Top 49 Games Similar to Pet Caring Lion

Ganz TM
Play Webkinz on your mobile device!***NEW: Earn Pet Carepoints,Family Score and Milestone Prizes on the go!***Access yourWebkinzWorld™ account anywhere! Decorate your rooms, shop, playarcadegames and take care of your pets!• Decorate your pet’s roomsonyour tablet or phone!• Care for your pets! Feed, dress andbatheyour pets from your mobile device!• Go shopping! Buy awesomefood,clothing, furniture, decorations, or even a new virtual petforyour Webkinz account in the mobile WShop (featuring uniqueMobileZone items)!• Play Arcade games and earn KinzCash!• Spin theWheelof WOW and win unique prizes for your Webkinz Worldaccount!•Register for Webkinz World and adopt pets from your mobiledevice!•Special benefits for Deluxe Webkinz World Members!*• Morefeaturesand arcade games from added often!Download theapp forFREE!About Webkinz PetsWebkinz™ pets are lovable toys thatcomealive in Webkinz World! Earn KinzCash playing some of thebestArcade games around! Feed, dress and play with your Webkinzvirtualpets and design an amazing home for your whole Webkinzfamily. Forkids aged 6+. Come in and play!*Some features require aDeluxeWebkinz World Membership or In App purchases.*Some featuresrequirean active internet connection. Arcade games are availableforoffline play. Webkinz Mobile is available for all Androiddevices,and has passed testing for the following Android devices -•Phone:Samsung S3, Samsung S4, Nexus 4, Samsung Note 2• Tablet:SamsungGalaxy Tab 2 10.1, Nexus 9Requires Android OS 4.0 and upWebkinzWorld: http://www.webkinz.comWebkinz UserAgreement:
My Wild Pet: Online Animal Sim 2.7
App Holdings
KOKO the baby Zebra has been kidnapped! Embark on amultiplayervoyage to rescue a wild lion, tiger, wolf and other zooanimals inthis adventure simulator game. Jam on, you're a star!Once yourescue them, they are all yours to role play with &adopt -your very own secret wild pets!RESCUE LOTS OF CUTE ANIMALS:Rescueand roleplay as a wolf, lion, zebra, bear, cheetah, fox,eagle oreven a saber tooth tiger! Also discover and adopt rareanimals youwill fall in love with - just play this fun simulatorgame and see!There is even a cat and a dog for you torescue!EXPLORE A BEAUTIFUL3D WORLD: Explore the secrets of WonderSprings, a Savanna filledwith secret areas and hiding spots andshelters! Wonder through theJungle, Desert and If you're braveenough, take your wild pet fromher home into the winter wonderlandand explore the snow cappedmountains with your online friends!MEETFRIENDS & CHAT: You caneven gossip to your online friends inchat as you role play!JOIN ANADVENTURE: Level up your animal bycompleting fun missions thatbring you closer to rescuing baby ZebraKoko. Hunt for food, find amissing cat and dog, feed the animals,and find a way to releasethem from their cage!PERSONALIZE ANDCUSTOMIZE: Choose a name thatshouts out what you are all about, andthen choose cool effects foryour pet!UPDATES: Foxie Games areplanning lots of stable updatesto make the game even more fun. Theworld will get even bigger andthere will be lots more animals torescue, adopt and role playwith! PLAY FOR FREE! You can playthrough the whole game withoutpaying any real money! However, likeall our games, My Wild Pet isfree to play, but it contains upgradesthat can be purchased forreal money.Visit our official website
Little Live Pets
Welcome to the Little Live Pets Pet Shop!Adoptyour own virtual pet – feed, clean, play and accessorize yourpetmouse, turtle, bird, puppy and more. Adopt them from the petshopand care for them - just like a real pet! Play mini-games tolevelup, earn coins and unlock surprises!Features:- Choose the virtual pets that you would like to adopt in thepetshop: all new Splashberry the Frog, Chatter the Mouse, DigitheGaming Turtle, Poppin’ Polly the Bird, Purrcilla the Kitten,SweetBeat the Puppy and Luvey Duck.- Keep your pet happy by feeding, cleaning and playingwiththem.- Play mini-games to level up and earn coins: Puppy Dash,MouseHurdles, Puppy Jumble, Tweet Along, Turtle Turbo, Cheese QuestandCleverkeet Augmented Reality.- Create your own Sweet Talking Kitten sound recordings withtheSweet Repeat game.- Use your coins to buy food, toys, accessories, habitatsandcleaning materials from the Store.- Unlock new items as you play along and progress throughthelevels.Have fun with these caring activities:- Feed your pet – let your pet enjoy a sumptuous feast ofdeliciousapples, pears, carrots, bananas and even artichokes!- Clean your pet – grab the soap, sponge, brush, towel andshowerhead to wash your pet.- Play and have fun – throw a ball and play with your pet to keepithappy.- Dress up! Keep your pet cool with cute hats, ties, collarsandmany other accessories.- Interact with your pet - tap your pet anywhere and you will seeitmove, feel, react and sound like a real pet!Play the fun mini-games and earn cool rewards for you andyourpet! Guide Snuggles the puppy over the jumps and cones in theagilitycourse and run as fast as you can to win loads ofpoints.Hop along to the new Frog Hop game! Race Splashberry againstherfrog friends – jump over the logs and catch the flies to getspeedypower-ups, and don’t get stuck in the mud!- Race with other mice, jump over hurdles and catch thecheesepower-ups to emerge as the champion of the MouseHurdlesmini-game.- Tweet in the same tune as our Tweet Talking Bird in theTweetAlong mini-game.- Help the Sweet Talking Puppy find the delicious disheshe’sdreaming about in Puppy Jumble.- Dive and dodge the obstacles and reach the finish linebeforetimer stops in the Turtle Turbo mini-game.- Roll the Lil’ Mouse through the maze of pipes. Navigatebridges,spinning wheels and other obstacles to reach the cheese andgiveyour pet a tasty treat in the Cheese Quest mini-game!- Experience the fun as Cleverkeet comes to life in theCleverkeetAugmented Reality Game! Feed him and see him fly. Sing,dance andplay with him. Dress him up with cute and coolaccessories.Have fun taking care of your Little Live Pets!Privacy Policy:
My Grumpy - The World's Moodiest Virtual Pet! 1.1.6
Tapps Games
You might have pulled all kinds of pranks on Mr. Grumpy, but nowyoucan have him as a pet!Adopt mr. Grumpy as your cute virtual petandkeep annoying him whenever you feel like it! Give him ahappyfamily, keep him clean and well fed and maybe he’ll even growtohate you a little less!, he won’t.GRUMPYHIGHLIGHTS🐻TAKECARE of mr. Grumpy as your own cute and moodyvirtual pet. Shower,feed, pet and be the family he never everwished for!🐻DISCOVER newpranks and tricks to pull on your crankypet and have fun with hisfunny (over) reactions!🐻CUSTOMIZE mr.Grumpy with funny hats, ties,glasses and clothes! He absolutelyloves to be dressed in cutelittle outfits, he just has a verydifferent way of showingit!🐻DECORATE your pet marmot’s home andmake yourself comfortable:having people breach his personal spaceis one of mr. Grumpyfavorite things in life!Spend quality time withmr.Grumpy and makehim feel loved and cared for like the little kidmarmot he is deepdown. Making him feel good might be harder thanwinning thelottery, we know, but cranky might just be the newhappy!How totake care of a virtual marmot? Feed him overly spicyfood withoutwarning him first, wake him up with a good old scareand pullcartoon-worthy pranks on him all day! It’s simple!Adoptmr.Grumpynow! He simply can’t wait!Please note! This game is freeto play,but it contains items that can be purchased for real money.Somefeatures and extras mentioned in the description may also havetobe purchased for real money.
Fluffy Pets Vet Doctor Care 1.0.4
Fluffy Pets Vet Doctor Care is a free game for girls and kids ofallages. Every kid will love and care for their pets and will dothebest for their animals treatments. Fluffy Pets Vets is aadorablecrazy fun, spa and dress up game with your ownexpectations. FluffyPets is a free virtual pets games with lot ofperfect fun andeducational games for all kids and babies. Puppyand kitty games hasalways remained the favorite games for kids.Virtual rabbit in thisgame will make you love taking care of petsand animals.Puppy ,kitty and rabbit are waiting in the clinic fortheir regular checkupand some time at emergency. Because pets arevery naughty and theyusually face some injuries inside the gardenwhile playing.Everyoneloves talking with the pets. Puppy and kittybabysitting is veryimportant when they are small enough. We havethe best dress upsalon for your pets where you can choose thestylish caps, glassesand clothes for your puppy, kitten and rabbitas well. We have akitchen in this game where your pets will comefor some good foodlike carrots, juices, eggs, milk and bones. Wehave a garden foryour pets to play so your pets can feel fresh andhappy by playingwith each other.It is a free real puppy, kitty andRabbit simulatorpet care game that will enable you to talk withyour virtual babyanimals and really take care of dogs and kittenslike a veterinarydoctor clinic. This game will let your dreampuppy pet happy,healthy and clean.The puppy and kitten are hungryand they needsomeone to take care of them.Giving food to theseadorable animals,a bone for the dog and let them play in theyard.If there is anemergency bring them to the vet for treatment.X-rays to find thefracture.Grooming Salon to make them nice andclean. In thiseducational game for kids and girls with pets.Do notforget to playall of our other makeup, makeover, cooking,tailoring, babies anddress up games for girls and kids.TinyBitgames, tiny masterpieces !
Talking Puppy 1.49
Talking Baby
Talking Puppy repeats everything you say with a funny voice.Enjoyhours of fun and laughter with Talking puppy. Talking Puppyisespecially fun for children of all ages.Talking PuppyFeatures:-Talk to puppy and he will repeat everything you say witha funnyvoice.- Threw Frisbee to puppy quickly.- Feed puppy hisfavoritefoods, play with him.- Look at puppy dancing.- Play minigames withpuppy to collect coins.- Puppy is the monster of circus.-Poketalking puppy's head, arm or feet.- Have fun with talking puppyonthe playground and make sure he gets some sleep.- Decoratepuppy'shome and collect furniture.- Customize puppy by choosefromaccessories.Join puppy world! Start happy time with yourTalkingPuppy!
Save My Pet 1.1.6
Rule is very simple. Match two or more boxes of the same colortoclear the level and rescue the pets.Rescue Pet is completelyfreeto play, play with friends to see who can get the highest score!
My Chu 2 - Virtual Pet 1.2.0
Say hello to your little virtual pet Chu! Back with lots of funandgames in a new chapter of My Chu 2! Do all the fun - play,feed,dress, collect and do even more! Experiance your own journeywithChu and let the adventure begins! ChristmasThemeincluded!FEATURES:•CHU REACTS to your actions! Chu'spersonality isalways growing!•CHU VOICE! Chu loves to talk andsing, now evenmore! •NEW PLACES! Sunny Beach, Lush Meadows, FlyingLanternsNight, Snowy Alps and more!•MINI GAMES! Play lots of minigames,earn coins and level-up faster!•GARDEN! Grow your own littlecactusand receive extra level-up booster!•PET FARM Play cutepetevolution game to unlock new items.•STICKERS! Collect stickerstounlock lots of goodies.•MUSIC ROOM! Play piano with variousfunsounds!•OUTSIDE! Go outside and have a fun with trampolineandfootball!•BUNNY CHALLENGE! Catch bunnies to unlock new goodies,socatch them all!•CUSTOMIZE! Dress Chu, customize rooms andevenChu's house outside!•TROPHIES! Unlock special trophies andrewards!
