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Furby Connect World
Hasbro Inc.
Connect to a virtual world of surpriseswiththe Furby Connect World app!* HATCH super cute virtual babies… Furblings! Over 60adorableFurblings to discover!* CARE for your Furblings by feeding, cleaning, and healing theminorder to level them up and reveal their hidden traits intheapp.* COLLECT over 100 different items you can use to take care ofyourFurblings.* GROW your peaceful virtual Furbling village into a busyFurblingparadise over time!With your Furby Connect toy (sold separately), in the app youcanalso…* NAME your Furby Connect and watch it remember its name!* HELP Furby Connect learn song lyrics and new phrases bywatchingvideos with it at the virtual Movie Theater! (Contentchanges overtime.)* FEED your Furby Connect with virtual food using the app tofindout what it likes! Furby Connect likes different things!* LAY over 60 different virtual Furbling eggs!* DISCOVER what happens when Furby Connect uses the toilet intheapp!* PLAY with Furby Connect as it talks about what happens initsvirtual world!NOTE: The Furby Connect World app is only compatible with theFurbyConnect toy (sold separately) and is not compatible with priorappsor other Furby toys.= = = = =SUPPORTED DEVICESThe Furby Connect World app supports these devices runningAndroid4.4 and above:* SAMSUNG GALAXY S4, S5, S6, S7* SAMSUNG GALAXY EDGE S6, S7* SAMSUNG GALAXY MINI S4* SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 3, 4, 5, 10.1”* SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB 3 (10.1” model only)* SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB 4 (7”, 8”, 10.1”)* GOOGLE NEXUS 7 (2013 Edition and newer)* GOOGLE NEXUS 9* GOOGLE PIXEL C* MOTOROLA MOTO X (Generations 1, 2)Check for more information on compatibility,availability,and instructions. Make sure your device supports thisapp beforedownloading. Other devices may be compatible but are notsupported.Updates may affect compatibility.
Play-Doh TOUCH
Create a world of hands-on adventures and see your physicalPlay-Dohcreations come to life virtually in ways beyondimagination! Tostart, simply:• SHAPE a creation with Play-Dohmodeling compound andput it on a white surface.• SCAN yourcreation into the Play-DohTOUCH app using your device’s camera andsee it come to life in avirtual world!• EXPLORE all the creativepossibilities in thePlay-Doh TOUCH app. Keep shaping and scanningyour Play-Dohcreations to build your own world.With the Play-DohTOUCH Shape toLife Studio (sold separately), in the app you canalso:• Createfriends with the character stampers to explore theirown uniqueworlds and personalities; or• Use the action stampers tosee theexciting effects they have on other creations in thePlay-Doh TOUCHappThe Play-Doh TOUCH app is designed and intendedfor use withPlay-Doh modeling compound.The Play-Doh Touch app isfree todownload, but the additional worlds, including Water World,CaveWorld, Forest World, Desert World, and/or Cloud World requireapurchase via one of the following methods:- By purchasingcontentfrom the in-app shop; or- By purchasing a Play-Doh TOUCHShape toLife Studio with a character stamper (sold separately)ThePlay-DohTouch app is subject to app store terms and conditions.SUPPORTEDDEVICESAndroid 5+• Samsung Galaxy S6+• Samsung Galaxy Note5+• HTCOne M9+• LG G4 +• Motorola Droid Turbo 2+• Huawei GoogleNexus 6P+•Google Nexus 9+Check for more informationoncompatibility, availability, and instructions. Make sureyourdevice supports this app before downloading. Other devices maybecompatible but are not supported. Updates affectcompatibility.Hasbro’s Mobile Application Privacy Policy can befoundat: TOPARENTSThePlay-Doh TOUCH app requires an Internet connection (3G,4G, LTE, orWiFi) to download the app, download app updates,download newcontent, and to make in-app purchases. Kids, ask aparent firstbefore downloading or making in-app purchases.Hasbroand allrelated logos are trademarks of Hasbro, Inc. © 2016 Hasbro.AllRights Reserved.
The Hanazuki app allows you to become a Moonflower justlikeHanazuki. You can choose your mood of the day, play games,andcustomize your very own moon. Take care of Hanazuki’s friends,theHemka, by feeding, dressing and petting them. Play the mini gametokeep the Big Bad away from the moon using the power oftreasuresand rainbow goop. Additional features include:·Get to knowall ofthe wacky and fun lunar characters that live inHanazuki’sworld·Collect virtual treasures to complete your ownfantasticalconstellations·Watch Hanazuki episodes in-app·App isfree todownload•To unlock in-game items faster, users can SCANtheirHanazuki treasure codes into the app using their device’scameraand/or SYNC their Hanazuki MoodGleam Deluxe Wearable with theappvia Bluetooth. ADVICE TO PARENTSThe app only asks for permissiontoaccess the device camera and Bluetooth in order to sync theappwith purchased toys for the purpose described above. You mayvisityour device's privacy settings at any time to enable ordisableaccess to Bluetooth and/or the camera.Users can watchepisodes ofHanazuki in-app via an embedded YouTube video playerthat we havecustomized. Outside of the technical device informationrequired toserve the videos, we do not collect any personalinformation fromour users. We have also disabled the feature whichdisplayssuggested third party videos and the user is not encouragedtovisit the YouTube site. You may visit the Hanazuki app’sprivacysettings to enable or disable the videofunctionality.Alternatively, you may turn off cellular data for theHanazuki appon your device to only allow video to be played overWiFi.Supported Devices:Android OS: support of 4.4-6.0 up toversionsreleased mid-February 2017 Android Devices:  SAMSUNGGALAXY S5 SAMSUNG GALAXY S6 and up to current model SAMSUNGGALAXY TAB 3 (3 10.1)  SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 3,4,5 GOOGLENEXUS 7 (2013)  GOOGLE NEXUS 8,9,10  GOOGLEPIXEL MOTOROLA MOTO X  HTC One M9 and up to currentmodel LG G4 and later  Motorola Droid Turbo 2 and uptocurrent model Huawei Google Nexus 6P and up to current modelGoogleNexus 9 and up to current model
Furby BOOM!
Only the FURBY BOOM creature (product) can use this FURBY BOOMapp.FURBY 2012 is meant for use with the FURBY app. Why? OnlyFURBYBOOM has evolved to hatch virtual eggs, interact withFURBLINGS,say the name you give it, learn the names of other FURBYBOOMS,acquire English slang, develop new personalities… and use allthefun features of this app. (Do you have a previous generationFURBY?Get the free FURBY app.) App currently supported on thefollowingdevices: ★ Samsung Galaxy S2, S3, Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 &GalaxyNote 2★ Amazon Kindle Fire HD (except 3rd generation)★Google/AsusNexus 7★ Motorola Droid RAZR Maxx HD (except modelXT926)★ Toys RUs Tabeo“… A SOLO FURBY [BOOM] WORKS JUST FINE AS ASTANDALONE TOY,AND THE APP HAS STANDALONE GAMES, TOO. BUT WHEN THEYARE PUTTOGETHER, THAT IS WHEN THINGS GET INTERESTING.”-Children’sTechnology Review “FORGET THE ROYAL BABY, THEBEST-SELLING TOY OFLAST CHRISTMAS – THE FURBY – IS BEING RELAUNCHEDWITH AN APP THATALLOWS IT TO HAVE CHILDREN.”- The Telegraph UK“INSTEAD OF FURBY[BOOM] GETTING ITS OWN APP, IT’S ALMOST LIKE THEGAME’S GETTING ITSOWN COMPANION FURBY.”- CNET “FURBY GOT A FULL-ONREBOOT….. THE NEWFURBY BOOM APP UPS THE ANTE.”- Engadget PLEASENOTE - For optimalperformance, make sure your device’s:· Microphoneis facing FurbyBOOM· Volume is turned all the way up· Other appsare not runningin background App is not compatible with prior FurbygenerationsFURBY BOOM APP FEATURES:The Furby Boom app is fun foreveryone, butonly interacts with the Furby Boom generation. Whenyou play withFurby Boom using the free Furby Boom app, you unlockthe completegame experience. First, your Furby Boom will need aname, which youpick out. Your Furby has an evolved memory so itwill remember itsown name and the names of Furby Boom friends itmeets. Next, you'llneed to keep track of what Furby needs using theapp's monitor.Keep tabs on the health, hunger and cleanlinesslevels of FurbyBoom and use the app's features to tend to thoseneeds. Time for ahealth check? Try x-raying Furby. Is Furby hungry?Pick outsomething tasty for Furby from the pantry. Does Furby needtofreshen up? Use the Furby Boom app to give Furby a shower! Whenyoutake care of your Furby Boom, Furby Boom becomes ready to takecareof something too. That's when you get your first FurbyFurblingsegg!Furby Boom can hatch 50-plus virtual Furblings eggs.Get eggsby taking care of your Furby Boom, getting them fromfriends with aFurby Boom, or even by finding them (see Furby.comfor all the waysto collect eggs). As you collect and hatchFurblings eggs, yourdigital Furby Boom city fills up with virtualFurblings. Can youhatch enough to fill your city and get the goldenegg? Play gamesin the app between you, your Furby and your virtualFurblings suchas Furball, the Furbish version of soccer! Betweentaking care ofyour Furby Boom and raising virtual Furblings, theFurbish fun goeson and on!MORE ABOUT THE FURBY BOOM PRODUCT:TheFurby population isexpanding big time with Furby Boom! Unlock thevirtual Furby worldwith the free Furby Boom app, where a newgeneration is hatching.Furby Boom can now hatch virtual FurbyFurblings on smart devices,learn its own name, and respond to youractions with more thantwice as many phrases as the previous Furby!Furby Boom combinesreal-world interactions with virtual playexperiences for a gamethat will keep you coming back for more asyou strive to hatch andraise enough Furblings to get the prizedgolden egg! Furby Boom cando everything Furby can, from changingpersonalities based on howyou treat your Furby, to dancing along tomusic, speaking Furbish,and basically just having an awesome timeconnecting andinteracting with you.
