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red 1.4
Bart Bonte
The sequel to my 'yellow' game is here! Can you make the screenredin 50 levels? Each level has its own logic. Do you need help?Usethe light bulb button that will appear after a while in thetopright of each level to get a hint. There are multiple hintsforeach level. With the premium unlock in-app you will not getadsbefore the hints. A Bart Bonte / bontegames puzzle game.
What's inside the box? 1.9
Bart Bonte
What's inside the box? A lot of puzzles! Can you solve all 100anddiscover what's in the box? A Bart Bonte / bontegames puzzlegame.Need hints? Use the hint button at the bottom in each level.Thereare 2 hints for each level. With the premium unlock in-app youwillnot get ads before the hints and you will get a skip levelbuttonafter asking the 2 hints in each level. (note: with thepremiumunlock the skip button will appear AFTER asking the 2 hintsin eachlevel)
KAMI 2 1.9.4
State of Play
Sequel to #1 puzzle game, KAMIThe calming, addictive puzzle gameisback!With over 100 hand-crafted puzzles, and with over onemillionplayer created puzzles created worldwide, Kami 2 takes youon amind-twisting journey that combines logic andproblem-solving.Canyou achieve perfection?Flood each puzzle with asingle color in asfew moves as possible to claim a 'Perfect'sticker. But watch outfor subtle new tricks and fiendishsurprises.Want even more?Beatthe global Daily Challenge, earn awinning streak and compare yourscores to other players. Testyourself on thousands ofuser-generated puzzles, uploaded daily.Getcreative and take on theworld.Craft your own KAMI designs using thePuzzle Builder. Designand share your creations, send them to yourfriends and challengethe world to beat your score.
Tents and Trees Puzzles 1.3.3
Frozax Games
Place a tent next to each tree in this original puzzle game!Numbersaround the grid tell you how many tents must be placed oneach rowand column. Be careful, tents can't touch each other.Solvealllevels with logic only: no random moves!FEATURES:- Hundredsoflevels- New exclusive levels every day- No rush: play at yourownpace, start a level and complete it later- Unlimited free hints-Nowifi? you can play offline- Multiple grid sizes forvarieddifficulty- Ability to zoom in and move the grid forsmallerdevices- Landscape and portrait modes to play on any phoneortabletFollow us to get newsandupdates:[email protected]
Smart - Brain Games & Logic Puzzles 3.17
SMART - an excellent game for training and development of yourbrainskills. We present you over 28 awesome games for trainingyour IQand reasoning skills. The game has over 600 levels thatwill helpyou enhance your memory, attention, intellectualflexibility,concentration and reaction. Best puzzle games fortraining yourbrain. It’s a very practical and clever app that iseasy to learnand gives truly remarkable results for your brain.Train your memoryskills! Top features: • Train memory, attention,intellectualflexibility, concentration and reaction • Over 28games inside! •Over 600 levels! • Perfect for kids and adultsalike • Great familygame • Play anywhere - in subway or a bus.Simple and easy •Top-rating where you can compete with yourfriends • Play offline Wedeveloped over 600 level to graduallychallenge your brain. Alllevels are designed to give you morecognitive skills bit by bit.Each completed level gives you point.Each level take around 1minute of your time so you can easily fitit into your dailyroutine. Each level is designed to help youimprove your cognitiveskills, memory, attention and sharpen yourbrain. Want to test yourbrain skills and compare them with otherpeople? Try our game andtest your intellect. The game will beuseful for kids, girls, boys,adults and people who like puzzles,memory tests, IQ tests, braingames, memory trainings and otherthings useful for your brain.Games are completely free and willstay that way. We hope that youlike our app and we’ll continue todevelop it and add more games forbrain training in future. Pleaseleave us a comment if you like thegame. We hope that our app willhelp you to improve your brainskills!
I Love Hue 1.1.13
Selected as one of Google Play's Best Games of 2017 in the'MostInnovative' category.I Love Hue is a gentle journey intocolour andperception. Reorder mosaics of coloured tiles intoperfectlyordered spectrums. Lovingly made for players who enjoybeautifullycrafted puzzle games - or anyone who needs a few momentsof visualtranquility."Colourful, calm, and curious" - PocketGamer"Lovely tolook at" - Kotaku UKCOLOUR - move each tile to itsperfect placewithin the spectrumHARMONY - create order out ofchromatic chaosPERCEPTION - learn to see the smallest differencebetween similarcoloursSERENITY - lose yourself in a tranquil worldof colour andlightFEATURES:* Mesmerising colour-based gameplay - apuzzle ofperception, not logic* A minimal, modernist aesthetic - aplayablework of art* A soothing synth soundtrack* Shareyouraccomplishments… and moments of beauty* Multiple play modes -loseyourself in THE VISION or challenge yourself in THE QUEST!*Over300 levels to solve* Compare your performance to the worldaverage,and unlock achievements by beating it
Tangram Master 3.7
Form a given shape without overlapping the pieces! Collect starsandunlock achievements! Complete this logic puzzle and becometheTangram Master! ★ 400+ different levels. ★ 21 achievementstounlock. ★ Automatic tile rotation. ★ Challenging logic puzzle.★Both Chinese Tangram and European Tangram. ★ Six beautifulrelaxingthemes to choose from. ★ Master mode without full sizeshape. ★Relaxing logic puzzles that challenge your mind. ★ HDgraphics thatlook great on tablets. ★ Fun free mind game for kids.Tangram is afree challenging logic puzzle that stimulates brainactivity. Itteaches spatial concepts and problem solving. It'sgreat forkeeping the mind sharp. It's also a nice free puzzle forkids. Ifyou haven't played classic European Tangram puzzle, you'llbeamazed with it - it's a less known version that originatesfromHungary. Have fun! (bg music: Wallpaper, KevinMacLeod,incompetech_com, CC BY 3.0)
Open Puzzle Box 1.0.8
A new puzzle game that you've neverexperiencedbeforehasbeenreleased. This puzzle mechanics are simple,butuniqueenoughtocapture your interest.Game rules aresimple.Usetouch,drag,anddual-touch functions to solvepuzzlesoflockedmysteriousboxes.Opening boxes may sound simple, butcangetverytricky. Totriumph, you'll have to think outside thebox.Takeonthechallenge now: an endless series ofmysteryboxesawaitsyou.▶Features ◀# A wide selection ofstagesthatarecontinuouslyupdated# Simple game rulesthateveryonecanimmediately grasp# Avariety of puzzles andtricksthatrequireunique thinking#Multiple difficulty levels#Intuitive UIandsimplecontrols#Various stage objectives that exciteandchallengeyou▶Developers◀Website:http://mgameday.comTwitter:▶Questions?TechnicalIssues? Emailus!◀[email protected]
Riddle Stones - Cross Numbers
Love logic deduction games and numberpuzzleslike sudoku and minesweeper?Riddle Stones is a game of logic that will train your brain:likecrosswords but with squares and numbers. The game is based ontheasian riddles known as picross, griddler and nonogram. It’s arealmind challenge wrapped in a fun experience where you need tothinkand use your brains to succeed.To decipher our puzzle grids, you will use numbers indicatingwhichsquares to activate in each grid based on simple rules. Eachnumbertells you where to add squares in a row or a column. Youcancompare it to sudoku or crosswords with more fun braintraining.You will learn easily, progress rapidly and quickly getaddicted!It will blow you mind!Riddle Stones offers a fascinating cross-over betweencrosswords,sudoku, minesweeper and other puzzles based on numberswhere youcross the hints to find which squares to activate. But becarefuland think right, if you tap the wrong square, you willtrigger atrap!Fans of picross, nonogram, griddler, paint by numbers rejoiceandenjoy Riddle Stones...Solve grid cross-puzzles by logic & deduction! PLAY NOW!Also available on Facebook.Riddle Stones is completely free to play, but some in-gameitemssuch as extra lives require payment.
