/ May 2, 2016
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Feel the real thrill of battle with SanAndreas Shooting 3D!

San Andreas Shooting 3D-The ultimate action shooting experience ofthe battlefront! Ever wondered how it feels like to be in thewar?You can live through the excitement in San Andreas Shooting3D!
You play as a soldier in the war equipped with latest shootingweapons.

Your job is to fight away the zombies and the enemies that areattacking you. Hunt down and fight the enemies at ravenouslocations and improve your aim for a better destructivepower.
Explore various themes and deadly locations. Survive till the endto become the hero and save the lives of San Andreas.
Tired of the fast pace? No problem, you can cruise through thebeautiful 3D city in our free play mode.

If you face any problems while installation or while playing thisgame, please report to us. We will try to resolve it at theearliest.

App Information Shooting 3D

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Once you are in, the train express is all yours to control. Let gooff the brakes and speed up in full blaze. Since players will nowrely entirely on signalling and track changing switches, the pathsthey take will be one among an exponential set of possibilities.Change the camera view as per your comfort; and race against yourfriends in this exciting train simulator. The games boasts aself-sufficient railroad environment and operate just like in thereal world. Stop the train before you enter the danger zone andsafely park in the railway station. Train Racing Games 3D Features:1. Realistic simulator experience with multiplayer 2. Use camerasand simple controls to improve your driving. 4. Stunning rail soundeffects. 5. Perfect 3D graphics and well-detailed environment 5.Challenging railway tracks 6. Challenge & Share with yourfriends!
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MULTI TOUCH STUDIO Presents - "Train Sim 2015" for FREE on TheGoogle Play Store now!Be a Train Driver and enjoy the trainsimulator game. Ride through the tunnels, subway, desert, mountains& hill, city and snow stations in this amazing train simulatorgame. Being a Train Driver, you need to be careful while driving onrail tracks, change the rail tracks on time and don't collide withother trains. Play the best train simulator game of 2015 now! Itrushes past you at the super high super fast speeds. It moves likea lighting bolt. Edging like the thunder, gleaming like abullet.Can you handle it? Get in the luxurious train. Fulfill yourbiggest childhood dream of being the train driver in this cuttingedge train sim. Control the train, pass through thestations,deliver the passengers safely.The perfect combination tohave fun for both adults & kids who are fond of trains &adventurous trip. Pick up the passengers from stations, carry somefreight if demanded, drive and control your train perfectly withmodern and new 3D graphics.Train sim taken to the ultimate levelwith ultra realistic physics. Multiple choices of 3D trainmodels.Drive your very own train and reach the destinationsafely.Change the camera view for suitable scenic angles. If youenjoy games like Flight Simulator, Bus Simulator, Truck Simulator,Goat Simulator, Dinosaur Simulator and Shark Simulator you aregoing to love this Train Drive Sim 2015.What are you waiting for?Try this thrilling train sim now!-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------TRAINSIM 2015 GAME HIGHLIGHTS:1. Zoom with superfast trains2. Scenic 3Dlocations3. Exciting Day & Night mode4. Revoultionary TrainPhysics and HD Graphics.5. Multiple Camera Angles6. Changedirections at the right time7. Upgrade various steam, coalengines8. FREE game to play.9. Compatible with alldevices.10.Masterful Level Design11. Best Train simulator game!12.Ease Train Driver sim features13.UNLOCK new achievements tochallenge your friends on GOOGLE PLAY leader board.14. Share yourscore onFacebook.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------GAMEINSTRUCTIONS:- Accelerate upward to move forward & downwards toslow down- Press halt to stop the train- Swipe left and right totaketurns-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------SUPPORT:Wehave made this game compatible & user friendly with all mobiledevices & tablets, if you have problem during installation,please email us at customer support for help. Email us atsupport@multitouchstudio.com
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Bottle Shooting Games is an amazing shooting game from MTS FreeGame. Its a great stress buster 3D game with lots of fun andentertainment. Shoot and break the bottles as many as you canwithin give time. Wooh!! Player’s accuracy is the most importantfactor in any type of shooting gameplay, so you have to be verycareful about it. Shoot all the colorful bottles & win excitingoffers & upgrades. You are an amazing shooter with sharpskills. Share the scores with your friends & challenge them toplay. Don’t forget to check the weekend bonanza and rewarddownloads to earn more coins for your purchases. Download to playinsane game Bottle Shooting Games Bottle Shooting Games Features:*Free Action Game *Highly addictive and immersive Game-play *Ultrarealistic 3D graphics and cool animations *Target shooting trainingwith bottles *Multiple levels to play *Realistic glass broken sound*Different modes & amazing surprises to claim *Amazing CashRewards to win *Extreme action games to play *Time Based game likea puzzle *Ultimate adventures GAME to play *Unlock & Play 40+insane challenges *Timer Based Levels *Crazy Shooting GameplayOffline Mode: Play anywhere anytime! You don't need an internetconnection. Suitable for all age. Bottle Shooting Games will beupdated regularly with your suggestions. Don't forget to leave areview with your feedback. ABOUT US: We, MTS Free Games, provideentertainment with a responsibility to maintain quality. We alwayswelcome feedback and comments below. You are requested to reviewand comment so that we can make games better for our valuableplayers. Please feel free to suggest us any improvements that couldhelp us make the game better. Thank You!!!!! SOCIAL MEDIA:- Like,Share & Follow us on Facebook, Instagram & TwitterFACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/mtsfreegames/ INSTA Us:Instagram.com/bigcodegames TWEET Us:https://twitter.com/mtstudio2015 CHANNEL & VIDEOS: You cansubscribe us on our YOUTUBE Channel for updates & new gamenotifications!!!! YOUTUBE:- https://www.youtube.com/bigcodegames