Hi Frog! - Free pet game app 3.0.1
Hi Frog! – Say „Hi!“ to your new virtual petPlaying, caring,stylingand more with your personal weather frog.With an activeinternetconnection and your GPS coordinates, your little froggywillexperience the same weather like you do! Make sure that heisdressed appropriately, otherwise he might get sick. Helpyourlittle frog, to solve various tasks and see him grow, unlockingnewitems and unlock achievements. Experience Hi Frog! and … - Feedhimwith delicious treats- Clean him with the flower shower-Playvarious exciting minigames - Turn, pet and lift him withyourfinger- Complete various tasks and see him grow- Personalizeyourlittle frog just the way you like with hats, glasses,clothing,costumes and a selection of eye and skin colors NEW:Shelters –build a shelter for your little frog, so he can sleepwellNEW: Toys– let your little frog play with various toysMorefeatures andaccessories will come soon – we are working constantlyon newfeatures! Become a fan of Hi Frog! Visit our Facebook pageandbecome afan: homepage: http://www.weatherfroggy.comFollow usonTwitter: you haveanyquestions for Hi Frog! or any great ideas on how we canimprove?Our support team is gladly at your disposal. Simply send usanemail at [email protected]
My Talking Cat Donna 1.4
Your child loves to play with animals? Then make her/him happy.Ournew cat Donna could be your new virtual pet. You can changeheroutfit depending on your mood. Whether you dress your cat insuitsor costumes, she will be satisfied for taking care of herlook. Youcan also change hats or hairstyles in a way that fits themost withher suits. My talking cat Donna has a special room formake up, sotake care of her beauty: change the color of cat’s eyes,blush hercheeks, put lipstick or eyeshadow on her face. If you wantyourvirtual cat to feel famous, join Donna on her own stage.Yourvirtual cat Donna will repeat everything you say withdifferentvoices which you can also choose.Virtual cat Donna will bethankfulif you play with her, bathe or feed her. You can buygroceries andhelp your virtual pet Donna prepare some deliciousfood. She willshow you if she needs to go to the toilet better thanyour realanimal pet would do.Change furniture in her rooms so thatshe canfeel more comfortable. If you don't have enough money tomakechanges, earn it by playing roulette on homescreen whichisavailable on every ten hours, or if you can't wait thatlong,another option is to watch video to save your time. Dependingonhow lucky you are you can buy furniture for your virtual catlockedfor upper levels.For more fun and better pleasure play minigamesand charge your batteries for your virtual pet My talkingcatDonna.FEATURES OF MY VIRTUAL TALKING CAT DONNA- play withvirtualcat Donna and see how funny moves she has- make up yourvirtual petand see how pretty she can be- take her to the bathroomand satisfyher needs- feed your virtual cat Donna when she ishungry- if sheis tired, take your virtual cat to the bed and turnoff the lights-talk with virtual cat Donna and she will repeateverything withfunny voices- play mini games in My Talking CatDonna for betterfunYou can treat Donna as if she was your ownanimal pet if youalready don't have the real one and test yourselfif you can adoptwhether the real or the virtual one.
Talking Cat Leo 2.0
Meet Leo Catomy the talking stray cat. Talking Cat Leo is afunlittle virtual pet that responds to your touch andrepeatseverything you say with his own hilarious voice. You can pethim,poke him pull his ears, play with his collar and much more.Leoloves to play and has got some cool games he cannot wait toplaywith you!If you like talking animals games like talking dog,catsimulator, funny games, fun games or animal games in generalthenyou will love Talking Cat Leo!Features:- Funny Games - FunGames -Crazy Games - Gamesag- High quality 3D graphics- Just talkto LeoCatomy: Speak and he repeats what you say in his own funnyvoice.-Play with Leo Catomy: Basketball, Soccer, and an excitingcookinggame.- Customize / dress up: fur color change, sun glasses,newclothes, new outfits, caps and more.- Take care of him: washhim,bring him to sleep etc.- Over 20 engaging mini games to beplayed:Joe bounce, match-3 games, puzzles etc. - Earn coins:Getspecial achievements for playing with Leo and the differentfunnygames.- Play football/soccer against the cat Babsy- Qualityproductfrom Wonderful GamesagIf you search for funny cat games,crazy catgames or best cat games, then Talking Cat Leo is the rightgame foryou!Talking Cat Leo is a free application. Download TalkingCat Leonow and please rate it with 5 stars if you like it.Thisfunny appwith Leo Catomy has been created by Wonderful Gamesag.
Dino 🐾 Virtual Pet Game 1.3
Frojo Apps
Adopt a cute little dino and enjoy countless hours of excitingandfun gameplay. With life-like emotions, stunning graphics andfluidanimations it will feel just as if your dino is real, and youwillhopefully love him just like a real pet.So do you have whatittakes to adopt, love, play, dress up, teach, clean and decorateyoudino and his little home? FEATURES:Life-like emotions: Yourdinowill act like a real pet and get happy, sleepy & saddependingon how you treat him.Nurture: Take care of your dino byfeeding,cleaning, playing with and getting him to sleep when heistired.Customize: Dress your dino and choose from over1.000.000combinations of dresses, shirts, hats, beards &glasses.Build:Build the house of your dreams by choosingwallpapers, furnituresand decorations. Garden: Grow your ownflowers, flesh-eating plantsand mushrooms in the adorablegarden.Stickers: Find and collectlots of virtual stickers of yourdino doing silly things! Music:Create music with the virtualinstruments such as: piano, drums& guitar. Pet evolution:Combine small pets and watch themevolve from eggs to cutecreatures.Mini-games: Play one of the 15mini-games and earnmoney!Paint: Draw beautiful images with over 18different colors andshare them with your friends.Building Blocks:Experience realphysics in the building block room. Aquarium: Takecare for fishesand style your own aquarium.
Moy 2 🐙 Virtual Pet Game 1.95
Frojo Apps
Moy 2 - Virtual Pet Game is one of the best pet games, with over20million downloads!Moy 2 is packed with loads of new ways totakecare of and love your very own virtual pet, Moy 2 is willentertainyou for hours. The game is packed with cool animations andplayfulgraphics! ***FEATURES***- GARDEN, grow your own plants inthe cutepocket garden!- CUSTOMIZE Moy and dress him in manydifferentlooks!- CURE, be Moy's doctor and treat him from all kindsofdiseases- WASH, wash Moy's dirty clothes in the funnywashingmachine!- SLEEP, do not forget that Moy gets sleepy!-FEED,whenever Moy is Hungry, feed him! - SING, Moy can sing andtalk! -PLAY, play awesome mini games to earn coins! - SHARE, shareyourown Moy with friends on facebook and other social medias!
Cats Evolution - Clicker 1.16
Find out what happens to an cat evolution when theevolutionstarted, combine two cats to evolve and discover the mostcuriousand funny forms of your favorite animals.Explore the realworld,explore the continent event the world is not safe for yourmutationcat evolution.HOW TO PLAYIt’s simpler then a matchinggame!• Asyour Cat evolution drop coins, buy new Cat to earn evenmore money•Drag and drop similar Cats to evolve them into new andmoreprofitable Cat• Also tap the Cat evolution to make morecoinsHighlights• Different stages and 30 different forms ofCatevolution• A cool mix of idle and incremental clicker likeTamago!•Three possible endings: find the right god as youplay!Download CatEvolution now start your own journey of CatsWelove clicker andidle games the way you do! If you have anyquestions, found a bugor you have new upgrade ideas, get in touchwith us!We take yourfeedback very seriously. To get in touch withus, please send us anemail:[email protected]
Talking Kittens virtual cat that speaks, take care 0.4.0
Talking Kittens, cats that can speak and repeat what you say.Isafree game very realistic virtual pet, done in 3d which is abletorepeat what you say with a funny voice. It is also a virtualpetyou have to care and feeding. The cat that speaks is cuteandrealistic!Now with Augmented Reality! to see your cat in therealworld.Select a kitten, give it a name and play. You can takecareof the kitten and anytime you can change your appearanceandname.You can take pictures to use as wallpaper or sharewithfriends.Your kitty can play with the bugs on the floor.Youmustcare and feed. Occasionally needs a good bubble bath.Thebathroomis the most spectacular moment, you'll see authentic foamandbubbles. If the cat was dirty, as you rub will gorunningclean.Play and touch your kitten so that it is not sad.Talkwithkitten pressing the microphone button.Earn points minigame tobuyfood and accessories for your kitty.Features:You can feedyourkitty with milk, food or treats.You can talk to the kitten andheresponds like so funnyThe kitten gets fat or thinrealistically.Ifthe cat is dirty, you can bathe with lots of foamand many bubbleswill be made.You can take a picture at anytime.Visit the store tobuy food and accessories. Points can beearned by playing.Includescard game 'Memory Kitty' to earn pointsand expedite the mind.Thisapp includes advertising to support thedeveloper, try not veryinvasive.Advertising can eliminate buyingpremium account byclicking on the button 'No ads'.If you need tobuy many items, youcan purchase 50000px and equip your kitten.
AiKo: Cute Virtual Child Pet 2.1.3
Create your own kid and take care of him/her. Play mini-gamestoearn gold and experience to buy newcustomization items andprogressthrough the game.AiKo is an extremely cute game and it'svery easyto play.100+ different customization items (Clothes,Hairstyles,Environment, etc.)⚝ Recommended for the followingpeople: ⚝- Peoplewho like Anime ( Shota / Loli) art style.- Peoplewho want to killsome time in school or work.- People who love Otome/ Simulationgames.- People who like to play Virtual Pet orTamagotchi likegames.- People who like Japanese culture.- Peoplewho like cutecharacters.- People who love kids.- People who like torelax andspend some time with fun.☆ Price ☆Free to play★ Art★Daria[OreExist] Ekz★ Sound★Syncopika(
My Virtual Pet 🐾 2.0
🐙 Meet My Virtual Pet Bobbie, your new best friend! 🐙 Everyonehasone of those my virtual pets games like talking dog or talkingcat,but this cute, tiny pet monster is a whole lot different fromallother my talking pets! This virtual pet has a pet salon,minigames, coloring books and many more interesting things. Adoptyournew, fluffy virtual animal now!ARE YOU READY FOR BOBBIE MYVIRTUALPET?Do you have what it takes to take care of your very ownvirtualanimal?! Feed it, bathe it, play mini games with it,colorbeautiful coloring pages inside this my virtual pets game,gothrough various outfits and costumes while advancing throughlevelsand unlocking new features. Bobbie has everything you needtocreate your unique pet monster - possibilities are endless! 🐾MYVIRTUAL PET GAME FEATURES: 🐾🐙 ADOPT baby Bobbie, choose a nicenamefor your talking pet and take good care of it!🐙 DRESS UP yourcutepet monster with countless combinations. Find the outfit ofyourchoice to give Bobbie the best look!🐙 FEED Bobbie withcandy,cookies, fruits, vegetables and pizza.🐙 BATHE your talkingpet tokeep it clean and happy!🐙 PRETTY PET SALON – Bobbie likes tobebeautiful all the time, take care of his looks.🐙 COLORINGPAGES–show your creativity while playing with My Virtual Pet🐙 TUCKyourvirtual pet in when it is tired!🐙 DECORATE every room inBobbie'shouse with dozens of awesome items!🐙 PLAY MINI GAMES – wecreatedover a dozen mini games for you to have fun and earn coinsfor newoutfits🐙 SHARE your favorite moments with your talking petso yourfriends can see how much fun you're having 🐙 GROW withBobbie andenjoy endless fun with your adorable, personalizedmonster pet🐙COMPLETE DAILY MISSIONS to win coins and diamonds tospend atpretty pet salon🐾 MY VIRTUAL PET – YOUR NEW FAVORITETALKING PET 🐾Virtual pet games teach you to take care of a pet. MyVirtual PetBobbie does that too, but it also helps you getcreative! You cando anything you want with it while having tons offun and enjoyingendless possibilities of creating your virtual petat the prettypet salon.Bobbie is a talking pet, as well. So talk tohim whileyou're playing. Who doesn't love to chat. Tell Bobbie youlove himand your talking animal will say “I love you” back.What areyouwaiting for? There is so much to do with Bobbie the virtualpet!Download My Virtual Pet game now and you will never get tiredofthis baby pet monster!My Virtual Pet Game is theintellectualproperty of DigitalEagle.
