Top 49 Games Similar to Roughhewed game2

Impossible Journey 1.0.1
Jump! Jump! Jump across 3 dangerous worlds full of enemies.Findthemagic boots to jump high in the air!An awesome jet pack iswaitingfor you to fly with style.Can you complete this ImpossibleJourney?
Boonk Gang 1.2
Whole Lotta ... Boonk Gang!HOW TO PLAY:Tap the left side ofthescreen to rotate leftTap the right side of the screen torotaterightAvoid "The Man" and The law as you "Boonk" cashfromunsuspecting onlookers. Collect powers ups to help Boonkcollectstacks of cash to buy new gear.#freeboonk
The Day - Zombie City 1.0.2
■ This nightmare started all of a sudden…■ StoryYour neighborsareturning into zombies. Tom, who was happy with his peacefullife,now has to struggle to survive.Tom manages to seeanotherdaylight.Defeat hordes of incoming Zombies and gather Goldtoupgrade Tom.Customize Tom's appearance with various weaponsandoutfits.Level up and learn new skills to overcomeincreasinglydifficult battle.■ This game shares the same backgroundwith100DAYS.■ Tip.Gears will alter Tom's appearance.As your levelup,new Skills will be available. Level up to increase basicstats.Tommanages to see another daylight.Use skills wisely foreasierprogression.Check Diamond corner in the shop forfreeDiamonds.Visit Shop and increase base stats with LP.Kill Bossandyou'll get Accessory.Learned a new Skill? Make sure you know howtouse it!Defeat hordes of incoming Zombies and gather Gold toupgradePeter.Customize Tom's appearance with various weaponsandoutfits.Level up and learn new skills to overcomeincreasinglydifficult battle.You can retry Stages that you havealreadycleared.Dash and Double Jump can improve your performance.■Thisgame saves player data in device. Deleting the app willterminateall save data.
Barbaric: Marble-Like RPG, Hyper Action Hero! 1.1.00
Upopa Games
Take on the role of a mighty barbarian warrior on an epic questofmonster smashing and loot grabbing! Hack and slash your waythroughmonsters to raid their dungeons and steal theirgold!Transform intoa barbaric pinball and strike down monsters!Charge into hordes ofundead creatures and become the most powerfulGolden Hero!Test youraiming skills in dozens of levels, upgradeyour character, anddiscover powerful items!KEY FEATURES: • Reachthe top of the towerby honing your skills and your blade. • Collectepic weapons in aquest for legendary loot! • Roll through darkcaves, castles, anddungeons! • Jump right into the action without atedious tutorial!• Barbaric or Barbarik, you'll crush enemies,that's for sure! •Enhanced with Immersion TactileEffectsFOLLOWUS:www.upopa.comFacebook:
Zombie Arena 3D Survival Offline 1.5
This single player is perfect to play for fun in any time youwant.8mission on every map will fascinate you to enjoy , runningandfighting with pixelated AI Zombies.Enjoy !!!
Time Warriors - Steampunk 1.0
We happily announce Episode 2 of Time Warriors. In thissecondepisode, you will be in never existed time Steampunk. Youwill bein a well designed environments, characters, weapons andcostumes.This is gonna be your best multiplayer action war gameever tested.Discover authentic block maps and environments, makeyour warstrategy and attack the enemies. You can stand against yourenemiesas single or as a team. Multiplayer game modes let you playwithreal players in gorgeous game levels. It is easy to play. Thereisno need to skip many pages and dialogs. You will start thegameeasily with just couple of clicks. Just select a map, chooseyourwarrior avatar and weapons and then start the game. Offlinegamemode lets you investigate advantageous points on the map. Soyoucan make better war strategies for attack and defense. Inonlinegame mode, you will apply your plans over real players.Better planwins in real life. Online game modes: - Team Deathmatch:Kill moreenemy as a team to win. Higher kill numbered team wins.This gameplays with 2 teams. Red and Blue. - Capture The Flag Thisgame alsoplay with 2 teams. Red and Blue. The team captures theflag ofopponent team for 3 times wins. - Gun Beast In this gamemode thereare no teams. Eveybody plays as single. Player starts thegame withmost powerful weapon. Weapon changes to the weaker one assoon askilling other players. At the end you will have only barehands tofight. You will win when you kill anyone with punch.FEATURES: - 8special weapons - High performance - 6 gorgeous gamemaps - Just30Mb of space on your device - 4 siege weapons - Onlineand Offlinegame modes - 3 game modes - Game is free
The Pit 1.0.2
Run, jump, and slide your way through The Pit!Watch out fordeadlytraps as you race against the most dangerous terrain. Choosetoplay as multiple characters by collecting coins to unlock newones.Compete with your friends for the highest score. How far canyougo? Features: → Unlock cool new Characters → Fast action OneTouchGameplay→ Challenge your Friends for the High Score →Extremely Fun& Addicting!How to Play:1. Tap and hold to slide.2. Release toJump3. Tap again to Double Jump
Son of Zeus 1.8
The Last Hero Achilles part 2 , Son of Zeus is finally here. SonofZeus SOZ follows a different storyline. This game is one ofthebest sword fighting,medieval action RPG game out there.Drivenbyhis greed and hatred for Zeus, Ares the King of theunderworldcreated the Dark Army to conquer the world of men. One byone,kingdoms of men fell before the army of Demons and Orcs. Butoneprince resisted the Dark Army. Prince Zydian. They call him SonofZeus. Play and defeat the 4 titans of Ares, Ashe, Death,Cerberusand Dizuo and finally Ares.Prince Zydian and Lady Eline,the lasthope of realms of men.If you like Son of Zeus please shareit withyour friends,rate and leave your opinion below.If you arelookingfor a third person sword fighting game filled with Herculeslevelaction, valour, ancient greek mythology medieval battleswithhercules like heroes,then look no further. Feel adrenalinerushthrough your veins.Son of Zeus assets are highly optimised andisjust 47 Mb .There are no additional files to download.
