Top 49 Games Similar to VVVVVV

Super Hexagon 1.0.8
Terry Cavanagh
Super Hexagon is a minimal action game by Terry Cavanagh, withmusicby Chipzel. REVIEWS: ----------------- "A masterpiece ofdesignpurity." - EDGE, 9/10 "This is the kind of game you’re goingto passoff to your friends and say, 'You’ve gotta check this out.'It’sdangerously addictive." - IGN, 9/10 "Knows exactly what typeof gameit wants to be and executes on it spectacularly.Mercilessdifficulty meets brilliant design." - Gamezebo, 5/5
Sally's Law
Nanali Studios
An award-winning 2016 indie game! Sally is making her way toherchildhood home in order to see her critically-ill father.Sounfolds the journey of Sally, the girl for whom nothing canstandin her way. A journey teeming with unbelievably-good fortune.CouldSally's luck be a mere coincidence? Roll and jump throughoutthejourney home, revealing Sally and Father's past.DescriptionSally's Law is the opposite of Murphy's Law. Consideraparticularly lucky moment of your life when everything fellintoplace, that is Sally's Law! It is that very notionofsupernaturally good fortune - as though guided by someinvisibleforce - upon which Sally's Law the Game was designed.Follow alongwith Sally as she effortlessly rolls and leaps towardshome.Discover Father's story through flashbacks along theway.Immediately replay each scene as the spirit of Sally'sFather,granting Sally the gift of a reality with, ROLL to solve a variety of puzzles! Experience auniquepuzzle-platformer, encountering a variety of fun tricks whileatthe same time enjoying a story. ***Notice Sally's Law isoptimizedto run on GalaxyS4 or later. Please note it may not runproperly onearlier versions ordevices.********************************************************AwardsGoogle Play Indie Games Festival 2016 : Top3 Busan IndieConnectFestival 2016 : Excellence In Narrative Finalist Google Play2016Game Of The Year: Best Indie Game Features Story andGame:Experience the story first-hand as you play through thegame.Puzzle-platformer: Time your jumps while solving a seriesofpuzzles! Circles and Squares: Beautiful artwork encased insimpleshapes."
Sword Of Xolan 1.0.14
Sword of Xolan is an action platformer game that includes thejuiceof pixel art style. Xolan is a young and brave man who fightforjustice no matter what the cost. Help him on his adventure tostandagainst darkness and bring back the peace and serenity thatoncewas. Features: - 30 handcrafted adventure levels - 9time-basedchallenge levels - 3 "End Of Act" bosses - Over 30differentenemies like: zombies, giants and flying creatures - 10uniquegame-cards to improve Xolan's skill - Customizable touchcontrols -Controller support - 19 Game Center achievements -Originalsoundtrack by Burak Karakaş
Mad Caveman 8.1.3
Back to the stone age, let's be a caveman. Simple game play.Justjump run and throw your weapon to kill dinosaurs. Collect Coinsandhave fun. Nice Game Easy Control Good Music This addictive andfungame will have you hooked from the beginning! Your goal is tojumpon the necessary blocks without falling down... Sounds easy?It'snot! Every level brings more challenges but also tricks youcanperform to reach your goals! With amazing graphics and effectsgetready to use your logistics skills to the max! Readycaveman?Goooooo!!!!
Viva Sancho Villa 2.90.4
A Mexican hack & slash action adventure platformer, play astherevolutionary hero Sancho Villa! Using your machete andlegendaryrevolvers, liberate Magico’s land from the corruptedforces of evilin this revolutionary saga of war and folklore.Getimmersed in asurreal world of music, traditions, mythology, artsand craftswhile you travel through colorful towns, dangerousfields, uprisingvillages, haunted forests and much more. VivaSancho Villa shallawe you and last in your memory forever!Its afun, unique andinnovative gameplay with easy to learn controls,letting you run& slide high hills and steep slopes, jump fatalcliffs andrepel attacks. Fight back with combos and surviveunexpectedsituations to the rhythm of fanfares, cheers, confetti,shoutingand celebrations. No one stands in your way!
MilkChoco 1.19.6
Battle Royale Mode released : Survival mode to be the last oneinall players. 5 vs 5 multiplay shooting game. 2017 GooglePeople'sChoice - Korea 2017 Google Best Indie Game - Korea 2017Google BestIndie Game - Japan Using various heroes with differentabilities,you can play various roles in battlefields such as'Assault','Deathmatch', 'Escort' and ETC. Each hero can beraisedindividually, they also have own 'ranking', 'weapons' and'skill'.==== Features ==== - Easy to Control - Small size (65 MB,Noadditional downloads) - Low latency online FPS ==== Notice ====1.In-game guide, please use the book button on the top leftcorner.2. Login will be a Google account. Even if you change yourmobilephone, you can log in with the same account and play withyourexisting records. 3. If you use Hack or Patcher, you can beblockedpermanently. ==== Update scheduled content ==== 1. Messageswithfriends 2. Star league (ladder league) * Description of yourin-apppermission agreement request In-app purchases: Purchasinggaminggoods Photo / Video / File: Change Clan Mark Wi-Ficonnectioninformation: Seamless network play External storage:In-appadvertising
Tom 's World Adventure 1.0.2
Game NES
Tom's World Adventure is a Classic platformer adventure videogameon PC, now it is available on Mobile.Tom's World Adventurehaveclassic graphics, classic gameplay with over 100 levels willhelpyou happy with experiences of the adventures.In Tom'sWorldAdventure, you will play with 6 worlds with 20 levelsforeachworld.Enjoin Tom's World Adventure!
