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Kitty Dream Spa Salon
Salon will help you to feel like a true professional artist inthefashion world. Kitty Dream Spa Salon game has someamazingtreatment view like nail treatment, hair treatment,beautytreatment and much more. Kitty wants to start with nailtreatment.There are various nail treatment in this spa salon gamelike nailspa, nail paint, nail stickers, and nail surgery. Let'sgive anattractive look to kitty by doing some hair treatments likehaircolor, hair salon and hair treatment. Next, Kitty wants abeautifullook and wants to try some beauty treatments so let'sperform facespa, face paint and face make up in this kitty makeovergame. Afterbeauty treatment, you can perform some tattoo activitylike tattoospa and temporary body tattoo. At the end collect andfeed sometasty food to your kitty. Key features of Kitty Dream SpaSalon:-Perform complex nail surgery in this salon game- Collectfood forkitty- Choose different nail paint color for kitty-Performdifferent types of hair & face treatment- Various typesoftattoo activities- Different pattern of nail paint availableinthis kitty game- Perfect kitty nail salon gameHey Guys!! Catchthisamazing salon game of a cute little kitty and perform numbersofspa & salon treatments. Have lots of fun with thekitty.AboutGameiMake GameiMake brings you the latest creations ofmost lovedcategories of games and apps which are all hugely lovedby family.We are entirely devoted to build user friendly gamesrelated to funand learning for better educational familiarities andenjoyment forfamily. Stay with us for the latest updates ofGameiMake on Googleplay and get more of educational games. Followus on Googleplus: our gamevideos: Wewill beglad with your response. Contact us anytime for anyquestions andsuggestions at
Who Is The Killer? Episode I
Meet the first episode of a famous series of detective games «WhoIsThe Killer?» called «The Old Sins». You have found yourselfbeingtrapped in the castle with seven characters, and one of themis amurderer. Every day one of the charecters is killed, only youcanstop the killer.«We would personally recommend everyone to trythisgame, especially those who love brain teasers. You’ll loveit!» —Gameographics. — Breathtaking detective gameplay for thosewho liketo think.— Old mystery background story and atmosphericmusic.—Original criminal mini-games and puzzles.Speak withcharacters,investigate crime scenes, try to think as a criminalminds, guesswho lies, listen your intuition to find clues andarrest the killerbefore it’s too late! Everyday someone dies andyou need to figureout who is the killer using just your logic.It’s a murder mysterygame where everybody has a secret of thepast. Everybody could havereasons to do this. And you have onlyseven days to stop themurderer. All mystery case files are veryimportant! Remember it’snot a casual adventure game. There is nohappy end in this story,you can even lose the game (if everybodydies).– The game is basedon classical english detective rules inthe tradition of SherlockHolmes. The plot of the game iscomplicated. Everything is not soobvious at this time, you canfind some parallel mystery stories,but only one will lead to thekiller. – Pictures from the scene canbe studied with a magnifyingglass but this is not a standard hiddenobject game or puzzlequest, here each piece of evidence isimportant for furtherinvestigation.– Enjoy a thrilling adventure,explore mystery murderlocations, decipher puzzles and gather clues!Do everything that isneed to prevent new murders and find thekiller!Game page onFacebook:! Somereviews maycontain spoilers. Think twice before reading them!Morethan 3,5million of our players around the world are choosing «Whois theKiller» games as their favorite free detective games andplay themagain and again! Here some of reviews: – Just when youthink youknow who the killer is, your suspect is found dead!(Moonwave2315)–It's not like those one way criminal stories, itreally gives youthe freedom to investigate by yourself!(abighoul)– A really uniquegame which gives you a real sense ofdeduction! (nicholasderecourt)– Best mystery game I've played sofar! Feels so real!(Tia00)Want more mystery games? No problem, wehave 3 more titelsfor you (alll Episodes support English, Russianand Germanlanguages)!«Who is the Killer?» EpisodeII:«Who is the Killer?» EpisodeIII:«Who is the Killer?» EpisodeIV: PLEASE do not tell who is the killerinreviews! You can break other people fun with it! Thanks inadvance!
Offroad Rover
This luxury 4x4 SUV driving simulator ensures realistic cardamageand accurate driving physics. A free app lets you drive anoff-roadvehicle and even drift. There are three different gamemodes tochoose from. 1. CITY. In the CITY mode you are participantof thecity traffic. 2. FOREST. This is an off-road mode in theforest. 3.DESERT. This is an off-road mode in the sand dunes. ***GAMEFEATURES *** - This exciting and dynamic game is sure to bringyouhours of fun.- Car damage is extremely realistic. - There arethreedifferent locations.- It's very simple to select a drive mode.-You get realistic acceleration. - Great graphics. - Plentyofcamera settings. TIPS. 1. Do not accelerate while cornering! 2.Usethe camera settings to choose the most convenient view fordriving.3. Camera View 4 allows you to set camera mode to 360degrees.Download and play OPPANA GAMES! And enjoyyourself!
The Dawn Of Slenderman
The Dawn Of SlendermanBest Slenderman Game for AndroidCollect8pages to win2 levels with day and night mode4 levelstoplayOriginal realistic soundsStunning 3D graphicsUnlikeothergames, this doesn't take up much space on your deviceNolagOriginalEight Pages made by JD ThunderNight time. You are lostin thforest. After walking around you realised that someone isfollowingyou.What will you do ?
