1.2.7 / February 11, 2016
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I first did the first game, I hope you willlike to play,
Areas for improvement, please do not try to leave a message politedescription,

This is a game operation, spiders will continue to come fromafar to attack,
Players will serve as sniper positions, constantly fast hardaccurate sniper attack over the spider,
Spiders number will continue to increase, and the strength willgradually increase,
Variants continue to repel the giant spider, the guardian of ourplanet now.

App Information Shoot Spider

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    Shoot Spider
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    February 11, 2016
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  • Requires Android
    Android 2.3 and up
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    Required skills
  • Installs
    100 - 500
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    Email [email protected]
    [email protected]
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Ready to enjoy this puzzle app now!Multi-key,to find items, open the final super-mysterious treasureit! Withinthis Insurance hidden in the end what a rich reward it?Continue toget the keys until you can open up the box to see me inthe endwhich contains a number of surprises and fun of it, thisgame isaddictive, oh!Magic is very safe for small children, the best application,onemust play the game of modern children is the ultimate safevirtualsimulation game. If your kids like to open the safe, itabsolutelycan not miss this explosive surprise many games forchildren, is aperfect application, playing a play, play school,class play,school play, sleep play, play reading, without timelimit, childrenwill love to play the perfect game surprises.In this application, you must gather the key to completeportion,will it be possible to open the safe, so efforts to obtainall thekeys will be the ultimate goal and purpose for this takes alot oftime and effort trying to get into the task in order toenjoy thefruits of victory, as long as they have enough metaphorseriousefforts to accumulate knowledge and experience, will beable toeventually bear fruit, different keys metaphor of time,effort,dedication, wisdom and so on, are indispensable to succeedsuccessis a step by step, down to earth to obtain all the keys, isthe keyto success in life, the teachings of this application hasgreateducational value of human existence.Magic is a fun and safe for most people to play children'sgames,will be a wide variety of toys and a variety of surprises,funcombined into one.Play Introduction:* Select the key to open* Click with your fingers constantly magical safe* Until safe to open, to get the final gemVery suitable for children's games, a lot of different keysandsurprises, let your child learn and grow educationalgames.Absolutely can not miss a game, come to play an exciting gamemagicsafe, constantly surprises enjoy the fun!Let your child learn to pay only the outcome must strive to giveasense of accomplishment, and the process of trying to clicktheultimate treasure is a very rare experience, you must havemoneycan get to work, there is no free lunch, most children one ofthebest educational games.
Shoot Spider 1.2.7 APK
I first did the first game, I hope you willlike to play,Areas for improvement, please do not try to leave a message politedescription,This is a game operation, spiders will continue to come fromafar to attack,Players will serve as sniper positions, constantly fast hardaccurate sniper attack over the spider,Spiders number will continue to increase, and the strength willgradually increase,Variants continue to repel the giant spider, the guardian of ourplanet now.
Shoot Spider 2 1.6.2 APK
This is a perfect crystal, spend a lot oftalent, only made out of the game, and the rich connotation of alarge number of levels and types of spiders waiting for you to Yiyidefeated.■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■Drama Introduction■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■Eleven species of spider from the general evolution of the variousspecies, spiders originally lived in the cave inside, was to kill alarge number of hunters, fled into the forest, forest absorptionstrength, become physical with high strength, thick legs, so moveHow typhoon-like speed becomes very fast, looks like green, as wellas into the water spider, spider originally thought it would bedrowned, even metamorphosis evolved spider can swim in the water,and there is water Shield skills, presenting the appearance of bluewater, and forest fires in place, the spider will be burned todeath, but there are some spiders are not afraid of fire, is ableto survive in the fire, and the fire they will be out to play atruly new spider strength, the appearance of red, the other is likethe warmth of the sun, in the sun with fire irradiated spiderabsorb the energy of the sun, the body gradually change color, thisspider is very tough, because they have ability, hunters can shootregeneration shot it dead, the body is yellow, the last one, issaid to be from outer space, is said already some super naturalability, it will move to hunters along the side, directly kill thehunter bite, is a terrible existence, hunters have to take himMozhe, because not long after the sight of a spider, he had diedof.■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■How to Play■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■Shoot shoot shoot, use your hands all the rapid-fire dead eyes yousee all the key spider, precision, speed, feel, will affect theoutcome of the decision, containing skill levels, experience, avariety of monster types, sniper rifle attributes of many factors ,there are a lot of levels and number of days for you to challenge.Stimulating, fun, fun, play simple, fun is very high, requiringfast action and agility, leisure time, you can pass the time, butalso like the RPG type of adventure invented a game, theprotagonist is playing a hunter, also needs Thinking puzzle whenput skills, because skills reset time is very long, multi-coloredspider let you play one hundred non-greasy, beat until the finalBOSS so far, containing the ranking system, we can compare with thescores, the world's strongest competition for hunters in the title!! !
