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Griddlers Plus 1.11.6
*** Thanks for millions of downloads, thousands of ratingsandexcellent comments *** Griddlers Plus is the most popularAndroidapplication to solve logic puzzles also known as griddlers,hanjie,nonogram, picross, kare karalamaca, japanese crossword,cryptopicsor pic-a-pix. The goal of griddlers is to find out thepositions ofblack or colored blocks using number hints in the whitegrid. Theresulting solution of the puzzle is an image. You can findmoreinformation about griddlers: Plus supports 4types of griddlers puzzle: standard(black&white), colored,triangle and multi griddlers and comeswith lots of free puzzles.FEATURES: - Thousands of puzzles andneverending updates. - Itsupports standard (black&white),colored, triangle and multigriddlers. - Advanced user interfacecontrols for solving big andcomplex puzzles easily (zoom, scroll,multi cell selection, undo,redo, backup and restore solutions...).- You can design your ownpuzzles and share with your friends viaEmail, Google Drive,bluetooth... - You can backup/restore yoursolutions between yourdevices. NOTES: - Please use 'Feedback' menuto report any problem,because we need to know the details of yourandroid device to solveit. - Remember that hint guides are therejust to help you. They areNOT related to real solution. - If youwant your puzzles to bepublished, just share it and select"Publish" method. PERMISSIONS: -FULL NETWORK ACCESS: Thispermission is used by ads service. -STORAGE: This permission isused to backup and restore yoursolutions to SD card upon yourrequest.
Nonograms Katana
Nonograms Katana: Sharpen your mind! Nonograms, also knownasHanjie, Griddlers, Picross, Japanese Crosswords, JapanesePuzzles,Pic-a-Pix, "Paint by numbers" and other names, are picturelogicpuzzles in which cells in a grid must be colored or leftblankaccording to numbers at the side of the grid to reveal ahiddenpicture. The numbers are a form of discrete tomographythatmeasures how many unbroken lines of filled-in squares there areinany given row or column. For example, a clue of "4 8 3" wouldmeanthere are sets of four, eight, and three filled squares, inthatorder, with at least one blank square between successivegroups. Tosolve a puzzle, one needs to determine which cells willbe boxesand which will be empty. Determining which cells are to beleftempty (called spaces) is as important as determining which tofill(called boxes). Later in the solving process, the spaceshelpdetermine where a clue (continuing block of boxes and a numberinthe legend) may spread. Solvers usually use a dot or a crosstomark cells they are certain are spaces. It is also importantneverto guess. Only cells that can be determined by logic shouldbefilled. If guessing, a single error can spread over theentirefield and completely ruin the solution. Features: - 1001nonograms- All puzzles are free - All puzzles tested by computerprogram andhave unique solution - Black-and-white and colored -Nonogramssorted by groups from 5x5 to 50x50 - Download puzzles sentby otherusers - Create and share your own puzzles - 15 free hintsperpuzzle - Use crosses, dots and other symbols to mark cells -Autocross out numbers - Auto fill trivial and completed lines -Autosave; if you stuck you can try another puzzle and come backlater -Zoom and smooth scrolling - Lock and zoom number bars -Lockcurrent puzzle state, check assumptions - Customize backgroundandfont - Switch day and night modes, customize color schemes-Optional cursor for accurate picking - Undo and redo - Shareresultpictures - Save game progress to the cloud - Achievementsandleaderboards - Screen rotation, as well as puzzle rotation-Suitable for phones and tablets VIP Features: - No Ads -ViewAnswer - 5 extra hints per puzzlesite:https://nonograms-katana.comfacebook:
com.gamefox.twoeyes 4.5
Join a dreamlike journey with Nonogram. Why were they meant tomeetagain in their next lives, as a wolf and a deer? And whatdecisionwould they make in their sad destiny? Keep your eyes onthem untilthe end of their sad, but beautiful journey with NonogramPuzzle! [special features ] - Hundreds of puzzles available. - Cooldesigncolour dots. ( puzzle logic corrected ) - Ability to storeyourchanges on Google Cloud. - The puzzle game saves automaticallyatthe end of the operation. - Multiple difficulty levels(10x10;15x15; 20x20; 30x30); - By completing normal and historymode youcan access BigMap mode. - Two-finger zoom function; Zoomout; movearound; New undo function - The more puzzles you solve,the moreinteresting the story becomes
Picross galaxy 1.1.09
※ only provide the "Logically Resolvable Puzzles".(verificationcompleted) ※ "Various Controls". (Cross Pad + TouchControl + DragPad) Nonograms, also known as Hanjie, Picross orGriddlers, arepicture logic puzzles in which cells in a grid mustbe colored orleft blank according to numbers at the side of thegrid to reveal ahidden picture.
Picross Luna II - Six Pieces Of Tears 1.3
Travel with emotional and beautiful stories hidden in itwithPiccross. After the first story, a second richer story willcome toyou. Please join us for the adventure of the moon forPrincess!After Nobilunia had fallen, The Moon keeper has finallymet thePrincess after the long long time. The Princess was lovelyasalways and The Moon keeper finally regained his old form.Theydecided to honor the people from Nobilunia. They built alittlecabin and stayed there hoping peace. But the tragedy wasn'tover,nightmare took their destiny away into darkness. The destinywastwisted, and the lone journey to bring that back has justbegan.Game function ----------------------------------------------puzzle save - Use the touch pad at the same time - Small mapLargemap available (both free) - Hinting offer - Incorrectcheckingoptions available - X offers a complete line of displayoptions -Undo / Redo function provided - Large puzzles can besolved easierthrough a drag button
Picross Survival 3.7
Playing the Picross puzzles is even easier than before Solvethepuzzles; Help the distressed hero! Improve the currentproblematicPicross points; Picross game with a range of newfeatures. [Detailed description ] Jungle and secluded island; Evenat theSouth Pole... The unlucky hero who is always in distress!Help thehero escape and don't lose hope. Improve the variousPicrossproblems; For your convenience; New features have been addedtomake the Picross game as complete as possible. firstly; Bychangingthe puzzle; we have removed the parts that we had to makein orderto continue Enhanced close-up drag zoom (30x30); Reversezoomfunction added. Touch; Pen; The pad supports three typesofoperating modes; and; Offers a range of options for you. Ifyoudelete the game and restart after or; if you are playing on anewdevice then you can find the contents saved on your Googlecloud.There are; also a number of features available. Find othernew andexisting Picross! [ special features ] - Hundreds ofpuzzlesavailable. - Cool design colour dots. ( puzzle logiccorrected ) -Ability to store your changes on Google Cloud. - Thepuzzle gamesaves automatically at the end of the operation. -Multipledifficulty levels (10x10; 15x15; 20x20; 30x30); - Bycompletingnormal and history mode you can access BigMap mode. -Variousoperation modes (touch, Pad, Pen) - Two-finger zoomfunction; Zoomout; move around; New undo function - The morepuzzles you solve,the more interesting the story becomes
Picture Cross - Nonogram & Picross Logic Puzzles 2.5
Solve the puzzle to paint the picture! Discover a world ofover2,000 amazing Picture Cross logic puzzles. Picture Cross(alsoknown as Nonograms, Picross, Hanjie or Griddlers) aregreatexercise for your brain! ■ Twelve massive themed puzzle packstocomplete ■ Classic Picture Cross and Color Picture Cross puzzles■Different grid sizes and skill levels from Easy to Expert■Complete puzzles to reveal fun-packed hidden scenes ■ Relaxingandrewarding logic puzzles ... Download free and start yourPictureCross adventure! SUPPORT Access the Help Center at any timefromthe pause menu (in the top right corner of the game screen).New toPicture Cross (a.k.a. Picross, Nonograms, Hanjie, Griddlers)?We'veincluded a quick tutorial and a player's guide to get youstarted.Picture Cross is free to play, but contains optional paiditems tounlock content more quickly.
