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Hidden Camera Detector - Anti Spy Cam
Hidden camera detector - Anti spy Cam helps to you to detectanyhidden cameras and spy electronic devices by a simplescanning.Hidden camera and spy devices can be easily fit intobehind themirrors,clocks, fans etc. Hidden Camera Detector - AntiSpy Camuses the magnetic sensor of your phone to detectmagneticradiations and magnetic fields, on the base of which itdetects andlocates hidden cameras and spy electronic devices.★Hidden CameraDetector - Anti Spy Camera can also be used aselectronic deviceslocator and finder, electronic devices like smartphone, laptop, TVcan easily be detect and locate by a simplescanning search bydetecting magnetic radiations emitted fromelectronic devices byyour cell phone magnetic sensor.★ HiddenCamera Detector - Anti SpyCam can also detected infrared deviceslike infrared cameras,infrared TV Remote by using cell phonecamera. A special filter isused to detect and locate infraredsupport devicesWhat youneed??Your cell phone should have a magneticsensor in it to useHidden Camera Detector - Anti Spy Cam and todetect magnetic fieldand magnetic flux or magnetic radiations by aprocess of simplesearch scan.A radiation meter will show you thedepth of magneticflux and magnetic radiation. Different hiddencamera and spydevices and other electronic devices such as TV,speakers etc havedifferent range of magnetic radiations.★How ToUseHidden CameraDetector - Anti Spy Cam is very easily to use.Tolocate Hiddencamera or detect hidden cameras that might spy on you,open theradiation detection option and move you cell phone nearthesuspicious area and radiation meter also know magnetic meterwillshow you the results. if magnetic radiations are high the appwillstart beeping like an alarm.To detect or locate infraredcameras doa simple camera scan and you will see it as whitespotHidden CameraDetector - Anti Spy Cam can also be use as a metaldetector, thoughmagnetic field emitted from metals are not thatstrong the valuesin magnetic radiation meter will not be thatmuchaccurate.★Features✔ Detect Hidden Cameras✔ Detect SpyCamera✔Detect Spy Devices✔ Detect Suspicious devices✔ Radiationmeter✔Camera Filter✔ Quick Scan✔ locate Spy Devices✔ MagneticSensor✔Detect Electronic Devices✔ Detection Alarm✔ Find Metals✔FreeCamera Detector✔ Easy Scan✔ Awesome UI✔ Detect InfraredCamera✔Detect Infrared Devices✔ Detect electronic Infrared Devices✔DetectTV, Radio, Laptop✔ Magnetic Flux✔ Find Hidden Camera Be suretoTurn Off camera in any other application open in thebackground,otherwise Infrared detection in Hidden Camera Detector -Anti SpyCam won't work
WireTap and Spy Removal
Are you worried that someone may be Spying on your Device?Thenyoushould install "WireTap and Spy Removal".Make sure that the NSAandthe FBI are not Tapping your Phone!(Or yourboy/girl-friend,spouse, boss, parents, etc.)As (probably) the onlyApp currentlyavailable, this App will Identify the Apps that aretrying to Spyon you! And help you to Uninstall them.There may beApps planted onyour Device that have the capability to Listen toyour Phone Calls,make Voice or Video Recordings, and send them viaInternet to anUnknown Receiver. Without your knowledge orconsent!Some Spy Appsmay even secretly set up automatic HiddenPhone Calls to or fromyour Phone, to listen in on you. Hidden Callsare RemotelyControlled and silently set up to or from your Phone,e.g. when youare not using it yourself.A lot of Apps also Read yourGPSLocation. This App will Detect them!Before you want to makeaRecording yourself, simply touch a button to DISABLE the App.Ifyouhave a Tablet (without Phone Capabilities), you can use this Appinthe same way, to Detect attempts to Spy on you by making AudioandVideo Recordings.Nothing could be simpler.A StatusNotificationwill show when WireTap Removal is Enabled.Features:-Enable orDisable "WireTap and Spy Removal"- There are Five OptionalMainTypes of WireTap & Spy Detections:- Detection ofVoice/AudioRecordings (also covers the use of VoIP Calls, such asSkype, WiFiCalls, etc)- Detection of Video Recordings - Detectionof Recordingof Phone Calls- Detection of Hidden Calls (Incomingand/orOutgoing)- Detection of Reading your GPS or NetworkLocation-Audio- and/or Visual Warnings can optionally be Enabledand Logged-A Simple Log will show you all Detected attempts toWireTap yourDevice- Selectable Time Interval for Periodic Checkingof Recordingand Reading of the Location- Notification when WireTapRemoval isEnabled- Works in the Background - even when the Phone"sleeps"(i.e when the Screen is closed)- Starts AutomaticallyatPower-OnThis Unique App seems to be One Of A Kind.We have notfoundany other App with the same capabilities.Please note that itisonly possible to check whether a Voice or Video RecordingisOngoing or not, at the fixed Intervals selected by you, e.g.onceper minute, once per 10 minutes, etc. A shorter Periodincreasesthe likelihood of detecting a Recording, but theBatteryConsumption may increase slightly. So you should find yourowncompromise between Detection Probability andBatteryConsumption.Detection of Phone Call Recordings isindependent ofthis Checking Period, as it is limited by the Startand End of theCall.You may optionally verify that the PeriodicRecording Checkingis working, by enabling a Text Notification eachtime theMicrophone is checked.Please not that this App will alsodetecte.g. all Apps which Read your Location. Most of them are NOTSpyApps - but normal Google Apps - so that you shouldWhitelistthem.To start with, you will probably mostly be alerted byyour ownapps, e.g. when you are using a Normal Audio Recording App,orRecording Calls. These are also good for testing this app.FAQ:WhenI use e.g. a Recording App, this app sounds and shows aWarning.What can I do to avoid that?Answer: Before you use one ofyour ownApps (E.g. Recording, VoIP Call, Maps, Navigator, etc) youshouldDISABLE "WireTap and Spy Removal". Or WHITELIST your Appthatcauses the Warning.When you have a question, please check theFAQssection of the App (found at the Setting page).If you likethisApp, PLEASE give it a Rating. If you have a problem, send anemailto before you consider posting a lowRating.Many problems seem to be caused by simple misunderstandings.