PLEASE NOTE - For optimal performance, make sure your device’s:•microphone is facing Furby • volume is turned all the way up•other apps are not running in backgroundApp currently supportedonthe following devices: Samsung Galaxy SIII, SII, Note,MotorolaRazr Maxx, and Galaxy Tab 2 10.1, Kindle Fire HD (except3rd gen)and Google Nexus 7.Have a new FURBY? If so, you can do evenmoreusing this FURBY app with your FURBY. Feed your FURBY anincrediblevariety of food or hear your FURBY’s Furbish translatedin realtime when it speaks. Don’t have FURBY yet? Use this FURBYapp tobrowse the FURBY Dictionary, and read or press to hearFurbishwords said aloud. FURBY APP FEATURES •PANTRY - Choose fromover 100different foods items for your FURBY to eat! Get to knowyour FURBYbetter by figuring out what foods items it likes anddislikes toeat. •DELI - Customize a special meal for your FURBYwith over 60different ingredients for making a sandwich.•TRANSLATOR - DidFURBY just say what I think it said? TranslateFURBY’s Furbish inreal time using the Translator. Hold your appdevice close toFURBY’s mouth when it speaks. When the speechbubbles appear,simply tap either the Furbish or English phrase tohear it saidaloud. •DICTIONARY** - Complete Furbish to Englishdictionary. Nowyou can practice Furbish even when FURBY is notaround. Thison-the-go dictionary comes complete with vocabularyillustrationsand audible Furbish to learn perfect pronunciation. **Hint: Usefulfor communicating secret notes to friends. (Note: Notall functionsof the app work with older devices.) Remember toupdate your appregularly as new functions will be addedperiodically. MORE ABOUTTHE FURBY PRODUCT Feed it, speak to it,tickle it, play music forit and shake, tilt or turn FURBY upsidedown - over time you shapeFURBY’S personality. Whether yours is amusic loving FURBY dancingto the latest beats or a mischievousFURBY looking for a laugh,each creature’s likes and dislikes aremolded by the way you play.From hip hop to pop, pizza or sushi, itresponds differentlydepending on your FURBY’s personality, even ifit’s a loud burpafter a big meal. With a wide range of unexpectedreactions, theinteractive FURBY has a “mind of its own” and willlet its ownerknow how it feels through a series of emoticonsdisplayed in itsexpressive LED eyes. When owners first bring FURBYhome it willspeak FURBISH, and the more FURBY interacts with itsowner, themore English it will start speaking. Each FURBY can alsorecognizeanother FURBY; place two side-by-side and they willinteract,including dancing to the same tune or having aconversation. Foradditional interactive FURBY fun, use this FURBYapp to virtuallyfeed FURBY, access a FURBISH-to-English dictionaryand use theFURBISH-to-English translator. FURBY is available atmost major toyretailers nationwide and on
• Your favorite interactive Wookiee – introducing FURBACCA!Playactivities, explore the galaxy, and hatch virtual FURBLINGSthemedas classic STAR WARS™ characters by using your FURBACCA withtheapp!Owners of the FURBACCA toy (sold separately) can performtheseheroic virtual activities with the app:• Feed FURBACCA over adozenSTAR WARS™ themed foods to find out what he likes… ordislikes!•Clean FURBACCA with his awesome Lightsaber-themed shower!Find outwhat happens when you give FURBACCA a Dark Side shower!•Call inFurbacca to unleash his epic Bowcaster skills in the DroidBlastingchallenge!NOTE: FURBACCA toys are sold separately.Previousgeneration FURBY products are not compatible with theFurbacca App.Continue to use the appropriate app for your FURBY orFURBY BOOMtoy.Supported Android Devices:• Samsung Galaxy S2, S3, S3Mini, S4,S4 Mini, S5, S6• Samsung Galaxy Note 2, 3, 8.0, 10.1•SamsungGalaxy Tab (Gen 1, 2, 3)• Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos• Toys RUsTabeo 8• Motorola Razr HD (Non-US models only)• Google Nexus4,Nexus 7NOTE: Device must be running Android OS 2.3.3 orlater.TheFURBACCA app is subject to the App Store terms andconditions.Check for details. Make sure your devicesupports thisapp before downloading. Other devices may becompatible but are notsupported. Updates affectcompatibility.ADVICE TO PARENTSTheFURBACCA app requires an Internetconnection (3G, 4G, LTE, or WiFi)for download, updates, and accessto certain information such asthe User Agreement. Kids, ask aparent first beforedownloading.Hasbro and all related logos aretrademarks of Hasbro,Inc. © 2015 Hasbro. All Rights Reserved
Love2Learn Elmo
PLEASE NOTE: This app is intended for use with the Love2LearnElmotoy. Product sold separately at Selectyourchild’s name* and interests in the Love2Learn Elmo app tocreate apersonalized play experience for your child.CUSTOMIZEUsetheLove2Learn Elmo app to customize the Elmo toy with yourchild’sname*, choose the desired subject and their play stage, andselectyour child’s favorites. Change the selections at any time tokeepplaytime fresh and exciting for your little one! PARENTHELPERSParents can select phrases and songs that the Elmo toy cansay inreal time. These parent helpers can offer support andencouragementin daily routines and at your child’s differentdevelopmentalstages. For example, the Elmo toy can play a 2-minutetoothbrushing song, talk about healthy foods, and reinforcegoodmanners.GAMES Your child can play along with the Elmo toy andapp!The Elmo toy’s interaction with the app adds to the fun asheresponds to what happens on screen in real time!LULLABY MODEYoucan put the Elmo toy in Lullaby Mode and he’ll sing a lullabyandsay goodnight to your child! The only other response from Elmointhis mode will be to play a soft instrumental lullaby when hisnoseis squeezed.SETTINGS If you are concerned about yourchild’sprivacy in public places, you can put Elmo in Privacy Modetoprevent him from saying your child’s name. You can also controltheElmo toy’s volume using the slider on the app’ssettingsscreen.*Over 10,000 names available. TheLove2Learn Elmo is a plush toy that deliversa personalized playexperience so kids can play along with Elmo justlike they do onSesame Street! Parents use the Love2Learn Elmo Appto customize theplay experience for their child (based on stage andsubject) anduse “Parent Helpers” to encourage and reward importantdailyroutines. With sensors in the nose, hands and belly, the Elmotoyresponds to a child’s touch and will play fun, interactivegames,songs and silly sounds! Don’t own a Love2Learn Elmo toy? Yourchildcan still play with three fun games in the Love2LearnElmoapp:Cooking with Cookie: Make, bake and decorate pretendcookieswith Cookie Monster.Spot the Animals: Search for hiddenanimals andother familiar characters. Can you find an Elephant oryour friendGrover?Flashcard Fun: Interactive flashcard game –explore numbers,ABCs, colors, and more!NOTE TO PARENTSTheLove2Learn Elmo app issubject to the app store’s terms andconditions. The Love2LearnElmo app requires an Internet connection(3G, 4G, LTE, or WiFi) fordownload and updates. Kids, ask a parentfirst beforedownloading.The Love2Learn Elmo app will ask forpermission toaccess your device’s camera.  The Love2Learn appgives usersthe ability to take pictures and save them to yourmobiledevice.  Pictures taken using this feature are notshared byHasbro with any unaffiliated third parties or users. Visityour device’s privacy settings to enable or disable thecamerafunction.Supported Devices:Samsung Galaxy S4, S5, S6SamsungGalaxyNote 3, 4, 5Google Nexus 7 (2013), 9Updatesaffectcompatibility.Review the mobile privacy policyat compatibility, availability andinstructions. Make sure yourdevice supports this app beforedownloading. Other devices may becompatible but are not supported.Updates affectcompatibility.Hasbro and all related logos aretrademarks ofHasbro, Inc. © 2016 Hasbro. All Rights Reserved. ©2016 SesameWorkshop. All rights reserved.
Littlest Pet Shop Your World
Bring your Littlest Pet Shop world to life digitally when youscanyour favorite toy pets to unlock virtual pets within theapp!Unlock rooms, activities, accessories, and hundreds of virtualpetsas you collect digital pets to play with in your LPSworld!PLEASENOTE**The LPS Your World game is free to download andplay, butsome game items can also be purchased for real money. Youmaycontrol in app purchases made within this app using thepasswordsettings explained in the Google Play help center.**You canplayactivities as your selected digital pet and level them up toearnvirtual coins or other cool rewards:- PAINT pictures in theArtGallery- MIX up some fruit smoothies on the Rooftop- DANCE tothebeat of the music at the Pawza Hotel party- BOUNCE the luggageintothe Pet Jet ready for take-off- JUMP into the floating toys atthePawza Pool- And many more activities!Now there’s more fun stuffyoucan do! You can spin the wheel to win a daily virtualprize,explore the Diamond Hills neighborhood, and complete goals toearnvirtual rewards. You can even get virtual rewards for scanningyourtoys or collecting digital pets!You can design your world, yourwaytoo - however you like!- STYLE your digital pets with coolhats,jewelry, and other accessories.- CREATE different looks forBlythewith cute outfits.- DECORATE your rooms with furniture andallkinds of fun things.USEFUL TIPSWhen you scan a Littlest PetShoptoy into the app:- Hold your device in one hand and the toy intheother- Make sure the camera is pointing straight at thepawprintsymbol- Keep the toy steady in the middle of the screen,about5-10cm (2-4 inches) away from the camera- Slowly move thetoyfurther away until the pawprint is in focus- Be patient!Blytheisalways available for advice in the app. If you get stuck, justtapher help button.SUPPORTED DEVICESThis app supports thesedevicesrunning OS 2.3.5 and above:1. Asus Transformer Pad TF2012.GoogleNexus 4, 5, 7, 103. HTC One4. Motorola Droid Razr5. SamsungGalaxyNexus6. Samsung Galaxy SII, SIII, S47. Samsung Galaxy Tab 210.18.Sony Xperia SOther devices may be compatible but arenotsupported.Updates may affect compatibility.ADVICE TOPARENTSThegame requires an internet connection (3G or WiFi) fordownload,updates and in-app purchases. Kids, ask a parent firstbeforedownloading or making in-app purchases.The LPS Your Worldgame isfree to download and play, but additional in-game items canbeunlocked via the following ways:- Over time by earningrewardsthrough play- By scanning in toys featuring the LPSpawprintsymbol- By purchasing virtual coins from the shop(optional)Virtualcoin purchases cost real money and are charged toyour Google Playaccount.LPS Your World app is subject to the GooglePlay Storeterms and conditions. Not compatible with prior LPS app,earlierLPS toy pets, or current LPS smaller pets. Forcompatibility, lookout for the toys with the LPS pawprint symbol onthem. Productavailability varies by region.Hasbro, Littlest PetShop and allrelated logos and character names and trademarks aretrademarks ofHasbro, Inc. © 2014 Hasbro. All Rights Reserved.
