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With the heartbeat of Siem Reap being theAngkor Archeological Park, this once humble Cambodian village usedto enjoy its place in the sun as the premier playground for therich and famous in the 60’s. Now, some decades later, with a tidalwave of tourists pouring into the hugely popular destination everyday, things have seriously changed. With more holidayaccommodation, splashy hotels and guesthouses than temples, thisvibrant and dynamic region has barely had a chance to catch itsbreath.

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Surin Travel Guide 1.8 APK
Surin City was formerly known as Mueang ThiVillage, but was renamed in honor of the provincial governor, LuangSurin Phakdi, appointed by H.M. King Rama I. The city was renamedin 1786, and is the provincial capital. The arrival of the railroadin 1922 ended the relative isolation of Surin from the rest of thecountry, and opened up this wonderful province for exploration.The weather in Surin is relatively typical of the region, withpeak temperatures nearing 40 degrees C in April to May, and a rainyseason beginning in May and peaking in September. The best times tovisit are from October until March.Surin has many attractions, but the most excitement centersaround elephants. Surin is home to the Surin Elephant Village,where the mahouts live closely with their charges, almost likefamily. This goes hand-in-hand with the biggest event of the yearin Surin, the Surin Elephant Round Up.The Round Up is held in the 3rd week of November annually, butif you’re interested, book tickets early for the festival and foraccommodation, as tickets for both get steadily more expensive andhard to find as the date approaches. During the festival, you willsee elephants in parades, playing football, tug-of-war, andreenacting famous battles from years past. The festival is based onthe long-standing reputation of the Surin elephant trainers,including the founder of the city, a legendary master of warelephants.On the border with Cambodia, you will also find the Chong Chomcheckpoint border market. The open air market hosts a wide varietyof souvenir-worthy items, as well as daily essentials for thelocals.If Khmer ruins are on your to-do list, be sure to see PhanomRung, the largest example of Khmer architecture in Thailand. Thesite is built on top of a dormant volcano, and the elevationprovides excellent views of the surrounding countryside. Thetemple, dedicated to Shiva, was built in the 12th century, but thesite itself was considered sacred ground long before that. Thecarvings on display at Phanom Rung are exemplary.Restaurants are easy to find in Surin. For Euro-centric fare,stop in at Farang Connection. The menu offers a wide selection ofimported and domestic beers. Breakfasts are a specialty and run thegamut from light (eggs, toast, and coffee) to the extravagant (theenormous “Man Sized” English breakfast – good luck finishing itall!). Oasis is a Norwegian owned eatery with an extensive pizzamenu to complement their Norwegian and Thai main dishes. For localcuisine, try Sumrab Tornkruang or Larn Chang.Nightlife can be a little easier to find in Surin, as comparedto some of the other cities in Isaan. The restaurants mentionedabove, Farang Connection and Oasis, are a great place to start, orto stay for that matter. Heading out from these establishments,check out the variety of local clubs and karaoke bars. Tawan Daengcomes highly recommended, with an excellent local band. Saren Pubis the current spot for the younger, upwardly mobile local set.Enjoy!
Ho Chi Minh City 1.4 APK
The evocative Ho Chi Minh City, or Saigon, asit is more colloquially remembered and still referred to as, is ona fast track to the front of the queue in the running to become oneof the most bustling metropolis in all of Asia. With the pulsatingenergy, like an Asian New York City, the human experience is bothelectric and humbling at the same time. Skyscraper mall strips runalong ancient twisted alleyways, where within a few steps, you feelas if you may have wondered into another dimension. The sights andsounds of ancient Saigon are alive and well in the markets full ofhustle and the buzz of motorbikes and voices amidst the heavyfragrance of spices and perfumes. Yet, around the corner be carefulnot to walk smack bang into the front entrance of one of theworld’s finest hotels. Ho Chi Minh City is an enigma that happilyholds hands with the magnetism of ancient Saigon, to forge anVietnamese experience like no other.