Cell Spy Catcher (Anti Spy)
This App will Help you in Detecting "IMSI Catchers" (alsocalled"Fake Cell Towers" or "Stingrays").For several years the FBIandLocal Police have been listening to our Calls and Reading ourTextMessages, using so-called "IMSI-catchers". One Example of sucha"Fake Cell Tower" is the "Stingray", which is produced intheUSA."Stingrays" are Mobile Devices that simulate Cell PhoneTowers,forcing nearby Phones to Connect to them. They can IdentifyyourPhone, and possibly listen to your Calls. Without having to putaSpy app in your Phone!These "Cell Spy" Devices cancaptureInformation from All Cell Phones within Range, includingIMSIIdentity, Location, SMS Messages, Call Logs and Call content.(IMSIstands for "International Mobile Subscriber Identity", whichwillIdentify your Phone).It is known that at least 53 Agencies in21States own "Stingrays".Law Enforcement Agencies, Foreign Powers-and possibly Criminals - are using such "Cell Site Simulators"forSurveillance Purposes - without our knowledge."Cell Spy"Devicescan be Hand-carried, or be mounted in Vehicles,Airplanes,Helicopters and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.During a SelfLearningProcess, the App will "learn" all Networks (Cell Towers,BaseStations) that are used by your Phone.After the SelfLearningProcess - if this App should happen to Detect one of these"CellSpies", you will be Warned by an Optional Sound and/or anOptionalRED Screen. The simplest way to avoid being Listened In On,is thento turn off your Phone for a while, or at least to keepsilent.Whenthe App Detects a Network that is not included in itsInternalDatabase, it will Consult an External Database of Networks.If theNetwork is not Found there, it is assumed to beUNKNOWN.Features:-Very Easy to Use- Self Learning Process- PeriodicChecks forNetworks- Selectable Network Checking Period- Logging ofAllEvents- Internal (Self Learned) Database- Integration withExternalDatabase (OpenCellId)- Optional Detection, Logging andWarning of"Unknown" Networks- Even Attacks only lasting for a fewseconds canbe Detected- Measurement of Duration of Attacks- List ofAllIdentified Networks- Export of CSV File- Analysis of CurrentandHistorical Network Data- Warning Level Assessment- Support forGSM,UMTS/WCDMA, CDMA and LTE- Battery Saving Design- Using a"Passive"GPS Location Technique, to save power- Internet AccessisRECOMMENDED, but NOT necessarily Required- Internet AccessWILLImprove the Detection Quality of Unknown Networks- AlwaysRunningin the Background, even when Phone "sleeps"- Auto Restart atBootTime- Rooted Phone NOT Required- No SpecialPhone/HardwareRequired- Also works on Tablets with SIM Card- Lotsof Answers toFAQs- Info about "Fake Cell Towers", "Stingray",etcHow ToUse:After you have Opened the App the First Time, youshould Startthe Self Learning Process (which may take a few Days),and have thePhone with you at All Times - where ever you may be -in order forthe App to LEARN about ALL Local Networks.If you moveto anotherplace, you should Restart the Self Learning Process.Byusing thisApp, you participate in the large collaborative communityproject"OpenCellID" - which collects the Locations ofMobile/CellularPhone Towers, which now is a Database that containsalmost 7million unique Mobile/Cellular Phone Tower IDs. Use ofthisDatabase will increase the Probability of Detecting REALUNKNOWNCell Towers - and thus to Find "IMSI-Catchers" - and you canbe anActive Part if it!If you should NEVER Detect a "Fake CellTower" -you should consider yourself LUCKY - and NOT BLAME us!Manyproblems seem to be caused by simple Misunderstandings. So ifyouhave a problem - that cannot be answered by the FAQs Section oftheApp - please send us an Email - before you consider making aBadRating. Maybe we can help you.
