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Shivji is one of the popular Hindu deity, the app includesShivChalisa and mantras. Lord Shiva is popularly known as the lordofmercy and compassion and Shivji is the only god who canoffereveryone the lessons in the “Art of living”. The mostbeautifulquality of Lord Shiva is he can annihilate evil, destroyignoranceas well as grant wisdom. You can learn a lot of lifelesson fromthis great Hindu God. Each and every body part of LordShivasymbolizes many things, his hair symbolizes the union of mind,bodyand spirit, and helps you focus better. His third eyesymbolizeslooking at a problem beyond what it is and finally,overcoming theimpossible. His Trishul symbolizes control of mind,intellect andego. His meditative pose symbolizes calmness thathelps youovercome everyday battles. The ash smeared on his bodysymbolizesthat everything is temporary. His blue throatsymbolizessuppression of anger. And if are you looking forsomething whichcan teach you the art of living? And also if you atrue devotee andfollower of Lord SHIVA then this App SHIV SHANKARdeveloped byATechnos is a must have app! In “Shiv Shankar” app, wehave got youShivstotram, Maha mrituyanjay mantra, Shiv Mantra,Jyotirlinga,Shiv Chalisa. And this is an all in one app, where youcan read andrecite the mantra, Chalisa, etc and the best part isthat you canalso listen to the audio and simultaneously. Greatisn’t? How doesthe app work? It’s very easy and simple app to use.Download ShivShankar app by ATechnos from the play store. Installin on yourphone. After the installation, the app opens with anenchantingimage of Shiv Shankar. Then the home page pops up whereyou willfind categories like you Shiv Stotram, Shiv mantra,Mahamrituyanjay mantra, Jyotirlinga, Shiva Chalisa.… all writteninHindi. Tap on one of the categories and dive into thespiritualworld. Features:- • Easy and simple app to use. • Freedownload. •User-friendly interface. • It also has an audio for eachcategory,works automatically when connected to the internet. • Apphas fourcategories:- -Shivastrotram. -Maha Mrityuanjay Mantra.-ShivaMantra “Om Namah Shiva” -Shiva Chalisa (Jai girija pathidheendhayal) -Jyotirlinga (here you can view the pictures of alltheplaces where Jyotirlinga is present and do darshan of all)Isprayer the weapon ain't it? Well, what are you waiting for,goahead and download all in one Free Shiv Shankar app by ATechnosandget yourself involved in Shivaji spiritual world? Get theblessingsof Lord Shiva anytime anywhere. Chant Mantra, listen toAarti andBajan and get more pious with our app. Jai Shiv Shankar!

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Supported & Promoted By:- Jhankar MusicMungaru Male 2(translation: Pre-monsoon Showers) is an upcoming Indian Kannadafilm co-written and directed by Shashank, and is a sequel tothe2006 Kannada film Mungaru Male. It stars Ganesh, V. Ravichandranand Neha Shetty in the lead roles, with Aindrita Rayappearing in apivotal role.The supporting castfeatures P. Ravi Shankar and SadhuKokila. CastingV. Ravichandran was the second actor to be signed bythe makers of the film, in May 2015, though at the time of theannouncement, his role in the film was not made clear. However, itwas speculated that he would play Ganesh's father. The directorShashank said the search for a "new face" as a female lead beganwith the announcement of the film. He spotted the photos of aMangalore-based model Neha Shetty, in the newspapers in February2015, as reports came out of her winning beauty contest WTN MissMangalore, who on being placed at the Miss India South emerged as arunner-up. Keen on having her on the film, he approached her, who,then a student of pre-university course was busy with herexaminations. She was eventually signed in July 2015 as the femalelead opposite Ganesh. It was also revealed that P. Ravi Shankar andSadhu Kokila would play supporting roles. Arjun Janya was signed bythe makers to score the film's background music and compose sixtrack as part of its soundtrackGanesh playing as a Preetham in thesequel too,Ravichandran Playing the role of Ganesh’s father,Filmingin Jog Falls in Sagara, Karnataka, where a few sequences of thefilm were shot. Filming took place in areas surrounding Jog Falls,in the Sagara region of Karnataka. We are also shooting someromantic scenes in the surrounding locations, which are unexploredin Sandalwood. In February 2016, it was reported that most of thefilming was complete except the songs. Also reportedly, Ganeshwould fly to Slovenia along with Aindrita Ray to shoot for a songtogether.Post-production ReleaseThe first teaser of the film wasreleased on 19th July 2016 on YouTube. The 107-second videointroduces the characters in the film, and actors Upendra, ShivaRajkumar, Puneeth Rajkumar, Yash and Sudeep feature in it askingquestions about the film. An audio teaser was released on 30 July,which was the first of its kind in Kannada film industry. The audiowas released on 5 August.SoundtrackMungaru Male 2Soundtrack albumby Arjun JanyaReleased 5 August 2016Recorded 2016Genre Feature filmsoundtrackLabel Jhankar MusicProducer Gangadhar GArjun Janya hasscored the soundtrack and score for the film. A total of six songsand one instrumental track were composed by him and written by thelyricists such as Jayanth Kaikini, Kaviraj, Chandan Shetty, GopiIyengar and the director Shashank. Noted singers such as Sonu Nigamand Shreya Ghoshal who got their big breaks in Kannada cinemathrough Mungaru Male recorded their voices to the sequel as well.Bollywood singer Armaan Malik recorded his debut Kannada song andso did the Rajastani folk singer Swaroop Khan. The music for thefilm was one of the highly anticipated album.The audio wasofficially released on 5 August 2016 through Jhankar Music label.