Picross Mon 3.5
Improve the current problematic nonogram points; nonogram gamewitha range of new features. firstly; By changing the puzzle; wehaveremoved the parts that we had to make in order to continueEnhancedclose-up drag zoom (30x30); Reverse zoom function added.Touch;Pen; The pad supports three types of operating modes; and;Offers arange of options for you. If you delete the game andrestart afteror; if you are playing on a new device then you canfind thecontents saved on your Google cloud. There are; also anumber offeatures available. Find other new and existing Picross! [specialfeatures ] - Hundreds of puzzles available. - Cool designcolourdots. ( puzzle logic corrected ) - Ability to store yourchanges onGoogle Cloud. - The puzzle game saves automatically atthe end ofthe operation. - Multiple difficulty levels (10x10;15x15; 20x20;30x30); - By completing normal and history mode youcan accessBigMap mode. - Various operation modes (touch, Pad, Pen)-Two-finger zoom function; Zoom out; move around; New undofunction- The more puzzles you solve, the more interesting thestorybecomes
NonoBot - Nonogram 1.5
Nick and Anne's interesting story about Nonogram.Can theScientistNick finish completing Anne the robot?Solve the cases inthevillage with Nick and his friend.[ special features ]- Hundredsofpuzzles available.- Cool design colour dots. ( puzzlelogiccorrected )- Ability to store your changes on Google Cloud.-Thepuzzle game saves automatically at the end of theoperation.-Multiple difficulty levels (10x10; 15x15; 20x20;30x30);- Bycompleting normal and history mode you can access BigMapmode.-Two-finger zoom function; Zoom out; move around; New undofunction-The more puzzles you solve, the more interesting the storybecomes
Nonogram Magic 1.6
Evil monsters appear in a peaceful village!A girl living inthevillage starts a journey to lock monsters. Solve puzzles andlockthe hidden monsters here and there into the marbles![specialfeatures ]- Hundreds of puzzles available.- Cool designcolourdots. ( puzzle logic corrected )- Ability to store yourchanges onGoogle Cloud.- The puzzle game saves automatically at theend ofthe operation.- Multiple difficulty levels (10x10; 15x15;20x20)-Various operation modes
Logic Pic - Picture Cross & Nonogram Puzzle 2.28.2
Tapps Games
Solve endless logic puzzles and get a bit smarter every daywhilehaving fun! Sharpen your mind anywhere, anytime with easy tolearn,hard to master nonogram logic puzzles (a.k.a. Picross,Griddler,Picture Cross), all while discovering awesome pixelartillustrations! Challenge your brain with increasinglycomplexnonograms and feel smarter with every new logic puzzlesolved! Haveyour wits always one step ahead! HOW TO PLAY If you’realreadyfamiliar with grid puzzles and picture puzzle games, you’llquicklyget the hang of nonograms. You only need to follow two stepsto getstarted: 1-Look at the numbers at the ends the rows andcolumns;2-Use logic to fill the blocks and discover the hiddenpicture! Ourquick in-game tutorial will have you solving picturecross puzzleslike a genius of puzzle games in no time! FEATURES💡SOLVE countlessbrain-teasing, easy-to-expert nonogram puzzles!💡BEAT a challengeevery day with the daily puzzles feature! 💡USElogic to color theblocks on the grids and reveal the pictureshidden underneath them.The simple and fun picross and nonogramgameplay you know and love!💡ENJOY hours upon hours of picrosspicture logic puzzles withvarying difficulty: lots of fun for allages and skill levels! 💡NOWI-FI NEEDED: play the game offline atany time! Solve a picturepuzzle whenever you feel like it!💡DISCOVER beautiful pixel artpictures from different thematic setsin the biggest selection ofpicture cross puzzle categories yet!Puzzle Packs and logic questoptions include famous landmarks,animals, everyday objects andmovies 💡SHOW OFF how smart you are bysolving logic quest nonogramsand daily puzzles with record speed infront of your friends orthat special someone you wish to impress!💡AUTO-SAVE feature letsyou resume your picross puzzle solving fromwhere you left! Youmight not know nonogram, griddlers or picrosslogic puzzles yet,but if you like similar brainteasers likecrosswords and jigsawpuzzle games, you’ll love our logic challengesand daily puzzles!Complete fun thematic puzzle sets and power-upyour problem solvingskills without even noticing it! Enjoy an evergrowing collectionof thematic level packs and daily puzzles anddifferent modes tocater for every taste! From easy warm-up picturepuzzle levels todaunting mind benders, carry a wide logic questselection of funnonogram logic challenges with you to playanywhere! Try to beatevery single puzzle available and discover allthe cool pixel-artimages hiding beneath the nonogram boards! Thebigger your piccollection is, the smarter your brain becomes! Eachsolution youcome up with for these deceptively simple number-basedriddlescounts as a complete mental workout! Start boosting thepower ofyour brain with this genius among picture puzzle games! Goon yournew favorite logic quest now!
Nonogram King 1.2.6
Brain training game that improves your power of logic[GameFeatures] - Various Levels (Easy, Normal, Hard) - Variousstages -Special Mode: Complete a picture with pieces - ChallengeMode: Timeattack mode (complete a picture faster) - Easy userinterface andeasy control - Multi player: versus mode - 16languages supported -Leader Board, Achievement, friend invitationfeatures supported -Tablet devices supported Homepage: YouTube:
Riddle Stones - Cross Numbers
Love logic deduction games and number puzzles like sudoku?RiddleStones is a game of logic that will train your brain:likecrosswords but with squares and numbers. The game is based ontheasian riddles known as picross, griddler and nonogram. It’s arealmind challenge wrapped in a fun experience where you need tothinkand use your brains to succeed. To decipher our puzzle grids,youwill use numbers indicating which squares to activate in eachgridbased on simple rules. Each number tells you where to addsquaresin a row or a column. You can compare it to sudoku orcrosswordswith more fun brain training. You will learn easily,progressrapidly and quickly get addicted! It will blow you mind!RiddleStones offers a fascinating cross-over between crosswords,sudokuand other puzzles based on numbers where you cross the hintstofind which squares to activate. But be careful and think right,ifyou tap the wrong square, you will trigger a trap! Fans ofpicross,nonogram, griddler, paint by numbers rejoice and enjoyRiddleStones... Solve grid cross-puzzles by logic & deduction!PLAYNOW! Also available on Facebook. Riddle Stones is completelyfreeto play, but some in-game items such as extra livesrequirepayment.
Number Chain - Logic Puzzle 1.2.2
Ecapyc Inc.
Logic puzzle number chain for everybody When you have time torelax,spend time or on bus/subway, play this fun puzzles and trainyourbrain. Improve memory and concentration with Number Chain.Connectthe numbers and complete the chain from 1 to the maximumnumber. Youcan make a chain by just touch and drag, and it is verycomfortable.There are easy to challenging difficulties. Endlesspuzzles are allfree!! How to play - The goal is to create a chainfrom 1 to the maxnumber. - You can make a connection by dragginghorizontally,vertically, and diagonally. - Start from any numberamong thenumbers given at the beginning. - You can chain in anincreasing ordecreasing direction. - You can overwrite or erase analready madechain. Features - Endless puzzles are all free !! -Variousdifficulties from easy to challenging. - Night modeprotects youreyes in dark places. - Fresh play automaticallyconnected by simplecontrol. - Daily puzzles offered daily. -Offline Playable(withoutInternet connection - WiFi, data network).- Simple and intuitivedesign. Play anywhere, anytime, and activateyour brain.