Anti Spy (SpyWare Removal)
SpyWare Detection and Removal. Is anybody spying on you? ThisSpyApp Detector can Find all Potential Spy Apps on yourDevice.Extremely easy to use.Protect yourself from all sorts ofSpyApps.This App can Find ALL Spy Apps on your Device, not onlytheWell Known Spy Apps like mSpy, etc, but also Apps made forotherpurposes, but which can be used to Spy on you byyourGirl-/Boy-Friend, Partner, Spouse and Boss. In addition thisAppcan also detect "Official" Spy Apps, like those that are usedbyGovernments and Law Enforcement Agencies in someCountries."AntiSpy" is a SpyWare Detector which can quickly checkif you are beingspied on, and help you to stop it. Also calledAntiSpyWare orMalware Protection. Everybody should have oneinstalled.Anyone whohas (or have had) access to your device caneasily install aspyware software/app to monitor your location, yourCalls, Contactsand your SMS Messages. It may even take Secret AudioRecordings,Pictures and Videos of you. SMSs, Call Lists, Pictures,Videos andother Files can be sent from your device to some unknownreceiver -without you knowing anything about it."Anti Spy" is anApp that canidentify Real Spy Apps on your device, so that you canstop and/oruninstall it. It is extremely easy to use. Just touch onthe "ScanNow" button to start searching for Spy Apps.Use "RelaxedScanCriteria" to find other/additional Apps - which MAY havethepotential to Spy on you - but which probably are not.ThisSpyDetector is able to detect more Potential Spy Apps on yourdevicethan most other similar Apps.Some Spy Apps are extremelywellhidden, and hard to find and to get rid of. "Anti Spy" willhelpyou to Detect and Uninstall them.The Publishers of some of themorewell known Mobile Spy Apps boast that their Appsare"Undetectable". Well, that may not be true if you have "AntiSpy"installed on your phone/tablet.If someone has borrowed/usedyourphone/tablet, use "Anti Spy" and check if your device isstillclean.Someone may have installed some SpyWare on your device,whichmakes it possible for them to spy on you. Whether it isyourspouse, your boy/girl-friend, your boss, a colleague, yourparentsor children, install this Free App and make a simple Scan todetectany Suspicious (Potential Spy) Apps.There are lots of Appsthat maybe used to spy on you.In addition to the obvious Spy Apps,here aresome examples of Types of Apps which can easily be used tospy onyou:- Some Anti Theft Apps- Some Security & Anti VirusApps(with Anti Theft feature)- Some SMS BackUp Apps- Some Cameraand/orMic Recording Apps- Some Call Recording Apps- Some ParentalControlApps- Some Baby Monitoring Apps- Some Gps Trackers andFleetManagement AppsFEATURES:- Detect all Potential Spy Apps onyourdevice- Also Hidden and Stopped Spy Apps are detected- UseRelaxedDetection Criteria to find other Potential (less likely) SpyApps-Find suspicious Apps that are installed from an UNKNOWNsource-Detect Active Device Administrator Apps- Optional checkingofSystem Apps- Whitelisting (Remove Safe/Trusted Apps from ListofPotential Spy Apps)- Remove / Uninstall unwanted Apps-ExtremelyFast Spy App Search EnginePLEASE NOTE that all Appsreported as"Potential Spy Apps" may not necessarily be SpyWare, butthey havethe POTENTIAL to be so. (We consider it better to list tenAppswhich are NOT true Spy Apps, than missing one which IS.) Ifyoufind an App which you think SHOULD have been listed (but whichisNOT), please send us an email, so that we can studyit.Allowautomatic updating, to ensure that you always have thelatestSpyWare Signatures! If you like this App, PLEASE give itaRating.If you have a problem, please let us try to help youbeforeconsidering posting a bad rating. Most problems seem to becausedby simple misunderstandings. Please send an
Background Video Camera
Background Video Camera can be used to record videos withoutpreview, when screen is turned off or while using other apps. Youcan alsouse this camera for recording videos at specific timeusingtimer.Features:-- Adjust the timer and record videos at aspecifictime and for a specific period - Select "mute shuttersound" to stopthe camera shutter sound (may not work in somedevices) - Change thepreview opacity by using preview opacity seekbar - Change thepreview size by selecting one of the availablepreview sizes- Youcan turn your screen off and record videos- Youcan change therecorded videos saving location- You can enablepassword protection(when the application start enter your passwordand the applicationwill start automatically the default password1234)- To start andstop recording when preview is shown click onthe preview - Clickthe closing button of the preview to hide thepreview (if theapplication is recording this will not stoprecording. To stoprecording you should click the preview or clickstop from the mainapplication screen) - Drag preview to change itslocation - Toremove the preview, the recording button or stoprecording clickstop from the main screen - Clicking stop from themain screen willstop the service
Anti Spy Mobile Free
