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Stick Squad 4 - Sniper's Eye 1.3.3
Brutal Studio
Stick Squad is back in business,shootingenemies and tracking down a new menace! 4th episode in ourawesomestick sniper series. This time, a young billionaire, withhis ownagenda, will send our two assassins, Damien Walker andRonHawkings, on a twisting lead.A classic Stick Squad game that offers new sniper rifles,handguns and assault weapons, which you can upgrade. Newsnipingmissions as well as a new shooting range where you canpracticeyour shooter skills. Brought to you by the originalcreators ofFinger Vs Guns, Sift Heads and recently Dawn Of TheSniper.Get ready for some new action!NEW LOCATIONSWe now bring you to Egypt and England.REAL SNIPING MISSIONSWeapon upgrades and calibration to compensate for wind anddistance!Your Sniper skills will be put to test!EARN STARS & COMPLETE ACHIEVEMENTSEach mission offers 3 objectives and each objective has 3 levelsofdifficulty. Try to be the best stickman shooter and get 3 starsforeach difficulty in each objective. Then boast your dominanceonyour favorite social network!FUNNY & ADDICTING STORY LINEStick Squad 4 introduces a new menace. A youngbillionairehacker.-----------------------------------------------------KEY FEATURES✔ Sift your targets in 20 new maps!✔ Realistic calibration of your sniper gun to compensate forwindand distance!✔ Upgrade key specs of your weapons!✔ Be precise in stressful hostage situations!✔ Intense assault missions!-----------------------------------------------------OPTIONAL FEATURES✔ Share completed achievements!✔ Rate our game!✔ Follow us on social networks!✔ Challenge yourself in a shooting range!✔ Buy coin packs to upgrade or acquire weapons faster!✔ Remove ads for a small fee. (Help us out so we can keepmakinggreat games!)-----------------------------------------------------If you get stuck, check out our video walkthrough(SpoilerAlert)FOLLOW US:Official Stick Squad page: http://sticksquad.brutalstudio.netFacebook:
Stick Squad - Sniper Contracts 1.3.3
Brutal Studio
Stick Squad is a FREE stickman shootergamewith awesome sniping missions. The game features an appealingstoryline, with our two anti-heroes Damien Walker (RecruitTacticalSniper) & Ron Hawkins (Veteran assaultspecialist).Real fans of stick sniper games will love this freeshooting game.Sift through over 60 shooting objectives, in 20breath-takingmaps. After successfully completing your missions youwill berewarded with in-game cash money, which you can then use inthe gunshop. Upgrade your sniper rifle, assault rifle and handgunor buynew weapons altogether.Get ready for an action-packed stick figure game!REAL SNIPING MISSIONSTo get a clear vision of the game difficulty, missions will getmorechallenging, requiring weapon calibration to compensate forwind anddistance! Your Sniper skills will be put to test!AWESOME GRAPHICSThis first act of Stick Squad is set in beautiful Borneoandfeatures awesome graphics!EARN STARS & COMPLETE ACHIEVEMENTSEach mission offers 3 objectives and each objective has 3 levelsofdifficulty. Try to be the best stickman shooter and get 3 starsforeach difficulty in each objective. Then boast your dominanceonyour favorite social network!FUNNY & ADDICTING STORY LINEStick Squad will periodically launch new acts featuring ourtwoappealing anti-heroes; Ron & Walker. Two completelydifferentpersonalities, yet two of the best professionalassassinsaround.-----------------------------------------------------KEY FEATURES✔ Sift your targets in 20+ maps!✔ Realistic calibration of your sniper gun to compensate forwindand distance!✔ Upgrade key specs of your weapons!✔ Be precise in stressful hostage situations!✔ Intense assault missions!-----------------------------------------------------OPTIONAL FEATURES✔ Share completed achievements!✔ Rate our game!✔ Follow us on social networks!✔ Challenge yourself and gain coins in a shooting range!✔ Buy coin pack to upgrade or acquire weapons faster!✔ Remove ads for a small fee. (We know they're annoying buthey,they help pay the bills!)-----------------------------------------------------If you get stuck, check out our video walkthrough(SpoilerAlert) US:Official Stick Squad page: http://sticksquad.brutalstudio.netFacebook:
Sniper Shooter Free - Fun Game 2.9.2
Aim and Shoot! Kill the bad guys and accomplish missions to becomeaMaster Hitman. - EASY CONTROLS- 3D graphics- Multiple TARGETSandScenarios!- Improve your skills and accomplish EXTREMEMISSIONS-Mini sniper puzzles- 13 chapters for you to enjoy. Morechapterscoming soon!- Layout fully optimized for smartphonesandtablets!Don't miss a single Shot....or you will end up losingyourjob! Looks awesome on smartphones and tablets!DownloadSniperShooter Free - Fun Game now and don't miss amazing updates!