FurReal Friends GoGo
Care for your FurReal Friends Get Up & GoGo, My Walkin’Pupplush pet with this unique app, brimming with excitingactivitiesto keep her happy and healthy! You can create tasty mealsfor yourpet, give her a bubbly bath, customize her look, and throwtoys andtreats for her to fetch. She’ll respond to what you do inthe appby barking, sitting, wagging her tail, and much more! To seeall ofthe ways she reacts, connect your Walking Pup plush pet tothe app.You don’t have to own the Get Up & GoGo plush pet tohave lotsof fun playing – all in-game content can be accessedthrough play.Take your virtual Get Up & GoGo puppy for a walkaround FurRealFriends Park to meet all of her pet friends. Everyfriend she meetswill unlock a new activity for you to play. AppFeatures•Integrated Toy Communication: Wirelessly connect your GetUp &GoGo plush pet for a unique integrated experience.• FurRealFriendsPark: Discover lots of other pet friends and unlockawesomeactivities.• Scrub ‘n’ Style: Pamper you pet in Daisy’sspa.• Hide‘n’ Seek: Test your memory skills in Butterscotch’schallengingcard game.• Makeover: Monkey around with Cuddles andcustomize yourpet with lots of cute and stylish accessories.• Fetch‘n’ Surprise:Exercise your pet in Biscuit’s game of Fetch with aFurReal Friendstwist.• Yummy Meal Maker: Create a delicious mealfor your pet withPom Pom. • FurReal Friends Band: Make the FurRealFriends singalong to exclusive songs in Trixie’s pop group.UsefulTipsOnly the2014 Get Up & GoGo, My Walkin’ Pup plush pet willwirelesslyconnect to this app. To make sure your Get Up & GoGopetresponds correctly to the app:• Set your device volume tomaximumand allow the app access to your device microphone whenprompted. •Point your device’s microphone and speaker towards yourpet, nomore than 10cm (4 inches) away. Your device might look likeit'supside-down, but it'll work better this way.• Close any otherappsrunning in the background• Review the Troubleshooting sectionofthe Settings Menu in the app for additionaltipsSupportedDevicesThis app is supported by these Android devicesrunning OS2.3.3 or newer:1. Kindle Fire HD.2. Google Nexus 7 andNexus10.1.3. Motorola Razr HD.4. Samsung Galaxy Note II.5.SamsungGalaxy SII, Galaxy SIII and Galaxy SIV.6. Samsung GalaxyTab2.Makesure your device supports this app before downloading. GetUp &GoGo, My Walkin’ Pup plush pet (sold separately):Get Up& GoGowill respond to your voice with all sorts of fun soundsandmovement. She can tilt her head, wag her tail, sit and walk –justlike a real puppy. She can even talk with other FurRealFriendspets including Pom Pom, My Baby Panda. Available at mostmajor toyretailers nationwide and via This app doesnotrequire internet access to play. FURREAL FRIENDS and allrelatedcharacters are trademarks of Hasbro. © 2014 Hasbro. AllRightsReserved.
My Little Pony Celebration
It’s a different party everyday in Ponyville in the Hasbro MyLittlePony Friendship Celebration app! Check your mailbox forinvitationsand then join Princess Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash,Pinkie Pie,and other Ponies for virtual tea parties, games, andpictures!TEAPARTIES – Attend a virtual tea party with a variety oftastyPonyville foods like cake, éclairs, apples, and other treatsyou canserve to your Pony friends! Unlock more as you play!GAMES -Itwouldn’t be a party without virtual games and each Pony hasherfavorite! Bobbing for apples with Applejack! Finding bookswithPrincess Twilight Sparkle! Chasing away storm clouds withRainbowDash! Feeding bunnies with Fluttershy and more!PHOTO -Finish offthe party with a themed photo of your favorite Ponies torememberyour day!SCAN My Little Pony Cutie Mark Magic toys withaheart-shaped code (each sold separately) to host your ownthemedparty!The more parties you attend, the more virtual goodies,giftsand other neat things you unlock. Level up to discover allthePonyville surprises!USEFUL TIPSWhen you scan a My Little PonyCutieMark Magic toy with a heart-shaped symbol (sold separately)intothe My Little Pony Friendship Celebration app:- Lay yourdeviceflat on the table and hold the toy over it.- Make sure thecamerais pointing straight at the heart-shaped symbol.- Keep thetoysteady in the middle of the screen, about 5-10cm (2-4 inches)awayfrom the camera.- Slowly move the toy further away until theheartis in focus.Visit your device's privacy settings to enableordisable the camera function.SUPPORTED DEVICESThis appsupportsthese devices running Android 4.0, 4.2, 4.3 or 4.4. -Google Nexus4, 5, 7 (2012), 7 (2013), 10- HTC One- Samsung GalaxyTab 2 10.1p5100- Samsung Galaxy Nexus- Samsung Galaxy SII, SIII,S4, S5-Samsung Galaxy Note II- Samsung Galaxy Note 3- Sony for compatibility, availability,andinstructions. Make sure your device supports this appbeforedownloading. Other devices may be compatible but are notsupported.Updates affect compatibility.ADVICE TO PARENTSThe MyLittle PonyFriendship Celebration app requires an Internetconnection (3G, 4G,LTE, or WiFi) for download and updates. Kids,ask a parent firstbefore downloading.The My Little Pony FriendshipCelebration app isfree to download and play, but additional in-gameitems can beunlocked via the following ways:- Over time by earningrewardsthrough play; and/or- By scanning in My Little Pony CutieMarkMagic toys featuring the heart-shaped symbol (soldseparately).TheMy Little Pony Friendship Celebration app givesusers the abilityto take pictures and save them to an in-app photoalbum or to theuser’s mobile device. Pictures taken using thisfeature arestripped of personal information regardless of theuser’s mobiledevice settings and are not shared by Hasbro with anyunaffiliatedthird parties or other users. Visit your device'sprivacy settingsto enable or disable the camera function.The MyLittle PonyFriendship Celebration app also requires access to yourdevice’scamera to scan My Little Pony Cutie Mark Magic toys withaheart-shaped symbol (sold separately). The My LittlePonyFriendship Celebration app is subject to App Store termsandconditions. For compatibility, look for My Little Pony CutieMarkMagic toys with a heart-shaped symbol on them (soldseparately).Not compatible with earlier My Little Pony or My LittlePonyEquestria Girls toys or other current My Little Pony or MyLittlePony Equestria Girls toys. Product availability variesbyregion.Hasbro, My Little Pony, and all related logos andcharacternames and trademarks are trademarks of Hasbro, Inc. © 2015Hasbro.All Rights Reserved.
StarLily, My Magical Unicorn
Description Enter the FurEver Forest to start your journeyoffriendship with StarLily, the Magical Unicorn and transformtheordinary into the extraordinary with her magical powers. •Explorethe enchanted FurEver Forest to unlock its secret treasures•Carefor StarLily and become best friends forever• Grow andcustomizethe beautiful Wishing Tree• Learn to play magical music intheCrystal Caverns• Craft fantastic foods for StarLily inSugarberryOrchard• Create an explosion of color at Rainbow Falls•Collectdozens of secret trinkets• Decorate The Wishing Tree withall thecollectables you discover• Connect your StarLily plush petfor aunique integrated experience. By connecting your StarLilyplush petto the game, you can truly experience the wonders of hermagictogether. Watch as StarLily comes alive and reacts to what youdoin the app. What will she do if you feed her a sugarberry –herspecial sweet treat? How will she respond if you play herfavoritesong perfectly in the Crystal Caverns? What will youdiscover thatmakes her spread her wings and fly?App is notguaranteed to becompatible with any future operating systems ordevices -- for instructions and informationaboutavailability, compatibility, and supported devices andoperatingsystems. Ask a parent before going online. Not availablein alllanguages. Tips on app play for Android 6 or 7 users:Ifyou’rehaving trouble launching the app, follow these steps:1.Navigate toDevice Settings2. Select Apps or Applications3. SelecttheSTARLILY, MY MAGICAL UNICORN™* app (displays as FurRealFriends)4.Select Permissions5. Toggle on Microphone and Storage6.Re-launchapp and enjoy playing with StarLily! This app is supportedby thesedevices running OS 2.3.4 / 3 / 4 and 5 only:1. Google Nexus4, 5,6, and 72. HTC One M83. Lenovo IdeaPad4. LG Optimus G5.SamsungGalaxy Note II, III, 8.0”, and 10.1”6. Samsung Galaxy SII,SIII,SIV, SV, SIII Mini, and SIV Mini7. Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0”and10.1”, Tab 2 7.0” and 10.2”, and Tab 3 7.0”, 8.0”, and10.1”.8.Sony XPeria Ion and Z Ultra Not compatible with prior appsor otherFurReal Friends pets. Important AdviceOnly the 2015FurRealFriends StarLily, My Magical Unicorn™ plush pet willwirelesslyconnect to this app. To make sure your StarLily petrespondscorrectly to the app you should:• Ensure your device andoperatingsystem (OS) is supported by the app.• Set your devicevolume tomaximum and allow the app access to your device microphonewhenprompted.• Point your device’s microphone and speaker towardsyourpet, no more than 10cm (4 inches) away. Your device might looklikeit's upside-down, but it'll work better this way.• Close anyotherapps running in the background• Review the Troubleshootingsectionof the Settings Menu in the app for additional tips• ReviewtheTroubleshooting guide on the website for additional tipsStarLily,My Magical Unicorn™ plush pet (sold separately):StarLilyis yourvery best friend! She loves to hear what you say. When youtalk toher, she moves her head and hoof, makes sounds, and lightsup herhorn so you can tell she’s listening. Best of all, the moreyoulove her, the more she loves you back. She especially respondswhenyou pet, hug, and hold her! Available at most major toyretailersnationwide and via This app does notrequireinternet access to play. FURREAL FRIENDS and all relatedcharactersare trademarks of Hasbro. © 2015 Hasbro. All RightsReserved. **Appimages not final**
Transformers: RobotsInDisguise
The Insecticons are everywhere and we need your help to defeatthem!Take control of your favourite Transformers, collect energon,andunlock power modules to gear up and defeat the Insecticons.▶TAGTEAM GAMEPLAY:Bumblebee can’t take them all on by himself.Select ateammate to take into battle with you. When Bee gets tiredhisparner can take over and finish what he started. Discover lotsandlots of new Autobots and Decepticons characters to unlock alongtheway from ▶CUSTOMIZE your character with new weapons and boostsbycollecting Power Modules throughout the game.▶TRANFORM intoVehicleMode, rev your engines and smash into your enemies,knocking themout of action! COMING SOON During 2015 you’ll be ableto unlock yournew Transformers “Robots in Disguise” Toys in thegame by scanningthe new Transformers “Shield” icon. (See game formoreinstructions). All unlocks are available through play, nopurchasenecessary to enjoy the game.INFO FOR PARENTS Other thanfordownloading and updating the game, Transformers Robots inDisguisegame does not require an internet connection (3G or WiFi)and resteasy, it has NO in app purchases.Hasbro, Transformers andallrelated logos and character names and trademarks are trademarksofHasbro, Inc. © 2014 Hasbro. All Rights Reserved.