Is Someone Maliciously Spying On You Through Your CellPhone?Here’san APP to Put a STOP to THAT!If you have ANY reason tobelieve,fear, suspect (or if you just want to PREVENT) someone –ANYONE,even your GF, BF, wife – from spying on your cell phone,downloadTHIS FREE APP right now!! That’s because nowadays, anyonewho hasaccess to your cell phone (even through “permissions”) caneasilyinstall SPYWARE software that you won’t even knowabout!Spywareruns in the background, silently stealing all yourinformation.Thethreat is REAL…Every day, the news is full ofstories ofcelebrities getting their private cell phone pics STOLENand SPREADACROSS THE INTERNET!While you might not be a celebrity(yet), youMAY have people in your life who want to cause you harmorembarrassment.Perhaps an “ex.” Perhaps a former friend,disgruntledco-worker or employee. Anybody jealous of you, or whowants to“follow” you without your knowledge.They can monitor yourcalls.Read your text messages. Snag your photos and videos.Determineyour exact location at all times. Even steal your contactlist andstart harassing your friends and associates.This isdangerousstuff! The Digital Age has ushered in a whole new levelofpotential violations of privacy – to the point where it canruinpeople’s lives, or even endanger their lives!Don’t let ithappen toyou!Protect yourself NOW with the AntiSpy Mobile app thatyou canDOWNLOAD FREE right here, right now.The moment you downloadit,AntiSpy Mobile will instantly let you know if there’s anyspywareon your phone already.If there IS, all you have to do isupgrade tothe “PRO” version (only $X extra) – and it willthoroughly CLEANyour phone if it has ANY spyware… viruses…malicious adware… bugs…you name it!AntiSpy Mobile is sosophisticated, in fact, that itcan block any NEW spyware that triesto insert itself onto yourphone! (New ones are being invented allthe time.)The PRO upgradecomes with an automatic “backgroundscanner” as well – detectingand removing all the “bad” stuff on amoment-by-moment basis!You’llalso receive notifications of what’sgoing on. This way, you can beassured of always having a “sanitary”device that is… Virus-free!Spyware-free! Bug-free!In addition, theAntiSpy Mobile app is ableto protect your super-sensitiveinformation – such as bankingaccount numbers, passwords, emails,voicemails, and more! “Theprice of freedom is eternalvigilance!”Listen: This is the 21stCentury. The electronic/digitalage means you need to be “eternallyvigilant” about your personalprivacy, safety, and security.Let ourAnt iSpy Mobile appautomatically handle this vital task foryou.We’ve designed it sothat it’s the last and ONLY anti-spywareapp you’ll ever need – everagain.With its ability to “updateitself” and fight all futurethreats, you can use your phone withtotal confidence once you’veinstalled AntiSpy Mobile.This is amust-have app for EVERY device –not just your phone, but yourtablet too.“Detect and Remove” –that’s the “mantra” of theAntiSpyMobile.It TOTALLY protects you… soyou can live the life youwant without fear of any kind.Shouldn’tyou give yourself thisvaluable sense of security and peace ofmind?Of course youshould!DOWNLOAD the app absolutely FREE!
US Police Transform Cop Robot Bike Pigeon Game
US Police Transform Cop Robot Bike Pigeon Game in a new idea inrealrobot transforming games & police bike robot games wherespypigeon is against futuristic robot enemies and stop your rivalsinthis real robot transformation games. The futuristic city inthistransforming robot games is invaded by futuristic robot,policerobot bike robot transformation game. The futuristicrobottransformation game has just begun in survival city wheremusclecar robot enemies will not let finish secret stealth spymission.This amazing US police cop robot bike transformation intoflyingpigeon robot will help you win grand battle against musclecarrobot, robot bike as the flying bird will be on secret stealthspymission. In cop robot stealth mission you have to utilizeyourfuturistic warfare experience, stealth mission spy skills toevadethe enemies in pigeon games. Gear up for US Police cop robotbiketransforming game, as this robot transforming game will makeyouthe legend of real robot bike, muscle car robot flying robotgamesand spy pigeon simulator game. Transform cop robot bike andflyingrobot bike into flying pigeon robot for secret spy stealthmissionto take down your muscle car robot rivals in realrobotgames.Pigeon robot is trained by intelligence agency forspyingpurpose in transforming robot games where US policepigeontransforms into US police robot bike to chase anddestroyfuturistic rivals. Real US Police Transform Cop Robot BikePigeonGame offers the best robot bike pigeon spy games andactionfeatures to control a futuristic robot pigeon to battleagainstmuscle car robot and enjoy the transforming robot bike &pigeonattack in cop robot flying bird games. This free to play USpolicerobot bike transformation spy games pigeon simulator wherespypigeon robot act as secret agent in police spy game is theuniquecombination of all transforming robot games for the users wholovefuturistic robot action games, animal simulator game, policespygames. Futuristic Robot bike games and are ready to exploreflyingpigeon robot on stealth mission in cop robot US Police bikerobottransforming games.What makes flying pigeon robot bikestealthmission police spy game one of the real transforming robotgames,pigeon spy games and survival games is that it is mixtureofcritical shooting stealth missions and super spy rescue missionsintransforming robot games into spy pigeon police spy games.Flyingspy pigeon has a secret rescue mission to collect secretmessagesfor his intelligence force in best cop robot transforminggames andattack monster on its way. In futuristic robot gamessurvive fromobstacles to take secret pictures through eyes and fireenemies infuturistic robot shooting battle and secret stealthmission. Enjoyfree wifi pigeon simulator game on your devices andget on excitingand thrilling spy adventure.Features:• Challengingmissions in USPolice cop robot bike transform pigeon simulator •Pigeon spymission in city & take secret pictures• Action packedgameplaywith Realistic HD graphics and engaging sound effects•Superb cityenvironment with most addictive gameplay
Hidden camera detector anti spy
