/ July 18, 2017
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Play Shark Hunter in under water sea. Shark Hunter is an amazingunderwater shark hunting simulation game with stunning graphics andrealistic environment. Shark hunter bring action thriller underwater shark hunting game with hand gun and sniper guns. Play andshot on attaching sharks, once you open fire on shark , the angryshark will attack you quickly and more sharks may come to attackyou one after an other. Reload guns quickly to survive angry sharkattack and be a perfect shark hunter and complete shark attacksurvival missions in under water shark hunter simulation game.Underwater game Shark hunter a whale shark sniper hunting bringsyou an intense hunting missions, you, super shark sniper hero willkill hungry shark in deep sea water. An epic shark huntingchallenge is there for you in an amazing shark hunter 2017simulator for Shark Sniper Hunting .an Ultimate underwater animalhunting and angry shark shooting simulation with ultimate snipergun and amazing shark shooting. Hungry Sharks are all around, Onbeach hunting humans, Sharks attacks surfers and swimmers, you asuper shark hunting hero, shot and kill all anger sharks around.Shark hunting is challenging survival shark hunting simulator whereyou need to b a perfect sniper shooter and a expert gun shooter toshot timely and survive hungry shark attack. Hunt all angry sharksand be a super modern sniper hunting hero, prove you are aunderwater sniper hunter. kill sharks like a real sniper shooter inan intense hunting game and win hearts.Use all modern sniperhunting stunts and shooting skills for ultimate underwater wildanimal survival fight.Shark Hunter has amazing under water seaenvironment and excellent AI with pin point timely shots on hungrysharks, If you fail to shot in time, you will lose,real timehunting angry Shark Hunter game simulation. Play shark hunter andenjoy hunting sharks , beware of timely shot to survive hungrysharks. angry sharks attack surfers and boat riders,you are onlyhelp for them, barely able to fend of hungry, attackingsharks.Shark Hunting simulation is a challenging game for SharpShooters , Army shooters and sniper shooter to prove their shootingskills. Kill all of the sharks,crazy whales and white sharks with asniper shooter. Don't let vicious blood thirsty hungry sharks evenget closer to you or any other and shot angry sharks as trainedsniper shooter. aim and target white sharks and kill all the whaleshark and be a superhero sniper killer of sharks.In this underwaterhunting game, Spearfishing wild shark hunting game you will huntdeadly hungry sharks, hungry whales, sea turtles, wild Whales, andother favorite aquatic fishes. In start of the shark hunter game ,a gun will be given to you at the start of the hunting, in nextlevels you may need to upgrade the gun or buy new gun from store.You can use bow and arrows to hunt the sharks.Amazing underwater 3Dgame play with high visual graphics and best deep sea water musicprovide extra fun.if you are a fish hunter , come and play thisadventurous shark hunting game simulation and prove you are thebest hungry shark sniper shooter.Features:Stunning 3D graphics andUnderwater environmentUltimate shooting guns collectionArcheryHunting Kit

App Information Shark Hunter : Angry Shark Hunting simulation game

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    Shark Hunter : Angry Shark Hunting simulation game
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    July 18, 2017
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    Android 4.0 and up
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    TechVistaGamesStudio - Free Shooting Games
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