The DROPMIX app requires the DROPMIX Music Gaming System toplay(DROPMIX Music Gaming System sold separately and includestheelectronic DROPMIX board and 60 DROPMIX cards). Learn moreat: DROPMIX is a dynamicandfast-paced MUSIC-MIXING GAME from Hasbro & Harmonix(thecreators of Rock Band and Dance Central). Players blend HITSONGSfrom award-winning artists to create mind-blowing mixes.Gettogether and face-off WITH FRIENDS to master themix. Nomusic-making skills required. Ready to start the party? TheDROPMIXapp controls the DROPMIX Music Gaming System from yourcompatiblephone or tablet (see below for list of compatible devicesandoperating systems). You'll need the DROPMIX Music Gaming Systemtoplay (sold separately), which comes complete with theelectronicDROPMIX board and 60 DROPMIX cards to get your mix going.PlayDROPMIX cards on the DROPMIX board to quickly, awesomelyblendsongs. 3 ways to play with the DROPMIX app and Music GamingSystem:- Freestyle: No rules. Just create sweet mixes! - Clash:Face off1-on-1 or 2-on-2. Compete to control the mix! - Party: Playas ateam to rack up points and beat the high score. Music Cardsincludehits like:• Bruno Mars, 24k Magic• Carly Rae Jepsen, Call MeMaybe•The Chainsmokers, Closer (ft. Halsey)• Childish Gambino,Heartbeat•Ed Sheeran, Sing• Flo-Rida, I Don’t Like It, I Love It•Sam Hunt,House Party• Skrillix, Bangarang (ft. Sirah)• and manymany more!SUPPORTED DEVICES AND OPERATING SYSTEMS: The DROPMIX appsupportsthese devices running Android 5+:Samsung Galaxy S6+SamsungGalaxyNote 5+HTC One M9+LG G4 +Motorola Droid Turbo 2+Huawei GoogleNexus6P+Google Nexus 9+Check [] forcompatibility,availability, and instructions. Make sure your devicesupports thisapp before downloading. Other devices may becompatible but are notsupported. Updates affect compatibility.TheDROPMIX app requires anInternet connection (3G, 4G, LTE, or WiFi)to download the app, anddownload app updates.The DROPMIX app issubject to app store termsand conditions. ©2017 Harmonix MusicSystems, Inc. All RightsReserved. DROPMIX, Harmonix and all relatedtitles and logos aretrademarks of Harmonix Music Systems, Inc.©2017 Hasbro, Inc.Hasbro and all related logos are trademarks ofHasbro, Inc. AllRights Reserved.
Nerf Energy Rush
The NERF Energy Rush app works with the NERF Energy gamebandoffered by United Healthcare to selected participants only.Formore information on the program, please note that other NERF products are notcompatible with theNERF Energy Rush app.Together, United Healthcareand Hasbro bringyou the NERF Energy platform, which helps to makebeing activeengaging, fun and rewarding for kids. Wear your NERFEnergy gameband while being active and you can earn virtual EnergyCells andSparks to use in the NERF Energy Rush app. The more youmove, themore virtual rewards you can earn to use in the app!Wearthe NERFEnergy game band as you run around and play to earn virtualEnergyCells and Sparks. Next, sync your NERF Energy game band withtheNERF Energy Rush app on your device to unlock the virtualEnergyCells and Sparks for your use in the appandplay! ANDROIDSUPPORTED DEVICESThis app supports thesedevicesrunning Android 4.3+-Samsung Galaxy S4 / S5 / S6, -SamsungGalaxyTab 2 7”-Samsung Galaxy Note 3-Motorola Moto G.The NERFEnergy Rushapp is subject to the Google Play Store terms andconditions. CheckUHC.COM/NERFENERGY for compatibility,availability, andinstructions. Make sure your device supports thisapp beforedownloading. Other devices may be compatible but are notsupported.Updates may affect compatibility.ADVICE TO PARENTSTheNERF EnergyRush app requires an Internet connection (3G, 4G, LTE,or WiFi) fordownload, updates, and access to certain informationsuch as theUser Agreement. Kids, ask a parent first beforedownloading.Hasbroand all related logos are trademarks of Hasbro,Inc. © 2016 Hasbro.All Rights Reserved.
Smart R2-D2
COMMAND R2-D2 INTO INTERGALACTIC ACTION WITH EPIC MISSIONS FROMTHEHASBRO SMART R2-D2™ APP! Your Smart R2-D2™ toy can be underyourcontrol using the Smart R2-D2™ app from Hasbro! Use theHasbroSmart R2-D2™ app to interact with Star Wars characters,programyour droid, and complete missions to help save the galaxy!TEAM UPWITH YOUR SMART R2-D2™ TO COMPLETE INTERGALACTIC MISSIONSANDREVEAL THE CAPTURED DEATH STAR PLANS WITH THE HASBRO SMARTR2-D2™APP! • Launch the Hasbro Smart R2-D2™ app to control SmartR2-D2™.Use the app to make R2-D2 react and move, and to changelights andsound effects. • Open the Programming interface withinthe SmartR2-D2™ app to access programming blocks that will let youcreateprogramming sequences. Save those sequences within the app,and usethem to complete in-App missions. • Use the Preview featuretodigitally test your program sequence. • Use the Send to Toybuttonto send your program sequences to the Smart R2-D2™ toy andwatchthe droid complete the programmed directive.• Select Missionstocomplete programming challenges. In order to fullycompleteMissions, the app must be connected to the Smart R2-D2™toy. •Complete missions to unlock individual components of theDeath Starplans. • Successfully complete all the missions to unlockthecomplete plans for the Death Star and save the galaxy! THEHASBROSMART R2-D2™ APP FEATURES: • A remote control for your SmartR2-D2™toy• Make R2-D2 interact with your favorite Star Warscharactersincluding Rey, Finn, and more!• Practice problem-solvingby usingdrag-and-drop code blocks to complete exercises andmissions withyour R2-D2• Complete coding missions to unlock theDeath Star plansand save the galaxy• Programing interface thatallows you toprogram your R2-D2 to move, react, light up, playsound effects andother fun features.Smart R2-D2™ toy soldseparately. Interactionwith Smart R2-D2™ toy requires your device’sBluetooth to be turnedon. SUPPORTED DEVICESAndroid 4.3+ (minimumtarget )SAMSUNG GALAXYS4SAMSUNG GALAXY S5SAMSUNG GALAXY S6SAMSUNGGALAXY TAB 3 (310.1)SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 3,4,5,6GOOGLE NEXUS 7(2013)MOTOROLA MOTOGCheck forcompatibility, availability, andinstructions. Make sure your devicesupports this app beforedownloading. Other devices may becompatible but are not supported.Updates affectcompatibility.ADVICE TO PARENTSThe Hasbro SmartR2-D2™ R.C. apprequires an Internet connection (3G, 4G, LTE, orWiFi) to downloadthe app, complete missions, and download appupdates.The HasbroSmart R2-D2™ R.C. app is free to download andplay, but additionalin-game items can be unlocked via thefollowing ways:- By scanningeffects codes contained in speciallymarked Hasbro Star Wars toys;or - Over time by earning rewardsthrough play.Hasbro and allrelated logos are trademarks of Hasbro,Inc. © 2016 Hasbro. AllRights Reserved.© & ™ LucasfilmLtd.Google Play and Android aretrademarks of Google Inc.
Equestria Girls
Experience the world of Equestria Girls in the official MyLittlePony Equestria Girls App. Scan My Little Pony EquestriaGirlsdolls, vehicles and playsets with the horseshoe symbol(soldseparately) to unlock clothing, accessories, or daily rewardsthatyou can use to customize your avatar. Scanning a My LittlePonyEquestria Girls doll, vehicle or playset toy (each soldseparately)will also unlock a digital character that follows youravatar onfriendship quests. Explore the halls of Canterlot Highwhilecompleting friendship quests and get rewards for helping outyourfavorite Equestria Girls friends! SCAN Equestria Girldolls,vehicles and playsets with a horseshoe symbol (each soldseparatelyto unlock clothing, accessories, or daily rewards thatyou can useto customize your avatar. Scanning a My Little PonyEquestria Girlstoy (sold separately) will also unlock a digitalcharacter thatfollows your avatar on friendship quests.CUSTOMIZEyour avatar’shair, clothing and accessoriesEXPLORE Canterlot High,unlock rooms,and play mini gamesPOSE your avatar for photos inthephotoboothPLEASE NOTE**The My Little Pony Equestria Girls appisfree to download and play. Additional in-game content canbeunlocked over time by earning rewards through play, by scanningintoys featuring the EG horseshoe symbol, or by purchasingvirtualgems from the shop using real money. You may controlin-apppurchases using the password settings explained in the Applehelpcenter.** You may also lock or disable in-app purchasesbyadjusting your device’s settings.USEFUL TIPSWhen you scan aMyLittle Pony Equestria Girls doll, vehicle or playset withthehorseshoe symbol (sold separately) into the app:- Hold yourdevicein one hand and the doll, vehicle or playset in the other;-Makesure the camera is pointing straight at the EG horseshoesymbol;-Keep the doll steady in the middle of the screen, about 2-4inches(5-10cm) away from the camera;- Slowly move the doll furtherawayuntil the EG horseshoe symbol is in focus;- Be patient thefirsttime - it gets easier with every scan!SUPPORTED DEVICESThisappsupports these devices running Android 4.0, 4.2, 4.3 or 4.4.-Google Nexus 4, 5, 7 (2012), 7 (2013), 10- HTC One- SamsungGalaxyTab 2 10.1 p5100- Samsung Galaxy Nexus- Samsung Galaxy SII,SIII,S4, S5- Samsung Galaxy Note II- Samsung Galaxy Note 3- SonyXperiaZCheck for compatibility, availability,andinstructions. Make sure your device supports this appbeforedownloading. Other devices may be compatible but are notsupported.Updates may affect compatibility.ADVICE TO PARENTSThe MyLittlePony Equestria Girls app requires an Internet connection (3G,4G,LTE, or WiFi) for download, updates and in-app purchases. Kids,aska parent first before downloading or making in-app purchases.TheMyLittle Pony Equestria Girls app is free to download and play,butadditional in-game items can be unlocked via the followingways:-Over time by earning rewards through play- By scanning intoysfeaturing the Equestria Girls horseshoe symbol- Bypurchasingvirtual gems from the shop (optional)Virtual gempurchases costreal money and are charged to your iTunes account.You may controlin-app purchases using the password settingsexplained in the Applehelp center.** You may also lock or disablein-app purchases byadjusting your device’s settings.The My LittlePony Equestria Girlsapp is subject to App Store terms andconditions. Forcompatibility, look for toys with the EquestriaGirls horseshoesymbol necklace on them. Not compatible with earlierMy Little Ponyor My Little Pony Equestria Girls toys or othercurrent My LittlePony or My Little Pony Equestria Girls toys.Product availabilityvaries by region.Hasbro, My Little Pony,Equestria Girls and allrelated logos and character names andtrademarks are trademarks ofHasbro, Inc. © 2015 Hasbro. All RightsReserved.