Spider Hero: City Battle 1.0.4
Spider Hero: City Battle is new free style action game. Yourmissionis save the city was attacked by auto robots.Destroy allrobots andsave the city.Stop alien invasionFind powerweaponsDestroy yourenemies in cruel battleDetonate theexplosiveForm an alliance withyour enemy to winSpider Hero: CityBattle - fantastic contest iswaiting for you!
Grand Rambo 3.0
This is the best classical action game in the world. for 2.2
Pia Games
Try to survive and develop your skills as much as youcan.Hunter.iohave mobile controls and have no performance problems!Upgradeyourselves different every time you start the game todiscover newways to stay alive.The main goal is to get stronger andthere areno limits of how strong you can get.Collecting gems andslayingplayers & monsters gives you experience andlevels.Leveling upallows you to upgrade attributes.The red barabove your head isyour health.The blue bar is energy - it allowsyou to fight. Youlose energy when you are constantly attacking andyou gain it whileresting (not attacking).There are dozens ofstrategies on this newarea!Some of the features:- No performanceissues,- Smooth gameplaywith mobile controls with dual joystick,-Chance of developingskills.There will be much more added in thefuture - alot of newmonsters, skills, game modes and more!We areconstantly updatingour games. Your reviews are important forus!Please send us anyfeedback. We will take them serious.You canLike andPiaGames onFacebook: can LikePiaGames onTwitter: to surviveand developyour skills as much as you have mobileperformancecontrols and have no problems!Upgrade yourselvesdifferent everytime you start the game to discover new ways tostay maingoal is to get stronger and there are no limitsof how strong youcan get.collecting gems and slaying players &monsters Gives youexperience and levels.Leveling up Allows you toupgradeattributes.The red bar above your head is your health.Theblue baris energy - Allows you to fight it. You lose energy whenyou areconstantly attacking and you gain it while resting (notattacking).there area dozens of Strategies on this new area!Someof thefeatures:- No performance issues,- Smooth gameplay withmobilecontrols with dual joysticks,- Chance of Developingskills.Therewill be much more added in the future - alot of newmonsters,skills, game modes and more!We are constantly updatingour games.Your reviews are importante for us!Please send us anyfeedback. Wewill take them serious.You can and piagamesLike onFacebook: renovationYou canLikepiagames on Twitter:
Legend Strike Legacy: Zombie Shoot War Free Online 0.84
recs games
Beta version of the new engine. Easy farm game currecny. Hereyoucan enjoy the full power of the online shooter for a minimalfee.To earn a new gun or machine is very easy - so just enjoy thegamein the beta version. In addition, for the search for bugsandvaluable offers, we give game crystals, for which you can buynewskins, camos, upgrades and guns. New design of maps.Wonderfulgraphics. New weapons, cars, zombies. Absolutelyeverything can bemodified - add optics to the weapon, improve themechanism,increase the lethal force, clip or accuracy. Any weaponcan becomedeadly to enemies! In addition, you can buy a car or evenanArmored car! You can improve them, change weapons, armor.
BG Player 3.8.10
Music stories are here! Player BG for Youtube allows you toplaymusic stories, save your listening history and play music inahandy floating popup for a multitasking musiclisteningexperience.Noteworthy:Search music videos! Manageplaylists:Create, rename or delete! Rotate to full screen playmode! SleepTimer! Autoplay!NB:Playing music in lockscreen is notallowed inorder to respect YouTube's Terms of Use. Player BG is amusicstreaming app, not a downloader, and cannot play your ownmp3files.
The Midnight Man (Horror Game) 2.0
"The Midnight Man: Remastered" is a remake of our originalindiehorror game "The Midnight Man", now with new and improved gameplaymechanics and HD graphics.This game is based on a real ritualusedto summon ‘The Midnight Man’ to punish rule breakers inpaganreligions long ago. Your goal is to avoid the midnight man atallcosts until 3:33AM. You may move through the house to avoid him.Ifhe is near; your candle will go out. You will have ten secondstorelight your candle, If not; it’s game over. You cannotre-lightyour candle if you are near the midnight man. Notice thatthis porthas been optimised to be playable on android devices. Forthereason the game will look graphically different from thedesktopversion.
Zombie City 1.0.2
The city streets are packed with bad guys. Who you gonnacall?That's right, it's the Zombie Hammer! He'll straighten themoutwith his shotgun. It’s time to load up the gun and shoot yourwayout!Zombie Hammer With a 3D game screen and rich pixelgameelements, you will experience a whole new zombie shooter gamethatdelivers a high quality shooting game experience on yourmobileplatform. FEATURES- Zombie combat in 30 different zones with30missions- Controllable vehicles, like tanks, cars, helicoptersandturrets! driving armed vehicles mopping up zombies.- Lots andlotsof explosions! Destroy lots of buildings!- Multiple weapons-Uniquepixel style,low polygon model to enhance performance.- A shopwithawesome in game features like God Mode, Golden Gun and a Jetpack!-Multiple AchievementsNo in app purchases! You get the fullgame forone amazing price: FREE!Thank you for playing and for yourongoingsupport!
