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The sequel to my 'yellow' game is here!Can you make the screenredin 50 levels?Each level has its own logic.Do you need help? Usethelight bulb button that will appear after a while in the toprightof each level to get a hint. There are multiple hints foreachlevel.With the premium unlock in-app you will not get adsbeforethe hints.A Bart Bonte / bontegames puzzle game.
Brain It On! - Physics Puzzles
Deceptively challenging physics puzzles for your brain!Drawshapesto solve challenging physics puzzles. They're not as easy astheylook. Care to give one a try?◆ Dozens of brain bustingphysicspuzzles, with more being added all the time◆ Compete withyourfriends for the Brain It On! crown◆ Multiple ways to solveeachpuzzle, can you find the best solution?◆ Share youruniquesolutions and compare with your friendsAll the levels canbeunlocked for free by earning stars in previous levels. Youcanalways find dozens of new player created free levels each dayonthe community screen. You can also purchase the game to removeallads, unlock all hints, unlock levels early, and unlock theleveleditor.Please note: purchasing the "No Popup Ads" optionjustremoves the ads between levels, purchasing the "Full Game"willalso remove the ads to get hints.If you like this game, pleaserateit and leave a comment. As an indie developer your supportisgreatly appreciated. Thank you for your help! If you don'tlikesomething in the game, please email me atsupport@brainitongame.comand tell me why. I want to hear yourfeedback and comments so I cancontinue to make this game better.Youcan find me on Twitter at@orbitalnine, see the latest news on theFacebook page at, or get allthe details onthe website: http://brainitongame.comI hope you enjoyBrain It On!
Gears logic puzzles
The goal of the game is to connect all the gears so thattheyrotate. You have for this several gear wheels of differentsizes.You can move them and connect them to each other. With theirhelpyou have to transfer the rotation from a green wheel to allotherwheels. A good training for your brain.Accurate simulation ofrealphysical parameters: the transfer of torque, angularrotationspeed, relation of the number of teeth to the diameter ofwheels. Anew free puzzle game with nice graphics will bring a lotof fun tochildren and adults. An application for the whole family.Relaxinglogic game.Train your intelligence in anexceptionalgame.FEATURES:• 1500 unique levels full of fun andamazingchallenges!• Based on physics.• Achievements &Leaderboard fromGoogle Play Games.• There is a button to savebattery power.• Fourvisual themes to choose from: wood, metal, iceand marble.• No timelimit.• No WIFI? You can play offline inanytime.• Educationalgame.• Simple and addictive gameplay.• You cancreate your ownlevels.Game components:• Normal gear wheels. Movethem with yourfinger. • A green gear wheel. It makes all other gearwheels turn.•Red gear wheels. The aim of the game is to make themall spin atthe same time. • The blue gear. Spin it with yourfinger.•Gravitation. The gear wheels are falling down.• Restrictedarea.The center of the gear can not be put.• Rusty gear wheels.Theywedge all gear wheels engaged with them. Pass them by.• Arail(rack gear). A rack. An obstacle that you can move aside.• Agiantring gear wheel with internal teeth. You can place smallgearwheels inside it.Like us on Facebookat:• Gears logicpuzzlescontains the ads like interstitial and video ads.• Gearslogicpuzzles sells In-app products like ADS FREE.
Sequel to #1 puzzle game, KAMIThe calming, addictive puzzle gameisback!With over 100 hand-crafted puzzles, and with over onemillionplayer created puzzles created worldwide, Kami 2 takes youon amind-twisting journey that combines logic andproblem-solving.Canyou achieve perfection?Flood each puzzle with asingle color in asfew moves as possible to claim a 'Perfect'sticker. But watch outfor subtle new tricks and fiendishsurprises.Want even more?Beatthe global Daily Challenge, earn awinning streak and compare yourscores to other players. Testyourself on thousands ofuser-generated puzzles, uploaded daily.Getcreative and take on theworld.Craft your own KAMI designs using thePuzzle Builder. Designand share your creations, send them to yourfriends and challengethe world to beat your score.
ZHED - Puzzle Game
ZHED is an instant classic puzzle game. Based on a simplemechanicit builds onto increasingly complex puzzles that challengeyou to alevel you would not imagine. No timers, no clocks, no starsand notricks, just pure puzzles for you to enjoy. It's theperfectbrain-teaser that lets you train focus, concentrationandmemory.How to Play ZHED?Tap a square and select adirection(upwards, downwards, to the left and to the right). Seehow thesquare reacts when they intersect with each other, and builda pathto fill the goal square. When you finished, the next levelwillshow up! You can undo moves or restart levels as much asyouwant.How many levels are there?There are currently 5 freelevelpacks with a total of 100 challenging and curated levels.Howtosave my game progress?Make sure you are connected to internet,andyour progress will be saved automatically!Do I need to payanythingto play this game?It is 100% free, but you can buy or earnhints tohelp you solve harder puzzles.NOTESZHED​ contains optionalrewardedvideo ads.ZHED​ sells hints and extra level packs asIAPs.Like usonFACEBOOK usyourfeedback, we appreciate it.Enjoy :)
What's inside the box?
What's inside the box? A lot of puzzles!Can you solve all 100anddiscover what's in the box?A Bart Bonte / bontegamespuzzlegame.Need hints? Use the hint button at the bottom in eachlevel.There are 2 hints for each level.With the premium unlockin-app youwill not get ads before the hints and you will get a skiplevelbutton after asking the 2 hints in each level.(note: withthepremium unlock the skip button will appear AFTER asking the 2hintsin each level)
Boo! (a factory balls halloween)
In each level the goal is to make a pumpkin just like the one inthebottom right corner.You do this by dipping your pumpkin inthepaints and by wearing attributes to mask certain parts ofthepumpkin.16 levels of puzzles based on my Factory Ballsapp.Havefun!Bart Bonte
Find a Way: Addictive Puzzle
Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication - Leonardo da Vinci FindAWay is a simple minimalist puzzle game about connecting dotsandspreading happiness. This brain-stimulating puzzle game is freetoplay, very simple, and enjoyable for all ages. With over1,200+challenging & addictive levels, Find A Way is one of thebestpuzzle game that you will ever download.MainFeatures:UniqueConceptSometimes the most smallest ideas are themost thoughtful.Find A Way has a very simple premise, you arepresented with a gridof dots & squares and you must connect allthe dots. Soundseasy? But wait! dots cannot connect with squares.Dots cannot beconnected twice. You must connect all thedots(Obviously). All thiscombines to make an addictive puzzle gamethat brightens yourbrain.Beautiful minimal designEnjoy flatminimalist art stylegraphics with soothing music that relaxes yourbrain. Helps inbrightening your mind and developing logicalthinking.Levels withgradually increasing difficultySolve over1,200+ levels dividedbetween 640 free levels and 640 premiumlevels. Play the freelevels before and decide for yourself if youwish to continue thejourney. You can play this addictive puzzlegame in variousdifficulty levels. Each level pack has multiplelevels with anincreasing challenge. Want the real challenge? Boostyour brain byplaying the ultimate difficult levels.Dot StudioUnlockDot Studioand get access to 60+ custom dots such as cat, dog,panda, candy,pizza, cookie, santa, football and much more. MakeFind A Way atruly personalized experience.Magic wandStuck on alevel? Needhelp? Relax, use magic wand to solve those trickylevels. Beware,magic wand are limited and you must use them as lastresort.Alternatively, you can unlock Premium to get unlimitedmagicwands.Night modeNight Mode's main goal is to reduce thebrightnessof your screen so it does not strain your eyes whileplaying andyou can feel relaxed. Users always comes first, andnight mode isand will always remain free. User satisfaction is attopmostpriority.Smooth performanceFind A Way is a free game whichis verylow on system resources and it supports over a wide varietyofdevices. User of low end devices will experience smoothgameplaywithout any lag or hang.Find A Way is free, supported byads. Youcan upgrade to Premium and turn off the ads and unlock thefullpotential.Find A Way Premium features are:★ Removes ads,playuninterrupted.★ Unlock 640 premium levels, bigger&challenging.★ Dot Studio, get access to 64 custom dots.★DotInfinity, unlimited randomly generated levels★ Unlimitedmagicwands, just relax and use wand to solve those trickylevels.FollowZeroLogicGames on social media for exclusivepromotions, events andnews about new apps•Facebook:• Twitter:@ZeroLogicGames•E-mail: to use FindA Way in yournative language? Help by providing the translationsfor the app. Ifinterested, contact at you a fan ofminimalist art style? Join and lets work togetherto make someawesome minimal art style games.Find A Way is awesomelydesigned byArmando Gracia ( Game Designer)Emailarmando.gracia_tu@yahoo.deMade with ♥ and lots of code