Picross Logic ( Nonogram ) 1.0.4
Picross Logic is an addictive puzzle game. Picross goal is tofillsome of the puzzle's squares depending on the numbers on theleftand above the puzzle. Once the puzzle is solved, you will seeadrawing that will reward you for the long minutes of thinking!Thisgame has several names: picross, hanjie, nonogram,crucipixel,pixel puzzles, Pic-a-Pix, griddlers, Paint byNumbers.Features :-Black & White puzzle- Hints- Touch &Keypad Control- Tabletsupport- 10~30 Picross Logic size- Save &Continue Puzzle
Picross Fairytale - Nonograms 7.36
Have you ever dreamt about being in a fairytale and feeling likeoneof the characters?! Open your eyes, now it’s possible withPicrossFairytale: Red Riding Hood secret! Embark on a new quest tohelpLittle Red Ridinghood and the Lumber jack solve the mysteryofgirl's parents' disappearance, go through hunger games and undoanevil curse of Luna. Visit 5 different worlds on your journeytosouth pole. Picros as well as Cross Stitch and pixel arthelppractice concentration, and also have a great time!PicrosFairytale: Little Red Riding Hood secret is an exciting gameofskill for people who love different types of brain teasersandfairy tales. When one of our Japanese crosswords iscompletedhorizontal and vertical lines will be lit by bright colorsand putson quite a show. Dive in to the magical world offairytalecharacters, rising their stories and see them from a wholenewperspective. You need just to click on “PLAY” and crossfingers.Crossy move the nonogramme in a battle for saving thegirl'sparents release the slave and unravel the griddler of RedRidingHood. Top-notch, premium graphics and 200 unbroken anddiverselevels of varying difficulty. Each level undergoes arigidproofreading. Take a stroll down memory lane with 5x5,10x10through 30x30 nonogramas with a delightful musical score. Ifyouare two, twenty or 45 and you are already tired of the bustleandwanted to go out of this world and needed a relaxer it's timetoonline therapy and to play calm games for anxiety. You expectbigbeautiful logic puzzles, switch games and griddlers.Japanesepuzzles is kind of anxiety games, cross latters and stitchgame –cross it. Japanese puzzle like a blendoku and color bynumberprovide you a logic puzzle and jcross to brain degradation.It'ssuch a brainwell for you, mind blown, such a national lotteryforyour brain. If you also enjoy a cross latter, lotto and mathlogicpuzzles it's a game for you. Euromollions of people lovethecrossword clue. They as a lottery results to play withexcitementin this game. In what number games do you play? Find ahidden colorboxes, twist color by number, color dot, color crossthe door,cloud numbers and achieve color zen. If you are caught byshadylogic problems in the real world simply play dot puzzle,piscart,sandbox, No.Draw, finger arts sudoku, squarespace,nonograms,crossme uvm. This is a magic and radiant game! You canpronouncespells such as aa plus, mileage plus, grid cat, types ofqueue andbinary - puzzle game Picross Fairytale: Red Riding Hoodsecret'llappear. Explore different worlds to find out: who are theGreyAvengers? Where did Little Red Ridinghood’s family disappearto?What a distress happened to the three little pigs: Bart, OleyandLucy? Why is there an yellow alarm in the lock? Where didthemermaid tears? Where the sardines hid? And who’s lurking behindallthis? Who will win and arrange a spanking in the finally?Fingerscrossed and start playing! Hurry up! The sun is at itszenith, andyour intricate adventure begins. - Endearing japanesegraphiccrosswords for monster sudoku! - Dots puzzle that come alivewithlight once they’re solved! - 5 different worlds and200unforgettable levels! - great practice for your logicalandabstract thought processes. - incredible characters andtheirstories! - simple interface, color dots and stone,excitinggameplay! - unique treasures and quaint achievements! -mini-gamesand dialogues that’ll keep you wanting more! - over 15rewards andtrophies for extra quests in a black box! - stunningillustrationsand wonderful music! - more than 30 hours of excitinggameplay! -the best way to have fun and expand your brain!
com.rikudo.numbers 1.2.3
Rikudo Games
Rikudo is a logic puzzle game which is easy to understand but canbevery hard to solve. The goal is to find a path ofconsecutivenumbers in a honeycomb grid with hexagonal cells. Eachpuzzle is anumber maze with a unique solution. Rikudo is anaddictive numberplacement puzzle mainly about logic. However whatmakes Rikudospecial is its visual and intuitive nature. Hours offun and braintraining ahead: ★ An animated tutorial to learn thebasics ★ 320free puzzles of various sizes and levels ★ An evil modeto spice itup ★ Some puzzles in action mode ★ Leaderboards andachievements ★A pepper mode to get harder small puzzles ★ Hints tolearn the mostadvanced solving techniques Cloud synchronizationacross devices isavailable with Google Play Games. The game canalso be playedoff-line and does not take much space (<15 Mo).The game becomesad-free for any in-app purchase. Rikudo is producedby anindependent developer.
SWITCH or NOT? – logic puzzles & logic problems
Robin Blood
A game of logic with the most unusual & tricky questionsthatrequire creative approach. Looking for a game that isbrilliant,creative and strange at the same time? Now you can becomea logicmastermind by solving the most unusual and tricky logicpuzzles youhave ever seen! Logic puzzles contains tricky brainteasers thatincorporate use of memory, attention and the ability tothink inunconventional ways. This is the first version of abrilliant andunusual logic puzzles that tests your attention andability tothink outside the box. - Very simple and addictivegameplay - 100+logic puzzles - 94 logic problems designed todevelop your IQ,memory and intelligence - 24 logic puzzles on speedto improve yourcognitive abilities - Achievement Boards - CognitiveScoreEvaluation - High quality and lovely minimalistic graphics-Stylish and minimalistic design combined with intuitive controls-One finger touch controls CREATIVE LOGIC PUZZLES &ABSURDSOLUTIONS! You do not need to be genius to play SWITCH orNOT.However if you are genius, you're more than welcome to try :)Thereare more than 100 unique and funny logic problems. What youneed isto try various creative approaches to reach the solution.THINKOUTSIDE THE BOX SWITCH or NOT is an addictive free IQ game andfindout if you are genius like Einstein or not! This crazy game isaningenious puzzle with a series of funny brain teasers andabsurdsolutions that you will never ever think before. FEATURES -Worksoffline so you can solve logic puzzles wherever you are. -Unlocknew creative logic problems - Exercise your brain withintellectuallogic games and boost your mental capacities - Improveyour memory,concentration and mindfullness. EVALUATE COGNITIVESKILLS SWITCH orNOT is a fun based brain training game designed toimproveattention, flexibility, visual and spatial processing andmemoryskills. The more you solve the logic puzzles, the more youwillraise up critical cognitive skills that are designed to boostyourproductivity and creating alternative solutions for the dailylogicproblems. Try to advance your mental core abilities, challengeyourfriends, compare your performance and motivate each other.Astronger working memory enables quicker learning and animprovementin brain connectivity. By playing this game you will notonly havefun, but you will also update your mental skills andcognitiveabilities - Improve your memory - Train your creativity -Increaseyour visual processing - Prove your ability of problemsolving -Train shape and color coordination HOW TO PLAY Followtheinstructions carefully. Some questions may be tricky or needadifferent approach to solve. Those small logic puzzles willhelpyou to power up your attention, focus thoughts on a specificitem,train spatial thinking and improve your mental skills atall.TRICKY LOGIC PUZZLE GAME Could you be a genius, are yousmartenough solve all the test to beat your friends to get thethinkhighest IQ outside your game? Try this innovative logicpuzzles toimprove your speed of think and try to figure it outsidethecircle. As you can see people commented that theircoginitiveskills were challenged, they were forced to thinkalternative waysto solve logic problems, so their reasoning abilityprogressed.Enjoy brain training game and improve your cognitiveabilities.
Sudoku - Logic Puzzles 2.6.4
Get rid of your paper sudoku, you won't need it anymore! Hundredsofthousands of puzzles, difficulty levels for beginners andproplayers, rankings, achievements and everything completely forfree!Test your logic and perception skills and train your brainwithSudoku - Logic Puzzles. Best exercise for your mind youcanimagine. Sudoku, also known as "Number Place", is afamouslogic-based puzzle where you need to fill a 9x9 board so thateachcolumn, row or a 3x3 sub-box of the board contains all numbersfrom1 to 9. Now we present it to you in an amazing, approachableandhandy format. ✓ Challenge yourself on 4 difficulty levels,fromeasy layouts for beginners to extremely hard for masters. ✓Solvecountless unique sudoku puzzles, endless amount of fun. ✓Takeadvantage of helpful tools for more comfortable play, like:•entering and automatic tracking of candidate numbers •showingsolution numbers count • undoing and redoing moves •bookmarkingcurrent state for easy return to your best solution •immediatevalidation of digit conflicts on the board ✓ Leave thegame at anytime and come back later to finish where you left it. ✓Track youbest results and compete against your friends in onlinerankings.Be the quickest and beat the best time. ✓ Use solvingassists ifyou need help. ✓ Night mode for playing in the dark. ✓Left-handedplaying mode ✓ Play the game completely free! ✓ Shareyour games toFacebook, Twitter or Google+ ✓ Utilize clear andconvenient layoutand controls, with two different number inputmethods. ✓ Carefullyprepared for comfortable play in portrait andlandscape mode. ✓Optimized for both mobiles and tablets. ✓Incredibly smallapplication size! This sudoku game will always fiton your device.Internet access permission is required for GooglePlay Gamesintegration. SD card access is necessary for applicationdatastorage and backups.