Interlocked 1.3
Armor Games
Have you ever seen those masterfully crafted wooden blockpuzzles?The ones that look so simple, yet prove such a challenge topullapart? Interlocked serves up cleverly crafted 3D puzzles wherethegoal is to figure out how each interlocking level fits togetherinorder to pull it apart. With simple, intuitive,touch-basedgameplay and five beautifully crafted chapters,Interlocked willdelight puzzles fans of all skill levels,completely free.- 3Dbrain-teasing puzzles- 5 challenging chaptersto beat- Brought toyou by the creators of the original Flash game,played by over 20million!- Many achievements to unlock"I thought itits concept wasingenious, and the way it made me feel like a geniuswasunmatched." - 148 apps"If you’re a true puzzle head, you cannotletthis one slip past you." - jayisgames"We like puzzle games - asourdedicated readers will know - which is why we’re tickled pinkbythe content here." - iPhone App Review
Pipe - logic puzzles 1.07
Water pipe - logic puzzles. Fix the water leak and be as aplumber.The purpose of this game is to connect the pipes. like aplumberyou need to connect the pipes to the right colors so thewater willflow. the plumber need to close all the water exits withthe pipes.there are many levels, from easy levels to difficultlevels.solving several pipes colors in one level. this is a greatlogicpuzzles game to increase your IQ and thinking abilities. wehaveother logic puzzles games, so check them out.
Math Puzzle With Sticks 1.1.6
We challenge you to show off your logical skills and solve themathequations in our new Puzzle Game With Sticks. It's agreatentertaining app, and it's FREE, now on Google Play. The gameplayis really simple. Just grab the correct stick and move it totheplace where it matches, so you can solve the puzzle and unlockthenext level and the many other cool features. Move and positionthesticks so that the answer of the mathematical problem iscorrect.If you can't solve it, we simplified the game a little byaddingsome hints, so that solving these math match puzzles will beeasyand you can go through all the many levels we've designed foryou.The app is also highly educational, as you need to do bothmathcalculations and thinking logical, as you cannot finish thepuzzlesif you don't do a little bit of both. The puzzle game hassome nicefeatures: 200 Unique Levels containing the four mathoperations. Soyou will find there Addition puzzles SubtractionMultiplicationDivision Easy hint system. 6 types of differentsticks that unlockin the game's progress: matches bamboos bonespencils maces(weapon) swords. Each stick has a different backgroundCleanoriginal graphics Lots of great and entertaining animations Wehopeyou will enjoy the game! If you are having troubles with thegame,or if you just want to send us feedback, please don't hesitatetocontact us at [email protected]
RIKUDO Puzzles ★ Number Mazes 1.1.3
Rikudo Games
Rikudo is a logic puzzle game which is easy to understand but canbevery hard to solve. The goal is to find a path ofconsecutivenumbers in a honeycomb grid with hexagonal cells. Eachpuzzle is anumber maze with a unique solution. Like Sudoku andSuguru, Rikudois an addictive number placement puzzle mainly aboutlogic. Howeverwhat makes Rikudo special is its visual and intuitivenature.Hoursof fun and brain training ahead:★ An animated tutorialto learn thebasics★ 320 free puzzles of various sizes and levels ★An evil modeto spice it up★ Some puzzles in action mode★Leaderboards andachievements★ A pepper mode to get harder smallpuzzles★ Hints tolearn the most advanced solving techniques Cloudsynchronizationacross devices is available with Google Play Games.The game canalso be played off-line and does not take much space(<20Mo).The game becomes ad-free for any in-app purchase.Rikudoisproduced by an independent developer.
Skillz - Logic Brain Games 4.8.3
App Holdings
Want to test your memory skills or give your brain an exercise?Trythis fun memory game to improve your memory, speed, getbetteraccuracy, distinguish between colors and much more. This is afunlogical game that gives a good test to your brain. With thisbraingame, you can help kids learn to distinguish betweendifferentcolors and improve their skills. Kids sharpen their mindswhilehaving fun playing this game. This logical game is designedfor allage groups as it is a skill test game. Also, you can testyourreflexes. There are some fun game puzzles in the game ofdifferentkinds. You score points and advance levels. Very fun andaddictivegame that you will completely enjoy.*********************** APPHIGHLIGHTS *********************** Toadd to playing a logical gameand training your brain, you also havea lot of fun with the game.It is packed with different kind oftests that improve your skillsand abilities. Here is how – ✓Improveyour memory ✓Train yourreflexes ✓Increase your accuracy ✓Prove yourtouch ability✓Increase your speed ✓Learn color coordination Eachlevel testsyour skills and abilities to their peak. After eachlevel, yourresults are ranked between 1 and 5 Stars and you will berewardedwith a number of Brains. For every Star earned you will berewardedwith one Brain. Using a brain, you can retry from thecurrentround, pass a round or pass a level with 5 stars. Everylevel isdesigned to help you improve your skills, memory to sharpenyourmind with this addictive game. So, are you ready to take up abrainchallenge now? Download this free app – “Skillz Logical BrainGame”now to get started. The logical game is introducing aMultiplayerfeature. Here is how it goes – - Play with your friendsor withrandom players - Start a game with minimum 2 players. Maxlimit is4. - If you finish the game in Multiplayer mode on the 1stplace,you earn a "Win" and 5 Brains. If you finish the game but onthe2nd place, you earn just 3 Brains and no "Win" - YourMultiplayerRanking depends on the "Wins" - Play in Multiplayer modeand unlockAchievements You will love the feature, so start sharingwith yourfriends.
Gears logic puzzles 1.135
Sergey Tropin
The rules are easy, just move the light gears and connect themwiththe red gears so that everything rotates. You will need yourwisdomand imagination. Logical puzzle game about the mechanics ofgears.Features: * Thousands of engaging levels. * Free play, playat anyplace at any time. * Suitable for all ages. For adults andkids. *Get extremely fun and entertaining mechanic(engineer)experience bygears. * Simple rules, good gameplay. You will findaddiction. *There is a button to save battery power. * Educationalgame. *Non-stop play with level skip. * Physics Puzzler,Physics-basedgaming. * No time limit. * No WIFI? Games you can playoffline. *Annoying ads? No problem! Buy AD FREE. * HINTS : It's agoodfriend. * Email help. Blow your stress away! Discover tonsoflevels or create your own level. Relax. Enjoy!