Korat Travel Guide 1.8 APK
Nakhon Ratchasima, commonly known as Korat, isan industrial, yet pleasant city located on the Korat Plateau.Traditionally regarded as the boundary point between the Lao andSiamese territories, it is now considered to be the gateway to theIssan region. It also houses the fifth-largest population inThailand.At around 250 kilometers (160 miles) from Bangkok and directlylinked by both train and highway, it functions as a frequentstop-off point on the way to northeastern Thailand and Laos beyond.It was first established during the late 1600s when King Narai ofAyutthaya built the city as a defense against potential threats ofattack from the regions Laotian and Khmer neighbors.While the city and greater metropolitan area are a sprawlingurban center of nearly half a million inhabitants, Korat issurrounded by wide agricultural areas, specializing primarily inrice paddies and currently expanding into crops like sugar cane orcassava. The region has not yet created its identity as a primetourism destination, but offers a variety of activities and sights,plenty of charm and low- end prices to encourage its image as atravel destination.In the 1970s during the Vietnam war, Korat served as the homebase for the Royal Thai Air Force, as well as constituents of boththe United States Air Force and the Royal New Zealand Air Force.While the US and New Zealand Air Force troops have long since leftand the Korat Royal Thai Air Force Base has been replaced by theNakhon Ratchasima Airport in functions of civil transportation, youcan still explore the Vietnam War era’s history with a visit to thebase.What may be of greater interest, however, are the manyarchitectural and cultural wonders able to be found in and aroundKorat. A traveler could spend days enthralled by the highly-intactruins of Phimai Historical Park, perusing a variety of religiousicons and sites, shopping at the expansive Klang PlazaChomsurangyat shopping center, or even relaxing poolside at thelocal Waterslide Park with its Olympic-sized swimming pool.Korat also offers a whole range of accommodation options,ranging from budget friendly to luxury suites. Korat may not yet bea major tourist destination but its hotels are all well facilitatedand every traveler should find something to their taste andpocket.While the city is fairly sizeable, getting to and from it, aswell as around it, is a relatively easy task. Inside Korat, you cantravel via tuk-tuk, motorbike taxi (a half-motorbike, half-tuk-tukhybrid), regular taxi, bicycle rickshaw (also known as samlor), orsongtaew, the most popular form of transportation, which comes inthe form of a pickup truck converted into a minibus. Getting intoKorat is easy by bus or train, since it lies along the major routesfor both, although reaching it by plane still a travel option inits relative infancy, with daily flights between Bangkok and Koratand only weekly flights to other major cities like Phuket or ChiangMai.
Chiang Mai Travel Guide 1.3 APK
Thailand doesn’t only need to be aboutbeachesand nightlife; Chiang Mai, the cultural centre of the northof thecountry, is so much more. Situated on the banks of the Pingriver,at the foot of the Doi Pui mountain, Chiang Mai is surroundedbyhills and mountains covered in dense teakwood forests,wherewoodcutters will still use working elephants to move andtransportheavy tree trunks.When approaching the city from the air (there areregularconnecting flights from Bangkok at very reasonable rates)thegolden roof of the Wat Prathat temple on top of the Doi Suthepholymountain are among the first things that catch the eye, and asightthat is likely to be remembered for a long time.However, there are ways of approaching Chiang Mai and seeevenmore - much more in fact, as the journey lasts some eight hours–and that is by train. Using the local buses is notrecommended;roads are narrow and traffic unruly. Once safelyarrived in thecity, you can choose to explore it on foot, as thecity centre isquite compact, or to go in local style, either inso-calledTuk-Tuks, a kind of motor-powered rickshaw, or bySongthaew, anopen pick-up truck with seats. Seasoned travellersadvise givingpreference to the Tuk-tuks.This 700-year old city, which is also called ‘The rose ofthenorth’, is still steeped in traditional Thai ways and customsandoffers a wealth of experience to the traveller.Inhabited by a colourful mixture of northern mountain tribesandthe northern Thais, or kon mueang, which consider themselves tobethe ‘true’ Thais; it has retained much of their cultural valuesandtraditions across the centuries. The friendliness in this cityislegendary, and as a visitor you could not wish for more gentleandpolite hosts.Although Chiang Mai is the second largest city in ThailandafterBangkok, it only has about 5% of Bangkok’s population, makingit anideal escape from the busy hustle and bustle of thecapital.Despite the unavoidable modernisation of recent years,thecharming and laidback city provides plenty of tranquil spotsandliterally hundreds of splendid teakwood temples, a wealthofunspoilt tradition and a multitude of other sights such as amoatand bustling street markets.As a result, Chiang Mai is not only popular among tourists,butalso among the Thai themselves, who in summer seek refuge fromthesweltering heat of the south. There are also highlyrecreationalhot springs in San Kampaeng, only 45 minutes fromChiang Mai, whichoffer a unique bathing experience and recreationalhuts for theperfect relaxation.There is also plenty of excellent shopping to engage in:ChiangMai lives up to its reputation as the Thai centre oftraditionalhandicraft and art and there are high-class silk, wool,silver andpottery products to buy and to admire.Even the more adventurous tourist will find plenty to keepyoubusy, from adventure trips to the national parks, waterfallsandelephant riding to river rafting and trekking in the mountainstothe north of the city.