Impossible Spider Hero: Zombie Hunter 1.0
Before you start the game you have to know something aboutthiscity! This city is really creepy, once it was an ordinary citywithpeople and civilization. Now people hide, and many havedisappearedaltogether. After all, now, this god-forgotten place isteemingwith zombies! They say that somewhere on the island istheirlair.Your goal is to wipe out as many zombies as possible fromtheface of the earth, protect the City and stay alive.And donotforget, you are not an ordinary passer-by, but an ImpossibleHero!
Medical ID (Free): In Case of Emergency 6.6.0
Medical ID allows you to create medical profiles that areaccessiblefrom the lock screen. In case of emergency, this profileenablesquick access to vital information such as your allergies,bloodtype, medical contacts, etc. that are essential to attendingfirstresponders, medics or medical staff having to take action.This isthe free version of the app. Upgrading to the premiumversion willgive you access to more features. Please note theupgrade isrequired only once in your lifetime! Terms ofuse: Privacypolicy: Please contact us byemailif you have any questions, or file an issueat: You can also help to translateorimprove the translation of the app. If you are interested,pleasehave a look at:
Retro Sea Battle 1.3
We present you Retro Sea Battle – a favourite andwell-knownpaper-game known since childhood. It was the best schoolgame toplay with the guy sharing the same desk with you. You haveanopportunity to play both classic and advanced game modes, whichwecould only dream of as kids;-). We have done more thanjustrecreating the game in a squared notebook style – we alsobrought alot of new features to make the game more interesting. Youwillfind a commonly known classic game, where one needs todestroyships by using only one shell, as well as the advanced modewith ahuge range of various weapons and ships. New ships, boatsandsubmarines are waiting for you to create your very ownfull-fledgedpowerful fleet. You will command ships armed with theirspecificweapons depending on class: nuclear missiles, torpedoes,mines,defensive fire, as well as radars. Your task is to complicateyourenemy’s life by twisting your fleet across the battlefieldandstriking theopponent’s cellsas accurate as possible, usingallrange of available weapons. Develop your own tactics that willhelpyou win on all three difficulty levels, but keep improving itallthe time! Make your own career with a huge range ofdifferentmissions, earn rating stars and lead your fleet tovictory! Gamefeatures: - Full version of the game - No in-apppurchases - Uniqueretro style graphic design - Maximum resemblanceto the original -More than 50 different missions -More than 5diverse weapons -Three difficulty levels
Bengali Calendar (India) 3.2.09
The Bong Calendar - A Complete Bangla Calendar for yourAndroiddevice. The Calendar : Bong Calendar is just like thetraditionalBengali Calendar . Only thing , it runs in androiddevice and youcan keep it in your pocket! It keeps you updatedabout theimportant days in Bangla and the Bengali Date. Please note, youmay have seen different Bengali Date for the same GregorianDate indifferent news papers. It is because , in West Bengal wehave twoschools of Panjika Makers. One of them follow the oldmethod (about1500 years old!) the 'Surya Siddhanta' and the othersfollow the'Drik Siddhanta' or 'Bishuddha Siddhanta' method. Forlunar day /or tithi timings , Bishuddha Siddhanta gives youaccurate timing.We cover them both. Widgets : We have home screenwidgets thatshhows current Bengali date. Two of them shows the timeas well.And if you are residing outside of India , it shows you thecurrenttime in India for your location as well. Before you set it ,itwill ask for a preference , and select the 'Panjika' youfollow.**Please note that the widget showing time might not workproperlyif you have a built in or third party task killer app.Pleaseexclude Bong Calendar from your task killer app if thewidgets arenot working properly We hope you will find this appuseful and ifyou do , please share your review / ratings / scope ofimprovementareas / ideas . It is our continuous effort to makethisapplication better with time. For any assistance , please writetous . You can reach us at [email protected] . Our team willbehappy to help you out. Keep using Bong Calendar! With Regards,TeamOutscar
Garden of Words - Word game
Easy to play, Garden of Words is a word game that makeslearningfun! Play every day and improve your spelling! Memorize newwordsand expand your vocabulary! - Simple and accessible: slideyourfinger on the letters to make a word. - Original and fun:thecrossword puzzle gives you hints about the words you can find.-Enjoy the different and colorful garden backgrounds! The calmandcozy atmosphere will help you concentrate when looking forwords. -Over 700 puzzles in 8 languages, with regular updates eachweek! -Thousands of hidden words to unlock thanks to ourcomprehensivedictionaries! Win coins with each bonus word you find.- Can'tthink of a word in a puzzle? Use a hint to uncover a letteron theboard! - Play offline, anywhere, anytime! Once you start toplay,you'll never want to stop!
Assamese Calendar 2.1.04
Assamese Calendar is an utility application designed inAssameseLanguage . It helps you with your daily needs andrequirements. Itis now easier to track Assamese date and year withOutscar AssameseCalendar App. It Includes the important socialevents , days tocelebrate rituals etc. Assamese Calendar comes withbuilt inwidgets . They widgets are beautiful and fits perfectly inyourhome screen. One of the widgets contains a clock that showscurrenttime. Please note , the clock widget may not show timeproperly ifyou use task cleaner / memory booster or other Apps ofsamecategory. For best results put Assamese Calendar in the ignorelistfor such applications. Please install Assamese Calendar inyourdevice and let us know about any bugs / issues that you mayface.We will be happy to address your needs. Regards, Team Outscar
Cracky Words 1.9.7
Core I Soft
Cracky Words is a tough and funny game. Target is to findgolds,badges and surprise rewards by finding the words appropriateto thesubject from the letters. You can test your vocabularydatabasewith Cracky Words. This game will be indispensable foranyone wholoves word games! Cracky Words offers you the opportunityto find1200 puzzles and thousands of hidden words. As you progressthroughthe game, you can compete with the golds you collect withyourfriends on the points table, you can also carry yourself up inthesequence with the diamonds you have won with your friends onlineorwith random players. You can discover hidden achievements inthegame and earn bonuses in the game with your achievement scores.Youcan also take advantage of hints at places where you can’tfindwords. Cracky Words is constantly being developed. In thefollowingdays, we will continue to add new sections in line withrequestsfrom you. You can either remove the ads or buy additionaltipsusing in-app purchases. Cracky Words offers online compilationwithyour friends and is completely FREE. No unnecessary permissionisrequired. Have fun everybody!