SWITCH or NOT? – logic puzzles & logic problems 1.3.6
Robin Blood
"SWITCH or NOT?" is a logic puzzles kind of plumber. Try tocompletethe level in fewer turns. Follow the flow of the currentas itpasses through a field of logic gates - discover thecorrectcombination of inputs to solve each puzzle."SWITCH or NOT?"throwsyou in to the world of circuit-based logic that drivesrealcomputers! Navigate your way through a field of logic gates asyouattempt to find the correct inputs to complete the level.A gameoflogic with the most unusual & tricky questions thatrequirecreative approach.Looking for a game that is brilliant,creativeand strange at the same time? Now you can become a logicmastermindby solving the most unusual and tricky logic puzzles youhave everseen!Logic puzzles contains tricky brain teasers thatincorporateuse of memory, attention and the ability to think inunconventionalways.This is the first version of a brilliant andunusual logicpuzzles that tests your attention and ability to thinkoutside thebox.- Very simple and addictive gameplay- 100+ logicpuzzles- 94logic problems designed to develop your IQ, memory andintelligence- 24 logic puzzles on speed to improve your cognitiveabilities-Achievement Boards- Cognitive Score Evaluation- Highquality andlovely minimalistic graphics- Stylish and minimalisticdesigncombined with intuitive controls- One finger touch controls-NoWiFi or Internet? You can play offline in anytime.CREATIVELOGICPUZZLES & ABSURD SOLUTIONS!You do not need to be genius toplaySWITCH or NOT. However if you are genius, you're more thanwelcometo try :)There are more than 100 unique and funny logicproblems.What you need is to try various creative approaches toreach thesolution.THINK OUTSIDE THE BOXSWITCH or NOT is anaddictive free IQgame and find out if you are genius like Einsteinor not! Thiscrazy game is an ingenious puzzle with a series offunny brainteasers and absurd solutions that you will never everthinkbefore.FEATURES- Works offline so you can solve logicpuzzleswherever you are.- Unlock new creative logic problems-Exerciseyour brain with intellectual logic games and boost yourmentalcapacities- Improve your memory, concentrationandmindfullness.EVALUATE COGNITIVE SKILLSSWITCH or NOT is a funbasedbrain training game designed to improve attention,flexibility,visual and spatial processing and memory skills. Themore you solvethe logic puzzles, the more you will raise upcritical cognitiveskills that are designed to boost yourproductivity and creatingalternative solutions for the daily logicproblems.Try to advanceyour mental core abilities, challenge yourfriends, compare yourperformance and motivate each other. Astronger working memoryenables quicker learning and an improvementin brainconnectivity.By playing this game you will not only havefun, butyou will also update your mental skills and cognitiveabilities-Improve your memory- Increase your visual processing-Prove yourability of problem solving- Train shape and colorcoordinationHOWTO PLAYFollow the instructions carefully. Somequestions may betricky or need a different approach to solve. Thosesmall logicpuzzles will help you to power up your attention, focusthoughts ona specific item, train spatial thinking and improve yourmentalskills at all.TRICKY LOGIC PUZZLE GAMECould you be a genius,areyou smart enough solve all the test to beat your friends to getthethink highest IQ outside your game? Try this innovativelogicpuzzles to improve your speed of think and try to figure itoutsidethe circle.As you can see people commented that theircognitiveskills were challenged, they were forced to thinkalternative waysto solve logic problems, so their reasoningabilityprogressed.Enjoy brain training game and improve yourcognitiveabilities.You are a lover of logic puzzles kind ofplumber? Do youlike electronics? "SWITCH or NOT?" is for you! Havea good game!
That Level Again 1.55
A small logic game where all levels are the same but ways to winarenot You are in the room with spikes, platform, a button and adoor.Seems easy, doesnt it? • 80 non-unique levels • 80 uniqueways towin • And anew immortal hero that rises from the dead •Easter eggs
Logic Pic - Picture Cross & Nonogram Puzzle 2.17.4
Tapps Games
Solve endless logic puzzles and get a bit smarter every daywhilehaving fun! Sharpen your mind anywhere, anytime with easy tolearn,hard to master nonogram puzzles (a.k.a. Picross, Griddler,PictureCross), all while discovering awesome pixel artillustrations! Haveyour wits always one step ahead! HOW TO PLAY Ifyou’re alreadyfamiliar with grid puzzles, you’ll quickly get thehang ofnonograms. You only need to follow two steps to get started:1-Lookat the numbers at the ends the rows and columns; 2-Use logictofill the blocks and discover the hidden picture! Our quickin-gametutorial will have you solving picture cross puzzles like ageniusin no time! FEATURES 💡SOLVE countless brain-teasing,easy-to-expertnonogram puzzles! 💡BEAT a challenge every day withthe Daily Levelsfeature! 💡USE logic to color the blocks on thegrids and reveal thepictures hidden underneath them. The simple andfun picrossgameplay you know and love! 💡ENJOY hours upon hours ofpicrosspicture logic puzzles with varying difficulty: lots of funfor allages and skill levels! 💡NO WI-FI NEEDED: play the gameoffline atany time! 💡DISCOVER beautiful pixel art pictures fromdifferentthematic sets in the biggest selection of picture crosspuzzlecategories yet! Puzzle Packs include famous landmarks,animals,everyday objects and movies 💡SHOW OFF how smart you are bysolvingnonograms with record speed in front of your friends orthatspecial someone you wish to impress! 💡AUTO-SAVE feature letsyouresume your picross puzzle solving from where you left! Youmightnot know nonogram, griddlers or picross puzzles yet, but ifyoulike similar brainteasers like crosswords and jigsaws, you’llloveour logic challenges! Complete fun thematic puzzle setsandpower-up your problem solving skills without even noticing it!Eachsolution you come up with for these deceptively simplenumber-basedriddles counts as a complete mental workout! Downloadnow and startboosting the power of your brain! Please note! Thisgame is free toplay, but it contains items that can be purchasedfor real money.Some features and extras mentioned in thedescription may also haveto be purchased for real money.