Bubble Blast Adventure 1.0.4
Magma Mobile
Come discover the fabulous world your favorite Bubble Blast livein!Bubble Blast Adventure is an exciting Platformer where you mustracethrough the levels collecting special items and defeating theevilBubble Square Tribe. The Bubble Square Tribe has invadedthebeautiful kingdom the Bubble Blast have peaceful lived inforcenturies. While invading the kingdom, the tribe has stolenBubbleBlast artifacts, which represent the greatest source of powerinthe entire kingdom. As you venture through the various levelsandtake back the Bubble Blast Kingdom, you will be in chargeofrecovering them all. The kingdom’s future is at stake. BubbleBlastAdventure features - Unique Art design - PlatformingActions:Rolling, Jumping and Exploding Bubble Blast - Super easy toplay,yet very intricate gameplay - Hidden keys, gateways andtreasures -Over 100 fun levels to discover - Interactive shop toboost yourabilities all throughout the game - Customizable BubbleBlastcharacters. How cool will your Bubble Blast be? - The gameisTablet ready and supports 15+ Languages
Ghoulboy - Dark sword of Goblin-Action platform 1.03
Serkan Bakar
Ghoulboy is a retro-inspired halloween style actionplatforminspired nes,snes consoles.Exciting new platformer thatcombinesthe action-rpg genre with adventure gameplay. 2D action,heroiccharacters, gloomy environments, demonic bosses, these allseem toexcite players a lot.Pixels will be combined with other coolretroelements and the result will certainly be something that willmeetthe needs of mobile gamers. Once in-game, users will get tocontrola heroic character who will often be seen throwing a speartocreate additional platforms. To boot, puzzle and combatelementswill further enhance the experience. You wouldn’t want tomiss outon it!With the gold that you collect, you can increase yourhealthlevel, your arsenal of weapons to be thrown away.Slay asmanymonsters as you can, collect loot, avoid dangerous traps anddefeatmenacing bosses.Ghoulboy brings back the look and feel of theverybest classic retro adventure free platform fun game from the90'snes,snes, introducing refreshed and engaging gameplaymechanics. Ifyou miss platformers from the 16-bit era, and thinkgames nowadaysaren't that good anymore, think twice! Ghoulboy isfor you.GhoulboyFeatures:-4 bosses-Chiptune retro musics-Puzzles-3weapons (smallsword,big sword, mace)-3 throwableweapons-Controllersupport-LeaderboardsLanguages:EspanolGermanEnglishTurkce,TürkçeAGREATADVENTURE• Explore a magical realm of dungeons, towns,treasures anddevious monsters.MAGIC AND SWORDS• Find powerfulweapons, items andspells to defeat your enemies.
Overpainted 1.4.3
Overpainted – it is awesome and dynamic platformer.You're in adarkroom. Visibility is zero. The only way to see anything inthedarkness - spray paint everywhere. Painting - your visionandorientation in space.Here you stay alone with reflexes andlogic,good luck - it will be difficult.Be careful, dodge fromcirculardisks, overcome difficult obstacles, defeat enemies and useyourabstract thinking to find a way out.100 spicy, full offlavor,hardcore and colorful levels with dispiteous bosses arewaiting foryou.If you are tired of usual platformer games and wantsomethingunordinary so here you are!Features:-Goodanimations-Unusualgraphics-A variety of levels-The game isaddictive-Unusualgameplay-Control with two fingersFormoregames:
BMX Kid 4.3
Jump over obstacles and collect points. Accelerate & jumptoperform cool Stunts and spectacular Tricks. Master yourbicycletricks to become a BMX pro. There are many challengingobstacleswith beautiful locations of hills and mountains. Performnewtricks, complete challenges and create high scores. BMX Kid issoeasy to play and is super fun. Improve your bicycling skills asyoumove ahead in the game. Features: - Beautiful graphics - AnAmazingBMX experience - Challenging cycling missions - DifferentracerAvatars Contact us on if you needanyhelp! Follow Us to get news andupdates:
Flora and the Darkness
Darkness may never win! Darkness covers the whole planet. Thelightbeings are either lost or trapped. Saved by her mother, onlyonesurvived, a little light girl: Flora. Help her in theadventureagainst the Darkness in this spectacularly artistic2Dside-scrolling platformer. Show the world that hermother'ssacrifice was not in vain! Discover the amazing livingworld of herplanet. Reach the end of the levels with the help ofthe specialplants and with using the abilities of the ancient Gods.Activateall the ancient gates to chase the Darkness away! Thefuture of theplanet is in your hands! Game Features: • captivatingstunning artstyle • intuitive and simple one-touch control • 21challenging,carefully crafted levels • special abilities forstrategic options• boss fight finale • epic music • various movingand staticenemies The Darkness is spreading! Don't wait, save theplanet!Reach us at: Website: Twitter:
Magic Rampage 5.1.3
Exciting platformer that combines the RPG genre withfast-pacedaction gameplay. Magic Rampage features charactercustomization anddozens of weapons to wield, from knives to magicalstaves. Eachdungeon introduces the player to new obstacles, enemiesand secretareas to explore. Search Bonus levels, strive for victoryinSurvival mode, join forces with friendly NPCs and battle it outinchallenging Boss fights. Magic Rampage features an excitingonlineCompetitive Mode where players around the globe compete toseewho's the best in randomly generated dungeons; featuringuniquebosses, exclusive new items and content! Magic Rampage bringsbackthe look and feel of the very best classic platformers fromthe90's, introducing refreshed and engaging gameplay mechanics. Ifyoumiss platformers from the 16-bit era, and think gamesnowadaysaren't that good anymore, think twice! Magic Rampage is foryou.Magic Rampage supports joysticks, gamepads and physicalkeyboardfor even more accurate gameplay responsiveness. CAMPAIGNVentureinto castles, swamps and forests to fight zombies, giantspiders,dragons, bats, and many tough bosses! Choose your class,dress yourarmor and grab your best weapon: knives, hammers, magicalstaffs,and much more! Find out who captured the king!COMPETITIVEChallenge other players in randomly generated dungeonswith a hugevariety of obstacles, enemies and bosses! You can alsochallengeyour friends. The more you compete, the higher yourranking, andthe closer you'll be to being featured in the greatHall of Fame!WEEKLY DUNGEONS - Live ops! A new Dungeon every week!Each week,players will be presented with unique challenges and epicrewards!Weekly Dungeons offer time and star challenges in threelevels ofdifficulty. Additionally, you get extra Rank points everyday youcomplete it. CHARACTER CUSTOMIZATION Choose your class(Mage,Warrior, Druid, Warlock, Rogue, Paladin, Thief and many more)andcustomize your character's weapons and armor. You can choosetheperfect weapons and armor according to your class, as well astheirmagical elements: fire, water, air, earth, light anddarkness,further stylizing your hero with your playing style.SURVIVOR MODETest your strength! Enter the most dangerous dungeonsof the castleand fight against various enemies. The longer you canstay alive,the more gold and weapons you will win! Survival Mode isa greatway for you to gain new weapons, armor and lots of gold toequipyour character and get stronger and stronger. THE SHOP Meetthesalesman and browse his shop. He will offer you the bestweapons,armor and also rare runes, with which you can increase thedamageof your shield in your weaponry. The Seller is not toofriendly,but he is the only one that can help you against all theenemiesand bosses you will find in this battle! LOCAL VERSUS MODEDo youhave an Android TV? Plug in two gamepads and invite yourfriends toplay with you! We've created a versus mode featuring themaincharacters in the game, with battle arenas based on theCampaignmode's Dungeons. You will have to be quick to win! Pick upweaponsthat are in the crates across the arena, kill NPCs and keepan eyeon your opponent!
