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This application of sheikh Ash-Shuraym of Full holy Quran mp3contain Arabic sound by Saud al- Shuraim offline. This App aboutSheikh Saud al-Shuraim no need of internet connection to work. Justdownload the app and you can listen to it with internet connection.About the sheikhSaud ibn Ibrahim ibn Muhammad al-Shuraim was bornin January 19, 1964. He is one of the Imams and khateeb of theGrand Mosque Masjid al-Haram in Makkah. He holds a doctorate Ph.Dand is a Professor of Sharia and Islamic studies at the Umm al-QuraUniversity in Makkah, and was recently appointed as a Dean and“Specialist Professor in Fiqh” at the University.He is also knownas a researcher in figh, a judge, and a writer who has composedmany books on aqeedah, fiqh, and Arabic poetry.Features of this mp3audio koran:offline no need of internet.complete of holy quran.Thereciter is Sheikh Shuraym.You can repeat surat multiple time.Autoshuffle between tracks.Play audio surat without internet.Pausingfor incoming phone call.You can share this app with your friendsand muslim peoples.auto advance to the next surat.Stop playing whensomebody call you.Islamic and elegant design. you will also lookthe others reciters my catalog such asMishary Rashid AlafasyAbdulRahman Al-SudaisSaad Al GhamidiSheikh Abu Bakr ShatriYasser AlDossariMaher Al MueaqlyAbdul Basit ‘Abd us-SamadQari Waheed ZafarQasmiAsad Attari Al-MadaniI hope you like this islamic app and thereciter Saud Al-Shuraim, and don't forget to provide an idea toimprove the application.Please send us your feedback and featurerequests and keep us in your prayers.Cordially.

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Download free application na littafin ruwan bagaja audio wanda bayabukatar data ko internet ,Ayi sauraro lafiya
Wannan application din free ne nasheikh Kabiru Gombe audion mp3cikin kyakkyawan sauti wanda baya bukatar internet ko data,Munarokon Allah ya saka masa da alkhairi,ayi sauraro lafiya.
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Free Application to bring you the complete Holy Quran Karim Arabicsound by Maher Al Mueaqly offline. This App about Sheikh Maher AlMueaqly does not need internet connection to work. download the appyou will enjoy it.About the reciter Maher bin Hamad bin MueaqlAl-mueaqly Balawi, is a reader and imam of Masjid Al-Haram. Thesaudi sheikh was born on the year 1388, in the city of Medina.Thesheikh learnt the Qur’an at a young age and continued to pursue amathmatics degree which he acheived in Medinah. Later on, he wentto Makkah to become a scholar and taught at the school of Balaat.He became a well-loved speaker and preacher and became the advisorto Prince Abdul-Majid in Makkah.In addition, Maher Al-Mueaqlylecturer at the Faculty of Sharia and Islamic Studies, took thelead a mosque “Abdel Rahman al-Saadi” in Mecca and the Prophet’sMosque (Masjid An-Nabawi) in 1426-1427 H. He then lead Taraaweehprayer with Sheikh Abdurrahman As-Sudais at the holy Mosque (MasjidAl-Haram) and regularly leads Fajr and Maghrib prayers there.Mahermemorised the whole Quran at a young age. He also attained amasters in Sharia from Umm Qura university.Sheikh Maher al-Muaiqlylead at both al-Masjid al-Haram in Makkah, and at Masjid al-Nabawiin Madinah. These recitations were converted into mp3s from thefiles on the official webpage. The recitations on this app are fromthe years 1424-1425. Some of his other recitations can be found inthe Madinah Taraweeh 1426, Madinah Taraweeh 1427, and MakkahTaraweeh 1428 sets. This is a high quality, 256kbps version ofSheikh Maher's recitationFeatures of this mp3 appoffline there isno need of internet.full holy quran.The reciter is sheikh MaherAlMuaiqly.You can repeat surat multiple time.Auto shuffle betweentracks.Play audio surat without internet.Pausing for incoming phonecall.You can share this app with your friends and muslim ummah.autoadvance to the next surat.This Quran is a complete version of theHoly Quran Karim with internet connection. All Surahs workperfectly online.Apart from sheikh maher al muaiqly mp3 Quranonline, if you need other complete Holy Quran kareem mp3 that workonline please refer to other apps in my catalog. You can find thefollowing:Sheikh Abdul Rahman alSudais Holy Quran online fullversionSheikh Shuraim Quran mp3 without internet connectionAbdullahal matroud Quran mp3 offlineSaad Al GhamidiSheikh Abu BakrShatriYasser Al DossariSheikh Mishary Rashid alafasy Complete Quranalso without internet and many more.If you like this Applicationplease consider leaving a positive review or rating for it in thestore. This will help the App to be the best so that other muslimsthat are looking for sheikh maher al muaiqly Quran mp3 online canfind it easily.If you've any opinion about this app use thedeveloper email to contact me directly . I will be hapy to readfrom you and I will pay attention to you as soon as possible.Thankyou all.