Kpop music game
A collection of best KPOP games with passion! 500.000+ Kpop fansareplaying this game over the worldFeature a bunch of games in oneapp,in variety of kind: Casual, Quiz, Music, Puzzle...And the gamewillbe updated to make it better and better...Hope you enjoy it :)
Pianista League Opening!Now the best mobile rhythm gamePianista'sleague begins.Show your best performance with thelegendary classiccomposer in a 10-player league every day.Features•Pianista is freeto play, just download and enjoy it! (offeredIn-App purchase andSubscription) • Legendary music pieces : Iconicpieces of classicalmusic from world's greatest composers.• Thumboptimized : easy toplay with thumbs, allow to comfortable handheldplay.• VariousOptions : Pianista give options to play, 3 speeds andfade in-outoptions.• Game for everyone : Challenge yourself bycompleting easyto extreme songs. • Tour mode : Clear every stagesof various musicpack and become a virtuoso!• Ranking system : Usersgloballycompete each other through the ranking board in theCollection andthe Tour. • League mode : Compete with others in 10men league. Youcan enjoy new songs in the league also.• PrestigeMembership :Subscribe and enjoy every song in Pianista freely.Coming withDaily reward.• Piano Skin : Decorative skin item madewith amasterpiece, 'Piano' also has additional effect for the playsuchas score bonus and extra life. Upgrade your piano and getmorebonus!• Composer level system : Play your favorite composer togetscore bonus and to earn more gold.• Music Pack : New songsaddedthrough a music pack system.• Free Music Points: Watch VideoAdsand get free music points!• Messagebox : Receive and storevariousreward from the League and Prestige membership How to Play1. TheNote will appear and come down.2. When the note is alignedwith theline, touch the note.3. Holding Note : With a tail linenote, holdit down until it is completed.4. Glissando Note : Whenshiny notesappear in a row, use a sliding motion.5. Accuracy isimportant! Themore you touch accurately, the more points you
Shoujo City - anime game
Shoujo City is a dating simulator game where you'll have tointeractwith cute anime girls in a virtual Japanese city. Yourgoal in thisanime dating sim is to win love of a girl in 10 daysby giving hergifts, playing games, inviting to a cafe, or havingregular dates.While talking to a girl, each dialogue choiceaffects your intimacyscore.This game is also available oniOS:*During dating scenes the girls are moving andinteracting with youin real time - using polygonal graphics*Various locations oftenseen in anime games and series - school,park, shops, cafes, Shintoshrine, beach, and more* You can chooseto play as a girl or as aboy* Alternating day/night cycles withdifferent activities*Hand-drawn anime pixelart graphics* You candress up your girl usingcosplay items (like fox or cat ears, bows,chokers), or give her petmascots she will carry on her head* Cranemachine mini-games whereyou can win plush toys to use as gifts* Apocky mini-game - you'llbe rewarded with a kiss if you win* Eachgirl has a differentpersonality, and requires a differentapproach* A unique yandereroute if you choose to date Saori* Oneof best anime games formobile phones* Updated on a regular basis.
Clown Circus 2: Amazing Circus
Clown Circus, with 4 game on circus: Lion Jump, Wheel Jump,MonkeyCircus, Horse Circus.The famous arcade game. Now this oneissimilar with, and would like to take you have a child hoold'sexperiences about it.Features:- New graphic.- World Leaderboardforeach game.- Keep in touch with your friend on over theworld.Easyto play! Relax your time.
Painting Game Zombie Plant Cartoon Free
Painting Game Zombie Plant Cartoon Free!The most effective methodtodraw car is application tutorial for get the hang of drawingzombieand plants watch character. You can learning wall order howto drawzombie and plants watch. This best application foryoungsters learnand drawing. This application, for example, 20page or more for Drawplants and 10 page or more for draw zombie.With How to draw zombieand plants watch cartoon, you get thedrawing directions and drawyour most loved characterrepresentation wall order and we will helpyou to do this simpleand unhesitatingly. The application fills yourrecreation, investsenergy conveniently. Also, you can draw all thezombie and plantscharacters. The advantages that can be acquiredwith our drawingapplication: - Good 20 plants coloring page- Good10 zombiecoloring page- Best 30 colors for you- You can drawnotwithstandingwhen you're disconnected! - Drawing toolscomfortable fingertips -Catalog of the characters an extremelybroad and fluctuated
Deluxe Piano Games Free
The perfect Piano Tiles Games, new piano music play, not step onthewhite pieces! Follow the music click on the color, simpleoperation,rich gameplay! Can compete with a small partner, so youhave aperfect music beyond imagination feast!What's new in PianoGamesFree :Top features:1 The perfect mix of bold yet harmonioussounds.2Simple to play, difficult to master one of the hardestgame ever.3Many awesome game modes in graphics Game so you neverget bored..4Awesome magic tiles tapping game5 You can Share gameand resultsWith your friends in Facebook Or What'sapp6 Piano tap7100% Freegame music8 Learning how to play the piano9 Getexperience, open newlevels10 200 different piano songs to diverseyour music taste.11And much moreHow To Play:Tap on the black tileswhile listening tomusic. Avoid the white onesHurry ! and installyour copy Now Enjoyyour favorite piano games, while Piano Teamcreates piano lessonsfor you.Don't tap the white tile, and Be apiano saint now!
4 photos 1 blogger
All the best of the games 4 photos 1 word and GuessYoutuberTherules are simple: each level have 4 fotos, 3 of them arerealphotos of bloggers (except for those who do not show face,hello,Oleg Brain) and userpic (avatar) channel on youtube. If foundoutwho it is - write a response else use the hint. The gamefeaturesthe top 100 (> 1 million subscribers)bloggers oftheRussian-speaking segment of Youtube +50bonusbloggersEeOneGuyMrLololoshkaTheBrianMapsMarianaRoSashaSpilbergYanGoStas Davydov (This is Good)FrostKateClappMax+100500Yarik LapaBear Valerkaand others.★ Bloggers arearranged indescending order of their popularity.★ All levels tested- nomistakes!★ More coins for a correct answer.★ More coinsper-viewpromotional video.★ More coins for registration in the game!!★Quality photos youtubers only !!★ Game on Russian !!● Anexcitingquiz.● know new bloggers.● Earn coins and spend them on thetips.*Works on different screens (on tablets and smartphones onthesmallest).* 100% Free Forever!Prove that you are the best youknowYouTube celebrity 😉
Iconic - Guess Character Quiz - Pics Trivia Game
All in a Days Play brings to you a truly entertainingcharactersguessing game. The most AWESOME CHARACTERS packed intoONE game!How many of them do you know? Have a look at the imagesand guesswho it is! It's simple to play and a lot of FUN for thefamily!This game will take you on a journey to meet the mostamazingcartoons, super heroes, villains, game, movie, animecharacters,youtubers, Hollywood characters, icons and otherfamouspersonalities.This is a very simple yet challenging brainticklingquiz. Some are easy to guess and you will know theminstantly, butsome may prove to be a much bigger challenge toguess. Test yourguessing ability to recognise these amazing iconiccharacters andbecome the ultimate entertainment trivia guru. Canyou recognisethe best fictional Characters? Get every one involved.Play it withyour family and friends. You have definitely comeacross all thesecharacters sometime in your lives, so this gamestests your memoryand guessing ability. It's a personality quizwhich any one andevery one around the world can play. If you getstuck, you canalways post the question on Facebook or Twitter forhelp.
Baby Songs and Lullabies
Baby Songs and Lullabies: A collection of beautifullyrecordedlullabies for your baby. Soothing music will help your babysleepand the lullabies in this free app are specially designed tocalmchildren.The app features a countdown timer which allows you toseta time when the music will stop playing.Including theclassicsongs, nursery rhymes and lullabies that children love:"BaaBaaBlack Sheep","Cradle Song","Ding Dong Dell","FrereJacques","HeyDiddle Diddle","Hickory Dickory Dock","Hush LittleBaby, Don't YouCry","Jack and Jill","London Bridge is FallingDown","MulberryBush","Pop Goes the Weasel","Ring Around theRosie","Rock A ByeBaby","Row Row Row Your Boat","This OldMan","Three BlindMice","Twinkle Twinkle Little Star","YankieDoodle"Baby Songs andLullabies is a perfect collection of kidssongs and nursery rhymesfor children of all ages.