Split 1.3.3
Hamdi's Tech
Draw vertical and horizontal lines to split the balls intosmallerspaces. Once the balls are contained, you get to move on tothenext level.
NCIS: Hidden Crimes 2.0.4
Time to find your first clue, probie!Join Gibbs, Abby and otherNCISagents to investigate crimes of murder and espionage with tiestothe U.S. Navy and Marine Corps. Find hidden objects tocollectevidence, solve puzzles, put together clues and build yourcaseagainst the criminal minds! WELCOME, SPECIAL AGENT!Each casebringsnew mysteries and secrets, and YOU are called to investigatethem.In NCIS: Hidden Crimes, you search beautifully-drawn crimescenes,analyze murder weapons, interrogate witnesses and suspectsto seekout the truth.OUTSMART THE CRIMINALSFinding evidence is fun,but isit enough to rank up to Senior Special Agent?Play through6exciting hidden object game modes, solve puzzling mini-games,andcompete with agents around the world in daily challenges.Theearlier you detect the criminal correctly, the more rewards yougetwhen the case is complete!A STUNNING UNIVERSEFrom MTAC to all50states, from harbors to the desert, travel from Washington, D.C.tothe world to serve justice.Every episode features stunninganimatedsettings and witty dialog with familiar characters.Encounter avariety of crimes in attempts to solve each case,progressing youthrough the story!BUILD THE PERFECT CITYCompletedinvestigationsgive access to Special Agents, who unlock iconicWashington, DC andNCIS-inspired buildings. ABOUT THE FRANCHISENCIS,based on the hitTV series & currently in its 14th season, ismore than just anaction drama.With liberal doses of humor, it's ashow that focuseson the sometimes complex and always amusingdynamics of a teamforced to work together in high-stresssituations. From murder andespionage to terrorism and stolensubmarines, these special agentsinvestigate all crimes with Navy orMarine Corps ties. NCIS, whichis licensed in over 200 territoriesaround the world, is currentlythe #1 Drama in the US, and one ofthe most watched dramas in theworld with 55 million globalviewers.NCIS: Hidden Crimes is free todownload and play, but italso allows you to purchase virtual itemswith real money inside thegame.You can disable in-app purchases inyour device’s settings.Game available in English, French, German,Italian, Korean,Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish,TraditionalChinese.Like the game joinyourcommunity!Facebook
Word Weekend - Connect Letters Game 1.0.6
Word Weekend — a simple and exciting word puzzle game where youcanget a lot of fun of building words. DOWNLOAD Word Weekend tobecomethe word genius for FREE. With this game you can easilyimproveyour vocabulary, concentration and spelling skills. Therules arevery simple! You get a word with letters mixed (anANAGRAM). Forexample "IFT". You need to connect letters and makeevery word ofthose letters. — "FIT", "IT", "IF". We aren'tpromising it's goingto be easy, but you'll have fun, and your brainwill thank you forthe workout! Word Weekend is suitable for bothchildren and adults.* Free* EASY and FUN play * Challenging * >1, 500 levels *Unique levels * Daily bonus rewards* No internetconnection needed*Supports Phones and Tablets * Beautiful andpleasant* Available ondifferent languages(Russian, English,Spanish, German, French,Italian, Portuguese).Spend your weekendwith usWe really value yourfeedback:[email protected] playing!
Jumpy Tree - Arcade Hopper 1.0.3
There’s no Jack, just you and the hungry beast – atowering,man-eating Beanstalk ready to devour anyone who attemptsto climbit.Collect dozens of characters as you equip yourself forthedeath-defying move up the hungry tree. Whether you are aNinja,Panda, Zombie or other game character, survival depends onhowswiftly you can hop, jump, fall, dodge, leap – whatever it takes–to avoid being eaten. Climb as high as you can as fast asyoucan.FEATURES- Simple and intuitive controls: just tap or swipe.-Avast selection of characters to unlock.- Battle yourfriends’scores with Google play.
Tachanka Simulator 1.93
Eldar Azulay
Have you ever wanted to feel how it is to be the lord, tojustsitting there on your LMG rotating all day and killingoperators?This is the game for you! Why I didn't put a draggedcamera inorder to rotate? Because a true Lord should know how torotate.
History Time 1.1
Do you want to put your world history knowledge to thetest?HistoryTime offers a big selection of history facts that aregettingupdated continuously, its fun and addictive gameplay willhelp youlearn some new history facts or give you better insight andputinto perspective human history.HistoryTime'sCharacteristicsRankingPlay and compete against people allover theworld in daily, weekly and all-timerankings!AchievementsGetachievements and point rewards forcompleting specific tasks!GreatcontentThis trivia app includeshundreds of facts from history allover the world, includingcivilizations, science, war, religion,architecture, art and muchmore!History Time, the perfect way tokill some time while learningor to play as a drinking game withyour friends!
