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Create amazing mixed or blend pictures by overlaying two ormorephotos in a very creative way. Photo Blender is an applicationwithfeatures of photo mixer and overlay image effect. Thisapplicationallows you to select multiple images from photo gallery.Applyultimate blend effect and overlay effect on your desire pic.PhotoBlender is the Perfect App to create BLENDING photo in themostCREATIVE way. Love Me Blend Photo Editor is applicationwithconcept of photo blender mix-up using bokeh effect. InLove MeBlend Photo Editor you can add image of you and your lovedone andmaking your love bond perfectly. Multiple Photo Blender andPhotoMixer Photos reflection stacked photos Is an applicationblenderphoto that is gaining popularity. Trendy stacked withphotos. Amongteens as app's blender camera photo blender new photoapp blendercamera photo blender or overlays photos. With the Photoblender appyou can create an amazing poster of your photo byblending theminto one. Create double-exposed images by blending twophotos, orcreate multi-exposed images by repeating blend steps withadifferent photo each time. Creating double or multi exposureimagesby blending or mixing photos and enhance photos beauty byapplyingeffects, overlays and many other advance editing toolslikeprofessionals. With the Photo Mixer you can create anamazingposter of your photo by blending them into one.ApplicationFeatures: - Choose your two different posed picturesfrom thegallery. - Crop tool makes all the photos match inproportionsbefore blending. - Blend two pictures of differentproportionsquickly, using blend-fade. - Adjust blend level or whichphotosneed to be on top of another. - Adjust blend level andphotooverlaying. - Change the different blender effect. - Editpictureslike professionals with many editing tools. -  PhotoEditorart gives wide range of blending effect. - Support move andpinchgestures to control the blending. - Adjust blur level ofthebackground. - You can add 25 + fantastic background foryourcollage. - Apply effect for both front and back photos. -AfterPhoto blending you can set gradient Color on your blendingphoto. -Edit photo with most frequent use of operations:contrast,brightness, saturate, sepia, sharpen, fill light and soon. -Simple touch gestures to rotate, resize, zoom in, zoom out,flipphoto. -Add text & sticker on the photos. - Adjustbrightness,contrast, color temperature and saturation. - Save theblendedphoto and share it on social network likes Facebook,Instagram,Whatsapp... = Dual Exposure = Photo Mixer = MultiplePhoto Blenders= Photo Mixer Editor = Photo Blender Camera =Ultimate Photo Mixer= Blend Me Photo Editor = Photo Grid MixerEffect: Photo Collage =Couple in Love Photo Blender = Photo OverlayEditor = Photo Mixer Ihope you enjoy using this Blend Me PhotoCollage Editor: PhotoBlender Double Exposure app and encourage mefor further apps.Thanks for installing this application. If youhave any suggestionsfor improvement, just send us an Email. If youlike this app thandon’t forget to give rate & review also...Thank You...

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    April 20, 2019
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Silver Spoon Studio
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Screen Mirroring is the most powerful TV app for mirroringandbroadcasting your Android screen and audio in real time! Nowyoucan extend your mobile contents onto your Smart TV and TheFRAMETV. Display Phone Screen on TV App will assist you to scanandmirror your android phone or tab's screen on smart TV/Displaymiracast enabled or Wireless dongles or adapters. Display PhoneScreenon TV App does not need extra dongle or cable. Click thestartbutton the mobile hotspot will be operating automatically.Andafter hotspot will be operating, connect to AP from otherdevices.Screen Mirroring lets you view/cast your phone images,video, audioon you TV connected to various streaming devices. Thisapp is freeand has no restrictions. Screen Mirroring Assistant willhelp youto share, display and mirror your android phone or tab'sscreen onsmart TV. Able to play videos, music, photos, etc in mysmart phonewith any devices like smart phone, smart TV, laptop,tablet, etc…at anywhere. This Wi-Fi Screen Stream Mirroring app wasdevelopedfor presentations of android apps in mind, featuring lowlatency,high frame rate streaming of your android device. Mirroring,screen sharing with web browsers screen Mirroring to playgames.Screen drawing while mirroring. mirroring, screen sharingwithmedia players. To make powerful presentation for work,education,or gaming screen cast is used.  