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Principles of Management 31.0.0
This is a free app for the subject, Principles of Managementwhichcovers important topics on the course. Download the App asareference material & digital book. The app providesquickrevision and reference to the important topics for PrinciplesofManagement & useful for the student or a professional tocoverthe course syllabus quickly before an exams. PS: We constantlyworkon this app to give you the best possible experience. Anyfeedbackor issue in this app, please send us an [email protected], we will solve them immediately.
LND Version 5 (Offline) 1.5
Respected Teacher - LND Test version 5 has been released. Itcoversthe syllabus of version 3 and syllabus of lnd version 4. Alsotheunique feature of this app is that the font used for Urdupracticeis normal Urdu font which is used in books and is very easyforstudents to read. This app is specially design for teacherstofacilitate in lnd test practice of your students. SLOs includedforMEA Test and for lnd public app are given below. English SLOs:1.Picture recognition 2. Correct use of spelling 3. Use ofis/am/are4. Use of has/have 5. Use of I/We/You 6. Use of His/Her 7.AlphabetSeries 8. Missing Words(correct use of articles) 9.ComprehensionMath SLOs: 1. Addition(With and without carry) 2.Subtraction(Withand without carry) 3. Multiplication 4. Division 5.Fractions 6.Reading time from clock 7. Word problem Urdu SLOs: 1.TasveeriShinakht 2. Jor k tor 3. Tor k jor 4. Muzakr Moans 5. WahadJama 6.Jumla mukaml kren 7. Urdu Tafheem If your students makegoodpractice regularly 100% result is guaranteed.
PPSC 2018 notes ppsc 2018 notes PDF. ppsc educator 2018.ppscsamplepaper ppsc test ppsc medical test knowledge2018EDUCATORSBEST GUIDE2018. New and up to date Pedagogy ppsc educatorBook forPPSCEducator job tests in 2018.New guide for entry testslike PPSCNATquiz has also been added. PPSC 2018. All Subjects areincludedwithMCQs in this PPSC sample paper book. English ,Mathematics ,IslamicStudies, Pedagogy, Chemistry , Physics andCurrent Affairs, AnalogyReasoning , Antonyms, Arithmetic Reasoning, Generalknowledge Etc.Analytical Reasoning: Analytical questionsaredesigned to teststudent’s analytical skills ,Botany,Zoology.Notes and samplepapers of exams are included.Universityentry tests syllabus andpattern is described briefly aswell.Prepare for Government jobtest for educators 2018 usingyourmobile.Educators B.Ed completeppsc mcqs are also included.JobsForppsc aeo book and Urdu languageis supported. Install thisppscguide or ppsc book and enjoy a greatPPSC result 2018.PrepareforPPSC, GAT test , PPSC AJK, PPSC entrytest, bts, pts, wapdatest,ppsc iq, driver test, Educator pedagogy.
6 Kalma With Audio(Mp3) 1.3.9
6 Kalma dell'Islam The 6 Kalimas of Islam gots (350k) Downloads1-First Kalima (Tayyab) 2- Second Kalima (Shahadat) 3- ThirdKalima(Tamjeed) 4- Fourth Kalima (Touheed) 5- Fifth Kalima(Astaghfar) 6-Sixth Kalima (Radd-e-Kufar) all six kalimas of islamall six kalmaall six kalma in arabic all six kalma islam all sixkalma mp3download six kalma download mp3 six kalma first kalma tosix kalmafree download six kalma free download six kalma mp3 fullsix kalmaislamic six kalma learn six kalimas recitation of sixkalma sixislamic kalma arabic six kalima free download six islamickalma mp3six islamic kalma download six kalima in arabic six kalimain islamsix kalima of islam six kalima of islam in arabic sixkalima ofquran six kalima with translation six kalimas six kalmaapk sixkalma arabic six kalma free download six kalma full sixkalma hdsix kalma in arabic six kalma in arabic text six kalma inquran sixkalma mp3 six kalma mp3 free download
Noorani Qaida Colored Offline with Audio, For Kids 1.2
Noorani Qaida Interactive App for Muslim kids with Audio, freeandoffline app specifically designed to educate Muslim kids andadultswho want to learn to read the Arabic Quran with perfectionandproper accent. With Colored Noorani Qaaida you can learnProperAccent according to the Tajweed Rules. PakApps designed anddevelopthis Noorani Qaaidah App for simple and easy to understandfor kidsand adults. If you are looking forward to learn to readQuran inArabic, then our Noorani Qaida App will be your firsttutor, whichwill educate you in learning Quran in a tremendous way.It’sInteractive app with different animation styles that willattractthe kids as well as adults. Download this App and easilyteachQuran Basic to your kids and if you like this app pleasedon’tforget to share it with your friends and family (Near andDears).Other Features: - Interactive App with Sound - User cantouch onany word to listen it’s sound - Also can listen completeLessonwith single touch. - Crystal Clear Audio with beautiful voiceandProper Accent - Elegant graphic with Animations - Use Offline(1sttime download Required only) - Categorized in 17 LearningLessons -Tajweed Rules Color coded - Best way to Learn Quran withease -Useful for both (Kids and Adults) - Free App withAdvertisement
Bachon ki Piyari Nazmain: Urdu Poems for Kids 1.5
Download poems Bachon ki Piyari Nazmain: Urdu Poems for Kids isanandroid application that contains baby poems for Kids forlearningnursery poems and rhymes or poems for toddlers. Thisnursery poemapp will be very much helpful for little ones to cramUrdu poemsbachon ki piayri nazmain. Urdu nazmain poems are withAudio andPicture with text. Bachon ki Piyari Nazmain in Urdu: UrduPoems forKids application contains the rhymes in cartoon photowheredifferent characters are acting in cartoon photo. Best UrduPoemsfor little ones and Bachon ki Piyari Urdu Nazmain have lots ofUrduNazmain in picture like titli rani titli rani, piyari maa mujhko,mom and pop, aalu kachalu beta,chuk chuck karti, aik tha teetaraikbatair and various Urdu nazmain with Audio. Bachon kiPiyariNazmain: Urdu Poems for Kids app contains the Urdu Nazmain,UrduRhymes and nursery poems that Kids can learn by hearteasily.Bachon ki Piyari Nazmain: Urdu Poems for Kids