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MULTI TOUCH STUDIO Presents - "Bike Race 3D" for FREE on androidGoogle play now! Are you ready for Bike Race? Start your engine andgear up to race down the track. An Amazing racing game featureswith exciting race tracks to compete with your extreme rivals. Bean extreme moto racer and drive the world class sports bike. Winrace to Unlock & upgrade new bikes to challenge your opponents.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------BIKERACE GAME HIGHLIGHTS:>FREE BIKE GAME. >Different Moto racingbikes to upgrade & race. >Real bike physics to feel thespeed.>Smooth Controls & easy simulation features.>HDSound & game play music.>Real 3D environments, with multiplecamera views. >Explore different worlds & newmissions.>UNLOCK new achievements to challenge your friends onGOOGLE PLAY leader board.>Share your score on Facebook andGooglePlus.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------GAMEINSTRUCTIONS:Tap your phone/tablet on your right side to race andcontrol thespeed.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------SUPPORT:Wehave made this game compatible & user friendly with all mobiledevices & tablets, if you have problem during installation,please email us at customer support for help. Email us atsupport@multitouchstudio.com
Sniper 3D Kill American Sniper 1.4 APK
Have you ever dreamed of being a brave super human assasin? Thequintessesntial killing machine is now in the city,armed with hightech guns and shoots to kill, protect and serve justice.For him,every shot is a kill shot and every assassination is a masterpeicein the city. Taking first person shooting game to the next levelwith thrilling scenarios, multiple assasins and limited shots in aFREE game. SNIPER 3D is the ultimate assasination and shooting gamefilled with brave battles,loaded with stealth, multi range shotsmixed with arcade style of shooting action.Load up your sniperguns, fight back with your skills and get ready for the bloodpumping sniper shooter experience.Well placed shots, high techguns, stealth and head shots are the only way to gain edge andsurvive in this city.Lock and load. Do you have the targetlocked?-------------------------------------------------------------------------------SNIPER3D GAME HIGHLIGHTS:1. Gripping story line2. Realistic 3D Locations,Blood and Gore animations3. Optimized for Tablets & alldevices.4. More headshots for higher score!5. Unlock higher gunsfor a more killing shot!6. Kill the Targets to Win!7. Improve yourgameplay and polish your kills8. FREE game to play.9. Compatiblewith all devices.10. Brag about your Achievements 11. UNLOCK newchallenges for your friends on The GOOGLE PLAY leader board.12.Share your score on Faebook andWhatsapp.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------GAMEINSTRUCTIONS:Tap your phone/tablet on right side to shoot and leftto zoom in & out.Tap anywhere to navigate thearea.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------SUPPORT:Wehave made this game compatible & user friendly with all mobiledevices & tablets, if you have problem during installation,please email us at customer support for help. Email us atsupport@multitouchstudio.com
com.integergames.appleshooterwithfriends 3.8 APK
Apple Shooter with Friends, grab your bow and arrow to play thebest shooting games. Shoot the apple on the head of your friend. Bea good bowman, hit the right spot, pull arrow and release it ontime for accurate shots. Limited arrows to hit the specific target,avoid hitting others. Shoot those objects which are placed abovethe heads and show off your shooting and archery skills! Becareful, if you don't complete the level in time you will fail thegames. Challenge your friends in Apple Shooter with Friends andtest who has the best archery skills in handling the bow and arrow.Game Features : 1. Multiple targets to shoot with classic bow andarrow theme. 2. Get ready for 40 intense shooting archerychallenges. 3. Explore the 3 unique types of game play. 4.Realistic archery simulation with cool sounds. 5. 5 Bows and 5Arrows to upgrade.
Shooting Contract: Sniper 3D 1.9 APK
Get Shooting Contract for FREE on the Google Play Store Now!He ismighty,intelligent and very precise hunter. He is the ultimatesniper killer. Every daring assassin's role model.His sniperheadshot killings are a work of art. Sneak stealthily and kill tohunt down all the enemies silently like a daring vicious sniperhunter. Jump into his extreme terrorist world and finish all thesniper head hunt killing contracts now. Are you ready for theultimate sniper hunting challenge? Game Features:- *Multiple actionpacked levels *Intelligent enemy AI*Exclusive Sniper KillingContracts for you to finish*Compatible with all devices*Optimisedfor tablets*Blood and Gore Animations *FREE to play gameHow toPlay:--Tap your phone/tablet on right side to shoot and zoom in& out.-Tap on left side to navigate the area.If you have anyproblem in installation, please report to us. We will try to fix itas soon as possible.
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Go to the dreamland of the Prehistoric Jurassic Ages with AngryDinosaur Attack. Animalistic simulation at its best. Be thecreature and think like the creature to excel in this simulationadventure.Unleash the beast in you with this FREE game available onthe Google Play Store now! How to Play:-- Use the joystick to movearound the game- Tap right button to jumpIf you have any problem ininstallation, please report to us. We will try to fix it as soon aspossible.