City Traffic Moto Rider
City Traffic Moto Ride brings to you one of the most compellingandsatisfying traffic dodging experience. Drive a moto onendlesshighway from 1st person perspective. Have fun dodging carsandtrucks while you speed up to the limit. *** GAME FEATURES ***-This exciting and dynamic game is sure to bring you hours offun.-You get realistic acceleration. - Lots of bikes.- Reallifetraffic.- Great graphics. Download and play OPPANA GAMES! Andenjoyyourself!
spongebob games subway super world adventure
Are you in love with super spongebob games adventure world?spongebob and his friends very cute and happy.super spongebobadventureworld is adventure and running game with side scrollingplatformwith sponge bob , and spongbob as a player. You canselectspongebob as player bob esponja.What is feature in thisgames?* Usecoin to change Spongebob game with other player* InviteFacebookfriend Spongebob to get more coins* Easy select allspongebob gamemember* Available world level bob esponja* On or offmusic soundsponge bob gameThis Spongebob game adventure game witheasy toplay. How to play bob esponja?* The craby Spongebob pattybutton tothrow bullet enemies* Use the right button to moveforward, andleft button to move sponge bob backward* Use the upbutton to jumpSpongebob pups* The spatula button to attack thespongbob gamesenemiesVery thanks to install and playing thisspongbob games. Thisgame created from sponge bob fans and to onlyfor bob esponja fans.We not connect with the Spongebob author andall brand or copyrighthave respective spongbob owner, pleasecontact us if you feel weare infringe the Spongebob or sponge bobcopyright.The Story ofthis bob esponja game is from our imaginationand it has norelation with real spongebob character of the cartoon.Our littlefriend bob esponja want to save his friends from themonsters,whose attacked Spongebob the town which exist on the deepsea solet take part of our time and go help sponge bob to stopthischaos. you will meet a lot of difficulties and obstacles withourhero spongebob, so Let's face all the odds .SpongbobAmazingAdventure is a new adventure game in which you will live onthedeep sea with lot of funny bob esponja Creatures. And youwillspend all your time with our lovely hero spongeBob game whowant tosave his friends and his town from coming dangers .ThisSpongebobrunning jumping game have a lot of mode of spongbob gameand got somany worlds and levels let’s try to improve bob esponjayourrunning and Spongebob jumping skills .How to play : spongbobissimple you have buttons on the screen arrows for move spongebobandother buttons to do other activities like run jump throw andswimspongbob Spongebob Subway Temple is totally one of thegreatestspongbob games ever made on google play, full of joyandentertainment you will get addicted to Spongebob .it is justsimpleand amazing bob esponja all you have to do is tapping jumpover thehurdles on the Spongebob road collect lives to get more bobesponjalives and get your best sponge bob score, challenge yourfriendsand family from all the Spongebob ages kids and adults .SpongebobSubway Temple adventure is totally one of the most bobesponjaaddictive and entertaining free bob esponja games ever madewithgreat game quality, download Spongebob game now and experiencethejoy of jumping the hurdles through various sponge bobshadowworlds! one of the most Spongebob game addictive andentertainingphysics based driving games ever made! And it's freesponge bobgame !Features:- Cool graphics and smooth physics spongebobsimulation- stages for experienced bob esponja users andbeginners-Amazing Real sponge bob jumping gameplay ! jump &gravityjet-pack & bob esponja magnets….- Totally differentspongbobworld after upgrades - Addictive SpongeBob game !-AmazingSpongeBob subway amazing graphics- Numerous Spongebob stageswithlevels - Extended From Spongebob adventures !So playSpongebobSubway Temple and show me what you can sponge bob .AndDon't forgetto rate our Spongebob game !
Despacito piano tiles
This is a super fun Despacito Piano Tiles and highly addictivegamesuited for everyone best game 2017.No special skills neededforPiano Tiles Piano Play, all this game asks of you is anattentivemind and fast fingers!
Driving The Batmobile
The best driving game of the year is waiting for you.Pradobegincontrolling the car physics different from each other.Luxurycarsmost popular trend of the year.Batmobile bat Wed.The beginningof arealistic driving experience.Free and enables 3Dgaming.Realisticmaps.All in the game.There is no limit of time.Thecar physicsdifferent from each other prado controls.Realistic cardo you liketo play the game for hours without getting bored?It'sFull Time! Weare developing a mobile game to provide the bestexperience to ourusers.Inupiaq is among the games with greatfeaturesindispensable.Superhero Batmobile bat car different caroptionsWed.Gear,game modes and controls.Realistic vehicle controls,andthe driving physics.Unique UI interface and buttons.Also themenuUI color options.Super hero Batmobile bat car-Wed. Thegameincludes different modes of driving in the city in 2018.Toprovidethe best driving experience, we made this game.An easydriving carwith the eagle and the Hawk legend game.ABS,ESP,nitro 6differentcamera modes,air suspension,Gear option D & R forwardorback.Go ahead and the batmobile is waiting for you.Some featuresofBatmobile driving game in the city in 2017.-Best car gameininupiaq-Racing,arcade,drift,inupiaq options.-ABS,ESP and TCS,suchas a driving assistant.-Realistic vehicle physics,audio andvideoeffects.-There is no time limit.Endless play.-Differentcameraangles.Different city models-Great UI buttons andindicatorsHave agood time.