app designedwhichincludes popular Urdu Poems. Urdu Nazmain, Kids Urdu Poemsincludesall famous Rhymes in Urdu which will be useful for alllittle Kidsteaching Urdu poems. With amazing graphics, Nazmain inUrdu App isbest for kids learning Urdu poems or poems in Urdu. Thisapp alsocontains Islamic rhymes with Islamic audio; enjoy thesefree poemsfor nurseries of kids. It provides Amazing features,attractivebackgrounds, and beautiful Urdu Audio Sound Poems. MainCategoriesof Rhymes Groups: Famous Urdu Poems Top Urdu PoemsFavorite UrduPoems Traditional Urdu Poems Latest Urdu Poems TopView Urdu PoemsTrending Urdu Poems Mix Urdu Poems Islamic rhymesUrdu Nazmaincontains: - Lakri ki Kathi - Nani teri morni - Bulbulka bacha -Aalu Kachalu - Machli Jal ki rani - Bandar Ne Kholi Dukan-Titlirani titli rani -Chu Chu chacha Kids rhymes videos NurseryrhymesRhymes for kids Nursery rhymes video Kid’s rhymes Kid’ssongsRhymes for Kids Kid’s rhymes Rhymes Rhymes video Nursery songsBabyrhymes Nursery rhymes songs English rhymes Nursery poemsNurseryrhymes for Kids Kid’s video songs Nursery rhymes listEnglishrhymes for kids Nursery rhymes for kids Kid’s nursery rhymesKid’snursery rhymes video songs free download Kid’s nursery rhymesKid’ssongs video Rhymes for babies Nursery rhymes video songsKid’ssongs video Baby rhymes video Kg rhymes Kg rhymes videosRhymes forkids free download video songs Baby songs video List ofnurseryrhymes Kids rhymes in English free download List Of Poems:Kut KutKarti Aayi Murgi Machli Jal Ki Rani Hai I'm a Little TeapotGhosleMe Thay Paanch Five Little Monkey's Chunni Munni Makdi ChunnaMunnaDo Choozay Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani Ek Chidiya Ki Shaadi Thi EkThaTeetar Ek Batair Abbu Laye Motor Car Are You Sleeping BabaBlackSheep Azra Ki Gurya Badal Garjey Bulbul Ka Bacha Chohay KaBacchaChoti Si Munni Chu Chu Karti Aayi Chidiya Chulbuli aur PyariAlooMian Aloo Mian Chal Mere Ghode Tik Tik Chulbuli Re Mama Re MamaRePopular Lalla Lalla Lori Nani Teri Morni KO Chanda Mama DoorKeBulbul Ka Bacha Aloo Mian Aloo Mian Dadi Maa Meri Dadi MaaAajSomwar Hai Chanda Mama Murgha Bola Kathe Hain Kise Islam LakrikiKathi Aaj Hai Itwar Aalu Kachalu Chunu Munnu Aik Hai PakistanKaNaam Choti Si Muni Ek Kauwa Piyaasa Tha Azra Ki Gurya HumptyDumptyDekho Ek Madari Aaya Missed Fajr Salah Aalu Bola Mujhko KhaloChukChuk Karti Gari Aii Hathi Raja Bohut Bade Lakri Ki Kathi Chamchamcham Aalu Kachalu Beta Billi Gayi Chunnu Munnu O Bandar MamaChamCham Suno Bacho Chuk Chuk Karti Gari Aii Choti Si MunniDoraemon inUrdu Abbu Laye Motor Car Aik Tha Raja Aik Thi Rani NaniNani SunoKahani Aaj Somwar Hai Meri Billi Pyari Bili Chot Si MunniAaoJhoola Jhoolain Billi Mein ne Pali Hai Aik tha teetar aikbatairChu Chu chacha Titli rani titli rani Download poems fromBachon kiPiyari Nazmain: Urdu Poems for Kids poem app for free.
Deeniyat Syllabus 4.0
Assalamu Alaikum Alhumdulillah, by the the grace of Allahsubhanahuwa taa'la, Deeniyat Educational and Charitable trust ispleased toannounce the Deeniyat Syllabus Book store. The book storeprovidesaccess to all the syllabus books which are used in Maktabcoursefrom Nursery to Advanced and Elders. These books are freetodownload and read as per your time and convenience. Below aretheimportant courses and highlights of the app *** Syllabus Courses:* Nursery Course There are two books which providesbasicinformation about deen,for example huroof e tahijjikipehchaan,chhoti soortein, mukhtasar ahem duaayein, Islaamikalime,Islaamic Knowledge etc.These are given in the format whichare easyfor childrens to understand. * Primary Course This is a 5yearsprimary course, this course covers the fundamentals andconcepts ofIslam, for example, everydays supplications, sunnatein,5 kalimasand obligations of oblutions, bath and prayers(namaaz). *SecondaryCourse for Boys & Girls This is a 5 years course,whichiscrafted based on the student ages, it covers the importantislamicproblems,fundamentals of beliefs,and few surah of para e ammwithtranslation and messages of each surah,along with theislamicupbringing of childrens. * Advance Course This is a 5yearscourse,which is crafted based on the student ages.It coversmoredetailed islamic problems, fundamentals of beliefs, and fewsurahof Qur’aan,with translation and messages along with theislamicarticles for upbringing. * True Stories It is a collectionof 5books, the book provides true stories from Qur’aan,hadees andaboutislamic scholars in childrens stories style. * Elder Coursefor Menand Women This is a 2 years course,which is designed formen.Thecourse provides the details of importantislamicproblems,fundamentals of beliefs,and islamic selfdevelopmentarticles etc for men. * Vacation course Deeni taaleem semahroomrehne waale bachchon kochhuttiyon mein deeni taaleemsikhaane keliye yeh 30 din ka mukhtasar nisaab hai. * Muallimcourse Sho’ba eaalimiyat se pehle zaroori baaton se waaqif karaaneaur banjarbatiyon mein imaam aur ustaaz banne ki salaahiyat paidakarne keliye yehnisaab tayyaar kiya gaya hai. *** Features *CompletelyAdvertisement Free * All books are available free of costfordownload * The app currently supports English,EnglishTransliteration and Urdu languages. We would be supportingArabic,Tamil, Bengali and more languages soon. Please report if youseeany mistakes or have any suggestions, and we would address itatthe earliest. Jazakallah Deeniyat Educational and CharitableTrust
Nimaz e Janaza 1.0
Namaz JanazaNimaz JinazaNimaz JinazaNamaz e JinazaNimaz Jinazakatarika in UrduNamaz Janaza Seekhen
Things Fall Apart 6.0
Don't miss the Eleven Chapters of Things Fall Apart inDigitalFormat of size less than 5MB wonderful novel. beautifulworks ofChinua Achebe
Metas Adventist School Parent 1.11
Metas Adventist School with Teac Consultancy launched Androidapp.This app is very helpful for parents, students and teachers&management to get information about student for Attendance,TimeTable, Report Card, Fees Dues, Circular, Exam Schedule,Syllabus,Portion, etc.
