/ May 2, 2016
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Feel the real thrill of battle with SanAndreas Shooting 3D!

San Andreas Shooting 3D-The ultimate action shooting experience ofthe battlefront! Ever wondered how it feels like to be in thewar?You can live through the excitement in San Andreas Shooting3D!
You play as a soldier in the war equipped with latest shootingweapons.

Your job is to fight away the zombies and the enemies that areattacking you. Hunt down and fight the enemies at ravenouslocations and improve your aim for a better destructivepower.
Explore various themes and deadly locations. Survive till the endto become the hero and save the lives of San Andreas.
Tired of the fast pace? No problem, you can cruise through thebeautiful 3D city in our free play mode.

If you face any problems while installation or while playing thisgame, please report to us. We will try to resolve it at theearliest.

App Information Shooting 3D

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