The Hidden Camera detector app or anti-spy camera detector 몰래카메라,몰카 has come up with some new and unreleased features. Thisappprovide you some unique functionalities that will let you findandeasily catch the different devices being used for spy purposeslikemicrophone, security cameras around you.Got some new placeslikehotel room, washroom or any bed room that you are suspectedabout,then simply open the Hidden Camera Detector, camera detector,spycamera detector, spy hidden camera app and tap the HiddenCameraButton and start scanning the whole area this will let youknowwith beep sound when the app detect or finds any spy devicearoundyou. Make sure to scan everything like mirror, tables, sofa,&bouquet to make sure that you’re safe from being spied.HiddenCamera Detector app can also be used for searchingelectronicdevices like computer, laptop, mobile phones, TVs,sensors , hispy, spy detect, hidden video camera, Detector, spycamera detectorcan easily locate by tapping on the scanning button.It detects themagnetic field radiations emitting consistently fromthe electronicdevices by your cell phone. Hidden Camera Detectorradiation meterneeds to have a feature of magnetic sensor in yourphone thatdetect and can easily find the magnetic field produced bydifferentelectronic devices around you. How to scan things usingHiddencamera detector field camera, φακό φακού: Bring your phonenear toany device that you have doubt. For example - shower,flowerpot,lens looking part or changing room mirror and detect spyhiddencamera.If the magnetic field graph values rise then thereisprobably a spy hidden camera or microphone in that particularareaand then you will be notified while the phone beeps when thecamerahas been detected any device (Camera, Microphone). HiddenCamDetection – anti-spy camera works best detecting all metalcamerasup to 15 cm away from your device and working bestdetectingferromagnetic materials such as detect camera and it can’tdetectnon-ferromagnetic materials such as aluminum or othermaterial.MainFeatures ---spy camera detector, hidden cameradetector, cameradetector Radiation Meter--- Infrared fleck spyCameraDetector --- spy hidden camera Tips and tricks---MoreAppsRadiation Meter Our Hidden Cam Detection – anti spyCameraApp's radiation meter also helps you detect hidden camerasaroundyou.It only beeps when the magnetic readings match with thatof hispy camera. The magnetic readings are shown on a real-timegraphand an alert is generated when a device or spy camsisdetected.Infrared camera detectorHidden Cam Detection - AntiSpyCamera comes with another feature which is detecting infraredlightby sensor. Field camera, anti scam protection, hidecamera,camera detector, Verticals.Only open the Anti Spy Camera andscanfor white light that appear on screen but not visible by nakedeye.Such white light indicate infrared light. find spycamera-Special hidden camera detector filter for detect hiddencameradetector, camera detector, spy camera detector, spy hiddencamera,Gyro- spycam detector detects cameras spy hidden camera-Infrareddetector anti spy app 몰래카메라 몰카, field camera, φακό φακού-Detecthidden electronic devices by their magnetic field- BestHiddenCamera detection and anti spy camera app for android-Camerasdetection and 보안 카메라 el gráficochile metel detector- freeantispyware detect magnet magnétomètre kierunek- discovercamerawith magnetic field magnetic field, Magnetic anti spy app-HiddenCamera detection anti spy camera automatic activity sensor,spy camapp - spy camera detector Easy interface- hidden cameradetectorMagnetic field detection 还呗,sensors, hi spy, spy detect,hiddenvideo camera- free anti spyware detect cameras candidcamera,campaign, spycam, spy tracker.- antispy Camera hiddendetectioncamera detector, hidden camera detector, hidden camera,Glenda
Ear SPY - Super Ear
Can you hear more? The Super Ear SPY App will make you a superheroand improve your hearing.!! Ear SPY is a hearing aidapplicationbased on your Android phone or tablet devicerunning sameprinciplesas conventional wearable hearing aid.User-friendlyinterface withfast profile selection brings maximum sound qualityand comfort ofuse.Use the built-in mic to catch sound from distantsources,EarSPY make some sounds louder by magnifying soundvibrations enteringthe ear. it receives sound through a microphone,which convertssounds into electrical signals and sends them to anamplifier,which amplifies them and sends them to the cochleathrough aheadset. The sounds then cause little hairs to move withinthecochlea, which stimulate nerves to send messages to thehearingcenter of the brain.This Ear SPY allows you also to betterhear themeeting or if you have hearing troubles and do not haveyourhearing support to hand. Just plug in your headsets andstartlistening better.Features:You can hear a lot more with thissimpleapp!.Easy switching between device and headsetmicrophones.BTheadset support (for processed sound playback only,sound iscaptured by device onboard mic).Automatically shuts downwhenremoves the headphones.Works inbackground.Noisesuppression.Over-amplifier.Echo cancellation.Thisapplication isperfect for people who can not hear too well. Plug ina headset,activate the app and improve your hearingimmediately.NOTE:App isnot approved as a medical device or softwareand cannot be used asa hearing aid with doctor`s prescription. Thisapplication does notstore any information about the user. We,KINGAME Apps, respect theprivacy of the user.The use of Ear SPY isnot tolerated to breakthe law or interfere with the privateconversations of others.Thank you for using Ear SPY in a reasonableway.Ear SPY is justamplifies the sound passing through themicrophone of your phone toyour headphones. To refine the receivedsignals.