Lord Rama 1.0 APK
Rama, the perfect avatar of the Supreme Protector Vishnu, is anall-time favourite among Hindu deities. The most popular symbol ofchivalry and virtue, Rama - in the words of Swami Vivekananda - is"the embodiment of truth, of morality, the ideal son, the idealhusband, and above all, the ideal king." The seventh incarnation ofLord Vishnu, Rama is said to have taken birth on earth toannihilate the evil forces of the age. He is widely believed to bean actual historical figure - a "tribal hero of ancient India" -whose exploits form the great Hindu epic of Ramayana or The Romanceof Rama, written by the ancient Sanskrit poet Valmiki. Thisapplication contains various categories:1. Shastra : Rama is thebest archer ( than Arjuna or Karna) but he never had pride in hisskill. Arjuna had extreme pride in his archery skill. This extremepride killed him on the journey to heaven. 2. Ram Bhagwaan places :Rama or Ramachandra is the seventh avatar of the Hindu God Vishnu.He is the central figure...... Instead, he places the slippers ofRama that he had taken back with him on the throne, and rulesAyodhya assiduously keeping Rama's beliefs3. Ram Bhagwaanwallpaper: wallpaper has images of Gods, thus it will always remindyou that we must follow the Gods principles and motivates us to dogood things and avoid bad things, thus it keeps our mind and bodyin healthy state. Jai Shree Ram. Jai Sita Mata. The whole view isenchanting and takes us into the world of pure spiritual love.4.Ram Bhagwaan Ringtones: This is First Lord Ram mantra RingtonesApplication in Android market. In this Application different LordRam Mantras are available. User can set Ringtones and Wallpapers ofLord Ram mantra And Wallpapers in smart phone.5. Disclaimer: Thecontent of this app has been taken from the internet. In case youfeel the content to be objectionable , Please email tofeedbaCK@atechnos.com
Yoga 1.2 APK
Yoga – A must have a pocket guide for all those who want to enhancetheir knowledge about YOGA and also for them who is a fitnessfreak! Welcome to our yoga guide! Find your balance! And be theenergy you want to attract! As we all know, how yoga stimulates andactivates the body’s own energies to help fight illness and restoreharmony. Yoga has a lot of advantage for physical, spiritual andmental health. With its origin in INDIA, it’s been practiced since5000 years.Yoga is an invaluable gift of ancient Indian tradition.As said in Bhagwad Gita “Yoga is the practice of tolerating theconsequences of being you”On December 2014, the United NationsGeneral Assembly declared June 21st as the International Day ofYoga which is the summer. Nowadays, not only the Indians believe inpracticing yoga but also people across the world are being adoptedand practicing yoga!Yoga helps to relive pain, reduce strain,increase blood circulation and provides a relaxing effect on body.Moreover, it strengthens the immune system, and also helps inprevention of illness. In our yoga app, you will find detaileddescription and instruction about Pranayamas, Sukshma Vyamas andAsana.Features:- User-friendly interface. Absolutely free yogaguide. It will help you enhance your knowledge about YOGA. It isa detailed guide for you to understand about different yogapractices. This will provide you all the yoga tips, and also willhelp you in guiding how to perform yoga, when to perform yoga andthe pros and cons of yoga! In this app, we have covered detaileddescription and also different kinds of Pranayamas, Sukshma Vyamasand Asanas. The different kind of Pranayamas (Breath) covered areas follows:- Bhastrika Kapalbhati Anulom Vilom Bahya BhramiUdgeeth Pranav The different kind of Asanas (postures) coveredare as follows:- Mandukasana Shashankasana BhujangasanaSalabhasana Uttanpadasana Pawanmuktasana Makarasana We havealso covered 7 type Sukshma Vyamas with pictures and description inthis app. This app will also provide instructions related topractice YOGA.Yoga app will help you get the basic benefits whilepracticing a different kind of yoga. Whether you’re struggling withoverweight, backache, asthma, cold, constipation, depression,diabetes etc. no worries, Be it any disease or ailment, do yogaeveryday and stay fit, healthy and get rid of it. Take a littletime out to make your soul happy! Because your soul is your bestfriend and it deserves to be treated with care, nurture it withgrowth and feed it with love!
