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Chinchón Online (Premium) 1.3
CHINCHÓNCaracterísticas destacadas:- Juega al chinchón contra otros jugadores ONLINE o contra lasCPU(de 2 a 4 jugadores)- Distintos modos de juego: 1 o 2 barajas,descubierto/cubierto,comodines, reenganchar, variosadversarios- Tres niveles de dificultad: Principiante, intermedioyavanzado- Incluye explicación del juego y ayuda- Baraja HD (alta resolución)- Efectos de sonido- Incluye explicación del juego y ayuda- Configurable: Tamaño y resolución cartas, animaciones,sonido,velocidad, marcadores...- Records: Partidas, chinchones, mejor puntuación,...(incluyeclasificación mundial)- Logros: Multitud de retos que permiten conseguir puntosdeexperiencia- Permite grabar y cargar la partida- Permite jugar en horizontal y en vertical- Animaciones- Se puede mover a tarjeta SD- Sin publicidadJuego:- Gana el primero que consiga un chinchón (combinando sussietecartas en una única escalera del mismo palo) o que todos losdemásjugadores alcancen 100 puntos o más.- El juego se desarrolla en rondas en las que se repartensietecartas para cada jugador. Durante la ronda los jugadores cogenporturnos cartas e intentan formar combinaciones de cartas delmismovalor o escaleras del mismo palo- La ronda finaliza cuando un jugador "cierra" para ello el valordesus cartas sin combinar debe ser menor que 5- Al finalizar cada ronda los jugadores muestran por ordensucombinaciones y tienen la oportunidad de poner sus cartasnocombinadas en las combinaciones de los otros jugadoresRecuento de puntos Chinchón:- Al final de la ronda a cada jugador se le suman tantos puntoscomocartas tenga sin combinar- Si un jugador cierra con sus siete cartas combinadas se lerestan10 puntos- Si el jugador que cierra tiene todas sus cartas combinadas enunaúnica escalera del mismo palo, realiza un "chinchón" yganaautomáticamente la partidaMediante las opciones de personalización el jugadorpuedemodificar ciertas reglas del juego para adaptarlas a su gustoo ala variante que acostumbre jugar. Entre otras:- Uso de comodines: as de oros, uno o dos comodines extra- Baraja 40 o 48 cartas- Puntuación partida: 50, 70, 100 o 200- Opciones cierre: Número cartas sin combinar,puntuaciónmáxima,...- Reenganches- Cubierto/descubiertoCHINCHÓNHighlights:- Play ONLINE chinchón against other players or against the CPU(2to 4 players)- Multiple game modes: 1 or 2 decks, bare / covered, jokers,rehire,several opponents- Three difficulty levels: beginner, intermediate andadvanced- Includes explanation of the game and help- Baraja HD (high resolution)- Sound effects- Includes explanation of the game and help- Configurable: Size and resolution charts, animations,sound,speed, markers ...- Records: Games, chinchones, best score, ... (includesworldrankings)- Achievements: Many challenges that allow gainexperiencepoints- You can save and load the game- You can play horizontally and vertically- Animations- You can move to SD card- Whithout adsGame:- Win the first to get a chinchón (combining his seven cards inasingle straight flush), or all other players reach 100 pointsormore.- The game is played in rounds in which seven cards are dealttoeach player. During the round the players take turns and trybyletters form combinations of cards of the same value or thesamesuit stairs- The round ends when a player "closes" off the value of theircardsuncombined must be less than 5- At the end of each round the players show their combinationsorderand have the opportunity to put their non-merged letters inthecombinations of the other playersCount Chinchon points:- At the end of the round each player are added as many pointsasletters have uncombined- If a player closes with seven combined cards are deducted10points- If the player has closed all his cards combined into asinglestraight flush, he performs a "chinchón" and automaticallywins thegameThrough customization options the player can modify certainrulesof the game to suit your taste or the variant accustom play.Amongother:- Using wildcards: ace of diamonds, one or twoadditionalwildcards- Baraja 40 or 48 cards- Score game: 50, 70, 100 or 200- Close Options: Number cards uncombined highest score ...- Recloses- Indoor / outdoor
CiNQuiLLo 2.5.1
Here you have the latest version of theamazinggame, Cinquillo, a Spanish card game in which every playertry tocomplete the four stairs or suits by order starting alwayswith fiveof gold. When a player gets to join all cards, wins andthe gameends.On this update, you’ll find an improved interface and anewglobal TOP score board system.You can either choose the online mode, or the solo modetoimprove your game!Do you wanna play Cinquillo?Chat with your fellow players, and challenge players all overtheworld!Choose your name, select an avatar and you’re ready toplay!Choose practice mode, or multiplayer!Polish your game playing solo mode. You’ll be able to adjustthespeed of the game to the most challenging, or change the colorofthe board.Get your position on the Worldwide TOP players with onlinemode.Challenge either your friends or family, or random people, allofthem competing to become the best.Join the first online round of the classic game, Cinquillo!Enter or leave multiplayer games as you want, chattingwitheveryone on