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Completely updated to the latest Local Sierra Leonean Bitcoin &Cryptocurrency News and Latest Price Coin Charts.Easy to use appshowing the latest news and prices for all Sierra Leone Bitcoin andCryptocurrencies: bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, dogecoin, bitcoinwallet, bitcoin mining, bitcoin price, bitcoin exchange, bitcoinrate, Ethereum classic, Bitcoin Cash, DASH, XEM, IOT, Monero, EOS,Stratis, Tether, Bitconnect, Zcash and more..Sierra LeoneCryptocurrency & Bitcoin News provides information from manysources :- ICE3X Bitcoin- Crypto Africa- Sierra Leone BitcoinNetwork- BitFinance- Blockchain Africa- BitcoinAfrica.io- BitMariBlog- Bitcoin South Africa- IT News Africa- MyBroadband- AfricanCrypto News- Techzim- CoinDesk- CryptoCoinNews- BitcoinMagazine-Altcoinpress- cryptolife.net- Reddit- and moreAlso includes:-Bitcoin currency converter (convert Bitcoin to Sierra Leonean LeoneSLL)- Cryptocurrency stats- Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency MarketCap- Save all the latest articles to read later- and moreGet thisLatest Sierra Leone News and Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency PricesInstantly in this FREE App Now!

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"Shiatsu Acupressure Pressure Points Guide" is an app that helpsyou to Discover Acupressure Points that help you to instantlyrelieve pain, stiffness, stress, wrinkles, tightness, abdominalsymptoms and more!Download this FREE app now to start treating yourproblems like a Professional Acupuncturist!Impress your friends soyou can start treating their pain and stress like a magician. Letthem be shocked by your magic hands!Learn the secret tactics usedby the world's greatest acupuncturist and doctors to treat pain andwrinkles instantly!This app features:- 4 Secret InstantAnti-wrinkle and Beauty Acupressure Points!- Most Important Shiatsuacupressure points to treat!- Get the latest medical andacupressure point news daily!- In home acupuncture without usingneedles or any drugs to help treat arthritic and abdominal pains.-Special meridians of body acupressure for acupressure.- Acupressurepoints for the back, neck, shoulders and knees.- Special Palmpoints for acupressure to treat pain, stress, psychological issuesand more..
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★★★★★ "Frozen Shoulder Pain Relief" is an easyto use app with illustrated instructions designed by expert healthprofessionals with over a combined 21 year clinical expertisetreating more than 2405 people with shoulder or musculo-skeletaljoint problems.The Ultimate Frozen Shoulder Treatment First Aid Kit Appincludes:★ Acupressure Points - 12 Acupressure points and over 56pictures to immediately stop your pain and increase your shoulderflexibility - Needle and Drug Free!★ Reflexology Points - 4 Rare and not widely known Reflexologypoints with pictures and diagrams to help relieve your shoulderpain and stiffness - No assistance required! You can do this onyourself anytime!★ Trigger Point Therapy - 8 Unique Trigger Point Techniques thatChiropractors, Physical Therapists, Chinese Acupuncturists,Osteopaths and Massage Therapists use - pictures and diagrams toshow how easily you can do it without costing you an arm and legfrom a health professional!★ 4 Self Massage Techniques (with pictures and directions) - Youdon't need a massage therapist to do it for you! You can learn tomassage yourself in just 5 minutes and be just as effective as anyhealth professional.★ Frozen Shoulder Exercises - Over 12 Shoulder Exercises thatdon't cause you increase pain and help instantly reduce your pain,increase your shoulder range of motion and strengthen your shoulder- simple and easy exercises that you can do anywhere & atanytime!★ Sleep Better - 7 Simple Ways to help you Sleep better and forLonger! - With 7 pictures and simple instructions, you can makeyour sleep refreshing which you will wake up fresh and alert in themorning!