Unblock Me FREE
*Note* 1) Unblock Me FREE and Unblock Me Premium are 2differentapps. They have the same features except there are no adsinUnblock Me Premium. All game data and statistic CANNOTbetransferred between Unblock Me and Unblock Me Premium. 2)HintsCANNOT be transferred between devices by Data Sync in anycase.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------UnblockMeis a fun and classic addictive puzzle game. Enjoy thisbrainexercise with more than 18,000 free puzzles, the highestamount ofpuzzles you'll find in any logic block game, worthhundreds ofhours to keep your brain fit!The goal is to unblock thered blockout of the board by sliding the other blocks out of itsway. Withmany Million downloads already, you can't go wrong withthisaddictive puzzle game. For a decade, Unblock Me hasbeenrecommended by word of mouth of family and friends.4 Classicgamemodes in Unblock Me:Relax Mode: Sit back and take it easy. Asmartway to exercise your logic with no pressure. No moves counted.Notime limited. A relaxing pastime for everyone.Challenge Mode:Seethe minimal move for each puzzle and earn up to 3 stars.Aftercompleting each puzzle, you can always revisit each one anddobetter.Multiplayer Mode: Compete with your friends, familyorfellow Unblockers around the world. Solve the puzzles as quickaspossible to win the match.Daily Puzzles Mode: The mostdifficultpuzzles you’ll find in any game!! Spice up with this newtype ofpuzzle with fixed obstacles and new exits. Get the first200initial puzzles for free, then earn a new puzzle everyday.UnblockMe have been used to help improve kids with their brainfunctionsin school and their pastime. Not only for kids, Unblock Mecan keepyou mentally fit. It will improve your cognitive abilitiessuch asattention, concentration and logic reasoning.FeaturesDataSyncTransfer game progress & statistic between devices usingthesame Google Play service Account5 Difficulties StarterPack,Beginner, Intermediate, Advance, and Expert. You can choosehowchallenging you want to playInfinite amount of Puzzles 18,000offree puzzles and counting! It'll be a long saga to complete alltheaddictive smart puzzles4 Fun Classic Game Modes Enjoyunblockingthe way you want: Relax Mode, Challenge Mode, MultiplayerMode andDaily Puzzles21 Achievements Master your Unblock Me skillsandcollect all the achievementsHint: Use the hint in any puzzlesthatmight be too hard. You can cancel it anytime you want tostartsolving the puzzles on your own.Daily Rewards Need more hints?Noproblem, earn up to 2 hints by playing Unblock Me everydayNotconvinced yet? If you like these games, you’ll like UnblockMe forsure!Solitaire/Solitare Relaxing and challenging at thesametimeSudoku Puzzles It's a number game where you have to useyourmind abilities to fill out the puzzlesPhysics Puzzlers Enjoythephysics brain teasers and improve logic skillsClassic PuzzleGamesClassic and always funBlock Sliding Puzzlers Slide and solvethepuzzlesLine Connecting Puzzles Connect the linesClassicMinesweepergames Always fun on every classic deviceFamily friendlygame Funand great quality pastime for the whole family2048 Gethooked onthose smart number games? You'll enjoy Unblock Me tooBrainPuzzlesTease your brain dailyBingo Simple, easy, addictive, andfunDominoEasy to play. A relaxing pastime hobbyBoard Games Playwith yourfriends or family. Use planning skills and make a goodstrategy towinJigsaw Puzzles Train your mind and sharpen your brainfunctionsin your pastimeCrossword Puzzles Word games are alwaysclassic anda smart way to exercise your brain
Puzzlerama - Best Puzzle Collection
Puzzlerama is a collection of the best puzzles in the store:Lines,Tangram, Pipes, Blocks, Dots, Lasors, Shikaku, Unroll,Unblock andBridges all in one game. It is the definitive stop forpuzzlelovers, with more than 3,500 levels to relax, unwind andsharpenyour logic skills. Better than any brain training, theseZenpuzzles have no time limits but almost infinite fun!Puzzleramamerged all the king puzzles in a collection that willkeep yourmind active and entertained for hundreds of hours. Andmore puzzlegames will be added in the future. From the creators ofMazes &More, the hit labyrinth and maze game.Puzzleramacollectioncurrently includes:★Flow lines – Number Link ★Flow is aclassicfree Japanese game also known as Number Link or Arukone. Youhaveto connect the pair of dots of the same color so the lines donotcross or overlap. The entire board must be filled. ★Color Fill–Tangram ★Color Fill is based on Tangram, the classicChinesedissection puzzle. The goal is fill the entire board bydraggingthe geometric shapes. Color Fill is a great reasoningpuzzle thattrains your spatial intelligence and your geometricskills. ★Pipes– Plumber ★Pipes, also known as Plumber, is arotation puzzle whereyou have to connect all the pipes to let thewater flow through thepipeline. Tap the pipes to rotate them andconnect the pipes of thesame color. Pipes starts easy, butdifferent pipelines and othertwists makes it challenging in laterdifficulties. Don´t worry,there is no risk of flooding; the liquidis safely contained insidethe pipeline!★Block Puzzle ★Block Puzzleis as simple yet extremelyaddicting puzzle game about blocks.Similar to Color Fill, the goalis to complete the entire board bydragging the block pieces.Blocks can´t be rotated, and the boardchanges horizontally andvertically every level, with differentnumber of rows and columnseach time. An hexa mode will be added inthe future.★Shikaku★Shikaku, also known as rectangles, is anotherclassic Japanesegame from the same inventor of Sudoku. Shikaku isplayed on asquare or rectangular grid with some numbered cells. Theobjectiveis to divide the grid into different areas, each of themcontaining1 numbered cell and the exact number of squares indicatedin thatnumbered cell. Later Shikaku introduces new concepts andcells thatkeep it interesting and challenging.★Unroll★Unroll is auniquethought-provoking brain teaser inspired by slide puzzles.Move thetiles to form a path that connects the green and red tilesandwatch the ball roll. Unroll features 250 levels in 5difficultiesor packs. Unlock the fun now! ★Unblock★Unblock is adeceivinglysimple yet challenging sliding block puzzle game. Theobjective isto move the blue block to the exit, by sliding thehorizontalblocks side to side or the vertical blocks up and down.Woodenpieces, cars or even a mouse, unblock has come indifferentvariations but none of them equals Puzzlerama´s. Don´tworry if allthe pieces seems interlocked, just move them out oftheway!★Bridges★Bridges, also known as Hashi, consists on a seriesofislands that need to be connected following a couple simplerules.You can only connect two horizontally or verticallyadjacentislands, you can connect a pair of island with only 1 or 2bridgesand each island should be connected the indicated number oftimes.Bridges can´t cross each other and all islands have to beconnectedin a single configuration.★Dots★Find a way to connect allthe dotsin a single line. Start connecting two dots and you willgetaddicted immediately to this brain stimulating puzzlegame.★Lasers★Lasers is a puzzle about moving blocks to reflect thelaserbeams and hit the targets. Sometimes you can make infinityloops.Asyou play and enjoy Puzzlerama, new games, modes andfeatures willbe included! Please don´t hesitate sending us en emailwith anydoubts, suggestions or comments. Have fun!
Try yourself as an ancient plumber!Aquavias is a puzzleplumbergame, in which your task is to prevent drought in the city.Buildaqueducts connecting reservoirs with the cities to fillgrandiosebuildings, such as the Amphitheater, Hanging Gardens,Temple ofClaudius, Baths and many others. Creating a viable city isnot aneasy task — fortunately, you have aqueducts that will helpyouachieve these goals. If you overcome all the obstacles anddeliverwater to the buildings, the city will survive and you willwin. Theonly rule of the game:✔ Tap aqueduct pieces to rotate andconnectthem to form a complete chain.
Block Puzzle & Conquer
- hundreds of levels, only one correct solution- get relax orraceagainst the clock- addictive, easy and logical -infinitechallengeThis free tangram inspired puzzle sensation is thegametaking Google Play by storm. Newly updated with more featuresandlevels, it's now even more fun! Drag the different blocksintoplace to match the puzzle. It’s easy to learn and free!Puzzleblocks cannot be rotated, and each level has only onecorrectsolution. Think of it like a math problem! Connect theblockswithout any spaces left!Think you can handle our brain tease?Giveit a try! This game is guaranteed to get you addicted!Differentfrom maze and riddle like games, Block Puzzle is anaddictive, easyand logical game. Free and available for people ofall ages, fromyoung kids to adults.With an infinity amount of waysto pattern thesquare, this game is guaranteed to get you thinking.Perfect forkids to develop their brain and learn some criticalproblem solvingskills. Ranging from math skills to overall logicdevelopment, wepride ourselves on providing entertainment andeducation to youngkids.The puzzels are classic tangram or tilematch with endlessways to pattern and connect the blocks. With oursettings you canbe casual and complete the brain teaser at yourleisure, or timeyourself if it becomes too easy! Blitz throughendless levels oflogic puzzels, making sure to connect or patternthe jigsawcorrectly.AMAZING VALUE— Over 100,000 FREE puzzles totrain yourbrain— 3 difficulty levels: start easy, learn and workyour way upor jump right in with a challenge— Perfect for adultsandkids!INFINITE CHALLENGE— Go against the clock to solve asmanypuzzles as you can in a limited time. Enjoy new puzzles eachtimefor an infinite amount of fun!— Endless game feature allows youtoplay unlimited, server-generated puzzles in normal mode as wellastimed. Play for infinity and beyond!PUZZLE AND CONQUER—Challengeand connect with friends on Google Play Games— Win morethan 25achievements as you accomplish greater challenges
Faraway 2: Jungle Escape
Escape all new temples in Faraway 2: JungleEscape thatare full of new challenges and mysterious puzzles.This room escapegame will surely challenge your puzzle escapingability. Sequel toone of the best escape games ever with over amillionplayers! A room escape puzzle game that willcompletelychallenge your mind, captivate you & offer hours ofamazingmobile gaming entertainment. FASCINATING STORYIt’s beenalmosta year since you started your journey, searching for yourlostfather. After solving a multitude of mind boggling puzzles,thelast portal you went through took you to an entirely newcontinentfull of new temples to explore. It seems like you aregettingcloser to something and you are continuing to find notesleftbehind by your father, only now it seems he is not alone.Observethe environment, collect items, manipulate devices andsolveperplexing puzzles to escape templelabyrinths.COMPLEXPUZZLESExplore 18 new temples packed with escapepuzzles, Explore a3D world that will captivate you from the momentyou begin. Turn,look and explore mind bending puzzles andcontraptions.IMMERSIVEWORLDRelax to the ambient soundtrack and theeasy to navigate 3Dworld that you will find in an escape game, withan abundance ofsecrets to discover.THE MYSTERY CONTINUESYou havemany more pagesof your father’s missing journal to find, maybe thenyou willunlock your family’s past. This is an escape game that willkeepyou engaged for many hours!NEW FEATURES In game camera allowsyouto take snap-shots and save them for later use.TRY FOR FREEEnjoy9free escape levels before you decide to purchase theremaininglevels and experience the whole Faraway 2: Jungle Escapestory thatwill leave you impressed.SUPER WIDESCREEN SUPPORTThepuzzle gamelooks beautiful on new 18:9 phones and also shines ontabletdevices. Enjoy stunning and astoundingly detailed graphicsthatlook exquisite.Enter an all new intriguing environment ofroomescape games & puzzles with Faraway 2: Jungle Escape!
★★★ FREE level cards at ★★★ hocus. isaminimal perspective illusion puzzle based on M.C. Escherdrawingsand impossible shapes. • NO ads!!!• 100 Beautifully craftedmindbending levels • Create and share your levels as a card orcode•Relaxing music & sounds• 100% indie - designed anddeveloped bya puzzle lover• Optimized for Android and humanbrainsFollowus:••
1010! Puzzle
1010! is an addicting brain teaser with simple yet challenginggamesdesigned to train your brain. Challenge your puzzle gameskills withthis exciting skill game that will keep you entertainedforhours.Train your brain and develop your logic with this simplegamethat lets you combine puzzle blocks, build and destroystructures bycreating lines and test your logic with friends.Enjoy addictingbrain training exercises with the power of1010!1010!Features:Connect Shapes, No Matter Where You Are−Connect puzzleblocks in addicting matching games. Start and stopany time, nomatter where you go.− 1010! is the perfect challengefor a shortperiod of refreshing brain training on the bus, atschool or in theoffice.− Connect shapes together with addicting,simple to learnbrain teaser gameplay.Combine Puzzle Blocks inAddictive Games−Combine puzzle blocks in order to build anddestroy full lines bothvertically and horizontally.− Combineblocks in this addictingchallenge that will put your logic skillsto the test. Don't let theshapes fill the grid!− Match shapes toform colorful lines inaddictive puzzle games.No time limit, nocolor matching, no match 3repetition! Just fill the grid withshapes to form a line and trainyour brain with 1010!
Linedoku: Logic Puzzles
Linedoku is a bundle of the best logic puzzle games all aboutlinesand loops.Enjoy colorful flow games, pipe puzzles,one-linepuzzles, connect dots, make infinite loops or link numbers- Theperfect time killers!Challenge yourself, train your brainandbecome the puzzle king! ...or just relax and solve somelevels.OneStrokeOne of the kings of line puzzles. Draw a line fromdot to dotand connect all the paths in 1 line.Block Puzzle: LinesAclassicBlock Puzzle Game interpreted in a new way. Drag and droptheblocks over the board and cover all the dots. Blocksshouldn'toverlap and only be placed on the paths they fitinto.NumberMazeFind a way; Connect the numbers smartly in ascendingorder anddraw puzzling one-line-mazes.Connect all the dots smartlyand fillthe grid to solve the level.LoopsFun level: Infinity. Looppuzzlesabout spinning and connecting cells to create infiniteloops.Discover all the unique art pieces that unfoldthemselves.CrossPathTired of Sudoku? Here's a simple alternative.Fill the grid bydrawing traces on the board. The number of tracesper knot arelimited and can only be drawn as straigt lines. Thelevel iscompleted after every cell in the grid is filled.ColorFlowDrawtraces between dots of the same color and create a flow ofcolors.Fill the whole grid and connect all the dots to master thelevel.Slide The BlocksA classic slide puzzle. Shift and move theblocksand let the colors unroll through the path. Solve the levelbyconnecting all the color sources with each other. The path alsohasto be a closed flow.Color LoopsLink the cells naturally togethertocreate an endless flow of different colors. Be like a weaveroflines.Game Features* Minimalist and adult design* Play thebestlogic games all in one app* One touch gameplay - play smoothlyonehanded* train your brain with 4500 levels completely free toplay*no wifi, no problem - playable offline* Clear your mind inthe'relax'- mode* Fill up brain power in the challenge mode*Freecontent updates* Compare your progress with other players ontheleaderboards
Roll the Ball® - slide puzzle
Roll the Ball® - slide puzzle is a simple addictive unblockpuzzlegame, keep you playing it!Do you like the game genres asbelow?Great! Roll the Ball® - slide puzzle has all the elements.;)•Sliding Puzzles, Just move and move!• PuzzleGames,Thought-provoking fun.• Maze Puzzle Games, Escape the maze.•BrainTeasers, Test yourself. Exercise your brain.• PhysicsPuzzler,Physics-based gaming.• Match-3 Puzzle, Easy to learn buthard tomaster.• Retro Games, Revisit the classics• Exam Prep&Tutoring, Practice makes perfect. Train you brain to activemind.•Family Puzzle Games, Enjoy the game with your family.Movetheblocks with your finger to create a path for moving the ball tothered GOAL block. But riveted blocks can't be moved. Are you readytoplay? Download and start solving puzzles now!FEATURES•SLIDINGPUZZLE- An essential is for the adult to kids of all ages.•TONS OFEPIC LEVELS- You can enjoy the game enough.• NO TIME LIMIT-Play atyour own pace.• NO WIFI? NO PROBLEM!- Games you can playoffline.•MORE VARIATIONS- Moving, Rotation mode to challenge &Star modeto relax.• USEFUL IN-GAME FUNCTIONS:- RESTART: Justrestart a levelquickly.- UNDO : Have a mistake? Don't worry, justput it back.-HINTS : It's a good friend. Of course, it may bewrong.• GET DAILYBONUS & GIFTS- The Santa may give gifts toyou. Check a messagebox often.• ANNOYING ADS? NO PROBLEM!- Buy ADFREE(USD 1.99) orParticipate in ads improvement program by in-gameEmail.• OPTIMIZEDANDROID & GOOGLE PLAY GAMES- Support bothPHONES &TABLETS.- Support both ARM & x86 DEVICES.- SupportGOOGLE+recommendation.- LEADERBOARDS & ACHIEVEMENTS from GooglePlayGames.- CLOUD SAVE: Your game progress is being saved onlinewithGoogle Play. You can sync your game progress betweendevices,phones & tablets using the same Google Play Account.It'ssupport game progress only, not hints, not auto-save. Becareful,if you tap the "Save" or "Load" button, it will works atonce.-MULTIPLAYER GAME : It's required to sign-in Google PlayGames. Itconsists of Basic, Star and Rotation modes. The Star modeinmultiplayer game is fake, easy to say, Ignore the stars. Beattheother players worldwide. Invite your friends and enjoy thegametogether!• UP-TO-COMING WITH GOOGLE PLAY- QUEST, GIFTS,APPINDEXINGNOTES• Roll the Ball® - slide puzzle contains the adslikebanner, interstitial, video and house ads.• Roll the Ball® -slidepuzzle sells In-app products like AD FREE, Hints andlevelpackages.• This app requires following permissions.- Modifyordelete the contents of your SD card & Read the contents ofyourSD card- Full network access Google Play billing servicereceivedata from internet view network connections viewWi-Ficonnections.- Prevent tablet fromsleepingE-MAIL•help@bitmango.comHOMEPAGE• FACEBOOK•'s ROLLTHEBALL. Let's CRUSH THE PUZZLE. lol[AWARD]- 2016-01-08 : New&Updated Games (133 countries)- 2015-12-17 : New & UpdatedGames(98 countries)
Help a tiny robot stumble home through 50 puzzlingmechanicaldioramas.- Relaxing gameplay- Charming robots-Collectible levelcards- Diorama maker- Small install sizePlayMekorama for free foras long as you like. Then pay what you thinkit's worth. I hopeyou'll love it :)Kindly,Martin Magni
Puzzledom - classic puzzles all in one
A Collection ofthe best and most addictive logicpuzzleswithminimalism graphics and unique level design!"Puzzledom"merged bestpuzzles like Connect, Blocks, Rolling Ball and Escapewhich areeasy to learn and fun to master into ONE gamecollection.As apuzzle lover, you don't need spending much time onsearching newbrain teasers any more. We will give you a ONE-STOPgame experiencefrom now on! "Puzzledom" collection currently has:★★Connect★★Connect is a simple game involving connecting dots withsamecolor. When you draw the lines, please make sure the linesdon'tcross over each other. All the space should be filled. ★★Blocks★★Blocks is a classic puzzle that you need to fill the entireboardwith different shapes of blocks. You just drag the rightblock,move it onto the board and match the right place. It's aperfectlogic game for brain training.★★ Rolling Ball ★★Rolling ballis apath guiding game that you need to slide the blocks to createachannel which makes the white ball move from the start point totheend point.★★ Escape ★★Escape is a well known game calledChineseSliding-Block. The goal is moving the red block to the exit.Thisgame will test your observation skills.★★ MORE puzzlescomingsoon★★We are now working hard on developing new challengingpuzzlegames. Puzzledom will be the king of brain teasers!FEATURES•Tonsof manually designed levels Over 8000 free levels inside andmorefunny levels are under development. • Easy but Funny gameplayWeonly put best puzzles inside which will make you can not stoponcestart playing.• Minimalism graphicsThe art design is simplebutbeautiful. It's a game for all ages.• Playing the game withyourFRIENDSWe will support online rank list soon! You canchallengeyour friends by achievement and leader board. • No timelimitUnlikematch 3 games, puzzledom has no time limit. You can playit anytimeeven with no WIFI. You can use hints to unblock obstacleswhen youfeel struggled in some levels.Enjoy the game with yourfamily ;) Ifyou have some good ideas about Puzzledom, please sendus an emailin the game!
The Room
Fireproof Games
Welcome to The Room, a physicalpuzzler,wrapped in a mystery game, inside a beautifully tactile3Dworld.*****************Praise for The Room:• Eurogamer “...resist hurrying and savour every sliding panelandtwist of a dial. The Room is the cave of mysteries fromeveryone'schildhood; a perfect encapsulation of the fear andpleasure ofdiscovery."• Gametrailers “The touchscreen controls really shine. A mustplay”Penny Arcade “This isn’t a title that is hindered by touchcontrolsas much as its set free by them"• Arcade Sushi "I couldn’t stop playing this fascinatingbrainteaser...beautifully crafted"• Indie Game Magazine "Fireproof Games has hit a home run"• Pocket Gamer “More suspense than a thousandbullet-riddledshooters"• Game Informer “Excellently produced, clever puzzlesandspine-tingling music"• Jaysisgames "The immersion overrides any sense ofyoursurroundings beyond the box" "The Room is eye candy forthemind."• IGN “The most realistically rendered objects in a mobile titletodate.”******How are you, old friend? If you’re reading this, then it worked.Ionly hope you can still forgive me.We’ve never seen eye to eye on my research, but you must putsuchthings behind you. You are the only one to whom I can turn.Youmust come at once, for we are all in great peril. I trustyouremember the house? My study is the highest room.Press forward with heart. There is no way back now.AS.******Fireproof Games are very proud to bring you our greatest creation,amind-bending journey filled with beauty, peril and mystery inequalmeasure. Be transported into a unique space that blendsspellbindingvisuals with intriguing problems to solve.• Unsettlingly realistic graphics: The most natural lookingvisualsever seen on a mobile device.• Spine-tingling single finger controls: touch controls sonaturalyou can play with one digit, to fully navigate thismysteriouslybeautiful 3D world.• Fantastical pick-up-and-play design: Easy to start, hard toputdown, the secrets of The Room will immerse you before you evenknowyou're playing.• Compelling layers of mystery: think you know what you'relookingat? Think again.
100 Doors Puzzle Box
Do you like puzzles and hidden objects? Playing games from 100Doorsand 100 Floors series? Then this point and click game isexactlywhat you need! Use all your skills to complete all levelsand getall achievements.Features:- exciting puzzles;- point andclickgenre;- cool mechanics: the movement in time and space,combiningobjects, search for hidden objects, puzzles and more;-amazinglevels with really nice animations;- the game is absolutelyFREE;-nine beautiful and detailed locations;The main goal in 100DoorsPuzzle Box is to escape the room. Using all the possibilitiesof thedevice you need to open each of 100 doors and move theelevator tothe next floor. Search for hidden objects, sovlepuzzles and use anitems to do this!Play new point and click 100doors game for FREENOW!There are problems with passing some of 100doors or have asuggestions? Contact us in socialnetworks:VKontakte: making games with thesoul!
That Level Again
A small logic game where all levels are the same but ways to winarenotYou are in the room with spikes, platform, a button and adoor.Seems easy, doesnt it?• 64 non-unique levels• 64 unique waysto win•And anew immortal hero that rises from the dead• Eastereggs
Time to open your mind!Boost your brain in the hardest IQ testgameever released.Move, click, swipe, jump, and THINK tocompletelevels.Solve 45 unique riddles in the greatestminimalisticpuzzle.Open your mind, prove your genius and become amaster!Clickthe light bulb and use hints to solve 50 awesomelevels.There's noyellow. There's no green. THERE'S RED!Download anew Zenith's gamefor free on tablets and mobile phones.# The appasks for oneAndroid Permission. It's needed for the ads to bufferand loadfaster, so you don't have to wait for them. Feel free todeclinethat permission, if you want to :) #
Block! Hexa Puzzle™
Block! Hexa Puzzle™ is a block puzzle game.'Easy to play' gameforall ages.Move blocks to fill up the square and collect theblockpieces to level up!HOW TO PLAY• Drag the blocks to move them.•Tryto fit them all in the frame• Blocks can't be rotated.•Don'tworry! No time limits!FEATURES• BLOCK PUZZLE- Smooth effectforblock puzzle game!- Play easily and quickly.• TONS OFUNIQUELEVELS- Over 300+ puzzles are unique and full of fun andamazingchallenges!• EASY AND FUN PLAY- Easy to learn and fun tomastergameplay• NO TIME LIMIT- Enjoy game for any time, anywhereand ashort time.• NO WIFI? NO PROBLEM!- You can play offlineinanytime.• STUNNING GRAPHICS- Soothing sounds and gorgeousvisualeffects• OPTIMIZED ANDROID & GOOGLE PLAY GAMES- Designedfortablets & phones.- Support both ARM & x86DEVICES.-ACHIEVEMENTS&LEADERBOARD from Google Play Games.NOTES•Block!Hexa Puzzle™ contains the ads like banner, interstitial,video andhouse ads.• Block! Hexa Puzzle™ is free to play, but youcanpurchase In-app items like AD FREE andHints.E-MAIL•help@bitmango.comHOMEPAGE• FACEBOOK• you!
Open Puzzle Box
A new puzzle game that you've never experienced before hasbeenreleased. This puzzle mechanics are simple, but unique enoughtocapture your interest.Game rules are simple.Use touch, drag,anddual-touch functions to solve puzzles of lockedmysteriousboxes.Opening boxes may sound simple, but can get verytricky. Totriumph, you'll have to think outside the box. Take onthechallenge now: an endless series of mystery boxes awaitsyou.▶Features ◀# A wide selection of stages that arecontinuouslyupdated# Simple game rules that everyone canimmediately grasp# Avariety of puzzles and tricks that requireunique thinking#Multiple difficulty levels# Intuitive UI and simplecontrols#Various stage objectives that excite and challenge you▶Developers◀Website:http://mgameday.comTwitter:▶ Questions? Technical Issues? Emailus!◀
Without electricity there is chaos. Balance is a free puzzlegameabout electricity and power grids. Your goal is to make surethereare no blackouts, that the power grids are functional, andthat youalways produce the right amount of power.The game offersmanychallenges you probably never thought about: - Did you knowthatthe amount of power produced is changed all day and night tomatchthe amount we use? - Did you know that there is a limit on howmuchpower you can transmit through a single power line withoutitgetting overloaded? - Did you know that an well-built powergridcould have any one line disconnected without causingblackouts?Youdo not need any knowledge about electricity or powergrids in orderto enjoy this game. Balance is developed by Statnett,the systemoperator in the Norwegian energy system, and is based onrealchallenges they work with every day.
Tile Puzzle Gardens
Tile Puzzle Gardens is a free puzzle game which includesacollection of beautiful photos of many famous GardensandParks.Game features:- Flexible and easy interface to use.- Sixofdifferent difficulty levels.- A lot of beautiful andhigh-qualityphotos.- Autosave function.- No time limits.-Possibility to viewthe full photo to help solve the puzzle.- Theability to share thegame with your friends.- All photos areavailable for free toplay.- Suitable for the whole family.We hopethat this game willimprove your sense of enjoyment and relaxation.
Logic Master 1 - Mind Twist
A game of logic with the most unusual & tricky questionsthatrequire creative approach.Looking for a game that isbrilliant,creative and strange at the same time? Now you can becomea logicmastermind by solving the most unusual and tricky questionsyouhave ever seen!The puzzle contains tricky questionsthatincorporate use of memory, attention and the ability to thinkinunconventional ways.This is the first version of a brilliantandunusual puzzle that tests your attention and ability tothinkoutside the box.- Very simple and addictive gameplay-Multilanguagesupport- 200+ puzzles- Global Leaderboards,Achievement Boards andStar Boards- Cognitive Score Evaluation- Highquality and lovelyhanddrawn graphics- Fun music and sound effects-One finger touchor drag controls- Compete againist time and playersall over theworldCREATIVE PUZZLE & ABSURD SOLUTIONS!You do notneed to begenius to play Logic Master. However if you are genius,you're morethan welcome to try :)There are more than 200 unique andfunnyproblems. What you need is to try various creative approachestoreach the solution.THINK OUTSIDE THE BOXLogic Master isanaddictive free IQ game and find out if you are genius likeEinsteinor not! This crazy game is an ingenious puzzle with aseries offunny brain teasers and absurd solutions that you willnever everthink before.FEATURES- Performance tracking andCognitiveStatistics that show your activity and performancehistory- Worksoffline so you can solve brain training problemswherever you are.-Unlock new creative levels- Exercise your brainwith intellectualproblems and boost your mental capacities- Improveyour memory,concentration and mindfullness.EVALUATE COGNITIVESKILLSLogicMaster is a fun based brain training game designed toimproveattention, flexibility, visual and spatial processing andmemoryskills. The more you solve the puzzles, the more you willraise upcritical cognitive skills that are designed to boostyourproductivity and creating alternative solutions for thedailyproblems. Try to advance your mental core abilities, challengeyourfriends, compare your performance and motivate each other.Astronger working memory enables quicker learning and animprovementin brain connectivity.By playing this game you will notonly havefun, but you will also update your mental skills andcognitiveabilities- Improve your memory- Train your creativity-Increaseyour visual processing- Prove your ability of problemsolving-Train shape and color coordinationHOW TO PLAYFollowtheinstructions carefully. Some questions may be tricky or needadifferent approach to solve. Those small puzzles will help youtopower up your attention, focus thoughts on a specific item,trainspatial thinking and improve your mental skills atall.TRICKYPUZZLE GAMECould you be a genius, are you smart enoughsolve allthe test to beat your friends to get the think highest IQoutsideyour game? Try this innovative test puzzle to improve yourspeed ofthink and try to figure it outside the circle.As you cansee peoplecommented that their coginitive skills were challenged,they wereforced to think alternative ways to solve problems, sotheirreasoning ability progressed.Enjoy brain training game andimproveyour cognitive abilities.
Make Hexa Puzzle
Make Hexa Puzzle is a simple yet addictive gameplay thatchallengesyour brain.Simply drag the same-colored triangles to makemultipleHexagons! Discover the most unique mobile game of the yearand findyour new addiction right now!Make Hexa Puzzle is a very funandexciting block match puzzle game, it makes you keepplaying!TheKING of BRAIN TEASERS!Do you enjoy the puzzle games? Doyou likelovely colors?Here comes the perfect game for you,MakeHexa!FEATURES• BLOCK MATCH PUZZLE- Ideal for all ages- Playeasilyand quickly.• EASY AND FUN PLAY- Easy to learn and fun tomastergameplay• NO TIME LIMIT- Enjoy game for any time, anywhereand ashort time.• NO WIFI? NO PROBLEM!- You can play offlineinanytime.• INSTANT SAVE!- Always save the game when you quit orturnoff your phone.• STUNNING GRAPHICS- Soothing sounds andgorgeousvisual effects.NOTES• Make Hexa Puzzle contain ads likebanner,interstitial, video and house ads.• Make Hexa Puzzle is freetoplay, but you can purchase In-app items like AD FREEandCoinsSUPPORT UNIVERSAL APP• Enjoy the game with variousdevices.(Phones and Tablets)E-MAIL•help@bitmango.comHOMEPAGE• FACEBOOK•!
100 Gates
100 Gates is the most addictive "Room Escape" puzzle gameforAndroid. Unlock all the jail doors to get the next level.DownloadNow, it's FREE! ★★ How to play ★★ ↗Escape and advance tothe nextroom of the castle by solving the puzzle and unlock thecurrentjail door to get the next level/floor.↗Each level has adifferentpuzzle to be solved↗ Use any possible way to unlock: Drag,Shake,Touch the floor, Swipe, Tap,Tilt ,Push Buttons and soon↗Manydifferent items availableFeatures:- The best door exitgameavailable for ANDROID- Completely free- Complete utilizationofyour devices features!- Addicting mini puzzles!- Gorgeousgraphicsand Sound- Balanced difficult level from very easy toveryhardRemember that in some rooms of the first floor you havetocomplete the heist in order to open the doors and advance inthegame.Just try it. You’ll love!!
Move the Block : Slide Puzzle
Easy to play and pleasurable game for all age!"Move the Block:Slide Puzzle" is a simple and addictive sliding blockpuzzlegame.Perfectly solve stages without using hints and get 3stars anda super crown!HOW TO PLAY• Need to move the red block tothe exit.•Horizontal blocks can be moved from side to side•Vertical blockscan be moved up and downFEATURES• Hundreds oflevels• Established ahint system helping you to solve puzzles•Reset/Undo buttons tohelp you figure out each puzzle• Smooth anddelicate animation•Great sound effects• Try to enjoy the "Move theBlock : SlidePuzzle" using various devices and screen sizes (PhonesandTablets).NOTES• "Move the Block : Slide Puzzle" contains theadslike banner, interstitial, video and house ads.• "Move the Block:Slide Puzzle" is free to play, but you can purchase In-appitemslike AD FREE and Hints.E-MAIL•help@bitmango.comHOMEPAGE•• if you have anyquestions, ideas for improvements or experienceany bugs whenplaying the game: help@bitmango.comEnjoy "Move theBlock : SlidePuzzle"Thank you.
Mile Tamás
Starcle is a unique puzzle game neverseenbefore. It seems to be easy on the first glance but be warned,it'sone of the hardest puzzle games of all times. No jokes. Are youupto the challenge?Feature overview:» Metallic machine style design, music and effects to set arealhardcore mood» 240 levels to keep you in this mood for a long-long time...» Smart handling made simple – play with one finger ortouchcontinuously with more» Language independent – no need for text, just playLet us know your thoughts!
Jigsaw Puzzles Epic
Jigsaw Puzzles Epic is a jigsaw game with over 7000beautifulpictures in a wide variety of categories. You can alsocreatepuzzles from your own photos. This premium quality app istheperfect choice for lovers of jig saw puzzles.In Jigsaw PuzzleEpicyou can travel all around the globe, see majesticlandscapes,experience the seasons of the year and the wonders ofthe world,all from the peace and quiet of your own home.Features:•Over 7000beautiful, HD photographs, in more than 170 differentpacks!• Get anew free puzzle daily!• New puzzle packs addedregularly!• 11difficulty settings: Up to 625 pieces!• Create custompuzzles fromyour own photo collection.• Every puzzle is unique:Different pieceshapes every time!• Saves all puzzles in progress,so you can workon several at the same time.• Complete challenginggoals!• 1080p HDGraphics.
Animals Puzzle for Kids
This Free jigsaw like puzzle game helps your kids developmatching,tactile and fine motor skills while playing 100 differentAnimalsPuzzles - horse, cow, pig, sheep, duck, chicken, donkey,dog, catand rabbit, bee, butterfly, mouse, peacock, monkey, owl,fish,dolphin, penguin, frog. It is a fun and educational learninggamefor preschool children and toddlers including thosewithautism.Watch them learn all the names of numerous pet,farm,jungle, zoo and water animals through fun and play. Apleasantvoice will always encourage and praise your kids andmotivate themto continue to build their vocabulary, memory, andcognitive skillswhile playing. The game is enriched withanimations,pronunciations, sounds and interactivity for repeatplaying &learning. It will keep your kids busy and yet you willnever beworried about them losing any piece of the puzzles!And nowwe haveadded 3 more new themes:* Placing the objects in a scene*Jigsawpuzzle* Memory gameFeatures:Simple & intuitivechild-friendlyinterfaceUniversal app for all phones and tablets30differentlanguages and pronunciations - English, Afrikaans, Arabic,Bengali,Chinese, Danish, Dutch, Filipino, Finnish, French, German,Greek,Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Macedonian,Malay,Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian, Spanish,Swedish,Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian and Vietnamese.Hundreds of puzzlepiecesin 84 different puzzlesEasy navigation between puzzlesEasymovementof puzzle pieces across screenHigh-quality graphicsSweetbackgroundmusicDrag & drop animationsBalloon animation &happycheering after each correctly solved puzzleThe theme of thisPuzzleis ‘Animals’, check our other apps for more themes like'Food','Kitchen', 'Furniture', 'Bathroom', 'Cars' and 'Tools'Andlast butnot least ***All puzzles are available for FREE***FeedbackPlease:If you have any feedback and suggestions on how wecouldfurther improve the design and interaction of our apps andgames,please visit our website or leave us amessageat We would be glad to hear from you as wearecommitted to update all of our apps and games on a regularbasiswith new features and also want to get some ideas for futureappdevelopment.
Wood Block Puzzle
Wood Block is a classic and addictive block puzzle game!Morecrushblocks,more score. It is simple, but difficult tomaster.Completelyfree and not need Wifi. Once you start, you willbe more like thiswood block game.How to play wood block puzzle?*Drag wood block tofill up the grids* Blocks can't be rotated.*There is no mobileblock end of the gameWhy choose this wood blockpuzzle?* BeautifulWooden style scene* Fun and classic brick game*Funny and colorfulgraphic* Free game and not need Wifi* Supportleaderboard * Freeretro block puzzle for all ageNow try to enjoythis Wood BlockPuzzle Game!
Smart - Brain Games & Logic Puzzles
SMART - an excellent game for training and development of yourbrainskills. We present you over 28 awesome games for trainingyour IQand reasoning skills. The game has over 600 levels thatwill helpyou enhance your memory, attention, intellectualflexibility,concentration and reaction.Best puzzle games fortraining yourbrain. It’s a very practical and clever app that iseasy to learnand gives truly remarkable results for your brain.Train your memoryskills!Top features: • Train memory, attention,intellectualflexibility, concentration and reaction • Over 28games inside! •Over 600 levels! • Perfect for kids and adultsalike • Great familygame • Play anywhere - in subway or a bus.Simple and easy •Top-rating where you can compete with yourfriends • Play offlineWedeveloped over 600 level to graduallychallenge your brain. Alllevels are designed to give you morecognitive skills bit by bit.Each completed level gives you point.Each level take around 1minute of your time so you can easily fitit into your dailyroutine.Each level is designed to help youimprove your cognitiveskills, memory, attention and sharpen yourbrain.Want to test yourbrain skills and compare them with otherpeople? Try our game andtest your intellect.The game will beuseful for kids, girls, boys,adults and people who like puzzles,memory tests, IQ tests, braingames, memory trainings and otherthings useful for your brain.Gamesare completely free and willstay that way. We hope that you likeour app and we’ll continue todevelop it and add more games forbrain training in future.Pleaseleave us a comment if you like thegame. We hope that our app willhelp you to improve your brainskills!
Matches Puzzle Game
Matches Puzzle in a classic game with matchesSolve puzzlesbymoving, adding and removing matches until you find therightsolution.You like matches puzzles games ?1000+ Matches puzzlesin10+ Episodes in different shapes, sizes, equationsanddesigns.Multilanguage:English, German, Russian, Spanish,French,Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Croatian, Slovenian, Greek,Ukrainian,Serbian,Korean, JapaneseFeatures:- Beautiful graphicswith 7 inchand 10 inch tablet support and high definition hd-Support forslower and low resolution phones- With Google PlayServices ↗ cloudsave - to sync game progress across all yourdevices and futuredevices.↗ leaderboards - to compare your resultwith others ↗achievements - for more fun- Sound, Vibration andMusic speciallycreated for the puzzles matches gameIf you haveproblems withlevel12,Matchstick Puzzles, Move the Matches
Have you ever seen those masterfully crafted wooden blockpuzzles?The ones that look so simple, yet prove such a challenge topullapart? Interlocked serves up cleverly crafted 3D puzzles wherethegoal is to figure out how each interlocking level fits togetherinorder to pull it apart. With simple, intuitive,touch-basedgameplay and five beautifully crafted chapters,Interlocked willdelight puzzles fans of all skill levels,completely free.- 3Dbrain-teasing puzzles- 5 challenging chaptersto beat- Brought toyou by the creators of the original Flash game,played by over 20million!- Many achievements to unlock"I thought itits concept wasingenious, and the way it made me feel like a geniuswasunmatched." - 148 apps"If you’re a true puzzle head, you cannotletthis one slip past you." - jayisgames"We like puzzle games - asourdedicated readers will know - which is why we’re tickled pinkbythe content here." - iPhone App Review
MOUSE is a simple but very addictive puzzle game. The goal istohelp the mouse escape from the trap and find the exit in maze.Thiscan be achieved by sliding blocks out of the mouse's way. Asyouunblock each part of the maze, you will be given a chance tounlockbonuses and gain coins. As you accumulate coins, you will beableto unlock level packs and various hidden features in the gamebonusstore.Each of the 4000 levels requires logic, skill, andpatience.Do you have what it takes to help MOUSE find its way outof thetrap ?MOUSE will provide you with hours of fun. Will you beable tofind a way to solve all the challenging puzzles?We arecommitted toupdating the game on a regular basis with new andchallenginglevels.Get this FREE android game today !App2SD, Unblockthe mouse,unlock feature in the store.Help MOUSE escape from thetrap!Sliding puzzle
Math Puzzles
Math puzzles increases your logical thinking. Objective of thegameis to find patterns hidden in the puzzle in order to arrive atthesolution. This game helps in enhancing your - Observation skills-Logical reasoning - Out of the box thinking -MathematicalknowledgeThis game contains 70 challenging brainteasers. Eachbrain teaser offers a different and unique challengewhich forcesthe user to think in unconventional way.Play thesepuzzles withyour friends to see who can solve the puzzles faster.
Lazors is a puzzle game of lasers and mirrors offering more thanahundred levels, ranging from easy distractions to hardchallenges.+280 levels+ Intuitive gameplay+ Hint systemMove blocks,reflect thelaser, hit all targets!
