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Play the first 19 Levels of ShatterBall for free in ShatterBallLite! Super easy to learn and crazy fun to play!The ShatterBallexperience is unique, but gameplay can be described as acombination of mini golf, billiards, and pinball, but with a puzzleflare. You can learn to play ShatterBall in a matter of seconds.However, each new level offers a complexity that will make you feeltruly awesome as you advance through the game.You can bounce yourglass ball off of bouncy objects, but you'll need to avoid hittingthe concrete blocks or metal pipes which make it shatter. With amultitude of moving and spinning objects, it will take some skilland strategy to get your ball to its goal. Use your expert aim andtiming skills to get your glass ball to the star, and light itup.There are varying degrees of difficulty from level to level, butin general, the first levels are easier and the last levels areharder. Each time you beat a level, the next one is unlocked andyour progress is auto-saved. Beat all 19 in ShatterBall Lite. Youcan then purchase the full version of ShatterBall for less than thecost of a bad cheesburger off the dollar menu, and prove yourselfworthy by beating all 70 levels!Features:- Exciting, intuitive gameplay with precision ball control- Physics based interactionsbetween the glass ball and other objects- 19 unique, beautifullyrendered, fun-filled levels that can be played and played again toyour heart's content- Progress is auto-saved after each level isbeatTips:- Every level has been thoroughly tested and is beatable.If one method isn't working for you, try changing angles, speeds,and which objects to bounce off of.- You can drag your glass ballfrom anywhere on the screen while the ball is within the flashybox, but you will lose control of your ball as soon as it goesoutside of the flashy box. You can catch the ball when it comesback into the flashy box.- Zoom in and out by pinching. - If youdecide that you have set your ball's speed too slow, you can startthe level over quickly by triple-tapping the screen to bring up thepause menu, then tapping the Restart button.- You can adjust thegame difficulty to "Easy" or "Wicked."By Troy TegederCopyrightTegTap

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    ShatterBall Lite
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    March 30, 2013
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    Android 2.0.1 and up
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    32344 Pamilla St, Winchester, CA 92596
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