Underworld Stick Mafia 18+ 3.0
Its trouble in the city. Some evil minds are behind seriouscrimescommitted on daily basis. People are upset. The stick mafiais allactive and destroying peace of the city. It’s time to get ridofthose masterminds and restore peace. Its duty call andStickmanSniper is all set to risk its life and shoot down theevilcriminals.Let’s get ready to face the rivals in excitingsnipingmissions. The crooks are roaming freely. Look for the righttarget.Don’t let them escape or vanish in front of your eyes.HelpStickman finish its duty successfully. Use the slow motionbuttonto slow down the running enemies. It will help you targeteasilyand aim perfectly! Be a professional assassin and go fortheheadshots!Save the city from the bad intentions of theundergroundworld. Don’t kill the innocent people of the city whilehuntingdown the bad guys. Dangerous times lies ahead! Will you beable toface it? Let’s begin the game and finish theselawbreakers..!Features:• Stunning 3D Graphics!•InterestingScenarios!• Multiple Targets!• Exciting SnipingMissions!• AwesomeEnvironment and Sound Effects!
CITY STICKMAN SNIPER 3D is theultra-realistic,fast paced arcade FPS shooting game with thrillingfighting actionscenes, which brings you incredible experience andtakes PFS stylegame to brand-new level. In this CITY STICKMANSNIPER 3D, you playthe role of fury revenge of stick who lost hisbeloved parents shotby evil stickman and is gonna take revenge.PFS CITY STICKMAN SNIPER 3D features amazinggameplay,heart-pounding music and sound effects and addictivemissions. Armyourself with advanced weapons and equipment toeliminate the evilstickman, high-profile target and save thestickman world. This isthe most thrilling and challenging stickmangame than ever, youwill join this stickman war and fight tosurvive, to take revenge.It is the stickman fighting that youshould try, everything iscaptivating.CITY STICKMAN SNIPER 3D Features:-ultra-realistic and action packed arcadebattlefieldatmosphere-free FPS gameplay-a huge array of advanced weapons to use-heart-pounding sound effects taking to the frontline-realistic weather effects and new challenges added toyourmissions-intense battle scene and challenging missions-complicated situation, hijacked building & cross firingCITY STICKMAN SNIPER 3D Gameplay:-slide the right of the screen to adjust the target-use sniper refile zoom to eliminate the high-profile target-tap the fire button to shoot the enemiesDownload the CITY STICKMAN SNIPER 3D and join in thestickmanwar!
Stickman sniper shooter killer 1.0
Stickman shooter kill the wanted isastickmansniper shooting game. You play a stick sniper.stickmansniper willbe given a secret killing mission: to shoot thewantedstickman .Stick sniper , take up your gun, spot the wantedstickman, and getready to win this stickman sniper shooting game .Thefaster youcomplete the killing mission, the more reward .Don’tfail usstickman sniper !- Why the stickman is wanted ?Who knows. Just take the mission, and fight terrorists outoftheplanet. Who is the most outstanding stickman sniper ? Itissaidthe stickman town was crowed by terrorists, your snipermissionisto kill target and don't hurt the innocentstickman.Challengenow.- How to play this stickman shooting game ?Remember what the wanted man looked like . He might beastickmanwith hat, a man with cigarette , woman with red hairorsomeoneinside the door. Find his/her face in the street or park.Locatethe wanted stickman , put the trigger , and then shoot inthehead.Give him a dead headshot .Who is the best stickman sniper ? Now take up yourgunandchallenge! Pass the level and challenge yourshootingskill!* tap play button to start your stickman mission* remember what the wanted stickman looks like : with hat ornot,redor blue etc.* take your sniper gun , and wait till the wantedstickmancomesout* be ease, don't shoot the innocent stickmen . Otherwiseyouwillfail your mission* till you kill the right stickman , then you will win andproceedtonext level*sometime you have to be patient. Wait till thetargetedkillingstickman appear* have fun play this stickman assasin gameThe vivid music will elevate the playing experience .