Screen Mirroring canonly playcontents but send screen as is such as HDMI, MHL, MiracastandChromecast. It has been tested and found works on most ofandroidmobiles. How to use Screen Mirroring App: - Your TV shouldsupportWireless Display(Wi – Fi) or any sort of Display Dongles -The TVmust be connected to wifi network same as your phone - Thephoneversion must be android 4.2 and above - Download and runScreenMirroring app - HDMI Cable Connect Guide include in appApplicationFeatures: - Android 5.0 version you need to run ourstartup toolfrom your computer to activate screen mirroring. -Mirroring,screen sharing with media players and tools such as VLC,XBMC/KODI,OBS and other. - Mirroring screen sharing use with webbrowsers. -Easily change resolution and density - take fulladvantage of theresolution of your external display. - Broadcastingto switch,Youtube, Facebook Live, Upstream, and others. -Mirroring, screensharing with UPnP / DLNA video players such asXBMC/KODI and SmartTV, Blu Ray players, and others compatibledevices. - Streamingtimer and stop when lock screen. - internalaudio with RootedAndroid 4.4 and above and microphone streaming. -Mixed audio(internal + microphone) streaming (ROOTED Android 4.4and above). -Screen drawing while mirroring perfect for demoing. -Compatiblewith Network Tethering like wifi, bluetooth, and USB. -Loadprofiles automatically when a display is connected - Trulyamazinggraphics and animations = Display Phone Screen on TV =मोबाइल मेंTV देखें = Screen Mirroring - Mirror Screen = Smart TVscreenmirroring = Android mirror screen = Screen Mirroring app =ScreenMirroring Casting = Mirror Cast = Cast Screen Android =ScreenMirroring Samsung = Screen Mirroring Assistant = ScreenStreamMirroring = Screen Mirroring with Laptop Download ScreenMirroringwith TV App with excellent features such as a handy freeand safeapplication. Let’s enjoy this app and play with fun.Experience thedifference with All Screen Mirroring with TV. Thanksfor using thisapp, leave us your feedback and give review we willconsider themfor future updates! THANK YOU...
Photo Caller Screen : Full Screen Photo Caller ID 1.1 APK
Getting board with the old outdated calling screen callerids?Change your full screen caller id with new full screen callerimageand enjoy new caller id changer when you getting calls onyourphone. Full Screen Caller ID will work instantly once installedbutyou have to assign HD pictures to your contacts to avoidfullscreen blurry pictures. HD pictures must be assigned from theFullScreen Caller ID menu, not from the stock Androidcontactapplication. Full Screen Caller is the best contact photoapp toset contact photos. This HD Caller ID app is both beautifulandhighly useful for day to day calling purpose. Photo ScreenCallerID will work instantly once installed but you have to assignHDpictures to your contacts to avoid full screen blurrypictures.This app is a replacement caller id app of your defaultcallerscreen dialer for your phone. A lot of beautiful caller idthemesto choose from this caller id app.  Get updated to fullscreencaller id where you can customize your incoming andoutgoingcalling screen as you like. You can now replace yourphone'sdefault calling screen with the Full Screen Photo CallerID.Application Features: - Easily to switch on and off incomingandoutgoing caller screens. - Full Screen calling & dialertheme.- Android dialer screen and avoid old ready-made screen. -SetEnable/Disable Caller Dialer Screen. - Change background ofcallertheme. - Very easy to use caller function. - Choose differentphotofor your contacts. - Latest 10+ caller style themes. - Lovecallertheme Favorite list. - PIP caller id screen themes. -Smartinterface and HD phone display. - Easily to edit all contactsuserid from the app. - HD texts with awesome color display. -Lovecaller screen dialer keypad. - Customize backgrounds forcaller. -Customize or change calling screen display. - Run onscreen off ordisplay off without timeout. - Create your screencaller advancetheme. - HD Photo Caller ID - Beautiful Photo CallerScreen - PhotoCaller Screen - Caller Screen Dialer - HD ImageCaller ID - HDIncoming Photo Caller ID - HD Outgoing Photo CallerID - Make a HDPhone Call - Caller Photo Advance Theme - DisplayHigh Quality FullScreen Photo - My Photo Caller Screen If you likethis HD PhotoCaller Full Screen ID then share with your friends andfamilymember. If you find anything wrong or any copyright thingsthenmail us. We would love to hear everyone. Rate us and giveyourvaluable comment for this awesome HD Image Phone Call ID :CallerScreen ID to create more cool apps like this. THANK YOU...
