costume nicely!SNS:facebook.com/ShallWeDate.KR.NTTSolmare (game you like, "Okay!"press!)http://cafe.naver.com/wizardessheartNTT Solmare is?: Thank you for your interest in this game! NTT Solmare is aJapanese game company to originate a visual novel, Love Games,women face a game of Japan to the world. Ouija Heart Death + is ourlove game series "Shall we date?" One of. Death Ouija Heart + Enjoythe game! I look forward also valuable input for the game!
Shall we date?:Never Look Back 1.3.1 APK
A new story from the “Shall we date?"series“Shall we date?: Never Look Back” is now available!The challenging path to the underworld! Who will you end up with?Important! Please read.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ This app is recommended using Android 2.3.4 or later.- This app may infrequently restart due to a system error.- Some parts of graphics occasionally does not appear in theapp.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1. Story IntroductionTogether with 3 young men, you (a protagonist) are on a rescuemission to save a kidnapped princess from the underworld. Along theway, there are random challenges in front of you… These challengesmake you discover many things, including the love of yourlife...2. Features1) Set in the mythical underworld2) Players decide their love of endings3) Beautiful still graphics
Shall we date?: 恋忍者戦国絵巻+ 恋愛ゲーム 1.3.2 APK
時は戦国、時代を影からあやつる“忍び”と“あなた”の甘く激しい恋物語。世界中の女子たちが夢中になっている大人気・恋愛ゲームここに見参!!戦国時代を舞台にした重厚なラブストーリーが、あなたの胸をキュンキュンさせます! ―ある日、突然目の前に現れたイケメン忍者たち。忍者を束ねる一族の姫であることを告げられた“あなた”は、忍者の抹殺をかかげる織田信長と忍びの死闘に巻き込まれることに。そして…命をかけた激しい闘いの中で、運命に導かれるように恋に落ちていく……。 【ゲームに登場する人気キャラクター】 ◆霧隠才蔵(甲賀忍者/イジワルでドSな忍者) 「お前…それ、意味わかって言ってんのか? 俺以外の男に言うんじゃねーぞ」 ◆石川五右衛門(伊賀忍者/モテモテのエリート忍者) 「寒いんだから、もっと俺のそばに来い ……何にもしねーよ、バーカ」◆風魔小太郎(風魔党/情を捨てた孤高の忍者) 「あなたを守り抜くことが私の役目です。そのためなら、いつでも命を捨てる覚悟はあります…」 ―そして、ついに!敵キャラクターの“織田 信長”を攻略キャラとして追加!― ◆織田信長(織田軍/荒ぶる魂を抱える戦国屈指の武将) 「俺の嫁になる女が いつまでも山猿では末代までの恥だろう?」  【世界中の女子達の声】◆アメリカ:ストーリーが良くて、キャラクターもみんなキュート!色んな恋愛ゲームをしたけど、Shall wedate?シリーズを1番オススメするな。甘いシーンは、顔から湯気が出ちゃう!◆シンガポール:最高!絵がとても綺麗で、ストーリーもすごく凝ってる!これ以上、何を望むのかしら? 【恋愛ゲーム"恋忍者"の特徴】1.恋する“彼”はお客様が選択:4人の異なる魅力を持つ男性の中から、お客様自身がこのストーリーの中で恋をする相手を選ぶことができます。本恋愛ゲームでは、新しく追加されたキャラクター・最大の敵である織田信長との許されない恋愛もお楽しみ頂けます。2.基本プレイ無料: 無料でイケメン忍者との恋愛を進めて頂けます。あなたのお気に入りの“彼”を見つけて下さい。3.複数のエンディング:お客様がゲームの中で選択した行動によって、物語のエンディングが変わります。“彼”との甘いエンディングを目指しましょう!4.美しいイラスト: 大人気の作家による華やかでクオリティーの高いイラストをお楽しみ頂けます。 5.美しい音楽:BGMがストーリーをよりスリリングにロマンチックに盛り上げます。 6.あなたの分身(アバター)を楽しくコーディネート:130点以上の装飾アイテムで、可愛いアバターを作ってお楽しみ頂けます! 【あらすじ】 戦乱の世と呼ばれる時代。そんな時代にあっても、お寺の住職の孫として平穏に暮らしていた私の前に、ある日突然忍者が現れる。『天下統一を目指す織田信長は、目障りな我ら忍びを滅ぼそうとしています。信長を止めなければ、忍びに未来はありません。そして、あなたは我々の最後の希望……』私は忍術源流の一族の血を受け継ぎ、伊賀・甲賀・風魔・服部の忍者たちの結束の象徴、忍びの姫であることが告げられる。『えぇ―――っっ?!』 頭の整理が追いつかないまま、私の目の前にはイケメン忍者が勢ぞろいする。そして、優秀な忍者たちから1人を選んで、忍者結束の地である伊賀に共に向かうことに!!何の決意もないまま旅に出ることになった私は、危険なその道中で幾多の困難を乗り越えながら次第に“彼”と心を通わせていく―。 【注意】本恋愛ゲームは日本語での表示となります。
Moe! Ninja Girls RPG: Sexy Shinobi Happenings 1.5.1 APK
