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Welcome to the ship simulation game "Ship Navigator"! This isanarcade-like casual game that you can play without anycomplicatedtutorials, subscriptions or communities. You can juststartplaying. Your ship must be navigated to the destination in theporton time. On the way you need to make sure that you collect allthestars and don't hit any other ships, gates, vortexes or thewallsof the port. Also watch out for wind and currents! Each ofthelevels has its own unique design and requires yournavigationskills. Are you up for the challenge?

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    Ship Navigator
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    January 14, 2019
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    Android 4.0.3 and up
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    Philip Heyse
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    Neuenhöfer Allee 55 50935 Köln Deutschland
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Hacking & Developing Keyboard is an advanced keyboard thatlooks the way you want and lets you type textfaster.Features:layout: - full PC-keyboard with Ctrl, Alt, F1-F12,Esc, Tab, Page up/down, Home/End, Print, Pause - English and Germanlayout - type all numbers and letters on the first screen witoutlong press - cursor keys - clipboard history contains the lastclipboard entries - includes backward and forward delete - hiddensuggestion area for more keyboard space - extra keys for cut, copyand paste - split keyboard mode for large tables for realxed typing- advanced users: create your own keyboard layout by editing an XMLfiledisplay: - choose between regular, big and round keys - choosecustom keyboard color (16 million different colors) - choose custombackground: any image on your device - choose one of 13 preparedlookstyping support: - add custom templates like "brjs" for "Bestregards, John Smith" - option to auto-capitalize when a newsentance startsdemo version: - demo version for testing which isfully functional, but adds text "demo version" to each typedlettercustom keyboards: - create custom keyboards by using abuild-in editordevelopment tools: - log file monitor: makes itpossible to view the log file while an app is running which isotherwise impossible or at least very hard to do
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The "Blind Accesibility Keyboard" is an advanced keyboard developedfor blind or visually impaired people.The app contains layouts forthese countries/languages: - Arabic - Bulgaria - Cech - Croatia -Denmark - France - Germany - Greece - India - Israel - Italia -Korea - Norway (will be included in the next update) - Persic -Poland - Portugal - Romania - Russia - Spain - Sweden - Switzerland(deutsch, francais and italiano) - USA - UK - Turkey (f andquerty)Layouts Types - Layout with all keys and number keys on thefirst screen without long press for numbers or special characters -Minimal layout with few large keys - Full PC layout - Full PClayout with num pad - Split keyboard mode for large tablets inlandscape view so that each key can be reached easilyTyping ModesThe typing modes work in these Android accessiblity modes: -Talkback - Talkback and Explore - disabled Availabe keybard modesfor those three accessibility modes: - Lift to type - Double clickto typeSpecial keys - Ctrl, Alt, F1-F12, Esc, Tab, Page up/down,Home/End, Print, Pause - cursor keys - backward and forward delete- cut, copy and pasteLook - choose custom keyboard color (16million different colors) - choose custom background: any image onyour device - choose one of 13 prepared looks - hidden suggestionarea for more keyboard space - split keyboard mode for large tablesfor realxed typingTyping support - add custom templates like “brjs”for “Best regards, John Smith” - buttons for user defined text toe.g. type your mail address with 1 button - auto-correction(comming soon) - option to auto-capitalize when a new sentancestartsClipboard historyThe Clipboard history contains the lastclipboard entries.Keyboard EditorCreate or adjust your own keyboardwith a build-in editor (not accessible) or by editing XML files(advanced users).Translations - Arabic - Bulgarian - Danish -English (US) - French - German - Italian - Polish - Portuguese(Brazil), comming soon - Portuguese (Portulal) - Russian - Spanish- Turkish For more information pleasevisit:https://accessibilitykeyboard.wordpress.com/
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Bright M IDE is a full mobile integrated development environment(IDE) for Android devices. With this app you can create, modify andbuild Android apps on your Android tablet or phone.Bright M IDEoffers a rich text editor with syntax highlighting,auto-completion, complete file history, integrated (offlineavailable) SDK documentation and more than 30 hot key functions ofthe Eclipse IDE. The editor allows quick navigation with file tabsand location history, fast and precise text selection and easy textoperations like moving lines or commenting out of code, so you canwrite and edit source files as fast and easy as possible. Bright MIDE can also work with many different projects in parallel, offersa rich workbench with a menu line and a rich tool bar.The mobileIDE offers many special features that are not available in most /any other comparable apps. Bright M IDE can also be used very welltogether with other IDE apps so you can use the best tool for eachdevelopment step.Bright M IDE works very well with the “Hacking& Developing” keyboard of the same author.List of mostimportant features:projects:- edit existing Android projects-create new Android projects from scratch- calling a freethird-party-app to compile the source code and build an APK-file-install and execute APK-files on your device- multiple projects-multiple source directories and jar files in single projectedit andselect:- syntax highlighting- double touch to select- undo/redo-auto completion- move line- duplicate line- comment out code /un-comment out code- highlight occurences- automatic file savingevery few minutes- full code historyworkbench:- included AndroidSKD help in split view (also available offline)- web browser-toolbar and file tabs can be hidden/shown with single button-project settings dialog- single button to hide soft keyboard-Eclipse color coding and hotkeys navigate- file tabs- open methods-open files (include wildcard search)- remember file locations- goto last edit location- seach current word- fast scroll knobTheBright M IDE Premium key is required to edit files and build APKfiles in bigger projects (more than 5 Java source files).If youhave any ideas for new feature, comments, problems or you need anyhelp, please use the “Send Questions/Feedback To Developer” buttonin the app (and not in Google Play) so that the author can reply toyou.