★ Control and Stop damage to your Frozen Shoulder (RICETechnique) - Using the RICE technique, you can control and stopdamage to your Frozen Shoulder injury and stop Frozen ShoulderSymptoms from appearing. You only need to follow 4 simple steps tostop the pain!This app is specifically designed for people who suffer fromFrozen Shoulder.If you are a person who experienced any of the following:• …been to the doctor, gone to a previous physical therapy twicea week for over a month, had massages twice a week, done thestretches at home four times a day, and still have suffered forseven months……• …going to a previous physical therapist had only made it worsebecause whenever I tried to gently stretch, I felt a rippingsensation in my muscles, and the pain got worse….• Yoga, stretching, acupuncture, chiropractic, or pain pilltreatment has never worked….• ….made the usual medical field rounds: orthopaedic specialist,MRI, drugs. Nothing fixed the problem.• ….tired of taking pain medication• You are unable to lift your arm above your shoulder about 90degrees• It is hard to drift off to sleep. In the morning, you wouldwake up with excruciating pain that makes you feel sick.• You are unable to take control of your life. Your painconsumes every aspect of your life.You are NOT alone!By following this clinically tested Shoulder Treatment App,you’ll be able to simply and easily help to take control of yourlife and your body!Download this app today!This application is not a substitute for medical advice. Usersof the application should consult their healthcare professionalbefore making any health, medical or other decisions based upon thedata contained herein. This application is intended for educationalpurposes only. Persons using the data within for medical purposesshould not rely solely on the accuracy of the data herein. Any andall liability arising directly or indirectly from the use of thisapplication is hereby disclaimed. The information herein isprovided 'AS IS' and without any warranty expressed or implied. Alldirect, indirect, special, incidental, consequential or punitivedamages arising from any use of this application or data containedherein is disclaimed and excluded.
How To Get To Sleep Fast 1.0 APK
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★★★★★ "How To Get To Sleep Fast" is an easy to use app withillustrated instructions designed to fix all your sleep problemswith science by expert health professionals.“How To Get To SleepFast” app includes:★ Fall asleep fast with 4 amazing acupressurepoints.★ Pressure points that will help you fall asleep.★ Sleepingpositions for neck, shoulder, back pain and more!!★ 1 SecretReflexology point to help you go to sleep.★ Sleep solutions fromchinese masters.★ 11 Simple tips to cure insomnia!★ Massage forinsomnia.★ Having difficulties with leg cramps, dizziness, heartburn, flu to fall asleep? Effective tips to get into a deeprelaxing sleep!★ Sleeping positions to stay healthy.★ The best andworst sleep positions for your health.★ Which sleep style is thehealthiest?★ How to sleep to improve your posture.★ How should Isleep with neck pain.★ Mastering sleep positions for betterhealth.★ How do you prevent insomnia.★ Natural sleeping aids.★Natural home remedies for insomnia.This App is designed to help youfall asleep fast and get a refreshing night’s sleep.Download thisAPP NOW!This application is not a substitute for medical advice.Users of the application should consult their healthcareprofessional before making any health, medical or other decisionsbased upon the data contained herein. This application is intendedfor educational purposes only. Persons using the data within formedical purposes should not rely solely on the accuracy of the dataherein. Any and all liability arising directly or indirectly fromthe use of this application is hereby disclaimed. The informationherein is provided 'AS IS' and without any warranty expressed orimplied. All direct, indirect, special, incidental, consequentialor punitive damages arising from any use of this application ordata contained herein is disclaimed and excluded.