Color Flashlight on Call & SMS : Torch LED Flash 1.1 APK
A simple but complete tool in your phone, quickly and easily turnson the flashlight next to the rear camera instantly to provide youmany useful features with color and flash. This application is oneof our many free apps and one of the best apps for android on themarket. Color Torch is a beautiful application that has discolights for your party, has music, has colored torch with LED flashis very beautiful and fun to liven up your party producing acolored flash effect. If you're a fan of police and crime storiesyou can use police lights on your screen to simulate the real ones.Whatever you choose, you are guaranteed to have fun with thisawesome phone flashlight app.  Stuck outside with no streetlight? Color Torch light app helps you out in the darkest ofoccasions. Change the color and brightness of your phone's screento help guide you where you want to go. Choose from a full range ofcolors to find your favorite custom-made light. Have your phone'sscreen simulate police light, candle light, a rainbow, a discoball, and more. Use Color Torch light to find the perfect seat in adark theater, or find your way around when the power goes out athome. You can even use Color Flashlight to display your ownpersonal message by typing in text, or host your own personal danceparty with the built-in strobe light. Application Highlights: -Torchlight in Dark - Strobe/Blinking Mode supported - Blinkingfrequency adjustable - Stunning graphics - This is the mostbeautiful torch you can get in hand - Color Screen Light - SuperBright Torch - Guaranteed - Convenient - Switch On/Off the lightjust like using a real torch - The bright light app. Torch app free- New and exclusive in color flashlight notification color app. -Color blinking alert on call, flash alerts second for all yourincoming calls. - Color flashlight alert when you get a textmessage. - Inside phone alert lights, for all you systemnotifications. - Color flashlight notification color app can be setto work in different phone modes. - The flash on max power - Onlyfree flashlight app without toys - Morse Code Flash Light for SOS -Quick launch - Convenient and easy to use torch - Torch lightshines when screen is off or locked - Unique design - Compass &Map - For devices without LED flash - uses a screen light like atorch light - Strobe Light Effect with Speed Control - Clap ForLight On/Off Control - Flip Device On/Off Control - Multiple TapLight On/Off - Energy Saving Light - Set Custom Light Timing Makeslife easier that there is an app actually lights up like a REALtorch. Straight-forward interface easy to use, strobe is available.If you like this Download Free Color Flash Light Alert Call &SMS : Torch LED Flash then share with your friends and familymember. If you find anything wrong or any copyright things thenmail us. We would love to hear everyone. Rate us and give yourvaluable comment for this awesome Free Torch LED Color Flashlightto create more cool apps like this. THANK YOU...
Video Ringtone for Incoming Call 1.1 APK
Video Ringtone for Incoming Call is the latest and mostamazing feature that has come up on all application for those whogot bored by old traditional incoming patterns, now with thisapplication setting incoming call is amazing to change your moodaccording to your selected set up video by video ringtone makerwhich is according to user's choice. Place your favorite videos asa caller id so that you can always see it when you get an incomingcall. Now video ringtone setting incoming call is amazing to changeyour mood according to your selected set up video by video ringtonemaker which is according to user choice. Video Caller ID helps youto place a video as an Incoming Caller ID instead of simple callscreen. You can set here your own videos as Incoming Video CallerID with full screen video playing. Here you can use default videofor Video Caller ID, you can change it easily as you want to seewhile incoming call. By using video ringtone maker feature whichhelps to cut/choose desired video from the main video clip, so thatcan be set on all video ringtone on incoming call. Love VideoRingtone for Incoming Call can be customized by Video ringtonethrough video ringtone setting incoming call in Androiddevices.  