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DETAILS Shaykh Muhammad Yerima Isa Dawahbox features aDEDICATEDonline radio station that lets you listen to [ShaykhMuhammadYerima Isa]’s lectures and events live from anywhere freeofcharge. With this app, you’ll be able to attend thelecturer’sevents live anytime and anywhere you are. You will alsobe able toget unlimited access to the recorded events in case youmissedthem. Additionally, you’ll have a 24/7 unlimited access toall hismultimedia files and resources. Features: • Dedicated onlineradiostation • Live streaming of Jum’ah and halqa • Downloadableaudiosof past lectures • Videos of selected past lectures • Listentodownloaded lectures offline • Easy access to all files dawahboxispowered by DAWAHNIGERIA, Nigeria’s largest online Islamicproject.It is managed by The Edawah Foundation and sponsoredthroughdonations from users and well wishers. Readmore:http://www.dawahnigeria.com/support http://www.dawahbox.com/Formore information please contact [email protected] orcall+2348125793019

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    Shaykh Muhammad Yerima Isa
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    September 21, 2018
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    Android 4.2 and up
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    Edawah Technologies
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