Gears logic puzzles 1.166
Sergey Tropin
Welcome to the world of mechanics of gear wheels (gears). The aimofthe game: to make all red gear wheels spin. You have forthisseveral ordinary gear wheels of different sizes. You can movethemand connect them to each other. With their help you havetotransfer the rotation from a green wheel to all other wheels.Asmooth movement of your finger, no reference to the grid. Youcanmove by millimeters, catching a rotation moment. Anabsolutefreedom, a variety of options of puzzle solutions, A goodtrainingfor your brain. Train your intelligence in an exceptionalgame.Features: - Thousands levels, with new trials constantlyadded. -All puzzles are open at once. - You can create your ownlevels. -Play exciting levels created by other players. - Spin bluegearwheels with your fingers. - Visual themes to choose from:wood,metal, ice, paper and stone. - Physics Puzzler,Physics-basedgaming. - No time limit. - No WIFI? Games you can playoffline. -Educational game. - Suitable for all ages. For adults andkids.Game components: - Ordinary gear wheels. Move them withyourfinger. - A green gear wheel. It makes all other gear wheelsturn.- Red gear wheels. The aim of the game is to make them allspin atthe same time. - Blue gear wheel. It shall be spinned withafinger. - Gravitation. The gear wheels are falling down.-Restricted area. You cannot put the center of gear wheels on it.-Rusty gear wheels. They wedge all gear wheels engaged withthem.Pass them by. - A rail (rack gear). A rack. An obstacle thatyoucan move aside. - A giant gear wheel with internal teeth. Youcanplace small gear wheels inside it. Accurate simulation ofrealphysical parameters: the transfer of torque, angularrotationspeed, relation of the number of teeth to the diameter ofwheels. Afree relaxing puzzle game with nice graphics will bring alot offun to children and adults. An application for the wholefamily.Rate the game on Facebook: andbe informed of all thedevelopments. The game keeps on developing.In each update you willfind new elements and mechanics.
Linedoku - Logic Puzzle Games 1.9.12
Linedoku is a collection of the best thinking games all aboutlines- no internet games! Enjoy colorful logic puzzles, such aspipes,one-line, maze games, connect dots, make infinite loops orlinknumbers - The perfect time killers! Challenge yourself, trainyourmind and become the puzzle king! ...or just relax and solvesomelevels. One Stroke One of the kings of line puzzles. Draw alinefrom dot to dot and connect all the paths in 1 line. BlockPuzzle:Lines A classic Block Puzzle Game interpreted in a new way.Dragand drop the blocks over the board and cover all the dots.Blocksshouldn't overlap and only be placed on the paths they fitinto.Number Maze Find a way; Connect the numbers smartly inascendingorder and draw puzzling one-line-mazes. Connect all thedotssmartly and fill the grid to solve the level. Loops Funlevel:Infinity. Loop puzzles about spinning and connecting cellstocreate infinite loops. Discover all the unique art piecesthatunfold themselves. Cross Path Tired of Sudoku? Here's asimplealternative. Fill the grid by drawing traces on the board.Thenumber of traces per knot are limited and can only be drawnasstraigt lines. The level is completed after every cell in thegridis filled. Connect Draw traces between dots of the same colorandcreate color lines. Fill the whole grid and connect all the dotstomaster the level. Slide The Blocks A classic slide puzzle.Shiftand move the blocks and let the colors unroll through thepath.Solve the level by connecting all the color sources witheachother. The path also has to be a closed line. Game Features*Minimalist and adult design * Play the best offline logic gamesallin one app * One touch gameplay - play smoothly one handed *BrainGame with 4500 levels completely free to play * no internetgames -no wifi required * Clear your mind in the 'relax'- mode *Fill upbrain power in the challenge mode * Free content updates *Compareyour progress with other players on the leaderboards
Powerline - Logic Puzzles Free 1.31
"Powerline" is a free logic puzzle that will exercise your brainasbrain teasers. The goal is to light the bulb in every housefrompower station by adjusting the powerline with wires. At eachlevelis given a certain amount of energy, and with each rotation ofawire it decreases. Try to complete the level in fewer turns,savingmore energy, which is summarized and displayed in the ratingtable.The game has two modes, and if the first for someone may seemeasy,on the second mode even the most experienced puzzle loverswillhave difficulties . In the case, when you mess up, the gamehastips to help you pass the level. Features ★ Different sizes ofthegame field ★ Hard mode - field edges are connected ★ Tips ★ NoWiFior Internet? You can play offline puzzles anytime andeverywhere. ★Achievements and leaderboard ★ Beautiful graphics ★Pleasant soundsand animations ★ Simple and addictive gameplay Youare a lover oflogic puzzles? "Powerline" is for you! Light the bulbeverywhere!Have a good game!
com.Suborbital.CircuitScramble 2.09
Circuit Scramble throws you in to the world of circuit-basedlogicthat drives real computers! Navigate your way through a fieldoflogic gates as you attempt to find the correct inputs tocompletethe level in this unique and fascinating puzzler. Followthe flowof the current as it passes through a field of logic gates-discover the correct combination of inputs to solve eachpuzzle.Complete each level in the lowest number of moves to get thebestscore! Features: - Challenging puzzles based on real worldlogicgates - Classic Mode - with 135 custom-made levels for youtoexplore - Endless Mode - a limitless supply of randomlygeneratedlevels, so the circuit based fun never needs to stop!CircuitScramble is completely free, with no in-app purchases. Justlots ofthought provoking, circuit filled enjoyment!