Welcome to Egg the game: a game of Eggs.Everything in the worldisEggs. All our history, all our future civilizations, they areallEggs. It has always been Eggs, it will always be Eggs.Just likeinreal life, Eggs grow differently based on how you take careofthem. What will you do? What will you hatch? The world isyourEgg.yesEverything is Eggs.Except the wizardsthey are pigs.Andthecreatures too,but that’s no surprise.You’re quite thecreatureyourself. Egg!- Raise Eggs alone or with a friend.- ShapeyourEgg’s personality.- Hatch over 70 majestic creatures!- Playavariety of mini-games!- Visit friends and make new ones intheEggverse!~Brought to you with love from the makers of EggBaby~Findus on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter@eggverse#eggthegameDownloading this application is in accordanceandacceptance of the Nix Hydra Games, Inc. End User LicenseAgreementand Terms of Service:
FurReal Maker: Proto Max
Now you can create and code your ultimate pup! Get the most outofthe furReal Makers Proto Max robotic pet by downloadingthecompanion app. Using the app along with Proto Max allows youtohave a fun coding experience! Programming: With the app, youcanCustomize your pup’s responses to more than 10 differentactivationpoints. How will it react when you pet its nose? Maybeit’s happy,maybe he sneezes! When you turn it upside down, does itbark, turnblue, or roll its eyes? (Maybe it does all three!) Willyour puphave the personality of a small, medium, or big dog?Coding:Drag-and-drop play in the app makes it fun to code actionsandroutines using sound, color, eye animations, and motion! Youcould,for example, code a routine in which your pup turns in acircle,barks, and then shows sleepy eyes. Or you might code it todo allthose things at once – the only limit is your imagination!AppTutorials walk you through the basics, while app challengeshelpbuild your skills.Remote control: After you’ve coded somecoolroutines using the app, you can direct your pup to perform theminreal time. Use shortcuts to activate the routines, andchooseemoticons to select his quick reactions. The readout alsotells youif the pup’s sensors are activated. Imagine this: you codeyour pupto walk toward your sister. When she pets the pup, thereadouttells you -- then you make it respond with a great big BURP!LOL!Games: The app isn't just for customizing and coding yourultimatepup -- you can also to play a variety of interactive minigames!Feed your pet, play catch and memorization games, and evendecoratea virtual doghouse. (Note: Pup may not agree with all yourdesignchoices). Achievements: The more you code and play within theapp,the more you can unlock achievements, earn virtual badges,andreveal more awesome content (including sounds, motions, andeyeanimations) to further customize your pet. Tips:• Make sureyourpup’s powered on! Replace batteries if there’s no power.•Followapp instructions for connecting pup to your device.• CheckthatBluetooth® is enabled on your mobile device.• Make sure pupiswithin 10 feet of device and not connected to another device. Ifitis, disconnect. NOTE: The furReal Makers app specificallydesignedfor use with Hasbro’s furReal Makers Proto Max robotic pet.ThefurReal Makers Proto Max robotic pet is for children 6+.SUPPORTEDDEVICES AND OPERATING SYSTEMS:[Compatibility]• The furRealMakersapp supports these devices running Android [ 5+]:• SamsungGalaxyS6+• Samsung Galaxy Note 5+• HTC One M9+• LG G4 +• MotorolaDroidTurbo 2+• Huawei Google Nexus 6P+• Google Nexus 9+
Hatchimals CollEGGtibles
In the official Hatchimals CollEGGtibles app, you can hatchnewfriends from all over Hatchtopia! Once they’ve hatched, careforthem to keep them happy, play mini-games with them, and buildyourcollection! Explore different areas of Hatchtopia withyourHatchimal like flying up to Cloud Cove, or plantingbeautifulflowers in Glittering Garden. You can even keep track ofyour realcollection with the Collector’s Book. Hatch aWholeWorld™!FEATURES- Hatch your favorite Hatchimals CollEGGtiblesfromSeasons 1 and 2!- Over 170 characters to collect!- Playmini-gamesto earn and hatch new Hatchimals! - Care for yourHatchimals byfeeding them, washing them, and petting them!- Keeptrack of all ofyour Hatchimals with the Collector’s List!- Learnabout theirpersonalities!- More to come!SUPPORTED DEVICESThis appsupportsdevices running Android 5.0 and above. Updates mayaffectcompatibility.ADVICE TO PARENTSThis is a FREE to Play Game.NOAdditional in game purchases are required.
Transformers: Battle Masters
TRANSFORMERS ® Battle Masters TM Rule the ring with yourfavoriteTRANSFORMERS characters!The TRANSFORMERS Battle Mastersgame allowsplayers the chance to battle in the ring with theirfavoriteTRANSFORMERS characters. Choose your TRANSFORMERS bot,select yourmatch and then get in the ring! Start playing with twocharacters -Bumblebee “The King of Sting” and Starscream “TheEmperor ofEnergon” then defeat your opponent, level up and battleto winchampionship belts and unlock up to 6 additionalcharacters!Download the TRANSFORMERS Battle Masters action battlinggame now!•Choose your side: Autobot or Decepticon! Up to 8Transformers botsto choose from like Optimus Prime “The DieselDestroyer” andMegatron ”The Calamity of Humanity”.• Head to headTRANSFORMERS botbattling action!• Swipe the screen to knock youropponent out withmassive punches! • Land several successful punchesto energize yourTRANSFORMERS bot and throw a SUPER PUNCH!
Transformers: The Last Knight
Dear TF Generations Fans: This app is intended for adultaudiencesonly. For our other TF fans, you can check out our to the officialTransformers:The Last Knight App!Get the latest on Transformers:news, toyreleases, movie information, Transformers lore, characterbios andmore!The Transformers: The Last Knight App is your sourceofinformation about everything Transformers, including theupcomingmovie, Transformers: The Last Knight.Vote in the polls,play thetrivia game and read through the Transformers lore. Entertheexperience to unlock art that can be used to customizeyourdevice.Complete all the objectives to help the communityprogresstoward the goal in order to unlock more content!• LearnaboutTransformers history in the Lore section• You can now log inwithyour Facebook account• Share content from the App on FacebookandTwitter• Play the 3 new activities:• Blast the invader inVirusAttack• Find the hidden glyphs in Glyph Search• Find and scanallthe hidden items in Cybertron SearchRated 13+AndroidRequirements:App must run on Android 4.3 or above• SAMSUNG GALAXYS4• SAMSUNGGALAXY S5• SAMSUNG GALAXY S6• SAMSUNG GALAXY S7• SAMSUNGGALAXY TAB3• SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 3• SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 4• SONYXPERIA Z1•HTC ONE• NEXUS 4• NEXUS 5• NEXUS 5X• NEXUS 6P• NEXUS 7(2013)•NEXUS 10• Pixel C
Call, text, and play with your CHATSTERS doll with theChatstersapp! You can do makeovers, watch hilarious videos, andhave a danceparty with your CHATSTERS. Send her a message, andshe’ll text youright back – just like a real BFF! CHATSTERS APPFEATURES •Call& Text – you can call and text Gabby or Abby, andshe’ll calland text you back. Sometimes she’ll leave you a voicemail if youaren’t allowed to pick up the phone! •Makeover – pop onover to thesalon to give your Chatsters a makeover. Try on somedifferent hairstyles, fun nail polish colors, and get glam at themakeup station.You can even groom her pet puppy, Sprinkles! •Photobooth – Takepictures of you & your Chatsters, your friends, oreven yourfamily, and decorate with adorable stickers. Oncefinished, you candownload and save onto your album! •Music – Danceparty! You canplay some of Gabby’s favorite songs (or any music onyour device)and have a dance-off with Chatsters! •Movie Theater –Watch funnylittle animation clips with your Chatsters – theyespecially lovevideos of hilariously cute animals For more info onthe app or thetoy, please visit
Little Live Pets
Welcome to the Little Live Pets Pet Shop!Adoptyour own virtual pet – feed, clean, play and accessorize yourpetmouse, turtle, bird, puppy and more. Adopt them from the petshopand care for them - just like a real pet! Play mini-games tolevelup, earn coins and unlock surprises!Features:- Choose the virtual pets that you would like to adopt in thepetshop: all new Splashberry the Frog, Chatter the Mouse, DigitheGaming Turtle, Poppin’ Polly the Bird, Purrcilla the Kitten,SweetBeat the Puppy and Luvey Duck.- Keep your pet happy by feeding, cleaning and playingwiththem.- Play mini-games to level up and earn coins: Puppy Dash,MouseHurdles, Puppy Jumble, Tweet Along, Turtle Turbo, Cheese QuestandCleverkeet Augmented Reality.- Create your own Sweet Talking Kitten sound recordings withtheSweet Repeat game.- Use your coins to buy food, toys, accessories, habitatsandcleaning materials from the Store.- Unlock new items as you play along and progress throughthelevels.Have fun with these caring activities:- Feed your pet – let your pet enjoy a sumptuous feast ofdeliciousapples, pears, carrots, bananas and even artichokes!- Clean your pet – grab the soap, sponge, brush, towel andshowerhead to wash your pet.- Play and have fun – throw a ball and play with your pet to keepithappy.- Dress up! Keep your pet cool with cute hats, ties, collarsandmany other accessories.- Interact with your pet - tap your pet anywhere and you will seeitmove, feel, react and sound like a real pet!Play the fun mini-games and earn cool rewards for you andyourpet! Guide Snuggles the puppy over the jumps and cones in theagilitycourse and run as fast as you can to win loads ofpoints.Hop along to the new Frog Hop game! Race Splashberry againstherfrog friends – jump over the logs and catch the flies to getspeedypower-ups, and don’t get stuck in the mud!- Race with other mice, jump over hurdles and catch thecheesepower-ups to emerge as the champion of the MouseHurdlesmini-game.- Tweet in the same tune as our Tweet Talking Bird in theTweetAlong mini-game.- Help the Sweet Talking Puppy find the delicious disheshe’sdreaming about in Puppy Jumble.- Dive and dodge the obstacles and reach the finish linebeforetimer stops in the Turtle Turbo mini-game.- Roll the Lil’ Mouse through the maze of pipes. Navigatebridges,spinning wheels and other obstacles to reach the cheese andgiveyour pet a tasty treat in the Cheese Quest mini-game!- Experience the fun as Cleverkeet comes to life in theCleverkeetAugmented Reality Game! Feed him and see him fly. Sing,dance andplay with him. Dress him up with cute and coolaccessories.Have fun taking care of your Little Live Pets!Privacy Policy:
Littlest Pet Shop
Get immersed in the LITTLEST PET SHOP world and collectyourfavorite pets!Help BLYTHE and her friends Minka, Penny,Pepper,Russell, Sunil, Vinnie and Zoe to adopt, take care of andentertaincute little pets! * 150 pets to collect! Dogs, cats, bearsandmore!* Wash them, feed them and play with them in funmini-games. *Build houses and play areas to welcome and entertaineven morepets._____________________________________________Thisgamecontains advertising for Gameloft’s products or some thirdpartieswhich will redirect you to a third-party site. You candisable yourdevice’s ad identifier being used for interest-basedadvertising inthe settings menu of your device. This option can befound in theSettings app > Accounts (Personal) > Google >Ads(Settings and Privacy) > Opt out of interest-basedads.Certainaspects of this game will require the player to connectto theInternet.___________________________________Visit ourofficial siteat http://www.gameloft.comFollow us on Twitterat or like us on Facebookat to get more info about allourupcoming titles.Privacy Policy: of Use: User License Agreement:
Hamster Life
you can raise your hamster easily and happily.「Hamster Life」isafree game app which can play with hamster and through withhealinglife.You can give food to it, touch its cute face. Ifhamster isfull of foods it even take food home, there ara many ofcutebehavior you can see.Not only touch or give food to it,even ifputthe hamster to the wheels. Thera are hundreds of way to takecareyour hamster.Let's take care it everyday and found many kindsoflook about it.*Now Start the game by dragging the hamster tothewheel!*You can save coins if you let hamster to playthefacilities.■How to play・How to raise the hamster*The way totakecare hamster・You could give food to it or touch it cuteface.・Pressthe hamster longly and you could move the hamster.Youalso canchange your furniture or decoration.・Double click screen,hamsterwill come to you!*How to save the coins・If you touch hamsterorgive it food many times,EXP could be accumulated.・If Hamstersarefull of food,they will take foods back to house!・If Hamstercomenear to water feeder,will start to drink water cutely!・Use cointoadd the mount of hamster, also can accumulate EXPeasily.・Therastill have other way to save coins, let's find itout!*The way toget cheesesJust take care you hamster,there willgive coins whenyou level up.And take the hamster to walk around,there also willgive you coin when you level up.*How to add newhamsterPlease clickthe hamster which on the top of screen.Then youcan exchage or addnew hamster.If you want to promote the stagelevel, you also canexchange by cheese.*How to change the decorationof house・You cansave coins and exchange furniture by coins inshop.・After youbought new furniture or decoration, you can decorateitdirectly.*About take a walkIt is very easy to play, justarraythree blocks with the same color vertically orHorizonally.Then youcould get coin or cheese or hamsters.*AbouteventAccording to yourlevel, official side prepares many kinds ofevent.Let's get thegorgeous reward and take card ourhamster!!*About start pageAfteryou finish tutorial, you can choosehome or walk mode.You can passyou life with hamster and free todecorate the house . *If youcannot open the app, please restartyour device and closeapplication first.*When you send mail to us,please let us knowwhich device you are using and your mail address.
