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There are so many martial arts in the world – all these muay thai,judo, taekwondo, jiu-jitsu, kung fu, wrestling, sumo and, finallykarate! Karate also have more than one type and many schools allover the world – just join one of them (Shotokan one) and be readyto defeat all the rivals standing in your way! Play Shotokan KarateNinja Fight Training and have fun!JOIN THE NINJA BATTLES• Time tounleash your karate-do fighting skills, ‘cause the tournament’s cupcan’t win itself without your help;• Defend yourself using variousamazing stunts and skills of this wonderful martial art and showall your contestants that you’re the best;• Unleash your ninjawarrior’s fury and be ready to pass through many difficultchallenges – it’s not that easy to become an absolutechampion!BECOME AS SKILLFUL AS THE REAL KARATE MASTER• Train hardand you’ll see the difference between your skills at the beginningand in the end – that’s easy;• Grab your opponent from above andtackle him down – you have many amazing stunts and skills to winthe game;• Enjoy this action fighting game made for all lovers ofepic arena battles, old martial arts tricks, and bestsellerfighting movies!CHECK TWO STUNNING GAME MODES• Contest and survivalmodes are waiting for you – just come here and beat them all withyour exquisite skills and ultimate ninja powers;• Earn points forthe each completed battle and you’ll be able to unlock moreinteresting skills, skins, and even the battle locations;• Becomethe most powerful Shotokan karate master ever being surrounded bythe amazing 3D world!Feel the real Japanese culture through thisamazing fighting style playing our new Shotokan Karate Ninja FightTraining game and just enjoy your new lifestyle and knowledge!Youruse of Shotokan Karate Ninja Fight Training is free of charge inexchange for safely using some of your device's resources (WiFi andvery limited cellular data), and only when you are not using yourdevice. You may turn this off from the settings menu. Please seeour TOS for further information:https://pocketsportslife.wixsite.com/pocketsportslife/single-post/2017/11/15/POCKET-SPORTS-LIFE-PRIVACY-POLICY

App Information Shotokan Karate Ninja Fight Training

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    Shotokan Karate Ninja Fight Training
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    February 20, 2018
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    Android 4.3 and up
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    Pocket Sports Life
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