Super Dangerous Dungeons 1.3.1
Pocket Gamer Silver Award "A super sharp-edged, but superenjoyableretro platforming challenge " – Pocket Gamer, 8/10 "SuperDangerousDungeons is just a good, solid platformer" – TouchArcade,4 starsHop into a challenging platforming adventure with thelittletreasure hunter Timmy! Run and jump your way through trapandpuzzle filled corridors, but watch out: the rooms are fullofspikes, pits, and other deadly dangers. Do you have what ittakesto conquer the dangerous dungeons and reach the legendarytreasure?GAME FEATURES: - Over 60 challenging levels, includingbosses andsecret stages! - Stylish and retro pixel art graphics! -SNESinspired retro soundtrack by KungFuFurby! - Unlock achievementstoprove your dungeon mastery! - Time Trial mode with leaderboardsforspeedrunners!
• “...A must try game for fast paced reaction game lovers.”-iDroidStation• “The best twitchy evasion game I've playedsinceSuper Hexagon.” - IndieGameEnthusiast• “...One ofthoseinfuriatingly brilliant games like Super Hexagon and Pivvot.”-Pocket Gamer • “...It's kind of like if you crossed SuperHexagonwith the Death Star run from the first Star Wars and add inasplash of Tron.” - TheSixthAxis• “...It's techno beat andvisualswill likely arrive as a delight to most.” - 148Apps•TouchArcadeGame of the Week Nominee (December 19th 2013)*****BEATDRIFT is apure action game that will test your reflexes and honeyour skills.Feel the beat. Drift with the music. Push the limitstosurvive.Features:• Addictive, short-burst gameplay (60 secondsorless). • Smooth and simple finely tuned controls.•Trance-likemusic and visuals. • Feeling of progress and skillimprovement.•Increasingly challenging gameplay.• Multipledifficulty levels.•Procedurally generated levels.• Universalsupport.• No in-apppurchases.• Online leaderboards.*****CONNECTwith us:• Facebook:• Twitter:@BEATDRIFT• Website:http://beatdrift.comDEVELOPED by:•LunarPixelGames:• DigitalUzu:
Extreme Ninja Fighting 1.0.0
Ultimate 2016
------------ Extreme Ninja Fighting -----------Fightagainstdifferent opponents in a jumpy world platformerusingpunches,kicks,throwing knifes ,dashes and execute specialmoves ofeach character . Enjoy the game which takes up only 6mb ofyourstorage !![ Watch gameplay video at given youtube link to knowmore]The game is in alpha stages and is subject to changes.Gameplayinstructions :- Up button for jump- Side arrows forleft/rightmovement- X for normal attack- Y for knife throw- B forsuperdashSpecial Attacks :- R + X [Special Attack 1]- R + Y[SpecialAttack 2]- L + X [Special Attack 3]- L + Y [Special Attack4][Gameonly uses one interstitial ad at the start ]
Smashy Brick 2.01
**UNLOCK VIDEOGAMEDUNKEY AS A FREE PLAYABLE CHARACTER****FeaturedinDunkey's Best of 2016****Taco Bell Indie Game GarageWinner**SmashyBrick is not your regular brick breaker game.Instead of moving aclunky paddle, you draw trampolines to bounce“smashies” at brickformations. Help Flamey and his friends destroythe galaxy, brick bybrick!Features: - 121 hand crafted levels - 12characters withunique powers to collect - Free to play, ads areoptional andnon-intrusive!Independently developed with love by asmall team ofstudents from the University of Washington inSeattle. This is ourfirst game, so let us know what you think!Follow the developers ontwitter:@smashynick@tastefultylerb
Metal Classic Contra 1.3
Classic Contra, destroy enemies, soldier, shooting games. NewContrawith different weapons! Enjoy!In this Classic Contra, youprovidedwith a gun, but you can find various kinds of weapons fromthe likeAK, heavy gun machine and commando etc. along withextremelydestructive bullets.🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥Features of MetalClassic Contra :✈Classic platform game style✈ Nice graphics,beauty gun, heavymachine, and more✈ Smooth control and easycontroler✈ Real music andsound effects✈ 14 kinds of enemies:Multiple enemies characters likesoldier, tank, boss, helicopter,commando.✈ Compete against friendsin the endless mode and shareyour score✈ No up-sells or upgrades,you get everything & freeupdates✈ The game requires less memoryand supports more mobiledevice.How to play this game soldier:1:Move soldier forward,backward, left or right with joy stickcontrols.2: Tap jump to jumpavoid obstacles
Leap Day 1.112.1
Leap Day is a fast paced action platformer with a brand newlevelevery day! really EVERY DAY! until the END OFTIME!Features: • A brand new level you can finish every day! • Setin adifferent location every day! • Everyone will have exactly thesamelevel every day! • Different traps every day! • Differentmonstersevery day! • Finish the day and get a gold trophy stamp onyourcalendar... every day! (As long as your good enough!) • Did wegetacross there's a ton of new stuff every day? Also: • Simpleonetouch gameplay in portrait orientation. A perfect platformer onthego! • A colourful and stunning pixel art world. Retro nostalgiaisa go! • A real labour of love from the whole Nitrometeam!-Important information- This game contains third partyadvertisingand cross promotion for other nitrome games, both whichcan beremoved via a one time In App Purchase.
Poly Crack: Super Hexagon Puzzles 1.0.7
Climb through the colorful and exciting levels in PolyCrack!GAMERULES• Tap at the right time• Connect the lines• CRACKTHEPOLYS!FEATURES• Exciting and amazing music!• Beautiful design•Funand FRESH ARCADE ACTION!• Simple tap controls withuniquechallenges!• UNLIMITED LEVELS FOR UNLIMITED FUN!• PlayOFFLINE nointernet access required!• Amazing STACK mode to see howhigh youcan stack!CLASSIC ARCADE ACTION• Classic arcade game withmoderntwists!• New challenging levels that keep it fresh!•CompletelyFREE TO PLAY!ACHIEVEMENTS & LEADERBOARDS• Challengethe worldand show your dominance!• Fun and exciting achievements!•Challengeyour friends!CHALLENGE YOUR FRIENDS• Connect with Facebooktochallenge your friends anywhere!• Prove to your friends thatyouare the best hex master!• Find your friends or enemies ontheleaderboards and show them who’s boss!Download POLYCRACKtoday!Dash your way to the top of the leaderboards, pushyourskills in this nearly impossible world that will make youneverwant to stop! Blast your way to success, and slice youropponentsdown!Tired of those match 3 games? Poly Crack FREE TO PLAYand issomething refreshing and intense that will keep you on yourtoes.Challenge yourself to the super hard late-game levels andrelaxwith the early-game simple levels. Power yourself up with hexhotstreaks that will have you on the edge of your seat. Dashyourselfto the top of the leaderboards!! Poly Crack is artfullydesignedfor both children and adults.Poly Crack is a game that youcan playon a plane or you can play on a train. It's a game that canbeplayed in a few seconds or for a few hours. You can fidget withthegame until your fingers fall off! This game will be your topgame,please send an email if you would like features to beadded!Thegoal is to finish the spinning polygon while racking up ahighscore! But it's not always that easy, your mind can play tricksonyou! This classic arcade game has infinite levels andendlessamounts of fun and satisfaction. Be the talk of your friendsandget the highest score possible! Crack those super hexagons!Whatareyou waiting for?? It’s time to dive into the endless arcadegamethat is Poly Crack! Enjoy the super brilliant atmosphere ofPollyCrack that will have you testing your reflexes at every turn.Isthat not enough for you? Well we added more than that, youcancollect achievements, connect with your Facebook friends, andputtogether these super awesome hexagons! Trust me, you’re goingtohave a blast playing! If you don’t have a blast, please send meanemail at!Enjoy the minimal art styleandsimple game mechanics. Show that you are super powerful bycrackingthe colorful hexagons! Tap at the right times to show thatyou arethe best at cracking! Slither your way to the top oftheleaderboards and prove to your friends that you are the best!