AlSpider is one of its kind Arabic game created by BaskaletGamestudio.Challenge your friends and all others around the globein acasual game full of fun and challenges.Hanafi gets bitten byaspider and turns into a super hero who can shoot sticky spiderweband swing from one building to another throughout thecity.Wechoose for AlSpider to take place in Cairo. The city’soutstandingskyline and deep-rooted culture enrich the game’saesthetics andgameplay. For the first time in Arabic games historywe use funkyEgyptian folk music especially for our Arab audience torelateto.This game is created by Arab talents located in Gaza–Palestine.Our goal is to provide Arab players with fungamesinspired by Middle Eastern culture. Special thanks to youfromBaskalet for your support.More games to come, stay tuned.
My Virtual Pet Shop - Cute Animal Care Game
Welcome to your new Pet Shop! Build your own pet store and takecareof cute animals as clients check in to your place. Play with,carefor, feed, wash, groom and dress up little cats and dogs tomaximizehappiness and grow your business! My Virtual Pet Shop isamazingfun, play now!Take good care of the pets to advance levelsand earncoins by the end of day. Unlock new items and use coins toimproveyour shop and customize all the items of your pet store togive itthe look of your dreams!MINI GAMESExciting mini games willadd evenmore fun to your days in the pet shop!• Wash the Pet -Grab thesponge and some shampoo to clean the dirty pets• Dress Up!- Put oncute items to give pets a special look• Tap the Fleas -Pick off allthese tiny nasty bugs from the petsHIGHLIGHTS• Fourdifferentactivities: pet grooming, pet doctor, pet bath, petdressing• Simplegameplay for pet lovers of all ages• Upgradeableitems: improve yourshop to grow your business• Cute kittens andpuppies of all breeds•Fast-paced fun with challenging mini games•Beautiful illustrationsand animationsIf you love animals, you’lllove My Virtual Pet Shop.Download now and start having fun withcute little pets -- and Dogetoo!Please note! This game is free toplay, but it contains itemsthat can be purchased for real money.Some features and extrasmentioned in the description may also haveto be purchased for realmoney.
Shopkins: Chef Club
What's Cooking in the Chef Club?There are over 100 new Shopkinstocollect! Miss Sprinkles, Buncho Bananas, Nina Noodles, FleurFlour,Berry Tubs, Bessie Bowl and more have all joinedBubbleisha,Jessicake, Donatina and Peppa-Mint in the ChefClub!Trace, connectand pop the Chef Club Shopkins to earn highscores and rewards!Bring your favourite Shopkins with you for helpin the kitchen!TheShoppies are having fun in the kitchen too! Howmany challenges canyou complete?Scan your Chef Club Shopkin toysinto the recipe listand earn rewards in the game!- 119 New Shopkinsto collect -Collect and complete 21 recipes - Take your Shopkinswith you ashelpers when you play- Each Shopkin has a unique way ofhelpingyou! Find out what fits your play style- Scan in yourreal-worldShopkins and earn rewards as you play- Completechallenges anddaily tasks- Collect and discover the game exclusiveShopkins!StayConnected! Visit our official siteathttp://www.shopkinsworld.comFollow us onTwitter,Facebook andInstagram Check out theShopkinswebisodes and videos onYoutube us formoreinformation at: Terms ofUse Club toys with the game is only supported bysome devices. Thisapp supports most devices running KitKat 4.4.1and above. Updatesmay affect compatibility.Shopkins: Chef Club iscompletely free toplay, but some optional in-game items willrequire payment with realmoney. You can turn off this feature bydisabling in-app purchasesin your device’s settings. By playingthe game you agree to theterms of service which can be foundat Shopkins: Chef Clubissubject to the Play Store terms and conditions.2013 Moose.Shopkinslogos, names and characters are licensed trademarks ofMooseEnterprise. Pty Ltd. All rights reserved.
Shopkins World!
Explore Shopville and play mini games with all of yourfavoriteShopkins including Apple Blossom, Lippy Lips, CheekyChocolate andKooky Cookie! Stock up on candy at the Candy Shop, getcreative inthe Stationery shop, sort rainbow cakes in the Cakeshop, helpDonatina at her Donut Cart and more! FEATURES- Collectand playwith all your favorite Shopkins from Seasons 1 to 8 and addthem toyour My Shopkins Collection - Explore the Shopville streetandinteract with your favorite Shopkins - Play games, earn coinsandunlock Shopkins!- 15 fun-filled shops to play in! - MeettheShoppies!Stay Connected! Visit our official siteathttp://www.shopkinsworld.comFollow us onTwitter,Facebook andInstagram Check out theShopkinswebisodes and videos onYoutube us formoreinformation at: Terms ofUse SUPPORTEDDEVICESThisapp supports devices running Android 4.1 andabove.Updates mayaffect compatibility.ADVICE TO PARENTSThe gamerequires an Internetconnection (3G or WiFi) for Shoppies VIP Codeusage as well as todownload and update. Kids, ask a parent firstbefore downloading.Shopkins World is free to download and play, andadditional in-gameitems can be unlocked via earning rewards throughplay.ShopkinsWorld is free to play and contains third partyadvertising. Byplaying the game you agree to the terms of servicewhich can befound at orviewed atany time in the settings screen of the game.While the gamegivesthe player the option of entering a username, this name isnevershared with Moose or other players. Pleasevisit formoredetails.Shopkins World app is subject to the Play Store termsandconditions. 2013 Moose. Shopkins logos, names and charactersarelicensed trademarks of Moose Enterprise.Pty Ltd. Allrightsreserved.
FOV2GO Tales From The Minus La
Explore "Tales From The Minus Lab" with your Hasbro My3D orFOV2GOviewer! Simply load the app onto your iPhone or iPod touchandinsert it into your 3D viewer. Hold the viewer up to your eyesand"look" around The Minus Lab. You will fly forward inwhicheverdirection you're looking in. For more information goto
PetWorld: My animal shelter
“PetWorld 3D: My Animal Rescue” is yourtinypet simulation App with cute goats, sheep, squirrels,reptiles,birds, hamsters, guinea pigs, playful cats, sweet bunnies,a littlepony, fascinating reptiles or cuddly dogs. Welcome to the3D worldof the Animal Rescue Sunflower! All the virtual pets wantto becared for with love and adopted by the right owners.Features★ Take care of animal babies★ Find new homes for all the cute cats, dogs, bunnies and othertinypets★ Animal Game App with fantastic 3D graphics★ Playful learning about animals★ Lots of animals and other surprisesTake care of your little friendsThe animals you have rescued didn’t always have it as easy,butluckily they have at least found their way to you. After aninitialexamination to determine current health conditions and toestablishany necessary treatment, life in the animal rescue canbegin.Animal Rescue Sunflower isn’t an animal zoo. You have to takecareof your little friend with food and water and make sure thattheyalways have fresh litter. When they have everything theyneed,pretty soon they'll feel fit as a fiddle again!Find new homes for cute cats, dogs, bunnies and othertinypetsOf course the animals are in the best possible hands with you,butthey do eventually need a real home. As soon as the head oftheanimal rescue, a grumpy professor, puts you in charge of theanimaladoption process, it's your job to find the most suitablenewanimal owner like the cute little cat, the small hamster orthesweet bunnie. When you pay attention to the animal's needs andtheowner's preferences, nothing can stand in the way oftheirhappiness.Animal game app with fantastic 3D graphics"PetWorld 3D: My Animal Rescue" is not only a lot of fun, it'salsovisually pleasing. Move through the impressive 3D world oftheanimal rescue while scooping water out of the well or gettingtheright food. When you visit the animals you can also see thematclose range and you can observe how the hamsters cleanthemselves,how the bunnies hop around, how the little horse or thecat iswaiting for you.Playful learning about animalsKids love animals and they are interested in the nature aroundthem."PetWorld 3D: My Animal Rescue" is more than an animal zoo.It’s asimulation game where children and adults regardless of agelearn ina playful way how to take care of animals.Lots of animals and surprisesYou have the opportunity to take care of lots of animals suchashamsters, guinea pigs and bunnies. In addition, you canpurchasein-apps, which will open new playing options by includingcats,dogs, reptiles or a little pony. And of course new surprisesarewaiting for you based on how well you care for the animals andhowoften animals are successfully adopted.So: Go to the Animal Rescue Sunflower, your new friends arewaitingfor you!SupportIf you have questions or problems related to the app orin-apppurchases, please contact us via our
🐎 Horse Care - Mane Braiding
Update! New hairstyle, you can buy the diamond braid in theshop!Also new decorations and background, for easter andSt.Patricksday!In this game you can braid the mane of your horse ofindifferent in hairstylesHorse Care - Mane BraidingDone withthenormal braided hair spa salon? This is a special sequel! Ahorsebraided hair spa salon! How great is that? Now you can givethepony a special braided hairstyle and be a hairdresser forhorses!For now you can braid the mane of the horse and later we candobraiding of the pony tail. Brush the horse mane and followthetutorial to make the most beautiful hairdos for ponies youhavelearned on horse camp. The most horse riders love also to dothehair of your pony and make good hairdos. Be an amazon but firstyougo braiding the manes in different braids and hairstyles. Fornowyou only can make normal braids with button braids or you alsocancall it knob braids. Later we will add: french braid,continentalbraid and scalloped mane. There are so many differentbraids andhairstyles for horses, you want to learn it all! Here youcan learnthe hairdos and later you can make those braids by yourown horseor pony. It’s a sort of beauty salon but then in thestable foryour pony. Features of Horse Care - Mane Braiding:❤ Learndifferentand beautiful braid hair cuts❤ Become a hairdresser forponies❤ Ahair salon game for ponies in the stable!❤ We will updatethe gamewith more different braid hairstyles❤ Take care of your ownhorses,brush and bread the hair❤ Give your horse your own name!❤Buy newhorses with different colors!❤ Easy to play for allkidsEveryequestrian needs to know how to brush, braid and make abun orknotted up the mane of your horse. You can learn it at yourridingschool, horse camp or in this game! Horse Care - ManeBraiding is agame from Top Girl games and one of the virtual horsebraidinggames of 2016. We publish many different easy to play girlgamesapps. We hope you will enjoy our Horse Care - Mane Braidinggameand we hope you give us the love by liking our Facebook pageorfollow us on twitter or Instagram. So we can keep you up to dateonour horses, hairdresser, pony and unicorns games.★ Facebook-★ Twitter-★ Instagram- Be aware of thepossibilityof children activating in-app-purchases by accident. Youcanprevent accidental purchases by activating the parentalcontrolsand purchase authentication in your Google Play account.VascoGames is not responsible for any purchase made in the games.
CatHotel - Hotel for cute cats
Manage your very own cattery: Mrs. Miller has to go on anurgentbusiness trip and the Smith family are looking foraccommodationfor their house cat while they're on vacation.Yourcattery is thepurrfect place for them! Care for the kitties, feedthem and playwith them until their owners come to pick them upagain.Thefeatures at a glance★ Manage your own cat hotel★ Developyourcattery from a small hotel into a 5-star luxury accommodationforthe little sweeties★ From the trusting Maine Coon to thegracefulBurma – care for and feed six different breeds of cats★Decorateand design your cat hotel with individual objects★ Playwith yourcats using the cat teaser toy, motivate them with thelaser pointergame or groom their fur with different brushes★ Watchhow the catsplay together, chase each other and sleep peacefully intheirbasketsTake on exciting challenges every day!Every cat isdifferent– the cuddly British Shorthair tomcat loves being petted,whileMaggy, the curious ragdoll, finds the laser pointer game greatfun.You can take care of six different cat breeds in total.Find outthelikes of each individual cat and take loving care of yourfelinefriends.Check the health of the cats at check-in. Then yourkittyguests need to be cared for, petted and fed. And that's whenyourday really starts!It's never boring in the playroom Therearevarious items waiting for you in the playroom: you can usethelaser pointer to chase the cats around the playroom – breakingavase or two along the way!You need a good memory and nervesofsteel for the cat memory game, because if you don't memorizeallthe items correctly, a glass might get knocked over!And do youknowthe cat teaser? Your hotel guests will love it and it'll keepthemfit too.Long-lasting fun thanks to increasing difficultyIf youtakeloving care of the cats, your cattery will soon become toosmall.Expand the rooms with cat trees, baskets and more littertrays soyou can take in more guests.But your furry friends will getmoreand more demanding. They'll need more attention andtheirindividual needs will increase. But the more successful youare,the more stars your hotel will get and the more decorationswill beavailable. And then you’ll be able to care for moredifferentcats.So quickly, download CatHotel and open your very owncattery!Support If you have questions or problems related to theapp orin-app purchases, please feel free to contact us via ourfacebookpage
Crazy AA
*** Crazy AA:"Crazy AA" is funny mobile action game. Thisgamescreen is simple, a rotation ball in the center, some radiantballs(like needles) surrounding it, players need to launch radiantballto the rotation ball one by one, but must not touch others.Thegame screen is simple, beige background, the central place withaconstantly rotating sphere, like a mysterious planet intheuniverse, stood waiting for launch several balls below.Game playisvery simple, when the ball kept turning when everyone simplybyclicking on the screen, so that the bottom of the screen withanumber of small balls stick to the big ball, all ballsstraightwith numbers are glued to finish. Seemingly simpleoperation andplay, but want the ball is not hit with a number nextto the ball,the game will end.As the game going, the needles willbe more andmore, the rotation ball may be quickly or slowly, thisgame becomeharder.And it has lots of levels. From the music pointof view, itsounds comfortable and pleased, as the most funny mobilegame forandroid, you will be relaxed, you should not miss it.***Crazy AAgame Features:- 1200 levels.- Touch to play- Do not let theballscollide- Friends around the world athletics- Can you challengetohow many levels?Such a fun game, but so what? Fast inviteyourloved one and friends to inject it!Thank you all for downloadCrazyAA. Please don't forget to let us know what you think aboutthegame.
Girls: World Exploration
Building & crafting and Exploration for teenage girls!Craftinggame for teenage girls and boys. Girls craft! Explorationof thesandbox blocky world! City builder game! Sim house designcraft !Create your own girls world! Design your dream house, girlsroom orbaby room. Build a castle (as you’re a princess!) Craftuniqueitems, chat with handsome boys and date them! (datecraft).Exploration and crafting game for teenage girls! Ride theunicornand hug the pony (pony craft). Creative game for creativepeople!Start the adventure! Pocket edtion of the best craftinggame! Buildusing blocks, have pets (cat, dog, unicorn and pony!),create,explore and be a top girl! Exellent game for teens andadults! Youcan change clothes (dress up game) - pick the bestdresses youwant! Go shopping to the mall! Take friends with you!Shopping andcrafting in a blocky world game! Girls craft, boysexplore! Meetnew people, have fun! Build, craft and be a top girl!Use over 300colorful blocks to build anything you want. Sandboxgame withinfinite world where you can have a pet, meet people (NPC)and chatwith them! Date handsome boys (date craft), dress like aprincessand create any building you want! From small girls house,SPA orshopping mall to whole city! City building game for girls!You caneven ride a train, build a train tracks and explore theworld!Design your own world! Be creative! Exploration and craftingforteenage girls! Build zoo, feed animals become a tycoon of thezooindustry! Drive a car in a square city! Crossy streets andblockyworld! Build a dollhouse, craft awesome clothes and items,preparemost awesome high school party! Girls life craft in infiniteworld!Free game for teenage girls!FEATURES:3D interior modelsDating-talk to a boys and date them! Building and crafting - use blockstobuild!Exterior and interior design - gardens, pools,flowers,parksHouse planner mode (kitchen, living room, babyroom)Cute pinkand colorful texturesColoring book and sketchbookSandboxworldCustom wallpapers, carpets andfurnitureCOMINGSOON:Multiplayer Exploration ModeBlocky Craft 3DModeVR (Virtualreality)Adventure modePixel texture packGirls CraftModePrincessCraft extension pack (Cute Castle Interior Design)BuildCraftExploration extension pack (custom houses + extrafurniture)Explorethe girl’s world!Build, craft and create!Chat anddate with virtualpeople!
Toy Egg Surprise For Girls
Toy Egg Surprise For Girls brings even more yummy chocolatesurpriseeggs to eat and more super cool toys to collect!Toy EggSurprise ForGirls is a free super fun Toy collecting game whereevery day willfeel like your birthday as you get as much yummychocolate and toysurprises as you can open! No need to travel toyour localsupermarket or grocery store to use vending machineswhen you want anew surprise eggs when you have your very own inyour pocket.HOW TOPLAYDrop a coin into the all new toy eggsurprise machine and bingo,watch your yummy chocolate egg bouncedown like a pinball! Claw upyour exciting new candy egg and ripoff the foil and eat all thatdelicious candy chocolate so yourleft with your surprise egg, popit open to reveal like by magic abrand new toy prize, Jackpot!Youalso get your very own toycollectors room where you can show offall your cool new toys toyour family and friends. Have your ownunicorn pony or princessdoll collection, can you collect them all.There are 50 differenttoy prizes to collect including: PrincessDolls, Unicorn Ponies,Fluffy Animals, Cute Pets toys, Makeup toys,Fun Clowns, Baby Eggs,Troll Dolls and much more!Toy egg SurpriseGirls edition is a greatapp for your surprise eggs gamecollection.If you love watchingsurprise eggs opening videos onlineyou will love this app!becomeyour very own Surprise Collectorstar.Toy Egg Surprise For Girls isgreat fun for all ages.Toddlersand children of Kinder garden agewill also love this app along witholder kids.Toy Egg Surprise ForGirls is totally free. This is thefull app.FOLLOW US ONFACEBOOK: OUT OURWEBSITE:
Hatchimals surprise eggs
Hey, you're ready to live a new magical journey and ammusantisgone.Welcome to the Mystical World of Hatchimal, the home ofhatchegg surpriseAre you ready to know what's inside of Cutehatchml EggSurprise!?What's this egg hiding inside? Discover itovercomingthis challenge.To achieve this goal you can playclassical way, byclicking on it, or shaking your device.AboutHatchimals egg:+ Threedifferent levels of games+ Super AdventureFeatures+ Exciting andfun racing adventure+ Adventure frenzied,addictive and fast
Miss Hollywood: Vacation
Budge Studios™ presents Miss Hollywood: Vacation! After winningadream getaway to visit a beautiful island resort, MissHollywoodand a group of her International pet friends arrive atParadiseCove. There is just one problem, the hotel is in shambles!Bycompeting in island adventure challenges, the pets can winprizesto help Paradise Cove become the dream destination it used tobe!ISLAND ADVENTURES•DECORATE 7 themed pet hotel rooms•EARNpetoutfits and play dress up•SURF the waves•PLAY mini golf•BUILDsandcastles•CREATE and mix rainbow colored slushies!•COOK androllsushi•DANCE to island jams7 INTERNATIONAL PETFRIENDS•MISSHOLLYWOOD: a fashionista Chihuahua from glamorousLosAngeles•CHINOOK: an energetic Husky dog from Canada•LOULOU: aposhpoodle from Paris•KOKO: a loving Koala from Australia•JAG:anathletic Jaguar from Brazil•CLEO PAWTRA: a royal Sphinx catfromEgypt•AKI: a samurai Akita dog from Like us: Followus:@budgestudios Watch our app trailers: We always welcome your questions, suggestionsandcomments. Contact us 24/7 at support@budgestudios.caCOPPACOMPLIANTBudge Studios takes children's privacy seriouslyandensures that its apps are compliant with privacy laws,includingthe Child Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA),aprivacy legislation in the United States of America.   Ifyouwould like to learn more on what information we collect and howweuse it, please visit our privacypolicyat: . If you haveany questions, email our Privacy Officerat: privacy@budgestudios.caBefore you download this game,pleasenote that this app is free to play, but additional contentmay beavailable via in-app purchases. It also may containadvertisingfrom Budge Studios Inc.  regarding other appswepublish and from partners, and social media linksthatare only accessible behind a parental gate. BUDGE STUDIOSis atrademark of Budge Studios Inc.End User License Agreement:
Pet Shop Story™
