1.3 / June 8, 2018
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Default mute camera

App Information Silent Camera - Mute Camera

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    Silent Camera - Mute Camera
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    June 8, 2018
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    Android 4.3 and up
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    Daegu-si Yongam-dong
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Support All KPOP IDOL high quality lightstickIt is recommended touse the cheering stick app when doing this.1. Supportingperformances and concerts!2. When you are god in karaoke!3.Confession! Apologize!4. When dancing in the club!5. Baseballcheering, soccer cheering6. When you are having a partyNow thereare various colors, shapes,IDOL Cheer Stick - LED signboard pleasetry ^^Good feedback and questionsIf you write on Google PlayWe willapply and respond quickly.Thank you.
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What you previously used application KDP (KPOP Dance Practice)? IfYes, This is the next version of the application KDP.Here are somespecial features:- Easy to use and cute interface- Fast steaming byusing YouTube API- Watch and search lastest Dance Practice videoseverytime and everywhere- Add your favorite Dance Practice videosshow to your list- Supporting almost all kinds of resolutions [HD]-Add the latest every week.*** COMPLETELY FREE 100% ***So what areyou waiting for? Download this app now!!Disclaimer:All videos inthis application belong to YouTube and played directly throughYouTube, and the videos are not the official videos but the publicvideos. We only get the data via YouTube API, and we do not offervideo download service. If you are a copyright owner of one ofYouTube videos, and do not want your video on our app, pleasecontact us.
몰폰앱 - 몰래게임, 자동사냥, 오토 게임 도우미, 화면 숨기기, 안햇어요 1.3 APK
▶ 몰래앱은 이럴때 사용하면 좋습니다.1. 자동사냥 게임을 대놓고 하기 민망할때2. 자기전에 충전하면서 자동 사냥돌릴때3. 몰래 폰하고 싶을때4. 유튜브로 음악을 들을때5. 동영상 강좌를 보지 않고 청취만 하기를 원할때▶ 특정앱실행시 자동 실행 설정을 하시면 앱이 실행될 때 몰래몰래가 알림바에 실행되고, 종료될때같이 종료되기 때문에 편하게사용할수 있습니다.▶ 화면 어둡게 설정은 몰래몰래가 활성화가 될때화면 밝기를 최대로 어둡게 자동으로 조정되기때문에 배터리효율이 좋아집니다.▶ 꼭 필요한 기능만 넣었기 때문에, 가볍고누구나 쉽게 사용할수 있습니다.그럼 몰래앱과 함께 즐거운시간 되세요^^----개발자 연락처 :+821092056997▶ We recommend you use the appsecretly yireolttae.1. When you embarrassed to openly automatichunting game2. When charging while before going to turn automatichunting3. When you want to secretly phone4. When you hear the musicto YouTube5. Only when you want to listen without looking at thevideo lecture▶ If you have a particular app runtime automaticallyrun the setup appWhen executed when running secretly sneak thenotification bar, exitAs it can be conveniently used because itended.▶ When the screen dim settings secretly sneak activationTodarken automatically adjust the display brightness to a maximumThiswill improve battery efficiency due.▶ Because scored only essentialfunctionality, lightweightAnyone can use easily.So secretly Havefun with the app ^^
Call Locker - Incoming/Outgoing call Lock 1.2 APK
“Call Locker” blocks others from picking up or making a call outfrom your phone.Jut by setting a pattern or registeringfingerprint, you can secure your phone from incoming calls andoutgoing calls.▶Call LockerWere there times you were worried aboutsomeone picking up my phones or using my phones while you lend yourcell phone or left for awhile? No more worries now when it is awayfrom your hands!“Call Locker” can prevent from calling or receivingyour calls without your permit.It is the safest, lightest, andfastest application.▶ the reason why Call Locker is good 1. Usingthe registered fingerprint on the device, you can securely andfastly unlock.2. receiver lock, calling lock can be chosedseperately as an optional function!3. It is very fast and has verysmall capacity due to elimination of unecessary function4. Verysimple to set up and use!▶function#1 incoming call locksUsing thesimple lock function, you can receive the important private callsonly yourself.Secure the incoming calls and pattern using yourfingerprint.(* fingerprint lock function can be only used in theAndroid device above 6.0 with finger scan sensor installed in.)▶function #2 callling locksPrevents children or babies from pressingyour phone keys randomly to make unintentional calls.