Sakon Nakhon Travel Guide 1.8 APK
The province of Sakon Nakhon liesinnortheastern Thailand’s Isaan region, and is in the areaoncecontrolled by the Khmer empire. In those days, the city ofSakonNakhon was a major centre of the empire of Khotraboon. Thecity wasestablished in the 11th century by the Khmer. After theeventualdecline in power of the Khmer, this region would later fallunderLaotian rule before Siam (Thailand) took over. The citywasoriginally called Sakon Thavapi, or New City by the Pond, butwasrenamed in 1830 to Sakon Nakhon, the City of Cities.Visitors to Sakon Nakhon are in for a treat. This regionaboundsin natural splendor and spectacle, and time spent hereimmerses youin the Buddhist traditions of the nation and can eventake you backin time a few million years.Thai culture places great emphasis on respecting your elders,sowe will visit our ancestors first. In the area between SakonNakhonand the bordering province of Kalasin, the Phu Pan mountainrangehouses full-skeleton fossils of sauropods from approximately120million years ago. The fossil record here also includes someplantand petrified wood samples, and the larger fossils can be seeninlarge-scale open pit excavations. Satisfy your innerarcheologistwith a visit to the digs.We have to turn a lot of calendar pages to get to the nextstop,chronologically speaking. Phu Pha Yon Mountain sits in themidst ofa meditation center 40 km outside the city. Themountainside holdsone of the best examples of prehistoricrepresentative art. Localtribes carved depictions of people,animals, and agriculture intothe side of the mountain more than3000 years ago. Surrounded bynatural beauty in peacefulsurroundings, this mountain is wellworth the short trip from SakonNakhon city.Seasoned travelers will often tell you that the best placesinany locale are the places that the locals frequent. Theresidentsof Sakon Nakhon tend to take their leisure along theshores of NongHan Lake. The lake covers more than 120 squarekilometers and isone of the largest freshwater lakes in thekingdom. The shorelinehas largely been converted into a massivepublic park for the city,and a number of small islets dot the lake.Hire a boat to visit thelargest of these, Ko Don Sawan, to seeancient Buddha images in adeserted temple. The untamed greenery ofthe island makes it apopular nesting ground for several species ofbirds.It can be a lot of fun to join local festivals while onvacation,even if you don’t understand what you’re celebrating!Thailand’straditional New Year’s celebration is in April eachyear, and iscalled Songkran. The festival traditionally marks thebeginning ofthe rainy season. While Songkran can be an excuse forrowdy behaviorin more southerly cities of Thailand, in thenortheast it is a morecivil event. People pour water on oneanother to cool off and toshare a laugh. Most businesses willclose during Songkran days, soexpect larger crowds, but the more,the merrier.Should you be in the region in October, there is the annualWaxCastle Parade. Competing teams spend countless hoursbuildingreplicas of popular temples and structures, and then form aparadeto show off their handiwork.When its souvenir time, take a trip to Ban Charn Arts andCrafts,or Wha Yai and Ban Don Daeng. Ban Charn Arts & CraftsCenter isa training and distribution center for the local craftsofwoodcarving, silk production, and blacksmithing. Wha Yai and BanDonDaeng are renowned for local silk products and textiles. Takehome amemory or two!