Tratamento Ombro Congelado 1.0 APK
Health Coin
★★★★★ "Alívio da Dor do Ombro Congelado” é uma aplicação fácil deutilizar com ilustrações desenhadas por peritos profissionais emsaúde com mais de 21 anos de peritagem clínica combinada em mais de2405 pessoas com problemas nas articulações músculo-esqueléticas. ADefinitiva Aplicação De Primeiros Socorros Para O Tratamento DoOmbro Congelado inclui:★ Pontos de Acupressão – 12 pontos deAcupressão e mais de 56 fotografias para parar imediatamente a suador e aumentar a sua flexibilidade no ombro – Sem Agulhas eMedicamentos!★ Pontos de Reflexologia – 4 Raros e não tãoconhecidos pontos de Reflexologia com fotografias e diagramas paraajudá-lo a aliviar a dor e rigidez do ombro – Sem ajuda necessária!Pode fazer isto sozinho a qualquer altura!★ Terapia doPonto-Gatilho – 8 Técnicas Singulares Do Ponto-Gatilho queQuiropráticos, Terapeutas Físicos, Acumpunturistas Chineses,Osteopatas e Massagistas utilizam – fotos e digramas que mostram oquão fácil pode fazer isto sem que isso lhe custa um braço e umaperna no tratamento profissional. ★ Exercícios Do Ombro Congelado –Mais De 12 Exercícios Do Ombro que não causam uma dor aumentada eajudam automaticamente a reduzir a dor, aumentando a percentagem demovimento e fortalecendo o ombro – exercícios simples e fáceis quepode fazer em qualquer lado a qualquer altura!★ 4 Técnicas deAutomassagem (com fotografias e direções) – Não precisa de utilizaruma massagista para fazer isto por si. Pode aprender a massajar-seem somente 5 minutos e ser tão eficaz como um profissional desaúde.★ Durma Melhor – 7 Maneiras Simples de ajudá-lo a Dormirmelhor e durante mais Tempo! Com 7 fotografias e instruçõessimples, pode refrescar o seu sono que o fará acordar fresco ealerta de manhã!★ Controle e Pare os danos ao seu Ombro Congelado(Técnica RICE) – Ao utilizar a técnica RICE, pode controlar e pararos danos ao seu Ombro Congelado e parar os Sintomas do Ombrocongelado de aparecerem. Só precisa de seguir estes 4 passossimples para parar a dor!Este aplicativo foi desenhadoespecificamente para pessoas que sofrem de Ombro Congelado.Se vocêé uma pessoa que já sentiu isto:• já foi ao médico, já fezfisioterapia duas vezes por semana durante um mês, fez massagensduas vezes por semana, alongou em casa quatro vezes por dia e mesmoassim sofreu por sete meses……• ir a um fisioterapeuta só piorouporque quando tentou alongar suavemente, sentiu uma sensação derasgo nos músculos, e a dor piorou…..• Ioga, alongamentos,acupuntura, quiroprática, ou medicamentos nunca funcionaram…• … fezo habitual ciclo médico: foi ao especialista ortopédico,ressonância magnética, medicamentos. Nada corrigiu o problema. • ….farto de tomar medicação para as dores• É incapaz de levantar o seuabraço acima do ombro a 90 graus• É difícil adormecer. De manhã,acorda com uma dor excruciante que o faz sentir-se doente.• Éincapaz de controlar a sua vida. A sua dor consume cada aspeto dasua vida.NÃO está sozinho!Ao seguir esta Aplicação para oTratamento do Ombro clinicamente testada, conseguirá simples efacilmente controlar a sua vida e corpo!Descarregue hoje estaaplicação!Esta aplicação não substitui os conselhos médicos. Osutilizadores devem consultar o seu profissional de saúde anates detomar qualquer decisão de saúde, médica ou outra baseada nos dadosaqui contidos. Esta aplicação está desenhada somente parapropósitos educacionais. Pessoas que utilizem estes dados para finsmédicos não devem confiar somente na precisão dos dados aquicontidos. Qualquer e toda a responsabilidade resultante direta eindiretamente da utilização desta aplicação é aqui renunciada. Ainformação aqui contida é apresentada numa base “TAL COMO SEAPRESENTA” e sem qualquer garantia expressa ou implícita. Todos osdados diretos, indiretos, especiais, acidentais, consequentes oupunitivos resultantes de qualquer utilização desta aplicação oudados nela aqui contidos são renunciados e excluídos.