Winx Club Bloomix 2
winx club game fansI am a programmer "Waldia dev" I present toyouwinx club princess flying is not Inspired by the cartoonseriesWinx Club.Are you crazy fans of winx club bloomix?"winx club"isthe best race game and wwiinn is an runner game in anawesomeenvironment! This game contain 4 levels to challengeyourself andreach the higher level in the game.Its hero time! Helpshimmerprincess sofia on a secret mission to pass all maps andreach tohill finish.winx club is an all-new free game where youunleashyour favorite aliens from TV series.Prove yourself as a trueaprofessional gamer.Winx club bloomix Feature :- Very NiceGraphic-Easy to Play- Super funny game for KidDownload it now toenjoy!This Game have do not have any relation with Winx Clubcartoon, weare not the makers of the cartoon and we don't claim anyrelationwith them.if you like winx club bloomix, just go anddownload yourcopy of "Winx Club" and score better than your friends
Khel (Play) Now
Khel Now (or Play Now) is THE platform where Football/Soccerfanscan track and enhance their sporting journey and achievements.Itis a beautifully designed, easy-to-use mobile app that helpssportsfans: * Find teams, grounds, academies, stores, schools,playersand other sports-related information based on location andratings*Maintain and update their sporting interests andachievements bycreating & sharing content, reviews, ratings,photos and videos* Support their favorite competitions, teams,players, communities,academies, trainers, physios, businesses,etc.* Locate other fans,in their back-yard or around the globe, tomeet and interact withso as to enhance their combined experiences*Read and comment onnews related to local neighborhood and schoolleagues as well asprofessional competitions such as FIFA World Cup,UEFA EuropeanChampionship/Champions League (UCL)/Europa Cup, CopaAmerica, SAFFSuzuki Cup, Indian Super League (ISL) and professionalleagues suchas Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Major LeagueSoccer (MLS),Indian I-League, and much more. Fans can browse,create or updaterelevant Competitions, Teams, Players, Coaches,Events (Coaching,Gathering, Match Viewing, Playing, Screening),Places (Academies,Playgrounds, Stadiums, Schools, Colleges),Businesses,Entertainment (Books, Movies, Videos, Video Games),GoverningBodies, or even other Fan pages, thereby discovering moreabouttheir favorite sporting interests and activities. Features*Searchfor your favorite sports interest using powerful searchandfiltering capabilities or using your current or preferredGPSlocation* See all of your sports interests collapsed in to asinglecustomizable and localized My Feed* View all of the contentyouupload in a single activity stream which your Followers canalsosee* Connect with and share to major social media sitesincludingFacebook and Google* Explore every event, academy andbusiness indetail, and read reviews posted by others to get thelatest andgreatest information* Use the map view to explore placesand eventsaround your location, or around a location of yourchoosing*Promote sproting and sports-related activites includingmatchevents, gatherings, coaching clinics and playgroundevents*Subscribe to consume news from global and local sports feedsandmedia channels. as well as curated content* Gain awardsandrecognition based upon your activity level
Run Robot Run - Galaxy Adventure
Are you crazy about running games? Do you like Robotsgettingtransformed from Sky walker to Sky runner? Then your wait isoverwith Run Robot Run! Take on to this galaxy adventure actiongamefor free. This transformer robo can run and jump even canmakehimself slide. Let’s lie back of the sofa and enjoy therobotrunner game for FREE. Make him move and collect fidgets andsee himmaking moves for you. This infinite runner game of robotwill giveyou an adrenaline boost as you travel with him over thegalaxy. Inthis infinite runner game collect as many fidgets as youcan andhave fun. Run,Jump,Flip and cliff with robot in open skyusingfidget spinner.Game Controls: Simple mechanism and simplecontrolsmake this game more easier to play Tap: To move ourtransformerRobo left and Right Swipe Up: To make him jump SwipeDown: Tomake him SlideGame Features: Easy to Play infinite runnergame Collect fidgets Different Game environment every time Helpthissky runner Robot transformer to move around in the galaxy andBest Fidget runner game We hope that you would like thisgalaxyadventure game of robots. We are waiting for your valuablefeedbackand comments.
Cat Simulator - and friends 🐾
Play as your favorite cat or dog in this wild adventure!AllnewBeach level!Hundreds of fun interactions in great environmentsforhours of solid good fun.Check out the accessories - hats,helmets,moustaches, glasses and loads more then take a photo andshare iton Facebook or Twitter with your friends.Realistic and easyto playcat game!See if you can get the highest score or unlock alltheachievements.If you love to play cat game then this is the gameforyou!CATS & DOGS:With over 20 pets to choose from there's noendto the fun!Free to unlock.COLLECT FRIENDS15 animals friendshiddenin the game - can you find and collect themall?LOCATIONS:FarmLevel : Lets help drive a tractor? Go on queststo help the crowsand help the horses escape!Playground: Want to flyon a kite, eatice cream or go on the swings?Schools out! PlayDominos, Ride on askateboard, play in the gym.Home: Dads playinggolf - lets play tooand steal the ball. Whats cooking in thekitchen? Interact with thefamily - If you're nice maybe they'llfeed you in this fun catsimulator.Garden: Chase ducks, help withthe planting, make friendswith the dogs in the garden or maybe thesquirrels in thewild?Beach: Jetski? set off some fireworks, play ina band, digsand with a dozer, build a sand castle and more!DRESSUP:Allaccessories, places and pets can be unlocked for free, sodiveright in to play with Porky Pig, Billy the goat, Shadow thedog,Sammy the tomcat cat or any of the many pets in yourcatsimulator.GAME:Use the joypad to move around and swipe thescreento get a 360 degree view of your pet.Knock stuffaround.Prepare forcatlateral damage in the cat simulator in theirwild, funlives.New: play in HD or SD quality mode.Click on thedoggy in thebottom left of the screen to load.Time Trial modeadded!Extra catgames levels added all the time.What do they get upto in theirsecret time?Neko Tastic!!Super fun Cat Simulator!Awesomesuper funcat games!
Talented Pets Show
In an apartment, near a bustling street, there live five dirtyandhungry pets. One day, when they are walking hopelessly on astreet,a car stops right in front of them. Look~ What's on the car?"Be abig star!" They suddenly come up with a brilliant idea - Jointheshow! They gotta change the awkward situation and live abetterlife. Wallpaper, carpet, wardrobe, sofa... tons of furnitureawaitsthem. Sweetie, it's time to help them compete in talentshows, andwin prizes that will make their rooms fabulous. If you'reready,let's get going right now!How to Play:Open the game, andyou'll seefive cuties in distress. Their rooms have really gotten alittlerun down. You know, a little wisdom can make a bigdifference. Now,let's click on one room, and then tap the icon witha comb and ascissor. You need to wet the hair first, and then cutthe strays.All right, you can pick any of the styling tools andcreate abeautiful hairstyle. Of course, hair dye is a must forfashionista,choose your favorite color from the right side. You'rereallytalented, now it's time for colored contact lenses andmascara.Bravo, we finally come to the dressing room, why not proveus yoursense of fashion! Woo-hoo, let's walk up to the stage to wowtheaudience. Oh, you'd better not forget to collect the lovinghearts.Congratulations, the room becomes so much better. Wannaplaysomething different? Hurdle race, lotus jumping, dancingshow...Come and find out what you like the most! And we gotta tellyou asecret, your pet will get more outfits if you help it levelup!Come on, you can do it!Features:- 6 different mini gamesfilledwith endless fun- 5 decoration styles for 5 cute pets- Enjoythesense of achievement by helping the cuties- Change the roomsfromshabby to glamAbout Libii Game:With over 400 million downloadsandgrowing, Libii is committed to creating innovative games forkids.We'll keep working on establishing a good relationship withbothparents and their children and bringing a healthy, happyatmospherefor them.Visit us: us:Got anyideas?Suggestions? Need technical support? Please feel free tocontact us24/7 at WeCare@libii.comNeed You Know:This app is totallyfree todownload and play, some basic items are also free to use,but someadditional items need you to purchase and pay to unlock.Therefore,if you do not want to use these items, please turn offthe in-apppurchase in your settings. Thanks.