World of Goo 1.2
- "Game of the Year" -MetaCritic, IGN, TouchArcade, RockPaperShotgun, GameTunnel- Best Games for Android lists -NYTimes,techcrunch, pocketgamer, androidpolice, mashable, and manymore-Reddit's runaway choice for best Android gameBeautifulandsurprising, the millions of Goo Balls who live in the World ofGooare curious to explore - but they don't know that they are inagame, or that they are extremely delicious. This is the FULLawardwinning game, now on Android. Drag and drop living,squirming,talking, globs of goo to build structures, bridges,cannonballs,zeppelins, and giant tongues. Mysterious Levels - Eachlevel isstrange and dangerously beautiful, introducing new puzzles,areas,and the creatures that live in them. World of Goo Balls -Along theway, undiscovered new species of Goo Ball, each withuniqueabilities, come together to ooze through reluctant talesofdiscovery, love, conspiracy, beauty, electric power, and thethirddimension. The Sign Painter - Someone is watching you. Worldof GooCorporation - Congratulations! World of Goo Corporation istheGlobal Leader in Goo and Goo Related Product, including WorldofGoo Corporation Trademark Brand Soft Drink Beverage and WorldofGoo Corporation Trademark Brand Facial ExfoliatingLotion.Succulent! Massive Online Competition - Human players aroundtheworld compete in a living leaderboard to build the tallesttowersof goo in World of Goo Corporation's mysterious sandbox.World ofGoo Corporation is contractually obligated to state thateveryoneis a winner and is enthusiastic to celebrate everyone'stowerbuilding opportunities equally.Congratulations, and goodluck!Awards and recognition for World of Goo: * Wii Game of theYear-IGN * iPad Game of the Year - TouchArcade, MetaCritic* BestIndieGame -Spike TV Video Game Awards* Best Design -AcademyofInteractive Arts and Sciences * Best Downloadable Title-GameDevelopers Choice Awards * Best Design -Independent GamesFestival* Technical Excellence -Independent Games Festival * BestIndieGame -Spike TV Video Game Awards* Game of the Year -RockPaperShotgun * Game of the Year -GameTunnel * Best PC Puzzle Game-IGN *Best Wii Puzzle Game -IGN * Best Artistic Design Wii -IGN *BestNew IP Wii -IGN * Most Innovative Design Wii -IGN * Puzzler oftheYear -Golden Joystick AwardsNOTE: There are lots of Androiddevicesout there with varying capabilities. If you have an olderphone, werecommend trying the demo first.
Yeah Bunny! 1.49.5
This wonderful arcade platformer takes you on adventure to theretropixel magical bunny world. Touch control never been so easyandaccurate! Run, jump and climb on the walls just by tappinganywhereon the 8bit screen. Collect cute carrots and tiny keys andrun tocomplete the pocket levels and reach different super amazingworldswith unique characters and enemies! Run super pixel worldsandtravel through kingdom in this challenging retro arcadeplatformer.This tiny cute bunny is a hero who wants to exploreanother landswith you, will you come, super run and play thisarcade retro 8bitplatformer? This is great adventure where you canbe a hero. > 9unique cute worlds to run and complete > 3different pocketclimate zones to visit with tiny animals >natural and satisfyingjump touch control > easy to learn andaddictive gameplay > 48fun levels with tiny animals to complete> cute retro pixelvisuals > achievements to collect > 4bosses to beat
Rogue buddies 2 1.3.1
Rogue Buddies 2 features our 4 mercenaries; Maximus (assaultandgrenade specialist), Smoke (heavy gunner and rocketlauncher),Alpha Tech (shield and drones) and Duster (jumping ninjaandkatana) on a new quest for gold and revenge against theevilCompany. The game is a 2D action platformer shooter. Thegamefeatures tons of levels, filled with puzzles and enemiestoeliminate. [ Environment ]Not only will the buddies face dangerinan infested jungle, they will also visit lost cities, epictunnelsand the center of the earth. You will cross ruins, swim inthedepths of caverns and scale the gold carved mountains of theAztecjungle. [ Storyline ]The 4 Buddies are on a quest for gold buttheywill be soon interrupted by their former evil corporate bossesandalso a savage intruder. Maximus and his team will becaughtoff-guard and trapped by the natives. Your quest is to saveyourcrew, gather as much gold and take revenge on the evilCompany.[Enemies ]Regular henchmens, heavy gunners, blockers (thatpreventyou from accessing certain areas), the natives (that arequick andhard to kill) and of course the 4 Company Bosses. [Missions /Level design ]There are over 50 levels (main andside-objectives).Each level can be completed with a level of stars,which are neededto unlock certain areas on the map. In each levelyou will beconfronted with puzzles, requiring each of thecharacter's specialskills, swapping back and forth between yourbuddies.[ Vehicles]Inthe game there will be 3 types of vehicles(Bike, Chopper,Skiboat), that will require the player to find thekey in thatlevel. In some levels, the vehicle is necessary tocomplete thestage, whereas in other levels it is optional.MainFeatures• Weaponupgrades• Mind-bending Puzzles• Various enemies ofdifferentdifficulties• Traps and surprises• Swim under water•Bunnies tocollect (For bonus)• Character costumes• Cracking doors•Swingingropes• Savage natives to avoid• Awesome vehicles to ride 1.2.3
Tekko Studios! The hit game comes to mobile! Play online withmillionsof players and try to create the biggest hexagonsterritory! Yourgoal? Conquer as much territory as possible, don'tget hit, defendyour land and try to find the best strategy toconquer all the map,but be careful other players won't let you doso. After the successof on browser, Tekko Studiosoffers a new and funexperience of the game on mobile with newcontrols perfect fortouchscreens! Find the addictive gameplay,multiplayer and uniquedesign on an io game that millions havealready enjoyed on PC. Thisgame requires an internet connection.Don’t miss out on the latestnews: Like on Facebook: us on Twitter:
Roy's World 1.0.1