Velammal Bodhi Campus Kolapakkam 1.1
Bringing out the professional in every student – is thefundamentalphilosophy at Bodhi Campus. A first of its kindexclusive CBSEresidential campus in the country, Bodhi Campus isaimed atinculcating in the young minds – the drive to achieve, thezeal tolearn and the aspiration to accomplish more in their chosenpath.The highlight of Bodhi Campus is that we boost the educationbyimparting foundation programme for competitive examinationslikeIIT-JEE, AI-PMT and other State and National Level engineeringandmedical entrance examinations in a structured mannerintegratedwith the regular CBSE syllabus from std VI to std XII .At BodhiCampus, we have set up VICE (Velammal IIT Centre ofExcellence) tosow the seeds of knowledge right from the grass rootlevel. Wenurture them carefully in association with Resonance Kota,andensure that the seeds prosper in to full grown tree ofknowledge.We meticulously guide the students at every stage andensureunhindered growth of knowledge. The combination of Velammal,Knownfor sheer commitment and dedication in delivering the best tothestudent community from Kindergarten to professional managementandResonance, undisputed market leader in coaching studentsforcompetitive examinations, our journey in pursuit of excellenceineducation will continue to reach greater heights.
MLSI Parent 3.15
An application is developed for parents of students of TheMLSISchool to get information such as Attendance, Gallery,Homework,Library, Monthly Syllabus, Notifications, Transportation,Trackbus, Medical data, food menu, fee, Gallery, Teaching, andlearning.And also parents will get push notifications.
LND Kitabcha Version 6 1.6
This is the best app to see LND V6 questions. All questionsareaddedin this version. The questions are added againstEnglish,Urdu andMath. We have also added syllabus of LND. It givesyoucompletedetail on all SLOs of MEA Questions. English SLOsincludefollowing:English Comprehension English LND IdentifyobjectsEnglish LNDIdentify correct spelling. Use of has/have,his/her,I/We/You andis/am/are also cover in this version. ForUrduTafheem, Wahad jama,muzakar moans, khali jga ets are added.ForMath We have addedFractions, identify time, wordproblem,addition, subtraction withand without borrow,multiplication anddivision are all added. Thisapp is completeguide for teachers tosee LND Version 6 questions.
Onslow College 2018.12.27.1
Onslow College App for parent, staff and student community.Downloadthis App to be kept up to date with everything that ishappening atOnslow College. It features access to school portals,calendar,Newsletters and push notification alerts direct from theschool.
Velammal Bodhi Campus Tanjore 1.1
Bringing out the professional in every student – isthefundamentalphilosophy at Bodhi Campus. A first of itskindexclusive CBSEresidential campus in the country, Bodhi Campusisaimed atinculcating in the young minds – the drive to achieve,thezeal tolearn and the aspiration to accomplish more in theirchosenpath.The highlight of Bodhi Campus is that we boost theeducationbyimparting foundation programme for competitiveexaminationslikeIIT-JEE, AI-PMT and other State and National Levelengineeringandmedical entrance examinations in a structuredmannerintegratedwith the regular CBSE syllabus from std VI to stdXII .At BodhiCampus, we have set up VICE (Velammal IIT CentreofExcellence) tosow the seeds of knowledge right from the grassrootlevel. Wenurture them carefully in association with ResonanceKota,andensure that the seeds prosper in to full grown treeofknowledge.We meticulously guide the students at every stageandensureunhindered growth of knowledge. The combination ofVelammal,Knownfor sheer commitment and dedication in delivering thebest tothestudent community from Kindergarten to professionalmanagementandResonance, undisputed market leader in coachingstudentsforcompetitive examinations, our journey in pursuit ofexcellenceineducation will continue to reach greater heights.
UIETians Hub 4.6
The D-Zone
This app has been developed for the Engineering Students tosimplifytheir search for different purposes. Keeping the AcademicandExamination point of view, this app consists of the followingdatafor the users: 1. Collection of WORKSHOP Files forMACHINERY,FOUNDRY, CARPENTRY, SMITHY, FITTING, ELECTRONICS ANDELECTRICALWORKSHOPS. The Workshop files also include pictures andimages forthe reference to the given text. All the Workshop Filescan beviewed in the P.D.F. format. The files are made in referenceto theworkshops provided at University Institute of EngineeringandTechnology, Panjab University, Chandigarh. 2. Latest Syllabusofall branches (i.e; Mechanical Engineering, ElectronicsandCommunication Engineering, Electrical Engineering, ComputerScienceEngineering, Biotech and Information Technology) for theUIETdepartment of Panjab University, Chandigarh. 3. PreviousyearQuestion Papers of all the Branches (i.e; MechanicalEngineering,Electronics, and Communication Engineering, ElectricalEngineering,Computer Science Engineering, Biotech, and InformationTechnology)from 1st to 8th Semester. 4. Details of all the officialas well asnon-official committees in the college. 5. The appnotifies theUIETians with the latest updates relateddirectly/indirectly withthe college. 6. The app includes a sectionto find out the facultydetails. 7. College Gallery is provided inthe app which can beupdated by any user, all the images will beadded to the galleryafter approval only. 8. PU autologin feature inthe app enables ouruser to login/logout automatically onceconnected with the PU wifi.Keywords: UIET, Panjab University,Question Bank, Question Papers,Syllabus, Workshop Files, Engineers,Engineering.