Monsterland. Fairy Tales: logic puzzle family game 1.4.0
ALMA Games
*** Restless kids vs tired parents - all-too-familiar tale!***Thecatchy physics based puzzle about the endless actionbetweensleeping dad and energetic child! Help active Junior to gettosnooze Senior for wake him up by pop the monster blocks and clearapath to continue the fun games! The adorable music, cartoonart,son's merry laugh and Senior's grumble in this 2-nd storyofMonsterland will put a smile on your face, guaranteed!FEATURESofthe Monsterland. Fairy Tales 2 brain game:- 100+ interestinglevels& different cartoon worlds- catchy brain physics-basedpuzzlesfor learning and playing- attractive cartoon films aboutJunior vsSenior- cute comic monsters blocks- nice music, charmingart &catching kids' laugh- don't know what to do, call thealarm clockfor helpMONSTERLAND STORY:Сhildren like fun, Junior isnoexception. The full of energy child crazily wants to jump,run,play and fool around. But Senior decided to sleep and does notwantto have fun with the little son.The MONSTERLAND habitats guardtheSenior's rest.And it makes this logical brain puzzle just muchmoreinteresting! HOW TO PLAY:Pop the monsters, use elevators&portals, travel around the Monsterland world to solve avariety ofattractive puzzles and join a playful Child with histired Daddyfor endless fun. Collect candies, check the pops to openmore newinteresting levels in different packs such as Junior vsSenior,Junior Revenge, Junior Returns, One more Junior. NEWLEVELS:30 newlevels in the Challenge tale. Now Junior has a littlesister Jenny!Help the little one and his sis wake up theSenior!Monsterland.Fairy Tales is a continuation of Monsterland.Junior vs Seniorstory which many children, girls & boys andtheir parentslike.The exciting 2-nd part puzzle from ALMA Gamespresents you anunforgettable adventure in the fairy tale world.Ifyou like brainphysical puzzles visit our website to tryother brain games by ALMA Games:"Monsterland. Junior vs Senior ","Snoring. Wake up Elephant","Alarmy", "Cat around the world".Joinour community Will be appreciative foryour positive review& 5 stars in the store.Also, don'thesitate to write yourremarks at
Tangram Master 3.10
Form a given shape without overlapping the pieces! Collect starsandunlock achievements! Complete this logic puzzle and becometheTangram Master! ★ 400+ different levels. ★ 21 achievementstounlock. ★ Automatic tile rotation. ★ Challenging logic puzzle.★Both Chinese Tangram and European Tangram. ★ Six beautifulrelaxingthemes to choose from. ★ Master mode without full sizeshape. ★Relaxing logic puzzles that challenge your mind. ★ HDgraphics thatlook great on tablets. ★ Fun free mind game. Tangramis a freechallenging logic puzzle that stimulates brain activity.It teachesspatial concepts and problem solving. It's great forkeeping themind sharp. If you haven't played classic EuropeanTangram puzzle,you'll be amazed with it - it's a less known versionthatoriginates from Hungary. Have fun! (bg music: Wallpaper,KevinMacLeod, incompetech_com, CC BY 3.0)
Picross Nonograms
Nonograms appeared at the end of the 20th century and becamepopularall over the world. They are also known as Japanesecrosswords,Japanese puzzles, Griddlers, Paint by Numbers, Picross,hanjie etc.Japanese crossword is a very popular puzzle game. In theNonograms, unlike conventional crosswords and arrowwords, apictureinstead of words is conceal by means of numbers. Pleasehave a lookat these black-n-white Nonograms. They are divided intoseveralgroups by resolution depending on the crossword width andheight. Ifyou like Philippine puzzles, you will definitely likeNonograms too.All Nonograms have their own single solution. Thegrid is formed byhorizontal and vertical lines. Numbers on the topand on the leftshow the sequence order of blocks of filled-insquares horizontallyand vertically correspondingly. The blocks areunbroken, and twonearby blocks must have at least one empty(unfilled) cell inbetween. The blocks follow one another exactlyin the order shown bythe corresponding numbers. Nonograms aresolved in the followingway: – First, you need to determine whichcells are to be filled; –Second, you need to determine which cellscannot be filled: theseare marked with crosses. This process isrepeated until thecrossword is solved. App features: – More than athousand of freeJapanese crosswords of various width and heightsizes (10x10, 15x15,20x20, 25x25, 30x30 etc); – Zoom mode allowsyou to solve even largeJapanese crosswords; – Portrait andlandscape orientation support; –Undo option (up to 100 actions canbe undone); – Light and darkcolor scheme support; – Font size isautomatically changed dependingon the size of the crossword andyour device screen orientation andsize. If you think of yourselfas a genuine enthusiast of Nonogramsyou absolutely have to giveJCross a try! This original CrosswordPainter is without any doubta remarkable representative of itsgenre. Just think about it: whydownload several different apps whenyou can have one with tons ofvarious Picrosses already in it and alot more on their way. Itreally doesn’t matter whether you want torack your brains by doinga sophisticated Nonogram or you need atrivial Paint by Numbers tokill time – JCross has all of them! Putit all together with somenice intuitive interface tempered in thebest testing rooms andJCross is what you get. My God, can this appbe more awesome? Justdownload it already while it’s still free!Please visit our website to find detailed instructions on solvingNonograms:
Smart - Brain Games & Logic Puzzles 3.23
SMART - an excellent game for training and development of yourbrainskills. We present you over 28 awesome games for trainingyour IQand reasoning skills. The game has over 600 levels thatwill helpyou enhance your memory, attention, intellectualflexibility,concentration and reaction. Best puzzle games fortraining yourbrain. It’s a very practical and clever app that iseasy to learnand gives truly remarkable results for your brain.Train your memoryskills! Top features: • Train memory, attention,intellectualflexibility, concentration and reaction • Over 28games inside! •Over 600 levels! • Perfect for kids and adultsalike • Great familygame • Play anywhere - in subway or a bus.Simple and easy •Top-rating where you can compete with yourfriends • Play offline Wedeveloped over 600 level to graduallychallenge your brain. Alllevels are designed to give you morecognitive skills bit by bit.Each completed level gives you point.Each level take around 1minute of your time so you can easily fitit into your dailyroutine. Each level is designed to help youimprove your cognitiveskills, memory, attention and sharpen yourbrain. Want to test yourbrain skills and compare them with otherpeople? Try our game andtest your intellect. The game will beuseful for kids, girls, boys,adults and people who like puzzles,memory tests, IQ tests, braingames, memory trainings and otherthings useful for your brain.Games are completely free and willstay that way. We hope that youlike our app and we’ll continue todevelop it and add more games forbrain training in future. Pleaseleave us a comment if you like thegame. We hope that our app willhelp you to improve your brainskills!
NemoNemo Picross 2.04
It's a logic puzzle, your goal is to figure out the positionoffilleds and empties in the while grid. - Features 5 x 5 : 20levels10 x 10 : 20 levels Over 15 x 15 : 48 levels support 'No ClueMode'-> option button - feedback on errors : off
No2g: Nonogram Griddlers 2.3.0
The best app ever for Nonogram! - More than 2000 puzzles of10x10,15x15, 20x20, 25x25, 30x30 pics. - Touch and virtualJoypadsupport. - Sync with Google Play Game. - Google PlayGameAchievements!
Pipe - logic puzzles 1.09
Water pipe - logic puzzles. Fix the water leak and be as aplumber.The purpose of this game is to connect the pipes. like aplumberyou need to connect the pipes to the right colors so thewater willflow. the plumber need to close all the water exits withthe pipes.there are many levels, from easy levels to difficultlevels.solving several pipes colors in one level. this is a greatlogicpuzzles game to increase your IQ and thinking abilities. wehaveother logic puzzles games, so check them out.
Nonogram CrossMe - Logic Puzzle 2.6.48
Discover the famous cross numbers puzzle - Nonogram! It’s alsoknownas Picross, Griddlers and Japanese crosswords. Solve the funandinteresting nonograms with simple rules and challengingsolutionsand get a bit smarter every day while having fun withthese logicpuzzles. Nonogram is a game for all skill levels andall ages. It isa picture cross puzzle where you discover a hiddenimage markingcells or leaving them blank according to the numberson the side ofthe grid. Nonogram is also known as Picross,Pic-a-Pix, Griddlers,and Japanese crossword. Enjoy thousands ofnonograms: simple ones tolearn how to play, normal to have fun andthe biggest and hardest tochallenge your mind. We keep on addingnew nonogram puzzles everymonth. Every nonogram has been checkedand has only one uniquesolution. If you like similar brainteaserslike logic picturepuzzles, you’ll love our nonogram game! ● TONSOF PUZZLES: animals,plants, technic, people, cars, buildings,sport, food, landscapes,transport, music and more! ● DIFFERENTSIZES: from small 10x10 andnormal 20x20 to large 90x90 nonograms!● A MENTAL WORKOUT: exerciseyour brain! ● GREAT TIME KILLER: willkeep you entertained inwaiting rooms! ● CLEARLY EXPLAINED: learnhow to play easily! ● WELLDESIGNED: it's intuitive and beautiful!● ENDLESS PLAYING: unlimitednumber of random nonograms! You willnever get bored with thesepuzzles! ● NO TIME LIMIT: it’s sorelaxing! ● NO WIFI? NO PROBLEM:you can play picross offline!Nonograms, also known as pic-a-pix,paint by numbers puzzles,picross or griddlers, started appearing inJapanese puzzlemagazines. Non Ishida published three picture gridpuzzles in 1988in Japan under the name of "Window Art Puzzles".Subsequently in1990, James Dalgety in the UK invented the nameNonograms after NonIshida, and The Sunday Telegraph startedpublishing them on aweekly basis. In this puzzle type, the numbersmeasure how manyunbroken lines of filled-in squares there are inany given row orcolumn. To solve a puzzle, one needs to determinewhich cells willbe boxes and which will be empty. Later in thesolving process, thespaces help determine where a clue may spread.Solvers use a dot tomark cells they are certain are spaces.
Laser Puzzle - Logic Game 1.10.0
Viktor Bohush
The goal of this puzzle game is to set up mirrors so alllightsbulbs become turned on. You have for this different typesofmirrored surfaces which reflect laser beams in differentways.LASER PUZZLE FEATURES: • 300+ levels of varying complexity.•Square and hexagon game fields. • Various mirrors forcontrollingthe laser beam. • Contains set of levels designedespecially forkids. • Beautiful and simple UI. • Intuitivegameplay. • 8different color palettes. • Hint system. • No timelimit. Thislogic puzzle promote your problem-solving skills, whichhelps keepyour mind sharp as you think about how to set up mirrorsto lightup all light bulbs. Move mirrors, reflect the laser, lightup alllamps!
Sudoku Free: Sudoku Solver Crossword Puzzle Games 2.10201
If you like classic math logic puzzles or brain training games,youwill love this crossword solver mobile app. In here, anabundanceof sudoku conundrum, various level design and cool brainteasersquiz can train your brainpower, bring you unexpectedbrainstorm!Whether you are bookworm or number guru genious, ourrich freecrossword puzzles will make you happy and crazy! The freesudokupuzzles can test whether you are an idiot or prodigy in amoment.So, want have a real try? A new sudoku world isready.Brainstorming is coming! Join us, search your numberdictionary, bea game killer quickly! We create this free chuzzlegame withvarious key FEATURES: ** 3 types of difficulty levels fromsudokubeginners to sudoku killer (easy sudoku, sudoku medium andhardsudoku). ** More than 1000 unlimited number crossword puzzlesarewaiting for you. ** 5 kinds of sudoku free puzzles, challengeyouriq, exercise your deductive mind. ** No wifi cool math games,youcan challenge numbers puzzle anytime, anywhere. ** Autohighlightselected numbers, give you sudoku hints, make you be mathsolver.** Clear sudoku tutorial, logic puzzles for adults, uniquesudokumaster training ways. ** Cool visual effect, fun telltalegamessettings, unlock your brain! ** Our crossword puzzle gamessupportfor offline mode, allows you to play sudoku online. **KillerSuduko: For expert puzzle crossword solvers! ** More kakuropuzzlesand lumosity levels will sharpen your mind! How to playsudoku? Thesudoku rules and modes as followed: **Sudoku 4x4 Eachrow, columnand palace should be filled in number 1,2,3,4 withoutrepeat,Primary simple sudoku for beginners. sudoku borad pic ofcrosswordwith numbers makes you feel crazy! **Sudoku 6x6 Digital 1to 6 canbe chosen. This mode greatly tests your mind tricks plussudokutips, make you experience endless logical reasoningpuzzles.**Sudoku 9x9(standard sudoku) Each row, column and palacecontainsnumber 1~9 once. This mode will bring you into puzzlemania. Funmastermind puzzle game will lead you into sudoku puzzleworld.**Sudoku x Each row, column and palace and two diagonals ofthesudoku grid should be filled in math numbers from 1~9.Playcrossword puzzles free mode let you realize the magic offingerarts, be walking sudoku solver! **Percent sudoku Each column,row,and each of the nine 3x3 sub-grids that compose the gridblockcontains digits from 1 to 9. A fun iq test game! Sudoku is aFREElogic-based number-placement crossword games, it is not onlyabookworm game free, but also a telltale game which can reflexmathformula and give your brain attack. Sudoku just like yourbraintrainer, if you have a dream to be a math magician or mathmaster,this logical reasoning thinking game will very match yourtaste.Sudoku is not only a word search game, but a prodigy game,whenplaying the awesome crossword puzzles free game, you can haveafree intelligence test and get free brain training. Instandardsudoku mode, tap the four square sudoku grid block, placenumber ineach grid cell of the magic square. Change number to avoidrepeat,complete the latin square, learn more math tricks.Unlimitedendless sudoku brainteasers is waiting for you to solve.Supersudoku solver master will be you. A great daily brain traininggamefor kids! Want experience math practices and logic puzzleswithgrids? Want be a walking crossword number puzzle sudokusolver?Sudoku will be your greater mathway free helper, and canlead youinto math world, let you become math puzzle samurai andbring youunexpected brainstorm, your girls and boys will love it!Chooseyour level of difficulty, use your strong brain power,thisthinking game will make you be sudoku solver. More spielesudokutechniques is waiting for discovery! A quick and fastlifestylebegins from the word square! With free math magiciangames, whetheronline or offline, you will addict in sudoku saga andget rid ofgame bookworm, become sudoku king!
Logic Square - Picross 1.250
Attractive puzzles with lots of fun. Invite you to LogicSquare!Easy And Fun~ You can play easily with virtual pad. Tonsofpuzzles, Tons of fun! We have thousands of puzzles andfreedownload new puzzles every day. Tutorials If you are first timeinthis game, Tutorials can help you. Leaderboard System You cancheckyour skills with other players. Online Synchronization SystemYoucan move your progress to new phone. Whole contents of LogicSquareis not locked and free. Logic Square is a puzzle game knownaspicross or nonogram. You can find out hidden image usingnumbers.How to play Left and top numbers instruct how many blocksshould bemarked in a row. You must consider leaving at least oneempty blockbetween each number. To mark a block, please click the‘V’ button.To leave out a bloc, click the ‘X’ button. Every timeyou mark awrong bloc you receive a time penalty. You can learnbasics, items,and practice game in tutorial. Please write goodreview, if you funwith Logic Square. Please send a mail, if youhave any problem orsuggestion. We are changing from your goodreviews and mails. Thankyou. e-mail - Free Sudoku Puzzles 2.2.3
Sudoku free puzzle games are extremely popular classiclogicpuzzles. Solve daily sudoku, train your brain, and havefun!Thousands of sudoku puzzles to explore. Install to startnow! has more than 5,000 free classic sudoku puzzlesandcomes in four difficulty levels: ✓ Easy sudoku; ✓ Medium sudoku;✓Hard sudoku; ✓ Expert sudoku. Play easy levels of dailysudokupuzzles to exercise your brain, logical thinking, and memory.Easysudoku is well-suited for beginners. Choose medium and hardsudokulevels to improve your skills. Try expert sudoku forevilchallenges. This level is for advanced players. It will giveyourmind a real workout! RULES The goal of a sudoku puzzle is tofillthe cells with numbers from 1 to 9 so that each number is onlyusedonce in each row, each column, and each small square. FEATURESOurfree sudoku puzzles have some features that make the gameeasierfor you: hints, auto-check, and highlight duplicates. What'smore,each classic sudoku puzzle game in our app has only onesolution.You will find everything you need whether you are solvingyourfirst sedoku, or you've progressed to expert difficulty. Chooseanylevel you like! MAIN FEATURES ✓ Complete Daily Sudoku Challengestoget unique trophies ✓ Take part in Seasonal Events and winuniquemedals ✓ Challenge yourself, figuring out your mistakes asyou go,or enable Auto-Check to see right away ✓ Turn on Notes ✍ tojotdown your thoughts. Each time you fill in a cell, notesareautomatically updated! ✓ Highlight duplicates to avoidrepeatingnumbers in a row, column, or block ✓ Hints can guide youthroughwhen you are stuck ADDITIONAL FEATURES ✓ Statistics. Trackyourprogress for each difficulty level: analyze your best timeandother achievements ✓ Unlimited Undos. Made a mistake? Justcancelit quickly! ✓ Colored themes. Choose one of three looks todesignyour own sudoku kingdom! Play with more comfort, even in thedark!✓ Auto-save. If you leave sudoku game unfinished, it will besaved.Continue playing anytime ✓ Highlighting of a row, column, orboxrelated to the selected cell ✓ Eraser. Get rid of the mistakesThefollowing sudoku highlights make the game enjoyable and easytouse. HIGHLIGHTS • More than 5,000 classic, well-formedsudokupuzzles for free • 9x9 grid • 4 perfectly balanced levelsofdifficulty. This free app is suitable for both sudoku beginnersandadvanced evil sudoku players looking for a challenge! •Supportboth phones and tablets • Portrait and landscape mode fortablets •Simple and intuitive design WHY PLAY THIS GAME? If you areanexcellent sudoku solver welcome to our sudoku kingdom! Makesolvingsudoku your good habit. Here you can spend your free timekeepingyour mind sharp. Regular game practice will help you becomea realsudoku master who can quickly tackle even the most difficultwebsudoku puzzles. Daily sudoku is the best way to start your day!1or 2 sudoku puzzles will help you wake up, get your brainworking,and prepare you for a productive day. Download ourmobileapplication and play classic sudoku free puzzles offline.Challengeyour brain anywhere, anytime!