Flippy Hills 1.1.71
Woof Games
Flippy Hills is an original arcade game with cool physics thatwillgive you plenty of thrills and spills, epic wins, fails andtricksin two modes of your choice:CAMPAIGNAn adventure over dozensoflevels, starting from the easiest right up to the mosthardcoredifficult.ARCADEEndless assault courses to compete withyourfriends and gain records.- Original game mechanics based ongenuinephysics—these chickens get smashed up like real ones!- We’vemade abunch of hardcore levels for players who love extremedifficulty.Don’t be a chicken—see what you can achieve!- Differentchickens ofyour choice: assess how they look when they’ve flownright into aconcrete wall at unbelievable speed!- Record replayswithout extraapps and share hilarious fails and amazingplaythroughs!- Smartoptimization system that determines yourdevice’s capabilities andadapts the graphics for best performance
Balls Race 1.0
Roll as fast as you can! Avoid different obstacles and wintherace!Best and most addictive balls race!
Tiny Rails 2.6.1
Manage your train company from modest engine tomulti-carmasterpiece in this immersive, world-spanning game fromTiny TitanStudios. Deliver passengers and cargo across the world,whileupgrading and customizing your train cars to become theultimaterailroad tycoon! Features: • Gorgeous retro pixel art andrelaxingmusic • Travel across the world and explore new sightsandmonuments • Collect coins with your train running inthebackground, even when you’re not playing! • Outfit your trainwithfood, entertainment or comfort cars to increase passengerhappinessand keep business booming! All aboard the biggest TinyTitan gameyet! PLEASE NOTE: Tiny Rails is free to download andplay, howeversome items in the game may be purchased for realmoney. If you donot want to use this feature, please disable it orset up passwordprotection for purchases in the settings of yourGoogle Play Storeapp. Also, according to our Terms of Service, youmust be at least13 years of age to play or download Tiny Rails.Tiny Rails can beplayed offline, but please note that an activeinternet connectionis required to update the train shop. Support:Are you havingproblems? Visit or contactus in game bynavigating to Settings > Support PrivacyPolicy: Terms ofService: Like us onFacebook! Follow us onTwitter! (edited)
Jackpot Clicker 2.10
This game is combination of: Case Clicker + Case Opener Simulator+Jackpot online + Roulette + Coin Flip. You can open cases,collectskins and exchange them with friends. Find your favoritestickers!You can play jackpot with friends online. Try your luck inmanysimulator games: Jackpot, Roulette, Coin Flip and Crash Game.Greatfor case opening and pack opening fans. Now you canscratchscratchcards and open Drakemoon cases! Such Doge bad catswow. Goand win much CS (such clicks)! This game is MLG! Good luck!
PerCity - The Persian City
TOD Studio
Revive the lost and ancient empire of Persians! Build yourcoolcity, as you grow it, keep your citizen happy by producingtheproducts they need! - More than 30 different building to growyourcity - More than 70 different products to produce - Rankingtablefor the most successful cities - Mysterious sections thatwouldunlock when you level up in the game - A perfectexperiencefrom the old Persian empire and culture - Optimized foriOS andAndroid Telegram Channel:
Juliano Aran
Mais de 100 Canais de TV do brasil, filmes e seriessempreatualizados!Over 100 Brazil's TV channels, movies and seriesup todate!
Lunch Rush HD Free 2018.4.158
Run the best restaurant and win the Contest! Snowy the Bearopenshis own eatery and offers fast-paced yet simple fun. Seathungrycustomers, take orders, serve food, collect cash and cleartables.Match colors, chain actions and keep your customers happy toearnbig tips! Deal with VIPs and don't miss impatient drivers.Earnmoney to keep the restaurant open and upgrade to better andbiggerlocations. And if you're not enough with 60 rush days oftheRestoration Contest story, okay, try to survive in NON-STOPmode!Game features: - The only restaurant where the bears servehungrycustomers! - Fast-paced and simple gameplay - 60 challenginglevelsof Story Mode and - Nonstop Mode with awesome upgrades! -Differentcustomers with their own temper - Achievements andLeaderboards atGame Center - HD graphics for Retinadisplay----------------------------------- Find Follow us - - Visit us -
MegaMind - Guess word 0.1.20
Do you want to improve your mind? "Megabrain" is an interestinggameespecially for you! Follow the instructions and perform tasks!Earnyour points and buy helpful bonuses. With each new round youhave toraise the level of your logic and wit You will find manyinterestingtours on various subjects:1. Where is the logic?(Logicallydetermine what connects 4 pictures on the screen)2.Whose shadows?(Guess whose silhouette is shown on the screen)3.What's missing?(Find what is missing in the picture)4. Find thetotal. (Determinethe link between 3 pictures and find out whatthey have in common)5.Guess the country. (Guess the country by theflag and territory)6.Whose eyes. (Guess which celebrity eyes yousee in the picture)7.Two in One. (Guess combined famous people)8.Test on all topics withlimited time. (Check your erudition in theexam)"Megabrain" is aworkout for your mind!Music:
Flyers & Posters by Desygner 2.13
