1.0 / October 13, 2017
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Sheep Frenzy 2: Arcade Rescuer

The sequel to the insanely frantic "handheld-electronic inspired"Sheep Frenzy! title is here!

Rules are as simple as they used to be. Use just two "buttons" tomove the bar and the bar is what prevents sheep from falling intothe abyss. They will just bounce right off the bar to the otherside. They may seem a little suicidal, but at least you earn pointsfor rescuing them, right?

Wait a minute - did we just mention points? Some of the sheep areholding gems and gems are really worth it! With gems you mightunlock Special Sheep and there are 12 of them. And each sheep got 2upgrades available - each of them having unique sheepalicious looksand points boost ups. Gameplay has been enriched with "Levels" -which enable players to unlock new worlds and earn even moregems!

Chase your high scores / unlock new Sheep & new worlds! Learncrazy patterns for your Special Sheep and become ultimate rescuerof these innocent creatures!


- 2 tap mechanics
- Easy to grasp controls
- 10 different worlds to unlock
- Over 200 levels to complete
- 12 Special Sheep to unlock and 24 upgrades to complete
- Music seamlessly adapting to the current world
- Cloud sync between devices



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App Information Sheep Frenzy 2

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