Picross World 1.6
Improve the current problematic nonogram points; nonogram gamewitha range of new features.If you delete the game and restartafteror; if you are playing on a new device then you can findthecontents saved on your Google cloud. There are; also a numberoffeatures available. Find other new and existing Picross![specialfeatures ]- Hundreds of puzzles available.- Cool designcolourdots. ( puzzle logic corrected )- Ability to store yourchanges onGoogle Cloud.- The puzzle game saves automatically at theend ofthe operation.- Multiple difficulty levels (5x5;10x10;15x15;20x20)- Various operation modes (touch, Pad, Pen)- Two-fingerzoomfunction; Zoom out; move around; New undo function
The Mystic Puzzland - Griddlers & Nonogram Puzzles 1.0.23
A novel game which can enjoy both picture cross and jigsawpuzzle!If you like logic or riddle game such as Nonograms,Griddlers orSudoku, very welcome to The Mystic Puzzland. You canenjoy not onlypicross but also jigsaw puzzle. PICROSS, also knownas 'Nonograms','Griddlers' or 'Hanjie', are picture logic puzzle.Color or leftblank in a place according to number logic ordeduction to reveal ahidden picture. It is easy to learn and veryaddictive to play thispuzzle cross. When you solve all parts A,B,Cand D using numberlogic, you will complete a perfect picture of anew one! Every timeyou complete each part, the outline of thepicture is graduallyrevealed. You can also enjoy jigsaw puzzleswith themed pictures ineach episode. Select the number of piecesthat fit your level andpuzzle it! Are you ready to play? Let's getit! Play for FREE now!*Gameplay Features - Enjoy Picross and Jigsawpuzzle at once! -Complete the stage and reveal the hidden picture!- A new conceptuser interface! Jigsaw puzzle piece shape instead ofgrid! - A funthem for each episode! - Play jigsaw puzzles withvarious themes! -A brilliant number puzzle game for both adults andkids! - Play thegame anytime and anywhere with off-line mode! TheMystic puzzlandis free to play but in-game currency and some itemswill requirepayment.
Hungry Cat Picross Purrfect Edition 5.68
Tuesday Quest
Simple rule: complete the grid accordingly with colors anddiscoverthe picture that hides beneath. Sounds easy? Not really!Each levelis a real brain-teaser in which you will have to uselogic andingeniosity to complete larger paints. If you like tochallengeyour mind with Sudoku and Logigrams then this addictivegame isdefinitely for you! Include: 1000+ grids Large weekly paintevery…Tuesday! (contains 9 grids) Cloud save and cross platformsupportMany cats to customize and share with your friends A weeklyupdatedcustomization shop SUPPORT & FEEDBACK for any issue or feedback, we'dlove tohear from you! Follow @TuesdayQuest on Twitter for thelatestdevelopment updates, news &tips: You can also reach us onFacebook: Want to know more, gettips andlatest news on Hungry Cat Picross? Follow us==> Any question? Firstcheckour FAQhere:’snew? More content, more frequently We can now add directlyto yourapplication new paints without having to go through thewhole updateprocess. Meaning, sometimes when coming back to thegame you’ll seenew content to play with whereas you haven’tupdated the app. Thisfeature will improve our ability to add newlevels more oftenbecause it will reduce our development time. Coolmeoooow ?Customize your app If you regularly play to Hungry CatPicross, wethought you might want to set the game at your owntastes… now youcan change the cat and many other accessories, youcan even changethe whole game colorset to fit your mood. Your catwill appear inthe weekly leaderboards. Cloud Save and TuesdayLeaderboards Now youcan log in any accounts (Facebook, Google Playor Twitter) or evencreate a Tuesday Quest one. Once connected,your progress is storedon servers and can be played from anydevices. Being logged makesyou eligible to the Tuesday PaintLeaderboard too, which is updatedevery week. Creating an accountis facultative! And yes, you stilldon’t need an internetconnection to play! To celebrate all thosebrand new features,we’ve added a new type of paint type: Frescoes.And there’s more! -Undo function - Color blind support - No more adbanners - CatchCoin gameplay - Weekly shop - Cat interaction -Statistics -Tuesday Grids description
Unblock 3D Puzzle 1.1.76
Radle Games
Get ready for a new challenge! Test your puzzle-solving skillswithUnblock 3D, a new, simple and addictive sliding block puzzlegame.It's an easy-to-play game with realistic 3D graphics, thatwillkeep your brain focused and occupied for hours. ◆ Logicalpuzzles.Solve logical puzzles. Unblock the master block by slidingothersmaller blocks. ◆ 2160 challenging levels. There are more than2000levels for you to solve. Enjoy hundreds of hours of fun inthisnon-stop puzzle block game. ◆ Easy Normal Hard Choosethedifficulty level on which you want to play. Each difficultyhasmore than 700 unique puzzles to solve. ◆ Smooth ControlsEnjoysmooth game-play with fluid controls and simplistic interface.◆Train your brain Improve your brain functions andcognitiveabilities by engaging in this classic sliding block games.◆ Hintsand Undos. If you get stuck on a certain level, you can usehintsto instantly solve complicated puzzles. Earn free hints asyouprogress in the game. ◆ Achievements & Leaderboards. Showoffyour puzzle-solving skills and become the highest achieverbyunlocking achievement and moving up the leader-board. ◆Realistic3D graphics. Play the game on a wooden tables with woodenandmarble blocks Train you brain to solve complex logical puzzlesandbecome a master. Earn more stars by solving the puzzles inlessermoves. Improve you brain functions and cognitive abilities
Math Puzzles 1.1.6
Math puzzles increases your logical thinking. Objective of thegameis to find patterns hidden in the puzzle in order to arrive atthesolution. This game helps in enhancing your - Observation skills-Logical reasoning - Out of the box thinking -Mathematicalknowledge This game contains 70 challenging brainteasers. Eachbrain teaser offers a different and unique challengewhich forcesthe user to think in unconventional way. Play thesepuzzles withyour friends to see who can solve the puzzles faster.
Unlock It - A fun logic puzzle 1.4.37
Unlock It! is a simple yet challenging logic puzzle. Teaseyourbrain and move all the sliders and blocks into the correctpositionto open the lock! Easy to learn and hard to master, UnlockIt!provides endless hours of puzzling fun! The game featureslevelswith increasing difficulty in addition to a rewardingchallengemode which allows you to compete against your friends.Does yourbrain need even more exercise? Try to reach highest levelinchallenge mode and beat the scores of your friends!
Sokoban Chicken - Push Box Puzzle 2.1.0
The objective of the Sokoban is to move all boxes to thedesignatedstorage areas by pushing them. However, this will notalways beeasy. You will need to force your brain and logic as muchaspossible. This will keep your mind active.In the SokobanChickengame, you control a chicken and the chicken only push onebox at atime. The level is over when all of the boxes are placed tostoragesquares.Sokoban is here with new and differentlevels.Features:*100 free levels.* Support both portrait andlandscape mode.* Usingfinger gesture control.* Also using controlbuttons.* Ability tosave.Don't forget! All levels were solved.Therefore, each levelhas a solution. You should not give up.