Laxmi Poojan 1.1 APK
laxmi, the Hindu Goddess of wealth!Lakshmi is worshipped daily inHindu homes and commercial establishments as the goddess of wealth.She also enjoys worship as the consort of Vishnu in manytemples.This is Laxmi Pooja Application where you can worshipgoddesse Laxmi with garland flowers & Musical Aarti. Diwali(Deepavali, "festival of light and Laxmi Pujan") is an ancientHindu festival celebrated in autumn. The main festival night ofDiwali (Laxmi Pujan) coincides with the darkest, new moon night ofthe Hindu Lunisolar month Kartika. Diwali (Laxmi Pujan) fallsbetween mid-October and mid-November. Before Diwali (Laxmi Pujan)night, people clean, renovate and decorate their homes and offices.On Diwali (Laxmi Pujan) night, Hindus dress up in new clothesparticipates in family puja to Lakshmi – the goddess of wealth andprosperity. After the puja, fireworks follow, then a family feastincluding mithai. Diwali (Laxmi Pujan) also marks a major shoppingperiod in nations where it is celebrated. Diwali (Laxmi Pujan) isan important festival for Hindus. The name of festive days as wellas the rituals of Diwali varies significantly among Hindus, basedon the region of India. The festivities start with Dhanteras,Diwali on the third day, Diwali Padva dedicated to wife–husbandrelationship.And if are you looking for something which can removethe obstacles that are blocking your path of becoming wealthy? Andalso if you a true devotee and follower of Maa Laxmi then this AppLaxmi poojan developed by ATechnos is a must have app!In “Laxmipoojan” app, we have got you Laxmi stuti, Laxmi poojan, Laksmiaarti.And this is an all in one app, Where you can read and recitethe mantra, know how to do pooja, Arti etc and the best part isthat you can also listen to the audio simultaneously. Greatisn’t?How does the app work?It’s very easy and simple app to use.Download Laxmi poojan app by ATechnos from the play store. Installin on your phone. After the installation, the app opens with anenchanting image of Maa Laxmi. Then the home page pops up where youwill find categories like laxmi stuti, Laxmi poojan, Laxmi aartiwritten in Hindi. Tap on one of the categories and dive into thespiritual world.Features:-• Easy and simple app to use.• Freedownload.• User-friendly interface.• It also has an audio for eachcategory, works automatically when connected to the internet.• Apphas categories like:--laxmi stuti “Om Maha Laxmi Namo Namah omvishnu priyaye Namo Namah Om dhan pradhaya Namo Namah Om vishwajananye Namo Namah”-laxmi arti-laxmi poojaIs prayer the weaponain't it? Well, what are you waiting for, go ahead and download allin one Free Ganesh app by ATechnos and get yourself involved in MaaLaxmi's spiritual world? Get the blessings of Maa Laxmi anytimeanywhere. Chant Mantra, listen to Aarti and do pooja and get morepious with our app.
Prank Call 1.3 APK
Prank call – Make a Free Prank Call in just one click and get overfrom an annoying situation.Give yourself a fake call and pull aprank on anyone, at anytime with this free Prank Call app.Want tobe a prankster? Don’t have a favorite prank to play on your friendsor whomsoever? Want to get rid of an awkward situation, be it anannoying conversation, boring meeting or a meaningless interviewand to desire to rescue yourself? Then, all you need to do is pickup your phones and put some effort in downloading and installingthis Free Prank Call from the app store which is the mostprofessional application for Android, and you’ll soon be watchingyour target being trapped unwittingly into your prank. Prank Callapp is a free entertainment app. With this, you can simulate a fakecall. Make fake incoming calls on your Android phones at any time.This is going to be the best trick to play on anyone. This app willalso work like an alarm clock through which you will receive a fakecall at your desired time. Features:- It is free prank calldialer. It doesn’t require any internet connection. Prank callhelps you select a caller from your contact list or to create a newcontact. It works like an alarm clock, where it allows you to setthe time you want to display a fake call on your screen. Helps youschedule a fake call. With this app, you can also set up multiplefake calls for different timings. It looks real and makes it hardfor others to discern.How it works:- Just Download and install itfrom the app store. Choose a name and contact either from yourphone or enter a new contact. Choose the time to display a fakecall. Then click on make call. Take a deep breath and wait forthe fun to begin!With this Prank call, creating fake calls becomeseffortless. Just try it today! And share it with your friends! Webet you, this will be a successful trick to play upon anyone andyou’ll just love it!
