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Ice Cream Cake-Cooking games 1.0.0
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Do you love Ice Cream Cake? Of course everyone love it, wellthencome to make your own Ice Cream Cake now! This time, we aregoingto make a delicious English Trifle! Follow the recipe andpreparethe cake first,Dear ice cake makers this is a fun new freebakinggame for boys and girls. If you love baking game and ice cakemakergames, then you can show you are a real cake maker in this funandfree cake maker game. Because it’s your cakesalon you candecidewhat kind of decoration the ice Cream will have. You gotdifferenttoppings and cake decoration items at your disposal. Makethe mostbeautiful cake and show you are a great pastry chef andthat youdeserve your on cakesalon.So you can make your cake now forfreewith this free baking game!FEATURES:• Easy tap and drag gameplay •Unique with deliciously filled items• Real Kitchen ChefCookingExperience.• Master the Cooking skills• Kids friendlycontent •Free and simple girls, kids game• Suitable for the wholefamily•Best recipe to make ice cream cake
Ice Cream Truck 2.5.6
Attention Ice Cream lovers! Get ready for a new adventure! TheIceCream Truck is coming to your neighborhood! Now you can turnyourAndroid device into The Ice Cream Truck with a new app forkidsfrom Fantastoonic! Drive around, sell ice cream, make frozenyogurtor stack your ice cream cone with as many scoops as you can.TheIce Cream Truck uses the back camera on your device so you canseewhere your truck is heading. FEATURES 🍦 Four differentactivities:drive Ice Cream Truck, sell ice cream, make frozenyogurt, stackcones with ice cream scoops 🍦Eight types ofpre-manufactured icecream in your fridge, frozen yogurt and scoopsto choose from! 🍦Funsounds when your customers eat! 🍦Graphicsdesigned for hd displays!HOW TO PLAY 🍦Invite your friends to playwith you or play with yourtoys 🍦Choose a screen to play: drive yourtruck, sellpre-manufactured ice cream, make frozen yogurt, stackice creamcone with ice cream scoops. 🍦Open fridge, take an icecream and putit on orange stand, choose a price on cash registerand strikegreen button, put coins on a plate, eat ice cream. 🍦Pickup an icecream, turn on frozen yogurt machine, swipe frozen yogurtadd-ons,scoop and eat ice cream with your finger! 🍦Play all daylong!Switch from driving to selling or to making ice cream! Make ityourway!
Cooking Games Ice Cream Banana 3.0.0
You can choose fruit syrups of a single flavor, combine two orthreetogether, make an ice pop twister, or even all-in-one! Yesyou canmake your own Ice Pop rainbow and enjoy it on the go! Donewith thejuicy flavors? Now choose a cute little stick from acollection ofbeautifully created cartoon sticks. Make it moreappealing by addingedible decorations that would make your icecone irresistible!Decorate with sprinkles, candies, toppings,fresh fruits, sweets andwhat not! Just the sight of this cooljuicy Snow Cone will make yourmouth water. There are near-infinitecolorful possibilities! Takeyour time and make the Ice Pop of yourdreams.In this game you haveto prepare a cake for your friend'sbirthday. We are not so good inmaking cakes, so we need you. Thecake will have three floors andeach floor and cream you will haveto choose or what bakery items toput on it. First, you must choosethe cake base. You can choose acountertop made of chocolate,vanilla, strawberry, cherry, kiwi andbanana. After you choose thecake dough, you must choose thepreferred model on which we put onthe cake, polka dots, twigs, icecrystal, crown or necklace ofhearts. After choosing the model youhave to choose and cream toput on this wonderful cake. You canchoose between differentcreams, vanilla, strawberry, cherry ororange. Still you need toput them and some balls of whipped cream:strawberry with whippedcream, dark chocolate, vanilla, strawberrywhite chocolateraspberries or cherries. Now you have finished thecake base andyou must make the second floor. Again you have tochoose anotherfloor. You need choose again for the second floorcream, vanilla,chocolate, strawberry, raspberry, cherry, kiwi andbanana. Afterthis you have to put this cream and after that youhave to finishedthe second floor. Follow the third floor which isall the same asthe other 2. The cake is ready and we hopes to go toour friend.
Epic Ice Cream 1.0.1
Catch ice cream scoops and build the most epic ice cream intheuniverse!Endless gameplay, a lot of achievements and unlimitedfun!
Icy Escort 1.32
Donut Games
Oh no! A great snowstorm has scattered the penguins allacrossANTARCTICA!Join Mother Penguin in this frosty PLATFORMADVENTURE asshe trots around the icy continent, regathering all herlost babypenguins.Enjoy levels packed with bonus items, puzzles,ice creamcones and "cool" power-ups!UPDATED: Now includes "PenguinIn ABathtub" bonus game!* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ***WHAT PEOPLE SAY:- "Ding ding. We have a winner here."- "Bothfunto play, and fun to win!"- "A sense of humor, light whimsicaldepthand plenty of character."- "You will enjoy this game, it's astealfor the asking price"* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ** **GAME FEATURES:- 30 frosty levels- BONUS GAME: Penguin InABathtub- Easy, super-responsive controls- Power-ups toincreaseyour abilities- Star ranks on all levels for increasedREPLAYVALUE- Achievements to unlock- Fun stats- And much more...* ** * ** * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *Awesome platform gamesdon'tgrow on trees... Enjoy another Donut Games release!
Ice Cream Run 1.3.0
Everybody likes ice cream. But some people...would fight forit!Areyou a bad enough dude to help Mr. Freezy defend his factoryagainstthese nutty addicts that will do anything to eat as much icecreamthey can?! Throw sundaes, ice pops and cones in thisreallyaddictive game and don't let them win!-Know the enemy!These 8typesof addicts desperately want to get to Mr. Freezy’s factory attheend of the road to eat all that deliciously yummy ice cream.Forfree?! Can't let that happen and ruin his business! -Movethattruck!Lead a nostalgic ice cream truck by just usingtheaccelerometer inside your device. It's easy and reallyintuitive!Just avoid some obstacles on the road and don’t letaddicts get tooclose to your truck!-It's ice cream they want? Sothat's whatthey'll get!Touch the screen anywhere to shoot! You haveinfinitecones as default weapon but you can boost your munitiongettingpower-ups. Just knock down the backpack chubby to receive anicepop machine-gun, a triple cone shoot or a powerful sundaeasweapons. They won't resist such a delight coming straightintotheir mouths!-Compete with your friends!Online leaderboardspoweredby Scoreloop! Check your ranking on 3 differentleaderboards:Global, Country and 24 hours! You can also submit youscores onFacebook and find out who defended Mr. Freezy kingdomlonger!-Cutegraphics and addictive music!Funny sound effects andcreativedesign makes this game a non-stop experience!So what areyouwaiting for? Get up on that ice cream truck and begin shootingicecream all over the place! Mr. Freezy will be forever grateful!
Sour, Sweet Ice cream 11.0.0
It's a free game.Let' make ice cream.
Candy Ice Cream 1.0
This game is a game to sharpen the brain's ability to memorizeandmatch the pictures of Candy, cakes and ice cream are in thecardsthat have been hidden.There are many pictures of candy, cake,andice cream exciting HD quality you can play. You must knowthesecret location of all the candy and ice cream to open one byoneto make it look matches then united image of the candy or icecreamto win the highest score in the game's candy ice cream.Thesecretbehind all depends on your memory card so you have to thinkandmemorize the location where candy is the same picture.How toplaythe game Candy Ice Cream:1. Touch to start the game2. Openthesecret cards one by one by touching the card to be able to openandview an image of candy and cards.3. mount it the exact samecandyimage behind all the cards.
Cooking Ice Cream
Meet the most delicious game with ice cream - Cooking Ice Cream!Make unique ice-creams in record time. Take orders, makethemhappen as fast as you can, otherwise your customers can getveryangry. Remember, ice cream should make people happy! Pick andmix ahuge variety of cones, flavors and toppings. This is your ownicecream shop. So choose your ice cream style, be the best icecreammaker! See how many awesome ice cream you can make. Andremember,more happy customers more points. Which means new levels,where youcan master your cooking skills more. Cooking Ice Cream:Design andcreate ice creams on your own shop.Just tap to select aflavor andto decorate yummy ice cream.The whole world of sweetnessnow onyour device.Stop being ice cream fan, it's time to learn howtomake it!I Scream, You Scream, We all Scream for ICE CREAM!Chopchop, a bubble bubble and a sizzle sizzle and …. we havethesweetest ice cream ever!Only ice cream maker can compete withcandymakers and cake makers. Everybody loves ice cream! Forgetaboutpizza, donuts and pancake, it's time for ice cream! Enjoy thisnewcooking game - Cooking Ice Cream .