Math Puzzle With Sticks 1.1.8
We challenge you to show off your logical skills and solve themathequations in our new Puzzle Game With Sticks. It's agreatentertaining app, and it's FREE, now on Google Play. The gameplayis really simple. Just grab the correct stick and move it totheplace where it matches, so you can solve the puzzle and unlockthenext level and the many other cool features. Move and positionthesticks so that the answer of the mathematical problem iscorrect.If you can't solve it, we simplified the game a little byaddingsome hints, so that solving these math match puzzles will beeasyand you can go through all the many levels we've designed foryou.The app is also highly educational, as you need to do bothmathcalculations and thinking logical, as you cannot finish thepuzzlesif you don't do a little bit of both. The puzzle game hassome nicefeatures: 200 Unique Levels containing the four mathoperations. Soyou will find there Addition puzzles SubtractionMultiplicationDivision Easy hint system. 6 types of differentsticks that unlockin the game's progress: matches bamboos bonespencils maces(weapon) swords. Each stick has a different backgroundCleanoriginal graphics Lots of great and entertaining animations Wehopeyou will enjoy the game! If you are having troubles with thegame,or if you just want to send us feedback, please don't hesitatetocontact us at
Slitherlink Puzzles: Loop the loop 1.1.6
Slitherlink also known as Loop The Loop is a logical puzzleplayedon a rectangular board of dots. Some of the squares formed bythedots have numbers inside them. To solve the puzzle,connecthorizontally and vertically adjacent dots so that the linesform asingle loop with no loose ends. In addition, the numberinside asquare represents how many of its four sides are segmentsin theloop. In your final loop each cell must be enclosed withspecifiednumber. Read more about this puzzle gamefrom This game is alsoknownas Loopy, Loop The Loop, Fences, Takegaki, Suriza andDottyDilemma. -----------------------------------------------Features:- Multiple grid sizes. - Multiple difficulty levels. -Hundreds ofdifferent puzzles for different grid size and difficultylevel -Offline game play - Zoom in/undo/redo support - Skip levelsupport- Auto Game Save option
Mr. Binairo - Binary Sudoku Puzzle 1.6
Mr. Binairo is a binary puzzle game also know as Takuzu, BineroorBinary Sudoku. Play now and challenge yourbrain!Features• 4different grid sizes - 6x6 / 8x8 / 10x10 and12x12• 1000 gridsavailable• Highlight cells when rules notrespected• Undo/Redobuttons• Auto save game and continue playingwhenever youwant• Timer to beat your previous time• Clean interfaceand severalother featuresHow to play Mr. Binairo?→ Tap a cell tochange it'svalue!→ Your goal is to fill the whole grid with zeros(0) and ones(1) while respecting the following three rules:• Thereshould notbe more than two similar numbers next to each other in arow orcolumn• Each row and each column should contain an equalnumber ofzeros and ones• Each row and each column should beuniqueRefer tothe detailed rules and tips in the Help page of thegameAll thegrids are unique, can be logically solved and generatedbyusEnjoy!
100 Logic Games - Time Killers
Train your brain with 100 (+12) different types of Puzzle Games!---------------- After 5.000.000 downloads on iOS and WP,LogicGames is finally available on Android ! ----------------Can'tstand Sudoku ? Or actually, maybe you love it, but you’relookingfor a change ? These puzzle games are a lot moreentertaining andenjoyable, providing similar mental exercise.Choose amongincreasingly difficult and big puzzle levels, save yourprogress,undo, restart and take advantage of the hints to keepgoing whenstuck. An ideal companion for spare time, with enoughvarietyyou’re sure to find at least one game you’ll love. PARKS -Plantthe Trees. But not too close ! SNAIL - 1,2,3…1,2,3…Follow theTrailSKYSCRAPERS - Find the Skyline ! TENTS - Each camper wantshisshade. But his privacy too ! ABCD - It’s easy as ABC. Well,almost! BATTLESHIPS - Play solo Battleships. No peeking ! NURIKABE-Walls and Gardens. Well, actually just one Wall and manyGardensHITORI - Shady numbers LIGHTEN UP - Lighten your room, butnot thelight bulbs ! MAGNETS - Respect the attraction. And therepulsion !HIDDEN STARS - They must be somewhere, just follow thearrowsBRANCHES - A branching alternative to Nurikabe TATAMI-1,2,3…1,2,3…Fill the mats FUTOSHIKI - A classic ininequalitiesHIDDEN PATH - Jump and follow the arrows BLOCKED VIEW -This timeit’s just one Garden and many Walls FILLOMINO - Numberthose ParksBLACK BOX - Fire Lasers, Find Atoms ! NUMBER LINK - TheNumberConnection MASYU - Necklace and Pearls SLITHERLINK -LoopingMinesweeper MOSAIK - Puzzler Painter LINESWEEPER - Revengeof theLooping Minesweeper HIDATO - Numbers Maze KAKURO - Sum it up!CALCUDOKU - Math Sudoku LANDSCAPER - Variety is key ! GALAXIES-Spiraling into Space CLOUDS - Weather Radar ROOMS - Close thatdoor! DOMINO - Tiles and Tiles LOOPY - Enough Slitherlink ?RIPPLEEFFECT - Mind the Ripples ! BOX IT UP - Boxing Interval WALLS-Maze of Bricks SLANTED MAZE - Maze of Slants ! MATHRAX -DiagonalMath Wiz (… many more !!) Features: - 10000 puzzle levels-Auto-save game and quick resuming - In-game rules andsolvedexample - Timed Hints - Note-taking for complex puzzles -Singlegame progress in list - Achievements and leaderboards - PinchZoomfor big puzzles Coming up: - Single purchase to remove the adsonall devices and get a Quick Input Panel for less taps Have fun!__________________________________
If you love puzzle games like nonograms and sudoku, you willlovecreating beautiful paintings with PixArt. This different takeonPaint by Number will have you solving logic puzzles to createyourown works of art. Simply use your finger to match the coloreddots.The first levels have hints to explain how the game works buttheystart to get more complex as you go higher in levels allowingyouto enjoy PixArt for many hours. Your progress isautomaticallysaved so feel free to stop and return later knowingthat you canpick up where you left off. If you are enjoying PixArt,purchasethe premium upgrade which will remove ads and allow you toaccessall of the levels which are already created and all futurelevels.Features: ★ simple controls ★ over 100 levels (35 are free)Withmore to come ★ levels range in size from 3x3 to 100x100 ★Beautifulartwork ★ Hours of gameplay
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======================================================= LogicSketch- (also known as 'nonogram', 'picross', 'griddlers') islogic puzzlegame.-------------------------------------------------------LogicSketch has many size of games. From 10x10 to 30x30!! Problemsofvarious sizes, a total of 1290 logics are available. If you makeamistake with the Undo button simply can go back to theprevious.Press and hold the Undo button can start the game againfrom thebeginning. Using a pencil-shaped memo button marked fieldswithoutdestroying the game can be placed. Click the enlarged end ofthescreen will automatically scroll. Pen, a morecomfortableenvironment using the stylus pen is available in thegame. Originallogic game squares minimization of discomfort theyhave had.
Logic Pic Lite Picture Puzzle 1.12.1
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Logic Pic Lite is a puzzle game where you use logic to colortheblocks in a grid and reveal hidden pictures. Also knownasNonogram, Hanjie, Picross or Griddlers, this is a logicchallengethat will please puzzle fans of all ages with endlesshours of funand entertainment. Get started!Thematic level packswill add evenmore to the classic gameplay of this addictive puzzlegame. Solvethe puzzles to discover awesome colorful pixelartillustrations.NEW DAILY PUZZLESDiscover and play new levelseveryday!HIGHLIGHTS• Auto-save feature: come back and play anylevelfrom where you left• Comprehensive tutorial for beginners•200handmade and thematic puzzle levels• Challenging puzzlesforbeginners and experienced players alike• Great andresponsiveinterface• Easy to learn and hard to master puzzlegameEnjoy LogicPic Lite! The free Nonogram picture logic puzzlewith atwist!Please note! This game is free to play, but it containsitemsthat can be purchased for real money. Some features andextrasmentioned in the description may also have to be purchasedfor realmoney.