1.0.9 / January 8, 2014
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"Beautiful as a Pixar movie" [elmundo.es]"Shiny The Firefly is adiamond, a small collector's piece [9.5/10]"[iosgamerszone.com]"Bugtastic" [androidpolice.com]"The game isexcellent, well-thought and with an addictive gameplay. [...] Oneof the best games we've tried out recently. [5/5]"[appszoom.com]"This game is excellent. [4.5/5]"[appslooking.com]„[…] a brilliant Game for in between. [8/10]“[gamersplatform.de]“The game is definitely one of the mostfelicitous releases of the week. Conclusion: BUY!”[appgefahren.de]--------------------------------This adorable game,set in the middle of a picturesque garden, has you helping Shiny,the cute little firefly, to find his babies. You’ll have to fly,run, hide and defend yourself against a legion of enemies. Stubbornmosquitoes, hungry toads, mischievous plants, sneaky wasps,endlessly long centipedes and lots of other little, dangerousgarden dwellers are going to get in your way and make your lifedifficult. Your reflexes will be tested, as well as your wit andintellect as you navigate through this beautiful, colorful worldhelping Shiny in his search. All kinds of different animations letyou know how Shiny’s feeling. So you’ll always know if he’s feelinghappy, concerned, tired or angry. That will help you solve thetrickiest situations in the game. Use your ability to shineskillfully: the babies can only follow Shiny when he is lit up, butthat also makes him visible to his enemies… Can you reunite Shinywith his family? FEATURES: • Great, high-quality graphics • Acharismatic character with numerous animations • Three differentworlds with a total of 33 levels, teeming with enemies, bosses,puzzles and other game elements • Unique “Light on, light off”feature • An all-round fully developed and intuitive gameexperience for everybody• Supports MOGA controllers• SupportsTablets & Smartphones

App Information Shiny The Firefly FREE

  • App Name
    Shiny The Firefly FREE
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  • Updated
    January 8, 2014
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  • Requires Android
    Android 2.3.3 and up
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    Headup Games
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    Nordstr. 102 52353 Düren Germany
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  • 1.0.9 (3) - Latest Version
  • Shiny The Firefly FREE 1.0.9 APK File

    Publish Date: 2015 /9/11
    Requires Android: Android 2.3.3+ (Gingerbread, API: 10)
    File Size: 8.1 MB
    Tested on: Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean, API: 17)
    File Sha1: 709c62910d499140dc68bb6646dc32f9fad710c0
    APK Signature: 7788f0ca079e772e77c84dc07ae05752b7d86bac
  • Shiny The Firefly FREE 1.0.9 OBB Main File

    File Size: 137.1 MB
    Data: main
    Fetch Date: 2015/9/11
    File Sha1: d13c2df191b5e43b248f92486b3cefce0d874d12

How to Install the OBB File (APK Expansion File)

  1. Firstly, Download APK file of the app Shiny The Firefly FREE 1.0.9 for Android.
  2. Copy the APK file to your Android device's SD card and Install it. (Don't open it after installation)
  3. Download Obb files and copy the *.obb file named '' into the required location:
  4. The full/absolute path of the obb file should look like as the following (Case-sensitive):

    If there is no such location, you need to create the path or folder manually on your SD card.

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The Inner World – A hilarious and critically acclaimed2D-Point’n’Click Adventure.*** Awarded as Best German Computer Game2014 ****** Awarded as Best German Family Game 2013 *** *** GooglePlay Editors Choice ***Robert is a novice, a bit clueless, but witha heart of gold. He lives a peaceful life as a court musician inAsposia's largest wind monastery. Contrary to the laws of physics,Asposia is an enormous, hollow space surrounded by an infiniteexpanse of earth. The world's air is provided through three windfountains, but as one wind fountain after the other petered out andthe wind gods came to Asposia, all of the sudden Robert found himin the middle of a whirlwind.Together with the help of themysterious thief Laura, his best intentions and no clue whatsoever,Robert sets off on his adventure to discover the secret of thewind's disappearance. Will the young adventurer be able to save hisworld? And what are Laura´s secret intentions…?Features, Features,Features! This is where The Inner World shows what it means to belavishly with tons of content waiting for you: Screamingly funnydialogues! Numerous tricky puzzles! A handmade world fully drawnwith love and devotion invites you to discover countless details(at least 325!). A patented multi-level hint system enableseveryone to finish the game! A wonderful comforting atmosphere!Eye-pampering backgrounds in non-stereoscopic handmade 2D (!) –going up against all current graphic trends! Five spectacularchapters! A story with more twists than any Asposian nose! Stunningcartoon-like animations! The most epic soundtrack since the originof Asposia as well as professional voice overs – even lip sync!Lots of cut scenes! Optional hotspots! And of course: Robert, thevery-very-very-VERY-last hope for Asposia!-- Texts and voice-overs100% in English (and German) ---- Full game, no In-App-Purchases---- Tablet support-----------------------------------------------"No adventure fan inthis world should miss out the cuddlesome story about Robert, Lauraand Peck - nobody!" - game2gether.de [91/100]"A world that willenchant you, an adventure debut that will fascinate you." -gamona.de [84/100]"That's the way a classic point & clickadventure should look like." - gameswelt.de [8/10]"Great speaker'sperformance, charming soundtrack." - pcgames.de [86/100]"The worldof Asposia may be hollow, but The Inner World offers a solid […]treat for adventure fans that shouldn't be missed." -alternativemagazineonline.co.uk [9/10]"If you grew up with gamessuch as Kings Quest or Broken Sword, you will definitely savorHeadup Games and Studio Fizbin's point-and-click adventure game TheInner World. […] The game is as beautiful as it is amusing, havingsome spicy and well-put comments, as well as many memorablecharacters." - softpedia.com [8.5/10]"I unashamedly recommend thisgame to all adventure game fans." - adventureclassicgaming.com[5/5]-------------Please note: After the current update yourSavegame may be lost - we are very sorry, this is caused by atechnical problem. To get your progress back, please use theWishing Well (start new game, touch settings button and then touchit again) and enter one of the following codes to progress fast inthe game:startchapter2 - Root Foreststartchapter3 - AbondonedDynasty startchapter4 - Secret of the Basyliansstartchapter5 -Asposia's last hopeSorry again, have fun nonetheless! :)
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UNIQUE SYMBIOSIS OF MUSIC AND GRAPHICSDub Dash is a fast-pacedrhythm based action game. The tracks are decomposed into diverginggame mode segments. The obstacles, tracks and visual effects areall adjusted to the music and in perfect harmony with each song.Dub Dash has a great soundtrack including music from Bossfight andthe DJs of Geometry Dash – to enjoy the full experience the use ofheadphones is highly recommended. 7 ULTRA CHALLENGING MODES Spinyour crazy wheel in harmony with the song and keep dodging left andright avoiding obstacles at high speed. Fly like a bird, make hard90° turns and feel the rhythm of the zig-zag trajectory. Theobjective for each track is clear: Do you rock the funky road ofDub Dash? PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT The gameplay of each segment issimple but it´s tough to master the levels. Actually it´s extremelyhard, almost impossible – but fortunately there´s the practice modewhich gives you a save point after each passage so you won´t needto finish the whole level in one try. Memorize each segment of thelevel and maybe (only maybe) you will be able to master even thehardest levels someday. EARN EXTRA-LIVES IN RANDOMLY GENERATEDDAILY LEVELS Earn up to 15 bonus lives in the daily challenge mode.Each level is randomly generated to the beats and your extra liveswill come in handy in your next approach to finish alevel.FEATURES:- Rhythm based action game- Great soundtrackincluding Bossfight and DJs from Geometry Dash- Challenging levelswith groovy tracks and stunning effects to the beat of the music- 7different game modes requiring fast reactions- Practice mode-Google Play Game Services- Tablet support(c) 2016 - Developed byIncodra UG (www.incodra.com) - Published by Headup Games.Follow uson Twitter, Facebook and Instagram:www.facebook.com/dubdashgamewww.twitter.com/dubdashgamewww.instagram.com/headupgamesIfyou have problems with the game or feedback please send an emailto:[email protected]nsitiveSeizure Warning A very small percentage of people may experience aseizure when exposed to certain visual images, including flashinglights or patterns that may appear in video games. Even people whohave no history of seizures or epilepsy may have an undiagnosedcondition that can cause these "photosensitive epileptic seizures"while watching video games. These seizures may have a variety ofsymptoms, including lightheadedness, altered vision, eye or facetwitching, jerking or shaking of arms or legs, disorientation,confusion, or momentary loss of awareness. Seizures may also causeloss of consciousness or convulsions that can lead to injury fromfalling down or striking nearby objects. Immediately stop playingand consult a doctor if you experience any of these symptoms.Parents should watch for or ask their children about the abovesymptoms - children and teenagers are more likely than adults toexperience these seizures. The risk of photosensitive epilepticseizures may be reduced by taking the following precautions:• Playin a well-lit room• Do not play when you are drowsy or fatiguedIfyou or any of your relatives have a history of seizures orepilepsy, consult a doctor before playing.