Create a Pet Shop like no other! Build a fun place for allyourfavorite lovable pets to share with your friends! Mix andmatchyour pets to make your own designer breeds. Pug + Chihuahua =Chug!Labrador + Poodle = Labradoodle! Bengal + Short Hair =Toyger!Running your pet shop is amazing fun with these features: ★OWNyour favorite Dogs, Cats, Birds, and other pets! ★ DESIGN newpetsby CROSS-BREEDING your collection! ★ GET the cutestpuppies,kitties, and chicks! Breed babies and see their uniquelooks. ★Build and upgrade BEAUTIFUL HABITATS! Design a Pet Shopthat’s funfor the animals and for you! ★ Complete goals to pleaseyourcustomers and win REWARDS ★ Meet NEIGHBORS and make FRIENDS.Visitsister Pet Shops and meet their pets! ★ Sharp stunninggraphics andanimations ★ Invite your Storm8 friends to play withyou ★ FREEWEEKLY updates with new pets, decorations, andbreedingcombinations! ★ Absolutely no clean up or doggy bagsrequired! Whatgood pets! Pet Shop Story is the BEST looking FREEpet game foryour Android device!★★★★★Rate Pet Shop Story 5-StarsNOW to help usbring more super adorable pets for you in forthcomingupdates.★★★★★Please note: Pet Shop Story is an online only game.Your devicemust have an active internet connection to play.Pleasenote thatPet Shop Story is free to play, but you can purchasein-app itemswith real money. To delete this feature, on your devicego to theGoogle Play Store, tap the Menu button, select Settings> UsePIN for purchase. Then, set up the four-digit PIN on theoptionbelow. In addition, Pet Shop Story may link to socialmediaservices, such as Facebook, and Storm8 will have access toyourinformation through such services.TeamLava, a Storm8 studio, isthe#1 Mobile Social Game Developer on Android, iPhone, iPod Touch,andiPad. Use of this application is governed by the TeamLava TermsofService. Collection and use of data are subject toTeamLava'sPrivacy Policy. Both policies areavailableat and
My Little Pony: Harmony Quest
Budge Studios™ presents My Little Pony: Harmony Quest. Thisapptakes your kid on a magical adventure to spread the spiritoffriendship across Equestria. Gather all 6 ponies, use theirspecialpowers together and save the Tree of Harmony. Chase evilminions,solve puzzles and play fun mini games to bring back thesixmystical jewels known to ponydom!MAGICAL ADVENTURES• TRAVEL to6regions across Equestria• CATCH the evil minions• FIND hiddenkeysand traps• RESCUE captive ponies• RECOVER the 6 Elements ofHarmony6 PONIES, EACH WITH THEIR OWN SPECIAL POWERS• PRINCESSTWILIGHTSPARKLES: Move Objects and Solve Puzzles• FLUTTERSHY:Lullaby andAnimal Language• APPLEJACK: Shake N Break and Catapult•RAINBOWDASH: Fly through and Drop• RARITY: Uncover and Stylize•PINKIEPIE: Hypnotic Dance and Pinkie SensePRIVACY &ADVERTISINGBudgeStudios takes children's privacy seriously andensures that itsapps are compliant with privacy laws, includingthe ChildOnline Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), a privacylegislationin the United States of America. This application hasreceived the“ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board) PrivacyCertified Kids’Privacy Seal”. If you would like to learn more onwhat informationwe collect and how we use it, please visit ourprivacypolicyat: you have any questions, email our Privacy Officerat: privacy@budgestudios.caBefore you download this app,pleasenote that it is free to play, but additional content maybeavailable via in-app purchases. This app may containcontextualadvertising from Budge Studios regarding other apps wepublish,from our partners and some third parties. Budge Studiosdoes notpermit behavioral advertising or retargeting in this app.Note thatany purchase made in the app will remove pop-upadvertising. Theapp may also contain social media links that areonly accessiblebehind a parental gate. END-USER LICENSEAGREEMENTThis applicationis subject to an End-User LicenseAgreement available through thefollowing link: .HAVEQUESTIONS? Wealways welcome your questions, suggestions andcomments. Contact us24/7 at Visit Likeus: Follow us:@budgestudios Watch our apptrailers: and BUDGE STUDIOS aretrademarks of Budge Studios Inc.
Pet Shop Story: Renaissance
The #1 FREE Pet collection game returns with Pet ShopStory:Renaissance!Create the perfect Pet Shop for your favoritelovableanimals, and share with your friends! Design, decorate, andcollecthundreds of adorable pets! Celebrate the cultural andartisticmovement of the Renaissance era with themed animals, andfantasticstorylines! Set up a special Renaissance themed shop andget intothe intellectual and artistic spirit!- COLLECT hundredsofsuper-cute pets! Kittens, puppies, birds, and bunnies!- CREATEnewbreeds by mixing and matching pets!- CARE for adorablebabyanimals!- DESIGN the Pet Shop of your dreams with fundecorationsand playful products!- BUILD beautiful habitats! Fun forpets andpeople!- SOCIALIZE with other Pet Shop owners, and theirpets!-INVITE your Facebook and Storm8 friends to set up shop, rightnextdoor!- ENJOY stunning graphics, art, and animation! - FREEtodownload, FREE to play, and FREE weekly updates with newpets,decorations, and breeding combinations!And best of all? NOdoggiebags!Pet Shop Story: Renaissance is the BEST looking FREE petgamefor your Android devices!Please note: Pet Shop Story:Renaissanceis an online only game. Your device must have an activeinternetconnection to play.Please note that Pet Shop Story:Renaissance isfree to play, but you can purchase in-app items withreal money. Todelete this feature, on your device go to the GooglePlay Store,tap the Menu button, select Settings > Use passwordto restrictpurchases. Then follow the directions to complete setup.Inaddition, Pet Shop Story: Renaissance may link to socialmediaservices, such as Facebook, and Storm8 will have access toyourinformation through such services.TeamLava, a Storm8 studio, isthe#1 Mobile Social Game Developer for Android devices.Use ofthisapplication is governed by the TeamLava Terms ofService.Collection and use of data are subject to TeamLava'sPrivacyPolicy. Both policies are available
Wash Pets - kids games
After a whole day exciting play, all those little fluffy andcutepuppies and cats are so dirty! Do you want to hold thoselittlemessy pets? No? How about let’s take a bath for those littlepetsto make them looks pretty again? Make the pet show its bestwith alot of option available in the game. Now enjoy the funfreegame!Features: - Pet Spa Care- Pet Vet DoctorCare:X-ray,Viruskiller,Medical treatment- Pet Dress-up: with dozensof awesomeitems!HAT,NECK,CLOTHES,GLASSES,TOYS,NECKLET.- Brush Petsteeth-Pets Nail Spa- Many different Puppies and Cats invariousclothesMINI GAMESHave fun with exciting mini games and earncoinsto buy items and food for your Pet!- The Special One: Pleasefindout the special one as quickly as possible- Match TheCards:Pleasefind out all the matching cards.- Sort The Tools:Pleaseput thetools into the correct boxes as quickly as possible.- Hitit!:Tapit when it appears.- Jump Now:Please turn your device tomake itjump and collect tools.- Flying Bird:Please tap the screento makethe bird fly as far as possible!- Fishing:Tap the screen tocollectlots of fish.- Arkanoid:Bounce the ball to destroy all thecoloredblocks by controlling the movement of the board.Wash Pets istheperfect game for children. It includes educational mini gameswithpositive affirmation to develop children’s counting,memory,reasoning, reflexes, coordination and motor skills. Itfocuses onmaking your child learn by playing. Every activityinvolves adifferent set of skills making it a completeeducationalexperience. This game is ALL FREE to play!
Baby Pet Vet Doctor
This is a 12+ game!There are a lot of cute baby pets and theygotsick. Please help me cure these baby pets and makethemrecover.Features: - Pet Spa Care- Pet Vet DoctorCare:X-ray,Viruskiller,Medical treatment- Pet Dress-up: with dozensof awesomeitems!HAT,NECK,CLOTHES,GLASSES,TOYS,NECKLET.- Baby PetFeedingMINIGAMESHave fun with exciting mini games and earn coins tobuy itemsand food for your Pet!- The Special One: Please find outthespecial one as quickly as possible- Match The Cards:Please findoutall the matching cards.- Sort The Tools:Please put the toolsintothe correct boxes as quickly as possible.- Hit it!:Tap it whenitappears.- Jump Now:Please turn your device to make it jumpandcollect tools.- Flying Bird:Please tap the screen to make thebirdfly as far as possible!- Fishing:Tap the screen to collect lotsoffish.- Arkanoid:Bounce the ball to destroy all the coloredblocksby controlling the movement of the board.Baby Pet Vet Doctoris theperfect game. It includes mini games with positiveaffirmation todevelop counting, memory, reasoning, reflexes,coordination andmotor skills. It focuses on making you learn byplaying. Everyactivity involves a different set of skills making ita completeeducational experience. This game is ALL FREE to play!
Country Friends
Get ready for a fresh farming adventure in the wacky worldofCountry Friends – a friendly farm simulation where youranimalsdance and friends from all over the world come together tohelpeach other in the super-social Community Farm!Pack yourbags,because the country’s the perfect place to cast off your BigCityBlues and relax with the funniest, friendliest goats, sheep,pigs,chickens and cows you’ll ever meet!CREATE YOUR OWN SLICEOFHEAVEN!• Plant, grow, harvest, and trade organic corn and morewithyour friends – the farm of your dreams is about to get made…BYYOU! • Fall in love with the hilarious, lively 3D animals.Yourchicken will chill, your sheep will sing and your pig willparty.•Customize your land to create the perfect farm paradise foryou andyour animals to enjoy! • Grow the freshest products andfight backagainst the industrial corporation, SMOG Inc.! Show themthatorganic produce is the only way to grow!SOW THE SEEDSOFFRIENDSHIP!• For the FIRST TIME EVER in a farming simulation,growdelicious fruits at the Community Farm from the awesome appletothe outrageous orange, craft exclusive products together withyourfriends, send them around the world with Bradley the Whaleandshare the rewards! • Work with friends in a super socialCommunityFarm where you form a clan to harvest and water eachother’sdelicious, organic crops. Help your friends and growtogether!•Create your own social farming clan with your friends!•Competewith other social Communities in the weekly events and helpyourfarm become the cream of the crop!THE ANIMALS ARE HERE TOHELP!•Mischievous moles help you harvest faster!• Playful pigs helpyouat the market! • Beautiful birds fly your orders all overtheworld!• Munch, your gregarious goat, is always there to offeryoufun, helpful advice (when he’s not chowing down on one ofyourdelicious apples…)! • Each animal, from the chickens to thesheep,plays a specific role within your farm to make it thegreatest andfreshest it can be! Now go growsomefun!_____________________________________________Visit ourofficialsite at http://www.gameloft.comFollow us on Twitterat or like us on Facebookat to get more info about allourupcoming titles.Check out our videos and game trailerson our blogat for the inside scooponeverythingGameloft._____________________________________________Thisappallows you to purchase virtual items within the app and maycontainthird-party advertisements that may redirect you to athird-partysite.Terms of Use: LicenseAgreement: