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Shot on for Honor application automatically adds a “ShotOn”watermark to your Photographs captured for Honor smartphone withit’s built-in camera. ◇ Editable Device Brand Logo ◇ Editable Shoton Text◇ Editable Shot by TextSimply activate the shotOn toggle ONfrom the application and stamps will be added automatically on yourPhotographs at the same moment. You might be thinking that shot onwatermark tag is available only with the phones which offer thatdual camera functionality but by having this application, you don'tneed to buy those expensive phones for inserting a ShotOn watermarksignature for Honor. Just follow these easy steps below:➺ DownloadApplication➺ Toggle shot on stamp ➺ Choose your phone brand logo➺Add your “Shot on and Shot by” text➺ Apply changes as per yourrequirementsThat's all! You are up to snap and add A ShotOn tag onthat photograph.Honor, being sub-brand for Huawei, has beenmanufacturing mobile phones since late 2013, yet in short while itis up with different series including V, N, X, lite, Holly and manymore. This app allows you to opt your device for adding Shot Onwatermark on pictures captured by you.Favorable reasons forchoosing us:✌ Completely free to access✌ No loss of image quality✌Series of all Honor Mobile devices covered✌ Editable Shot By tagwith shot on✌ Adjustable position as per image picture✌ List ofchoices to select size✌ Wide range of font formats ✌ Preview optionbefore clicking shotThis application is extremely beneficial forpeople involved in:✔ Professional PhotographyShot on and shot bytag for Honor will be a great boost up for professionalphotographers. Using the tag, they can precisely add a signature ontheir photographs before sharing it to their followers andaudiences. ➺ Shot on for Honor lets you expose your products andservices pictures like never before. Rather than a hashtag, let yousignature make a name for you!✔ BrandingShotOn can be a perfectdeal for everyone seeking some brand exposure through theirwonderful captures regularly or occasionally on social mediaplatforms. This will help your work get recognition when it getsshared among your followers. ➺ When you are sure that you work is aGem then why not utilize it for your Brand exposure? ✔ Arts andDesignsYou have worked a heck to get something really awestruckingand now you want to let everyone take a note of your masterpiece.But, in the hindsight, you are a little bit hazy related to yourmasterpiece being stolen. Using the Shoton application, at a timeyou have the luxury to add 3 copyright signatures on your Imagesand protect it from any fussy misuse of use without your priorpermission. ➺ Now what are you waiting for? Showcase your skillsefficiently with less efforts and more output. All concluded youwon’t have a better application other than “Shot on” functionalityfor Honor Devices. Download the app now and make the most out withshoot the “ShotOn” :)

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    July 11, 2018
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ShotOn for Mi: Auto Add Shot on Watermark on Photo 1.8 APK
Shot On Stamp
◇ Shot on for Mi is a simple app that provides you thefunctionality to auto add “ShotOn” tags watermark for Mi on yourphotographs captured from the built-in camera. It facilitates youto choose any brand logo as per your preference along with thefunctionality to edit signature text e.g “Shot on (Phone’s Name)”and “Shot by (Your Name)”. You just have to capture photos as yougenerally do i.e. with your built-in camera app and at the samemoment ShotOn watermark tags will be added on them. ⌚ Why youshould count on us? ✌ An Absolute Freebie Package for Mi Users ✌Only App that allows you to add your custom Shot on logo. ✌Editable Shot on & Shot By Signature Text. ✌ Editable Positionfor ShotOn tags. Simply download the APP > CHOOSE BRAND LOGO> EDIT Shot on Tag > EDIT Shot by Tag > You’re good to go.Often times you may have came across ShotOn tags like “Shot On Mi 6Mi Dual Camera” over images taken from Dual camera sensor capableand high end Mi smartphones. No we ain’t telling you to buy thatphone, instead just Download this simple app that will provide youthe same ability on all the devices for Mi. ✔ Features you wishedfor, delivered! ➺ Wide Variety of Brand Logos to Choose from. ➺Shot on Tag Stamp Position Changeable. ➺ Shot on Tag SignatureFields Editable. ➺ Functionality to add custom shot on logo. ➺Choose your phone model according to brand. ➺ ShotOn Watermark TextSize Resizable. ➺ Expansive Font Formats. No need to downloadseparate apps for individual features like before, Shot onwatermark for Mi sums up all the required features for addingShotOn tag. Just point your inbuilt camera on the subject andyou’re done. ✔ How you can use Shot on for Mi? The list is endless,still we have listed the most popular ones below, ❋ EnhanceOpportunities for Freelancers As a freelancer photographer you canuse Shot By tag to let the digital world know where the photoexactly came from. ❋ Showing off your brand new phone. Bought a newphone? Doesn’t have ShotOn feature inbuilt? No worries, justdownload the app and customize the shot on tags as per your needand deed. ➺ So show off your phone brand and model with every imageyou capture and share socially. ❋ Professional Mobile Photographersfor Sharing Their Work. Mobiles phone photography is getting famousday-by-day due to the fact manufacturer providing DSLR like camerafunctionality and quality even on budget phones. People areactively sharing their work on different social media platforms andphotography related sites. ➺ With Shot on Tag you don’t have tospecify your handset name and brand everytime you share photosonline. ❋ Securing your photographs while sharing online. ShotOntag also play’s the role of copyright and trademark marker for allyour photographs protecting it from any misuse. 🌟 Accumulatingevery single aspect of Shot on watermarking for Mi, we can concludethat it provides the best features in the market packed in a solepackage. Without any second thought Download the applicationstraight away from Play Store and start adding Shot on Tags!
ShotOn for Oppo: Auto Add Shot on Photo Watermark 1.4 APK
Shot On Stamp
◇ ShotOn for Oppo is a easy-to-use app that helps you to add ShotOnTags on the photos captured with your built-in smartphone camera.You can even customize ShotOn and Shot By Tag as per yourpreference e.g. “Shot on Oppo F3” and “Shot By “Your Name”” withOppo Logo Exclusive Shot on tag functionality that was previouslyavailable only for flagship and dual camera sensor capable phonesis now available for all in the form of single app package! ⌚ Whatmakes us stand out from the crowd? ✌ All-in-one Free App Package ✌Adjustable ShotOn Stamp Tag Position ✌ Functionality to add yourcustom stamp ✌ Editable “ShotOn & Shot By” Tags ✨ It’sFeatures, keeping you in mind: 👉 Extensive Font Formats to Fulfillall your need 👉 Tune ShotOn Logo Size 👉 Adjustable ShotOn Stamp TagPosition 👉 Alterable Size of ShotOn Watermark Tag 👉 CustomizableShotOn Signature Text 👉 Customizable Shot By Text Tag 👉 MassiveDatabase for Brand Logos Being simple it doesn’t compromise on anyfeatures. Every essential features that you wished for packed in asingle package! No matter which brand or handset model you areusing, all you need to do is select the brand and respective phonemodels will be shown straightaway. ShotOn for Oppo is seamlesslyblended with your inbuilt phone camera so that you keep clickingphotos and we keep adding tags right away. ✔ Let’s Simplify theProcess By Understanding Some Simple Steps, 1) Toggle ShotOn to on2) Choose from the Brand Logos that are inbuilt or add your custom.3) After Selecting Brand choose your Handset Model from the list.4) Edit ShotOn Signature Text or Keep Default. 5) Choose FontFormats and Adjust Text Size. 6) Live Preview your final ShotOnTag. 7) Open your default camera and start clicking photos. You’reGood to Go Now! Now let’s talk about it’s uses, ✔ ShotOn WatermarkTag has a great connection with photography. Whether you are noviceor professional photographer it very essential add your personaltag to the image. ✔ ShotOn Tag or Signature text can add aprofessional touch to your image along with defending it from anyillegal use without your concern. ✔ Shot By Tag can help you buildonline authority, because you don’t want to go unrecognized by thepeople. 🌟 Compiling each and every features of ShotOn for Oppo wecan say it provides you the most value in a single download It cando wonders if you extract the most out of it. So without a furtherdue download the application now and start adding ShotOn Tags onall your photos captured directly from the inbuilt camera.
ShotOn for Motorola: Auto Add Shot on Photo Stamp 1.2 APK
Shot On Stamp
Shot on for Motorola app automatically adds a ShotOn watermark tagfor Motorola Devices on photographs captured using the built-incamera. ◇ In the ShotOn signature, you can edit the logo forMotorola device along with Texts for “Shot on and Shot by” Shot onapp is particularly developed for Motorola users who love tocapture beautiful moments from their smartphone camera and arewilling to add a ShotOn watermarking tag on it but unfortunately,they can’t.⌚ Why choose Shot on for Motorola?✌ All FeaturesPre-unlocked (Free)✌ ShotOn and Shot By Tags can be customized. ✌Customizable Position of Shot on Tags ✌ Classy Font FormatsMotorolais one of the staple smartphone brands which may well beresponsible for making Android what it is today and in recenttimes, they have produced some great high-end quality camerasmartphones which are awesome for photography.The app allows you toadd Shot on watermark logo in 2 ways, default logo and the customlogo (Choose from Gallery). There is also an option in the appwhere you can choose a brand logo to show up in an image too.Afterwhich, you can also add a custom brand name to a picture for (Shoton ____) as well as the person name who have clicked it for (Shotby ______) which is shown next to the logo. ✨ ShotOn for MotorolaApp Features:➺ Over 20+ different smartphone brand logos➺ Customizeand Add your own Logo➺ Changeable position for Shot on watermarkingtag➺ Editable size for ShotOn watermark➺ Customized text for Shoton _______.➺ Customized text for Shot by _______.➺ Cool fontformats for Shot on and Shot by text. ➺ Usage of built-insmartphone camera ShotOn app for Motorola contains a list ofdifferent brands Logo available from which you can choose any ofthem and add it as a logo in the Shot on signaturewatermark.Another feature of an app is that you can add text tophoto as a smartphone brand and model name as well as your ownsignature. You can choose different font formats, style, size andpositions as per your background.✰ How does ShotOn Motorola appwork?1) Switch the toggle to on2) Select the appropriate Brand Logofrom the app or from the Gallery3) Select your Device or add a newone for Shot on _______4) Add a text signature as name of companyto represent Shot by ________5) Select convenient Font Formats andSize6) Preview the Shot on tag you have created That’s it!⌚ Now,all the Images that you will capture with the built-in camera forMotorola will have a ShotOn watermark tag on it. Shot on forMotorola app is a great way to show up your creativity in yourphoto with brand, logo and classy text. ✔ Download the App now andlet everyone know about your photography talent!
ShotOn for Oppo: Add Shot on tag to Gallery Photo 1.4 APK
Shot On Stamp
◇ Add “Shot On (Device Name with Logo) and Shot By (Name) Tags” onyour pre-captured gallery photos from your Oppo handset with thisfree application. ShotOn for Oppo: Gallery Photo provides you thefunctionality to customize, ✎ Shot On Tag ✎ Shot By Tag ✎ CustomBrand Logo This customizability options make ShotOn for Oppo a rareapp in the market. 👉 It’s Spectacular Features, ✔ Manually add ShotOn Tags to your Gallery Photos. ✔ Picture Quality Integrity. ✔ WideVariety of Brand/Company Logos. ✔ Editable Shot On Text & ShotBy Text. ✔ Adjustable Position for Shot on Signature. ✔Customizable Text Size. ✔ Stunning Font Formats. ✔ Live PreviewBefore Adding Shot on Tag. Shot on functionalities that waspreviously available for few Oppo phones is now available for all.Just select your handset from the list or add with (+) option ifyou are unable to find correct one. ➺ Let’s see how you can usethis app, ⌚ Shot On Tag Many times you may have came across tagslike “Shot on (Brand Name)” over photos shared online. This featurewas limited to certain brands and handsets before. Now with thisapp add your custom Shot on tag by selecting your brand and phonemodel. ✍ Used For: Branding, Marketing, Showing off New Phone ⌚Shot By Tag Now add your own name with Shot by tag before shareyour photographs online i.e. “Shot By (Your Name)”. ✍ Used For:Building Online Authority, Photographers, Freelancers ⌚ CustomBrand Logo Got a custom brand logo? Simply add it from the app andstart marking all your gallery photos with your customizedwatermark logo. ✍ Used For: Advertising, Digital Watermarking,Outreaching Customers ➺ How to use Shot on for Oppo? 1) SwitchToggle to ON 2) Select the appropriate Brand Logo from the app orfrom the Gallery. 3) Select your Device or add a new one bypressing (+). 4) Add your name in Shot By Signature Tag. 5) SelectAppropriate Font Format and Text Size. 6) Live Preview beforeadding Shot on tag 7) Select Photos From Gallery to add Shot ontag. That’s it! All your photos will be tagged right away. ⌚ Whythis app? ✌ All Features Unlocked (FREE) ✌ Add Shot on tagsdirectly to your pre-captured gallery photos ✌ Tuneable ShotOnStamp Tag Position ✌ Functionality to add your custom stamp ✨ Tyingall the feature altogether gives you a complete set of package in asole application, that too for free!. Download this application nowand markup all your pre-captured photographs.
