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Silly Birds 2 is now back for theentertainment in this World’s Top 1 mobile games platform, Googleplay store.
After years locking in the cage, the extremely angry and energeticbirds are planning 2 fight for the rest of their life. They want toescape from the life locking in the cages. But, it is not going tobe easy.

After the hunters found the escape, they felt very angry and willdo whatever it takes to stop those birds from escaping to outsideworld which will fail their 2 big money making deals. In SillyBirds 2, the hunters will track, trap and hunt the escapingbirds.

The birds looks silly but they are actually clever than the huntersthink they are. They hunters are out of control with their angryemotion and the birds make use of this advantage to divide into 2groups to distract the hunters’ attention.

The birds have been threatened, abused when they are locked incages. Sad and thanks to this factor, the birds learnt from thepast experiences. It has been a lot escaping plan going on for thepast 10 years, but none of it succeed. They have seen their friendsdied, sacrificed, killed and sold by the hunters.

You have found this untold incident in Silly Birds 2. You weretotally upset and angry with what you have found the hunters doneto the birds. If you to choose to stay down in silent, the birdsare most probably going to fail and catch by the hunters again. Youmust help them. Use your talent and strategies to trap the hunters.Stop and interrupt their hunting activities. Ruin their plans.

- Help the birds avoiding the traps set by the hunters.
- Block and prevent the hunting activities being hold.
- Track and trap the hunters.
- You will soon become the target of the angry hunters as well, andthe birds will appreciate your helps.

Silly Birds 2 Features:
1. Stunning Graphics
2. Tiny file space needed.
3. Earn extra coins and power.
4. Jaw dropping exciting adventure.
5. No optional in-apps purchase. Free to play.

Find the birds, locate the birds, help the birds, free thebirds, and save the birds. Enjoy playing with this Silly Birds 2for free. Get the adventure and free your birds.