★★★★★ "ReliefShoulder Pain Frozen" is an easy to use application withillustrations drawn by health professional experts with over 21years of clinical expertise combined with more than 2405 peoplewith problems in the musculoskeletal joints.The Ultimate First AidApplication For Shoulder Treatment Frozen includes:★ AcupressurePoints - 12 points Acupressure and over 56 photographs toimmediately stop your pain and increase its flexibility in theshoulder - Without Needles and Drug!★ Reflexology points - 4 Rareand not so known Reflexology points with photographs and diagramsto help you relieve pain and stiffness in the shoulder - No helpneeded! You can do this yourself at any time!★ TherapyPoint-Trigger - 8 Technical Singular Point-trigger thatchiropractors, therapists Physical, Acumpunturistas Chinese,Osteopaths and Physicians use - photos and digrams showing how easyit can do this without it costing you an arm and a leg inprofessional treatment.★ Shoulder Exercises Frozen - More Than 12Years Shoulder that do not cause increased pain and automaticallyhelp reduce the pain, increasing the percentage of motion andstrengthening the shoulder - simple exercises and easy you can doanywhere at any time!★ 4 Self-massaging techniques (with photos anddirections) - No need to use a massage therapist to do this foryou. You can learn to massage in only 5 minutes and be as effectiveas a health care professional.★ Sleep Better - 7 Ways Simple tohelp you sleep better and for a longer time! With 7 photos andsimple instructions, you can refresh your sleep that will wake upfresh and alert in the morning!★ Control and Stop the damage toyour Frozen Shoulder (Technical RICE) - When using the RICEtechnique can control and stop the damage to your Frozen Shoulderand stop the symptoms of frozen shoulder appearing. Just need tofollow these 4 simple steps to stop the pain!This application wasdesigned specifically for people suffering from Frozen Shoulder.Ifyou are a person who has felt this:• the doctor has been alreadymade therapy twice a week for a month did massage twice a week,elongated in house four times per day and still suffered for sevenmonths ......• Go to a physical therapist only worsened becausewhen he tried to stretch gently, felt a sense of tear in themuscles and the pain got worse ... ..• Yoga, stretching,acupuncture, chiropractic, or drugs never worked ...• ... did theusual doctor cycle: it was the orthopedic specialist, MRI, drugs.Nothing fixed the problem.• .... tired of taking medication forpain• It is unable to lift his hold over his shoulder at 90degrees• It is difficult to fall asleep. In the morning, wake up toexcruciating pain that makes you feel sick.• Are you unable tocontrol your life. Your pain consume every aspect of your life.Notalone!By following this application for the treatment of clinicallytested Shoulder, get simple and easily control your life andbody!Download this application today!This application does notreplace medical advice. Users should consult their healthprofessional anates making any health decision, medical or otherbased on data contained herein. This application is designed onlyfor educational purposes. People who use these data for medicalpurposes should not rely on the accuracy of the data containedherein. Any and all liability arising directly and indirectly fromthe use of this application is hereby disclaimed. The informationcontained herein is provided on an "AS IS" and without any expressor implied warranty. All direct data, indirect, special,incidental, consequential or punitive damages arising from any useof this application or data contained herein it is waived andexcluded.