Anger of stick 5 : zombie 1.1.5
*StickMan Game:AngerOfStick 2, Anger of Stick 3, Anger of Stick4,Anger of Stick 5*Scenario:A strange group of enemies appearedinthe city and have been using innocent people asexperimentaltools.Lots of people have turned into Zombie so thatHero and hisfriends should save the people and remove the enemies.*Collectvarious colleagues!- Please collect 6 kinds of reliablefellows.-You can arrange the stage with the total 3 fellows.*RPG'sgrowthelements-The level up system throgh experiences (EXP).*Youcanenjoy both Single mode and Jombie mode.*A variety of movementsandrealistic actions have beenrealized.====================================Support Information:Foradditional support, please contact: E-mail:[email protected]====================================
Stickman Sniper 1.9.8
Ohhhh Stickman Sniper the war is on. The city has beeninfiltratedby the terror stickmen who will stop at nothing to causehavoc.Stickman Sniper Shooting will make you addicted to thissnipermania.Aquire the target and shoot before the stickmen escapeforgood.Stickman Sniper is the most lively addictive killinggame!This game will let you think ahead before you make any shootwhileplaying the game levels. The goal of this shooting game is toshootthe target in each level and kill him with the givenassault.Sounds easy? But, would you be able to truly shoot thetarget andcomplete the game levels without mistakes? Keep in mindthat youshould be precise and hit the target without hitting anyotherperson or you will lose. The game is amazingly designed withanawesome environment to give you the best experience whileplaying.As a player, your task is to concentrate and maintain yourfocus sothat you can shoot the target. There are many people whoarewalking on the street and they will make your mission a bitharderbecause it's difficult to shoot the target while peoplearewalking. We made some 3D Cool and smooth high-quality graphicstogive you the best experience while playing the greatestshootinggame ever! You will enjoy it! Why choose to play StickmanSniper -Addictive Free Shooting game on your android smartphone ortabletinstead of other killing and shooting games? 🔫 BrainChallenging: ✓This game is for intelligent people who want tochallenge theirbrain playing a free addictive attack and shootgame. ✓ Perfect fortime killing, leisure, brain challenge, brainchallenging, bondingwith family and friends. Good for kids too. 🔫Updated regularly: ✓Another reason to play our sniper assault gameis that we have agood developers team and they will update thisgame regularly tobring you with the best experiences and updates. ✓We will keepadding more levels very soon and more targets. 🔫 How toplay ouramazing sniper assault game? ① You need first to installour gamefrom Google Play Store on your Android smartphone or tabletforfree! ② After you start the first level, you will be able toseethe wanted target. You can easily aim him and tap the screentoshoot him. ③ Once you shoot the zombie in the head and youkillhim, you will complete the level and you'll be able to go tothefollowing one. ④ Each level is harder than the previousone.Stickman Sniper is a cool and insanely shooting game to testyourskills. Get hours of fun by playing this awesome shooting game,youwill fall in love with it, a moment you start playing it. Thisgameoffers hours of fun that are free of any charge. The city hasbeeninvaded and is swarming with deadly stickmen. Including allsortsof baddies from smugglers to murderers. The most wantedstickmenwill be in disguise so identify the target and kill thembeforethey get a chance to escape.Feature of this app🔫 Tap &Hitcontrols.🔫 Gun reloads automatically.🔫 Amazing sound effectsandmusic.🔫 Easy to play a game. Awesome stickman snipergamegraphics.🔫 There is no hidden price while playing a game.Howtoplay a Stickman Sniper game- Before the start a game, you willseea wanted stick man- The game begins..! Stickman are moving,youwill find the wanted stickman and shoot on their head.- Justtapfinger on wanted stickmen head for shoot them.Funchallengingexperience is in your hands now. Hurry and don’t letyour targetsescape. Death is coming for them all, So attack withall the furythat you can muster.If you are the fan of Stickman andlove snipergames then here is stickmen sniper app for you. Enjoyplaying thesebest shooting game of the stickman with the beststoryline and Highgraphic. What are you waiting for? DownloadStickman Sniper -Addictive Free Shooting game and enjoy killing thefugitives.