Tangram HD
The tangram is a dissection puzzle consisting of seven flatshapes,called tans, which together can form various shapes. Theobjectiveis to form a specific shape using all seven pieces, whichmay notoverlap. FEATURES:+ More than 550 designs: people,animals,buildings, numbers, boats, stuff, geometry and so on.+ 2playmodes: regular & masters. + Hints system for masters mode.+HDgraphics.+ Timer.+ Support app2SD (Android2.2+)+ Somuchmore..Note: later categories are more challenging. Note 2:Shapescan be flipped. Select any shape, then click the button onthe topof the screen to flip it.
Jigsaw Puzzles Real
Jigsaw Puzzles that is a really free jigsaw game! The puzzlethatgives you the perfect free Jigsaw puzzle experience:Everythinginthe game is free!• All 1800 photos are free!• Create customjigsawpuzzles from your album photos? Also free.• Pick any numberofpieces and rotation in our jigsaw puzzle game - free also.Noneedto pay to unlock photos or premium version.And more:•JigsawPuzzles sizes: From 9 (child jigsaw) to 1000 pieces(expertpuzzle).• Your Own Photos: Play jig saws puzzles with anyfamilyphoto you have on your phone or tablet!• More Photos: Over1800free photos in 25 themes.• Unique Puzzle: Each piece formsanunique jigsaw puzzle design.The download size is worth it:that'sdue to the vast amount of free photo puzzles packs included,suchas: beach puzzles, mountain, castle, pet jigsaws, cats anddogspuzzles, Halloween jigsaws, etc.Please send your suggestionsandproblem reports to our puzzles: Over150MILLION free puzzles played! Thanks for lovingJigsawPuzzles!Enjoy!
Bubble Shooter
Download and play the Classic andmostaddictive Bubble Shooter game on Google Play - for FREE! Enjoythetop bubble breaker online game and solve all theawesomepuzzles.We have designed this fun shooter game for all you puzzle fanswhowant to train your brain, matching colors andpoppingbubbles.Get the app NOW, beat levels and enjoy this addicting andrelaxingbubble pop game!Play 3 Game Modes:* Enjoy Puzzle Mode with over 1800 awesomepuzzlelevelsClear the board and advance along the map, win amazing rewardsandenjoy fun new elements and features. New boosts, power-ups,dailyrewards, cool bubble elements, and more!* Play the Levels Mode with over 1750 levels!Match 3 bubbles or more to blast and win with less shots to getmorestars.* Enjoy the Classic mode - Simple and Super Fun.Classic mode has 3 Difficulty levels- easy, medium and hard. Itwillkeep you challenged for many hours!Game Features:• 3 Fun Game Modes• Addicting gameplay, once you start – you simply can’tstopplaying.• Colorblind mode• Leaderboard, Challenging achievements.• Awesome rewards and cool puzzles• Exciting features and elements• Choose your aiming method between Laser, Crosshair orsimplyTaping on the screen• Remove ads option (In-app purchases)• Free to play bubble gameHow to Play:* Drag your finger to move the laser sight in the direction ofthebubbles.* Lift your finger to take a shot.* Match 3 bubbles or more of the same color to pop the combo andwinpoints.* Hit and pop all the colored balls to clear levels.Bubble Shooter is the best online puzzle game you can playanytimeand anywhere, no internet connection is required.Download today, match 3 colors, hit balls and win. Beat allthechallenges and overcome obstacles. Join the bubble poppingfunnow!Warning:This classic game is seriously fun and super addictive!Personal Note:We are all about making games that are fun for our users andyourratings will allow us to keep doing that. If you likeBubbleShooter and you enjoy playing it please find your time torate it!Thanks :)Make sure to keep an eye out for cool updates and new levels!
Block Puzzle
Block Puzzle is very simple and creative game, you need onlydragblocks and fill out space on the map.Try to make more scoresthatyou can.
Plumber 94
Plumber 94 - favorite game lovers of puzzles without time. Ifyoulike puzzle games, then this game is for you.All that is neededisfrom one point to another point correctly connect the pipes tothepipeline for the water reached the city.Download free gamePlumber94, you will be able to easily and use to kill your sparetime.Thepipeline to build the strength for both girls and boys, aswell astheir parents!How to play:The game Plumber 94 easyoperation, justone touch of a finger tube is rotated by 90 degrees.By changingthe flow of water, build a piece of water pipe to thewater reachedthe city. If you have any difficulty in the passage ofthe level,you can take advantage of a 10 star tip. For each passedlevel youaccrued star.In the game you need a plumber, developeffectivetactics that in less number of moves to collect water andbecomeundoubtedly the best plumber in the game Plumber 94!Plumber94universal game that is suitable for the entertainment ofchildrenand adults!Game pipeline will help to developlogicalthinking!We'reonGoogle+
Riddle Stones - Cross Numbers
Love logic deduction games and numberpuzzleslike sudoku and minesweeper?Riddle Stones is a game of logic that will train your brain:likecrosswords but with squares and numbers. The game is based ontheasian riddles known as picross, griddler and nonogram. It’s arealmind challenge wrapped in a fun experience where you need tothinkand use your brains to succeed.To decipher our puzzle grids, you will use numbers indicatingwhichsquares to activate in each grid based on simple rules. Eachnumbertells you where to add squares in a row or a column. Youcancompare it to sudoku or crosswords with more fun braintraining.You will learn easily, progress rapidly and quickly getaddicted!It will blow you mind!Riddle Stones offers a fascinating cross-over betweencrosswords,sudoku, minesweeper and other puzzles based on numberswhere youcross the hints to find which squares to activate. But becarefuland think right, if you tap the wrong square, you willtrigger atrap!Fans of picross, nonogram, griddler, paint by numbers rejoiceandenjoy Riddle Stones...Solve grid cross-puzzles by logic & deduction! PLAY NOW!Also available on Facebook.Riddle Stones is completely free to play, but some in-gameitemssuch as extra lives require payment.
Math Puzzle With Sticks
We challenge you to show off your logical skills and solve themathequations in our new Puzzle Game With Sticks. It's agreatentertaining app, and it's FREE, now on Google Play. The gameplayis really simple. Just grab the correct stick and move it totheplace where it matches, so you can solve the puzzle and unlockthenext level and the many other cool features. Move and positionthesticks so that the answer of the mathematical problem iscorrect.If you can't solve it, we simplified the game a little byaddingsome hints, so that solving these math match puzzles will beeasyand you can go through all the many levels we've designedforyou.The app is also highly educational, as you need to do bothmathcalculations and thinking logical, as you cannot finish thepuzzlesif you don't do a little bit of both.The puzzle game hassome nicefeatures: 200 Unique Levels containing the four mathoperations. Soyou will find there AdditionpuzzlesSubtractionMultiplicationDivisionEasy hint system.6 types ofdifferent sticksthat unlock in the game's progress:matches bamboosbones pencilsmaces (weapon) swords.Each stick has a differentbackgroundCleanoriginal graphicsLots of great and entertaininganimationsWe hopeyou will enjoy the game!If you are having troubleswith the game,or if you just want to send us feedback, please don'thesitatetocontact us at
Math Pieces
Math Pieces is great and unique puzzle game.Touch and drag piecesonboard to solve equations. Simple rules, great casual gameplay.