Sudoku Free: Sudoku Solver Crossword Puzzle Games 2.10201
If you like classic math logic puzzles or brain training games,youwill love this crossword solver mobile app. In here, anabundanceof sudoku conundrum, various level design and cool brainteasersquiz can train your brainpower, bring you unexpectedbrainstorm!Whether you are bookworm or number guru genious, ourrich freecrossword puzzles will make you happy and crazy! The freesudokupuzzles can test whether you are an idiot or prodigy in amoment.So, want have a real try? A new sudoku world isready.Brainstorming is coming! Join us, search your numberdictionary, bea game killer quickly! We create this free chuzzlegame withvarious key FEATURES: ** 3 types of difficulty levels fromsudokubeginners to sudoku killer (easy sudoku, sudoku medium andhardsudoku). ** More than 1000 unlimited number crossword puzzlesarewaiting for you. ** 5 kinds of sudoku free puzzles, challengeyouriq, exercise your deductive mind. ** No wifi cool math games,youcan challenge numbers puzzle anytime, anywhere. ** Autohighlightselected numbers, give you sudoku hints, make you be mathsolver.** Clear sudoku tutorial, logic puzzles for adults, uniquesudokumaster training ways. ** Cool visual effect, fun telltalegamessettings, unlock your brain! ** Our crossword puzzle gamessupportfor offline mode, allows you to play sudoku online. **KillerSuduko: For expert puzzle crossword solvers! ** More kakuropuzzlesand lumosity levels will sharpen your mind! How to playsudoku? Thesudoku rules and modes as followed: **Sudoku 4x4 Eachrow, columnand palace should be filled in number 1,2,3,4 withoutrepeat,Primary simple sudoku for beginners. sudoku borad pic ofcrosswordwith numbers makes you feel crazy! **Sudoku 6x6 Digital 1to 6 canbe chosen. This mode greatly tests your mind tricks plussudokutips, make you experience endless logical reasoningpuzzles.**Sudoku 9x9(standard sudoku) Each row, column and palacecontainsnumber 1~9 once. This mode will bring you into puzzlemania. Funmastermind puzzle game will lead you into sudoku puzzleworld.**Sudoku x Each row, column and palace and two diagonals ofthesudoku grid should be filled in math numbers from 1~9.Playcrossword puzzles free mode let you realize the magic offingerarts, be walking sudoku solver! **Percent sudoku Each column,row,and each of the nine 3x3 sub-grids that compose the gridblockcontains digits from 1 to 9. A fun iq test game! Sudoku is aFREElogic-based number-placement crossword games, it is not onlyabookworm game free, but also a telltale game which can reflexmathformula and give your brain attack. Sudoku just like yourbraintrainer, if you have a dream to be a math magician or mathmaster,this logical reasoning thinking game will very match yourtaste.Sudoku is not only a word search game, but a prodigy game,whenplaying the awesome crossword puzzles free game, you can haveafree intelligence test and get free brain training. Instandardsudoku mode, tap the four square sudoku grid block, placenumber ineach grid cell of the magic square. Change number to avoidrepeat,complete the latin square, learn more math tricks.Unlimitedendless sudoku brainteasers is waiting for you to solve.Supersudoku solver master will be you. A great daily brain traininggamefor kids! Want experience math practices and logic puzzleswithgrids? Want be a walking crossword number puzzle sudokusolver?Sudoku will be your greater mathway free helper, and canlead youinto math world, let you become math puzzle samurai andbring youunexpected brainstorm, your girls and boys will love it!Chooseyour level of difficulty, use your strong brain power,thisthinking game will make you be sudoku solver. More spielesudokutechniques is waiting for discovery! A quick and fastlifestylebegins from the word square! With free math magiciangames, whetheronline or offline, you will addict in sudoku saga andget rid ofgame bookworm, become sudoku king!
Puzzles with Matches 2.0.1
Celtic Spear
Good old puzzles with matches They have been vexing the minds ofthecurious for centuries. The rules are simple: you see a figureon thescreen made up of several matches, but it’s not perfect.Move,remove or add matches… and voila! The figure is complete(don’tleave unused matches though).Some problems will besurprisinglyeasy, and some will require an elegant solution. Mostlevels can becompleted in a number of ways (solutions differentfrom suggestedones are also accepted). Hints can be accessed byclicking the“Solution” button in the menu.We hope you will enjoythe puzzlesjust as we enjoyed creating them for the game. Goodluck!SUPPORTOurGoogle+: Facebookprofile:
Matches Puzzle Games 0.98
Matches puzzle - a classic board game with 1000+ puzzles:shapes,numbers, roman and bonus levels!Solve matches puzzles byremoving,adding and moving matches. Use all matches to find therightsolution! Every matches puzzle level is different (shapes,sizes,modes ...). They are carefully made and manually checked, sotheyare correct.First episode/season is relatively easy, butremember,there are 10 episodes/seasons - so get ready to work thatbrain ofyours!This classic game with matches will bring you toyourchildhood days.Features:◆ 1000+ brain busting matches puzzlegames(10 seasons, each features 3 bonus rounds to keep you sharp!)◆Compete with your friends with Google Play Games Services andwinthe crown◆ Multiple ways to solve each puzzle, can you findthecorrect ones?◆ Levels have all different shapes, sizes,equations(roman numerals) and colors and designs!◆ HD colorfulbeautifulgraphics, so you will not be bored!◆ Works good on olderdeviceswith slower processors and lower resolutions!◆ Small size,noadware, no unnecessary permissions!Multilanguage:English,German,Russian, Italian, Polish, Czech, (Ukrainian and Frenchcomesoon)Google Play Games Services ↗ save your progress to cloudforfuture need on newer devices (if you finish and want to restartyoucan reset in settings)↗ unlock achievements↗ compare you resultonleaderboardsIf you have problems with levels, be sure to checkoutsolutions or give us feedback on our email or on supportpages.Ifyou like this game, please rate it and leave a comment. Iam anindie game developer and your support means a lot to me! Thankyoufor your help! If you don't like something in the game,pleaseemail me at [email protected] and tell me why. Iwant tohear your feedback and comments so I can continue to makethismatches puzzle game better.Good luck!Support is avaliabletroughour socialpagesG+: Please also likeour matches puzzles gameMatches Puzzle Game,Matchstick Puzzles,Move the Matches
Math Pieces
Nebula Bytes
Math Pieces is great and unique puzzle game. Touch and dragpieceson board to solve equations. Simple rules, great casualgameplay.
Connect Lovely Animals 1.8
✌ Connect Lovely Animals is a puzzle game. The game includes somanylovely animals. This game is made similar to a PC game.Thehighlight is that you only need to play with one handwithoutpanning across the screen ✌ How to play Connect LovelyAnimals: ★You have to find all animals in the pair on the screenbefore timeruns out. ★ More levels, more difficult. ★ You have twotypes ofhelp: pair search and position swap. ✌ Features of ConnectLovelyAnimals: ★ Many of cute animal, lovely animal ★Supportmulti-screen for android devices ★ So much of levels ★Suggest thepair of animal when playing ★ Suggest the reload matrixof animalswhen playing ★ Highlight suggest pair animals ★ Reloadthe level tofind pair animals Take funny time by playing ConnectLovelyAnimals!