Stickman Assassin 18+ 1.2
Stickman assassin is ready to clear the city streets fromthecriminals who are committing serious crimes on daily basis. Carandpurse snatching, drug dealing and prisoner's breakout fromjailhave created much chaos in the city.Criminals arecommittingserious crimes every day. Civilians are worried and theirlives areat risk.You have accepted the challenge to fight with eachbad guyalive in the city. All you need is to find out your targetatdifferent locations in each mission. Target could be singleormultiple. Hold your sniper rifle and aim. Ride in the car oraimfrom roof top or target your enemies while standing on the roadbutjust keep one thing in mind that you have to save and protectyourcity from becoming a Crime Town. Hurry up to fulfill yourduty,don’t let your target get escape in front of you.Features:•HighQuality 3D Graphics!• Awesome City Environment!• MultipleTargetsand Scenarios!• Amazing Sound Effects!• ChallengingSnipingMissions!
Anger Of Stick 4 1.1.7
Anger of Stick 4 : RebootThe hit that more than 30 millionusersplayed, 'AngerOfStick''s latest sequal.Survive in the citywhichturned into ruins!*Collect various heroes!- Please collect 9kindsof strongHero(KungFu,blade,Gun,Machin,Robot,shotgun,Warriortype).- You canarrange the stage with the total 4colleagues.*RPG's growthelements-The level up system throghexperiences (EXP).-The characterreinforcement system usingJAM*Enjoy 'AOS' with your friends!-Pleaseenjoy battles with yourfriends through your Facebook accounts.- Thevarious socialfunctions will be updated.*Team-battle Mode!* Thestrong automaticbattle function- You can enjoy the game easier andmore comfortablywith the strong automatic function.* The variouscontinuousfunctions including air combo appear.* Other features-Items withvarious abilities appear.- More than 600 stages areprovided.- Morethan 200 kinds of enemies appear.-Variousweapons.-Various bossheroes appear.-Amazing action combo.The mostcomplete actiondefense game of stickman!If you liked the other hitAnger of Stickseries, AngerOfStick4 : Rebootwon’tdisappoint!============================= Support Information:Foradditional support, please contact: E-mail:[email protected] for playing AOS4.
Stickman Revenge 3 - Ninja Warrior - Shadow Fight 1.2.6
⚔️⚔️⚔️ Stickman Revenge 3 - The spectacular return in Stickmangamesseries toppled the international game market. The followersofStickman games still have not forgotten the feeling oftightguillotine and ecstatic graphics of Stickman Legend oldversion.And what would you expect in a recent version of Stickmanfight andthis revenge? Whether this revenge will end or not?StickmanRevenge 3 will come back with a new look, new Stickmancharacters,new Stickman skills, new stick pets. Be ready to wipeout the enemy– cruel monster and their obstacles by unprecedentedfeatures inStickman Revenge 2 Stick War deserves as one of the beststickmangames worth playing ever. ⚔️⚔️⚔️Graphics have been updatedto a newlevel in this Stickman game. Continuing the success ofimages inthe old Stickman Games, the new League of Stickman versionwillimpressive with absolute contrast and dramatic color andattractthe players with each kinds of Stickman warriors, pet systemandeach stick war. The maps in Stick War be continuouslyupdated,graphics transformation on each other maps only inStickmanWarrior. Each map of this Stickmen with different themehelp youhave wonderful experience: Ninja theme, Dark swords them,Gravitytheme, the forest theme, dead land theme, Warriors theme,theShadow fight theme, and the land of Demon theme,…⚔️⚔️⚔️Heroessystem was upgraded, diversified and INCREDIBLE thanever. Heroessystem - League of stickman has 6 Stickman in 6different styles.Each Stickman has his own fighting feature anduses the differentweapons like stick war, stick gun and specialHeroes like Ninja orShadow Fight, and how to each stickman fightingthat brings thewhole new experience for players. ⚔️⚔️⚔️ Pet systemis diversifiedWith Stickman Revenge 3, the Heroes have beenretrofitted Petsystem unprecedented in Stickman 2 version. Pettypes are: AngelsStick, Ghosts Stick, Dogs Stick, Pigs Stick andButterfly Stickwhich will increase the bonus and score and gainmore coin in therunway for Stickman. They are also great warriors.