Roy need help to begin and finish his journey. He need you tosavehis princess.In that game you will pass all levels and try toavoidenemies, traps, kill boss enemies and others.In every worldyouhave to fight to boos enemies. They can beat you but you mustuseyour skills to win with them and get your prize.You will fightwithlots of enemies as bird, golem, hedgehog, scorpion, ghostandmore...Story starts in Jungle World where you have to fightwithjungle monsters like monkeys, snakes, lep and more. Also youcanfind other worlds like lava cave world, castle world.You mustavoidall traps. Also there is tons of hidden bonus items andcoins.Youcan find great bonus items: stone, bumerang.Game can bringyourmemories from childhood when you were playing platform gamesonyour retro console.You must finish your adventure and never giveupwhen you loseall your lives.This game has great features:- GreatHDgraphics- Nice music and effects- Store where you canbuyadditional items- Many levels- Hidden items- Game can bringbackyour memories when you were playing old platform games.Howtoplay:- Left and Right arrows to move left or right- Down arrowtogo inside the pipe to bonus level where you canfind lots ofcoins-A button to run faster or shot- B button to jump Corycharacter
Mad Dex 1.4.1
game guild
You’re in for a heaping helping of exciting adventure in theworldof Mad Dex, one of the greatest platformers of all time!You’re MadDex. You’re little, but you’re brave. The love of yourlife hasbeen kidnapped by a merciless monster that has taken overthe city,and now all you can think about it how to save her fromhis vileclutches. Use your special parkour abilities to overcomeall theobstacles, avoid all the traps, beat all the bosses, fightyour wayto the big bad, and save your girlfriend! Put your agilityto thetest as you run, jump, stick to walls, fend off your evilfoes’deadly attacks, and never give up! Mad Dex is ahardcoreplatformer, an exciting, challenging game for anyone who’swillingto go the extra mile to reach their goal. Features: •Epicfree-to-play action game • More than 50 levels withvariousdifficulties • Hardcore boss battles • Awesome visualeffectscombined with unique physics and exciting gameplay •Peppysoundtrack • Global score leaderboard and a global leaderboardforevery level • We read every review, so YOUR IDEA just might makeitinto the game one day! Only you can save Miss Dex! How toplay:just press the jump button rather than tapping it, andeverythingwill be fine ;) Thanks for playing Mad Dex ! Don't forgetto ratethe app and give us your feedback. We are constantly tryingtoimprove the game and we love hearing your thoughts !
Mad Dex 2 1.2.5
game guild
You’re in for a heaping helping of exciting adventure in theworldof Mad Dex 2, one of the greatest platformers of all time!You’reMad Dex. You’re little, but you’re brave. The love of yourlife hasbeen kidnapped by a merciless monster that has taken overthe city,and now all you can think about it how to save her fromhis vileclutches. Use your special parkour abilities to overcomeall theobstacles, avoid all the traps, beat all the bosses, fightyour wayto the big bad, and save your girlfriend! Put your agilityto thetest as you run, jump, stick to walls, fend off your evilfoes’deadly attacks, and never give up! Mad Dex 2 is ahardcoreplatformer, an exciting, challenging game for anyone who’swillingto go the extra mile to reach their goal. Features: •Epicfree-to-play action game • 75 levels with various difficultiesin 5chapters • Exciting story • Hardcore boss battles • Awesomevisualeffects combined with unique physics and exciting gameplay •Widevariety of traps • Characters with different skills andupgrades •Peppy soundtrack • Global leaderboard for every level •Speed: getmedals after fast level-complete • Explorer: secrets ateach level• We read every review, so YOUR IDEA just might make itinto thegame one day! Only you can save Miss Dex! Good Luck at thegame !)Thanks for playing Mad Dex 2! Don't forget to rate the appand giveus your feedback. We are constantly trying to improve thegame andwe love hearing your thoughts !
Super boy - Super World - adventure run 1.1.7
🐼 An evil wizard appears, he kidnaps all the villagers exceptSuperboy The whole village is gone and you’re the only Super boyleft! 🐰Super boy - jungle games Is an adventure run game withsimplecontrols and great graphics, Super boy run also having goodsoundeffects Super boy - Game Features: 🌲 More than 120+challengelevels and more 🌲 12 bosses to fight and more coming soon.🌲 Greatgraphics and music. 🌲 5 different worlds: ice,desert,forest... 🌲Classic platform game and easy to control 🌲Customized props,unlock and upgrade them to help you 🌲 Over 20enemies and power upobstacles 🌲 7 leaderboards and 26 achievements🐠 In this superadventure, Control sboy to run, jump and pounce onmonsters 🐱 Tapto jump and double tap to double jump and escape thepitfalls.Beware of sign boards and complete all the levels. 🐌 Superboy -jungle games is a one of the best journey game 🐺Downloat itnow!!and start your journey!
Super Cat Bros 1.0.13
Six cats are the new Jump'n'Fur stars! Reunite Alex the Cat withhissiblings and explore a mysterious island. Control 24 paws withjust2 thumbs tapping the left or right side of the screen. You'llbesurprised how easy it is to climb, swim, jump and run. Justdon'tforget to bring the right cat for the job! Super Cat Bros istailormade for the touch screen. It has never been so easy andsatisfyingto play platformers on your phone. Download now to openthe kittydoor for the Super Cat Bros and meow away a boringday.One of thecutest tales about cats on Google Play. + six catswith uniqueabilities+ simple yet rewarding controls+ more than 50fun levels toenjoy+ cute pixel visuals+ lots of hidden secrets+achievements andleaderboards
com.touchfoo.swordigo 1.4.1
Touch Foo
Run, jump and slash your way through a vast world ofplatformingchallenges and embark on an epic adventure! The #1mobile adventuregame and a 3D platformer, now also available forAndroid phones andtablets. “Swordigo is a love letter to theplatforming andadventure games of the past.” — SlideToPlay, 4/4“There’s never adull movement as you hop between platforms andslash your swordagainst a plethora of enemies.” — Apple’n’Apps,4.5/5 “Honestly, ifyou only buy one game this week, you shouldchoose Swordigo.” —AppAdvice A GREAT ADVENTURE • Explore a magicalrealm of dungeons,towns, treasures and devious monsters. • Gainexperience and levelup your character. MAGIC AND SWORDS • Findpowerful weapons, itemsand spells to defeat your enemies. • Ventureinto gloomy caves anddungeons to discover powerful hidden swords.SIDE-SCROLLERPLATFORMER GAME • Fluid and challenging platforminggameplaydesigned specifically for mobile devices. • Precise touchcontrolsoptimized for smartphones and tablets. • Customize thecontrols toyour preference.