Hints - Engineering Study Materials. 3.1
Tecent Inc
The app Hints consists of the questions, notes,syllabus,notifications, etc. for B.Tech and GATE Examination. Alsothere iscommunity forum which is tailored as per students'requirement andtheir branch/college. Currently the app consists thestudymaterials of the following branches: • Computer ScienceandEngineering • Electronics and communication Engineering•Mechanical Engineering • Electrical Engineering • CivilEngineering• More branches coming soon. FEATURES: • Previous YearQuestions •Relevant Study Material • Community Forum • Notesprovided bystudents and teachers • GATE study materials • Built-inPDF Viewer• Everyone can contribute Study Materials • Notificationsfor examsand other events Tags: Engineering, BTech, GATE,Technology,Technical.
UniConnect (UniQue - University Question Papers) 2.1
Our mission of the “TechnoSpectra” (UniConnect) is to helpandconnect students Technically in colleges of UniversitiesinMaharashtra to progress in university examination and scoregoodmarks with excellence as well as improve the quality ofEngineers.What We See As A Problem:- 1. There is requisite for aSubject Wiseas well as Unit-Wise sorted question paper while doingthe study inthe UniQue application. 2. Due to lots of colleges anddifferencesin study pattern Engineers are not connected to eachother to solveand share the problems and Questions. 3. It is beingdifficult toknow where seminars, competitions, Events are going onwhichcollege is conducted. 4. Most of the student not aware of thefreegovernment websites like NPTEL and Virtual Lab 5. As studentsarenot aware of the process, they face many problems whileobservingtheir result and applying for Photocopy and all process intheUniQue application. 6. It is beneficial for Teachers to carryoutUnit-Wise assignment and practice on question paper of thelastfour-five years the UniQue application. 7. It is beingdifficult tocarry a hard copy of the syllabus and read every timein the UniQueapplication. What We Think As A Solution:- As asolution to thisentire problem, we decided to develop a MobileApplication in whichstudent get facilitate with Dr. BabasahebAmbedkar TechnologicalUniversity (DBATU) and Shivaji University(SUK). ReformattedSyllabus, Question Paper of First-YearEngineering, MechanicalDepartment, Computer Science andEngineering, Civil Department,Electronics and TelecommunicationEngineering, ElectricalEngineering. NPTEL, Virtual Lab, NoticeBoard, Discussion Forums,Result, Photocopy Verification, and Hallticket download even witha click of the finger. Its Connect and getfacilitate withDiscussion Forums and Notice Board Subject WiseUniversity QuestionPaper:- Get full formatted Dr. BabasahebAmbedkar TechnologicalUniversity (DBATU) and Shivaji Universityquestion paper to setyour mind. Marking Scheme: - How the Answersdivided for marking.Model Answer: - How the toppers have writtenthe answers forscoring the Highest Marks. Unit Wise UniversityQuestion Paper:-Get unit wise questions on a selected range of yearas per unitcompleted. Photo Gallery:- Can save college relatedimportantphotos separately and get quick access. Syllabus:- Wellmanagedsyllabus with the readable format. Important Links:-Students getwith Result, Photocopy Verification, and Hall ticketdownload andsave. NPTEL:- An E-learning platform lectures andcourses with acertificate from IITs & IISc are just a clickaway. Stick yourNotice:- Stick your college notice on UniConnectNotice Board.Virtual Lab:- E-learning platform for practical andexperimentsprovides simulation or animation of your results.DepartmentForum:- It is a platform to connect people of your streamanddiscuss with them to share knowledge. Conference Alert:-Exploreyour Innovative Ideas and Research Projects Internationallyorparticipate to see the upcoming future in your City.UniversityForum:- University forum is a platform to connect peopleof youruniversity and discuss with them to share knowledge.Internship:-Connect your theoretical and practical knowledge with areal-timeIndustrial base. Advertise:- We do the same, whatEngineers want.So explores your Product or Service with us.
Oriental English Academy 5.0.0
Oriental English Academy's School App, Ensures every parentgetsimportant updates and notifications about upcoming events,examschedule, courses and syllabus. Parents can track the progressoftheir child with detailed analytics and know where he/she needstoimprove. Moreover, parents check the progress throughtheyear-by-year graph that helps them to keep an eye on theirchild.Parents can have a one-to-one chat with teachers andschoolauthorities to discuss their child’s performance and examupdatesor results. It is an instant communication tool for parentsandteachers. Using payment feature, parents can directlypayschool/college fees of the child and amount will bedirectlycredited to the school’s bank account School Calendar,AttendanceInfo, monthly newsletter Everything is integrated in theApp.
UQU | جامعة أم القرى 1.4.0
Umm Al-Qura University Android program provides alluniversity'simportant information and enables following up theuniversity'slatest news and events. It also enables all universityaffiliatesincluding; students, employees and faculty members to loginto theuniversity's e-portal and review e-services. Advantages:Updatesyou constantly with the university's news and events.Universityaffiliates e-service And more **General Services ** •News •Events. • University community • Geographic locations •Contacts •Transactions enquiry • Payment orders enquiry • Whomessaged me? **Student Services ** Academic services - Transcript -Scientificthesis supervision reports - Scientific thesis - StudentPlan -Study Courses - Academic transactions - Penalties -GPAAdministrative services - Rewards - Allowances ** Facultymemberservices** Academic services - Study Schedule - Transcript-Scientific thesis supervision reports -Administrative services-Benefits - Salaries ***Employees Services ** - Benefits -Salaries- Dereliction and Absence
Training Basket
Training Basket is a pioneer and certified Training InstituteinNoida offering a variety of professional learning courses.Unlikeany conventional Training Institute, Training Basketbelievesproviding only the updated and Industry Specific trainingcourse tothe students which increases the chances of employment andthus ajob satisfaction.
Velammal Bodhi Campus Vellore 1.3
Bringing out the professional in every student – is thefundamentalphilosophy at Bodhi Campus. A first of its kindexclusive CBSEresidential campus in the country, Bodhi Campus isaimed atinculcating in the young minds – the drive to achieve, thezeal tolearn and the aspiration to accomplish more in their chosenpath.The highlight of Bodhi Campus is that we boost the educationbyimparting foundation programme for competitive examinationslikeIIT-JEE, AI-PMT and other State and National Level engineeringandmedical entrance examinations in a structured mannerintegratedwith the regular CBSE syllabus from std VI to std XII .At BodhiCampus, we have set up VICE (Velammal IIT Centre ofExcellence) tosow the seeds of knowledge right from the grass rootlevel. Wenurture them carefully in association with Resonance Kota,andensure that the seeds prosper in to full grown tree ofknowledge.We meticulously guide the students at every stage andensureunhindered growth of knowledge. The combination of Velammal,Knownfor sheer commitment and dedication in delivering the best tothestudent community from Kindergarten to professional managementandResonance, undisputed market leader in coaching studentsforcompetitive examinations, our journey in pursuit of excellenceineducation will continue to reach greater heights.
Coventry University Moodle 3.5.2
Welcome to the Coventry University Group App. This app will workonany Coventry University Moodle site so regardless of whichcampusyou study at this is the app for you! Features: - Browsethecontent of your courses, even when offline - Receiveinstantnotifications of messages, assignment updates and otherevents -Quickly find and contact other people in your courses -Uploadimages, audio, videos and other files from your mobile device-View your grades - and more! New features are being planned fortheapp, so keep checking for updates.
MY Public School,Meerut in association with Mac ERPTechnologies( launched Androidapp forparents and teachers. MAC Android App features for parents :-Student Profile Fees status Attendance Exam performanceAcademicCalander News & updates Timetable Library BooksDetailsDownload TT/Datesheet/syllabus Photo Gallery Video Gallery&many more...
Suman GK1 1.0
General Knowledge is very Important for day todayActivities.SumanSanskar Prep School always eager to develop Kids inBestPossibleWay. We always try to develop Best syllabus&EducationMaterial to face Educational Challenges of 21 stCentury.ThisEducational General Knowledge App is one more Effort toGiveBestOutput to all Our Students & Society. Suman SanskarPrepSchool& team have given their Optimum Efforts to bringthisExcellentApp before You.
Christ University Student App 2.1
This App will enable the Christ University Bangalore, Indiastudentsto view Attendance, Absence details, Time table and EndSemesterExam Results. Student/Parent can login with their ChristUniversitystudent portal user name and password.
This app comprises the syllabus for Four Years of KUaffiliatedEngineering Colleges. FUTURE UPDATES ◆IMPORTANT Q/A ◆LABMANUALS◆TEXT BOOKS ◆MORE PREVIOUS PAPERS ◆VIDEO TUTORIALS If youhave anysuggestions, feedback or if you have found any mistakes inany partof the app please inform us at aravi[email protected] a review.
agexdev.commerce 6.5.b
This application contains Commerce Revision Notes andPracticeQuestions for O Level candidates. The notes cover theZimsecCommerce syllabus and can be used by students to study. Theappalso contains multiple choice questions in an in-app quizthatstudents can take. Features: - Full O level Zimsec Commercenotes.- Pinch to zoom, rotate notes reader. - Simple user interface- inapp MCQs with smart in-app marking - score tracking for takenquiz- select number of questions for each quiz you take Theapplicationprovides a convenient way to help you prepare for yourexaminationsas part of Age-X Development's exercise to bridge thegap in ICTtools in education in Zimbabwe.
Eastfield College 5.51.0_7745
Eastfield College is the official campus app for currentEastfieldstudents. Access news, events, calendars, clubs, socialmedia, mapsand more. Stay organized with your classes andassignments throughthe timetable. Connect with the campus communitythrough the campusfeed. Features to help you with your student life+ Classes -Manage your classes, create to-dos & reminders, andstay on topof assignments. + Events - Find what events arehappening oncampus. + Tour - Explore and get to know your campus +Deals -Access exclusive discounts + Campus Services - Learn aboutwhatservices are offered + Groups & Clubs - Find out aboutclubs oncampus and how to get involved + Campus Feed - Join thecampusdiscussion. + Campus Map - Get directions to classes, eventsanddepartments + Students List - Communicate with fellow students
Mona Preparatory School 2.0.0
The Mona Preparatory App gives parents instant access to allcurrentinformation about the school. Key Features are : - SchoolCalendar -Latest News - Canteen menu - Booklist - Timetables -Gallery Parentscan also log in view student information as well ascommunicate withthe school.