You can set videos specifically assigned for eachseparate contacts too creating individual video id as their callerid. So when you meet your friend, shoot a small video of his andassign it to his contact. Every time he calls you and you'll seehis video along with his voice.  Application Features : - EasyUI and different beautiful themes available. - It's a full screenHD calling screen with both incoming and outgoing callscreens.  - Video as Ringtone on an Incoming call. - You canenable or disable the video ringtone function. - Full screen videoincoming and outgoing calling screen. - Choose Video separately fora particular contact. - Easy video preview, how's your video playwhile on incoming call screen. - You can activate both incoming andoutgoing call screen. - Customize the background of your callingscreen by selecting from given default backgrounds. - Select yourphotos from mobile gallery as calling screen background. - DefaultHD video for all contacts. - Displays profile photo of every savedcontacts.  - Adjust Ringtone sound and video. = Full screenvideo incoming calling screen = Full screen photo outgoing callingscreen = Caller Name and Caller ID App = Video Playback as Ringtone= Incoming & Outgoing Video Caller Ringtone = Full Screen VideoRingtone = Video Song for Incoming Call = Video Ringtone onIncoming Call = 3D Color Caller Screen = Photo Background CallerScreen = Video Caller ID = Love Video Ringtone for Calling = FreeCall Dialer App = Full Screen Video Status ID = Full Screen VideoCaller ID = Caller Screen Photo Background Download Video Ringtoneon Incoming Call app with excellent features such as a handy freeand safe application. Let’s enjoy this app and play with fun.Experience the difference with Video Ringtone Maker : Photo VideoMaker with Music. Thanks for using this app, leave us your feedbackand give review we will consider them for future updates! THANKYOU...
Color Caller Screen : Caller ID Theme 1.0 APK
Are you boring with the default call screen? Do you want tomakeyour caller show unique and stylish? LED Caller Screen isperfectfor you. Cool LED caller screen has a cool background themethathas LED to it. Also, the answer button is unique anddynamic.Customize your phone with LED caller screen can make youdifferentin your friends. Come download this screen for the CoolLEDcaller.  Color Call Screen Theme Changer allows youtocustomize your caller screen with beautiful and awesome themes.Doyou want to change your caller screen to the mostspecialone?  You can choose any call screen theme you like andmakeyour phone calls stand out with unique styles. Phone CallerScreenwill display high quality full screen photo of the callerwhen youget phone call, make a phone call, miss a phone call. TheFull Screen Caller ID will let you quickly recognize the callerandhelp you make the decision on the phone call. Full ScreenColorCaller ID focuses on cool call screen themes. It provides youallkinds of awesome caller id themes, which will make your phonecallunique. Photo Caller Screen change and modify your phoneincomingand outgoing call style.  Stylish caller screenwith LEDflash notification light will make your phonecalling screenlook incredible.  Application Features: - SimpleandEasy-to-Use caller screen interface. - A wide variety ofcolorscreen themes to choose from. - Stunning call screen themestodecorate your calls. - Best full size call flash for incomingcall.- Decorate your call screen with fancy call themes. - ShinyLEDflash light alert blinks to remind you of all your incomingcalls.- Caller Screen for incoming & outgoing calls withdynamiceffects. - Make your incoming calls more visible with CoolFlash onCall Screen. - Beautiful, stylish and customized callerscreenthemes. - Low energy consumption, battery friendly. = ColorScreenDialer = HD Caller Screen ID = Color Phone with Call Flash =LoveCaller Theme = Colorful Call Flash Theme = Live Effect ColorPhoneScreen = Individual Popular Design Theme = Call Reminder withColorFlash If you like this Download Free Color Call Flash Theme :ColorPhone Caller Screen then share with your friends and familymember.If you find anything wrong or any copyright things then mailus. Wewould love to hear everyone. Rate us and give your valuablecommentfor this awesome Free Torch LED Color Flashlight to createmorecool apps like this. THANK YOU...
