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Sheryl is a beautiful young pregnant mother and she is preparing togive birth to a beautiful baby boy. Until then she is going to amedical check up and you are designed to assist her through theentire consultation. Everything is perfect and now you need to helpSheryl decorate baby room, select wall colors and pattern,furniture and many more to create a charming and welcoming room forthe baby boy. Enjoy!

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    Sheryl's Perfect Baby
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    April 26, 2016
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    MWE Games
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    B-dul Independentei Nr. 22 Ap. 7 Baia Mare Romania
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Baking Cupcakes is one of the most loved cooking game with millionsof fans. Have fun and play this game for girls by choosingdifferent cupcake recipes: Caramel Cupcakes Fresh Cupcakes CreamyCupcakes Vanilla Cupcakes Colorful Cupcakes Cute Hearts Cupcakesplus 3 bonus cooking games, Sandwich Maker Cooking Pancakes MakingOmelet all games are FREE! Each cooking recipe is a differentbaking game, different style and will offer you a unique cookinggame experience. Caramel Cupcake - Recipe 1 Start this game in ashop where you have to choose the ingredients you need to preparecaramel cupcakes. Cooking part begins. Using kitchen utensils youwill clean the apples and then each apple must be cut into smallpieces. In a bowl, all ingredients for dough preparation will becarefully mixed using a kitchen mixer. The cream above the cupcakeswill be cooked by mixing the ingredients with low heat. FreshCupcake - Recipe 2 To prepare the dough mix in the ingredients,then pour the dough into the cupcakes baking tray and put thecookies to the baking following the instructions in the game.Decorate the cakes as you like. Creamy Cupcakes – Recipe 3 Flour,baking powder, milk, eggs and butter are mixed in a bowl with amixer. Put a little oil on the baking tray cupcakes, pour the doughin each mold and let it bake. You will prepare 3 types of creamsfor decoration, green and red blue. Decorate the cakes with thesecreams and add small flowers for a special cupcake. VanillaCupcakes – Recipe 4 One of the most delicious cupcake recipes.Start the game in a shop where you have to find the ingredients.Each ingredient will be added in turn to the mixing bowl of thedough mixer. First put in the baking tray the paper for cupcakesthen pour the dough into the paper. Following the instructions inthe game prepares a delicious vanilla cream for decorating thecakes. For decorating you have more choices, choose the favoritecombination for a cupcake to suit your taste. Colorful Cupcakes –Recipe 5 You have to find each ingredient placed on the shelf andput it on the cooking table. Prepare dough with these ingredientsfollowing the indications in the game. After putting the dough inthe cupcakes baking tray, follow the baking side and then decoratethe cakes. When decorating, use different types of creams anddecorations. Cute Heart Cupcakes – Recipe 6 In a modern kitchen youwill help a bunny to cook cupcakes with hearts. Choose theingredients in the pantry then start your cooking experience. Youwill prepare the dough, the cream for decoration, you will cut yourheart-shaped decorations, it will be a real fun. Each cupcake mustbe decorated with colored hearts. You will enjoy this cookingexperience. And because we love cooking games we added 3 new freebonus games. Sandwich Maker – Bonus Cooking Game 1 In a funanimation you will learn how to cook bacon and cheese sandwichesfor a delicious breakfast. Cooking Pancakes – Bonus Cooking Game 2All children love pancakes, so we come up with a fun cooking gamewhere the pancakes are cooked following the instructions in thegame. To win a prize, in this game you have to solve a puzzle.After the pancakes have been cooked, they are decorated with freshhoney. Making Omelet – Bonus Cooking Game 3 For a perfect breakfastwe offer you a game where you can cook the omelet. You will beguided by a step-by-step chef to get a delicious omelet. » as youcan see, this game contains many different, fun cooking games thatwill help you to improve your cooking knowledge. » new cookinggames will be added gradually. » to improve games, please leave areview with your opinion about our games. Thank you and startplaying our cooking games.
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Put on the baking sheets and start making magic in the kitchen withthis cooking game! These delicious cookie recipes are here tosatisfy your strongest sugary craving! Try for softies or crunchydelights and rediscover cooking with these simple recipes that areperfect for children and all those who have little time forcooking. This cooking game contains simple cookies recipes, eachwill offer you a different cooking experience: Softie Sugar CookiesStar Cookies Candy Cookies Softie Sugar Cookies You have tocomplete 3 steps: Shopping, Cooking and Decorate Game starts in thechamber where you have to choose the ingredients in the list, thenit comes the cooking part where all ingredients are mixed. Preparethe icing and using an icing bag start to decorate each cookie. Theresult will be delicious and easy to do in your kitchen. StarCookies Simple to cook and bake, shaped like cute little stars,decorated with candy and frosting. Yummy! Choose ingredients fromthe store and put them in the basket and then prepare the dough forbiscuits using a kitchen mixer. Spread the dough on the table andwith a shape for biscuits you start to cut. We chose star-shapedbiscuits. Decorate cookies with colorful decors. Candy CookiesThese are actually insanely delicious, covered in the smoothest andfinest chocolate, sprinkled with colored candy. Select each objectand place it in the correct form. When all objects are placedcorrectly go to the cooking side. This will be a heavenly andmagical cooking experience! » as you can see, this game containsmany different, fun cooking games that will help you to improveyour cooking knowledge. » new cooking games will be addedgradually. » to improve our games, please leave a review with youropinion about our games. Thank you and start playing our cookinggames.
