/ December 31, 2017
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do you like the brave child shiva fromvedascity?
Help shiva bike escape from gangsters who want to catch shivabikes,When shiva Bikes walk in the street Veda city Suddenly shivaBicyclein the presence by gangsters they want to catch shiva biketo takerevenge on the shiva bike. Shiva can not fight gangstersalonebecause of the huge amount of gangsters then Shiva ran asfast asshe could with her magic bike.

How to play :
Touch your phone screen to jump into the air so that Shiva andbikecan avoid all obstacles that block the shiva.

But in the streets of Veda city there are many obstaclesthatcomplicate the rate of bikes belonging to shiva but that doesnotmake shiva afraid of shiva and his bike keeps running quicklyandjumps to avoid all obstacles on the way.

Can Shiva and bike run away from gangsters?
Let's download and play Shiva Bike Dash the most interestingshivagames then help the shiva bike to escape from the pursuit ofthegangsters, and do not let the shiva hit the roadblocks becausetheshiva bike can fall if it hits the barriers then Shiva getscaughtby the gangsters and you lose!

Be a champion with Shiva and the bike get the highest score inthisgame by taking all the coins in the streets of Vedas and beingthebest runner shiva and super cool bikes that by reachingthefurthest distance in this game and your best with shiva!

Disclaimer :
this shiva games is not an official shiva game created bythecreator and is not affiliated with any party this shiva gameisonly created by shiva fans and for shiva fans

App Information Shiva Bike Dash

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    Shiva Bike Dash
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    December 31, 2017
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Funny Kids Happy
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    10 - 50
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    Jl. Nagarawangi Rancakalong - Sumedang 45300
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