the table, and improving your scores.Check our updated global score board, challenge players alloverthe world to get to the top!Aren’t you a CartasClub member yet?On CartasClub you’ll be able to enjoy not only Cinquillo, alsomanyother Spanish cards games.The membership is totally free, and you can get it now, onGoogle Play: begins distributing all the cards to players.The game consists of placing the cards on the table.The goal is to complete the four suits, the player who firstrunout of cards wins the game.The way to place the cards is:Start the player with five golds and place it.After the player continues right.You can only place the five cards or all those cards followinascending or descending progression to the ones in the tablearethe same suit.That is, if for example only is placed five golds at thetable,players may only place six or four golds, or five otherpost.If a player cant place any card goes on, and it's the nextplayerturn. You cant never pass if you could place any card.If a player could put multiple cards on table he shouldchoosethe one that suits better to win the game. The first playerto getall their cards on the table is the winner.The winner will add as many points such as cards have in handtheother players to win the game. In case of tie points will bedividedamong the winners.Join the biggest game of the legendary game, Cinquillo!Technical features:★ Fluent and accessible game★ No need of registration★ Customizable name★ Many avatar possibilities to choose★ Change the color of the board as you play★ Practice Mode available without connection, andadjustablespeed★ Worldwide Online Mode★ Global TOP 50 playersCinquillo is one of the famous spanish games of alltimes,cinquillo is a classic board games or card games.If you like card games, board games, poker-like games,thebetting, the challenge, chatting to people all over the worldandget to out TOP 50.You can also enjoy our other card games: MuS, EsCoBa,BRiSCa,SoLiTaRio, CuLo, CiNQuiLLo, CiNQuiLLo CaBRóN or SieTe &MeDia,BRiSCa, PoCHa, Bingo and TRuCo.Hope you have fun with our completely free card games!Please, rate our app or recommend it to your friends! Also,+1.Thanks!More Classic Spanish Games coming soon.Follow us on Twitter or Facebook:Twitter: TxLestudios TxlEstudios Estudios - Creating online free card games since 2010
La Escoba free 1.06
Victor Casas
Escoba is one of the most famousSpanishtrick-taking game played with a traditional forty cardSpanishdeck.Have Fun.
Guiñote 3.36
Juega al guiñote gratis sin necesidad de baraja, solo necesitasunsmartphone o tablet android.Puedes jugar contra la máquina o a través de internetcontrajugadores de todo el mundo.Playfreeguiñote without deck, you just need a smartphone ortabletandroid.You can play against the computer or online against playersfromaround the world.
La Scopa - Classic Card Games 4.10
You are just one touch away from aspectacularItalian card game! Have HOURS OF FUN and challenge. Withthe onlinemultiplayer. And... IT'S FREE!!!! Try it now and discoverhowentertaining a card game can be! Collect the cards from thetableand, if you grab the last one, shout “Scopa!”, nice andloud!Get it now free!WHAT YOU GET with La Scopa - Classic Card Games:- 3 difficulty levels against the computer (A.I.artificialintelligence) for your single player mode- Online multiplayer: play with friends and other players alloverthe world- Choose your deck: La Scopa got all the original Italianregionaldecks (Napoletane, Siciliane, Piacentine, Piemontesi,Triestine andmore), in high resolution that will look astonishingon your phoneand tablet. Or you can play with the classic Pokercards- Play with different rules and options (Settebello, Rebello andsoon)- Enjoy the fun challenges and badges to collect onGooglePlay- Be part of the Global High-Score (Leaderboard): there’s oneforeach difficulty level plus the leaderboard foronlineplayers.Get it now for free!And do not miss on our La Briscola and Tressette to have acompleteclassic card game suit on your phone and tablet!FOLLOW USFacebook/outofthebitTwitter @outofthebit
El Cinquillo 0.7
Cinquillo is a popular game cards. The player who owns the fiveofgold starts the game. The player to it´s right continues andsogoes on. You can only out a five on the table or any othercardnext to the cards that are already at play. For example, ifthereis only a five of gold in the table, other players can onlyputfour of gold, six of gold, or any other five. If a player cannotput any card on the table it will get a card from the pack anduseit if possible. If not, it will lose it´s turn. A player canneverskip it´s turn if it has any cards that can put on the table.If aplayer can put more than one card, it will have to choose oneofthem. Only one card can be put per turn. The first player whorunout of cards is the winner. Twitter:
Siete y Media v2.1
Juegos + Ids
El juego de las Siete y media ahora enAndroid.Compite contra la banca, acercándote todo lo posible a lasSiete yMedia sin pasarte. Todas las cartas valen su número exceptolasfiguras que valen medio punto.The game of Seven andahalf now on Android. Compete against the bench, bringingyoueverything and the Seven Media without going over. All cardsareworth their number except the figures that are worth halfapoint.
El Mus 2.0.5
Don Naipe
¡¡Estrenamos la versión 2.0 con el juegoenred!! Por fin disponible el modo en red: podrás disputarpartidasde mus al mejor de 2 juegos con otros 3 humanos tanto enpartidasrápidas como con tus amigos (mediante invitaciones).Durante eljuego podrás consultar a tu compañero y chatear al finalde cadaronda.El mus es posiblemente el juego de cartas de baraja españolamáspopular y esta adaptación de Producciones Don Naipepromete...El Mus ofrece la variante más popular de este juego: ochoreyes,ocho ases y sin la Real. En el juego individual podrásenfrentartea 7 divertidos personajes con personalidades diferentes.Hemostrabajado con esmero la Inteligencia Artificial de los botsparaque jueguen bien al mus y a la vez se comporten demaneradiferente, de acuerdo con sus características:- Osadía: disposición para envidar y aceptar envites- Faroleo: más o menos proclive a tirarse faroles- Caza señas: capacidad para detectar las señas del compañero ydelos rivales- Corta mus: más o menos dispuesto a cortar el mus- Descartes: reglas de descarte más básicas o más refinadas- Interactividad: mayor disposición a consultar con elcompañeroEstáte atento, porque los bots pasan señas y si cazan algunasecomportarán de manera diferente; por ejemplo, si haces la señadeciego, es más probable que tu compañero se de mus; otro ejemplo,situ rival te pilla haciendo la seña de treinta y una, no entraráaljuego si le superas. La visión panorámica de los bots eslimitada,por lo que detectan más fácilmente las señas de sucompañero ytienen más dificultades para ver las señas de losrivales. Además,algunos bots tienen mayor habilidad para cazarseñas (ver lascaracterísticas de los bots).Desde la versión 1.5 los bots son mucho más interactivos.Teconsultarán para cortar el mus y para aceptar o no órdagosyapuestas grandes (tú también podrás preguntarle atucompañero).El Mus es muy configurable, permitiendo:- Invitar a tus amigos a jugar al mus- Recibir invitaciones de tus amigos para jugar- Jugar partidas rápidas con otros jugadores- Jugar con 7 bots diferentes- Elegir un avatar hombre o mujer- Jugar torneos o partidas sueltas- Conseguir 26 hitos diferentes- Escalar posiciones en el Musómetro, Torneómetro y VictoriasenRed- Ver tus estadísticas- Ajustar la velocidad del juego- Seleccionar el número de juegos para ganar- Elegir entre 30 o 40 piedras por juego- Con o sin sonido- Activar el "Modo graciosillo" con frases del mus apropiadas alasituaciónEl Mus está disponible para cualquier móvil o tabletaAndroid(4.0 o superior).Puedes consultar las reglas del mus en lossiguientesenlaces: con nosotros en producciones.don.naipe@gmail.comparacontarnos tus impresiones, sugerencias de mejora o solucióndeproblemas.¡Muchísimas gracias por apoyarnos!¿Te gusta darle al naipe? Producciones Don Naipe esespecialistaen juegos de cartas de baraja española. Puedesencontrar másinformación en nuestra web:'We release version2.0with network play !! Finally available in network mode: Youcanplay games mus the best 2 games with 3 other humans as bothrapidgames with your friends (by invitation). During the game youcansee your partner and chat at the end of each round.The mus game is arguably the most popular Spanish card deckandthis adaptation of Don Naipe Productions promises ...The Mus offers the most popular variant of this game: eightkingseight aces and without the Real. In the individual game youwillface a 7 funny characters with different personalities. Wehaveworked diligently Artificial Intelligence bots to play musboth goodand behave differently according to theircharacteristics: - Daring: envidar and willingness to accept envites - Bluffing: more or less prone to bluffing - Hunting sign: ability to detect signs mate and rival - Short mus: more or less willing to cut the mus - Descartes most basic rules discard or more refined - Interactivity: greater willingness to consultwithfellowStay tuned, because the bots go hunt some signs and ifbehavedifferently; for example, if you make the sign of blind it ismorelikely that your partner is of mus; another example, ifyouropponent catches you doing the sign of thirty-one, will notenterthe game if you pass. The