1.0 / April 22, 2015
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Time to heighten your killer instincts with the amazing sharksimulator experience. Travel the waters of the beach, targetingunaware beach people, and execute deadly attacks to feed yourhungry shark. The unaware vacationists, enjoying in beach houses,vacation boats and shores have no idea they could soon becomebreakfast for the predator shark. Just keep your shark stealthyenough to reach the offshores undetected.

Use the onscreen controls to move shark in the waters. Maintainsafe speed so as to not alert the beach offshores. When nearing thepeople on water boats, beach houses and swimming in the waters, tapthe on screen buttons to start a successful killer streak and feedthe hungry shark.
With 5 levels of time based levels, you will need to feed yourshark with enough people in the time limit to pass each level.

- Highly detailed beach environments
- 5 challenging time based levels
- Realistic Shark attack and feed animations
- Expert shark simulator controls

App Information Shark Simulator Beach Attack

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    Shark Simulator Beach Attack
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    April 22, 2015
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  • Requires Android
    Android 2.3 and up
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    Perspective Games
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    100,000 - 500,000
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    Email perspectivegamesinc@gmail.com
    E-376, Block B, Main Road, Nishat Colony Lahore Cantt
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    Publish Date: 2015 /10/7
    Requires Android: Android 2.3+ (Gingerbread, API: 9)
    File Size: 30.1 MB
    Tested on: Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean, API: 17)
    File Sha1: a23fe81b0e4c43f772a1cd3cd9ea353c3ac3f9c3
    APK Signature: e6293f312bcbf5710e9eeb934d7216af6a92d79a