Online Driving License Apply : RTO Detail 2019 1.0 APK
Now it is easy to get your Driving License as everything isonlinenow. Very useful app for all RTO related work for people ofIndia.This app provides all information about driving License. Itis veryeasy to use. If you wish to apply for a Driving Licenseonline, youcan go to our driving License app and download theform. Apply and check your Driving license & all RTOdetails onlinefor all states in one app. The Driving License or DLis one of themost important and valid identity proofs recognized bytheGovernment of India. The document certifies the fact thattheindividual holding it is qualified and authorized to driveinIndia. In order to drive a vehicle in India, it is mandatorytohave a DL. Having a valid License for driving vehicle of anyclassis mandatory for all citizen of India. Driving License is oneofthe important documents for vehicle. No need to go anywhereforgetting a Learner or Permanent Driving License, just use thisappand do it with the help of your mobile. Now with just clicksyouwill be able to apply for the Learner's Licence, Now no need togoanywhere for apply new Driving License just DownloadDrivingLicense and install on your android device you can alsoapply forthe fancy Numbers for your Vehicle and can also checkyourApplication Status online using Indian Driving License. Thisapp isbased on the Official website Vahan 4.0 launched by Gov ofIndia,Now if you are trying to get yours New Learner's Licence youdon'thave to be in que at RTO's act. This app will help you to knowtheIndian traffic rules and to get prepare for the test. Alsoveryuseful to get knowledge of Indian road traffic signals andrules.Application Features: - Apply online for Learning License-Learning License test appointment online - Edit LL Application-Cancel Driving License appointment - Find Your DrivingLicenceDetails online - Pay Driving License (DL) application feeonline -Verify DL by entering number - Print Learner License copy-Practice Mock test for Leaner License - Driving LicenseApplicationStatus  You can apply for the following StateRegionalTransport Office's (RTO's) of India: - Assam - Chandigarh -Delhi -Gujarat - Haryana - Himachal Pradesh - Jammu and Kashmir-Jharkhand - Karnataka - Maharashtra - Meghalaya - Odisha-Pondicherry - Rajasthan - Sikkim - Tamil Nadu - Uttarakhand -UttarPradesh = Driving License Online Apply = Online DrivingLicenseDetail 2019 = Check RTO License Online Status = OnlineVerifyDriving License = Driving license check India 2019 =Drivinglicense test for India = Online pay Driving Licenceapplication fee= Apply for test Driving Licence = Indian DrivingLicence Detail =Driving Licence test for India = Apply for drivingLicence = onlinepay Driving Licence application fee = New LearnerDriving LicenseTest Practice  = Apply Online for New Learner'sLicence = NewLearner Driving License Appointment  = CheckDriving LicenseApplication Status = Learner License testappointment online =Cancel Driving License appointment online =Print Learner License =Find Your Driving License Details online =ड्राइविंग लाइसेंस ऑनलाइनसर्विस = ड्राइविंग लाइसेंस के बारे में सारीजानकारी एक ही जगह पर =ड्राइविंग लाइसेंस If you find anything wrongor any copyrightthings then mail us. We would love to heareveryone. Rate us andgive your valuable comment for this awesomeRTO Driving Licence :Apply Online License to create more cool appslike this. If youlike this Online Driving License Services thenshare with yourfriends and family member. THANK YOU...
OTG USB Driver for Android : USB OTG Checker 1.0 APK
OTG Disk Explorer gives you to peruse USB a chance to streakdrives.and card pre users from your telephone or tablets.  OTGUSBFile Explorer for android allows you to manage files from anyUSBmass storage device with a FAT32 or NTFS file system using theUSBOTG port of your device, tablet or phone. You shouldsimplyinterface the blaze drive to an OTG (On-the-go) link at thatpointconnect to the smaller scale USB connector of your tablet, ormouseor WI - FI connector at that point open this application youwillsee all records in USB drive and you can open them with yourmostloved application watchers or editors.  UniversalAndroidPhone or Android Tablet Driver for Win XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10(x86 andx64). It is possible to connect an external disk or the USBstickfurther it wasn't made yet, and to press the mount button thenonthe screen the attached devices will appear. For an output ofmoredetailed information, it is possible to use the Mounted button.Allyou have to do is to connect the flash drive to an OTG(On-the-go)flash drive cable then plug in the micro USB connectorof yourAndroid mobile, tablet, mouse or WI – FI adapter then openUSB OTGChecker app. OTG File Explorer support applicationmanagement likeUninstall applications, delete application andmanage applicationlike system app and user install app. USB OTGFile Manager prankand Pen Drive Connect to Mobile makesit easy to testwhether your phone is compatible with USB OTGdevices. OTG or Onthe Go USB devices are devices that can be usedon the OTGSupport Mobile via a suitable OTG USB cable.ApplicationFeatures: - You can manage all music and sound relatedfiles. -Automatically start app on device connect. - Automaticallymountand unmount drive with a single click. - Full NTFC andNTFSsupport. (FAT, Ext2/3/4) - Load modules automatically.