Flyers & Posters by Desygner Looking to create a free flyerorposter design, then this free flyer and poster creator appbyDesygner is for you! Create amazing posters and flyersusingthousands of free designs and elements with unlimitededitingoptions. Flyers & Posters is a fully loaded DesygnerPoweredApp allowing you to create Professional, Unique andImpressivedesigns on your phone in minutes. It has tons of freeimages, art,colors, background and textures and comes with all thepowerfulediting tools you need such as flip, resize, fonts, colorsand muchmore and is super easy to learn. Flyers & Posters alsoofferseasy access to get Desygner for creation ofpromotional,advertisement, offers, logos, cover photos, brochure,newsletter& other branding material for your shop, restaurant,office orsocial sites. SHARE via text, email & social media, ordownloadand print from your phone in seconds. Generate more thanjust aFLYER or POSTER with Flyers & Posters by Desygner. TryNow! Thefull Desygner app is THE EASIEST & BEST GRAPHIC DESIGNAPP asfeatured by Forbes, Product Hunt, Social Media Examiner andTerrawith 1,000,000+ layouts. Join 250,000+ new users every monthforFREE. WE OFFER THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PROFESSIONAL IMAGES ROYALTYFREETO USE forever! NO PAYING for packs like most inferiorapps,sometimes up to $10 an image or a graphic every time. We evengiveyou free fonts and graphics and more and more being addedeveryday. If you are looking for a Business Branding Solution,check outour Enterprise Marketing Hub at used by thelargestblue chips in the World. 1’000s of professionallydesignedtemplates already perfectly sized for everything you willeverneed…. LOGOs: With our logo for your new brand, business, orevent,& more. SOCIAL MEDIA GRAPHICS, HEADERS, POSTS &BANNER:Facebook Instagram Twitter Pinterest Tumblr Google AngelListLinkedIn Etsy YouTube Collages Snapchat Geofilters Blog&Website Posts – Inspirational, Travel, Food, Music ADVERTSalreadysized perfectly and made to simply tweak for: Facebook AdsGoogleAds IAB and many more EVERY MARKETING MATERIAL you ever needreadyto choose from: Posters – Sale, Events, Clubs,Party,Inspirational, Music Business Cards – Photographic,Modern,Minimalist Flyers A5, A4, DL, US, international – Events,Clubs,Band, Real Estate, Business EBook covers, Kindle covers &Bookcovers – Romance, Thriller, Non-Fiction Album & CD Covers–Playlist, Podcast, Music Mix, Singles Menus Letters InvoicesForSale signs Certificates Price Lists Newsletters EmailCampaignsWattpad Web Banners PRESENTATION SETS: You can edit andevenpresent from your phone! – Sales, Business, Education,Projects,Life, anything. PERSONAL AND FUN: Resumes/CVs Invitationsand Cards– Birthday, Party, Wedding, Engagement, Christmas, BabyShowerPostcards & Cards - Birthday, Thank You, Parties,Weddings,Engagement, Love Photo Collages – Birthdays, Love,Families, BabiesWanted & Missing Posters Magazine &Newspaper CoversPlanners, Vision and Mood Boards Memes & AwardsPHOTO LAYOUTS:Convey messages in your photos with text or captionsfrom 1000’s offonts to suit your style, tone and voice. Adjust theline height,line spacing, alignment, position, colour, size,anything. ANYCUSTOMIZABLE Size can be added. NOW, JUST ENJOY theexperience ofdesigning from your app or anywhere online in minutes.Simplychange an image, edit the text and you are ready. SHARE viatext,email & social media, or download and print from yourphone inseconds. DESIGN ANYWHERE Desygner is the only online designtoolthat allows you to edit your designs from a computer, tabletorphone for free. PROJECT PAGE Shows all your designs anddownloadsyou ever made for easy access and management with shareand privacysettings. If you LOVE Desygner, please rate us [email protected] or use the contact format
My Story: Choose Your Own Path 4.2
Nanobit Games
Welcome to MY STORY, a game where you choose your own adventureandwrite your life! Be careful what you choose, though: one choicecanchange the course of the entire story, so choose wisely!DECIDEWHAT HAPPENS Whatever you choose will determine how well yougetalong with your friends, how popular you are, and who you fallinlove with! CREATE YOUR LOOK Personalize your character, chooseyourclothes and hairstyle. Dress to express yourself! LIVEDIFFERENTLIVES Experience college drama, be an aspiring movie star,a richheiress, or a New York socialite! Anything is possible!Dozens ofinteresting stories are waiting for you! What's yourfavoritegenre? Romance, comedy, drama, MY STORY has it all!
Contractions 1.1.4
Benefits of using Contractions app:1. It gives you an idea howfaralong in labor you are;2. You can determine a pattern earlyon;3.Your own counting can help your doctor in the assessment ofyourlabor.The contraction tracker app helps you:- to save allyourpregnancy contractions history;- to check yourcontractionstiming;- to distinguish between Braxton Hickscontractions(practice contractions or false contractions) andlaborcontractions (real contractions).Contraction Timer is a freeapp.Powered by Amila.
Heads Up! 3.46
Heads Up! is the fun and hilarious new game that EllenDeGeneresplays on her show -- and now you can play it with yourfriends!From naming celebrities, to singing, to silly accents --guess theword on the card that’s on your head from your friends’cluesbefore the timer runs out! Features: - Play with one friend,or onehundred at the same time. - Draw a new card simply by tiltingyourphone. - Keep videos of your hilarious game play for yourownamusement, or share them right to Facebook. - Diversecategorieslet you challenge your smartypants friends, and entertainyour kidsfor hours, all from one app! With 18 themed decks tochoose from,each packed to the brim with exciting gameplay cards,the fun willnever stop! Decks include: - Celebrities - Movies -Animals -Accents - Characters - And lots more! Your next party,road trip orwait at the bank will never be the same.