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Shark Simulator Beach Attack 1.0 APK
Time to heighten your killer instincts with the amazing sharksimulator experience. Travel the waters of the beach, targetingunaware beach people, and execute deadly attacks to feed yourhungry shark. The unaware vacationists, enjoying in beach houses,vacation boats and shores have no idea they could soon becomebreakfast for the predator shark. Just keep your shark stealthyenough to reach the offshores undetected.GameplayUse the onscreen controls to move shark in the waters. Maintainsafe speed so as to not alert the beach offshores. When nearing thepeople on water boats, beach houses and swimming in the waters, tapthe on screen buttons to start a successful killer streak and feedthe hungry shark.With 5 levels of time based levels, you will need to feed yourshark with enough people in the time limit to pass each level.Features- Highly detailed beach environments- 5 challenging time based levels- Realistic Shark attack and feed animations- Expert shark simulator controls
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***Unleash the real cop out of you, engagein a thrilling police car chase on a cold winter day in a snow carchasing game***Crime City Police Car driving simulator is a free police carchase simulation game with different missions to complete,Accelerate faster and catch the criminals and robbers before theyleave crime city. It’s an easy snow car driving police game whereyou are racing against time to catch the criminals. You have tofind and rescue people in different crime situations as a group ofcriminals has entered the city and according to intelligence report,the criminals will conduct different criminal activities in townlike robberies, mobile snatching, purse snatching etc and aresponsible city police officer it’s your duty to safeguard theproperty of the people and provide them protection by giving thecriminals a tough time by your police chase using yoursnowmobile.The criminals and robbers will be equipped with the high-techgadgets, automatic weapons like machine guns, semi automaticrifles, pistols and they will be using muscle cars , sports cars toescape from the police. Choose the best muscle car available sothat you have the enough power for a successful police car chaseand eventually catching them.This is a free snowmobile police car driving game, if you likepolice car parking, simulator, swat simulator, snow plow truckdriver games, fire rescue games, you’ll definitely love thisgame.it's a must have game for all snow car racing freaks outthere.Download NOW..!!*****FEATURES*****• A crazy police car driving and parking game for all agegroups• Heavy duty powerful engine of the car• Challenging road tracks for car drivers and racers• Exceptional car driving controls with forward and reversegears• Amazing graphics and interactivity• Cool background music• Facebook sharing optionDonwload this crazy Sheriff snowmobile Car Simulator and ParkingGame for free now and enjoy!If you like this Detective Car Simulator and Fire fighterSimulation Parking game then do visit the following link for moreexciting 3D racing, parking and simulation games:https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=Perspective+Games
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Pump up the nitrous and pace throughchallenging tracks, driving a speed motocross stunt dirtbike,avoiding obstacles and shooters in an adventurous racing shooterrun5 DIFFERENT TRACKSRace through five tracks set in exciting new locations- City Urban Environment- Highway Road Environment- Arabian Desert Environment- Jungle Environment- Frozen Territory EnvironmentGAMEPLAYSpeed Motocross through the tracks with auto transmissionsystem. Move left and right by swiping screen and gain extra speedand accelerate by igniting nitrous, tap and hold to accelerate andfast speed.Avoid speeding close from the on track shooter, as they willdeal damage to you. The heavy traffic on tracks will be anotherchallenge to deal with, as with increasing speed the speedmotocross traffic will become hasty and your dirtbike racing daycould be over soon.FEATURESExciting Dirtbike speed motocross racing gameplay5 different tracks and city locationsChallenging gameplay with shooter enemiesUse powerups like nitrous to gain speed
Traffic Shooter: Assassin Snip 1.0.1 APK
AIM, SHOOT AND KILL – City Sniper: TrafficShooter 3D is all about precise shooting, an urban centeredthrilling shooting game for all sniper gun maniacs and wannabeesSniper Assassin.Its city life fast and running. There’s no space for any delays.The city is under attack by a group of assaulter who after doingtheir job are eloping from the city. The security agencies hasdeployed you Mr. Sniper as a modern sniper to hunt them all downwith your range of sniper rifles by being a traffic hunter. Youhave to be on your toes the traffic madness on the highway mightget you carried away be focused Mr. modern Sniper.City shooting games are fun because you are to track your targetdistracted by so many things. Traffic, city rush can make yourtarget vanish away but only an expert city sniper can rule and rockthe city sniper games. That’s why they have called the dangerousand pro Mr. Sniper. Take a dream job of a traffic hunter by huntingdown the bad guys and saving the lives.There are terrorists in the town with their ferocious plans. Only atrained traffic hunter with his expertise can hunt down all the badguys. Would you mind being called a terrorist sniper by killing afew of them? Take a close eyes upon them. You have been designatedas a modern sniper Mr. Sniper because sniper killing minimizecollateral damage and being a sniper assassin would let you save alot of lives.You have been deployed on an edge of a building Mr. Sniper andprovided with a wide variety of sniper rifles so that your aim canbe precise. Its weekend and people on the highway are in a rush insuch a case of a traffic madness only a modern sniper can aim andshoot the culprits. You are assigned this job because you have aneagle eye and you can track and hunt down the cars of criminals ina blink of an eye now let’s show to the world that you are a realtraffic hunter and one heck of a city sniper. They are running in acar.CONCENTRATE. Be a successful modern sniper or a terrorist sniperby hunting them down one by one.Your game features include:• Wide range of sniper rifles• Engaging graphics• City highway environment• Multiple targets• Challenging missionsMr. Modern Sniper you are required to assassinate the culprits byshooting at their cars with your sniper rifles in required time.The city’s traffic madness gonna engage you be focused to be theultimate sniper assassin of the city.If you like being a city sniper or a traffic hunter and cityshooting games are your interest then do check our other actionfilled sniper and simulation games at:https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=Perspective+Gamesfor feedback visit:https://www.facebook.com/pages/Perspective-Games/873737645980387
Bus Driver Racing Online 1.0.3 APK
You have taken a ride on a commercial bus acountless times but how many times have you got yourself in its busdriver seat? This huge commercial bus has been named as the cityBus and you are supposed to drive it across city to pick and droppassengers.Unlike other racing online games, this Commercial Bus Simulatorshall require you to be a pro and drop passengers in time. Knowyour bus and passengers, there are plenty of them in the city thatyour Russian traffic racer bus can carry. With lively HD graphicsand total urban experience in a commercial bus simulator. On thisbus driving games, all you have to do is simulate your city busacross city pick up passengers and be a pro-Russian Bus Driver.==== BUS DRIVER RACING ONLINE FEATURES ====- Cool commercial buses- Exciting and Realistic city environments- Two touch steering options with the built-in accelerometer- Different camera angles that give you more control- Amazing 3D graphics- Try out this new Bus Driver Simulator and enhance your parkingskills!- Highly entertaining game playIf you liked being a Bus Driver Racing Online also spare some timeto view our collection at:https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=Perspective+GamesFor feedback:https://www.facebook.com/pages/Perspective-Games/873737645980387
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It’s time to put into action an elite spec opsrescue mission, as you are the army’s air support in an intenseongoing war. Your task as the rescue helicopter pilot is to bringin food, medical aid and weapons for soldiers in combat.Dive into an entertaining action and simulation gameplay, as youfly your helicopter to rescue soldiers, and fight on againstattacking enemies like tanks, armored cars and shooting soldiers.Equipped with modern weapons, your rescue helicopter is great atgunning down enemies as well as carrying heft cargo and supplies toaid soldiers in the battlefield.FEATURES>>> 4 aerial rescue missions in night, day and rainyconditions>>> Face of enemy tanks, armed cars, RPS shootingsoldiers>>> Use advanced weaponry attachments for helicopter,flash bombs, and grenade launchers>>> Radar system for tracking enemy movements>>> Timed missions