Perawatan Bahu Kaku 1.0 APK
Health Coin
★★★★★ "Frozen Shoulder Pain Relief" adalah aplikasi yang mudahdigunakan dengan instruksi gambar yang dirancang oleh para ahlikesehatan profesional dengan lebih dari satu keahlian klinis selama21 tahun yang telah mengobati lebih dari 2.405 orang dengan masalahbahu atau persendian muskuloskeletal.Aplikasi Pertolongan PertamaPerawatan Bahu Kaku meliputi:★ Titik-titik akupresur - 12 titikakupresur dan lebih dari 56 gambar untuk langsung menghentikan rasasakit dan meningkatkan fleksibilitas bahu Anda - Jarum dan ObatGratis!★ Titik-titik Refleksologi – 4 titik langska refleksologidan tidak banyak diketahui disertai gambar dan diagram untukmembantu meringankan nyeri dan kekakuan bahu Anda - Tidakdiperlukan bantuan! Anda dapat melakukan ini pada diri sendirikapan saja!★ Terapi Titik Rangsangan - 8 Teknik titik rangsanganunik yang ahli tulang, terapis fisik, akupunktur Cina, osteopatidan pijat terapis gunakan - gambar dan diagram untuk menunjukkanbagaimana dengan mudah Anda dapat melakukannya tanpa membayartenaga kesehatan profesional!★ 4 Teknik Pijat Diri Sendiri(dengangambar dan arahan) - Anda tidak perlu terapis pijat untukmelakukannya untuk Anda! Anda dapat belajar memijat diri sendirihanya dalam 5 menit dan sama efektifnya dengan para profesionalkesehatan.★ Latihan Bahu Kaku – Lebih dari 12 lebih latihan bahuyang tidak menyebabkan peningkatkan rasa sakit dan langsungmembantu mengurangi rasa sakit Anda, meningkatkan jangkauanpergerakan bahu Anda dan memperkuat bahu Anda - latihan sederhanadan mudah yang dapat Anda lakukan di mana saja & kapan saja!★Tidur Lebih Baik - 7 Cara Sederhana untuk membantu Anda Tidur lebihnyenyak dan untuk lebih lama! - Dengan 7 gambar dan petunjuksederhana, Anda dapat membuat tidur Anda menyegarkan yang akanmembuat Anda bangun dengan segar dan waspada di pagi hari!★ Kontroldan Hentikan kerusakan terhadap bahu kaku Anda (Teknik RICE) -Menggunakan teknik RICE, Anda dapat mengontrol dan menghentikankerusakan cedera bahu kaku dan menghentikan Gejala Bahu kaku yangmuncul. Anda hanya perlu mengikuti 4 langkah sederhana untukmenghentikan rasa sakit!Aplikasi ini dirancang khusus untukorang-orang yang menderita Bahu kaku.Jika Anda adalah orang yangmengalami salah satu dari hal berikut:• ... sudah pergi ke dokter,pergi ke terapi fisik sebelumnya dua kali seminggu selama lebihdari satu bulan, telah pijat dua kali seminggu, melakukanperegangan di rumah empat kali sehari, dan masih menderita selamatujuh bulan ......• ... pergi ke terapis fisik sebelumnya tapihanya membuatnya lebih buruk karena setiap kali saya mencoba untukmeregang, saya merasakan sensasi robek di otot saya, dan rasasakitnya semakin parah ....• Yoga, peregangan, akupunktur,chiropractic, atau pengobatan pil sakit yang tidak pernah berhasil....• ... .berkunjung ke bidang medis: ortopedi spesialis, MRI,obat-obatan. Tidak ada yang menyelesaikan masalah.• ... .lelahmeminum obat penghilang rasa sakit• Anda tidak dapat mengangkatlengan Anda di atas bahu Anda sekitar 90 derajat• Sulit untuktertidur. Di pagi hari, Anda akan bangun dengan rasa sakit yangmenyiksa yang membuat Anda merasa muak.• Anda tidak dapatmengendalikan hidup Anda. Nyeri Anda mengkonsumsi setiap aspekkehidupan Anda.Anda TIDAK sendiri!Dengan mengikuti ini AplikasiPerawatan Bahu yang telah teruji secara klinis ini, Anda akan dapatdengan mudah membantu untuk mengendalikan hidup Anda dan tubuhAnda!Unduh aplikasi ini hari ini!Aplikasi ini bukan merupakanpengganti saran medis. Pengguna aplikasi harus berkonsultasi denganprofesional kesehatan mereka sebelum membuat keputusan kesehatan,medis atau lainnya berdasarkan data yang tercantum di sini.Aplikasi ini dimaksudkan untuk tujuan pendidikan saja.