hocus. 1.9.9
★★★ FREE level cards at ★★★ hocus. isaminimal perspective illusion puzzle based on M.C. Escherdrawingsand impossible shapes. • NO ads!!!• 100 Beautifully craftedmindbending levels • Create and share your levels as a card orcode•Relaxing music & sounds• 100% indie - designed anddeveloped bya puzzle lover• Optimized for Android and humanbrainsFollowus:••
Logic Master 1 - Mind Twist 2.0.52
Weez Beez
A game of logic with the most unusual & tricky questionsthatrequire creative approach. Looking for a game that isbrilliant,creative and strange at the same time? Now you can becomea logicmastermind by solving the most unusual and tricky questionsyouhave ever seen! The puzzle contains tricky questionsthatincorporate use of memory, attention and the ability to thinkinunconventional ways. This is the first version of a brilliantandunusual puzzle that tests your attention and ability tothinkoutside the box. - Very simple and addictive gameplay-Multilanguage support - 200+ puzzles - GlobalLeaderboards,Achievement Boards and Star Boards - Cognitive ScoreEvaluation -High quality and lovely handdrawn graphics - Fun musicand soundeffects - One finger touch or drag controls - Competeagainist timeand players all over the world CREATIVE PUZZLE &ABSURDSOLUTIONS! You do not need to be genius to play LogicMaster.However if you are genius, you're more than welcome to try:) Thereare more than 200 unique and funny problems. What you needis totry various creative approaches to reach the solution.THINKOUTSIDE THE BOX Logic Master is an addictive free IQ game andfindout if you are genius like Einstein or not! This crazy game isaningenious puzzle with a series of funny brain teasers andabsurdsolutions that you will never ever think before. FEATURES-Performance tracking and Cognitive Statistics that showyouractivity and performance history - Works offline so you cansolvebrain training problems wherever you are. - Unlock newcreativelevels - Exercise your brain with intellectual problems andboostyour mental capacities - Improve your memory, concentrationandmindfullness. EVALUATE COGNITIVE SKILLS Logic Master is a funbasedbrain training game designed to improve attention,flexibility,visual and spatial processing and memory skills. Themore you solvethe puzzles, the more you will raise up criticalcognitive skillsthat are designed to boost your productivity andcreatingalternative solutions for the daily problems. Try toadvance yourmental core abilities, challenge your friends, compareyourperformance and motivate each other. A stronger workingmemoryenables quicker learning and an improvement in brainconnectivity.By playing this game you will not only have fun, butyou will alsoupdate your mental skills and cognitive abilities -Improve yourmemory - Train your creativity - Increase your visualprocessing -Prove your ability of problem solving - Train shape andcolorcoordination HOW TO PLAY Follow the instructions carefully.Somequestions may be tricky or need a different approach tosolve.Those small puzzles will help you to power up your attention,focusthoughts on a specific item, train spatial thinking andimproveyour mental skills at all. TRICKY PUZZLE GAME Could you beagenius, are you smart enough solve all the test to beatyourfriends to get the think highest IQ outside your game? Trythisinnovative test puzzle to improve your speed of think and trytofigure it outside the circle. As you can see people commentedthattheir coginitive skills were challenged, they were forced tothinkalternative ways to solve problems, so their reasoningabilityprogressed. Enjoy brain training game and improve yourcognitiveabilities.
Slidey: Block Puzzle 2.2.19
WELCOME TO SLIDEY! THE LATEST, MOST FUN PUZZLE ADVENTURE! Wegiveyou SLIDEY, the ultimate Puzzle game with unique gameplayandendless fun! The Slidey puzzle is simple: move blockshorizontallyto create and clear full lines. Slidey is free to playand easy tolearn. Join the wildest adventure of your life and havea blast!FEATURES: ● A new type of brain training puzzle, entertainyourbrain for minutes or hours ● Endless challenge, you canplayforever yet you'll still find something undiscovered ●EarnExperience as you play. Rank up your cute shaman and get accesstoexciting shaman masks and gifts ● An engaging originalsoundtrackwith custom made sound effects ● Free to play! EnjoyingSlidey?Learn more about the game!Facebook: Questions? Contact our techSupport bysending an email to [email protected]
You Must Escape 2.1
Mobest Media
Your one and only mission in this room escaping puzzle game istofind the way to open different doors and exit each and everyroomthe adventure has to offer.Features:↗ Challenging puzzles↗Logicbrain teasers↗ Easy to start – impossible to put down↗Exploredifferent themed rooms!↗ New rooms added frequently ↗ 100%FREE forAndroid!How to play:Find and combine objects to solvepuzzles. Beateach level by unlocking the door and escapingtheroom!Walkthrough:
Lazors 2.4.2
Lazors is a puzzle game of lasers and mirrors offering more thanahundred levels, ranging from easy distractions to hardchallenges.+280 levels+ Intuitive gameplay+ Hint systemMove blocks,reflect thelaser, hit all targets!
MechBox: The Ultimate Puzzle Box 8.9.13
The Mechanical Box is a device created with only onepurpose:protecting what's inside at all costs. Every protectionlayer of itis a new unique puzzle. You’re the Tester, and your taskis to hackand bypass the MechBox security system by crackingpasswords andsolving brain-cracking puzzles. You'll need yourability to thinkout of the box combined with ultimate attention todetails. Are youready for this challenge? It's your call. Now it'sour marketingexpert's turn to speak (he threatens to bite me if Idon't stepaside). What features does the Mechanical Box have? -MechBox is anincredible, ultimately hard, addictive, unique puzzle- This gameis perfect for those who want to test their puzzlesolving skillsfor all it's worth - Boost your brain power in thiscolorfuladventure full of secrets and mysteries! - No time limits,you canplay offline - Amazing graphics optimized for tabletsandsmartphones - If you're stuck, the Box has some tips inside! -Youcan play absolutely free! - No casual match-3 puzzles, justlogicalproblems and thinking outside the box - Test yourself, findhiddentips and Easter Eggs in the set of epic puzzles - Have noidea whatto do on your holidays? Avoid traps and solve the mysteryof theMechanical Box! - What you're waiting for? Start solvingpuzzlesright now! Thank you for playing MechBox! - The game is freetoplay. However, in-app purchases are available for remove alladsand unlimited hints. Contains advertising. - Like us on Facebooktostay up-to-date on game news, contests, polls and other funstuff:
Brain Training | Puzzle Cars 3 3.0.9
The perfect union of car puzzles and logic game. If you arelookingfor a logic game that makes you think and race car themed,this isthe puzzle game you were looking for. The mission of thiscar gameis to build the racing circuit without leaving a freespace. Gameof puzzles of cars of competition, that you must jointhe exit withthe goal. Think and use logic to complete eachchallenge. It willhelp you train your intelligence. Each puzzle isa logical maze.Characteristics: - Translated into 22 languages:English, Spanish,French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Brazilian,Turkish, Russian,Malay, Japanese, Chinese, Danish, Norwegian,Polish , Swedish,Indonesian, Arabic, Korean, Thai, Indian andPersian. - Simplelogic. - Simple and intuitive controls. -Increased difficulty ofpuzzles. - Does not contain purchases withinthe application. -Hours of fun. - Car puzzle game that you mustbuild car circuits. -More than 100 logic puzzles with exclusiveresponse. - Video gametotally free. - You do not need the Internet.- It takes up littlespace. - You can train the mind. Remember thata game of cars is avideo game in which the objective is to travel acertain distanceor go from one place to another in the shortestpossible time, asin motor racing and motorcycling. On the otherhand the logic gamesare pastimes or games that consist in findingthe solution of aproblem raised. And to end wit is the mentalability to solveproblems. Do not forget to vote, rate and / orcomment on theGoogle Play Store to improve. (Suggestions, graphicerrors,translation errors, improvements, suggestions ....)
Block Puzzle Free 1.6
Block Puzzle Free is the hardest block puzzle game!As long asyoutap sideways or vertically and connected into a line canbeeliminated and got scores. Block Puzzle Free is amazing blockandbrings brand new game experience to classic puzzle blockgames.Thisaddictive game makes for great brain training and offershours ofretro games fun for fans of hard puzzle games and mindgames alike!Block Puzzle Free - it’s the ultimate puzzle game! Onceyou start,you'll be hooked. You can play games for FREE!HOW TOPLAY• Drag theblocks to move them.• Try to fit them all in the rowor column.Then the block will be clear and you get the point. Gamewill beover if there are no room for any the shapes below thegrid.• Powerup with boosters• Hurry up! Time is limits!sFEATURES•Simple rulesand Easy control • Various blocks and stunning graphic•Smooth anddelicate animation• Funny sound effects• Hours of fun,excitingplay• Support all tablet devicesTry to play Block PuzzleFree andI'm sure it will cause a mania for you!