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In this cooking game you can make the dough following a very simplerecipe or you can choose to make a bread pizza with preferredingredients. Be creative and shape the dough as a heart! Cooking aheart shaped pizza will be a very nice surprise for your friends.You get to make your own sauce, grate cheese, cut vegetables andserve up a delicious homemade pizza cooked by you! With just alittle practice you will become as good as an authentic Italianchef and a pizza master! FEATURES: - Simple, fun and challenging,suitable for all ages - Reveal your creativity cooking real recipes- Animated scenes for cooking and baking - Educational game thatdevelops skills and hobby. Enjoy cooking pizza games!
My Cat Pet - Animal Hospital Veterinarian Games APK
MWE Games
Every child loves animals and also every kid wishes to have pet,but this, sometimes is not possible. So, if you are an animal loverand you want to take care of a gorgeous cat, here is the perfectplace for you. We have a great pet caring game and I think you willlove it! This cat was outside and played all day…now she is injuredand tired, also will really need some attention. Start by pansywounds to make her feel better, make her a bath, then dry it andmow his fur. After she is all cleaned up it’s the perfect time forsome treats so pick up her food and feed her. Then some toys and alittle scratching will complete this perfect day. If you succeedyou are definitely a responsible kid who loves animals very much.You think you can take care of this animal? Good luck playing! •Friendly Content • Gorgeous Graphics • Suitable for girls and boysof any age • Easy and intuitive gameplay • Educational game, learnto be responsible
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If you like to cook this is a game that will suit you perfectly.You will learn how to cook delicious cookies following a simplerecipe. In the first part of the game have to cut into piecesbutter and chocolate, then add one by one all the ingredients in abowl and use the mixer to get the dough for cookies. You will havea great cooking experience moments that will make you feel like areal chef. Cutting ingredients, preparing the dough and cut it intoshapes, decorating cookies and many other things that will make youhappy. Finally arrange them nicely on a tray and your dessert isready! Features: - A free top cooking game - Suitable for all ages,for entire family - Great cooking experience - Relaxing, educationsand fun - Easy to play - Great user interaction by moving yourphone or tablet Don't forget to check our other great cooking gameswe have, for sure you will love them. If you love this game or ifyou have some suggestions to improve it, please rate and leave acomment. Hope you will have an enjoyable cooking experience. HaveFun!
Princess Girl Dress Up 4.0.0 APK
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♥ Improves your imagination♥ A relaxing game with friendly content♥It tests your fashion designer skills♥ Very easy to play♥ Greatbackground, colors, dress up options and musicA real princess willalways look gorgeous at any prom, that means she pays attention atevery details. If you love playing dress up, here is the rightplace for you.For tonight, our princess needs some fashion adviceabout what dress to wear and how to make up. If you haveimagination and know a little bit about make-up and dresses, youcould definitely prepare her for this party. Start with themake-up, choose warm colors, shadows, mascara, blush andlipstick…now that’s a perfect and complete make up!After you finishwith the make-up step, move to our princess wardrobe and choose theone you think fits better to her…of course it will be a big,glamorous princess dress. There is no outfit without accessoriesand the perfect pair of shoes so find all these in the next step.Wish you good luck playing our dress up princess game.Rate usYouropinion is very important to us so fell free to leave us a commentand rate our game. Thx!!
air.mwe.cookingstrawberryhazelnuttart 5.0.17 APK
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Baking Fruit Tart is not just a cooking game where you follow somesteps and bake a cake. It's also a door open for discovering yourhobby and a perfect place where you can test your skills.HIGHLIGHTS » real cooking experience using ingredients and tools asin real life » a relaxing way to develop cooking skills » easy toplay, divided simply and fun » over 1,000,000 installs » coolgraphics and happy music The main objective of this game for kidsis to prepare and bake a Strawberry Tart. It's a cake recipe thatcan be cooked following some simply steps that are well explainedin the game. HOW TO PLAY Strawberry Tart is a recipe applicable inreal life so if you wish to cook it, just follow gamesinstructions. As any other dessert recipe, you have to know theingredients and go buy all you need from the grocery store. Afteryou have purchased the ingredients that you need to bake, it's timeto turn on this cake maker and see how it goes:) First step is toadd ingredients in the mixer and prepare the dough for yourstrawberry tart. So use flour, eggs, milk, sugar and others. Afterthat, put your dough in a tart shape and bake it in the oven ormicrowave. Next step is to prepare a delicious cream for your tartand for that dessert maker you will need mascarpone cream, sugarand fresh strawberries. Almost done, only need to decorate it withsome topping above and it's ready to serve! » as you can see, thisgame contains many different fruit tart cooking games that willhelp you to improve your cooking knowledge. » new cooking gameswill be added gradually. » to improve our games, please leave areview with your opinion about our games. Thank you and startplaying our cooking games.
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Cook a delicious chicken salad with some seasonal vegetables.First, you have to cut the onion into small pieces, and then cutthe pumpkin, cucumber alike, and cut the red pepper into rings, andclean the seeds from them. Again cut the pepper into small cubes.After I finished cutting the vegetables, we put in a pan with alittle oil. Separately, fry some garlic, which you mix withvinegar, oil, salt and pepper. Add chicken fried, season withcoriander and some nuts, and here we have a delicious salad! Havefun!