Little Girl Pit Rescue
We know that you are a great fan of Escape games but thatdoesn’tmean you should not like puzzles. So here we present youLittleGirl Pit Rescue. A cocktail with an essence of both PuzzlesandEscape tricks. Good luck and have a fun!!!
Cute Animal Painting
After downloading the game when you see what you can do with itaswell as it will be very surprised and very excited. Becausewhenyou start using the handy paint tools and many other featureswillmake painting as your dream and you will get greatpictures.Includethe game they are all cute animal pictures fromeach other. Art andbackgrounds can be used to revive your dreamscenario. Whilepainting the background image will help you in yourchoice ofcolor. the most recent operation from the tool palette onthe rightside if you do not like the picture you can makeadjustments basedon the picture back. paint cans in the car whereyou want on thepainting palette while painting tool by choosing thecolor you wantand wherever you want on the pictures you can paintfast. You canchoose the size from the pen pop-up window when youselect the Pentool, and you can adjust the transparency so you canget betterresults on the picture.For families with children aspupae teamwill contribute to the physical and mental development,we adoptedthe principle of preparing educational and fun games. Westrive toprovide the service of this and many of the applicationsyou like.Have fun!
Puzzle for kids
Our puzzle for kids contain pictures of various animals andbirds.Bright multi-colored parrots, smiling frogs and even a dogwith anumbrella! The gameplay is accompanied by a children'smerrymelodies and sounds. When the kid collects puzzles correctly,he’spraised: you’re smart, good job, etc. A pleasant femalevoicecomments events in the game and helps the child to contactwith thegame. The main character is the cat, which is actually theone, whocomments.There are several levels of difficulty: 6 pieces -puzzlesfor children up to 3 years, 20 pieces - puzzles for childrenat theage of 3-4 years, and most difficult level - puzzles withouttips -for children older than 4 years and adults. Therefore,thesepuzzles are not just for kids, but also for adults - puzzles,whichyou can solve with your child.
Petcube Camera is a sleek, wide-angle, Wi-Fi-enabled pet homecamerawith real-time HD video, built-in microphone, speaker and apetlaser pointer toy which lets you watch, talk and play lasergamewith your cat or dog when you are not at home using yoursmartphone.You can also use the camera to take and share cute catand dogphotos. To learn more, visit createdthis app tolet you share all the fun, cuteness and knowledge aboutyour petwith a friendly pet lovers' community. You can connect toyourPetcube Camera to watch, talk and play laser pointer game withyourpet from a smartphone when you’re not home.Here’s what you candowith us:• Check on your pet when out of home using thePetcubeCamera• Play laser game for pet when you’re not at homeusing a petlaser toy • Play with real pets, just like in a videogame, fromanywhere • Visit pet shelters and interact with sheltercats anddogs • Share cute cat and dog photos, get lots of likesandcomments• Meet new friends, follow their updates and become apartof pet lovers’ community• Get notifications to keep in touchwithyour friends• Easily take screenshots while playing laser gamewithyour cat or dog by double-tappingthescreen---------------------------------------------------------------Likeuson Facebook: usonTwitter: us onInstagram: us onPinterest:
Cute Puppy Dog Racing Sim 2017
Hey ever wondered if your puppy dog is fast enough to competewithother dogs, lets find out with our highly skilled andcompetitivecute dog racing.Cute Puppy Dog Racing is a racesimulation gamewhere you will have to make the dog run faster andat the end ofevery race you will win points which will help you tounlock newfastest dog to win this amazing dog racing challenge.Join theworld of unusual racing! If you love pony horse racing likederby,you should love the dog racing too! These mounts are waitingforrace – and it’s not ordinary horses, it is dogs! Race forsupremacyand reach the finishing line beat other dogs; and becomechampionin dog racing simulator. It is easy, thrilling and highlyaddictivegame!It game has visual 3D graphics, amazing dogs ,realisticphysics and breathtaking racing animation.Install now(Free) andenjoy your hours of time with it fun game-play.Features*Cute dogracing tracks, these tracks are specially designed for dograce*Attractive 3D environment, where people watch this on goingdograce.* Interactive GUI, one of the best* Latest AI, Dogs AI isoneof best against which you have to compete.* Cute and Smart dogs
"Fight Song" PianoPlay
*************************FOR MORE SONGS, CHECK OUT OUROTHERPIANOPLAY GAMES!*************************FanFUN presentsPianoPlay!A new way to play your favorite songs in this piano tilesthemedgame! This edition is inspired by Rachel Platten's hit song,"FightSong"!HOW TO PLAY:PianoPlay is addicting and easy to play!Quicklytap on the black piano tiles, and avoid the white tiles tocompletethe song pattern! Don't forget to enter your name so yourhighscores can be saved automatically. Check the Leaderboardstocompete with other fans! You can either rush through the songforthe best score, or you can play at the melody and tempo ofthesong, so you can sing the lyrics along withRachelPlatten!FEEDBACK:Feel free to email us song requests,issues,comments, and suggestions! Also, don't forget to rate andreviewour games! With your feedback and support, we can add moresongsand continue to improve our apps!DISCLAIMER:"Fight Song"PianoPlayis an unofficial fan application. It is not affiliatedwith orendorsed by Rachel Platten, her management, or her recordlabel.This app does not include any copyrighted material. Thepianomelodies are arranged with individual piano notes, andtherenditions of these songs are original and created by FanFUN.Foreducational and entertainment purposes only.
Fluffy Pets Vet Doctor Care
Fluffy Pets Vet Doctor Care is a free game for girls and kids ofallages. Every kid will love and care for their pets and will dothebest for their animals treatments. Fluffy Pets Vets is aadorablecrazy fun, spa and dress up game with your ownexpectations. FluffyPets is a free virtual pets games with lot ofperfect fun andeducational games for all kids and babies. Puppyand kitty games hasalways remained the favorite games for kids.Virtual rabbit in thisgame will make you love taking care of petsand animals.Puppy ,kitty and rabbit are waiting in the clinic fortheir regular checkupand some time at emergency. Because pets arevery naughty and theyusually face some injuries inside the gardenwhile playing.Everyoneloves talking with the pets. Puppy and kittybabysitting is veryimportant when they are small enough. We havethe best dress upsalon for your pets where you can choose thestylish caps, glassesand clothes for your puppy, kitten and rabbitas well. We have akitchen in this game where your pets will comefor some good foodlike carrots, juices, eggs, milk and bones. Wehave a garden foryour pets to play so your pets can feel fresh andhappy by playingwith each other.It is a free real puppy, kitty andRabbit simulatorpet care game that will enable you to talk withyour virtual babyanimals and really take care of dogs and kittenslike a veterinarydoctor clinic. This game will let your dreampuppy pet happy,healthy and clean.The puppy and kitten are hungryand they needsomeone to take care of them.Giving food to theseadorable animals,a bone for the dog and let them play in theyard.If there is anemergency bring them to the vet for treatment.X-rays to find thefracture.Grooming Salon to make them nice andclean. In thiseducational game for kids and girls with pets.Do notforget to playall of our other makeup, makeover, cooking,tailoring, babies anddress up games for girls and kids.TinyBitgames, tiny masterpieces !