Reed 2.0b
Reed – it’s a tiny creature and the last creation of anoldsupercomputer. The old supercomputer is dying by losing all ofhiscubes and he’s getting much slower without them.Withoutsupercomputer, world is going to end. Could you help him andsavethe world ? Can you collect all the cube that could be foundinlevels that are not so easy to pass ?Features:- Beautiful pixelartgraphic !- Ambient music !- Easy to control !- Addictivegameplay!- Hard levels !- Different traps !- Achievements !We arein
Space Expedition 1.1
Mobirate Ltd
Space Expedition is an exciting oldschool platform game withacolorful mixture of gameplay genres. This is a story ofbraveastronaut who is to discover what really happened on adistantspace station.Discover new locations, solve puzzles, evadethetraps, fight monsters, operate machines and pilot spaceships inagood old pixel-art atmosphere! You'll have to be smart tocompletequests, witty to escape danger, attentive to overcomeobstacles andbrave to fight the enemy in a open combat. The gamefor real heroesawaits you!Get ready for the adventure, put on yourspace suit andcharge your jetpack - the quest begins! SpaceExpedition, new sharpgame from the creators of Parking Mania andDead Ahead.
Super Jabber Jump 3 5.1.5002
Super Jabber Jump 3 is a Classic platform game. Take you back totheschool days. Jabber’s ancestral Gem was robbed by evil Monster.Fortaking the gold coins back, Jabber start his adventure.ControlJabber to run, jump and pounce on monsters. Start youradventure,run across five worlds as you smash through those trickymonsters.Filled with unexpected obstacles, struggle to get to theFINALdestination. Then Jabber can take his Gem back. Are youready?Tips: attack tunnel monster in the midair, double jump overthoselong gaps. Super Jabber Jump 3 Features: - New puzzleelements,exciting adventure - Classic platform game and easy tocontrol -Magnificent graphics, vivid and smooth animation -100well-designed levels, full of challenges - Tons of trickymonsters,difficult to handle - Customized props, unlock and upgradethem tohelp you Find hidden chests in the secret paths, openthem,surprise you! But be aware of this: Monster is alwayswithtreasure. Time to take an adventure! Download for free! Let’srunand jump!
Jungle Adventure 1.0.1
So many threats are waiting for super boy! You will have themostamazing and exciting moments when playing this game. As apartnerof super jungle boy, you guys will face with a lot ofdangers andchallenges. Jump, run or use weapon, The Jungle boy cando anythingto kill monster. On the way to kill the enemies, don’tforget tocollect more weapon to become powerful!FEATURES- Play forall ages-Game is free- Spirit of old school classic platformers-Greatgraphics and music- Many items: mushroom, flower, shield,hiddenblocks...- 55 levels freeHOW TO PLAY- Use button to jump,move andfire- Find weapon in boxWe hope all our players have agreat timeplaying it, please rate and thanks a lot for playing!Whatare youwaiting for? Play Jungle Adventures World Run now!
Fist of Rage: 2D Battle Platformer 1.5
😎 Deddy is a retired MMA fighter, running away from his past, ashefights for society, especially young children with cancer -causedby the an evil Corporation’s dangerous and on purpose toxicwaste.👧Chika is a smart and cute scientist, although a bit clumsy.Shecreated vaccines to fight the virus loaded in the toxicwastes,spread by the evil Corporation. With this knowledge,theCorporation tries to stole her research for their ownadvantage.🥊Fight, 🔫 Shoot, and 🤜 Punch through enemies with yourmartial artsskills, weapons, and dashing bald head. Take on enemiessuch asDrone, Punks, and the evil Corporation. Fight unique Bossesandbeat them all with your 👊 Fist of Rage 💢!★ FEATURES ★🚧Platformingand Exploration🔥 Exciting Fighting Mechanics🎮 SolidControls -official Gamepad support: GameSir™ |☠️Challenging Boss Battles🔐 Unlockables &Collectibles🔺 Upgrade& Customize Your Hero💰 Option to goPremium with no AdsWill yoube able to get back the research andsave the society?Download andPlay “Fist of Rage: 2D BattlePlatformer” NOW!“For The Best ArcadeExperience, We advise you to GoPremium!”Notes regarding somepermissions:- External storage accessis used for caching video& save game purpose.- Record audio andlocation access forpurpose of profiling the device on mediaconsumption to targetrelevant content and ads to the device.Like Uson Facebook! outmoreabout Touchten: Touchten onTwitter: TouchtenonFacebook: TouchtenonYouTube:
Flying Slime 1.1.0
Youzu Stars
Flying Slime is a 2D swinging platformer featuring “Slimie,”anadorable creature that swings through the trees of a foresttoavoid the evil harvester machine and save the Slime homeland.Insurvival mode, you must use special skills to elude theharvesterand collect Spirit stone to unlock Slimie’s friend. Instory mode,you must find the Spirit Heart to rebuild the Slimehomeland. Doyou have what it takes to help the flying Slime?KEYFEATURES:*Enjoy a charming storyline and a cute, clean cartoonstyle.*Experience finely-tuned collision mechanics. * Revelineasy-to-play, hard-to-master gameplay.* Make it to the top ofthein-game ranking system. * Record gameplay, learn to improve,andshare videos with friends.* Switch between multiplemodes:campaign, survival, multiplayer, challenge.* Invite friendstocompete against you.
Ninja fight 1.2.0
TOH Games
Game ninja fight is an action games, one of the best fightinggamesWith ninja fighting games, ninja can run, jump, go toattackszombies, devil, monsters. Warrior ninja games We believethat, thisis one of the best ninja games, action game and addictinggames foryou. This game ninja, you will be a heroes and ninjafighting gameswill take you through series of classic levels, eachlevel is abattle, war of nija, various enemies and boss battleswith amazingexperience of battle games In the ninja fighting games,there are alot of battles, that like ninja war. In ninja fight,there are moreactions for you to fight enemies. Ninja run and go tofight againstlot of monsters, zombies, devil with nija and also usespecialskill to attack enemies. You can collect more energy balland itemsto get powerful weapons Ninja fight is an action ninjagames. Inninja fight game, ninjas will fight against lot ofzombies,monsters, devil In this fast paced ninja game, your task istofight against the zombies, monsters kill the king ofmonsters,zombies, collecting more energy ball and items to getpowerfulweapons * Features: - 30+ levels: zombie, beast & more- 5+maps - Global leader board & achievement - Different kindofenemies. Challenging boss fights - Fast pace and simple control-Different kinds of weapons to attack - Amazing graphics andsounds.- 5 characters of ninjas for choosing: you will be heroeswith eachcharacter - Shop with a lot of equipment * Skill: - Jump -Go/run -Splash - Attack - Dash * How to player - Select character -SelectZones - Unlock equipment - Move, run, go: left and right -Slash,jump and using special skills We are also improving the gameandmake more kind of ninja games with more experience forplayer.Let's download ninja games to fight monsters, zombies now!
