Top 1 Games Similar to Kill The Pillow

Titan Attack: Wall Defense FPS C18.1
Titan Attack: Wall Defense FPS fun 3Dfirstperson shooter challenge with classic pixel graphics thatcreates avivid world full of foes and obstacles. Challenge yourselfagainsthordes of diabolical titan enemies and be the ultimatewarrior. Usethe hook to navigate around the titans and strike fromabove.***THE CHALLENGE HAS JUST BEGUN***Once upon a time, an entire generation of warriors were raisedbymonsters. But outsiders burned the doorways and the worldcontinuedas if they never existed. Alone, but not helpless, thewarriorsspent centuries honing their skills, waiting for the daywhen themortal hold on their otherworldly cell would weaken enoughto freetheir numbers...His eyes darted around, searching, prying, straining to see anyformof movement. His heart raced and his temples throbbed. Therewas nolight. Not anymore. They were here. The stories toldthroughnightmares were real. There was no light to save him thistime.This time, the monsters would win. After all... Even shadowsbetrayyou when it gets dark. It was up to him. These monsters-theTitans- were raging a war mere mortals could never fathom towin,unless... unless they could cooperate with the darkness andtriumphover the metamorphic heights of these otherworldlygiants.***PLAY TO THE EXTREME***Practice your target shooting skills and blast through worlds asyoutake out opponents and win awesome rewards. Collect dailypower-upsand prizes such as endless sprint and double damage willbe yours toutilize until you die. Looking for somethinglonger-lasting? Run asuccessful course in the first level againstthe clock and a givennumber of enemies and earn permanent weaponsor body armor. Vastlandscapes are yours to explore and dominate.Customize controls inthe settings screen and play to a difficultylevel that suits yourskill level. Six un-lockable levels in themission select screenmust be conquered to achieve your totalvictory. Play it like youmean it!Game Levels:-Castle Garden-Village-Rustic TownGame Enemies:-Titans and humansGame Features:-Hook Shot - navigate through air, climb tall buildings-Run, Jump, Aim-Melee And Firearm Weapon Variety-HP And Ammo Hidden Perks-Map Overview Of Oncoming Enemies-Power-Ups Refresh Daily