App Information Silly Birds 2

  • App Name
    Silly Birds 2
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  • Updated
    August 23, 2015
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 2.1 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
  • Installs
    100 - 500
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Angry Escape Birds 2 is now giving a greatimpact again in this biggest mobile games platform in theworld.After under a long period of abused, a group of emotional angry andexploded birds are planning to divided into 2 groups to escape fromthe hand of those monsters. They have been threatened, abused forundergoing some of the cruel experiments in the past 10 years.All of these begin when the scientists found the mystery hidden inthis group of birds. They have found something potential andvaluable for their own benefits. The birds are born to own a powerthat can change the world. Every single part of their body isspecial and claimed to be extraordinary. These are the reasons thatlead to the cruel action of tracking, catching, slaughtering, andexperiments on the birds.You have found the hidden story in Angry Escape Birds 2. You weretotally angry with what were done to these birds population, whichthen lead them only 2 options: Die here or Fight back. If theystill to choose to keep in silence, the birds population is leadingto the edge of the extinction. You have to help them to plan forthe escape and make sure you mission is accomplished. This is likean impossible mission for everyone, but you believe you can helpthem to survive from this evil projects.Angry Escape Birds 2 tasks:- Help to cool down the angry emotion of those birds and at leastcome out with 2 plans, 1 as backup plan. Emotional will lead themto failure. So, guide them.- Help the birds to escape from the chase of the scientists,enemies and monsters. Prevent the angry enemies from catching andkidnapping your birds again.- Choose your bird and train the bird to become the leader amongstthe population.- Play around in game with the enemy emotion. Fool them around withthe EQ and IQ strategies that you taught to your birds. The betteryou can control your emotion, the higher chances you will win.Strike it back to the enemies.- Your bird will soon become the target of the angry enemies whichconsider the birds as the threats for them to catch all theescaping birds again.Angry Escape Birds 2 Feature:1. Choose your bird among those birds, become your assistant whichwill play the main role in the succeeding of the plan.2. Stunning Graphics with small download space needed.3. Earn extra power.4. Jaw dropping exciting adventure.5. No optional in-apps purchase needed. Totally free toplay.Best game in world. The game is available for download now for allthe countries like Austria, Australia, Turkey, UAE, Saudi Arabia,Croatia, Paraguay, Peru, Armenia, Jordan, Israel, Belgium, Norway,Hungary, Luxembourg, UK, Slovenia, Mauritius, Chile, Pakistan,Colombia, Canada, Italy, Germany, Russia, Kazakhstan, Argentina,Bulgaria, Slovakia, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Poland, France,Netherlands, Malta, Greece, Portugal, Czech Republic, Spain,Ireland, Romania, New Zealand, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia,Nicaragua, Kenya, Macedonia, and Kuwait and many more.Most popular in countries like China, Indonesia, Taiwan, Hong Kong,Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, India, Philippines, Vietnam,Macau.Angry Escape Birds 2 is absolutely fun to play. Get the missionaccomplished and free your birds.
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Pyramid Stone Blast is a new game fromFunAppsChoice, which will blossom up your day with all kind of thestone blast non-stoppable saga.Download Pyramid Stone Blast absolutely free of charge for stonerelating blast fun of saga.Find and match your way through the mysterious pyramid! Blossomyour journey moving the stone that block your way and blast it allin this saga game.Move, pull, push, smash and blast all the stone before youreally run out of moves and time. Do and make the decision wiselybefore you act. Every single move you make will decide your scoresand also your status. It is very important to minimize the loss inorder to declare your victory!!Take this blossom stone journey and challenges alone or playwith blast addicted friends to create the unforgettable saga. Playit with all your heart and let’s see who will get the highestscores among all. Enter the dark and mysterious pyramid and youmight be able to find huge solitaire diamond.Pyramid Stone Blast features:● Stunning pyramid graphics and effects with full of mysterious andwonderful atmosphere.● Select at least 2 or more of the same colour and design pyramidstone to clear your way to solitaire diamond and claim yourself thesaga of the whole game.● Challenging levels with 4 different type of exciting games.● Move and fit all the stone properly and get scores. The moreproper fitting of the stone, the higher scores you willclaim.● Collect and put a chain of a certain pattern of stone in asequence.● Easy and fun to play and simple to master● Build in scoring and leading boards to spy on your friends andcompetitors!* Pyramid Stone Blast Scoring tips:# Match at least 2 same colour and pattern stone to getpoints!# Do not let any single stone left aside. Scores will be deductedwith no mercy!# Turn the whole pyramid upside down, dig and find the onlysolitaire diamond. Those who found it with get huge amount ofscores and point to become the person who hold the title of thesaga of the game.A big THANK YOU dedicated to everyone who has supported PyramidStone Blast!
Clash Zombie 1.1 APK
Clash Zombie is a new exciting strategy gameto play with. We definitely guarantee you that it will be the bestgame you ever played. Enter the world war zone of the scary zombieterritory. Clash the zombie empire and save the royale memberstrapped in these high risk and deadly zones. No one is ever braveenough to enter these terrifying deadly zones. Therefore, it isfully counted on you to enter the zones and launch the clash andsmash wars with the zombies and rescues the royale victims out fromthe great nightmares. You are the only hope they have. Don’t wipeout their only hope to survive from these zombie attacks.Gather up your own team and group in as dreadful Clash Zombieforces. Remember you alone are not strong enough to against thewhole army of the zombie. You must find a way to form up a force toagainst and prevent the expansion of the zombie territories. Bewareof those zombie virus spread! Don’t ever get bite by the zombies astheir bites carry virus. The virus is extremely dangerous and evenvery powerful to be able to turn you and your whole forces becomeone of them.The whole world is depending on Clash Zombie force now, you aretheir only and last hope to survive. If your force failed to clashthrough the entire zombie empire and rescue the royale members, thewhole world will be turned into zombie land. No one is able to savethe world anymore, it will be to late till then. After succeed ofthe clash and resurrection of the royale, you will still need toassist them to rebuild the homeland and wipe out the remainingzombie treats.No ideas where to start finding the courage one and qualifiedmembers for your Clash Zombie force? Trust me! You will be able tostrengthen up your force while on the journey to clash with thezombie army and it is where you are necessary to pass through someof the small forgotten clans. Guides and clues will be given duringyour great journey to the undead lands.The center of the zone is where the most dangerous zombies arelocated. More difficulties and risks every time you break throughzombie defense lines and borders. The nearer you approach to thecenter of the deadly zone, the more challenges and life treats youwill face. Therefore, you must identify the greatest warriors outfrom every single clan you have visited. Unite them, recruit themand group them up as your best men to the journey to clash into thedead zone of the zombie side by side together with these courageousand fearless clans warrior.Wish you all enjoy playing with this top and new releases strategygame. Thank you for supporting Clash Zombie and FunAppsChoice.
Pirate Ultimate Kings 1.0.0 APK
Let your pirates journey begins with PirateUltimate Kings. This is a full and real pirate deals for becomingthe kings among the pirate. Train your pirate shooting skills andbecome one of the shooting kings too in order to get you nearer tothe treasures.Pirate Ultimate Kings is giving you the chance to attack yourenemies, even steal their treasures, diamonds and gold. Find yourdream island and start building you own pirate empire of the kingsin this amazing pirate game.You will have to collect your treasure by shooting the birds toimprove your skills and gathering all the golden eggs at the sametime. This will help to you to make your dream comes true faster tobecome a real pirate. Then, you will need to work harder to buildup your own crews and your pirate empire to become the kings in thepirate world.Recruit your crews and royal partners to join the journey of youbecoming the Pirate Ultimate Kings. Train your shooting skills withyour crews and partners, grow together with them through everysingle trials and challenges faced from the enemies. The journeywill never be the same as you and your pirate crews will need toface the bigger and stronger enemies or sometimes kings of island.You will start to get excited with this fantastic Pirate UltimateKings Android game.Once you are getting more and more expert with your shooting skill,you can start your pirate journey with skill of using knife. Thiswill bring to you to another level where no one will be able tocompete with you. The skill not only will fasten up the time foryou to collect the pirate treasures and also will make you perfectin using knife to make your enemies bow down in front of you andadmit that you are the real Pirate Ultimate Kings.There will be few levels to be finished in this game. You need tocomplete the required task in each level in order to get to anotherlevel. The higher level you get in, the more excitement and moretough feeling you will experience. The journey will be extremelyuncertain and unexpected when you reach to higher level. Now youwill have to perform all the skills you learnt and experienced inall the levels you have been gone through before. It would be theonly chance for you to get through it.Pirate Ultimate Kings is brought to you by Fun Apps Choice. Enjoyplaying.