Baby Phone - Games for Babies, Parents and Family
Penguin Apps
Educational music baby games for babies, children of all agesandall the family. This fun music game will entertain your baby,kids,toddlers and the entire family for hours on end withclassicamerican nursery rhymes. You and your child will lovetheseeducational baby games. Includes animals buttons that childrencantouch to hear the sound they make. Animal sounds include cat,dog,farm animals.Plays Nursery Rhymes, Lullabies, Songs and lotsofSound Effects that your kid will love playing. All contentisfree.Babyphone really is one of the best games for babies intheUnited States of America. Your children will be occupiedplayingthese games for hours on end. It will keep your toddlerentertainedfor hours with the catchy nursery rhymes and fungraphics. Thesegames for babies will entertain for hours onend.This is one of themost fun baby games for a six month old toone year old to 2 yearold baby. Also ideal for Toddlers who willstill appreciate andsing along to the music and nursery rhymes.**FEATURES **★ Musicalphone that plays piano sounds when numberedkeys are touched andmakes musical calls
★ Lots of pre-bundledNursery Rhymes thatsimulate calls 
★ Tons of musical games forhours of enjoyment 
★Add your own music and images to play during acall. Your kid willbe able to listen to any music that you haveadded. Thepossibilities of music that this game can play is limitedonly byyour music collection. 
★ record your own singing and playit backto your child 
★ Lots of sound effects to play with duringamusical call 
★ 10" Tablet supported
★ 8" Tablet supported
★7"Tablet supported 
★ Lock your phone so that your childrencannotaccidentally exit “Babyphone”.Your children will love bobbingtothe nursery rhymes and making sound effects. Give thesegreatAmerican baby games a try. You won't regretit.PermissionsExplained-------------------------------Following arethepermissions we require, along with an explanationforeachREAD_EXTERNAL_STORAGE/WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - For whenyouchoose to "Add from my music". We need to be able to allow youtochoose an MP3 or music file located on your SD card, and thusthispermission is required to read those files. This screen canbyfound by navigating: Menu -> Settings -> AddmoreSongs.RECORD_AUDIO/WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - For when you chooseto"Add a new Recording" and we need to record youtalking/singing.This screen can by found by navigating: Menu ->Settings ->Add a new Recording.Licenses
1."Yankee DoodleDandy" by Quantum Music Works 
2. "London Bridge" byQuantum MusicWorks
3. "Oh Where, Oh Where has my little dog gone"by QuantumMusic Works 
4. "Row, Row, Row your boat" by QuantumMusic Works
Crazy Dog Racer and Horse Run
Welcome to the latest and amazing dog race simulation game whichisdesigned to express the riding skills of racing fans. This gameisquite different from other racing games because competition willbeheld in between multiple dogs and horses. This uniqueanimationincludes series of competitions that includes manychallenging andexciting racing maps. You have to show yourprofessional skillswith your full involvement and hard work. Thiscrazy dog racerconcept is equally compatible for both kids andadults. Realisticand beautiful environment of this multi dog racemania will attractyour attention to play this game and you will beaddictive to thisracing adventure.HOW TO PLAY THIS CRAZY HOUNDRACE?The mainobjectives of this fast racing contest are toinvestigate therunning abilities of dogs and farm animals. Thereare many excitinglevels of this dog and horse racing game thatincludes differenttracks. You have to control the speed of yourselected dog and jumpover the different hurdles and obstacles towin the race. A modernconcept of racing games that consists ofdifferent animations ofdogs and horses and you have to complete thelevel in the requiredtime period. Realistic background soundeffects and multiple cameraangles will help you to over view theracing field and you willenjoy this modern racing practice.Gradually levels will bechallenge able and tough because the speedof the opponent horseswill increase and you have to utilize yourextraordinary skills towin the race. This dog racing game is awonderful experience torelease your mind stress and this game willkeep you busy in itstheme. Different types of tracks will rise upyour proficiency inracing. Stunning 3d graphics at start andterminate point willdevelop your attention to play this doggame.Enjoy this nonstopracing fun and inspiring struggle with yourphysical and mentalsteadiness. Compete with your friends and youwill feel adventurousspirit by play this game. Best of luck fortheplayers.FEATURES:Realistic and beautiful atmosphereDifferenttypesof horses and dogsAttractive game play andstunninggraphicsInspiring sound effects and multiple cameraanglesUniqueracing experience between different animals
My Virtual Pet Shop - Cute Animal Care Game
Welcome to your new Pet Shop! Build your own pet store and takecareof cute animals as clients check in to your place. Play with,carefor, feed, wash, groom and dress up little cats and dogs tomaximizehappiness and grow your business! My Virtual Pet Shop isamazingfun, play now!Take good care of the pets to advance levelsand earncoins by the end of day. Unlock new items and use coins toimproveyour shop and customize all the items of your pet store togive itthe look of your dreams!MINI GAMESExciting mini games willadd evenmore fun to your days in the pet shop!• Wash the Pet -Grab thesponge and some shampoo to clean the dirty pets• Dress Up!- Put oncute items to give pets a special look• Tap the Fleas -Pick off allthese tiny nasty bugs from the petsHIGHLIGHTS• Fourdifferentactivities: pet grooming, pet doctor, pet bath, petdressing• Simplegameplay for pet lovers of all ages• Upgradeableitems: improve yourshop to grow your business• Cute kittens andpuppies of all breeds•Fast-paced fun with challenging mini games•Beautiful illustrationsand animationsIf you love animals, you’lllove My Virtual Pet Shop.Download now and start having fun withcute little pets -- and Dogetoo!Please note! This game is free toplay, but it contains itemsthat can be purchased for real money.Some features and extrasmentioned in the description may also haveto be purchased for realmoney.