ESWAT: City Under Siege Classic 4.1.1
ESWAT: City Under Siege is now available on mobile! Play freeandrediscover SEGA’s power-armored platformer! Liberty City is inthegrip of an unstoppable crimewave. Gangs rule the streets andonlycops in cybernetic power armor can hope to end theviolence.Playing as Officer Duke Oda, you must don yourcutting-edge ICECombat Suit, fire up your plasma rifles, jet packs,and rockets tobring about peace once and for all! ESWAT: City UnderSiege joinsthe ever-increasing line-up of ‘SEGA Forever’, atreasure trove offree SEGA console classics brought to life onmobile for the firsttime! FEATURES - Arm yourself with plasmarifles, flame throwers,and more! - Utilize the short-burst jetpackto give you the upperhand in battle! - Huge mechanized bosses! -Dozens of power ups toboost your chances in battle! MOBILE GAMEFEATURES - PLAY FREE withad-support or ad-free via In-App Purchase- SAVE YOUR GAMES – saveyour progress at any point in the game -LEADERBOARDS – competewith the world for high scores - HAPTICSUPPORT: get into the gamewith responsive button presses -CONTROLLER SUPPORT: HID compatiblecontrollers RETRO REVIEWS “Ifyou're after a slick and highlyplayable arcade game, ESWAT is theone to go for.” [93%] - JulianRignall, Computer + Video Games #106(September 1990) “ESWAT is asuper-slick platform shoot 'em up thatsimply oozes quality.” [92%]- Computer + Video Games' CompleteGuide to Consoles #4 (November1990) “A blaster of unputdownableplayability.” [895/1000] - EugeneLacey, ACE #37 (October 1990)ESWAT: CITY UNDER SIEGE TRIVIA - Yourspinning flamethrower attackis great but does deplete your fuel souse it wisely! -Side-scrolling beat-‘em-up fans, take note: theESWAT endingfeatures the same police car as seen in Streets ofRage! - CyberPolice ESWAT, released in arcades and on the MasterSystem, is avery different game to ESWAT: City Under Siege! ESWAT:CITY UNDERSIEGE HISTORY - The game was originally released in 1990- Developedby: Sega R&D2 - Designer: Hiroaki Chino - LeadComposer:Takayuki Nakamura - - - - - PrivacyPolicy: Terms ofUse: Game apps are ad-supported and noin-apppurchases are required to progress; ad-free play optionavailablewith in-app purchase. This game may include "InterestBased Ads"(please see moreinformation)​ and may collect "Precise Location Data"​(please see​for moreinformation)​ © SEGA. All rights reserved. SEGA, the SEGAlogo,ESWAT: City Under Siege, SEGA Forever, and the SEGA Foreverlogoare registered trademarks or trademarks of SEGA Holdings Co.,Ltd.or its affiliates. 5.1
Kisna Jungle Adventures is a beautiful game , help the herotoachieve his goals just by Run and Jump and killing the enemies,Collect as much as you can of coins by guiding kisna to them.Enjoythe new funny and crazy jungle adventures with Kisna , Don'tworryits so easy just jump and run to kill the enemies, Just run asfastas you can,Kisna will be helping you to overcome theobstacles.FEATURES: #New Obstacles: • Wonderful high-resolutiongraphics
 •Easy, intuitive controls
 • 120 levels
 • 22 cunningopponents 
 •5 challenging final enemies 
 • different characters
objects •Classic platform game style
Cats are Liquid - A Light in the Shadows 1.6.14
- Play through 90 levels! - Find out what happened to the cat.-Challenging physics based gameplay. - Beautiful andcolourfulminimalistic world. - Only 8 ads in the entire game and noin apppurchases! Cats are Liquid - A Light in the Shadows is a2Dplatformer about a cat with the ability to transform intoliquid.The game has 90 levels, that are spread across 9 differentworlds.It has a minimalistic but colorful style. Along the way thegameintroduces new mechanics, like flying and summoning bombs tobreakdown walls. The story is about a cat whose owner locked her inaset of rooms. She desperately wants to get out, but the roomsjustkeep continuing. Along the way the cat meets a new "friend"andgains new abilities. The story is told through small in gametextpieces. The latest news about the game can be found onthe@lastquarterdev Twitter feed. #CatsAreLiquid on Twitter
It’s Sci-fi robot platform blasting fun! Run; jump and examinetherobot base while you combat the machine empire’s robots.DownloadMEGATROID now to experience why more than half a milliongamershave downloaded it and why Google play featured it as thenumberone platform game in the US, Canada and India. It’s theaddictiveplatformer where you can generate your ownlevels!Automaticallygenerate your own level by typing anything inthe levelgenerator.Hundreds of weapons and armor to choose from inthe BlackMarket!Super-badass weapons, armor and upgrades in thePremiumMarket! Classic 8-bit inspired soundtrack! "Combiningsimplemechanics, amazing visuals and long-term playability,Megatroid isone game that could become the next bigthing."-gameographics.comThe best way to get news and updatesaboutMEGATROID is to like us on Facebook! Jointhecrowd! soundtrackisavailable for FREEonSoundCloud!
Jake and the Skull Pirate 4.1
iBayu Dev
Jake and the Skull Pirate is a super classic jungle adventureandlegendary side-scrolling arcade platformer that bringsyourchildhood back. Suit yourself to complete adventure in 4differentworlds of Jungle, Desert, Snow and Castle. Just likeanotheradventure Super Platformer for kids, Pirate can Run, Walk,Jump andClimb across the jungle world. Shoot and hit the pirate'senemiesand avoid the obstacles, perform that you can be the superhero ofthe game.Jake the Pirate has been caught in a magical worldfull ofobstacles. Jack must find a way out and collecting coinsforpowerup upgrades. Sometimes the path will be blocked by alockedgate, so Jack must find the key. This adventure is not easybecausemany monsters in various places. Some small monsters likeCrabbyand Turtle can be easily taking down, but Piranha, CannonandHidden Arachnide can not because they are toohard.Features:-Collect coins and treasure.- Unlock 4 differentworlds.- 32 levelswith carefully build.- Jungle World with greatgraphics and vividcolors.- Various powerups to help you fightagainst enemies.- Moredangerous enemies to face.How to play:- Useon screen button tomove the Pirate.- Pirate can run/walk, jump andclimb any ladder.-Each level will ask you to collect all 3 stars.-Use collectedstars to unlock World.- Use Powerups to gain morepower againstenemies like Bee, Skull Archer, Stone Archer, Bird,Dragon, HiddenVenus and Arachnida.- You can upgrade Powerups withcoin you havecollected.