⚔️⚔️⚔️Uniqueskill system for each Character ins this Stickman GameSkills helpStickman increase their power many times and wipe outthe enemiesat a glance in each Stick War. The warriors can also useStickmanspecial skills to destroy the monster faster like stickmangun,stickman fighting,… in each Hero. ⚔️⚔️⚔️Cruel Boss systemwasunprecedented in precedent In Stickman Revenge 3, StickmanandStickman warriors not only have to confront the monsterswithvarious shapes and different mode of attack, but Stickman alsotodestroy the most dangerous Group Boss Monster withincrediblepower. Competitive Leaderboards in this Stickman FightingGames Weoffer Stickman games world leaderboard and friendleaderboard. Youcan compete with your friends or other playersaround the world.Beat all others and be the Champion! Why notdownload StickmanRevenge 3 right now and be the best League ofStickman to continuethe revenge journey for Stickman and hisfamily, destroying thebloodthirsty monsters in the dark world. Thisis one of Ninja gamesyou just cannot miss. Download StickmanRevenge 3 and share yourexperience with us in Stickman fightfanpage:
Anger of Stick 2 1.1.2
Unknown enemies emerge in the city! Our Stick hero continuestofight them off with a wide array of deadly weapons as wellashelicopters and robots, who can devastate all enemiesatonce!Experience the game's 3 different modes: - Jump Jump:Whereyou must go up and keep jumping to avoid falling behind,whiledefeating enemies at the same time!- Survival: Kill all theenemiesand survive as long as you can!- Doodle Runner: run for aslong asyou can, while avoiding hazards and collecting money tospend inweapons upgrades!Special Features:* Action *Feel the fastaction ofAnger of Stick 2, with its realistic fighting and morethan 130combat moves! Perfom the newly added special air combo todefeatall enemies at one time!* Weapons *Use a deadly weaponsarsenal andchoose between the UZI, M1911, Grenade Launcher,Spas-12, SG550,Remington-870, Flamethrower, Ray-gun, Mini-gun, Bat,and the Sword!Combine these with the Helicopter and the Robot toovercome thosedoodle enemies!* Map * Walk through deserts, citiesand forests inyour quest to rid the world of these menacing stickfigures! Youcan even fight inside buildings!Tips:- An infinitecombo attack isavailable with Hero air combo!- Enemies can behandled by usingrobots and helicopters on the streets!- To avoidattacks from enemyguns and robots you will need to press the buttonon the key tomove to the left.
League of Stickman Free- Arena PVP(Dreamsky) 5.5.2
Dreamsky Games: Just be Happy! The most exciting action game oftheyear – League of Stickman! Best-in-class combat features! Crushtheenemy! Beat them all! Win the ultimate challenge! This is thegameyou just cannot miss – League of Stickman! Features:[shadowfighter Action Game ] The most anticipated action game of2015. Youcan experience the thrilling sensation with featureslikeDouble-Hits, Levitation and Deadly Combos! Come feel the heatandslay some monsters! [Heroes Joining Forces] More heroesunlockedand more heroes to team up with! Join forces with others tofightthe Monster King BOSS! Choose your own team now and startfighting![ Visual Experience] High-quality graphics! Stunningspecialeffects! League of Stickman present you the best gamingexperience![Simple & Smooth Operation] Freely switch betweenheroes andmaster their four different skills. You will have thebest combatexperience you ever had! [World Leaderboards] We offerworldleaderboard, country leaderboard and friend leaderboard. Yourteamcan compete with players around the world. Beat all others andbethe Champion! Follow Us onFacebook: Instragam:leaguestickmanTwitter: Youtube: Visit our Official site:
Zombie Avengers-(Dreamsky)Stickman War Z 2.4.9
Dreamsky Games, Just be Happy! "Zombie Avengers-Stickman War Z"isone of the best action side-scrollers in 2016! With grandstages,flashy skills, stylish equipment, explosive combat, the gameis aperfect combination of Stickman and zombies that takes playersintothe future, where the world is overwhelmed by zombies, to savethehumanity! background story: It is A.D. 2050. Theextremists'biological weapon research led to a chemical leakagethat infectedmost humans and turned them into zombies. Socialorderdisintegration and tragic events contributed to the demise ofmostof humanity. A small portion of the infected gainedsupernaturalpowers due to genetic mutations, and they formed analliance tocombat the zombie apocalypse. A war to save humanity