ABOUT M-RAJUVAS: An innovative technology i.e.Android-basedEducational Mobile Application and solutions isproduced fornext-generation Veterinary and Animal Science studentsby RAJUVAS.We have utilized the latest technologies andmethodologies tocreate an application which provides high interest,game-basedlearning opportunities via mobile learning. M-RAJUVASAndroidapplication is a major technological advancement thatprovidesstudents with the opportunity to study in any location andat anytime using Android smartphones or tablets while travellingandleisure time. This application is unique because oncedownloadedthen students can access it without Internet (offline).ThisM-RAJUVAS Android Educational Mobile Application is availableforfree download at the Google Play store. The applicationincludesseveral features like m-content for the Syllabus ofAnimalHusbandry Diploma Program (A.H.D.P), Bachelor of VeterinaryScienceand Animal Husbandry (B.V.Sc & A.H.), Master ofVeterinaryScience (M.V.Sc) to meet the needs of students(m-learning) and them-content for the Farmers/Livestock Owners inthe form ofPashupalako ke liye Upyogi Samagri (पशुपालको के लिएउपयोगीसामग्री). Contents under M-RAJUVAS Mobile App. forB.V.Sc.&A.H. and M.V.Sc. are being provided in English Languagefor theVeterinary Students and contents for A.H.D.P. &Pashupalako keliye Upyogi Samagri are being provided in HindiLanguage as per itsutility. Another separate part of M-RAJUVAS isKiosk InformationSystem for the Farmers/Livestock Owners i. e.Touch Screen Kiosk toprovide essential and required information toenhance and improveAnimal Husbandry practices. Contents areavailable in Hindilanguage in the Kiosk Information System for theFarmers/LivestockOwners. The study material and other featuresavailable on thisM-RAJUVAS Android Educational Mobile Applicationare based onVeterinary Council of India (Minimum Standards ofVeterinaryEducation) Degree Course (B.V.Sc. & A.H.)Regulations,2016. In addition, this mobile application providesaccess todetailed study notes, an extensive video library, PPTs,Previousyears Question papers and sample objective Q.-A. papers(MCQs).Objectives of the Project: • To develop an applicationwhichprovides high interest, game-based learning opportunitiesviamobile learning. • To allow a user to learn everywhere, anytimewith ease and free of cost. • To provide Self- Evaluation. •Toprovide authenticated Study Material as per VCI syllabus. •Tocreate an Information System which provides easy andfreeInformation for Farmers /Livestock Owners related toAnimalHusbandry. AUTHORS / CONTRIBUTORS: Experts of variousDisciplinesof RAJUVAS
Tennessee Wesleyan University 5.54.0_8261
The TN Wesleyan app brings services to your fingertips andenablesyou to connect with your classmates and friends. You canaccessevents, calendars, contacts, maps, and more! Stay organizedwiththe timetable function, where you can save events, classes,andassignments. Join your campus community on the TN Wesleyan appnow!Features to help you with your student life + Classes - Manageyourclasses, create to-dos & reminders, and stay on topofassignments. + Events - Find what events are happening on campus.+Tour - Explore and get to know your campus + Deals -Accessexclusive discounts + Campus Services - Learn about whatservicesare offered + Groups & Clubs - Find out about clubs oncampusand how to get involved + Campus Feed - Join the campusdiscussion.+ Campus Map - Get directions to classes, events anddepartments +Students List - Communicate with fellow students
com.oohlala.stcloud 5.55.0_8592
The SCTCC app brings services to your fingertips and enables youtoconnect with your classmates and friends. You can accessevents,calendars, contacts, maps, and more! Stay organized withthetimetable function, where you can save events, classes,andassignments. Join your campus community on the SCTCC appnow!Features to help you with your student life + Classes - Manageyourclasses, create to-dos & reminders, and stay on topofassignments. + Events - Find what events are happening on campus.+Tour - Explore and get to know your campus. + Deals -Accessexclusive discounts. + Campus Services - Learn about whatservicesare offered. + Groups & Clubs - Find out about clubs oncampusand how to get involved. + Campus Feed - Join thecampusdiscussion. + Campus Map - Get directions to classes, eventsanddepartments. + Students List - Communicate with fellow students.
Manavdhan Sanstha Parents 1.7
Students & Parents can use this application to seeStudent'sAttendance, Time Table, Exam Time Table, Syllabus Details,Results,Activities , Events, Fee Details, Diary, Holidays, etc.Mr.PrakashSukhadeo Kolhe (Founder- Manavdhan Samajik ShaikshanikVikasSanstha Nashik ) His father Mr. Sukhadeo and mother LateDagubaiwas farm – worker under one Landlord (In Marathi Salkari)They didnot have their own home . They were living in a small hutwhich wasprovided by that Landlord .After few years they got smallhome fromgovernment under the scheme of Indira Awas Yojana . SmallPrakashhad started his primary education at Nimgaon Wakada (verysmallvillage ) in Nashik district When he was in IV std , hestartedworking with his mother in field . He was bright in school .Afterschool he was cutting grass for cattle's from field and afterthathe was selling that grass in the nearest market. In thiswayfinancially he had supported his family and fulfilled hisowneducational expenses up to his last academic degree. Hehascompleted vocational Electrical course (10+2 level) DiplomainIndustrial electronics and A.M.I.E . After doing lot of struggleinhis childhood he developed his own philosophy of life andcompiledit in one formula ie. (Struggle=success ) He was stronglybelievethat every success has two Golden hands one is Honesty andother isHard work. When he was in middle school he adopted oneprinciplewhich was also slogan of his school that is "Hati ghyal tetadisnyal" (In English what ever work (task) you will start youhave tocomplete it properly) He started his carrier as aElectricalEngineer in Crompton Greaves Nashik. But he wasinterested in thefield of education from childhood that’s why heleft that job andjoined in K.K.Wagh Engineering college in Nashikas a teacher.Whatever struggle he had done in his childhood ,otherchildrenshould not go through it. So that he decided to start oneschool .He started one institute named as Manavdhan SamajikShaikshanikVikas Sanstha in year 2004 at Nashik .He got inspirationafterreading the book “Bharat 2020” then he decided that he willservefor Humanity and Nations for that he made one slogan“ManavsevaHich Khari Ishwar Seva” (Service for humanity is realworship ofGod ) He accepted Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam sir as amentor(Guruvarya) He decided that he will become a small soldier ofthemission 2020(A dream which was seen by Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalamsir)At the time of starting the school he had contributed hisownprovident fund to establish the school in year 2005.He alsosoldhis own house for the establishment of school.