Angry Ugandan Knuckles 1.1
Scary Dudes
Dive in to experience the thrill of escape!Some of your friendsaretrapped by evil farm guards while visiting terrain. You havetohelp them & save them from those evil guards. Be smart,dodgethe guards, follow the clues & hints given to you &findyour friends.Watch out! Not to caught by guards. Suddentwists& surprises going to amuse you. Its just you &yoursmartness. Collect all the clues, follow the hints & maketheescape possible from evil gurads.Take your friends & get outofthe house as fast as you can! Your friends are in troublehurryup!Finding clues, dodging the guards & saving your friendsisreally challenging. So prove yourself as a pro & makeithappen.What you waiting for? Download it now!Angry UgandanKnucklesFeatures:• High quality HD graphics with 3D environment•Thrillingexperience of mysterious escape• Interesting &Engaging gameplay• Smooth & Easy controls • Amazing backgroundmusic•Gradually increasing difficulty levels• Hints & Clues tofollow
Funny Quotes Free 8.6
Daily updated funny quotes!+ Best funny quotes with pictures!+Saveand share your favorite quotes.+ Simple navigation andcleaninterface.+ Voting system, your vote decide.+Categorizedgalleries: hot, new, top and your favorite quotes.Thisis the realdeal.. Prepare your battery, to browse thousandscollection offunny quotes.WARNING: Some picture in this app maycausespontaneous, uncontrollable laugh. Please do not open this appinoffice, school or library! (or you can open it anytimeandanyplace, I'm not your dad.)Whoever you are, maybe you arecomefrom a far away land, maybe you don't understand my language,maybeyou are from a country that i never heard the name...One thingissure, everybody laughs the same in every language becauselaughteris a universal connection. So, whoever you are, whereveryou are,lets make this world brighter, starting with a smile :)Doyou needa smile on your boring day?Do you need an inspiration foryourFacebook status? Do you need something funny to amuseyourfriends?Welcome to Funny Quotes! Here is a daily updatedfunnyquotes to brighten your day! All is free!Here you will findvariousfunny quotes, funny poems, humor, funny imagescollection.*SharingFeatures:Share picture using Facebook, Twitter,Google+, etc..(thanks to Jason Yates)*Real Warning: these jokescontain swearingand topics of an adult nature and as such areintended only forgrown ups. Please do not download if you easilyoffend you willonlygetupset*======================SAMPLE==========================->Asuccessful man is one who makes more money than his wife canspend.A successful woman is one who can find such a man.-> Ibelievethat if life gives you lemons, you should make lemonade...And tryto find somebody whose life has given them vodka, and haveaparty.-> Do not take life too seriously. You will never getoutof it alive.-> My fake plants died because I did not pretendtowater them.-> My grandmother started walking five miles adaywhen she was sixty. She's ninety-seven now, and we don't knowwherethe hell she is.-> I'm an idealist. I don't know whereI'mgoing, but I'm on my way.-> Always remember that youareabsolutely unique. Just like everyone else.
The Moron Test 3.47
Graduate from Moron to Genius as you tap, twist, and shake yourwaythrough these fun and tricky challenges! Master the game,thenlaugh as your friends and family struggle with theseseeminglysimple puzzles!The Moron Test is one of the most popularmobilegames ever with millions of players worldwide. Play nowandexperience why The Moron Test is an Google Play Storefavorite!TheMoron Test - it's fun to FAIL!FEATURES:- Simple,addictinggameplay- Six sections featuring hundreds of fun puzzles-Funnycharacters, sound effects, and music- Global leaderboardsandachievements- Beautiful graphics- You will LOVE watchingyourfriends FAIL!SECTIONS:- Old School- Late Registration-WinterBreak- Food Fight- Skip Day- Tricky Treat
Vent - Express yourself freely 4.2.37
Vent is like a social diary, a place for you to express howyouREALLY feel. Vent helps you connect to a fun, uplifting,positive,and understanding community, making it easy to share yourfeelingswith people around the world and lift your mood! On Vent,you’renever alone. Our whole community is just waiting to hear whatyouhave to say. Join now and discover how much you have incommonwith… well, everybody! - Express your true self with ourbroadrange of emotions and colors! - React to other people’s ventsusingour special response buttons - Our community understandswhatyou’re going through and will provide support 24/7 - Makefriendsand chat privately in real-time without sharing personalcontactinformation - Join Groups to connect with other people thatsharesimilar interests and experiences What are you waiting for?Expressyourself with Vent now and feel better for it!