WireTap Detection (Anti Spy)
Are you worried that someone may be WireTapping your Phone?Thenyoushould install this App.This App will detect attempts toVoiceTapyour Device.Extremely easy to use.Make sure that the NSAand theFBI are not Tapping your Phone!(Or your boy/girl-friend,spouse,boss, parents, etc.)There may be Apps planted on your Devicethathave the capability to Listen to your Phone Calls, and/ormakeVoice Recordings from the Microphone, and send them viaInternet toan Unknown Receiver. Without your knowledge orconsent!Some SpyApps may even secretly set up automatic HiddenPhone Calls to orfrom your Phone, to listen in on you. Hidden Callsare RemotelyControlled and silently set up to or from your Phone,e.g. when youare not using it yourself.This App - "WireTapDetection" - willprotect you from being spied on in these ways, byDetecting allattempts to Tap your Phone. Before you want to make aRecordingyourself - or a VoIP (e.g. Skype) Call - simply touch abutton toDISABLE the App.If you have a Tablet (without PhoneCapabilities),you can use this App in the same way, to Detectattempts to Spy onyou by making Recordings from theMicrophone.Nothing could besimpler.A Status Notification will showwhen WireTap Detection isEnabled.Features:- Enable or DisableWireTap Detection- Three MainTypes of WireTap Detection:- OptionalDetection of Hidden Calls(Incoming and/or Outgoing)- OptionalDetection of Recording ofPhone Calls- Optional Detection ofRecording through the Microphone(also covers VoIP Calls, such asmade by Skype, etc)- For each Typeof Detection, Audio- and/orVisual-Alerts can optionally andindividually be Enabled and Logged-A Simple Log will show you allDetected attempts to WireTap yourDevice- Selectable Time Intervalfor Periodic Checking of MicrophoneRecording- Works in theBackground - even when Screen is closed-Starts Automatically atPower-OnThis Unique App seems to be One Of AKind.We have not foundany other App with the same capabilities.AllOptions are Enabled bydefault.You should have a look at them (onthe Settings Page). Maybe you want to Disable some of theOptions.Please note that it isonly possible to check whether aMicrophone Recording is Ongoing ornot, at the fixed Intervalsselected by you, e.g. once per minute,once per 10 minutes, etc. Ashorter Period increases the likelihoodof detecting a MicRecording, but the Battery Consumption mayincrease slightly. So youshould find your own compromise betweenDetection Probability andBattery Consumption.Detection of PhoneCall Recordings isindependent of this Checking Period, as it islimited by the Startand End of the Call.You may optionally verifythat the PeriodicMicrophone Checking is working, by enabling aText Notification eachtime the Microphone is checked.Due tosoftware differences betweenvarious Phones, it may be necessary toadjust a Sensibility value tosuit your Device. If you shouldexperience MANY Normal Calls asbeing registered as Hidden, youshould LOWER the Sensibility Factor(found on the Settings Page).Ifyou should experience some realWireTapping Alerts, you should useour "SpyWare Removal" app to tryto identify the App causing theproblem, and remove it.To startwith, you will probably mostly bealerted by your own apps, e.g.when you are using a Normal AudioRecording App, or Recording Calls.These are also good for testingthis app.Please note that this Appdoes NOT detect Spying on SMSs,Emails, etc.(However, from Androidversion 4.4, it is no longerpossible to hide Sent or Received SMSs.They can all be found inthe List/Log of SMSs on your Device.)If youlike this App, PLEASEgive it a Rating. If you have a problem, sendan email before you consider posting a lowRating. Manyproblems seem to be caused by simple misunderstandings.