Bright M IDE Premium Key APK
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Premium Key for the app "Bright M IDE" (mobile Android IDE for JavaDevelopers)
Bright Playlist Maker (Beta) 1.1.0 APK
Philip Heyse
Create playlists based on your mood and personal favorites from themusic collection on your device or your computer(Win/Mac/Linux).Filters: - properties (good/bad, fast/slow,happy/sad, ...). Properties are pre-defined for many artists, butcan also be adjusted per artist, album and title - maximum numberof titles per artist - genre (Classic, Jazz, Rock, ...) - artists,albums and titles - exclude certain artists, albums and titles -exclude titles played in the last days (with the app "BrightSound") - language - number of songs per playlistSources: - localdevice - computer in the same WIFI network (Win/Mac/Linux withJava): Donwnload required program fromhttp://www.bright-side.de/bpm/. - USB stick (on some devices anadditional mount app and root rights are required to access USBsticks) - copy the songs to a local directory or mounted USB stick(also possible with a computer on the same network!)Playlist Order:- random order with maximum distance of titles from the same artist- move a title to a specified positionLoad and Save Playlists: -save playlists in XSPF format (independent interchangeble playlistfile format) with paths, artists and title information - loadplaylists in XSPF format with artists and title information (evenif the paths have changed!)Integration with free app "BrightSound": - play playlist in "Bright Sound" with a single click -edit properties of title currently playled in "Bright Sound" - open"Bright Playlist Maker" to create a new playlist in "Bright Sound"- "Bright Sound" keeps track of the played songs which can be usedas a filter in "Brigth Playlist Maker" Examples for playlists thatcan be created: - all fast and happy songs that have not beenplayed in the last 20 days with up to 3 songs per artists. - myfavorite songs from "David Bowie" - all French slow songs - allinstrumental songs from Metallica - 30 random songs from theBeatles, ABBA and the Rolling Stones that have not been played inthe last 100 days Limitation of free version: - generate byproperties-filter: up to 6 titles per playlist - generate byartist/album/titles: up to 3 artists/albums/titles
Bright Sound (Audio Player) 2.1.0 APK
Philip Heyse
Bright Sound is a media player for audio files with manyfeatures:(*: special feature that is not available in any other oronly a very few audio player Apps) - Gesture control: - Shake topause/unpause * - Flip for next title * - Swipe to switch betweenscreens - Flexible media playback: - Play artists, albums andtitles from the media library of your device (phone/tablet) -Filter for albums with at least 5 titles * - Play multiple selectedfiles or directories on the SD card * - Play audio files fromnetwork storage (SFTP or Windows SMB) - Play an XSPF (e.g. used byVLC Player) or M3U playlist file on the SD card * - Memorization ofdifferent playback positions: - BrightSound remembers the last50(!) albums, directories, playlists etc. that have been played * -For each item that is played BrightSound remembers the exactplayback position. E.g. you can listen to an audio book, then to aplaylist and afterwards continue the audio book at the exactposition where you stopped. * - All playbacks can be recodred in asmart history * - Home Screen Widgets: - Small Widget to toggleplay/pause - Medium Widget to toggle play/pause, skip and showcurrent title - Large Widget to display cover art, toggleplay/pause, skip and show current title - Stop after current title* - Precise navigation: - Buttons to seek 10 seconds, 1 minute and10 minutes forward and backwards allow a higher precision thanclicking on a progress bar * - Equalizer: - Adjust playback inequalizer (Android 2.3 or higher) - Playlist/title management: -Add artist/album/title/file/playlist file/directory to the playlist* - Remove items from the playlist - Reorder playlist: move itemsup and down - Randomize order (shuffle) - Order by file path,artist, title - Move title to a specified position * - Differentplayback modes: - Sleep mode: in x minutes or at fix time * - Playall titles and stop - Repeat all titles - Repeat one title - Playcurrent title and stop * - Themes - Customize look with differentthemes (skins)For more information, questions or requests please goto:http://www.bright-side.de/brightsound.html
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Premium key for app "Bright Playlist Maker"
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BrightKeyboard is an advanced keyboard that looks the way you wantand lets you type text faster.Features:layout: - full PC-keyboardwith Ctrl, Alt, F1-F12, Esc, Tab, Page up/down, Home/End, Print,Pause - English and German layout - type all numbers and letters onthe first screen witout long press - cursor keys - clipboardhistory contains the last clipboard entries - includes backward andforward delete - hidden suggestion area for more keyboard space -extra keys for cut, copy and paste - split keyboard mode for largetables for realxed typing - advanced users: create your ownkeyboard layout by editing an XML filedisplay: - choose betweenregular, big and round keys - choose custom keyboard color (16million different colors) - choose custom background: any image onyour device - choose one of 13 prepared lookstyping support: - addcustom templates like "brjs" for "Best regards, John Smith" -option to auto-capitalize when a new sentance startscustomkeyboards: - create custom keyboards by using a build-in editordemoversion: - demo version for testing which is fully functional, butadds text "demo version" to each typed letter