hasstarted...Features: [Best Action Game of the Year] The mostanticipatedaction game of 2016. You can experience the thrillingsensationwith features like Double-Hits, Levitation and DeadlyCombos! Comefeel the heat and slay some monsters! [Heroes JoiningForces] Moreheroes unlocked and more heroes to team up with! Joinforces withothers to fight the Monster King BOSS! Choose your ownteam now andstart fighting! [Classic Stickman Hero] The many typesof StickmanHeroes, such as melee fighters or long-range attackers,will giveyou the best combat experience! [Best VisualExperience]High-quality graphics! Stunning special effects! Leagueof Stickman- Zombie present you the best gaming experience! [Simple&Smooth Operation] Freely switch between heroes and mastertheirfour different skills. You will have the best combatexperience youever had! [World Leaderboards] We offer worldleaderboard, countryleaderboard and friend leaderboard. Your teamcan compete withplayers around the world. Beat all others and bethe Champion!Follow Us on Facebook: Instragam:leaguestickmanTwitter: Youtube: Visit our Official site:
Anger of Stick 3 1.0.4
The third installment of the hit series Anger Of Stick nowonAndroid!Anger of Stick 3 features even more spectacularfightingaction and the craziest combos you've ever seen!You playour stickhero once again on a mission to eradicate all villainsfrom otherplanets! Meet different enemies on each planet and defeatevenstronger bosses as you progress through this dangerous andtrickygalaxy!Make use of the many fighting combos mastered by ourhero,and buy weapons in the shop to increase your destructionradius andchances of survival! This action packed fighting gamehas:- 44levels across multiple scenarios, split by 9 planets- Fivemaincharacters with different combos, changeable according totheenemies- Many different types of bosses and enemies on eachplanet-Experience true fighting action with energy beams, mid-aircombos,continuous attacks, deadly weapons and a leveling up system-Morecombo moves for even more intense action!We've also broughtsomenew and awesome features to the Android version: - Severalnewcharacters- Super warrior mode- Evolve your characters- "Saveme"button whenever you die in the gameTap, jump, punch and kicknonstop to vanquish all these stick foes!
Stick Fight 3
Welcome to the Stick Fight! We are giving you a basic 2 keyfightingexperience with sweet, sweet animations and endlessaction. Yourobjective is to fight the never ending waves of stickfigures.Supereasy, Super addictive!You should not waste your timelooking forothers, here is what you were carving all thistime!Wait for theenemy to aproach you, tap on screen and boom. Ittakes just onepunch man !Features:-Easy Control:*Stick Fight hasthe most basiccontrol ever!*You have only need to touch yourscreen when an enemyis near.*You only have 2 choice right or left,can't go wrong withit! *(No, you can go wrong with it!)*Play itwith one finger or twofinger! No restriction there! Just punchthem and enjoy theaction!-Timing Based Gameplay:*You'll need to becareful with therange of your attacks. *If you miss in Stick Fightyou will bestaggered and vulnerable to attacks!*Fight bosses! Timeyour hitsget your rewards!-Non-Complex Progression:*Every time youstart anew game, you will start from normal speed rate. *As you gothespeed of your enemies will increase! Damn, this isoriginal!Kappa*Select from different variaty of weapons! Get yourself a hatand you can upgrade them both!*Check your scores onourleaderboard! There is always competition!-GoodLookingAnimations:*Ow punching your enemies over and over againisboring?! Do not worry young fighter. *We got manydifferentcinematic animations that are designed to be accurate tothevarious types of kung fu!*Or are they? No, they are notaccurate;but we have many!-Facebook Connectivity:*Man.. I wish thisgame hadFacebook support so I can throw my new best score to myfriend'sface..*Well It does! Connect to your Facebook and challengeyourfriends!Available by In App Purchases:-No Ad:*Alsothemadvertisements! Right?? *You can shut them off and support usmakethis game better at the same time.*Proven that; this is themostefficient way to get more games and more content out of us!<-Yup a fact.-Buy Coin:*Get your weapons faster!*Get yourhatsfaster!?*Get everything fastest possible!-Unlock All:*"I wanttohave everything!!" option.