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The successful Bridge Constructor series – number 1 in the GooglePlay Store with over 30 million players worldwide – treads newpaths with Bridge Constructor Stunts! Stuntman and engineer in one?No problem with Bridge Constructor Stunts!Build imposing ramps andloops to reach your goal in the diverse stages. But buildingstructures alone isn't enough this time: you sit behind the wheelof the vehicles yourself and have to maneuver them skillfully tothe goal. Collect stars, complete daredevil jumps, flips andspectacular stunts, leaving behind a trail of destruction acrossthe entire level to beat the high score. But you can only do allthat with perfectly constructed bridges and ramps.Join the hugeLet's Play communityTo ensure none of your jumps are forgotten, youcan save your runs as videos, upload them via the sharing featureand share them with your friends. Let the world be part of yourmost outrageous jumps!Improved Construction ModeOnce again you haveaccess to a variety of building materials with differentproperties. Numerous improvements make building even easier: simplytap to convert a beam you have built into road, and vice-versa. Tapand hold on a part of the construction and you now have the optionto reposition your structures without having to build them fromscratch. Loose Screw!We have hidden some hard-to-reach screws insome of the levels. Find and collect them, and you might be able toput these screws to good use in the future...FEATURES: - The latestinstalment in the internationally successful Bridge Constructorseries!- Improved and simplified Construction Mode - Build rampsand drive vehicles across them yourself - Diverse levels withdifferent objectives: collect stars, score target, reach the goal…- Delivery vans and dump trucks with cargo that wreaks havoc whencoming loose, but is also useful to help you collect items -Various building materials - Spectacular stunts and rampages ofdestruction - Achievements and rankings - Replay feature and videosharing: save your best bridge crossings and stunts and share themwith your friends - Google Play Game Services for Achievements andLeaderboards - Tablet support Follow us on Twitter, Facebook andInstagram:www.facebook.com/BridgeConstructorwww.twitter.com/headupgameswww.instagram.com/headupgamesIfyou have any problems with the game or would like to share feedbackor suggestions for improvements, please send us an email:[email protected]
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Get our Google Play Ramadan Offer: Over 80% off in participatingcountries!Dive into the Middle Ages and play the successor to theworldwide #1 hit, Bridge Constructor.Bridge Constructor Medievalturns back the clock a few centuries to the time of knights andcastles. Build sturdy bridges to supply your city with provisions -or cunningly constructed bridges that collapse under the weight ofattacking troops, sending the horde of enemies into the abyssbelow. You won’t even be safe from cannon fire in the 40 brand newlevels. Protect your foot soldiers and your horse-drawn carriageswith covered bridges and stable pillar structures. There are atotal of five materials available to help you build the perfectbridge: wood, heavy wood, stone and ropes, along with the newaddition of the bridge roof.Throughout the exciting backgroundstory, you will familiarize yourself with the various materials ona step-by-step basis, and learn everything you need to know so thatyour bridges meet the requirements of the different levels.Innovative game modes in store for you!Besides building stablebridges, there's also plenty on offer for veterans to discover inthe new game modes. In the siege level, your bridge is bombarded byenemy catapults. Strengthen your bridge so that it doesn'tcollapse, and protect your own troops on the bridge with a bridgeroof. In another new game mode, you build your bridges so that theycollapse under the load of enemy units to send as many of them aspossible into the abyss. In addition, the unique bonus challengeswill leave even the most experienced players at their wit’s end.That way, both bridge-building professionals and novices will facea challenge in Bridge Constructor Medieval. FEATURES: - For thefirst time: Build bridges in the Middle Ages!- Brand new levels andgame modes for a completely new gaming experience- Design sturdybridge roofs to protect yourself from enemy catapults- Constructcunning bridge traps to send advancing enemy troops into the abyss-Exciting and funny background story- Enjoy beautiful medievallandscapes- Google Play Game Services Achievements and rankings-Tablet supportLike the game? Then support us with 5 stars in theGoogle Play Store!Follow us on Twitter and Facebook:www.facebook.com/headupgames www.twitter.com/headupgames If youhave any problems with the game, send us an email to:[email protected]
Bridge Constructor Playground FREE 2.2 APK