★★★★★ "FrozenShoulder Pain Relief" is an application that is easy to use withinstructions images designed by a qualified health professionalwith more than one clinical expertise for 21 years who has treatedmore than 2,405 people with shoulder problems or musculoskeletaljoints.Application First Aid Treatment Shoulder Stiffness include:★The points acupressure - 12 acupressure points and more than 56images to instantly stop the pain and improve the flexibility ofyour shoulder - Needles and Drug Free!★ The points Reflexology - 4points langska reflexology and not much is known with pictures anddiagrams to help relieve the pain and stiffness of your shoulder -Not needed help! You can do this yourself at anytime!★ TherapeuticPoint Stimulation - 8 Mechanical stimulation points uniquechiropractors, physical therapists, Chinese acupuncture, osteopathyand massage therapists use - pictures and diagrams to show howeasily you can do so without paying a health professional!4 ★ SelfMassage Techniques (with pictures and landing) - You do not need amassage therapist to do it for you! You can learn to massagethemselves in just 5 minutes and was as effective as healthprofessionals.★ Exercise Shoulder Stiffness - More than 12 morerehearsal shoulder that does not cause increasing pain andimmediately help alleviate your pain, increase range of movement ofyour shoulders and strengthen your shoulder - exercises are simpleand easy that you can do anywhere, at anytime!★ Sleep Better - 7Simple Ways to help you sleep more soundly and for longer! - Withseven pictures and simple instructions, you can make your sleeprefreshing that will make you wake up with a fresh and alert in themorning!★ Control and Stop damage to your stiff shoulders(Mechanical RICE) - Using the RICE technique, you can control andstop the damage frozen shoulder injury and stop the symptoms ofstiff shoulders that appears. You just need to follow four simplesteps to stop the pain!This application is designed specificallyfor people who suffer from stiff shoulder.If you are experiencingany of the following:• ... have gone to the doctor, go to theprevious physical therapy twice a week for more than a month, hadmassages twice a week, doing stretches at home four times a day,and are still suffering for seven months ......• ... go to aphysical therapist before but only made it worse because every timeI tried to stretch, I felt a tearing sensation in my muscles, andthe pain is getting worse ....• Yoga, stretching, acupuncture,chiropractic, or the treatment of pain pills that never work ....•... .berkunjung to the medical field: orthopedic specialists, MRI,drugs. Nothing solve the problem.• ... .lelah taking painkillers•You can not lift your arm over your shoulders about 90 degrees•It's hard to fall asleep. In the morning, you will wake up with theexcruciating pain that makes you feel sick.• You can not controlyour life. Pain you consume every aspect of your life.You are NOTalone!By following shoulder Care applications that have beenclinically tested, you will be able to easily help to control yourlife and your body!Download this app today!This app is not asubstitute for medical advice. Application users should consultwith their healthcare professional before making any healthdecisions, medical or other based on data contained herein. Thisapplication is intended for educational purposes only.