Mahmoud Khaleel Al-Husary Full Quran mp3 1.0 APK
This is the free application of the Quran recitation by sheikhMahmoud Khaleel Al-Husary.This App works with an active internetConnection that is work online.About the sheikh Shaykh MahmoudKhalil al-Husary (Arabic: الشيخ محمود خليل الحصري‎‎) was a renownedreciter of the Quran. He died in 1980.He was born in a villagecalled Shobra al-Namla in Tanta, Egypt in 1917. Mahmoud entered theQur'ân School at the age of four. At 6, he had already memorizedthe whole Qur'ân and at 12, he entered to the religious instituteand learned the ten qira'aat (recitations) in al-AzharUniversity.When he was twenty-five years of age he went to Tantaand established himself as a reciter. He was the reciter at thewell-known Ahmadîmosque there. Ten years later, in 1944, he movedto Cairo and entered the official radio station as a reciter wherehe made his first recitation on February 16, 1944. On August 7,1948, he was nominated Mu'adhin of Sidi Hamza Mosque and then areciter in the same mosque. He was also supervising recitationcenters of al-Gharbia province.In 1949, Mahmoud Khalil al-Husarywas appointed reciter of Sidi Ahmed al-Badaoui of Tanta, ofal-Ahmadi Mosque and then of al-Imam al-Hussein Mosque in Cairo by1955.In Cairo, sheikh al-Husary also studied at al-AzharUniversity: he was a well-known religious scholar and author ofmany books on various aspects of the Qur'ân. He was also involvedin the recent Azhari printing of the Qur'ânic text. His status asreciter was somewhat official: he held the title Shaykh al-Maqâri(Scholar of the Reciting Schools), and his opinions were frequentlysolicited and quoted by the media. He also accompanied the rectorof al-Azhar on his travels and was invited to participate in theWorld of Islam festival in London (1976). Shaykh al-Husary'srecordings are widely distributed outside Egypt. As one of the fourtop-ranking reciters in Egypt, he recorded the complete Qur'ânictext in both styles of recitation, murattal (tarteel) and mujawwad(tajwid) and was the first to record and broadcast the murattalstyle. Shaykh al-Husary is known for the correctness of hisrecitation (tajwid). His son also recites professionally.MahmoudKhalil al-Husary was one of the most esteemed reciters of his time.A serial, “Imam Al Mujahid Barith”, starring Hassan Youssef, wasdedicated to al-Husary’s life and performances.al-Husary'srecitations are used for all Qur'anic recitations throughout theworld.With this App you can:Listen to Holy Quran recitation inbackgroundUse other apps while enjoying the recitationShare the appwith family and/or friendsShuffle surahsListen to a certain surahrepeatedly.This Quran is a complete version of the Holy Quran Karimwith internet connection. All Surahs work perfectly offline. Apartfrom sheikh Mahmoud Khaleel Al-Husary mp3 Quran online, if you needother complete Holy Quran kareem mp3 that work online please referto other apps in my catalog. You can find the following:SheikhAbdul Rahman alSudais Holy Quran Online full versionSheikh ShuraimQuran mp3 with internet connectionAbdullah al matroud Quran mp3onlineSheikh Mishary Rashid alafasy Complete Quran also withoutinternet and many more to come in shaa Allahu.If you like thisApplication please consider leaving a positive review and ratingfor it in the store. This will help move the App to the top so thatother muslims that are looking for sheikh Mahmoud Khaleel Al-HusaryQuran mp3 online can find it easily.If you've any suggestion oropinion about this app please use the developer email to contact medirectly anytime. I will be glad to read from you and will reply assoon as possible in shaa Allah,thanks to you all.
wanan free application offline na sheikh Jafar kano wato RIYADHUSSAALIHEEN 1 wanda baya bukakar internet,ayi downloading asaurara,muna adduar Allah ya jikan malam da rahama Allahummahameen.
Karatun Sheikh Abdullahi Abba Full Quran Mp3 1.0 APK
Wannan application din baya bukhatar internet ko data wajen yinaiki,kawai kayi downloading dinsa ka fara saurara,muna addu'arAllah ubangiji ya sakawa malam da alkahairi.
Qaari Abdul Basit Abass-Zakariyyah Quran Offline 1.0 APK
Wannan application din free ne da karatun Alqur'ani mai girma daQaari Abdul Basit Abass-Zakariyyah cikin kyakkyawan sauti wandabaya bukatar internet ko data,Muna rokon Allah ya saka masa daalkhairi,ayi sauraro lafiya.