▶ How to usethe App1. Run the App.2. Click on the check “I agree” for renderingthe App the right to lock your incoming call locks and outgoingcall locks.3. Register the pattern that will be used for yourscreen lock. If your fingerprint is already registered, then thereis no need for setting extra.4. All the setting has finished.5. Useyour pattern or fingerprint that you have set on the screen lock tounlock or pickup the call. Now, all your calls would be protectedand secured by “Call Locker”.Do you have any feedback? Please sendan email to support@all-soft.co.KeywordsCall Lock, call locker,locker, pattern lock, fingerprint call lock, fingerprint incominglock, fingerprint outgoing lock, incoming, incoming call, outgoingcall, incoming call lock, outgoing call lock, call blocker, callinterception, cut off call, protect call screen, receive call lock,phone lock, phone pattern lock, call reject, outgoing rejection,incoming rejection, rejector, fingerprint rejector, fingerprintrejection, turn down call, fingerprint turn down, deny calls, denyscreen, denial call phone
Game Booster 2017 1.5 APK
The only GameBooster that gives you the most top speed.Boost yourdevice's performance with just one touch. Optimize the CPU, RAM andmany other things automatically for Gaming and max performance!►What is Benefit for GAMER?✓ GameBooster will unleash the realperformance of your Android device. If you want to see what yourdevice can really do with max potencial, you should try it now!✓GameBooster optimizes your device for gaming with a backgroundservice. It takes the advanced Linux CPU management under controland gives you max performance with just one touch!✓ You can use AppBooster to optimize the memory for any app!Rooting your device isnot required, it's just optional.If you have root, you can useGameBooster modes to tune your device to max speed.If you don'thave root, you can still use the App Booster to gain performance!Ifyou combine the GameBooster modes + App Booster, you will get themax performance!► ADVANCED Features(root required)✓ Use GameBoostermodes to boost your device to max performance.✓ Play games with nolag.✓ Increase benchmark scores (Antutu, Geekbench, Quadrant)✓ UseApp Booster to gain performance.✓ Optimize memory (RAM) for any appusing App Booster.What you are waiting for? May the GameBooster bewith you!
Automatic Call Recorder 2017 1.4 APK
Automatic Call Recorder is one of the best call recorder androidapplications available on the internet. You can customize the callrecording functionalities as per your requirements and can recordand save only the required ones.Meanwhile, the application isdownloading look at the cool features below:- Extra fine quality ofrecordings- Fully customizable recording functionality- Save onlythe recordings that are important- Cloud storage available-Maintain privacy and security by password- Shake and recordfunctionalityWhen you install the application, it will startrecording all the calls that you make or the calls that you get.With the awesome user interface you can customize which calls torecord and which not to. By default the application will store therecordings of last 100 calls and then it will automatically deletethe previous calls and will save the new ones. To store theimportant call recordings you need to add them to the favorites ofthe application so that they will not be deleted.Once you go to themenu you will find the other options there, to customize the callrecordings as per your requirements. You can change the storagefolder as per the space availability in your device. The extrafeature of this app is that you can store all your recordings oncloud using the Dropbox. This way all your recordings are safe andwill not occupy memory on your device.In the settings option youwill be able to change the file format in which you want to savethe recordings like 3GP, WAV, MP4 and AMR. Here you can change thenumber of calls that can be stored in your device.Activate the‘Shake and Record’ feature here and if you wish to stop therecording of any call, you just need to shake your phone and itwill not record that particular call. You can also set up apassword to access the recordings that you have stored to maintainthe privacy.So what are you waiting for..??? Download this bestauto call recorder application for android and start recording allyour calls.※ We will welcome any comments to feedback. Hope youwill find this application very useful.