Caltex Music 1.2.2
Caltex Music is home to the world’s greatest Persian music.Enjoyunlimited access to the world’s largest Persian music &videocatalog!Powered by Caltex Records.Experience the very bestmusicfrom legendary artists & exciting new talent. Features:•Theworld’s largest Persian music & video selection•Exclusivemusic from Persian superstars• Music discovery&recommendations• Playlists for any setting• Live Radio• LiveTV•Premium audio & video quality• Stream anywhere, anytimeonmobile, tablet, & web
Riff Studio 3.1.2
brAzzi Labs
Made by musicians, for musicians. Riff Studio lets you buildasetlist of the songs you want to practice, set their pitchandspeed independently and before hand, so you can focus onplayingyour instrument or singing along! You can also adjust thesongparameters at any time and in real-time: either set thepitchwithout affecting the speed, change the speed withoutaffecting thepitch, or adjusting both together. The pitch will beset insemitones, and the speed as a percentage of the originalspeed. Italso provides bookmarking and A-B looping functionality togothrough those difficult parts until you get them right. Youcanalso use the quick-jump feature to jump back to the last pointyoustarted playing from in a song, seamlessly. Besides from thein-appexperience, Riff Studio also lets you save or export theadjustedsongs to your device in MP3 format. Riff Studio is greatformusicians practicing songs that require alternative tunings,orthat are too fast to play along initially, and will help themgetall the way to 250%. The user interface is clean and touchtargetsare large, which enables an easy interaction that doesn'trequirefine motor skills, so you can focus your dexterity ontheinstrument you are playing instead of on operating the appitself.Riff Studio is in continuous development, eager for touserfeedback and feature suggestions. Please shoot me a [email protected] with your ideas! Features: - Pitch shifting-change music pitch up or down in semi-tones - Time stretchingorBPM changing - change audio speed within an ample range oftheoriginal speed - Provides high quality time stretching andpitchshifting, back-ported to support older Android versions -A-Blooper - mark a section of the song to loop indefinitelyandpractice the hard parts - Save or export your adjusted songs asMP3format - Free with no restrictions on this music speedcontroller -No need to wait for your local audio to decode, beingable to playit instantly with real-time audio speed and pitchadjustment. Slowdown audio speed or change music pitch instantlyfor several audioformat types. Please note that the songs you addneed to be in yourdevice. -- Riff Studio is Superpowered
BhojpuriTube: Bhojpuri Video, Gana, Comedy, Song 2.0.3
This Bhojpuri Video app Has All Kinds Of 💃🕺 Bhojpuri Song Videos,🎧🎼Bhojpuri Gane, Bhojpuri Song 2018, 2017 Etc, Bhojpuri Film AndMuchMore For Your Entertainment. You Will Surely Love It ❤️😎💖भोजपुरीवीडियो देखिये, भोजपुरी गाना सुनिए , शेयर कीजिये और मजेलीजिये जिंदगीकी. We Can Watch & Share 👫👫with friends AllBhojpuri Videos,Bhojpuri Gana & Bhojpuri Dance Like BhojpuriFilm, BhojpuriVideo Song, Bhojpuri Birha, Bhojpuri Video Hd,Bhojpuri New Song,New Bhojpuri Video, Bhojpuri DJ Song and LotMore. 💃💃 We are addingdaily new videos, so that you are the firstto see any Hot BhojpuriVideo.😎 📲📲Install App Now📲📲 This App AlsoIncludes New BhojpuriGana, New Bhojpuri Video Album, Bhojpuri FilmHd, Bhojpuri BhaktiGeet, Bhojpuri Video Comedy, Bhojpuri Bhajan,Bhojpuri H D Video,Bhojpuri Song 2018, 2017, 2016 Etc, BhojpuriAlbum, Bhojpuri AlbumVideos, Bhojpuri Geet , Bhojpuri Lokgeet andLot More. This App AlsoBrings You Songs and Videos of YourFavorite Actor and Singer LikeDinesh Lal Yadav, Pawan Singh,Khesari Lal Yadav & all others.What more.. 📲📲Install App Now📲📲Enjoy Hot Bhojpuri Gana 🎧🎼💃🕺 🎧🎼💃🕺भोजपुरी एप्प इनस्टॉल कीजिये और,भोजपुरी गाने सुनिए, भोजपुरी वीडियो,भोजपुरी फिल्म देखिए और भोजपुरीकॉमेडी देखके मनरंजन की दुनिआ मैं आजाईये। 🎧🎼💃🕺 अब 📲📲 इनस्टॉल करो 📲📲मनोरंजन की दुनिआ मैं प्रबेश करो🎧🎼💃🕺
Mother Status Hindi 1.1
This app brings you the best status for mother’s in Hindi for2017.These short status for mother are Hindi msgs which can be sentasan SMS or can be set as a WhatsApp status or it can also be usedasa new WhatsApp image status.FEATURES★ Set you best maa statusaside🔥You can bookmark the best Hindi status for maa by swiping thecardright.★ Status in native Hindi font 🇮🇳Maa status in hindi fontforfb & WhatsApp.★ Easy to use 📲Very easy to use interfacejustswipe left and right to read the best status for mom in Hindiandeasily set that as your WhatsApp status or FB status.★WorksOffline 😎This app gives you the status for mom in Hindiwithout anyInternet connection. ★ Status With Emojis 🙃Get statusfor mother inhindi with emojis and emoticons. Show your love instyle with theseemoji status.★ Maa Status With New WhatsApp ImageStatus 🌃Downloadmothers status with image for the new WhatsappImage status and useit as an Instagram story or with the WhatsAppimage status.★ GetLatest Quotes On Mother 😎You can download latestmaa quotes inhindi from online database and read the hindi statuslater.★ SubmitStatus ➕Easily submit your own quotes on mother inhindi ★ AddStatus Widgets 📲You can add status widgets on your homescreenwhich will get automatically updated daily.→ StatusCategories:•WhatsApp status for mom • Maa status inHindi • Statusfor mom • Status for son and mother •Status aboutmom • WhatsApp status for mother in Hindi •Ammastatus • Mothers day fb status • Mothers quotesforWhatsApp status• I love you mom quotes• Missing momquotes•Mother's day poem in hindi • Quotes on mother inhindi Wehave the coolest collection of Mother Status in Hindi.Show yourlove with these cool mother’s day status by setting themas yourWhatsApp status. 👩‍👦
HeadBang! 1.91
A funny party game - our version of a popular heads up game!Placeaphone on a forehead and let your friend explain you the wordshesees on a screen!If you guessed it right - turn the screendown,facing floor, if you want to pass - turn the phone facingup!Had alot of fun? Don't worry, we've just recorded a video ofyour game!Share it to social networks or upload it straight to yourYouTubechannel !Have fun with HeadBang! , our version of heads up.