The hit game "Moe! Ninja Girls," with over 4.3 million downloads,is finally back...RPG style! Experience a brand new story with RPGelements as you enjoy sexy happenings at shinobi school! The new"Moe! Ninja Girls RPG" will share the same world as the originalgame. Enjoy a brand new type of RPG as you read the story and fightvarious enemies alongside 15 beautiful girls! ◆What Is Moe! NinjaGirls RPG? Enjoy your school life as you raise beautiful ninjas togo into battle together. The story has multiple choices, each withthe ability to change the story! You can also get various outfitsby playing missions in the game to make our sexy ninjas evensexier! Raise the girls into strong allies as you work to upholdyour name as the Legendary Ninja! ◆About Moe! Ninja Girls RPG Knownas the Legendary Ninja, you have concealed your true identity andenrolled into Mizaki School to undertake a secret mission.Surrounded by beautiful girls, your long-awaited school lifefinally begins. Training, adventures, and of course...sexyhappenings await you! You unexpectedly form the ninja seeking cluband begin solving all kinds of mysteries, all the while finding outwho the girls you are with really are! Can you make your life as aninja and a student work? Laugh, cry, and experience your very ownninja life in Moe! Ninja Girls RPG! ◆Your Cute Girlfriends ■OkaKazamatsuri - "Of course, Master. I will always be by your side." Aninja from the same village as you, she shares your secret, andenrolls into Mizaki School to help serve you. She is pure andloyal, but can be a bit of an airhead. She has vowed to always beby your side. ■Akari Hanao - "We're in the same class! It's got tobe fate!" Your classmate at Mizaki School. Bright and cheerful, shealways has a smile on her face and brightens up the atmospherewherever she goes. Will you, too, fall in love with her smile?■Enju Saion-ji - "I-I'm not embarrassed!" She is part of thestudent council at Mizaki School, and a so-called "tsundere." Sheobjects to the formation of the ninja seeking club for some reason.Patience and persistence will be required to see the warmer side ofher. ■Beatrix Yozuki Noctiflora - "Hi, darling! Today's a wonderfulday!" A foreign exchange student who transfers to Mizaki Schoolaround the same time you do. Her love of ninja causes her tosuggest the formation of the ninja seeking club. She's alwaysincredibly energetic and eager to express her love for you. We'vealso got a variety of other girls, from a sexy senpai, the managerof the science club, ninjas from a mysterious organization, anotaku, and a clumsy kouhai, so we have something for everyone!◆We've got something for people of all tastes! ■ Do you like a bitof naughtiness, waifus, anime, games, manga, and visual novels?This game is for you! ■ Do you like anime dating sims, hentaigames, or anime story games? This game is for you! ■ Do you preferanime RPGs, anime battles, ccg, and gachas over puzzles? This gameis for you! ■ Do you like enjoying a story with a bit of ero withsexy girlfriends? This game is for you! ■ Do you like romancingpretty girls and princesses and fighting intense battles? This gameis for you! ■ If you like connecting with FREE content andexperiencing sexy happenings at ninja school, this game is for you!Wake up your inner otaku and claim your own waifu! It's all here inMoe! Ninja Girls RPG! ◆ The Official SNS - Please Follow! Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/moeninjagirlsRPG.solmare/ Twitter:https://twitter.com/Moenin_RPG Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/obey_me_official/ YouTube:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLOVH7WbNfwG8UK9BNvK2ug android"This app is compatible with: Android 4.4+ For the best gamingexperience, we recommend playing this app below : 1.2 Mbps downloadspeed internet Connections Devices with more than 2.2 GB of RAM"