Samorost 3
Amanita Design
Samorost 3 follows a curious space gnome who uses the powers ofamagic flute to travel across the cosmos in search of itsmysteriousorigins. Visit nine unique and alien worlds teeming withcolorfulchallenges, creatures and surprises to discover, brought tolifewith beautiful artwork, sound and music.
run Jake And The Pirates 3.1
Jake And The Pirates is heading into an adventure 2Dplatformers.Somany threats are waiting for Jungle to pass and runto target worldin heat jungle. Jump, and or use weapon, Jake can doanything tokill monster.You will enjoy adventures full of dangerwithmushroom. The game has a lot of traps, monsters, andunexpectedsituations through each level that we have built.-Collect coinsand treasure.- Unlock 4 different worlds.- 90 levelswith carefullybuild.- Jungle World with great graphics and vividcolors.- Variouspowerups to help you fight against enemies.- Moredangerous enemiesto face.How to play Jake And The Pirates:- Usebutton to jump, moveand fire- Find weapon in box- Eat strawberryand flower to becomestronger and defeat all monsters.- Tap Left /Right to move.- Jumpto crash the enemy.- Eat flower to shootenemy.- Collect all coinsand bonus items to get more points and buyadditional items instore.- Use on screen button to move thePirate.- Pirate canrun/walk, jump and climb any ladder.- Each levelwill ask you tocollect all 3 stars.- Use collected stars to unlockWorld.- UsePowerups to gain more power against enemies like Bee,Skull Archer,Stone Archer, Bird, Dragon, Hidden Venus andArachnida.- You canupgrade Powerups with coin you have collected.Wehope all ourplayers have a great time playing it, please rate andthanks a lotfor playing!Play it now and enjoy Jake And ThePirates!Thanks[BestVisual Experience]High quality graphics! Awesomespecial effects!Jake And The Pirates offering the best gamingexperience![SimpleOperation & Smooth]Free switching abilityheroes and theirskills! You will experience the greatest battleyou'll everencounter!
com.naomicsoft.avengerx 1.0.8
Prepare for one of the greatest platformers on mobile now forFREE.How to play: • You must race through the levels collectingitems. •Defeating cunning enemies. • Solving puzzles map before theclockruns out. • Jump and action at the right time to avoid yourdeath.Features: • Beautiful High quality Graphics. • Easycontroller andauto attack system. • Stereo sound, BGM and effects.• IncrediblyFun Physics to make interesting puzzles. • Variety ofEnemy Typesto Overcome • Multiple Worlds with More to Come! To allplayers: Wewish you lots of fun playing! 

Parallyzed 2.0.8
App Holdings
*** Finalist in the Google Play Indie Games Festival***Parallyzedis an atmospheric adventure platformer with uniquegameplay, set ina dark and enchanting dreamscape.Blue and Red aredeeply-connectedtwin sisters with very different personalities,abilities, andattributes. One day, in a moment of jealousy, Redpushes Blue off aswing, paralyzing her. Devastated, Red realizesshe can enterBlue's mind and, working together, help her sisteremerge from thecoma and return to waking life.You play bothsisterssimultaneously. Red and Blue have the ability to swap bodiesat anytime. Help them make their way through an ever-difficult,spookylandscape that keeps trying to block their progress. Eachsister'scolor and size must overcome the color and size of eachdimension'sobstacles. Tap the right of the screen to swap, left tojump.Splityour mind in two and get lost in the parallel beauty ofParallyzed!
Adventures Story 2
Everyone has a weakness, our Chingu has two! Sleep and Candies.Sowhat happens when he sleeps and dreams about candies. Jump intoaworld of total fun and adventure, from a Green Island to aPirateShip and from the Bunny Land to the Candy Land. Chingu is allsetto glide through his super cute candy dreams. They say dreamscometrue, but so do nightmares. Features: • Experience an excitingmixof fun and exploration. • Lots of bosses and super cute enemiestodefeat. • Set off on a dreamy adventure with amazing visuals.•Smooth controls. • Funny animations give life to allthecharacters. Explore a unique candy adventure with our heroChinguin Adventures Story 2. It is an adventure platformer thatcomesamong the top platform games and adventure games on Android.Thereare many challenging and fun levels to explore in this2dadventures game with your pets and companions. Fight forsurvivalin this fantasy world. There is a special BOSS mode whereyou haveto battle against bosses to reach the next level forexcitingrewards. The fun in this platformer game is never-ending!Show yourskills by completing levels and be the hero! Collect allthecandies and use them for power ups to gain lives, health andmuchmore. You will face many enemies on your way to completeyourmission, so get ready for an epic adventure! Adventures Story 2isa simple platformer game with easy controls and fun gameplaywhichis very easy for everyone to pick up and start! It has aclassicplatformer game style with wonderfully designed worlds andlevels.If you love platform games and adventure games you willdefinitelylove Adventures Story 2! The game is free to play sodownload thiscandy adventure game now! Contact us onsupport@renderedideas.comif you need any help! Follow Us to getnews andupdates:
Super Ted Adventure 2 (Jungle Adventure ) 1.1.16
64 Games
--- 5 MILLION DOWNLOADS Super ted Adventure ---Now 64 gamespresentsclassic side scroller "Jungle Adventures" game. This gamebring backmemories of old school adventure games withnumerousadventure.Jungle World of this game contains well designedlevels,various enemies, bosses, simple gameplay, nice graphicsandsoothing music and sounds.Super Ted Adventure 2 is aclassicplatform game with a journey of Super Jungle Adventure thatbringsyour childhood back. This classic game will make you addictto.Inthe new super jungle world, ted must smash enemies to pass somanythreats. With familiar characters, Super Ted Adventure 2 issuch achildhood game. In this jungle adventure game, Ted runandcollect coins, power-up to fight with bosses in newworlds.GreatFeatures Of Game- Great graphics and music.- freelevels with 2worlds and 2 bosses to fight and more coming soon.-Over 30 enemiesand power up obstacles- 64 jungle world is waithingfor you (thereare more than 64 jungle world in super ted adventure1 & superted adventure 2)Please Download now and start theJungle Adventurejourney .
Blackmoor - Duberry's Quest 43
Mooff Games
2018 Feb update.. still working on Blackmoor 2, stay up to dateonour youtube channel forvids( Club is now availableforcompatible devices, plenty of Blackmoor chars!Blackmoorfeaturesfast paced arpg platformer action with combos, specialmoves andtons of boss fights. A game of ghosts, goblins andstreetfightingfrom the old school. Co-operative multiplayerincluded!Long ago theminions of the Dark Lord Blackmoor forged aTalisman that would,when the time was right, return him to humanfor. It was kept inthe depths of hell until a valiant band ofcrusaders stole it. Yourmission is to destroy the talisman beforethe instruments of deathreach you. Features - 7 heroes with uniquemoves, weapons and magic- Cooperative multiplayer side-scrollingadventure- Nice smoothcontrols - 16 unique maps, 20 unforgettablebosses - 57 enemies(each their own wife, kids and dreams) - Randomweapons, armor,pets - BOSS v BOSS (place your bets) - Incredibleatmospheric RPGmusic by Matthew Pablo- Different playstyles withSwords, Daggers,Whips, Bows &WandsFOLLOWUS: