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Match 3 or more objects to remove them and solve each stage. Go forhighscore!The goal of this game is to clear all objects from eachstage. To remove objects you have to build rows of 3 or more equalobjects.Drag with your finger from the left to link objects to abar. When you release the finger, the whole bar gets rotated by 180degrees.Try to solve each stage in time. If you match more than 3objects you will get 1 second per removed object.This game isinspired by the popular iphone game Milpa

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    May 31, 2014
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    Calle Isla de Madagascar 3 35109 Salobre Gran Canaria
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Robo Miner 1.5.1 APK
Dig down to find the ultimate Diamond - upgrade your robot to digdeeper.Falling Rocks makes it hard to get some ore but your robothave to survive.##### Visit the Robo Miner Fan Page/Group #####Youstart at a very small mine where you can make your firstexperiences and find your first money and of coure the firstUltimate Diamond.Soon you will proceed to the next mine - each mineis deeper than the mine before and so you will find different typesof ore, which you can mine. At some point you will also find manytypes of gems of even more value.Spend your findings at your UFO tobuy upgrades for your little robot to make mining life easier foryou.Watch out the falling rocks, don't get lost deep down the mineor you have to abondon your little robot.You will need some kind ofthinking where to dig so you can always come back to light.Yourrobot will sooner or later run out of energy and needs to visit theUFO for a recharge of battery, ladders and support pillars.Thisgame is a very addicting robot game - you just can't stopplaying.ENDLESS Robo Fun: Dig deeper, dig more, every mine brings anew adventure!If you have a Keyboard Dock - you can play this robotgame with your keyboard! Use the Arrow Keys to navigate and theSpace Bar to set a support pillar.This Game is Free to Play andcontains advertisements. You have the option to upgrade to anadfree version ingame.If you have any troubles playing the game,please send me an email - I will response as soon as possible.Thisgame features a well known concept of digging through the earth,like you did in other digging games - but here you need to usedynamite and watch for lava ;-) it's a simplistic, adictive smallpuzzle game which will entertain you for hours!There is also a PCVersion of Robo Miner - get it at STEAM: http://goo.gl/AC0D7f
Worm Puncher 2 APK
Worms are invading your phone! Punch them right in their face toget rid of them - but do not crack your screen!Worm Puncher is afast paced game where you aim to hit as much worms as possible -whack them out of your phone.They want you, that you crack yourscreen and they will laugh on you, if you miss them.Forget aboutNinja games and slashing fruits to make fruit salad.. punchingworms in the face is so much morefun!http://www.reiti.net/worm-puncheror at facebook (just search upWorm Puncher).App Permissions are used for ingame-advertising andthe highscore service ScoreLoop
HEXDef ONE (free) 1.4.1 APK
This version contains Advertisement!Tower Defense Style Gamedesigned for Tablets and phones with big screens with a littleextra on tactics in form of transforming blocked fields.This one isespecially made for the big screens of newer devices and even withthe overall interesting feature of special fields, which you cantransform for your benefit - or if you fail to hold the creeps -which are working against you. No Zombies, no plants, no Robo andno medieval castle will distract you from defending the bluefield.Disclaimer:This game is a Tower Defense Game, but the phrase"Tower Defense" was recently tradmarked by com2us. So this is notTHE Tower Defense Game but a Tower Defense Like game - most merelybecause you build towers to defend your base. See wikipedia for adetailed description of Tower Defense Genre.
Tower Defense Style Game designed for Tablets and phones with bigscreens with a little extra on tactics in form of transformingblocked fields.This one is especially made for the big screens ofnewer devices and even with the overall interesting feature ofspecial fields, which you can transform for your benefit - or ifyou fail to hold the creeps - which are working against you. NoZombies, no plants, no Robo and no medieval castle will distractyou from defending the blue field.Disclaimer:This game is a TowerDefense Game, but the phrase "Tower Defense" was recentlytradmarked by com2us. So this is not THE Tower Defense Game but aTower Defense Like game - most merely because you build towers todefend your base. See wikipedia for a detailed description of TowerDefense Genre.
City Driving Rampage 1.0 APK
Get behind the steering wheel, foot hard down and slip truth thecity traffic - try to get the best time in accomplishing the 1000msprint!You can control the game either by sliding your thumb to theleft/right of the screen to make the car steer in the desireddirection.If you feel more comfortable to steer by tilting yourphone, you can do so! Find the options in the settings screen toswitch different controlling modes.You goal is to slip truth thetraffic without crashing into other cars. There are pedestriansalso - better to not drive over them - it is a mess!The gamefeatures 3 different cars which you can unlock by reaching thefinish line on different levels. Each level your car drives faster.Starting at 70 km/h end ending up with nearly over 200 km/h !!!Canyou master it?Disclaimer: The drivers in this game are real RacingDrivers and they do drive on fully virtual roads - do not attemptto drive like this in real life!
Hit the Clouds 1.0.6 APK
Tilt your device to steer the rocket - your goal is to hit everycloud, the game is over, when you miss a cloud. The rocket willaccelerate all the time, so the game gets harder and harder! Try toget the highest score and be better than everyone else!Forget aboutslow jumping Doodles or Prince Valium jumping around - get one ofthe fastest games on the market and use your superior skill to getas high as possible!If you have issues with controling the rocket,please pause the game by hitting the back button during the gameand look at the bottom of the screen. The symbol will rotateEXACTLY how information is retrieved from your device. Be sure nobackground tasks are interrupting the game for best playingexperience.
Mobile Hand Puppet 1.0 APK
Ever wanted to use your phone to express yourself? Maybe you are aventriloquist, you want to practise ventriloquism or you just wantto annoy your friends by not talking directly to them?This app maybe for you then! This app is some sort of hand puppet. Actually itgives your device a face you can control directly and inrealtime.Lower half of the screen:Control the Eye Movement by justdragging your finger in the area. The virtual eyes will follow yourfinger movement. If you do not control the eyes (not touching thatarea) the eyes will fly around freely giving some sense of"life".Upper half of the screen:Control the Eye Expression. Slideleft/right to modify eyebrow alignment. Make the face sad, angry orsurprised by just sliding around.Slide up/down to raise or lowerthe virtual eyebrow.Microphone:You can activate the microphoneinput, so the mouth of your Mobile Hand Puppet will react to yourvoice. So your phone will speak in sync with you!This app can beused as a prank or to just annoy people around you. I hope you likeit and have some fun with it :-)Usage Tipp for World-Class Pranks:Connect Phone to TV using HDMI Output of your device, so you cancontrol it secretly. You now can control it, so the TV followsanyone passing by the TV
Mysterious Black Screen 1.0 APK
Do you know what happens inside your freezer, when you close thedoor? And do you know what happens inside your phone, when shutingthe screen off? NOW YOU CAN FIND OUT!Start this app and explore themysterious black screen .. play around with it.I just cannotdescribe you any more because that would truely spoil theexperience. So, if you are expecting a black screen, you will besatisfied!Use this app to satisfy your natural curiosity. Or raisethe curiosity of your friends, even your family. You can even useit as a prank to buff others!