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In front of the realworld and the virtual world of electronic magically coherent - byAR Augmented Reality technology to the strong foundation ofbusiness planning and brand building, dedicated to the Internetthinking, cloud and big data era, for enterprises to build a newbrand mobile commerce platform.

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It is apps for St.Stephen's CollegePreparatory School. It can show the latest information and news ofschools.It can send instant messaging with push function, deliver thelatest news to mobile phone user.
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“Jump Out of the Bottle”To turn ordinary things extraordinary with just a few changes.Weaim to let people jump out of the box and see things fromdifferentangles. We inspire, bring colour and joy to our customers,andpromote the idea of turning unused stud into brand newthings.The Bottlefly app:Get information about trade fairBrowse our productsEnjoy the gameGet the linksWe will give you new perspectives and joy. Find ourlatestinformation anytime and anywhere in our easy-to-use app.Download the Bottlefly app now!
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嶄新科技 率先應用 資訊教育 與時並進創意AR技術,旅遊更添姿彩AR(“AugmentedReality”擴增實境)是目前應用在移動媒體(智能手機及平板電腦)的嶄新科技,我們率先為旅遊人和業界,特別在《攝影與遊記分享》及《旅遊資訊發佈推廣》兩大層面上,為旅客及旅行社提供創意的應用技術和創意的宣傳概念。AR可應用於團體及個人旅遊,成為AR版本攝影集和AR版本遊記,儲存於移動媒體,隨時觀賞,並利用社交網絡進行全天候、無地域限界的互動分享。AR亦可應用於旅行社的資訊發佈,成為針對性強、高回應率的宣傳工具。New technologypioneeredthe use of information education with the timesCreative AR technology, travel even more colorfulAR ("Augmented Reality" Augmented Reality) is currently usedinmobile media (smart phones and tablet PCs) of new technology,wetook the lead for tourism and the industry, particularly inthe"Photography and Travels sharing" and "the promotion oftourisminformation dissemination "On two levels, providingcreativepromotional concept for travelers and travel agentsappliedtechnology and creativity.AR can be used in group and individual tours, become ARARversion and version Travels photography collection, storedinremovable media, always watching, and using social networksaroundthe clock, without geographical bound interactive sharing. ARcanalso be applied to the travel agency's informationdissemination,become targeted, high response rates propagandatool.
好日子商戶 1.1.0 APK