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"Bridge Constructor Playground is even more fun than the prequel."– Chip.de "Bridge Constructor Playground convinces by a fresh lookand a lot of fun for several hours." - apfelnews.eu "BridgeConstructor Playground offers players of all ages an introductionto the topic of “bridge building”. This game gives you the freedomto let your creative side run riot – nothing is impossible." –appshopper.com "This is a very good sequel and satisfies with allthe improvements." – apps-news.de ------------------------- BridgeConstructor Playground offers people of all ages an introduction tothe topic of “bridge building”. This game gives you the freedom tolet your creative side run riot – nothing is impossible. You haveto build bridges over deep valleys, canals or rivers. Followingthis your bridges will be subjected to a stress test to see whetherthey can support the weight of the cars and/or trucks which driveacross them. In comparison to the #1 hit Bridge Constructor, BridgeConstructor Playground offers an even easier entry to the gameincl. an extensive tutorial. With no fixed budget, and next to nolimitations on building materials, there are almost no limits: youcan build and construct to your heart’s desire. Here you are freeto do as you please and let the time fly by with creative bridgebuilding. Experienced players will enjoy the challenges of the newbadge system: for every bridge there are 5 badges to be won forwhich you must fulfill certain requirements. For example, buildinga bridge that can carry no more than a certain load limit. All ofthis, paired with a bright and friendly look, makes BridgeConstructor Playground an exciting and also educational experiencefor the whole family, offering hours of gaming fun. FEATURES: • Newbadge system for beginners and pros • 5 Settings: City, Canyon,Beach, Mountains, Rolling hills • Survey map with unlocked worlds /levels • Extensive tutorial for easy entry to the game • 4different building materials: wood, steel, steel cable, concretepiles • Percentages and colored visualization of buildingmaterial’s stress loads • Two different stress levels: car andtruck • High score per Level• Google Play Game ServicesAchievements and Leaderboards• Supports Tablets & Smartphones•Very low battery use
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„Listen! The end is nigh!! Hear my words and prepare! An ancientcult has set foot in our lands! They call themselves -The Sons ofDawn- and pray to some dark elder god. They have started recruitingpeople for their cause all over the country. I fear that they wantto try to awaken something which should be left sleeping. Somethingdangerous and sinister! Something that might destroy us all. Spendyour last of days wisely...“ Enter the world of PIXEL HEROES andprepare yourself for a thrilling RPG/Roguelike experience like youhave never seen before! Explore a randomized world full ofhilarious events, deadly dungeons and the weirdest NPCs you willever meet in a game! Choose three heroes for your party and takethem on a journey that will be completely different each time youstart a new game. Bath in a pool of procedurally generated loot anddefeat the evil forces that threaten the township of Pixton!Features: • 30 unique hero classes to unlock, each with individualskills and attributes. • More procedurally generated axes, spears,maces, swords, shields, bows, crossbows, spells and prayers than alama has hair on its body. • 13 mystic and beautifully crueldungeons to explore. With epic bossfights waiting! • 3 campaigns tounlock, each with its own final dungeon and boss. • Permadeath! Youknow you want it. • A detailed graveyard where you can mourn yourdead heroes, compare their statistics and see which of theirchoices led to their tragic death. • Completely crazy NPCs, eachone of them with a significant storyline that you can follow tounlock cool stuff! • Tons of random events that you will encounteron your way, expecting you to make important choices. Will you yellat the cat like a crazy idiot? • Many achievements and unlockables,try to get them all and become the most badass Pixel Heroes playerin the world!• Achievements via Google Play Game Services • Tabletsupport
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“The game looks and sounds beautiful. I personally found the gameextremely immersive.” Keengamer "Toby is a charming and solidplatformer with plenty of fun challenges and difficult obstacles toovercome."GoneWithTheWin“I enjoyed the game a lot. Loved theart-style and the game play was also really solid from what I'veseen up till now. I don't really have any complaints, just a reallysolid platformer overall!” GamersObservation"Honorable Mention inthe Indie Revolution Expo 2015." IndieGameRiot.com, 19 July,2015STORY:A peaceful way of life in a small village in themountains was thrown into disorder. Someone has kidnapped most ofit’s residents. A couple of brave hearts tried to rescue theirfriends but none of them has returned. Little Toby didn’t want tojust sit and wait so he decided to find them by himself. He went tothe near deep forest but he soon realized this is just a beginning.Go with Toby on an eerie adventure in a dark and creepy world fullof dangerous situations, enemies and challenging puzzles.FEATURES:-Various Beautifully handcrafted Environments - Lots Of DifferentPuzzles - Many dangerous and challenging traps and enemies - Manyhours of fun- Google Play Game Services support for achievements-Tablet supportGet lost in the shadows and pray you find your wayout...Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram:www.facebook.com/HeadupGameswww.twitter.com/headupgameswww.instagram.com/headupgamesIfyou have any problems with the game or would like to share feedbackor suggestions for improvements, please send us an email:[email protected]