Puzzles for all family 0.0.5
What could be better than mosaic puzzles? This is the mostpopularlogic game, thanks to it you can spend your free time withprofit.And with puzzles for Android you can be sure, that none ofthepuzzle's pieces won't lost in any circumstances!Game's features:•Puzzles for all family• Puzzles without the Internet;• puzzleforadults;• 10 different categories• Puzzles of 56 pieces• Puzzlesof100 pieces• 80 beautiful pictures• Timer• Different gamemodes•Pleasant musicIn a game "Puzzles for all family" you areawaited bya picture's choice for any taste, which are distributed(divided)on relevant categories. Player can choose game'sdifficulty byhimself:- puzzle of 56 pieces- puzzle of 100 pieces-without fontpicture- with font picture- with font picture, dividedon puzzle'spieces bordersYou can make new records, as there is atimer in thegame. Also, in any time you can see a picture, whichyou arecollecting at the moment for placing a puzzle's piece oncorrectplace. And if you need to immediately stop the game, you cansaveit by pressing on a button with a diskette image and continueonthe next time from the moment, you stopped before. A game"Puzzlesfor all family" will be enjoyed by everyone, because righthere youcould find pictures for any taste. You like animals?Please, theycan be found in the "Family" category. Like cars? Noproblem, suchcategory presents too. Prefer space? Without ceremony!So, everyonewill find a topic for himself.Different puzzles foradultseffectively develop inductive thinking, logic andattention,imagination and perception. Play adult interesting gamesand have alot of fun.
Circuit Scramble - Computer Logic Puzzles 2.07
Circuit Scramble throws you in to the world of circuit-basedlogicthat drives real computers! Navigate your way through a fieldoflogic gates as you attempt to find the correct inputs tocompletethe level in this unique and fascinating puzzler.Follow theflow ofthe current as it passes through a field of logic gates -discoverthe correct combination of inputs to solve each puzzle.Completeeach level in the lowest number of moves to get thebestscore!Features:- Challenging puzzles based on real worldlogicgates- Classic Mode - with 135 custom-made levels for youtoexplore- Endless Mode - a limitless supply of randomlygeneratedlevels, so the circuit based fun never needs to stop!CircuitScramble is completely free, with no in-app purchases. Justlots ofthought provoking, circuit filled enjoyment!
Mind Games 0.6.9a
AK Games
Mind Games - a new game for relax and, at the same time, to work-the work of the mind. A game for those who like to solvepuzzlesand riddles. For those who are in between work strives topracticein logic and mathematics.The game is a collection of thebestpuzzles of varying difficultyAt the moment, 17 different typesofpuzzles, and 180 levels.• Thought-out sequence of levels•Goodgraphics• Intriguing soundtrack• Game is definitely interestedinhow children and young people, and older peopleLike I said,thegame is a collection of interesting puzzles. Some are known toallof us from childhood - a variant of the game reversi,chesspuzzles, peg puzzle. And some are a combination of twoadvancedgames, such as in the case of sea battle or Sudoku.
IQ Mission 1.3
YUMMY Factory
*** TOP 1 *** in more than 50 countries in the Board andPuzzleGames category on the App Store! OVER 1,500,000PLAYERSWORLDWIDE!In an extra-special mode, we recruit you to becomeaspecial agent. Will you take on the job? Your first missioniscode-named IQ. Visit eight cities and solve the puzzlesencounteredthere. For completing each task, you will get a part ofa map. Ourreliable sources report that only the complete map canreveal wherethe secret source of the Earth’s energy lies. Only youcan meetthis challenge!YOUR MISSION DETAILS- 8 cities: Luxor, MonteCarlo,Antwerp, Rapa Nui, Marrakech, Paris, Beijing, London- 8informants:Hapuseneb, Cesare Ricco, Aaron Goldbaum, Uru Kenu,Mohamed BenKarim, Colette, Lin Zi, Bob Atkins- 8 types of logicalgames- 128varied levels of difficulty- 20 achievements to earn- and1 finalgame (mission target)Live and don’t let die!*Confidentialmaterials - for your eyes only."The best mobile gamesare the onesthat make us feel smart, are easy to play in shortbursts of time,and look better than a Renaissance painting. IQMission from YUMMYFactory is one such game..." -
Hexagon - Block Puzzle 1.1
Are you a super fan of slide puzzle or unblock puzzle game ?Ifyouare, this unblock game is what you are looking for !Hexagon -BlockPuzzle is a simple and addictive puzzle game. Use your brainandtry hard to solve each puzzle.HOW TO PLAY :Firstly , letmeintroduce what the unblock puzzle is. When game play, you willseemany wood blocks. There are many types of block :• Pickuptheblock• Drag and place the block on empty space.• Create allthefull lines in three directions to destroy them.• Try to keepsomeempty spaces, if there is no room to place you will loseTIPS:•When game is hard to solved, use Refresh button to load newhexagonblocks• Each 200 points you gain, you receive a Refresh
100 Doors Brain Teasers 1 4.1
ShEk Tech
Can you find your way out of every of the 100 room? Usein-gameclues, solve addictive puzzles and open the door of each ofthe 100rooms. This game is improved upon the concept of 100DoorsEscape.★★ How to play ★★ - Unlock the door to escape and getto thenext door. - To do that, use clues and solve puzzles - Youcan pickcertain items up and use them from your inventory.Gamewalkthrough: 50 more released as: "100 Doors Brain Teasers 2"-Realistic,eye catching graphics- Numerous brain teasers- Logic-HighlyaddictiveIt is a level based game and the levels can becategorizedinto four door types. In the first type user has tolook for cluesand find a numeric based, a color sequence based ora text basedcode to open a door. In the second type user needs tolook forobjects, combine them and find a key. In the third typeuser needsto move four images into one of the two boxes in theroom. In thelast type of rooms user has two sets of four imagesand the playerhas to match one image from first set to acorresponding image inthe second set. The room provides clues toachieve the task.Havefun.
Jigsaw Puzzles Real 5.1.4G
Rottz Games
Jigsaw Puzzles that is a really free jigsaw game! The puzzlethatgives you the perfect free Jigsaw puzzle experience: Everythinginthe game is free! • All 2400 photos are free! • Createcustomjigsaw puzzles from your album photos? Also free. • Pick anynumberof pieces and rotation in our jigsaw puzzle game - free also.Noneed to pay to unlock photos or premium version. And more: •JigsawPuzzles sizes: From 9 (child jigsaw) to 1300 pieces(expertpuzzle). • Your Own Photos: Play jig saws puzzles with anyfamilyphoto you have on your phone or tablet! • More Photos: Over2400free photos in 35 themes. • Unique Puzzle: Each piece formsanunique jigsaw puzzle design. The download size is worth it:that'sdue to the vast amount of free photo puzzles packs included,suchas: beach puzzles, mountain, castle, pet jigsaws, cats anddogspuzzles, Halloween jigsaws, etc. Please send your suggestionsandproblem reports to our puzzles: [email protected] Over200MILLION free puzzles played! Thanks for loving JigsawPuzzles!Enjoy!