Little Live Pets
Welcome to the Little Live Pets Pet Shop!Adoptyour own virtual pet – feed, clean, play and accessorize yourpetmouse, turtle, bird, puppy and more. Adopt them from the petshopand care for them - just like a real pet! Play mini-games tolevelup, earn coins and unlock surprises!Features:- Choose the virtual pets that you would like to adopt in thepetshop: all new Splashberry the Frog, Chatter the Mouse, DigitheGaming Turtle, Poppin’ Polly the Bird, Purrcilla the Kitten,SweetBeat the Puppy and Luvey Duck.- Keep your pet happy by feeding, cleaning and playingwiththem.- Play mini-games to level up and earn coins: Puppy Dash,MouseHurdles, Puppy Jumble, Tweet Along, Turtle Turbo, Cheese QuestandCleverkeet Augmented Reality.- Create your own Sweet Talking Kitten sound recordings withtheSweet Repeat game.- Use your coins to buy food, toys, accessories, habitatsandcleaning materials from the Store.- Unlock new items as you play along and progress throughthelevels.Have fun with these caring activities:- Feed your pet – let your pet enjoy a sumptuous feast ofdeliciousapples, pears, carrots, bananas and even artichokes!- Clean your pet – grab the soap, sponge, brush, towel andshowerhead to wash your pet.- Play and have fun – throw a ball and play with your pet to keepithappy.- Dress up! Keep your pet cool with cute hats, ties, collarsandmany other accessories.- Interact with your pet - tap your pet anywhere and you will seeitmove, feel, react and sound like a real pet!Play the fun mini-games and earn cool rewards for you andyourpet! Guide Snuggles the puppy over the jumps and cones in theagilitycourse and run as fast as you can to win loads ofpoints.Hop along to the new Frog Hop game! Race Splashberry againstherfrog friends – jump over the logs and catch the flies to getspeedypower-ups, and don’t get stuck in the mud!- Race with other mice, jump over hurdles and catch thecheesepower-ups to emerge as the champion of the MouseHurdlesmini-game.- Tweet in the same tune as our Tweet Talking Bird in theTweetAlong mini-game.- Help the Sweet Talking Puppy find the delicious disheshe’sdreaming about in Puppy Jumble.- Dive and dodge the obstacles and reach the finish linebeforetimer stops in the Turtle Turbo mini-game.- Roll the Lil’ Mouse through the maze of pipes. Navigatebridges,spinning wheels and other obstacles to reach the cheese andgiveyour pet a tasty treat in the Cheese Quest mini-game!- Experience the fun as Cleverkeet comes to life in theCleverkeetAugmented Reality Game! Feed him and see him fly. Sing,dance andplay with him. Dress him up with cute and coolaccessories.Have fun taking care of your Little Live Pets!Privacy Policy:
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Caring for puppy salon
Give you pet puppy some tender, love and care by taking him tothesalon. At the salon, you can give your pup a wash, heal hiswounds,feed him and give him a complete dog care makeover. Turn hisbadday into a fantastic day with a little extra love andaffection.Your pup will love it!Features* Give your puppy a wash tomake himfeel nice and clean. * Heal his wounds and clip his nailsto easehis pain. * Feed your puppy yummy food and a drink to makehimfull. * Accessorize and give him a puppy makeover to make himfeelgreat.
Littlest Pet Shop
Get immersed in the LITTLEST PET SHOP world and collectyourfavorite pets!Help BLYTHE and her friends Minka, Penny,Pepper,Russell, Sunil, Vinnie and Zoe to adopt, take care of andentertaincute little pets! * 150 pets to collect! Dogs, cats, bearsandmore!* Wash them, feed them and play with them in funmini-games. *Build houses and play areas to welcome and entertaineven morepets._____________________________________________Thisgamecontains advertising for Gameloft’s products or some thirdpartieswhich will redirect you to a third-party site. You candisable yourdevice’s ad identifier being used for interest-basedadvertising inthe settings menu of your device. This option can befound in theSettings app > Accounts (Personal) > Google >Ads(Settings and Privacy) > Opt out of interest-basedads.Certainaspects of this game will require the player to connectto theInternet.___________________________________Visit ourofficial siteat http://www.gameloft.comFollow us on Twitterat or like us on Facebookat to get more info about allourupcoming titles.Privacy Policy: of Use: User License Agreement:
Doctor Pets
With this educational game, kids will learn how to cureanimals.Doctor Pets brings you a great chance to make them healthyandhappy again.The nature is home for a playful motley crewofanimals. Dogs, cats, rabbits and monkeys are looking for yourhelpin a forest pet hospital. These pets are in pain, sickandtear-stained. They need doctor's help and they need itrightnow!Some of your pets have fever, wounds, ear infection,sorethroat or stomach ache, while the rest have been trapped bysnakesor hurt in the fall. You can use your medical knowledge and alotof instruments to cure different diseases and injuries. Makeyourhairy friends recover so that they will be able to enjoyrunningand playing again.At first, make a diagnosis:• Fever: Takepet'stemperature and cure the fever with an ice pack, drops andsyrup.•Ear infection: Eliminate viruses in a minigame and plug uppet'sear with a cotton wool.• Sore throat: Tap with your fingerallgerms inside animal’s mouth and spray the sore throat.• Trappedbysnakes: Free the animal with the help of tongs and make ahomemademedicine.• Injuries: Sew up the wound correctly and choosea funkyplaster.• Hurt in the fall: Pull out all foreign objects,spray theticks and add some balm on the rashes.• Stomach ache:Catch allcandies and choose the right food for a certainanimal.After asuccessful treatment, children can rejoice with theirpet patientsand ˝give them five˝! Features:• educational game forkids• HDillustrations• cool sound effects• fun minigames• 7differenthealth treatments• cute patients: cats, dogs, rabbits andmonkeys•lots of injuries, diseases, instruments and colorfulplasters
Curse Breakers: Horror Mansion
A classic horror thriller point and click adventure game!Fromthemakers of the hit logic puzzle game 100 Doors, and thechallengingspy series 100 missions. MPI Games is proud to presentCurseBreakers: Halloween Horror MansionVisit Facebook for HINTS andBUGREPORTS: you have whatittakes to face the supernatural, the undead, and worse? Take ontherole of a Curse Breaker, visit cursed locations around the worldinyour quest to defeat evil and protect the innocent. On yourfirstjob you will be taken to a Haunted Mansion where a family hasbeentorn apart by a cursed crystal ball, it is your job to stopthiscurse and put an end to the horrors that lurk in everycorner.CurseBreakers: Halloween Haunted Mansion features some ofour bestgraphics and sound effects to date. Be spooked, scared,andhorrified by the chilling atmosphere of the HauntedMansion.Maneuver your way through huge mansion, graveyard and more,eachwith their own puzzles and mysteries to be solved. Anadventurestory that will rivet any reader, whether or not he or shehas anyinterest in this subject. Can you break the curse and setthefamily free?FEATURES:Incredible graphics with detailed scenesandobjects!Stunning new sound effects guaranteed to cause ascare!Manyitems to collect, combine and solve puzzles with!Multiplepuzzlesto solve and challenges to complete.A dark adventure full ofchillsand thrills that will have you battle the supernaturalandbeyond.Zombies!