(from/system/lib/modules) - You can manage all video files inyourdevice. - Automatically open the mounted drive. -Notification when drives mounted. - Provide links for USBDrivers.- You can check USB status on one click. - This app simplyopensthe hidden settings. - OTG file explorer helps you manage allyourfiles efficiently with an intuitive interface. -Automatically open the mounted drive 10 Media scanner triggeredonmount. USEFUL FEATURE: Audios : You can manage all music andsoundrelated files. (Supported file formats: mp3, ogg, flac, m4p,wav,wma and etc). Videos : You can manage all video files inyourdevice. (Supported file formats: asf, avi, flv, mp4, mpeg, wmvandetc). File Browser : OTG File Explorer helps you manage allyourfiles efficiently! With an intuitive interface, File Managerallowsyou to handle any file or folder whether they are stored inyourdevice, microSD card, or cloud storage accounts. Application :OTGFile Explorer support application management likeUninstallapplications, delete application and manage applicationlike systemapp and user install app. File Transfer : OTG FileExplorer supportconnect applications to Computer and You can accessremote orshared storage like NAS and FTP server. Images : You canmanageimage and picture files in your storage. Image previewisavailable. (Supported file formats: bmp, gif, jpg, png andetc).Documents : You can manage all document files in yourdevice.(Supported file formats: doc, ppt, pdf, and etc). = USB OTGDriver= Check USB OTG Capabilities = USB OTG Helper = USB OTGConnector =OTG Cable Checker = USB OTG Checker = USB OTG Driver forAndroid =Flash Drive Endoscope = OTG File Explorer = USB OTGAdapter =Connect OTG Cable to Phone = Data Transfer to OTG Cable =Phone& USB Connecter with OTG If you like OTG USB Driver forAndroid2019 : OTG USB Adapter application then share with yourfriends andfamily member. Write us suggestions and rate this app toencourageus. Thanks for using this app, leave us your feedback andwe willconsider them for future updates. THANK YOU...
Write SMS by Voice : Speech to Text Messages 1.0 APK
Write SMS by Voice: Speech to Voice Text Messages Want toconvertvoice to text while writing SMS messages? Now it's very fastandeasy to write and send your messages with Write SMS by Voiceapp.Write your SMS by using your voice. This app converts the voicetotext using the Google Speech Reorganization API. After gettingtheresponse (voice text) from Google voice API this willapplicationwill show you the voice text on app screen. Then onclicking themessaging button you will be able to send sms toselected peoplefrom contact list. No writing just speaks and sendsmessages. WriteSMS by Voice app provides you the powerful and easyin use systemto write your SMS by voice. This application flexiblyconfigured toyour needs and has the most complete functionality.This smsmessenger provides you a powerful and easy in use voicesmsmessages input system. A message could be a form of sms to sendtothe mobile phones of your dear ones with a lovely thoughtinvokingyour feelings and expressions. It’s a thing that lasts solong. Allmessages are 160 characters or less, so are the perfectsize toshare with friends or your beloved via sms. Please remembertospeak slowly and clearly. In order to use this app you needtoinstall Google Voice Search and have working internetconnection.APPLICATION FEATURES:  - Create SMS by voice andcomfortablyedit them. - Save your time by capturing your voice as amessage. -Both keyboard and voice supported message typing. -Advance andeasier voice input faster than typing. - Usesaddress book toselect appropriate contacts. - Dictate SMS messagesby voice andcomfortably edit them. - Voice recognition in alldifferentlanguages. - Able to send message to several contacts. -Ease touse user interface design. - Text Free by Voice - VoiceMessenger -Search by Voice - Voice Call Dialer - Voice Screen Lock- AllLanguage Voice Typing - Speech to Text Converter - VoiceTypingMessage App - Write SMS/Message by Voice - Voice to SMSTyping Ifyou like Write SMS by Voice : Voice Text Messagesapplication thenshare with your friends and family member. Write ussuggestions andrate this app to encourage us. Thanks for using thisapp, leave usyour feedback and we will consider them for futureupdates. THANKYOU...