Ganesh 1.0 APK
Ganesha, the Hindu God of success!The son of Shiva and Parvati,Ganesha The Elephant-Headed Deity is Hinduism and the most popularGod has an elephantine countenance with a curved trunk and big earsand the pot-bellied body of a four-armed man. There are many thingsto learn from GANESHA.Ganesha’s big head signifies, to think out ofthe box. Big eyes, teaches us to look beyond what you see. Largeears convey, to listen to others attentively. Ganesha’s LargeStomach signifies, to peacefully Digest all the good and bad inlife. The broken tusk represents that sacrifice is needed for thepursuit of wisdom. The Mouse represents the desire and ability oflord Ganesh to reach into every nook and cranny of the mind. Theladdoos are the rewards of hard work, the sweetest thing of all. Atlast the Prasad represents Giving and sharing!Coming to the originof Ganesha, It is depicted in Hindu scripture that goddess Parvaticreates a boy from the dirt she has washed off her body that is howGanesha was born. This is one of the most common stories ofGanesha’s birth.Worshippers, calls Ganesha has Ganapatya and saysthat he can be found in all sects of the faith. Ganesha is the Godof Beginnings. Be it any big or small event Ganesha is celebratedfirst.Ganesha has powers of removing everyday hurdles and he cantake care of the everyday stuff!And if are you looking forsomething which can remove the obstacles that are blocking yourpath of success? And also if you a true devotee and follower ofGanesha then this App Ganesh developed by ATechnos is a must haveapp!In “Ganesh” app, we have got you Ganesh Vandhan, Ganesh mantra,Ganesh Chalisa, Ganesh Arti.And this is an all in one app, Whereyou can read and recite the mantra, Chalisa, Arti etc and the bestpart is that, you can also listen to the audio simultaneously.Great isn’t?How does the app work?It’s very easy and simple app touse. Download Ganesh app by ATechnos from the play store. Installin on your phone. After the installation the app opens with anenchanting image of Ganesha. Then the home page pops up where youwill find categories like , Ganesh Vandhana, Ganesh mantra, Ganeshchalisa, Ganesh arti… all written in Hindi. Tap on one of thecategory and dive into the spiritual world.Features:-• Easy andsimple app to use.• Free download.• User friendly interface.• Italso has an audio for each category, works automatically whenconnected to internet.• App has four categories :--Ganesh Vandhana“Shri Vakratunda Mahakaya Surya koti Sama Prabha Nirvighnam Kuru MeDeva Sarva Karyesu Srvada”-Ganesh Mantra “Om Gan Ganpataye NamoNamah Shri Sidhivinayak Namo Namah Ganpathi Bappa MorayaAshtvinayaka Namo Namah”-Ganesh Chalisa (Jai jai Ganpathi Ganraju,Mangal bharan karan shubh kaju)-Ganesh Arti (jai ganesh jai ganeshjai ganesh deva)Prayer is the weapon aint it? Well what are youwaiting for, go ahead and download all in one Free Ganesh app byATechnos and get yourself involved in Ganesha’s spiritual world.Get the blessings of Ganesh anytime anywhere. Chant Mantra, listento aarti and bajan and get more pious with our app.Ganpathi BappaMorya!
Pictoo 1.5 APK
You can find so many sources for pictures or text which you like toshare on WhatsApp, FB, Twitter or any other social media platform.Here is the best source you can find on web, A unique combinationof Images and text. “Pictoo” is your best buddy to get images withtext in lot many categories. We have neither time nor patience togo out of web and find the Text images, we are there for you toprovide of your exact requirement. We want you to read or share thefresh content and stay imaginary. Pictoo simplifies this andcompiles everything into a small visual Image. Pictoo is not onlyto share or read the interesting image but also informative. Itcontains health related tips, Yoga, Sports, News, Bollywood, Food,Travel and Fashion. You can also find technology images here.Themost popular, viral, trending text images over lot many topics ofthe day that are a food for thought for you and an escape from thesocial awkwardness that one faces when not being able toparticipate in discussions.PICTOO is imaginary discovery app thatsolves this precise problem for our generation.It brings to you thelatest news , tips of the day for health or more. It personalizesthe content based upon the user's interest. It is the only app thatgives exactly those things that help one grow after a long day inour busy life.The app has been designed with simplicity that makesusing it on the go even more interesting. It consumes only a fewminutes, gives the most important and relevant updates.COMPLETELYFREE and NO LOGIN REQUIRED
UP News 1.0 APK
You can get all the latest news about UP like Politics, business;general and many more from this app. just download this app andstay updated.