ELEX Passers Mastery Module (PMM) - ECE Reviewer 163
PercBook is a mobile learning module(reviewer) designed toenhanceand strengthened knowledge about various subjects in reviewcoursesand college subjects. An engineering learning material,reviewer,and multiple choice questions. Passers Mastery Module(PMM) ELEX ispatterned on the ECE Board Syllabus and composed of4280 questionsand is equivalent to a 2500-page Book. PMM ELEXcontains thefollowing topics: Chapter I. Electricity and MagnetismChapter II.Electrical Circuits Chapter III. Solid State DevicesCircuitsChapter IV. Power Generator/Sources/Principles/ApplicationsChapter V. Electronic (Audio/RF)Circuit/Analysis/Design Cells andbatteries Chapter VI. Test andMeasurements Chapter VII.Microelectronics Chapter VIII. IndustrialElectronicsPrinciples/Applications Chapter IX. Computer PrinciplesThePercBook is hybrid (Online & Offline Operation)Useonline(Internet or data) to: - Register & Submit Exams -Create& Join Class - View Exams of Students ( forteachers/mentors)Offline: - Study Learning Essentials - Can takeFormative Exams -Take Section Mastery exams - Take Chapter Masteryexams - Take BookMastery exams - Review "My Performance" AlsoAvailable: PassersMastery Module (PMM) - MATH Passers MasteryModule (PMM) - GEASPassers Mastery Module (PMM) - ESAT PassersMastery Module (PMM) -Differential Calculus
Brainbridge International School - Digital School 1.2.4
By using this application student can get access to the following:*Absent report * Attendance information * Assignments * Complaints*Homework * News Feeds * Timetable * Gallery * Bus Routes *PhoneDirectory * Syllabus * Transportation etc...!!!
Grow Youth & Kids Ministry 3.11
Join the thousands of churches who are already using the Grow appintheir youth ministry and kids ministry for curriculum,check-in,attendance tracker, small groups, conversation starters,andicebreakers! This is the most feature-rich app availableforstudent ministry leaders and children’s ministry leadersavailabletoday, it’s perfect for youth group or Sunday school.Curriculum:Access your Grow Curriculum small group discussionquestions,perfect for your volunteers, students, and parents inyour youthministry or kids ministry. Small Groups: Give volunteersaccess totheir Grow Numbers groups right in the app to help leadsmallgroups. Both student ministry and children’s ministry leaderslovethis feature. Check-In: Check in students and kids to yourprogramsand events, track attendance, and access your entireministry'sdatabase. Even use the attendance tracker for your smallgroups orSunday school. Ice Breakers: A free tool thatgeneratesconversation starters and icebreakers, perfect for peoplewho leadsmall groups, small group leaders, students, children, andparents.More Tools: All of this and more, find links to all ofGrowCurriculum's free tools and resources right in the app! "Asastudent pastor, I’m always looking for tools to help me excel inmystrengths and assist me in my weaknesses. Grow is agame-changingresource that provides a strategy for every aspect ofmy ministry!”– Youth Pastor Cory Burchard youth ministry, kidsministry, studentministry, children's ministry, grow curriculum,grow, curriculum,church, sunday school, youth group, curriculum,check in,attendance, tracker, icebreakers, youth, student, kids,children,ministry, small groups, volunteers, parents, numbers,lessons,stuff you can use
SRM Lite is an extremely student friendly app which providesSRMiteswith ★ Notes ★ SRM ERP ★ GPA and CGPA Calculators ★ MarksEstimator★ Library Assistant The main aim of this SRM LITE app isto lessenthe hardships of a student as much as possible and tosave them fromlast minute rush. ★ The app provides all the NOTES& QuestionPapers for all the 8 Semesters, which includeshandwritten notes (byteachers),pdfs and books as per the SRMsyllabus particularly forthat subject. ★ The app provides the mostaccurate SGPA, CGPA andMarks Estimating calculators. ★ The LibraryAssistant is fullfledged solution for all your Library relatedproblems. 💡 SRM LITENOTES ◙It is easy to use and very convenientwith the help of greatUI and you can also download the notes fromsrm notes app. ◙Morenotes will be uploaded regularly in theupdates, you can also mailfor particular suggestions. 💡 SRM ERP ◙SRM ERP feature providesbuttons that can access the Student login,results , feekart sitewithin a click of a button, Thus saving timeof students in findingthe right link to open the needed site. 💡SRMCALCULATORS ◙ SRM Liteis the best application that providesaccurate and fastest SGPA,CGPA and Marks Estimating calculationsas per the latest regulationsof SRM Institute of Science andTechnology. ◙ It helps the studentsof all branches of SRM IST, tocalculate their SGPA (Semester GradePoint Average) andCGPA(Cumulative Grade Point Average), estimatetheir Marks so thatthey could be able to bring their wished TargetGrade and couldaccess Library database to check the bookavailability, finecalculations and reminders before due date. ◙This app can be veryuseful in case you have a tough timecalculating your SGPA or CGPAfor your CV(Curriculum Vitae) or postresults. All you need to dois to select the credit and grade forcorresponding subjects andfind out your result in just with a clickof a button!! ◙ All youneed to do is to select the credit and gradefor correspondingsubjects and find out your SGPA result in justwith a click of abutton!! ◙ And For CGPA Calculation, enter yourCredits for thesemester and your respective SGPA and find your CGPAresult!! 💡SRMLIBRARY ASSISTANT ◙ SRM Library Assistant (BookAvailability) helpsyou to check about the particular book ispresent in Library ornot.(Coming Soon!) ◙ SRM Library Assistant(Fine Calculator) helpsyou to calculate the fine on book if thecurrent date has exceededthe due date. ◙SRM Library Assistant (BookReminder) reminds you toreturn/reissue the book on due date . 💡FEATURES:- • 100% AccurateResults. • Based on Latest SRM GPAREGULATIONS. • BestUser-Interface. • Easy to use with drop-downselections. •Compatible upto 15 subjects SGPA Calculation. •Compatible with allAndroid Devices. •Frequent Updates and newfeatures. ★ The App isintended to work with all Campuses under SRMIST. For any queriesand suggestions. Just drop an email to thedevelopers- NorthernLights! ([email protected]) Lookingforward to yourvalueable feedback and comments!!