panoramic view of bots is limited,somore easily detect the signs of his partner and havemoredifficulty seeing signs of rivals. In addition, some botshavegreater ability to hunt signs (see the characteristicsofbots).Since version 1.5 bots are much more interactive. Theywillconsult to cut the mus and to accept or not havoc caused andbigbets (you also can ask your partner).Mus is highly configurable, allowing: - Invite your friends to play mus - Receive invitations from your friends to play - Play fast games with other players - Play with 7 different bots - Choose a male or female avatar - Play tournaments or loose items - Get 26 different milestones - Scalar positions Musómetro, Torneómetro and wins Red - See your stats - Adjust game speed - Select the number of games to win - Choose between 30 or 40 stones per game - With or without sound - Activate the "graciosillo Mode" with phrases appropriatetothe situation musThe Mus is available for any mobile or Android (4.0 orhigher)tablet.You can check the rules of mus on the following links: us at to tell usyourimpressions, suggestions for improvement or problemsolving.Thank you so much for your support!Like giving the card? Don Naipe productions specializes incardgames Spanish deck. You can find more information onourwebsite:
Card King: Dragon Wars 1.3.5
Card King: Dragon Wars. An INSANELY GREATandFREE Battle game with an endless array of creatures that whereYOUharness each creatures magical and powerful cards!WIZARDS AND WARRIORS. READY YOUR DECKS!Journey to the land where Cards become creatures andcreaturesbattle against powerful and magical enemies each withtheir ownunique card battle spells, strategies and abilities!SIMPLE, YET DEEP!Decide if you want the strength of a Warrior or thecunningSpellcraft of a Wizard as you choose your avatar to summonyourmagical creatures and lay down your battle cards. Whatuniquestrategies will you come up?BUILD YOUR COLLECTION!Command an ever changing army of awesome creatures,includingDragons, Immortal Knights, and Elementals to unleash theirCardAbilities in an all out Card War!CUSTOMIZE YOUR DECK!Hundreds of creatures come with Hundreds of Awesome Cardsandabilities that make every battle new and unique. Power-upandtransform as your creatures and cards become even more powerfulasyou customize your team to suit your battle style.MULTIPLAYER FUN!Play in matches against opponent Heroes or fight against otherCardKings as you make your way up the ladder to win loot, prizesandhonor!MAGICAL GRAPHICS!Epic 3D Card Battles where you Explore the magical wizardtower,dungeon depths and a town full of life and wonder where youentermagical stores and walk out with incredible collection ofcards andcreatures!
Konkian 1.25
The classic cards game is now availableforAndroid!Enjoy this entertaining Konkian version played inseveralcountries of America and become a real expert!Optimized for any type of display and with specialconfigurationsthat will make of the game a truly enjoyableexperience for anyuser.Support:If you have any problems or questions please contact Please include a clear description ofyourproblem, the device you are using and if it's possible,ascreenshot of your problem. It will be a pleasure to serveyou.
La Briscola-Classic Card Games 4.10
The intriguing traditional Italian card gameofBriscola (Trump), played for centuries and loved byevery-ageplayers! Easy to get but challenging: you must collect thecardswith the highest score and use your trumps wisely! If youhavenever played it, La Briscola is perfect for your first time! Acardgame has never felt so easy and enjoyable to play. Theoriginalcards made beautiful, the excitement of throwing that aceof trumpon the table and smack your opponent, now brought to yourdevicefor you to enjoy.What you get:- Single player games against 3 different difficulty levels- Multiplayer online with friends or other Briscola players fromallover the world- Exciting challenge to reach the NUMBER 1 position in theworldwiderace!- Choose the deck of cards you are more familiar with! They areallthere: Sicilian, Neapolitans (Napoletane), poker, Spanish.Get it now free!FOLLOW USFacebook @outofthebit