Background video recording camera
The application allows you to record videos in the background.Youcan also record video with your device camera when you areusingother application and show preview in a small sizepreviewscreen(above your app) which you can change its locationbydragging it.IMPORTANT NOTE: The application saves recordedvideosto your primary external storage.Features:- Turn your devicescreenoff and record videos- Records video in background while youareusing another app.- Record with back or front camera.- Enableflashlight during recording- with or without preview- if you chooseshowpreview from settings a notification will appear at statusbarwhile recording.- support night mode- small ,medium andlargepreview
Spy Whats Chat
Spy Whats Chat can Run double account.Clone and runmultipleaccounts of whatsapp simultaneously with Spy Whats Chat.Spy WhatsChat App can clone any whatsapp account and can be usedonsmartphone or tablet.Spy Whats Chat to use the second accountindevice whats web.Key Features :- Dual WhatsApp account on same/different phone / tablet- Spy Whats Chat is Fully secure- ScantheQR Code from WhatsApp Web and load instantly- Open same accountonmultiple phones /tablets- Double WhatsApp, double the fun!- Youcanhave dual whatsApp in 1 device!
FREE Spyware & Malware Remover
We can really help you* We are a team of ex governmentsecurityprofessionals with over 50 years combined experience in thespyworld.* We have seen how easy it is to spy on anyone at anytimeandwe have decided to stop this. People deserve their privacy andwewill not stop until we have wiped out all commercialspyware.*Incognito is the only Anti Spyware application thatprotects youagainst real spyware that can be installed on yourdevice by anyonewith a credit card. * You can trust us. We are thereal deal. Weprovide real protection. Read our reviews. * Productupdates andcustomer support are free forever. We have your backfrom now on.*Incognito is not like other Anti Virus products inthat it onlytargets real threats from real spy technologies. * Avirus isdifferent to spyware and most Anti Virus products do notregistermany spyware toolsasthreats.======================================Recent ReviewfromAndroidTapp“If you feel your device may have beencompromisedIncognito Anti Spy and Anti Surveillance is a goodsolution to helpdetect unwarranted spyware apps.”Incognito is anAntiSpy App thatdetects and removes malicious Spyware, Malware& Trojansoftware. Are you being spied on by your husband, wife,partner,ex, employer etc? Are you sure?Have they purchased andinstalledspyware on your phone or tablet? How do you know?TheIncognitoAntiSpy scanner will:✓ Protect you from commercial spywaretools.✓Stop people from spying on you.✓ Return your privacy.All youhaveto do is install Incognito and press Start Scanning toeliminatecommercial spying android software. If any of the spytools thatIncognito targets are on your device they will beremoved. Itis very EASYThe companies that make and sell these spytools (Commercial Virus, Trojan, Spyware and Malware) have millionsofcustomers around the world. For as little as $7/month yourhusband,wife, partner, ex, employer, employee, etc. can be a spy.They needno technical skills and no training to use these spytools.Theywill get access to all information on your deviceincluding:✓Listen to all of your calls in realtime.✓ Who have youcalled andwho has called you.✓ Who are you messaging.✓ Facebook,LINE,WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat etc .✓ Where you are right now andwherehave you been.✓ See and hear you in real time.✓ Every photoandvideo on your device.You will never know that they are spyingonyou. Until NowOur mission is to make you safe from thesespytools.* We purchase these spy tools every week. * Weanalyzehow they work.* We STOP them.Incognito can currently findandremove the following commercial Virus, Trojan, Spyware andMalwaretools. We are adding to this list all the time and updateswillalways be free of charge:mSpy, HighsterMobile, HelloSpy,SMSTracker, mCouple, Cell Phone Tracker, Family MobileTracker,MobiStealth, MobileSpy, StealthGenie, PhoneSheriff,SpyBubble,ZealSpy, iCamSpy, LittleSpy.Protect yourself now with asimpleSecurityScan===============================================ImportantNoteabout Anti Virus productsIncognito is not a replacement toAntiVirus. Incognito targets and removes spyware and only spyware.AntiVirus has its place and Incognito does what it cannot do.Werecommend that you run Anti Virus and Incognito at the sametime.===============================================Update 13thMay2017: Support for ransomware removal coming soon. TheIncognitoRansomware Scanner is coming soon. If you need any adviceonransomware in the meantime please contact our support team andoneof our experts will be able to give you advice. Thanks,Incognito.