KCMITians 2.5.0
rowsun et al
Student project turns into college official app. The appprovidesthe class routines, result ,syllabus, academic calendar andcontactinfo etc. Push notification for news and events is alsoavailable.From the latest version It provides different servicesforKCMITians and non KCMITians. Features available for nonKCMITiansare: 1. Contact details (Email, phone, location map) 2.PhotoGallery 3. Enquiry Form (Post queries regarding admission)4.Notice (You can get Push Notification) 5. You can Know aboutusthrough About Us section 6. Blog (Is used to publisharticles,stories, poems etc. ) Features available for KCMITiansare: 1.Contact details (Email, phone, location map) 2. PhotoGallery 3.Notice (You can get Push Notification and category ismaintained)4. Class Routine 5. My Routine (Faculty can view theirclassroutines) 6. Blog (Is used to publish articles, stories, poemsetc.) 7. Academic Calendar 8. Discussion (Is a group chatwherestakeholders can talk to each other) 9. Faculty Member Details10.Resource (Books, Notes, Syllabus, Course cycle and othermaterialscan be downloaded through this section) 11. Result(Semester Resultcan be viewed through Result Section )
Electrical Engineering Handbook 2018 0.6.4
Electrical engineering is one of the newer branches ofengineering,and dates back to the late 19th century. It is thebranch ofengineering that deals with the technology ofelectricity.Electrical engineers work on a wide range ofcomponents, devicesand systems, from tiny microchips to huge powerstation generators.The app is a complete free handbook of BasicElectricalEngineering, which covers most important topics,formulas… morethan 200 topics. It makes it easy & useful forpolytechnicstudent or a professional that needs an offline bookthat to coverfundamental of electrical engineering. Download theApp as areference material and free digital book for electricalengineeringprograms and degree courses. Features: - Friendlyinterface -Search topics using key words - Bookmark favorite topics- Zoom -Topics in alphabetical order - Swipe to previous or nexttopics -Work offline (images have to be downloaded) - Select thetext thatyou want to share with your friends through e-mail,WhatsApp,Facebook.... - And much more features to come with updatesSome ofthe topics Covered in the app are: ElectricityMagnetismElectromagnetic spectrum Optical spectrum ElectrostaticsElectriccharge Coulomb's law Electric field Gauss's law ElectricpotentialMagnetostatics Electric current Ampère's law MagneticfieldMagnetic moment Electrodynamics Lorentz force lawElectromotiveforce Electromagnetic induction Faraday-Lenz lawDisplacementcurrent Maxwell's equations Electromagnetic fieldElectromagneticradiation Electrical circuits Electrical resistanceCapacitanceInductance Impedance Resonant cavity Physical lawsFaraday's law ofinduction/Faraday-Lenz law Kirchhoff's circuit lawsCurrent lawVoltage law Faraday's law of induction Ohm's lawControlengineering Control Theory Adaptive control DigitalcontrolNonlinear control Optimal control Intelligent controlNeuralnetworks Fuzzy control PID controller Programmable logiccontrollerField oriented controller Direct torque controllerDigital signalcontroller Pulse-width modulation controllerElectronics Electricalnetwork/Circuit Circuit laws Y-deltatransform Electricalelement/Discretes Capacitor Inductor ResistorMicrocontrollerOperational amplifier Diode Zener diodeLight-emitting diode PINdiode Schottky diode Avalanche diode Laserdiode DIAC ThyristorTransistor Bipolar transistor (BJT) Fieldeffect transistor (FET)Darlington transistor IGBT TRIAC MosfetElectronic designautomation Power engineering Generation ElectricalgeneratorRenewable electricity Hydropower Transmission ElectricitypylonTransformer Alternating current Direct currentSingle-phaseelectric power Two-phase electric power Three-phasepower Powerelectronics / Electro-mechanical Inverter ElectricvehiclesElectric motor Hybrid electric vehicle Plug-in hybridRechargeablebattery Vehicle-to-grid Signal processing Analog signalprocessingDigital signal processing Analog-to-digitalconverter,Digital-to-analog converter Continuous signal, DiscretesignalAudio signal processing Audio noise reduction SpeechprocessingEqualization (audio) Digital image processingGeometrictransformation Color correction Image noise reductionEdgedetection Analog filter Audio filter Digital filter Finiteimpulseresponse Infinite impulse response Electronic filterAnaloguefilter Filter (signal processing) Band-pass filterBand-stop filterButterworth filter High-pass filter Low-pass filterTransformsAdvanced Z-transform Bilinear transform ContinuousFouriertransform Discrete cosine transform Discrete Fouriertransform,Fast Fourier transform (FFT) Discrete sine transformFouriertransform Hilbert transform Laplace transform, Two-sidedLaplacetransform Z-transform Actuator Oscilloscope Pulse-codemodulation(PCM) Main distribution frame (MDF) Carrier system MobilephoneWireless network Optical fiber Modulation Carrier wave
St. Francis High School which is a Christian ReligiousMinorityEducational Institution was founded on June 1st 1990. Theschoolfollows SSLC Syllabus. St. Francis High School is run bytheCongregation of the Missionary Brothers of Saint Francis ofAssisi(CMSF). This congregation was founded by Rev. Bro. PaulusMoritz onthe life and teachings of Jesus Christ. The members ofthecongregation follow the spirituality of St. Francis of Assisi.St.Francis High School which is a Christian ReligiousMinorityEducational Institution was founded on June 1st 1990 with asmallbatch of students. At present there are around 1,300 studentsand90 staffs. The school has earned a very good name within ashortspan of time. It is situated in a prominent locality in theGardenCity. The school follows SSLC Syllabus. We have classesfromNursery to Std X. The curriculum and methodology we haveadoptedare to educate and equip the children to face the challengesof thepresent competitive and fast - growing society.