Increase Vocal Range & Harmony 1.0 APK
Health Coin
"Increase Vocal Range & Harmony" is an app that helps you tolearn how to dramatically Increase your Vocal Range & Harmony -Become a Vocal Athlete NOW!Download this FREE app now to startsinging like a Professional Singer!Impress your friends so you canstart learning how to improve your singing voice and range. Letthem be shocked and in awe of your singing voice.Learn the secrettactics used by the world's greatest singers to increase theirrange rapidly.This app features:* The inner workings of your voice- stop taking action without knowledge of how it all works andstart sculpting a powerful, professional voice.* The 7 exercisesyou should be practicing every day and how each of them will helpto both fine tune your range and increase it to new levels - Vocalexercises.* The three simple tasks 90% of singers ignore and howthey can help you instantly improve your performances.* The realtruth behind Vibrato - when it's good, when it's not and how youcan master it to enhance every aspect of your singing. * How totake advantage of 5 targeted warm-ups you can use every single dayto improve your range. * Voice warm up, vocal harmonizerexercises.* The latest Music industry news and rumours!Downloadthis FREE Singing and Vocal Training app now!This app is for:-Beginner Singers and Professional Singers.- Top Singing andSingers.- Improve your current singing range- Voice coach- Singingon pitch- Singing that makes you sing good
Living Essential Oils Health 1.0 APK
Health Coin
"Living Essential Oils Health" is an app that helps you to learnthe best Living Essential Oils for your health and fitness. Learnthe best essential to help you de-stress, concentrate andmore...Download this FREE app now to learn the best EssentialOils!This app features:* 15 Essential Oils you should know and 1Secret Essential Oil you should have!* An important Health Testmeasuring your General Health!* Daily Health Quotes andaffirmations!* Important information about Essential Oils that youshould know!* and more!!Download this FREE Essential Oils app now!
Tratamiento Hombro Congelado 1.0 APK
Health Coin
★★★★★ "Alivio de Dolor de Hombro congelado" es una aplicación fácilde usar con instrucciones ilustradas diseñadas por profesionalesexpertos en salud con más de 21 años combinados en experienciaclínica tratando a más de 2405 personas con problemas de hombro omusculo-esqueléticos en las articulaciones.La Aplicación dePrimeros Auxilios de Tratamiento de Hombro Congelado incluye:★ Lospuntos de acupresión - 12 puntos de acupresión y más de 56 imágenespara detener de inmediato el dolor y aumentar la flexibilidad delhombro - libre agujas y de drogas! ★ Puntos de reflexología - 4puntos de reflexología raros y no están ampliamente conocidos confotos y diagramas para ayudar a aliviar el dolor en el hombro yrigidez - No se requiere de asistencia! Puede hacer esto por símismo en cualquier momento!★ La terapia de puntos de disparo - 8técnicas únicas de puntos de disparo que los quiroprácticos,fisioterapeutas, acupunturistas chinos, osteópatas y terapeutas delmasaje utilizan - fotos y diagramas para mostrar la facilidad conque puede hacerlo sin que te cueste un brazo y la pierna de unprofesional de la salud!★ 4 técnicas de auto masaje (con fotos ydirecciones) - Usted no necesita un terapeuta de masaje que lo hagapor usted! Usted puede aprender a dar masajes a sí mismo en tansólo 5 minutos y ser tan efectivo como cualquier profesional de lasalud.★ Ejercicios para los hombros congelados - Más de 12ejercicios para el hombro que no le hacen aumentar el dolor yayudar a reducir al instante su dolor, aumentar la rango demovimiento del hombro y fortalecer el hombro - ejercicios sencillosy fáciles que usted puede hacer en cualquier lugar y en cualquiermomento!★ Duerma Mejor - 7 maneras simples para ayudar a dormirmejor y por más tiempo! - Con 7 fotos e instrucciones simples,usted puede hacer su refrescante sueño, que se despierta fresco yalerta en la mañana!★ Controlar y detener el daño a su hombrocongelado (RICE Técnica) - Utilizando la técnica RICE, puedecontrolar y detener el daño a su lesión de hombro congelado ydetener los síntomas aparezcan hombro congelado. Usted sólo tieneque seguir 4 pasos sencillos para detener el dolor!Esta app estádiseñada específicamente para personas que sufren de hombrocongelado. Si usted es una persona que experimenta cualquiera delos siguientes:• … ido al médico, ido a una terapia física anteriordos veces por semana durante más de un mes, tiene masajes dos vecespor semana, los estiramientos hechos en casa cuatro veces al día, ytodavía ha sufrido durante siete meses ……• … ir a un fisioterapeutaanterior sólo le hizo peor, porque cada vez que trataba de estirarsuavemente, sentía una sensación de rasgadura en mis músculos, y eldolor empeoró ….