Cute White Yak Rescue Game Kavi - 174
Welcome back, escapers! Story of this game ,Here is a challengeforyou. A cute Yak has been locked inside a room. All you have todois, find the needful objects and solve the puzzle.Can youacceptthe challenge?Then prove that you are smart by solving thepuzzleand make the cute Yak escape from that room.Use mouse to playthegame.
Dogs Jigsaw Puzzles Game - For Kids & Adults 🐶
If you or your kids like fun dog games and jigsaw puzzles, youwillLOVE this puzzle filled with cute dog and puppy pictures!Inthisrelaxing puzzle game for kids and adults you can choose whethertouse 6, 9, 12, 16, 30 or 56 pieces, adjusting the difficulty totheappropriate skill level.Please note: the appcontainsadvertisements shown after every 4 puzzles played.Advertisementscan be disabled via an in-app purchase.Features:-Lots of cutedogs!- Fun rewards to pop for each puzzle- Play with 6,9, 12, 16,30 or 56 pieces - easy for kids, challenging for adults-Naturalpuzzle dynamics- Intuitive navigation- 30 puzzles toenjoyFor morefun, check out our other apps.Music: "DivertimentoK131"KevinMacLeod ( under Creative Commons:ByAttribution 3.0
Talking John Dog: Funny Dog
Just talk to the talking dog John. Heanswerswith his funny voice and reacts to what you say or yourtouch. Withmore than 10 exciting inside games with many levels toplay!Become the owner of this slightly loony dog and share someamusingexperiences with him. He does pretty much the same things anormaldog would do, but in his own foolish way.If you like talking animals games like talking cat or talkingdog,dog simulater or dog games then you will love Talking John Dog!Tryit out!My Talking John Dog is a free Talking Dog games app-download the funny Talking App Talking Dog John now andenjoyit!★★★ Features of Talking John Dog: ★★★✔ High quality 3D graphics✔ Talking Animals - My Talking Pets - My Talking Dog-Talking App✔ Sweet Dog Game - Dog Games - Virtual Games✔ Fun Games - Funny Games - Crazy Games✔ Voice interaction/animations with talking dog✔ Funny animations and cool special effectsEnjoy hours of fun and laughter with the funny games app myTalkingJohn Dog! The Talking Dog is specially made forteenagersand adults of all ages.
Puppy Fire Patrol
Alert! The city is in danger! The building is on fire. Whowillsuppress a fire? Of course, a paw fire patrol will! Don’tpanic,rescuers are on their way!This time, a funny game - paw firepatrolis added to the free games section for boys and girls. Allkidslove cartoons about the puppies, firefighters and rescueworkers.Now, kids have an opportunity not only watch cartoon,butexperience wonderful adventures with characters they like.Firesuppressing is not as easy as it may seem. This is not acartoon,where everything happens on its’ own. Today, paw firepatrol iswaiting for your help. You need to get to the building onfire assoon as possible and get some water on your way. Control thetruck,avoid obstacles, so rescuers arrive right on time. Havingarrivedto the place, start rescuing people from a building on fireandsuppress a fire. Remember, it is not a cartoon. A disasterwillhappen without your aid.Test our new game from the freegamesseries for boys and girls. Paw fire patrol is waiting foryou!Experience positive emotions together with your kid. Watchforupdates and stay with us. Our free games will always make happyyouand your kids!
Crazy Dog Racing
Hey ever wondered if your dog is fast enough to compete withotherdogs, lets find out with our highly skilled and competitivedogracing.Crazy Dog Racing is a lapping game where you will havetotap to make it run faster and at the end of every race you willwinpoints which will help you to unlock new fastest dog to winthisamazing dog racing challenge. This is not just a simple dogracegame, its simulation of professional dog race, where a bunnyisrunning in-front of the dogs, and dogs have to chase the bunnywithfull speed and might. The dog that chases it first, winstherace.This top dog race game have two types of racing modes.1)QuickRaceIt is a quick race against all other dogs, one who chasestherabbit first wins the race2) tournament raceThis is acompletetournament of dog racers, where you participate in knockout stylegame,the one who stays last, is finished fromtournament.Tournamentis just like other pro tournament like Copaamerica and euro cup,where where your main goal is not to getknocked out.Now in theupdate two more modes are added3) Dog vsHorse racethis is fun racefor entertainment purpose, where youcompete your dog againsthorse.4) Dog Vs TigerFunny dog elements areadded to race withtiger, lets see who wins against dog.These twomodes are added inlatest updated versions of game5) Bet RacingModePlay yourfavourite racing dog against others and bet what youcan, you canplay bet racing with any dog, against other dog, andcan increasebets if you want. Earn huge in-game money with thesebets on dograce.6) Dog Hurdle race & stunts modeThis new dogracing modeis added with hurdles, you have to jump on hurdles,fences anddrums on dog tracks. to win the race play the most stuntswith besthurdle crossing race..Features* Professional dog racingtracks,these tracks are specially designed for dog race* Attractive3Denvironment, where people watch this on going dograce.*Interactive GUI, one of the best* Latest AI, Dogs AI is oneof bestagainst which you have to compete.* Cute and Smart dogs* alldogbreeds are present to chose the one you like most.PrivacyPolicyWedon't collect any personal information , anynon-personalinformation collected by our partners like Google isused foranalytic and game improvements. For detailscheckhere
Hi! Puppies♪
************************************************************Don'tyouthink puppies are furry and cute? Have you been wanting to keepacute puppy at home just to make you relax, to be needed andmoreimportantly, happy? I think we all need a break from thepressureand stress we've been going through every day. So what canwe do tohelp you?Come and check out this cute puppy on your phone.Isn't itbetter for most of you to keep a virtual puppy so you'refree fromall the hassles in the real world, like walking your puppyat 7amin the morning. (you cannot say no to this cutie, becausehe/shewill keep licking your face until you get up!)To create suchanamazing game, we've put so much love, energy and efforts. Wecan'tlove it more, so I am sure you will love it too. In hi puppy,youcan:★ choose your favorite breed ★ customize your puppy house,anddress up your puppy for a beauty contest! ★ play all kinds ofgameswith your puppies★ visit other houses in the community andmake"puppy" friends.....There is a secret about your puppy, guesswhat?the puppy is a treasure hunter! All the hidden fortune willbedigged out by this little one, who will makeyourich.**************************************************************
My Dog Game Simulator For Free
Survive with your pet in a frenzy dog race!You'll have toavoidbeing attacked by wicked and wild dogs!Take control of thestreetsand do not let them reach you! Save your little doggy in thebestdog game available!Return the affection that your dog shows youanddefeat the other dogs. Do you dare to live this adventure?✓Funnychallenge with dogs!✓ Realistic graphics!✓ Strength andspeed!✓Simple game controls!✓ Funny music!✓ Ideal for children!✓Best freedogs game!