Siem Reap Travel Guide 1.4 APK
With the heartbeat of Siem Reap being theAngkor Archeological Park, this once humble Cambodian village usedto enjoy its place in the sun as the premier playground for therich and famous in the 60’s. Now, some decades later, with a tidalwave of tourists pouring into the hugely popular destination everyday, things have seriously changed. With more holidayaccommodation, splashy hotels and guesthouses than temples, thisvibrant and dynamic region has barely had a chance to catch itsbreath.
Laos Travel Guide 1.4 APK
Asian Trails set up its office in Laos in 2001with only a handful of people and formed a stable joint venturewith a Lao partner in 2007. In the last few years, Asian TrailsLaos has been successfully operating and growing. The companycurrently employs 49 staff with one office in Luang Prabang for alloperations in the north of the country, and one office in Pakse,which takes care of all operations in the south of Laos. We arealso one of the few operators in the country which is able tohandle demanding MICE and VIP requests.PWe hope you enjoy our Android Mobile Application to Laos.
Bangkok Travel Guide 1.8 APK
One thing to remember when you traveltoBangkok is that it's the capital city of Thailand. King RamaIcreated the city.It is a combination of old and new country. This city trulyshowsthe respect they have for their traditions along with theircominginto modern day society.In every way you look at it, this truly is the capital, asthisis where the Royal family lives as well as being the mainlocationof the government and administration.It is the major center for industry, commercialism, andfinancialactivity. It's the main port and it's inhabited byroughly 1/10 ofthe United Kingdom. Bangkok is located at the ChaoPhraya River,which flows into the Gulf of Siam.The proper name of the capital Bangkok is Krung Thep, or CityofAngel when translated. It is thought of as the heart of thisplace,spiritually, physically, and symbolically.When you first arrive in the city there is an impressionthatBangkok is a progressive metropolis due to the skyline composedofhigh-rises, condos, hotels, stores, and malls. This is just oneofthe appealing things about Bangkok.This city is indeed the most exotic capital in all of theOrient.Even though Bangkok is a progressing city, the people ofBangkokhave never forgotten the traditions, which made Bangkokthiswonderful place.Among the 400 various Buddhist temples, you are confrontedwithmuch inspirational splendor, much of which allows you to seetheachievements made in art.There is so much more to discover than what you see at first.Thereare the major attractions, but there are some places that areknownless. One place is Wat Ratchabophit. It's ornamentation andlayoutwith numerous monuments is a place to visit. Anotherplaceoverlooked often is Bangkok's Grand Palace as well asNationalMuseum, and Wimanmek Throne Hall, as well as JimThompson'shouse.You can get true insights into the culture and rich historyifyou explore the historical Chao Phraya River. There are somanythings to see and visit because there is still much of thepast,which influences this culture along with modern advances.Thepeople join together their love for the past as well astheirenthusiasm for the present and create this wonderfulplace.One of the true joys for those inhabitants is food. Theyhavevery spicy and rich foods. The national specialty foods arefish,crabs, lobster, and shrimp. They also have other places toeatbesides those serving the foods mentioned above. Dining inBangkokis indeed a treat! There is anywhere from fancy, sitdownrestaurants all the way to curbside food places. There issomethingfor anyone's tastes.Bangkok Temple of Dawn from Thailand Photo Library Anotherwaythe Thai's enjoy life is their entertainment as well astheirnightlife. There is something for everyone in your party. Youcansee a classical Thai dance as well as have cocktails in alounge.There are even discos for those who enjoy the sights andsounds ofdisco.The most popular sport that has spectators in Thailand isThaikickboxing (Muay Thai). Thai Kickboxing requires participantstouse feet, knees, elbows, as well as fists that are gloved.Mostnights of the week in one of the stadiums, you could see oneofthese matches. While visiting you really shouldn't miss it.It'sreally exciting to not only witness the match, but also thesightsand sounds around the ring.If you wish to partake in something of a high-class nature,thenyou will want to visit the Thailand Cultural Center, which hasjustrecently opened. You can witness performances of dancing,music,and even drama. The other places you can possibly catch ashowwould be at some of the top rated hotels.