ShotOn for Samsung: Add Shot On to Gallery Photos 1.4 APK
Shot On Stamp
✔ Shot On for Samsung is an application that lets you add a“ShotOn” watermark to your already snapped (Gallery) Photos of yoursmartphone. 🎁 What makes you Choose Us? ✌ Only application thatallows you to add a Shot On watermark to saved Gallery photos. ✌Designed, developed and managed by Shot on for Mi team ✌ All thefeatures for Shoton are completely free to access Furthermore, youcan also customize the tags by clicking the ‘+’ to add and showyour own “Shot on” device model and logo alongside “Shot by” textor words or phrase on the Gallery photographs. ➺ Pre-capturedphotos may be wished to use in the future so why not add “Shot Onand Shot by” editable text to your photos before sharing them. Thiswill work as a brand layer to your clicked moments. ✨ ExcitingFeatures: ✔ Complete free Package ✔ Easy to Use Interface ✔Editable and adjustable Shot On watermark ✔ Customized Shot By Text✔ Pick and use Variant shot On formats ✔ Alterable Shoton tagposition (horizontal and vertical) ✔ Distinct Size alternatives ✔Preview before adding Shot on tag ⌚ Your Image Quality is not atall compromised or run down while shot on watermark stamp is addedto your pictures ✍ Why to sit and wait for buying samsung phonewith Dual Camera functionality to add a Shot on, when it is alreadyavailable with such easy to use and simple application. You canmark up your Images with ShotOn and shot by Watermark tag on anyDevice and without any limits to number of Photos. This app can besaid as an ideal brandish way to make people know about yourphotography. 👉 Easy To Do list: ➺ Download application ➺ ToggleShot on stamp ➺ Make changes as per your preference (as part ofshotOn appearance on photos) ➺ Select pictures from your phoneGallery (on which you wish to add Shot On watermark) That’s all!Stamps will be added ◇ Other than Samsung Brand Logos? You can addor even Choose from wide variety of ShotOn logos already availableto give different look and feel on every images you add it to.Putting each and every of the feature together required forinserting Shot On watermark to images, there is no better optionthat could expedite your branding like ShotOn for Samsung
ShotOn for Mi: Add Shot on Stamp to Gallery Photo 1.4 APK
Shot On Stamp
◇ ShotOn for Mi is an app that add tags of “Shot On & Shot By”to your pre-captured photos saved in the Gallery for FREE. Furtherdown, you can also customize the tags to show your own Shot ondevice “Model”, “Logo” and Shot by “Text”on the photographs.✨ Howit Works?➺ Choose Logo of your device brand➺ Add “Shot on”signature text➺ Add “Shot by” signature text➺ Finalize ShotOn textformats, size and position”➺ Select the Images from the Gallery (onwhich you want to add a tag)That's it!All of those selective imageswill be re-saved in the Gallery with a Shot on watermark stamp ofyour choice.◇ Shot ON’s were only made available on dual camerasmartphone for Mi but with the help of this application, you canmark up your favorite images with a ShotOn Watermark tag on anyDevice and any number of Photos. ✨ Highlighted Features of the App➺Editable LogoBored with in-built brand logos? Add your custom shoton logo from the app! ➺ Editable Shot on TextUnlike other apps, youhave the option to edit Shot on tag according to your preference.➺Editable Shot by TextShot by tag is relatively new tag and at thesame time important one. Add your name and let the photospeak.➺Classy Font Formats ShotOn for Mi app is loaded with greatfont formats to take your shot on tag to a next level.➺ EditablePositionTune the position of stamp so that it does not overlap yourmasterpiece.➺ Editable SizeAdjust the size of watermark so that itdoes not ruin photo aesthetics.➺ Other Brand LogosChoose from widevariety of ShotOn logos to get different look on every images youadd it to.Computing every feature together, this app gets youcovered up from all sides so that you don’t have to downloaddifferent apps for variant features. You get it all in ShotOn forMi Gallery.🎁 Why Choose us?✌ Free App Package✌ Add Shot on tagsdirectly to your pre-captured gallery photos✌ Adjustable ShotOnStamp Tag Position✌ Functionality to add your custom stamp✌Customizable “ShotOn & Shot By” TagsAll these features makesShotOn for Mi on Gallery an exclusive package to fulfill all yourrequirements related to ShotOn tags.🌟 If you were on hunt forsomething like this, this is the apt Shot on app specifically forMi users and that too for FREE!Still wondering? Without a secondthought download the application NOW!You will definitely love yourShot On photos! ;)
ShotOn for Vivo: Auto Add Shot on Photo Watermark 1.4 APK
Shot On Stamp
◇ Now Auto-Add ShotOn Tags i.e Shot On Device Name, Shot By Textincluding Mobile Brand Logo to all your photos captured with one ofthe best camera phone manufacturer - Vivo Mobiles. With thecombination of Inbuilt Camera and One Time Setup. Shot On for Vivowill upgrade your each and every photo with no ifs and buts, as youcan customise these Threefold Shoton tags as you wish to. ♕Features Handcrafted for you: Customizable Shot On Logo → Adddefault Logo as offered or Insert your own with (+) toggle SizableFont dimensions. → Set or adjust font size according to your wish.Changeable Shot on tag positions → Mark the tag as per your needaccompanying your image. Editable “ShotOn text” tag → Add defaultas offered or type Device Name by yourself Varieties of FascinatedFont Formats. → You are offered numerous font styles to complimentthe picture. All the above mentioned features simply require singletime setup and your photographs will be adorned enticingly withtriple pack of ShotOn labels. Furthermore, you can even get amoment preview before including the trio of labels and know howinteresting your picture will look. ✌ Why Adopt us ? ➥Pack of3-in-1 Shot On Watermark tags in Single Download. ➥SpecificallyConstructed for Vivo Users. ➥Only App to Add ShotOn Tags withInbuilt Camera ShotOn Vivo will upgrade your Perfect selfie muchmore flawlessly. All you require is to take after the underneathsteps and it will done easily. ✔ Launch the App ⇒ Turn the Shot Ontoggle On ✔ Choose all the three displayed Options ✔ Device Logo ⇒ShotOn Device Name ⇒ Shot by Text You select and pick from defaultoffered Device Logo, Device Name as well as Customise and import itmanually as per your own wish and requirement. ➺ Besides, you caneven redesign your Snapshot with corresponding Advance settingswhich enables you to Adjust Stamp to 4 distinctive areas.,ChooseStamp size estimate from M to XXXL,Highlight with your most lovedFont Style. And your Photo is stunningly ready to flaunt yourDevice Name, Your Identity in front of everyone socially. ✔ If youare photo freak, there ain’t a better app than this. Also you aregetting your ShotOn’s for Free, So what are you waiting for?Download it now and grab all the kudos for your Mobile as well asyour captured snapshot!
ShotOn for One Plus: Auto Add Shot on Photo Stamp 1.3 APK
Shot On Stamp
◇ ShotOn for OnePlus is a free application that provides you thefacility to auto add “ShotOn tags” in every photograph you capturewith an in-built OnePlus camera.You can even customize the Shot ontag according to your preference i.e. “ShotOn (Device Name andDevice Logo)” along with a new tag labeled as Shot By i.e. “Shot By(Your Name)”. Stock ShotOn tags for OnePlus is only limited toOnePlus 5 & 5T. With this free app you can even add Shot OnTags on your previous generations phones like OnePlus 2, OnePlus 3& 3T.✨ Features, tailored just for you✔Integration within-built camera✔ShotOn Watermark Logo Size Customizable✔LargeCollection of Brand Logos to choose from✔Stunning Font Formats✔Functionality to add your custom logo✔Shot on Tag Stamp PositionChangeable.✔Shot on Tag Signature Fields Editable.✔Phone ModelSelection According to BrandsThis app solely fulfills all yourdemand related to adding ShotOn tags that was previously exclusiveonly for latest OnePlus flagship phones.Say goodbye to the hassleof opening camera from the app, just fire your default camera andstart capturing.⌚ Why we?✌ Absolutely Free App.✌ CustomizableShotOn Logo.✌ Editable Shot on & Shot By Signature Text.✌Alterable Position for ShotOn Tags.🎁 What’s more you can do withthis app? Let’s have a look.👉 For PhotographerShotOn tag is veryuseful for photographers who are frequently sharing their workonline. With the addition of ShotOn and Shot By tag you don't haveto mention your name and device every time the photo is shared. 👉For FreelancersFreelancers are always in the grind to build theironline authority. ShotOn tag makes this task easy for them. Simplyadd your name in the Shot By tag and get the credits you deserve.👉For Brand FanboysRecently bought a new OnePlus device and trying toshow off? Well, just add ShotOn tag on your photographs beforesharing them on social media and let photo do the talking.👉 ForMarketersKnowing all the astonishing features of adding art oflogo, don't you think this can be a perfect tool for all themarketers out here? absolutely it can be.So just create and endureall your images online and maximize your fan following✔ Create yourown Enticing Snapshot absolutely Free with this one and onlyAndroid App. So What are you waiting for? Sign up to Google PlayStore and Install it right away!