Flappy Spider 1.1.6 APK
Click on your spiders, flying in the sky, thegrass will not pose a threat to you, but you must avoid the Bidens,and as far as possible to extremely difficult operating click onyour spider, it will not fall off, or is met stab death, death willend the game.Each had a 100 score can be obtained, there ranking system, not inthe floppy birds, players can continue to challenge the unlimitedfast to get the highest score, and can be recorded in your phone,to see you every game there is no progress.Product Features:There was a very cute spiderThere are records to show their ranking scoresSimple but very interesting and fun
Spider Run!Run!Run! 1.0.3 APK
To constantly dodge sniper attack, the roadcan get a lot of props, make it the longer the higher the score,you can start with a simple difficulty playing, keep playing tocontinue to progress, because this is money you can Trainingresponsiveness casual games, as long as you continue to play youcan continue to enhance your ability to respond !!!There are built-in ranking system does not require even thenetwork can also know that they have no progress, the most powerfulenemy is their own, must continue to play, be possible to go beyondtheir limits, who can not anxious, and do anything you wantperfect, must be continuous training of permanent scar,responsiveness too, only you keep playing, let your spider reachShenhuqiji speed, in fact, anything associated with it, not onlyallows you to play the game The reaction becomes faster, as well asvarious aspects of work efficiency will become faster, but also todetermine which side is relatively small sniper, is a need tointegrate mental and physical game, challenging; more than one hourgame is worth playing playing , you want to break through, we needlogic, skill and strength, will play one of the games.Spider in the grass, and were from foreign intruders, the numberof enemies a lot, you have to escape one sniper offensive tonatural selection in this cruel thing, survival of the fittest inthe world to live, if not live, It is death, so the spiders willexhaust all efforts to running, but not just ahead of him, but needvision, judgment, concentration, strategic point of view clearsniper position, dodging.
Spider Flash 1.0.2 APK
Spider in the grass, in the original alive, Isuddenly saw one flash, and then burned to the cleaners, but in thespider population, there is a spider speed is very impressive, andhe flashes forward to the source, but the case to the front, flashfaster and faster, the only constant upgrade at their own pace, bepossible to see in the end is where the mysterious flash objectsout.This is a game of speed and reaction, very exciting and fun,beginners can hone slowly from the simple difficulty, his speedwill gradually increase, the level of difficulty is very muchdivided, so that players can take the challenge, let Each playercan step by step practicing, play is also very easy, a total offour blocks, upper left upper right lower right, depending on theposition appears to dodge flash, flash of speed will graduallyincrease, to train the ability to respond, then But good game.Beautifully simple game screen, the spider is very lovely andfunny and to be based on sound to sense the rhythm, Difficulty ratewill not change, but the difficulty is divided into five levels,the purpose is to train the players to concentrate on focus,concentrate, dedication and investment in the game Inside, doanything, too, need to focus to do to complete, so this is a greatexercise game, players work focused training, they can play thegame so interesting, and one hundred play without getting tired,really twelve bird.Must maintain the highest standards of the fastest speed toescape the flash has been attacked in the high speed of responseamong prospective water, because the head is running quickly,puzzle, logic, reasoning, and so will increase, do not believe it,just ask you play the game.
Spider Rain 1.0.2 APK
Then then then, continue to takespiders,spider recycling bins will have more spiders, scores willbe higherand higher, but the spider's speed will never stopimproving, onlyto let his reaction was faster OK, is a very capabletrainingresponse capability of the game, the players will playfaster andfaster reaction speed, and how much you will eventuallysettledspiders, and with scores recorded every every upgrade, is aendlesstraining, the more you play the more will know their speedwill befaster, plus spiders adorable, simple recycling bins to geta game,not only can play the fun of the game, but also to theirtrainingreaction, is a double benefit of the game.Play Introduction:Hold down the recycling bins and move around constantly to catchthespider, about dodge bombs, there will be love with the starsand soon props.
Girls Bag 1.0.0 APK
Girls ready to enjoy this game now! Apluralityof bags, and more surprises, to meet the diverse, whichis one ofthe mandatory play money games, so what are you waitingfor? Girlsto quickly download to play out! !This is the section with a surprise mystery bags games,withafter spending time to get to the bag, there will beunexpectedsense of accomplishment, like designer bags or bagsgenerally do?Everything waiting for you to collect a wide varietyof styles ofvarious types of bags Oh! After the mysterious andlovely, simplebag or a classic type of collection unit completely,you can leavea comment, like what type of bag for it?Play Introduction:* Select the beginning of the bag* Click with your fingers keep girls bag* Collect all the different styles of bag it!This paragraph is designed specifically for girls games, getthebag hard-earned, the more beautiful the more expensive, buttheinside of the bag does not need to spend money, but it takestimeand effort to work hard, you can get, although with realnotnecessarily a bit, but like the bag for girls, this is theperfectmodels will play the game oh ~Bag beautiful? Why not act now, quickly download the game toplayit.