Children's Bible Puzzle 1.12
RDB Mobile
The Game Children's Bible puzzle, is designed to introduce aplayfulway, some of the biblical passages. The game aims:Awakening in thechild's interest in the Bible.Play is fundamentalin the developmentof each child. With this in mind we created thisgame, which willhelp to stimulate learning, develop intelligence,logical reasoning,the ability to coordination / visual-motor,attention, visualdiscrimination and retell stories. They can alsodevelop differentabilities of thought as: observe, compare,analyze and summarize.Atthe beginning of each puzzle, the chosenfigure is shown by full, sothat the child observe the figure to beassembled, following theparts will be mixed for the child toassemble the figures of thepuzzle by clicking each square so thatthe part is facing in thecorrect position of the image. Theobjective of this game is tocomplete all the pieces to form thechosen figure.Try to assemblethe biblical images in the shortesttime possible!Good fun!Be kindand compassionate to one another,forgiving each other, just as Godforgave them in Christ.Ephesians4:32"Honor your father and yourmother" - this is the firstcommandment with a promise - "so thateverything goes well you andyou may live long on theearth."Ephesians 6: 2-3
Linedoku: Logic Puzzles 1.9.9
Linedoku is a collection of the best free puzzle games allaboutlines and loops. Enjoy colorful pipe puzzles, one-linepuzzles,maze puzzles, connect dots, make infinite loops or linknumbers -The perfect time killers! Challenge yourself, train yourbrain andbecome the puzzle king! ...or just relax and solve somelevels. OneStroke One of the kings of line puzzles. Draw a linefrom dot todot and connect all the paths in 1 line. Block Puzzle:Lines Aclassic Block Puzzle Game interpreted in a new way. Drag anddropthe blocks over the board and cover all the dots. Blocksshouldn'toverlap and only be placed on the paths they fit into.Number MazeFind a way; Connect the numbers smartly in ascendingorder and drawpuzzling one-line-mazes. Connect all the dots smartlyand fill thegrid to solve the level. Loops Fun level: Infinity.Loop puzzlesabout spinning and connecting cells to create infiniteloops.Discover all the unique art pieces that unfold themselves.CrossPath Tired of Sudoku? Here's a simple alternative. Fill thegrid bydrawing traces on the board. The number of traces per knotarelimited and can only be drawn as straigt lines. The leveliscompleted after every cell in the grid is filled. ConnectDrawtraces between dots of the same color and create color lines.Fillthe whole grid and connect all the dots to master the level.SlideThe Blocks A classic slide puzzle. Shift and move the blocksandlet the colors unroll through the path. Solve the levelbyconnecting all the color sources with each other. The path alsohasto be a closed line. Color Loops Link the cells naturallytogetherto create an endless loop of different colors. Be like aweaver oflines. Game Features * Minimalist and adult design * Playthe bestlogic games all in one app * One touch gameplay - playsmoothly onehanded * train your brain with 4500 levels completelyfree to play* no wifi, no problem - playable offline * Clear yourmind in the'relax'- mode * Fill up brain power in the challengemode * Freecontent updates * Compare your progress with otherplayers on theleaderboards
100 Logic Games - Time Killers
Train your brain with 100 (+12) different types of PuzzleGames!----------------After 5.000.000 downloads on iOS and WP,LogicGames is finally available on Android !----------------Can'tstandSudoku ? Or actually, maybe you love it, but you’re lookingfor achange ? These puzzle games are a lot more entertainingandenjoyable, providing similar mental exercise.Chooseamongincreasingly difficult and big puzzle levels, save yourprogress,undo, restart and take advantage of the hints to keepgoing whenstuck.An ideal companion for spare time, with enoughvariety you’resure to find at least one game you’ll love.PARKS •Plant the Trees.But not too close !SNAIL • 1,2,3…1,2,3…Follow theTrail SKYSCRAPERS• Find the Skyline !TENTS • Each camper wants hisshade. But hisprivacy too !ABCD • It’s easy as ABC. Well, almost!BATTLESHIPS •Play solo Battleships. No peeking !NURIKABE • Wallsand Gardens.Well, actually just one Wall and many GardensHITORI •ShadynumbersLIGHTEN UP • Lighten your room, but not the lightbulbs!MAGNETS • Respect the attraction. And the repulsion !HIDDENSTARS• They must be somewhere, just follow the arrowsBRANCHES •Abranching alternative to NurikabeTATAMI • 1,2,3…1,2,3…FillthematsFUTOSHIKI • A classic in inequalitiesHIDDEN PATH • Jumpandfollow the arrows BLOCKED VIEW • This time it’s just one Gardenandmany WallsFILLOMINO • Number those ParksBLACK BOX • FireLasers,Find Atoms !NUMBER LINK • The Number ConnectionMASYU •Necklace andPearlsSLITHERLINK • Looping MinesweeperMOSAIK • PuzzlerPainterLINESWEEPER • Revenge of the Looping Minesweeper HIDATO •NumbersMazeKAKURO • Sum it up !CALCUDOKU • Math SudokuLANDSCAPER •Varietyis key !GALAXIES • Spiraling into SpaceCLOUDS • WeatherRadarROOMS• Close that door !DOMINO • Tiles and TilesLOOPY •EnoughSlitherlink ?RIPPLE EFFECT • Mind the Ripples !BOX IT UP •BoxingIntervalWALLS • Maze of BricksSLANTED MAZE • Maze ofSlants!MATHRAX • Diagonal Math Wiz(… many more !!)Features:• 10000puzzlelevels• Auto-save game and quick resuming• In-game rules andsolvedexample• Timed Hints • Note-taking for complex puzzles•Single gameprogress in list• Achievements and leaderboards • PinchZoom forbig puzzlesComing up:• Single purchase to remove the ads onalldevices and get a Quick Input Panel for less tapsHavefun!__________________________________Puzzle,logic,games,Sudoku,kakuro,futoshiki,hitori,nurikabe,battleships,skyscrapers,abc,magnets,lightsup,brain,training,solitaire,masyu,numberlink,fillomino,slitherlink,mosaic,hidato,linesweeper,calcudoku,binary,galaxies,sudoku, kakuro, logic games, 100 logic games, 100 logicgames - timekillers, time killers, brain, training, trainer, braintraining,brain trainer, brain exercises, logic, logic game, logicgames,logic thinking, thinking, lateral, lateral thinking,criticalthinking, brain teasers, riddle, logic questions, lateralquestions,logic games, logic games free, logic puzzles, logicpuzzles free,logic, logic free, mind games, brain, brain games,brain quizz,brain puzzle, logica, puzzle, logic game, free game,thinking, mind,brain, memory, ingenuity, IQ.
Shatterbrain - Physics Puzzles 1.0.7
Draw shapes to solve challenging physics puzzles. From thecreatorof the #1 hit puzzle game, Brain It On! ◆ Dozens of brainbustingphysics puzzles, with more being added all the time ◆Multiple waysto solve each puzzle, can you find the best solution?◆ Compete onthe leaderboards for the fastest time or best solutionIf you enjoybrain games, have a knack for following the laws ofphysics, andenjoy making things shatter, then this puzzle game isfor you. It'seasy to learn but hard to master and will get youthinking outsidethe box in no time! Draw a dot, draw a line, drawwhatever you needto solve the puzzle and shatter the shapes.Gravity is on yourside, or is it? If you like Shatterbrain, pleaserate it and leavea comment. Your support is greatly appreciated. Ifyou don't likesomething, please email me [email protected] I want tohear your feedback and commentsso I can improve Shatterbrain andturn it into a smash hit. Lookingfor more great physics puzzlegames, try my other game Brain It On!,which was selected forGoogle Play Editor's Choice, it willdefinitely give you somethingto scratch your brain about. You canfind me on Twitter [email protected], or on Facebookat, or mywebsite: I hope you enjoy Shatterbrain!