Talking Dog Jimmy 1.1.2
☀☀☀ Download ❤Talking dog Jimmy❤ now and experience themostexciting animal game. Enter the world of Talking Dog Jimmy, lethimbecome your best virtual pet. Apart from being entertaining,thisamazing pet game encourages creativity.This game belongs togamesfor kids. Talking dog Jimmy is an awesome game for boys butalso agreat game for girls. Jimmy is the cutest virtual dog thatneedsyour attention and care. So start a wonderful friendship withJimmyand enjoy playing with your new best virtual pet.☀☀☀ ★TalkingdogJimmy app is a great combination of animal games and dress upgamesand this free app for Android is ideal for all people wholikeanimals. We have prepared a lot of glasses, hats, suits andmore sochange Jimmy’s clothes and find the perfect outfit for him.Inaddition to dressing up the virtual dog you can changeJimmy’sfurniture as well. Here is what you need to do. You need tofeedyour virtual dog when he is hungry. The interesting thing isthatJimmy has a field. The field is planted with with fruitsandvegetables, which can be used for preparing food. Batheyourtalking animal and take him to the toilet. When you see thatyourtalking dog is sleepy and tired you should take him to thebedroomand turn off the light. ★ This adorable virtual pet willrepeateverything that you say with his cute hilarious voice. Laughoutloud at his constant adventures. So wait no more. Thisamazingvirtual animal will be your favourite virtual dog you havealwayswanted to have. All you need to do is to take care of him. ★Do youhave some friends who are afraid of dogs so they don’t wantyou thebring your pet when you visit them. Or they don’t want tocome toyour home. Finally there is a solution! Now everyone canmeet yourvirtual pet. And everyone will be in love with him. Youcan enjoyplaying with your talking dog anytime and everywhere. ★Anothergreat thing besides this incredible virtual pet game is thatwehave prepared for you some fantastic mini games that will helpyouearn some coins. You will love these games for kids like TicTacToe, Circle, etc. So join the adventure of playing more than10mini games, earn coins and buy some fashionable clothes andmodernfurniture for your favorite virtual pet.✿ Features of❤Talking DogJimmy❤: Talk to Jimmy and he will repeat everything yousay in ahilarious voiceChoose some great food and feed your virtualpetwhen he is hungryBathe your talking dog Jimmy and take him tothetoiletTake talking dog Jimmy to the bedroom when he is tiredandturn of the light.Customize his fashion and furniture Petyourvirtual pet and make him happy Play mini games in order toearnmoin coinsFantastic coloring book which make this talking doggameeven more interesting☺So wait no more! Download for free thisapptoday and start playing this impressive animal game and youwillnever be bored. Your new favourite virtual pet Talking dogJimmywill make your life full of joy. ☀☀☀Talking dog Jimmy is afreevirtual pet game published by Sofia_Soft - allrightsreservedPrivacypolicy:
My Baby (Virtual Pet) 3.0.0
"My Baby Virtual Pet" is the easiest and most exciting waytoexperience what it's like to have a newborn baby. You willlearnhow to take a good care of your adorable virtual son (ordaughter)which includes: feed, play, talk, take a bath with thebaby,etc...Your newborn baby would let you know any time he / sheneedsyour attention just as a real baby! : )P.S. Before you startusing"My Baby (Virtual Pet)", please have a quick look overtheinstructions:* Name your newborn baby* Pick the mostsuitableprofile for your baby by simply sliding your fingertips totheleft/right* Tap the baby face to make him/her laugh* Make sureyourbaby is always fed by playing the milk games* Hold the"milk"button to feed the baby* Hold the "shower-cloud" button tobathethe baby* Hold the "smiley" button to give the rattle toy toyourbaby* Tap the "lamp" button to put your baby to sleep* Tapthe"rec" button to record your voiceMore information about thegame:•This game contains advertisements• Terms Of Use, PrivacyPolicy AndExplanation ForPermissions:•Support:[email protected]
My Talking Bob Cat 1.0.36
❤❤❤ Get ready for the best virtual pet game ever! Meet MyTalkingBob Cat – your new virtual cat. You like pets but you don’thave achance to have one? Download My talking Bob Cat app for freeonAndroid and experience an adventurous game. ❤❤❤🐈 My talking BobCatis a marvellous virtual cat that will change your life.Havesomeamazing time taking care of your new virtual My Talking Bobcat.Play with your virtual pet any time you want and he will keepyoucompany wherever you go. Bob will be so delighted when youplaywith him. Don’t let your talking cat be sad. Bathe Bob, helphimwash his hands, feed him when you see that he is hungry. Takeyourvirtual pet to the bedroom and turn off the light when you seethathe is sleepy. After having a sleep my talking pet Bob willbecomemore energetic and ready for new challenges.🐈 My Talking BobCatapp is a perfect combination of animal games and dress up gamesandit is great for all people who adore pets and fashion. Mytalkingcat Bob wants to be handsome and trendy all the time. So,buy himsome new clothes using coins that you have earned. Becreative andmake your virtual pet Bob attractive and cheerful.Don’t forget tomake his house also modern! This beautiful virtualpet will lookeven more spectacular if you buy some stylishfurniture. 🐈 We haveprepared for you fantastic mini games likeCircle, Archer or Clocksand more. Play mini games, earn some coinsand surprise yourvirtual pet. Check out a wonderful collection ofclothes andfurniture we have prepared for My talking cat Bob. Youcan alwaysuse coins to get some delicious portions of food thatwill boostthe energy and feed your virtual animal. 🐈 My Talking CatBob is agreat choice if you are looking for animal games for kidsthat willprovide hours of entertainment. This talking pet game is aperfectgame for girls but also it can be an interesting game forboys. Sowait no more. Even if you are not a fan of virtual animalsyou willdefinitely love this virtual pet game!Features of🐈 Mytalking Bobcat 🐈:- Look after your very own talking cat Bob: Playgames withhim, feed him favorite foods, tuck him in bed. - Useyourcreativity. Create your own virtual pet and his home. Choosethemost beautiful combinations of clothes and furniture- Talk toMytalking Bob cat and he will repeat everything you say. Poke andpathim and see how he reacts - Enjoy great time with yourvirtualanimal and make him happy. Bob will change his emotionsaccordingto how you play with him.- Play over 10 mini games. Earncoins andhave some fun.- Great game for girls and boysGrab yourSmartphoneand download this great animal game. Start amazingadventure withMy talking Bob Cat– your new favorite virtual pet! Mytalking BobCat is a free virtual pet game published by Sofia_Soft -All rightsreservedPrivacypolicy:
My Pocket Pony - Virtual Pet 1.74
You discover a pony-foundling on your porch. Will you be abletoraise it to adulthood? Play, feed, care for, wash and do yourbestto keep your new virtual pet happy.You can even create yourownunique pony, Pegasus or alicorn!We love making games for girlsandboys, and we love ponies that's why we made this baby petcaringsimulator pony game.FEATURES:- Up to six pets-Advancedcustomization options for your pony: hairstyles, cutiemarks, hatsand accessories- 4 pony races!- Create your home how youlike:arrange furniture, paint and create new rooms- Lots of toys totryout- Constant updates and game improvements- Go outside to seethePonyville
Dogotchi: Virtual Pet 1.6
Dogotchi is the next game of our retro-style simulationseriesstarted by Wildagotchi.This time you take care of and playwith 12adorable dogs.The more you take care of your puppy, thehappier itis. And happy pet means pet growing fast. Take your time,feed it,clean it and play with it - all depends on you now!At thebeginningyou have 3 unique breeds to choose.First 3 breeds are: OldEnglishSheepdog, Husky and Pug!For every 2 dogs reaching adultstage, 3more become unlocked.They are waiting for you - uncoverthemall!Every dog has its own set of mini-games that you unlockwithprogress.There are 3 games per pet (12 total).Customize wholegameusing colors you like. All this and more in retro style!Getintouch with us->Facebook:
Duddu - My Virtual Pet 1.32
Let us introduce you Duddu, our new dog! He is a super nice dogwholives in a wonderful world full of fun and adventure. Become apartof Duddu’s everyday life and build a true friendship with yournewvirtual pet. • As a new pet owner, you are responsible forfeeding,putting asleep, entertaining and looking after your own dogin hislovely house. In addition, you will have to take care of yourscoutdog in the wild as well! Duddu will pee behind the bush, takeashower under the waterfall, have a picnic in the nature andsleepin the real doghouse. • Visit every corner of Duddu’s worldand allof his friends, too. Take him on vacation to the sunnyisland witha cosy hammock and coconut palms. Customize your ownpirate shipand teach Duddu different tricks at the dog school.Enjoy dancingin the club, exercising in the gym, painting anddoodling in thegallery or playing drums and piano in the musiccentre. Have funexploring the colorful world where the Sun goes upand downwhenever you want. • Test your pet vet doctor skills andgive Dudduthe treatments he needs. Get rid of the annoying fleas,treat hisrunny nose, fix a broken leg or cure a stomach ache,viralinfection and wounds. Pick some medicinal herbs and cookpotions atthe outdoor fireplace. • Play over 30 different minigames and earnsome coins or other goods. Have fun playing BubbleShooter,Solitaire, Archer, Pirate Battle, Brick Breaker, BlockPuzzle,Treasure Island, Moto Racer, Fruit Connect, Space Explorer,HenFarm, various cooking games and many others. Go shopping andbuysome unique pieces of furniture, food and clothes or customizeyourpirate ship and your house. • Complete daily challenges tolearnabout the dog’s habits and become a master of achievements togetsome extra rewards. Check your mailbox everyday, you may findasurprise gift from a special friend.This game is a guaranteedfunfor people of all ages. Taking care of a pet gives you a senseofresponsibility and loyalty. All you need to begin the funjourneyis your own Duddu dog!Note: All items are available fordifferentprices in virtual currencies, but the game also containsitemswhich can be purchased with real money.
Bubbu – My Virtual Pet 1.50
Meet Bubbu, your new virtual pet. He is a cute, emotionalandadorable cat who loves to eat tasty food, take selfies,visitfriends and dancing. Have fun at Bubbu’s home and find outothersecrets about your pet’s life. He will surprise you forsure!Explore Bubbu's colorful world with many adventurousactivities! •Bubbu is waiting for you to be fed, dressed, cuddledand bathed.This lovely cat needs your love and attention every day,so takegood care of him from morning to midnight. In one word, makesureyour kitty is always happy and smiling, but never hungry,sleepy,sick or bored.• Take Bubbu to the funky showroom and dresshim upstylishly. Also don’t forget to make a dream house for yourlovelypet. Customize and decorate it with an awesome collectionoffurniture to make kitty’s home beautiful, warm and cozy.• Over30fun mini-games will provide you with food or with coins tobuyitems for your virtual cat. Have fun playing Catcher, CatConnect,Find the Cat, 2048, Paint the Cat, Jump, Pop Balloons,CheeseBuilder, Fish Ninja, Cat Sings, Nightmare, Jumping Cat,Diver,Stick Ninja, etc. Challenge your friends and follow theirhighscores through global leaderboard.• Sometimes Bubbu needsdoctor'shelp, because he keeps making stunts, jumping on the sofaorplaying mini-games too often. Take Bubbu to the cat's hospitalandheal him with cool tools. Cure his toothache, fever, hurt tailorbroken bones. Let the doctor fun begin!• Spin the wheel offortuneevery day, complete daily challenges and explore friends'houses toget some extra rewards. Finishing achievements gives youfreediamonds to buy something special for your pet!• Bubbu'slandoffers you tons of activities. Customize Bubbu’s house intoalovely cat villa. You can grow organic food in the garden andmilka cow everyday as a real farmer. Pimp your cool car and getreadyfor a hill ride. Take a walk to the seaside and fish or godiving.You can go to the city or even travel into space by rockettodefend your planet against alien invasion. Play footballandbasketball, pass across sea rocks or climb up the tree. Trytochange between day and night and enjoy listening to the soundsofmother nature.If you have ever wanted your own cat, this game isaperfect choice for you. So, come on, what is keeping you?AdoptBubbu and make him the happiest virtual cat ever! Note: Allitemsare available for different prices in virtual currencies, butthegame also contains items which can be purchased for real money.
Kuri Pets 1.28
These fluffy creatures are Kuri, and now they’re your virtualpets!Feed them, take care of them, and play fun games with them sotheygrow up to be happy little guys.* unlock new Kuri types * therearemore than 120 breeds in the game* spoil your little ones withallkinds of treats* have a great time playing mini gamestogether*more than 50 ways to take care of your pets* collect allthe breeds
Garden Eel Pet 1.2
Over one million downloads worldwide!Introducing the 「Garden Eel」tothis already popular game! FREE DOWNLOAD! It's real easy toraiseyour own pet in this game!!■Raise your own Garden Eel onyoursmartphone.■Watch how cute your Garden Eel moves. It's sosoothingand therapeutic.[Instructions]This is a virtual pet appwhere youcan raise your very own Garden Eel on your smartphone.It`s so easyto raise. Just feed your pet once every four days andclean itshome once a week. This game app is great for kids andpeople whofind RPG's and puzzle games a bit tedious. Try this gameout! It'stherapeutic, and a great way to kill time![BasicFunctions]- It'ssimple to raise. Just remember to feed you GardenEel and clean itshome.- Like a real Garden Eel, it moves around insuch an adorableway.- You can give your Garden Eel a name. You cangive it a newname at anytime.- You can take a picture of yourGarden Eel withyour mobile device and share it with your friendsover varioussocial networking sites.- The app also can send younotificationsto let you know when your pet needs feeding andcleaning.- All ofthese functions are free and do not requireanymicrotransactions![Recommended for:]- people who have alwayswanteda Garden Eel or already have one and want a virtual GardenEel tospend time with everywhere and at anytime- people who lovevisitingthe zoo and aquariums- people who love raising virtualpets- peoplewho want a simple game to pass their free time withsomething fun
My Pet Village 3.0.1
A Social Cafe and Pet Simulator Game in a whole new level!AVirtualPet Paradise in a village with a view of the blue sea!Runyour ownCafe with cute virtual pets! Build your village, adoptvirtual petsand become the best Cafe owner on My Pet Village![GameFeatures]★★Social Game! Cafe Simulator! Virtual Pets!Socialize withfriends onthis Cafe and Pet Simulator.A social game where you canmanage arestaurant cafe, take care for virtual pets and build yourvillageparadise!★★ Restaurant Cafe Simulator with VirtualPets!Manage yourvery own restaurant cafe together with cute virtualpets!Yourvirtual pets will help you with orders and satisfyingyourcustomers!Adopt and collect all the virtual pets on MyPetVillage!★★ Take care of your Pets!Take good care of yourcutevirtual pets and they will take care of the customersforyou!Perform cute pet tricks to win the hearts ofyourcustomers!Adopt and take care of your virtual pets! Walktogether,explore the village and dye your pet in cool customizedhaircolor!★★ Build your Village!Your restaurant cafe is the heartofthe village!Build the village to become a virtualpetparadise!Expand your village, build your own Pet Hotel, PetSalon,Fruit Shop, Flowershop, Alchemy Factory, Tool Factory, MagicShop,Souvenir Shop and Laboratory!Explore the virtual pet paradiseyoucreated!★★ Fun Interaction with Customers in yourVillage!Yourcustomers have a unique and interesting story!Completespecialorders to build relationship with regular customers!Level-upyouraffinity point to increase customer loyalty and gainspecialgifts!★★ Play with Friends! Trade, Help and Compete witheachothers Cafe!Buy and sell items on your cafe stall!Manageyourvillage more efficiently by helping each otherParticipate onNEWEvents every week!Get big rewards and mileage points!Acceptthechallege to become the Top Rank Cafe owner!★★ My Pet Village isonFacebook!Lets get social! Visit the Facebook page to knowthelatest contents, updates and events for MyPetVillage!
Axolotl Pet 1.3
Over one million downloads worldwide!Introducing the 「Axolotl」tothis already popular game! FREE DOWNLOAD! It's real easy toraiseyour own pet in this game!!■Raise your own Axolotl onyoursmartphone.■Watch how cute your Axolotl moves. It's so soothingandtherapeutic.[Instructions]This is a virtual pet app where youcanraise your very own Axolotl on your smartphone. It`s so easytoraise. Just feed your pet once every four days and clean itshomeonce a week. This game app is great for kids and people whofindRPG's and puzzle games a bit tedious. Try this game out!It'stherapeutic, and a great way to kill time![Basic Functions]-It'ssimple to raise. Just remember to feed you Axolotl and cleanitshome.- Like a real Axolotl, it moves around in such anadorableway.- You can call over your Axolotl by tapping on thescreen. Lookat how adorable this is!- You can give your Axolotl aname. You cangive it a new name at anytime.- Your Axolotl grows inrealtime. Thegrowth of your pet is calculated by every 0.5 second.- The gamerecords how much your pet has grown since the last timeyou visitedit.- You can take a picture of your Axolotl with yourmobile deviceand share it with your friends over various socialnetworkingsites.- The app also can send you notifications to letyou knowwhen your pet needs feeding and cleaning.- You can eventransferyour pet's data to a new device so that you can keep thesame peteven after you change your mobile device.- All of thesefunctionsare free and do not require anymicrotransactions![Recommendedfor:]- people who have always wanteda Axolotl or already have oneand want a virtual Axolotl to spendtime with everywhere and atanytime- people who love visiting thezoo and aquariums- people wholove raising virtual pets- people whowant a simple game to passtheir free time with something fun
Pregnant Talking Cat Emma 1.9.3
Your fave virtual pets & talking pets, Emma the Cat andOscar,are expecting little kittens! My virtual cat, PregnantTalking CatEmma, needs your help to bring little talking kittiesinto theworld of virtual talking pets. Play my talking cat game& jointhe virtual pregnant cat Emma on her pregnancy journey.Help thismy talking cat organize a baby shower, treat your talkingkitty catwell and prepare virtual cat Emma to be a mom! Get this myvirtualpet game and have fun with Pregnant Talking Cat Emma!BE THEFRIENDPREGNANT TALKING CAT EMMA NEEDS IN HER VIRTUAL PETPREGNANCYMyvirtual pet games and my talking cat games have just gotmoreinteresting because talking cat Emma, your fun virtual pet,isabout to have three little talking kitties and she needs allthecare a pregnant cat can get. You’ll need to take thispregnantmommy cat to her pregnancy doctor so that the kitty catvirtual petcan do an ultrasound and other check-ups to make sureher talkingkitties are safe and sound. But that is not all! Take alook at thefeatures list of this talking cat virtual pet game andmake sureyou check out every item on there!PREGNANT TALKING CATEMMAFEATURES:🐱 LISTEN TO this cute pregnat cat talking &repeatingevery word you say and have fun🐱 CHECK-UP: take yourpregnant cat,a pregnant talking pet for an ultrasound, bloodpressure check-up,etc.🎁 BABY SHOWER: surprise my talking cat Emmawith a gift partyfor her little talking kittens and collect all theitems to winawards🐱 PLAY MUSIC to the three talking kittens whilethey are inEmma’s belly and help my virtual pet raise healthykitties👗 DRESSUP your talking kitty cat Emma into lovely pregnancyclothes🐱Advance through the levels and change room decor so thatyourpregnant cat virtual pet feels more comfy in her home🎁 Wincoinsand diamonds, unlock levels and get fun awards in this virtualpetgame💅 PET NAIL SALON: make your virtual pet turn into abeautifulpregnant cat🐱 NAME my talking cat as you like🎁 Playtalking kittycat games and win coins to progress🐱 Share yourvirtual pet withthe world on popular social networksOscar the Catand Emma aresuper happy to have three little talking kittiesvirtual pets jointheir family. With the newborn kittens, the worldof virtual petsand talking pets has just reached another level.REMEMBER: you haveto take care of virtual pregnant cat Emma, feedher, bathe her,take her to sleep because my talking cat needs allthe love andattention a virtual pet can get in this period! You canalso makeyour talking cat virtual pet feel more comfortable bychanging herroom decor or collecting the items Emma the Cat virtualpet willneed once the talking kittens are born. Get PregnantTalking CatEmma, a fun talking pet game, and help Emma and Oscar,yourfavorite virtual pets, get ready for the era ofparenthood.Enjoy!Pregnant Talking Cat Emma virtual pet game hasbeen developedby Peaksel and published by DigitalEagle - all rightsreserved.
My Virtual Tooth - Virtual Pet 1.5
Are you looking for a cute talking virtual pet you can playwith?MEET DEE – a new kind of talking virtual pet games you willadore!It’s My Virtual Tooth - Virtual Pet, a talking virtual petthatwill win your heart!This virtual pet is a brand new 2D teethgame,and when it comes to dental games, this cute little tooth isanabsolute hit! With the help of this talking virtual pet andtoothgames, it's easy to understand and learn how importantdentalhealth is. The best thing about virtual pet Dee is that itteachesthe importance of dental care through talking tooth games,which isfun and hard to forget. This tooth game is also a toothbrushingtimer app which will help you make sure that tooth brushingis funand lasts long enough. So, Download My Virtual Tooth and getthemost amazing virtual pet game ever!★MY VIRTUAL TOOTH - VIRTUALPETFEATURES★★ Choose a nice name for your talking pet if Dee isnotyour fave★ Talk to your virtual pet and he will repeateverythingyou say in a funny voice★ Feed and bathe talking pet Deeto keephim clean and happy★ Get a filling when your talking pet Deegetscavity★ Pet, poke, and tease Dee to see what else he can do★Dressup your cute virtual pet with countless outfit combinations ofyourchoice★ Decorate every room of Dee's house with dozens ofawesomeitems!★ A 3 minute toothbrush timer – wash your teeth tokeep themclean until the timer expires★ Play mini games with yourfavoritevirtual pet - baby tooth★ Watch Dee grow from a baby toothto anadult healthy one★ Share your best moments with your talkingpet soyour friends can see how much fun you're having playingdentalgames★DENTAL GAMES FOR LOTS OF FUN★If you liked playingtalkinganimals or virtual pets games, this cute little tooth isgoing toleave you breathless! My Virtual Tooth is a 2D talking gamewithlots of mini tooth games. You can choose whether you would liketospend time playing mini games, dress up games or some otherfundental games. The best tooth games are the ones that are bothfunand useful. These 2D talking games with cute characters are ofthatkind. They test your reflexes and develop hand-eye coordinationandmotor skills, so it’s good to play them for a while. You willbehappy to know that playtime is not in vain. One thing is forsure:with My Virtual Tooth app, the whole family will enjoy.Downloadvirtual pet game now and have fun playing your favoritedentalgame!My Virtual Tooth - Virtual Pet is a free game and it'sanintellectual property of DigitalEagle.
Cthulhu Virtual Pet 3.11
Have you ever dreamt of raising a Lovecraftian God from infancytoglorious monsterhood?Whether you're a lifelong Lovecraft fan, orifyou don't have a clue what a Lovecraft even is, this isyourchance! In this virtual pet game you help Cthulu evolvefrominfancy through adulthood from the comfort of yourpocket!Gainpoints in any of the five great mini games, and use themto keepCthulhu happy, healthy, and well fed. Name your Cthulhu,turn outtheir light for bedtime, and wake them up to feast!Have funwiththis 8 bit retro virtual pet game just like you may have asachild!
My Talking Elly - Virtual Pet 2.6
🐘 Want an exotic pet? How about a baby elephant? Download MyTalkingElly - Virtual Pet and play dress up games, mini games,feed, batheand take care of your own virtual pet elephant!🐘Ifyou're notfamiliar with elephant games, here is a chance to changethat! Ellyis a cute baby elephant who is always eager to play. Notonly willyou be able to play with him, but also bathe him, makesure he getssleep and eats well so that he can grow up into beinga wonderfuladult elephant. Talking games and virtual pets bringlots oflaughter, so do not hesitate to download this virtual petgame assoon as possible!Apart from being entertaining, this gameencouragescreativity with its dress up games and shows. Dressingup talkinganimals like talking dog or talking cat is fun, but babyelephantsare much more fun to play with. Virtual pets are a greatway topractice taking care of a pet, which is why this game is oneof thebest games for girls and boys!GAME FEATURES:🐘 Talk to Ellyand hewill repeat everything you say in a funny voice🐘 Play dressup gameswith baby Elly and choose your favorite combination forhim to wear🐘Move up the levels and see Elly grow from babyelephant to an adultelephant🐘 Elly doesn't eat much so don'tforget to feed him🐘 Playmini games with baby elephant. Choose yourfavorite: Flappy Elly,Jumping Elly, Food Drop, Elly vs. Spikes,Elly vs. Mice, Mastermind,Tic Tac Toe, Elly and Eggs, BubbleShooter, and Jelly Smash🐘 Makesure Elly gets enough sleep so thathe can play during the day🐘 Pet,poke, and tease Elly to see whatelse he can doNOTE: You can playthe game and collect points inorder to move up the levels. Onceyou've moved several levels up,you will get fun gifts to help youin the game. Finally, all therooms have energy levels that need tobe charged after some time byplaying with the cute baby elephantand taking care of him. Animalgames are great games, especially ifyour virtual pets are talkinganimals. Playing with a talking cat ortalking dog is usual, buttaking care of a baby elephant is totallydifferent. My TalkingElly - Virtual Pet enables you to enjoy takingcare of a differentvirtual pet and playing fun elephant games.MYTALKING ELLY -VIRTUAL PET MINI GAMESFLAPPY ELLYMake your elephantrun and get asmuch food as you can while trying to stay alive foras long as youcan. Fly your baby elephant as a bird and make surehe gets aroundall the obstacles. FOOD DROPMove Elly around to getas much goodfood as possible. Make sure he eats only what is ediblebecause arotten one means game over. ELLY VS. MICE!Tap the screenso thatthe larger one jumps over the smaller one. If they crash,youlose!JUMPING ELLYMake this cute baby elephant go as high in theskyas possible.MASTERMINDGuess the code and recreate the hidden rowbyguessing the correct color of the pins.TIC TAC TOEPlay the gameofX's and O's and make sure you get three of the same sign firstoryou will lose. EGG HUNTHelp baby Elly collect eggs, but makesurehe does not drop more than three because that means gameover.Elephant games can be lots of fun, especially when you playwith ababy elephant. Elly is one happy elephant ready to playwheneveryou are. Talking animals and virtual pets help one learnhow totake care of a living being and they are very entertaining atthesame time. Download My Talking Elly - Virtual Pet and enjoyplayinggames for boys and girls all day long!Developed byPeaksel,Published byDigitalEagle.PrivacyPolicy:'sGuide:
Cat & Dog Online: Pet Animals 1.9
Foxie Games
Get ready for the ultimate cat and dog simulator. Start off asavirtual pet (kitty or a pup) and roleplay in a huge onlinecitywith other animal lovers. You can role play and form clansandbattle other players from around the world, or just jump onthecouch for a lazy nap!ROLEPLAY IN FREE ONLINE MULTIPLAYERStartyouradventure in the front garden of your new home in the city!Makefriends with other friendly cats and dogs, explore the virtualcitytogether and form a clan. Remember, you are stronger in a packthanby yourself! You can even gossip to your online friends in chatasyou role play this immersive MMO!Who said a kitten and apuppycan’t get along?BUILD A FAMILYBuild a life with your friendsinthis simulator by starting a doggy or kitty family! CAT ANDDOGBREEDSThis sim allows you to choose from all sorts of cutefelineor canine animals. Husky, Dalmation, German Shepherd and ofcoursea puppy and a kitten are all available to adopt!START ACLANStartyour very own clan and invite your friends to join! Agreeon wherethe clan’s home will be, and then go out together as apack. Youcan venture out together to explore or take on other clansin epicPVP battles! When you win a battle, you will collect loot tolevelup your cat or dog in true RPG style!ROAM THE STREETS OR FINDAHOMEBeautiful 3D graphics! You can play as a stray androamoutside, or find a nice cozy house to call home. Lay on thesofa,jump on the bed or stroll around the garden. If you’reanadventurous puppy, or it’s too jam packed inside, you canventureinto the wild and go exploring. But make sure you bring afriend incase you get lost – and beware of the Wolf!PERSONALIZEANDCUSTOMIZEChoose a name that’s all about you! You can customizeyourpet with beautiful trails and sparkling effects that show offyourpersonality!UPDATES: Foxie Games are planning lots ofstableupdates to make the game even more fun. Expect even moreanimals toadopt and role play with! PLAY FOR FREE! Guess what? Youcan playthrough the whole game without paying any real money!However, Cats& Dogs Online contains upgrades that can bepurchased for realmoney.Visit our official website
Girls Craft: Virtual Pet Shop 1.40
Free game for girls! Have your own virtual pet! Cute kitten,dog,panda or even a DRAGON! All cute tiny pets are waiting to beyourfriends! Craft & build a cute cube house for your squarepixelanimals, feed them and love them! Provide food and love!Rescue apet if it’s in trouble! Your virtual pets are so sweet! Cat- thewalking pet, Tiny Princess Panda & the talking puppy dog,evena Dragon or Dino can be your pet friend! This pocket editiongamefor girls, inspired by free games for top girls and boys letsyoucreate a world, build with blocks, craft and make friendswithanimals! An infinite sandbox world! All for free! Craft&create! Exploration put to another level. Build a pet shop ornailsalon and be a top girl! Make your own story with animalfriends!Unicorn and Pony! Your own little girls paradise!Rainbowseverywhere! Even a cat can be your pet! Make your own petstory!Start an adventure with your new animal friends! Say hi to aKitty!Hug a fluffy dog! Design pink interior, build and design akitchen- start cooking and baking! Take care of your friends -animals!Building a whole city with a spa salon, pet nail salon, petshop,Make-up & beauty salon or a sweet shop with candies inthisgame for girls won’t be hard anymore! Cute animals all aroundyou!Puppies, kittens - all for you! A serious pocket game forseriousgirls who love to be adorable princesses! Build your ownshoppingmall and take part in a fashion show now! Feel like aprincess! Nodolls for little girls - no pony or other stuff forlittle girls!This game is for a serious top girl! Wear high heelsshoes andexplore randomly generated sweet cube worlds, build andcreateamazing & perfect structures from the simplest of homesto thegrandest of tasty sweet cube fortresses and castles made outofglitter and shiny materials! Create your pink sweet kingdom!Usepink - fabulous blocks to build beautiful pink and colorfulsweetstructures. Become a an adventurer with pets as your friends!Thiscreative game for teenage girls (Pocket Edition) contains alargenumber of different cute glitter blocks (pink, yellow,colorful)with which you can craft your own teenage girls cubeworld! You canplant flowers in the garden, bake cakes, build ahouse for yourpet, pony, unicorn and friends or even build your ownpalace inthis building games for girls! Be like a princess!Princessexploration with sweet and candy blocks in this buildinggames forgirls! Build SPA, Beauty Salon, Shopping mall, Hair salonfor yourpet, Pet shop and bake a Strawberry Cake! This litebuilding gamecontains: block placing, cube world, real time cuteprincess worldgeneration, exploration and a free run mode! Buildinga candygirl’s cube world with cute animals! Girls craft & pets- greatbuilding and crafting game for girls! Multiplayer - candygirls& pet game editionGirls Crafting - Supermodel modeSurvivalmode- girls game modeCube crafting modePet Salon mode - pet yourownkitten, dog or unicorn!Story modeBuild battlemodeRecipesCandyZombiesBaking and cookingLove games for top girls?See our othergames for girls!Make friends with tiny cutepets!Explore theinfinite cute world!Build houses for your newfriends!
Pug - My Virtual Pet Dog 1.16
Frojo Apps
Get your very own Pug, take care of your virtual pet and makehimpart of your everyday life just like a real life dog. Pug -MyVirtual Dog is hands down the best virtual pet game on themarket,with more content than any other pet game.FEATURESMultiplayer:Play with up to 4 friends in real-time!PlatformGame: A completeplatform game inside the pet game!Mini-games: Playone of the 50mini-games and earn money!Life-like emotions: Your Pugwill gethappy, sleepy & sad depending on how you treathim.Nurture:Take care of your Pug by feeding, cleaning, playingwith andgetting him to sleep when he is tired.Customize: Dress andchoosefrom over 1.000.000 combinations of dresses, shirts, hats,beards& glasses.Build: Build the house of your dreams bychoosingwallpapers, furnitures and decorations. Garden: Grow yourownflowers, flesh-eating plants and mushrooms in theadorablegarden.Stickers: Find and collect lots of virtual stickersof yourDog doing silly things! Cards: Unlock collectable andbeautifulcards of your Dog! Music: Create music with the virtualinstrumentssuch as: piano, drums & guitar. Cat evolution:Combine smallcats and watch them evolve!Fish evolution: Travelunder the sea anddiscover thrilling sea creature and breedthem!Paint: Drawbeautiful images with over 18 different colors andshare them withyour friends.Building Blocks: Play with buildingblocks and createyour own castle. Aquarium: Take care for fishesand style your ownaquarium.What are you waiting for?! Download yourown pet today, itis free!
Mimitos Virtual Cat - Virtual Pet with Minigames 2.50.1
Axelerum S.L.
Meet Mimitos now, your new virtual pet! It's a funny andlovingcatthat is waiting for you to be looked after. Can you keepithealthyand happy?He needs you to adopt him and also look afterhim.Feedhim, play with him, tickle him...! Customize yourlittleMimitosand make him a unique and charming cat. Also, you canfind12amusing minigames and a beautiful and a customizablegarden!+HOWTOPLAY Mimitos Virtual Cat - Virtual Pet with Minigames+There arealot of cats and pets games, but this, is different. Yourgoal istotake care of him as if it was a real cat. In the end, allofthemhave the same needs. You will have to feed him, keephimhappy,relaxed and clean. -Take Mimitos home and, start toplaywithhim!-Dress him as you like it, choose hisgarments,hisaccessories, etc. It's up to you! Dress him up withthemostbizarre costumes, or with the most typical ones. You'vegotmorethan 100 pieces of clothing to choose. -Customize hishome.Choosehis furniture, decorate his bedroom, customize thekitchen,choosethe color of his living-room walls, the pattern onthefloor...Free your creativity! -Enjoy your garden and becomeanexpertfarmer. Customize it and be the envy of alltheneighborhoodcats!-Feed him. You have got lots of food tochoosefrom, but...just a tip: he loves sushi. -Play with him andticklehim. Rememberthat he needs your cares to be happy! -WashyourMimitos and keephim clean to avoid illnesses. -Take him to bedtorecover all theenergy to play. Show off that you can lookafteryour virtual petand your virtual garden very well!The game hasmorethan 200challenges to unlock and all of them have a prize.Ifyouwant, youcan share your records in the social networks orvisityourfriends' cats to have a look at their clothesanddecoration.
The game includes several funnyandkawaii minigamesthat will provide you cash to buy food, clothesandfurniture foryour cat, not everything is gonna be cleanandcustomize your petand garden!:RUN! Run as much as you canandcollect all the cashthat you will find. The rockets will makeyourun faster!
MEMORY.Train your memory with Mimitos cards.
BUGS.Many bugs attack yourvirtual cat' food. Avoid it not to runout ofit!
SPACE. Mimitosgoes to space with his sidereal spaceship.Avoidthe obstacles andcollect all the cash that you will comeacross.
JUMP! Jump fromplatform to platform without falling to openspace.Try to collectas much cash as you can duringyourjourney.
ROULETTE. Give it achance and win cash and bells whenyouget a line ofobjects.
CATCH. Catch all the ballsyoufind!OBSTACLES. Dodge allthe obstacles moving to another lanewiththe finger.
TRAFFIC. Gothe furthest you can! But, watch outbeforecrossing!
GUMMY. Jointhe same color gummies and break thebubblesbefore you out ofmovements.BUBBLES. Make combinations ofbubbles toburst them. Getrid of all of them to go up a level.PIANO.FollowMimitos rhythm.Press on your kitten's icons and play abeautifulsong.Need anyhelp? Want some more advice?Visitusat: will also findusonFacebook Mimitos VirtualCat–Virtual Pet and Minigames and give us your opinion!Thankstoallthe players of our virtual pet! Here you have thefunniestjokeabout cats:"A group of cats composed by a Mimitos,anamericanshorthair and a russian blue, went for a walkinnerarMimitosgarden. Suddenly they saw an huge siamese kitten appearandMimitossaid: "miau miau miau", and the shorthair freaked out:"meowmeowmeow", to which the blue said "miyau miyau miyau". Thehugekittenbecome very cheerful and replied: "Miau meowmiyau"."Miaumeowmiyau!" Mimitos was right, and the 4 catsbecamefriendsforever"Really funny, right? XD Many thanks forplaying themostkawaii free game, Mimitos Virtual Cat – Virtual [email protected]
My Talking Dog Masha 3.0
🐾Hey! Did you know that talking friends have a new crew member?MyTalking Dog Masha - Virtual Pet is a new my virtual pet gameamongthe amazing talking animals! This adorable talking dog isbringingstuff you haven't seen so far in my talking dog games.Adopt abeautiful talking puppy Masha and grow with her daily. Havefuncoloring cute virtual dog coloring pages, completingdailymissions, collecting gemstones, experimenting at the nailsalon,making new hairstyle at the hair salon, playing mini gamesand somuch mooore! 🐾 Are you excited yet?! GET My Talking Dog Masha-Virtual Pet NOW! 🐾💎 MY TALKING DOG MASHA - VIRTUAL PET ISTAKINGYOU ON A JEWEL HUNT! 💎My Talking Dog Masha - Virtual Petoffers alot more than other talking animals. Of course, you have tofeedher, brush her teeth, tuck her in at night, bathe her and playwithher, just like with all the other talking pet games. However,whatmakes this my virtual pet game special is the adventure Mashaistaking you on. This talking dog wants new clothes andnewaccessories, but she needs to earn them. Gemstone treasure huntisalways fun, especially if my talking dog is looking for thejewels.There are many ways you and your virtual dog can earnjewels: levelup, daily bonus, spin the wheel, purchase withdiamonds, etc.You'll be surprised how much fun you will havetogether!💎 NOTE:Jewel hunt is the only way to unlock new outfitsand accessoriesfor your My Talking Dog Masha - Virtual Pet . Startlooking forthose gemstones with your virtual pet. 🐾 MY TALKING DOGMASHA -VIRTUAL PET FEATURES: 🐾💎 JEWEL HUNT – collect all the jewelstounlock new outfits and accessories for your talking puppy!🎨DOGCOLORING PAGES – adorable virtual dog coloring book is waitingforcreative minds👗 DRESS UP & ROOM DECOR – personalizeyourvirtual pet and her home🍰 FORTUNE COOKIE – get a fortune cookietoreceive an inspirational, motivational or a funny message💎DAILYBONUS – come back every day to play with your talking dogandreceive daily bonuses💅 NAIL SALON – unlock Masha's nail salonatLevel 8. To unlock it faster, drink the Adult potion💄 MAKEUPSALON– unlock your talking dog's makeup salon at Level 12. Mashawill beold enough to use lipstick and eye-shadow. Again, use theAdultpotion to unlock it faster💎 DAILY MISSIONS – completedailymissions with your talking puppy and win lots of coinsanddiamonds🐾 MASHA ON FACEBOOK – Log in with your Facebook accountanddiscover what your friends' virtual pets are up to🎮 MINI GAMES–earn coins while you play🐾 MY TALKING DOG MASHA - VIRTUAL PETCOULDBECOME YOUR FAVORITE TALKING DOG 🐾My Talking Dog Masha -VirtualPet will have you discover all the fun of having a pet onthescreen of your phone or tablet! This adorable little talkingpuppyis guaranteed fun! We know virtual dogs are not the same asrealdogs, but this virtual pet is one cute and funny talkinganimal.Please note that My Talking Dog Masha - Virtual Pet is freetoplay, but it contains items that can be purchased for realmoney.Some features mentioned in the description may also have tobepurchased for real money. Nevertheless, you will surelyenjoyplaying with my talking dog Masha!My Talking Dog Masha -VirtualPet has been developed by Peaksel & published byDigitalEagle.
Oscar the Cat - Virtual Pet 2.3
🐱 He's white, he's fluffy and absolutely adorable! 🐱 Oscar the Cat-Virtual Pet is a new talking cat game ready to win your heart!Witha sticker album, lots of mini games, talking cat coloringpages andmany other features, this furry little virtual cat thattalks is areal game changer! Download talking cat game and checkfor yourselfwhy this virtual pet is so special!OSCAR THE CAT -VIRTUAL PETFEATURES🐱 AWESOME GRAPHICS with super cute animations🐱FUNNY POTIONS- buy your virtual pet a potion and see what he'll do(Spoileralert: it will be hilarious!)🐱 COLLECT STICKERS, put themin asticker album AND🐱 WIN AWARDS for every completed page in thealbumor a rare sticker of a talking virtual pet you collected🐱CATCOLORING PAGES – adorable talking cat coloring book with lotsofcute drawings🐱 DRESS UP – buy home decorations and clothes foryourvirtual pet🐱 DAILY BONUS – come back every day to play withyourtalking cat and receive daily bonuses🐱 DAILY MISSIONS –completedaily missions with your virtual pet and win lots of coinsanddiamonds🐱 SPIN THE WHEEL and try your luck: you can win someprettycool gifts such as rare stickers, lots of coins or cooloutfits foryou talking animal🐱 MINI GAMES – earn coins while youplay withyour talking cat🐱 OSCAR ON FACEBOOK – Log in with yourFacebookaccount to see your friends' virtual petsLEAGUE OFEXTRAORDINARYPETSIf there was such a league of talking animals,Oscar the Cat -Virtual Pet would definitely be one of the leadmembers. Next toalready famous talking animals such as Emma the catand talking dogCharlie, talking cat Oscar would lead the way intothe newvictories. There hardly is a person who could resist thecutenessof those virtual pets and talking animals. Just look atthose goofyeyes! Download Oscar the Cat - Virtual Pet and have funwith yournew favorite virtual cat that talks!LEGAL INFOOscar theCat -Virtual Pet, a talking cat app, is an intellectual propertyofDigitalEagle.
My Chicken 2 - Virtual Pet 1.15
Frojo Apps
Download the sequel to the popular My Chicken - Virtual PetGamewith over 5 million downloads! Feel lonely, do you need someonetolove? Then download this Chicken and start loving and caringforhim today! With life-like emotions, stunning graphics andfluidanimations it will feel just as if your Chicken is real, andyouwill hopefully love him just like a real pet.So do you have whatittakes to adopt, love, play, dress up, teach, clean anddecorateyour Chicken and his little home? FEATURES:Life-likeemotions: YourChicken will act like a real pet and get happy,sleepy & saddepending on how you treat him.Nurture: Take careof your Chickenby feeding, cleaning, play with and getting him tosleep when he istired.Customize: Dress your Chicken and choose fromover 1.000.000combinations of dresses, shirts, hats, beards &glasses.Build:Build the house of your dreams by choosingwallpapers, furnituresand decorations. Garden: Grow your ownflowers, flesh-eating plantsand mushrooms in the adorablegarden.Stickers: Find and collectlots of virtual stickers of yourChicken doing silly things! Music:Create music with the virtualinstruments such as: piano, drums& guitar. Pet evolution:Combine small pet cats and watch themevolve from eggs to cutecreatures.Mini-games: Play one of the 50mini-games and earnmoney!Paint: Draw beautiful images with over 18different colors andshare them with your friends.Building Blocks:Experience realphysics in the building block room. Aquarium: Takecare for fishesand style your own aquarium.
My Talking Lady Dog 2.1
Your children love dog games for kids? You should get atalkingpuppy virtual pet and check if they are ready for a realone.Virtual pet games like My Talking Lady Dog will test yourkids’patience and caring skills and show whether a cute baby dogshouldjoin your family. Get this puppy game and have fun!ADOPTDAISY,YOUR NEW FAVE VIRTUAL PET! 🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾After My Talking Dog -VirtualPet and nearly 10,000,000 satisfied users, we decided thatCharlieshould have a lady friend, as well. My Talking Lady DogDaisy willsoon become your favorite virtual pet and you will lovelookingafter her as she grows from a baby dog to a lovely adulttalkinglady dog. 🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾With a talking dog virtual pet, you canforgetabout all the mess and howling nights. By downloading MyTalkingLady Dog, you will get an adorable talking puppy girl namedDaisy.Puppy games for girls combine cuteness and fun, but Daisylovesplaying with both girls and boys, which makes this virtual petgameappropriate for children of all age (oh, parents will loveittoo!). Dog games for kids are fun, so why not give this talkingdoga chance? Adopt this baby dog virtual pet and watch her growinto abeautiful talking lady dog! She will definitely warm yourheart!🐾EXPLORE ALL THE OPTIONS 🐾Personalize your talking puppy bychoosingyour favorite outfit for your virtual pet to wear. You canchangeclothes, furniture and pretty much anything around the room.Also,you can name your baby dog as you please and look after heruntilshe becomes a fully grown talking dog. FEATURES🐾 TALK to Daisyandshe will repeat everything you say in a funny voice🐾 Touchthehanger button to play dog dress up🐾 Click on the mirror inthebathroom to play makeup games🐾 FEED Daisy magic bones and seewhathappens🐾 Touch the sink to brush Daisy's teeth🐾 PLAY MINIGAMESwith your virtual pet and choose the one you like the most🐾Touchthe armchair button to change furniture, appliancesandbackgrounds🐾 Be with your virtual pet as she is growing up fromababy dog to an adult talking dog🐾 COLLECT coins to buypotionswhich will help you in the game🐾 LOOK AFTER YOUR VIRTUAL PET🐾Whenyou adopt Daisy, she will be just a cute talking puppy in needofcare. You will need to bathe, feed and play with your talkingdogso that she can grow into a beautiful lady dog virtual pet. Youcanalso play mini dog games for kids with Daisy and set yourpersonalscore. Watch out for those energy levels, though, becauseyourvirtual pet needs her sleep in order to be able to play alldaylong. Virtual pet and puppy games for girls and boys can be somuchfun for everyone and there is nothing more beautiful than achild’slaughter. This talking dog virtual pet will put a smile onyourchildren’s face while they learn to care after a living being,thusgetting ready for a baby dog they so long to have. Dogsarepeople’s best friends and a talking puppy not only listens toyoubut repeats what you say so it’s like hearing your thoughtsoutloud. Get My Talking Lady Dog and enjoy playing dog games forkidsno matter how old you are!This game is an intellectual propertyofDigitalEagle.
Virtual Dog Shibo – Virtual Pet and Minigames 2.50.1
Axelerum S.L.
Meet Shibo now, your new virtual pet! It's a funny and lovingdogthat is waiting for you to take care of him.He needs you toadopthim and also take care of him. Feed him, play with him,ticklehim...! Customize your little Shiba Inu and make him a uniqueandcharming puppy. Will you be able to keep it healthy and happy?Inaddition, the game has 12 funny minigames and a beautifulgardenwhere to grow your own food for your virtual dog.++HOW TOPLAYVirtual Dog Shibo – Virtual Pet and Minigames++There are a lotofdogs and pets games, but this with a Shiba Inu, is different.Yourgoal is looking after the cutest virtual puppy as if it was arealpuppy. You will have to feed him, keep him happy, relaxedandclean.- Adopt Shibo and, start to play with him! 
- Dress himasyou like it, choose his clothes, his accessories. It's up toyou!.You've got more than 100 pieces of clothing to choose.
-Customizehis home. Choose the furniture, decorate his bedroom,customize thekitchen, choose the colour of his living-room walls,the pattern onthe floor... Free your creativity!
- Take care andcustomize yourgarden, be the envy of all the neighborhood!- Feedhim. You havegot lots of food to choose.- Play with him and ticklehim. Rememberthat he needs your cares to be happy!
- Wash yourvirtual pet andkeep him clean to avoid illnesses.
- Make him go tobed to recoverall the energy to play.Show off that you can lookafter yourvirtual puppy and your virtual garden very well!The gamehas morethan 200 challenges to unlock and all of them have aprize.If youwant, you can share your records in the social networksor visityour friends' Shiba Inu to have a look at their clothesanddecoration.
++++ MINIGAMES ++++
The game includes several funnyandkawaii minigames that will provide you cash to buy food,clothesand furniture for your dog, not everything is gonna be cleanandcustomize your dog and garden!:RUN! Run as much as you canandcollect all the cash that you will find. The rockets will makeyourun faster!
MEMORY. Train your memory with Shibo cards. 
BUGS.Manybugs attack your virtual dog' food. Avoid it not to run outofit!
SPACE. Shibo goes to space with his sidereal spaceship.Avoidthe obstacles and collect all the cash that you will comeacross.
JUMP! Jump from platform to platform without falling toopenspace. Try to collect as much cash as you can duringyourjourney.
ROULETTE. Give it a chance and win cash and bells whenyouget a line of objects.
CATCH. Catch all the ballsyoufind!OBSTACLES. Dodge all the obstacles moving to another lanewiththe finger.
TRAFFIC. Go the furthest you can! But, watch outbeforecrossing!
GUMMY. Join the same color gummies and break thebubblesbefore you out of movements.BUBBLES. Make combinations ofbubblesto burst them. Get rid of all of them to go up alevel.PIANO.Follow Shibo's rhythm. Press on your puppy's icons andplay abeautiful song.Need any help? Want some more advice? Visitusat: will also find usonFacebook Virtual Dog Shibo – VirtualPetand Minigames and give us your opinion!Thanks to all the playersofour virtual pet, here you have the funniest joke about aShibaInu:"A group of friends composed by a Spanish Shiba Inu,anAmerican bulldog and a Russian terrier, went for a walk inthegarden. Suddenly they saw an huge German Bulldog puppy appearandshibo said: "guau guau guau", and the bulldog freaked out:"woofwoof woof", to which the terrier said "gav gav gav". The hugepuppybecome very cheerful and replied: "Guau woof gav"."Guau woofgav!"Shibo could not be more right, and the 4 becamefriendsforever"Shibo is really funny, right? XD Many thanks forplayingthe most kawaii Virtual Dog Shibo – Virtual [email protected]
Kimmy Superstar: Talking Fashion Cat 3.1
🌟 Welcome to the world of #1 fashion diva - talking cat! Whowillput a new talking pet on a throne? KIMMY SUPERSTAR: TALKINGFASHIONCAT IS YOUR EXCLUSIVE VIRTUAL PET GAME, DIFFERENT FROM ALLTHEOTHER VIRTUAL PETS! Explore the world of a real fashion staramongthe talking animals and watch my talking cat Kimmy rise tofame andfortune! Let your talking cat be in all magazine covers!Completedaily missions, collect diamonds, experiment at the nailsalon andmakeup salon with my virtual cat and enjoy daily rewards!DOWNLOADKIMMY SUPERSTAR: TALKING FASHION CAT!💖💎 TALKING FASHION CATDRESSUP VS SUPERSTAR DIVA PHOTOSHOOT! 💎💖 Play with your newfabulousvirtual pet and start a real talking pet games adventurewith thisedgy fashion diva! Kimmy Superstar: Talking Fashion Cat isnot justa regular virtual pet! You can dress her up just like othervirtualpets, but talking pet Kimmy also has a new feature. IT’STHEPHOTOSHOOT ROOM! Let your snappy virtual cat be right inthespotlight. Prepare my virtual pet Kimmy for a celebrityphotoshootwith a spa day. Take a bath and brush and polish herteeth. You caneven put a peel off mask at the same time and havethe sameglamourous nail polish to steal the show! Watch my talkingpet poseas a diva and become a cover star of all fashion magazine!Collectdiamonds and coins and get daily bonuses to buy designerclothesfor your talking cat after the photoshoot! As you progresstohigher levels, Kimmy’s rooms will be more edgy and glamorous.Themore magazine covers with this talking animal you collect, themoreexclusive the living space for your talking animal will be.Whatare you waiting for? Download Kimmy Superstar: TalkingFashionCat!💖💎 KIMMY SUPERSTAR: TALKING FASHION CAT FEATURES:💎💖🎬📷PHOTOSHOOT ROOM - Have a photoshoot for famous magazine coversandbuy the looks for my virtual pet Kimmy🏠UPGRADE KIMMY’S ROOMS -Eachlevel gives your talking cat a new fabulous room design👗DRESSUP -Customize my virtual cat with many style options💄MAKEUP SALON-Polish your talking kitty at the superstar salon💅 NAIL SALON -Dothe nail polish to my virtual pet🍛🍹EXCLUSIVE FOOD AND DRINK-Notice luxurious food your diva Kimmy can eat💤 SKIP SLEEPINGtocontinue playing with your talking cat, a real superstarangel🏆DAILY BONUS - Come play with fabulous Kimmy superstar andbeawarded for being a loyal player☸️ SPIN THE WHEEL tocollectdiamonds and coins in talking pet games🐾 SHARE Kimmy’smagazinecovers on social networks🎮 MINI GAMES - Play DiamondSplash, TicTac Toe, Tower Builder to earn coins while playingtalking animalgamesMy virtual cat Kimmy is much more than just aregular virtualpet. Kimmy the cat will win your heart, because sheis the boldestfashion diva of all talking pet games. Don’t miss thefun! DownloadKimmy Superstar: Talking Fashion Cat and show who isthe greatestsuperstar!Please note that Kimmy Superstar: TalkingFashion Cat isfree to play, but it contains items that can bepurchased for realmoney. Some features mentioned in the descriptionmay also have tobe purchased for real money. Still, you will surelyenjoy playingwith my talking cat! This virtual pet game has beendeveloped byPeaksel and published by DigitalEagle.
Emma the Cat - My Talking Virtual Pet 1.8
Talking animals and virtual pet games now have a new talkingfriend!Emma the Cat - My Talking Virtual Pet is a kitty cat gameeveryoneis going to fall in love with! Get this talking pet gameand havefun!Some might say that this virtual pet game is like anyothertalking cat app. There is a talking animal you need to feed,batheand take care of. When your virtual talking pet is wellrested, youcan also play mini games. Virtual cat Emma is nothinglike any othertalking animal. Even if you are not a fan of virtualpet games, youwill make an exception for this talking kittycat.FEATURES OF EMMATHE CAT - MY TALKING VIRTUAL PET:🐈 Once youadopt a virtual pet, youcan give this talking cat a name you like🐾Virtual cat is bydefinition a talking animal, which means you canlisten to yourkitty cat talking back to you🐈 Emma will grow as youtake care ofher; your virtual friend will even get a birthday cake🎂🐾 Becareful: if you don't pay attention to your virtual talkingpet, thekitty cat will get sick🐈 Pet nail salon – play nail artgames andmake your talking cat pretty 💅🐾 Teeth brushing time –keep the teethof your talking animal clean and healthy🐈 Play theviolin – become amaster at playing violin with your virtual pet 🎻🐾Dress up games –you can customize everything in this talking catgame just the wayyou like🐈 Coloring spree – a special coloringsection with the mostpopular cat coloring pages 🐾 Kitty cat games– many kitty games thathelp improve concentration, hand to eyecoordination and memory🐈Counting mice whenever your talking catcan't fall asleep 🐭🐾 Shareyour talking friend with the world onpopular socialnetworks(VIRTUAL) CAT vs (VIRTUAL) DOGGet yourself avirtual cat orvirtual dog (or both!) and your real pet, if youhave one, will notbe jealous. Virtual pets games have manyadvantages and this is oneof them. Emma the Cat - My TalkingVirtual Pet will be a greatchoice if you feel like playing with atalking virtual cat. Minigames inside this talking cat app willamaze you. If you are aparent, you'll have an extra reason todownload this talking catgame. Virtual pet Emma is waiting to winyour heart! Don't let thiscute little virtual cat wait for toolong!ENTERTAINMENT FOREVERYONEThere are many who have enjoyedplaying My Talking Kitty Catgame or My Talking Dog Charlie. Catthat talks Emma is a new facebut not less popular. Virtual catgames and talking animals havealways been great entertainment forboth boys and girls, young andold. When you hear this cat talkingback to you in a funny voice, itwill make you laugh your heart outno matter the age. Even SigmundFreud said that time spent withcats is never wasted time. So get onit! Play with Emma the Cat -My Talking Virtual Pet and havefun!Emma the Cat - My TalkingVirtual Pet is a free game and it's anintellectual property ofDigitalEagle.
Moy 4 🐙 Virtual Pet Game 1.991
Frojo Apps
Adopt the cute little virtual pet Moy and enjoy countless hoursofexciting and fun gameplay. With life-like emotions,stunninggraphics and fluid animations it will feel just as if Moyis real,and you will hopefully love him just like a real pet.So doyou havewhat it takes to adopt, love, play, dress up, teach, cleananddecorate Moy and his little home? FEATURES:Life-like emotions:Moywill act like a real pet and get happy, sleepy & saddependingon how you treat him.Nurture: Take care of your Moy byfeeding,cleaning, play with and getting him to sleep when heistired.Customize: Dress Moy and choose from over1.000.000combinations of dresses, shirts, hats, beards &glasses.Build:Build the house of your dreams by choosingwallpapers, furnituresand decorations. Garden: Grow your ownflowers, flesh-eating plantsand mushrooms in the adorablegarden.Stickers: Find and collectlots of virtual stickers of Moydoing silly things! Music: Createmusic with the virtual instrumentssuch as: piano, drums &guitar. Pet evolution: Combine smallpets and watch them evolvefrom eggs to cute creatures.Mini-games:Play one of the 15mini-games and earn money!Paint: Draw beautifulimages with over 18different colors and share them with yourfriends.Building Blocks:Experience real physics in the buildingblock room. Aquarium: Takecare for fishes and style your ownaquarium.
Happy Bear - Virtual Pet Game 1.17
Frojo Apps
Feel lonely, do you need someone to love? Then downloadthisadorable Bear and start loving and caring for him today!Withlife-like emotions, stunning graphics and fluid animations itwillfeel just as if your Bear is real, and you will hopefully lovehimjust like a real pet.So do you have what it takes to adopt,love,play, dress up, teach, clean and decorate your Bear and hislittlehome? FEATURES:Life-like emotions: Your Bear will act like arealpet and get happy, sleepy & sad depending on how youtreathim.Nurture: Take care of your Bear by feeding, cleaning, playwithand getting him to sleep when he is tired.Customize: DressyourBear and choose from over 1.000.000 combinations ofdresses,shirts, hats, beards & glasses.Build: Build the houseof yourdreams by choosing wallpapers, furnitures and decorations.Garden:Grow your own flowers, flesh-eating plants and mushrooms intheadorable garden.Stickers: Find and collect lots of virtualstickersof your Bear doing silly things! Music: Create music withthevirtual instruments such as: piano, drums & guitar.Petevolution: Combine small pet cats and watch them evolve fromeggsto cute creatures.Mini-games: Play one of the 47 mini-gamesandearn money!Paint: Draw beautiful images with over 18differentcolors and share them with your friends.Building Blocks:Experiencereal physics in the building block room. Aquarium: Takecare forfishes and style your own aquarium.
Oliver the Virtual Cat 1.19
Frojo Apps
Meet Oliver, the virtual cat. Take care of Oliver and make himpartof your everyday life just like a real life cat. Oliver theVirtualCat is hands down the best virtual pet game on the market,withmore content than any other pet game. FEATURESMultiplayer:Playwith up to 4 friends in real-time!Mining Game: Explore andminethrough a whole world!Platform Game: A complete platformgameinside the pet game!Mini-games: Play one of the 50 mini-gamesandearn money!Life-like emotions: Oliver will get happy, sleepy&sad depending on how you treat him.Nurture: Take care ofOliver byfeeding, cleaning, playing with and getting him to sleepwhen he istired.Customize: Dress and choose from over 1.000.000combinationsof dresses, shirts, hats, beards & glasses.Build:Build thehouse of your dreams by choosing wallpapers, furnituresanddecorations. Garden: Grow your own flowers, flesh-eating plantsandmushrooms in the adorable garden.Stickers: Find and collect lotsofvirtual stickers of Oliver doing silly things! Cards:Unlockcollectable and beautiful cards of Oliver! Music: Createmusic withthe virtual instruments such as: piano, drums &guitar. Catevolution: Combine small cats and watch them evolve!Fishevolution:Travel under the sea and discover thrilling sea creatureand breedthem!Paint: Draw beautiful images with over 18 differentcolors andshare them with your friends.Building Blocks: Play withbuildingblocks and create your own castle. Aquarium: Take care forfishesand style your own aquarium.What are you waiting for?!Downloadyour own pet today, it is free!
Talking Monkey 2.0
Your favourite jungle animal is here, and the two of you can nowbebest friends! This buddy is very smart and funny, and he willbethe coolest virtual pet you have ever had. Download freeTalkingMonkey game app and see what this hero can do! You will behisguide and make sure he sleeps, and takes care about his looksandhygiene. Later you will try the amazing top mini games together,goto the playground, and exercise gym! You and the monkey willhaveso much fun together, so grab your smartphone and installthelatest talking game. It will quickly become your favourite one.Themonkey lives in a house that has many cool rooms. You willmakesure that you unlock all of them and see what each of themhides.In the living room, there are many interesting items! Forexample,you can tap the table to see the caveman who is hidingthere! Tapthe crazy monkey behind the window and see what happens.Take alook on drawer and the colorful fireworks will attractyourattention. Let’s learn the letters together, just watch thetvscreen. Do you know that your little hero has musical talent?Youwill enjoy the sounds he performs on afro drum. Also, he hasabalafon, a wooden xylophone. Listen your cute hero whilehisperformance and you will be amazed. The talking monkey hasabeautifully decorated bedroom. When it is time for him to takeanap, just turn off the lights for him. The roll whistle willwakehim up from his sleep, whenever you want. This animal lovestospend time on the playground. That is where he can jump onhistrampoline and play sports. Jungle boy will surprise you, helikesto climb over the trees and to slide down them. The newestgame isfun to play, it is relaxing and entertaining at the sametime! Themonkey has an awesome home gym, where he comes for hisdailyworkout. He prefers the treadmill, so you decide if he isgoing torun or walk on it. Make sure that your hero stays fit! Nowit istime for some fantastic mini games, so try it together andenjoy inthese popular adventures. Play Jumpy Monkey, cross allplatformsand try to achieve the maximum height. Do not forget tocollect asmany bananas. This fruit will give you incredibleacceleration.Open Pizza Defense and protect this delicious mealfrom the attackof nasty bugs. Beware of spiders and caterpillarsbut try not tohurt butterflies and ladybugs. They are your friendsand will helpyou in your mission. In Monkey Smash do not drop thehammer fromyour hands and hit this wild animals as soon as theycome out ofthe pit. Play Monkey Jump and just tap platform that youwant yourhero to jump on. You will see that these pets hold frogsashostages, so try to release them. Life in the jungle isneverboring, and our monkey leads an impressive lifestyle. He isverymeticulous, too. In his bathroom he can brush his teeth andtake abath. Later he will wipe with the towel. This top game isforpeople of all ages, for kids and teenagers, for adults aswell.Take care of your virtual animal and be the best guide to him.Talkto the monkey, he will listen very carefully. Later he willrepeatyour words! How to play Talking Monkey game app: Play minigamesto collect more coins Talk to the monkey and he will repeatyourwords Take the monkey to the gym Have fun with him ontheplayground and make sure he gets some sleep Tickle and slapthemonkey for funThe popular pet care game will surely bring asmileto your face, so do not hesitate and download it on yoursmartphonefree of charge. Slap and tickle your hero for fun, to seehisreaction. You can share with your friends and let them knowthatyou have a new virtual buddy! The monkey will make sure youhave alot of fun together, so install the latest application andsee whathappens in the jungle!
My Talking Dinosaur Ross 1.2.2
Great news for all animal games lovers, especially for the loversofdino games. Meet talking Ross - your new virtual pet. Thistalkingdinosaur is so cute and we are sure that you will adorehim. He willbecome your new virtual pet. But, if you want yourtalking dino tobe happy then you must take care of him. You mustfeed them when yousee that he is hungry. Also, you must bathe himwhen you see that heis dirty. Talk to your talking dinosaur and hewill repeateverything that you said with his cute, funny voice.When you seethat your talking animal is sleepy then you shouldtake him to hisspecial bed. Talking Ross will be so lonely and sadwithout yourcompany and you must play with him if you want him tobe happy. But,it won't be hard for you because this talking pet isthat much cutethat you won't be able to imagine your day withouthim.My TalkingDinosaur Ross is a free app for Android and it's aperfectcombination of animal games and talking games. There are alot ofgames for kids and we hope that My Talking Dinosaur Rosswill becomeone of the best games for boys and, also, one of thebest games forgirls. But we, also hope that all adults who liketalking games willenjoy in this free game for Android. So, if youdon't have thepossibility to have a real pet at home, then thisapp is perfect foryou.Different mini games like Ross and Clocks,Circle Ross and moreyou will have the possibility to play. Andwith this mini games youwill not have only great fun. Also, youwill earn a lot of coins.Great, isn't it? So, wait no more, freegame for Android is waitingfor you and you only need to downloadMy Talking Dinosaur Ross andstart playing with your new virtualdino!Features of My TalkingDinosaur Ross:- play with Ross and seewhat he will do- pet him andhe will be happy- feed Ross when yousee that he is hungry- bathehim when you see that he is dirty-when you see that he is tiredtake him to the bed - play mini gamesin order to earn coins- talkto Ross and he will repeat everythingyou saidStart fantasticadventure with talking Ross – your newvirtual pet. He is waitingfor you!