• Yoga, estiramiento, la acupuntura, laquiropráctica tratamiento píldora, o dolor nunca ha funcionado ….•…. hecho las rondas de campo médico habituales: especialista enortopedia, resonancia magnética, las drogas. Nada ha solucionado elproblema.• ….cansado de tomar medicina para el dolor• Usted nopuede levantar el brazo por encima del hombro alrededor de 90grados • Es difícil quedarse dormido. Por la mañana, usted sedespierta con un dolor insoportable que le hace sentir enfermo.•Usted no puede tomar el control de su vida. Su dolor consume todoslos aspectos de su vida.¡Usted NO está solo!Siguiendo esteTratamiento de Hombro en el app está clínicamente probado, podráayudar simple y fácil a tomar el control de su vida y sucuerpo!¡Descargue esta app hoy!Esta aplicación no es un sustitutodel asesoramiento médico. Los usuarios de la aplicación debenconsultar a su profesional de la salud antes de tomar cualquierdecisión de salud, médicos o de otro tipo sobre la base de losdatos contenidos en este documento.★★★★★ "Shoulder Pain Relieffrozen" is an easy to use app with illustrated instructionsdesigned by skilled health professionals with over 21 years ofcombined clinical experience treating more than 2405 people withshoulder problems or musculo- skeletal joints.Application First AidFrozen Shoulder Treatment includes:★ Acupressure points - 12 pointsacupressure and more than 56 images to immediately stop pain andincrease shoulder flexibility - needles and drug free!★ reflexologypoints - 4 points reflexology rare and not widely known with photosand diagrams to help relieve shoulder pain and stiffness - Noassistance required! You can do this yourself at any time!★ therapytrigger points - 8 unique trigger points techniques thatchiropractors, physiotherapists, Chinese acupuncturists, osteopathsand massage therapists use - pictures and diagrams to show howeasily you can do it without costing you an arm and leg of a healthprofessional!★ 4 self massage techniques (with photos andaddresses) - You do not need a massage therapist to do it for you!You can learn to massage yourself in just 5 minutes and be aseffective as any health professional.★ exercises for frozenshoulder - Over 12 shoulder exercises that do not make it increasepain and help reduce instantly her pain, increase range of motionof the shoulder and strengthen the shoulder - simple and easyexercises you can do anywhere and anytime!★ Sleep Better - 7 simpleways to help you sleep better and longer! - With 7 photos andsimple instructions, you can make your refreshing sleep, you wakeup fresh and alert in the morning!★ Control and stop the damage tohis frozen shoulder (RICE Technique) - Using the RICE technique cancontrol and stop the damage frozen shoulder injury and stopsymptoms appear frozen shoulder. You just follow 4 simple steps tostop the pain!This app is designed specifically for peoplesuffering from frozen shoulder.If you are a person experiencing anyof the following:• ... gone to the doctor, gone to a previousphysical therapy twice a week for over a month, has massages twicea week, homemade stretching four times a day, and has stillsuffered for seven months ......• ... go to a formerphysiotherapist only made him worse because every time I tried tostretch gently, felt a sensation in my muscles tear and the paingot worse ....• Yoga, stretching, acupuncture, chiropractictreatment pill, or pain has never worked ....• .... made the roundsof usual medical field: orthopedic specialist, MRI, drugs. Nothinghas solved the problem.• ... I .cansado taking pain medication• Youcan not lift my arm over my shoulder about 90 degrees• It isdifficult to fall asleep. In the morning, you wake up withexcruciating pain that makes you feel sick.• You can not takecontrol of your life. His pain consumes all aspects of his life.Youare not alone!Following this Shoulder Treatment in the app isclinically proven, it may help simple and easy to take control ofyour life and your body!Download this app today!This application isnot a substitute for medical advice. Users of the applicationshould consult their healthcare professional before taking anydecision health, medical or otherwise on the basis of the datacontained herein.