248: Numbers and Dots Puzzle 1.2.1
BigStar Games
248 is a beautifully addictive super casual puzzle gameaboutconnecting the numbers and dots. The goal is simple: connectsamenumbers in dots vertically and horizontally to win points inthisfun free puzzle game. As you connect the same numbers, they addupin multiples of 2. Make lines by connecting as many samenumbereddots as you can. The longer the line, the more points youget andthe longer you’ll survive in this game. If you get stuck,usepower-ups! - Slide the number up, down, left, right in any ofthefour directions. - Search and connect the same numbers ontheboard. - The result is a multiple of 2 for all connectednumberssum. - The score is the sum of all connected numbers. - Thegameends when there is no connectable number. - Featuringsevenfantastic themes. - Enjoy beautiful minimalistic flat designwithrelaxing game music and fun sounds - Adorable fun, andthoughtfulgame design in this beautiful game about connectingnumber dots. -Free to play for life You will absolutely getaddicted to this 248number puzzle game!
Puzzledom - classic puzzles all in one 7.4.71
A Collection of the best and most addictive logic puzzleswithminimalism graphics and unique level design! "Puzzledom"mergedbest puzzles like Connect, Tangram, Shikaku, Fill, Plumber,Blocks,Number Link, Sudoku, Maze, Rolling Ball, One Stroke, Box,Rope,Lazors , Escape and even more which are easy to learn and funtomaster into ONE game collection. As a puzzle lover, you don'tneedspending much time on searching new brain teasers any more. Wewillgive you a ONE-STOP game experience from now on!"Puzzledom"collection currently has: ★★ Connect ★★ Connect is asimple gameinvolving connecting dots with same color. When you drawthe lines,please make sure the lines don't cross over each other.All thespace should be filled. ★★ Blocks ★★ Blocks is a classicpuzzlethat you need to fill the entire board with different shapesofblocks. You just drag the right block, move it onto the boardandmatch the right place. It's a perfect logic game forbraintraining. ★★ Rolling Ball ★★ Rolling ball is a path guidinggamethat you need to slide the blocks to create a channel whichmakesthe white ball move from the start point to the end point.★★Escape ★★ Escape is a well known game called ChineseSliding-Block.The goal is moving the red block to the exit. Thisgame will testyour observation skills. ★★ MORE puzzles comingsoon★★ We are nowworking hard on developing new challenging puzzlegames. Puzzledomwill be the king of brain teasers! FEATURES • Tonsof manuallydesigned levels Over 8000 free levels inside and morefunny levelsare under development. • Easy but Funny game play Weonly put bestpuzzles inside which will make you can not stop oncestart playing.• Minimalism graphics The art design is simple butbeautiful. It'sa game for all ages. • Playing the game with yourFRIENDS We willsupport online rank list soon! You can challengeyour friends byachievement and leader board. • No time limit Unlikematch 3 games,puzzledom has no time limit. You can play it anytimeeven with noWIFI. You can use hints to unblock obstacles when youfeelstruggled in some levels. Enjoy the game with your family ;) Ifyouhave some good ideas about Puzzledom, please send us an emailinthe game!
Can You Escape 2.1.0
The purpose of this game is to break out of the rooms. Solvethepuzzles and find all the hidden objects that you have to use intherooms in order to advance to the next floor. Challenge yourselfinthis fun, addictive, free and popular puzzle game. 12challengingrooms available at the moment! ↗ Smartphone puzzles! ↗Addictingmini puzzles! ↗ Gorgeous graphics and different themedrooms! ↗Constant updates of New Rooms! ↗ it’s FREE! Can You Escape2available now!
Hasty Hamster - A Water Puzzle 1.2.3
Milosh Games
Guide Hasty Hamster through the mazes of the SunkenPyramid!Butavoid diving too deep! Once the air runs out, HastyHamster willhave to start from scratch!Use the mighty Graviton --the newestProfessor's gravity-altering device -- to make water flowout ofthe way!===Features:★ Physics-based water simulation!★Uniquegameplay -- tilt your phone to change gravity and make waterflow!(Uses your phone's accelerometer.)★ 500+ free levels tocomplete,each generated randomly every time you play it!★ Dangeroushazards:huge boulders, poisoned waters, locked doors, and more!★ 5powerfulbonuses to help Hasty Hamster in the adventure!★ Use bothlogic andreaction skills to win!★ Easy to understand forkids,brain-challenging for adults -- a fun game for the wholefamily!★Many ways to solve each puzzle -- try playingwithfriends!===Important notices:- Please hold your devicetightlywhile playing, otherwise it may slip.- This game containsin-apppurchases that cost real money. You can disable in-apppurchases inthe settings menu of your device.===Like Hasty Hamsteron Facebook! Hasty Hamsteron Twitter! to play HastyHamster onyour computer? Vote for our Steam Greenlightsubmission:!===PrivacyPolicy: ofService:
Brain Training - Puzzle Cars 4 0.9.1
Logic game with car puzzles to build car circuits and also withwitriddles. It is a car game as a result is to connect the roadsinthe right way. First solve the visual riddles and logic puzzlesbymoving pieces of road to the correct position.When the piecesofroad are correctly placed, the race cars will be able tocirculatearound the circuit. You will also test your intelligencewith thiscar puzzle with free visual conundrums. With this game youcanexercise and train your mind, as it combines logic game andcarpuzzle.It is a puzzle of cars in which you can exercise yourmindand especially your brain capacity. You can also improvetheperformance of your memory and mental ability. Build theracetrack, in fact you will have to complete the logic visualenigmaswith a unique answer. You can also exercise memory andmentalagility.To end this game has the followingcharacteristics:Itoccupies little space, also does not containpurchases.Hours offun, it is also a totally free video game.Thisgame does not needinternet connection, in fact it does not containannoying ads.Morethan 100 riddles of ingenuity and car puzzle, forthat reason youwill improve your mental agility.Simple controls,plus an infinityof simple logic puzzles.
block puzzle mania 1.5
block puzzle mania is the best game!
Pipe Twister: Pipe Game 2.1.2
Pipe twister: an addictive free puzzle game! You are workingwithplumbings by tapping pipes to make a pipeline to connectcoloredwater flows from a source to the matching output pipe. Trainyourbrain by connecting every pipe in many challenging levels. Thisfunpipe game features: - Two adventure tracks (easy and hard)withmany puzzles to solve - Unlimited free play with the fast"QuickGame" mode that lets you play a new level - Puzzle of theDay:every day a new challenge - Over time a lot of special optionsareintroduced requiring hard thinking. Connect crossing flow,addT-piece pipes, and mix different color flow where you connectpipesconnecting 2 colored liquids that will mix into 1. - Controlsandbeautiful graphics make it simple and fast to turn the pipestoform the pipeline Use the in app payments to disable the ads orbuymore hints. Download this game now and build an awesomepipeline.It's a fun puzzle game for kids and adults.