Stickman Revenge 2 1.1.8
Stickman Revenge 2 – a revenge game with thrilling fightingactionscenes brings you terrific experience. Let’s enjoy your timeas afurious fighter. Stickman Revenge 2 is a fury revenge of Stick,wholost his family in a night by a Dark Power. Stickman struggledtosurvive and started chasing after these rivals.Let’sincarnationinto Stickman to fight and save the world! The Warriorstarted!Thisis the best Stickman Games than ever, you will joy theStickman Warand fight to survive. It is the Stickman Fighting gamethat youshould try, everything is interesting!Stickman Features:-Tightguillotine arm fatigue with impressive gameplay StickmanRevenge 2-Game Skills are very plentiful: Attack Speed Stick, Big&Furious Stick, Stick Intervention and Air blade Stick- Eachmap inthis Stickman Games with different Monsters and Boss hasthecharacteristics and different modes of attack- The Special thinginthis Stickman Games is graphics, the contrast created forplayersfeeling like we're in that space- Stickman rankings helpyoucompete with all the other players in the world- Stickman gamewithtwo game modes is Endless and Story for you to enjoy thegamewithout boringHow to play Stickman:- Click on the “Attack”toguillotine, Control the stickman through pressing the left sideofthe screen to jump in the air.- Using Air Blade stick skilltoguillotine much farther, Big and Furious stick skill helpsstickchange and attack the stronger opponent, Intervention Stickskillhelps Stick becomes an immortal in a certain period of time.-Youshould know how the Boss attack and how they be killed, whenyouknow that, you will get the best way to makeStickmanwinApplication should be granted thefollowingpermissions:+[READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE,WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE]:Permission to save necessary game dataexternally+[GET_ACCOUNTS]This right is need for the linkage andnotification between yourgame account and google accountinformation.+[READ_CONTACTS,READ_PHONE_STATE] Permission to syncyour Address Book and accessdevice status for FriendInvites.Download Stickman to guillotineand fight hard, helpStickman fight for his relatives andvillagers, destroy evil.Keep intouch with us if you like StickmanRevenge 2 and do not forgetcomments to us about this StickmanFightinggame! you somuch!
Kungfu Master : Legend of Stickman 1.3.15
Play as the legendary stickman to rescue your girlfriend fromtheevil stick bastards. Explore many different maps withincreasingchallenges and even big bosses.Five different weaponstounlock.Many bosses to defeat.Fight evil and rescueyourgirlfriend!Your character has Health and Rage. Each time youdefeatan opponent, your rage will rise and you can use the mastercomboto finish off the entire screen.Your EXP is used to unlocknewweapons and upgrade their strength. Transform yourself tobecomethe iKungfu Master with the upgraded broadsword, nunchaku,daggerand long staff.
Stickman Quest 1.04
Zitga Studio
Stickman Quest – The battle had beginsonStickman games.When the Heaven city was conquered by lackey of DarkLordGenosattacked, there is also a moment of everything on thebrink ofextinction.All of the people who remaining put their last faith and hope toawarrior named is Ashura Stick fighting.With the endless power and bravery, he had fight for peacefullofthe city and humans being.A adventurous and extremely dangerous journey to rescue all ofthehumanity has been started.Let's make the incarnation of Ashura Warriors to use that strenghtoprotects the justice and take the city back from the Dark LordGenosdoes.-------------------FEATURES:- There are many skills and weapons for gamer – Hero of thesewarsusing- Stickman Quest contains 6 maps. You can play the Boss mapafterpassing 5 normal monster maps.- You can buy power up item to increase the power for yourWarrior,be like a Stick Man!- Increase the power of Stick Man through maps.--------------------TIP:- The players control the Warrior and decimate monsters in mapstoearn money to upgrade weapons, skills and level up.- Stick Man can move, jump and use the skill to kill monstersbyyour weapons.Let’s download Stickman games for free, be 1 of Stick Heroandfighting for the city.Please rate 5* for Stickman Quest and send your feedbacks for usifyou like it!Hope you enjoy the game, and have a lovely day!Contact with us:- Facebook: Twitter: Webiste:
Stick of Titan 1.59.2
I want to defeat more... Parody mini games. If you have aquestionor request, please check the FAQfirst. If you havebettertranslation, please tell me from thiswebpage! projects: Could you help me translation?Italian: game is reset after interrupt, please try to update "GooglePlayDeveloper Services" fromhere. Xperia (SO-04F) Galaxy S6 edge (SCV31) Moto G5(XT1676)Materiallist:
Stick Death-Room 1.0
One Prisoner. One Penalty . Get the stickinthepenalty room and choose what way he will die. Enjoy thosewaysandhave fun!
League of Stickman 2018- Ninja Arena PVP(Dreamsky) 5.5.2
Dreamsky Games,Just be Happy! League of Stickman is one ofstickmanstyle cross-action mobile game, it's stickman fighters,smash upall enemies! blow all monsters! Ultimate challenge! Anoriginalmulti-heroes real-time combat, a strong sense of combatwithperfect sound effect, gives you a different combatexperience,Youshould not miss this stickman action game "League ofStickman"Features: [Cool action game] The most anticipated actiongame of2018. You can experience the thrilling sensation withfeatures likeDouble-Hits, Levitation and Deadly Combos! Come feelthe heat andslay some monsters! [Heroes Joining Forces] More heroesunlockedand more heroes to team up with! Join forces with others tofightthe Monster King BOSS! Choose your own team now and startfighting![Stickman multiple characters] Many stickman heroeswaiting for youto choose: Gus, Athy, Feist, Bladey, Zilong, Monkand more [BestVisual Experience] High-quality graphics! Stunningspecial effects!League of Stickman present you the best gamingexperience! [Simple& Smooth Operation] Freely switch betweenheroes and mastertheir four different skills. You will have thebest combatexperience you ever had! [World Leaderboards] We offerworldleaderboard, country leaderboard and friend leaderboard. Yourteamcan compete with players around the world. Beat all others andbethe Champion! Follow Us onFacebook:페이스북: Twitter: Youtube: Visit our Official site:
Rope'n'Fly 4 3.1
Rope'n'Fly 4 is the sequel to the best selling game,Rope'n'Fly,with millions of players worldwide.
Use your ropes toswing adestructible ragdoll from one skyscraper to the others. Youhavefull control over your ropes, touch on a building or objecttothrow your rope there, touch again to release it and flythroughthe sky. Perform various kinds of jumps to get achievements,attachto flying planes, jets or ballons and try to beat yourfriends orall other players by competing with them for the bestscore. Anddon’t miss the special hand designed levels, especially“Rocket”where your objective is to reach the top of a rocket beforeittakes off!Awesome objects to rope on like Golden Gate Bridge,ParisEiffeltower, Ariane 5 Rocket, Burj Kalifa, Seattle SpaceNeedle,Cranes and many more…Rope’n’Fly 4 builds on the well knowngamemechanics from Rope’n’Fly 3 but features a lot of new andimprovedthings like ultra realistic rope physics, fluid andsmoothanimations, awesome hand designed levels and of course therandomlevel mode.From the makers of Stickman Downhill, StickmanSoccer,Stickman Basketball, Stick Stunt Biker, Line Birds, LineSurfer,Line Runner, RunStickRun and more
More than 10 millionaddictedRope'n'Fly players can't be wrong!StickmangoesRope’n’Fly!


• Tight and fast paced gameplay• 15handdesigned levels set in special locations• Random levels•Variousgame modes• Tons of objects including various skyscrapers,goldengate bridge, eiffeltower, burj kalifa, etc…
• Realisticphysicengine for the player, ropes and objects
• Destructible ragdolleffects
• Endless playing in never ending cities for the pros
•Alot of achievements to unlock
• Online and OfflineleaderboarD
•Directly compare yourself against all other players oryourfriends


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Stickman Sniper Shooting 3D 1.2
Stickman Sniper Shooting 3D will make you addicted to thissnipermania. Time is ticking. Aquire the target and shoot beforethestickmen escape for good. Don’t waste precious ammo or you’llgiveaway your location and they will run away. It’s time to showyourskills and snipe them at the perfect moment. You won’t havemuchtime to remain hidden after your first shot so build astrategybefore you start.You work as a assassin sniper and your jobis tokill the target. The city has been invaded and is swarmingwithdeadly stickmen. Including all sorts of baddies from smugglerstomurderers. The most wanted stickmen will be in disguise soidentifythe target and kill them before they get a chance toescape. Setthe targets mindfully and open fire. This game will testyourpatience, accuracy and speed. We give you this ultimateexperienceof playing this blood thirsty sniper adventure so shootdown allthe targets you can in the shortest amount of time.Stickman SniperShooting 3D features include:• 20 Sniper shootinglevels with atelescopic view for sniper attack• Stunning 3Dgraphics of aStickmen invaded city• Earn experience points withyour preciseshooting, get energy refills and collect cash•Customizablecontrols for a smooth gameplay experienceSo attack withall thefury that you can muster! This ultra fun challengingexperience isin your hands now.. Hurry and don’t let your targetsescape. Deathis coming for them all!About TapinatorTapinator(Ticker: TAPM)develops and publishes games on leading mobileplatforms. TheCompany’s portfolio includes over 250 mobile gamingtitles that,collectively, have achieved over 350 million playerdownloads.Tapinator is headquartered in New York. For more info,