3D valentine pigeon dove theme
3D valentine pigeon makes your phone lucky!Welcome to 3Dvalentinepigeon 3D theme! 3D valentine pigeon 3D theme provides youwithpersonalized wallpapers, characteristic lock screen andexquisiteicon packs! It includes dozens of uniform icons andwallpapers,with which you can easily stylize your device. Allartistic appicons will present a distinctively fashionable phonefor you forfree. Get this 3D valentine pigeon theme with 3Dvalentine pigeonscreen wallpaper! Install this 3D valentine pigeontheme right awayand enjoy your new 3D valentine pigeon livewallpaper!3D valentinepigeon theme consists of dove backgrounds, 3Dvalentine pigeon appicons, dove trendy wallpapers and lovelydigital effects. This 3Dvalentine pigeon launcher (icon packs)theme is specially designedfor dove people who love lovely theme.3Dvalentine pigeon islaunched especially for launcher users. Longpress will activatethe unique interactive live effects of each 3Dtheme. You will beamazed by the endless surprises.✪ Cool 3D DynamicEffects✈:Makeyour phone cool and awesome!Features ☂:✿ 3D valentinepigeon lockscreen theme with dove lucky peaceful HD livewallpapers✿ Animateddove lucky peaceful to decorate your screen✿ 3Dvalentine pigeon HDlive wallpaper with 3D valentine pigeon themebringing out uniquedove style✿ 3D valentine pigeon lock screen toprotect your privacyeasily ✿ lovely lucky skin with lovely luckyicon designs for 56popular apps✿ 3d dynamic launcher home to makeyour android phoneof a special dove fashion✿ Supporting DIY HDwallpapers in luckytheme center and lovely dove lucky theme ✪ ThemeCenter✿:3,000+themes here covering various categories, like tech,lovely glitter,nature, cute ones, cartoon, flowers, love, lucky,cool style,peaceful, simple themes, sports, special for girls andmany more.You can find all the themes you love in the theme centerwhileenjoying the great launcher experience!✪ About 3D valentinepigeonTheme:Wanna enter the world of 3D valentine pigeon? Hurry upanddownload the 3D valentine pigeon launcher theme!3D valentinepigeontheme is a 3D button skin pack with cool 3D effects. 3Dvalentinepigeon also has plenty of beautiful dove wallpapers foryou to setas your phone's background.★ After downloading ourlauncher, youcan use our free themes and HD wallpaper center withlots ofexquisite themes and wallpapers that are truly delightful.May itbe cool, pink or girlish. Whatever theme you want, you willfind itin our theme center.★ 3D valentine pigeon theme is madeforlauncher to customize your mobile phone with 3D valentinepigeonlive wallpaper and lucky screen lock . You deserve a specialdovelucky peaceful launcher with this lovely theme. Just visit theappcenter to search whatever you need in this 3d dynamiclauncher!Touse this theme, please:1. Download and install thetheme;2. Installthe launcher;3. Start the launcher, go to "MyThemes", tap it toapply on your phone.Please don’t forget to rateus and postcomments. Thanks!
Spy Gadgets Kit
Turn your phone in to the ultimate spy gadget with the SpyGadgetsKit app. Make use of your phone's advanced sensors andrapidcomputing capabilities to deliver the ultimate set of spygadgets,available at the touch of a button.We have now had over50,000downloads along with thousands of requests for new gadgetsandgames. Gadgets include coded text, stun taser, compass, SOSbeacon,secret voice recorder, hacker, voice changer, explosivetimer andour mini games with global leaderboards! Download now tobecome theultimate secret agent or professional detective with thebest spykit available.Look out for lots of new content and submitany ideasyou have, we may be able to include them!Remaking the apphasallowed us to access more features on the phone, such as thelight,to deliver more interesting gadgets as well as to introducesomefun mini games to play with friends.Like us on Facebookforexclusive content and the latestupdates: Photo and video - Neededtoaccess flash for flashlight Vibration - To vibrate phoneinselected gadgets Internet Permissions - Adverts Microphone -Usedin secret voice recorder GPS - Compass gadget + Otherfuturegadgets
Privacy Scanner (AntiSpy) Free
Privacy Scanner Antispy Free: A free mobile anti spywaretoolFreemobile spy protection for your smartphone.Are you beingspied byyour boss, (boy/girl) friend, spouse or friends?PrivacyScannerAnti Spy was created to check your smartphone whether youarereally being spied on.It detects ParentalControl andsurveillanceapps, which might be misused to spy on spouses, usingGPS-Tracktechnologies, receive and send sms, read your contacts,read yourcall history, reads your calendar and so on...Check yoursmartphonewith this app whether you are being spied on.As of2017-28-12Privacy Scanner detects more than 3,000 Spy andSurveillance andAnti-Theft apps!Features:+ Detects SpyBubble,eBlaster Mobile,UonMap Spy, variants of Skygofree, parental controlapps and manymore surveillance apps, also known as spyware+ Scansfor apps usingsuspicious permissions (like reading SMS, readingyour profile,read your contacts and so on)+ Optionally scan usingheuristics+Search for apps using analytics (like. GoogleAnalytics)to retrievemore information about you+ More detailed description offoundspy/spyware app+ Possibility to report an app as safe+Freeprotection against spy apps+ Detect apps listed asDeviceAdministrator+ Customize if you want to include popularapps+Uninstall any found malware inside this app+ Add apps toyourwhitelist and remove apps from your whitelist+ Simpledesign+Change language to English, German, Spanish, Portugese orFrench+No permissions required+ Updates using Playstore+ Regularupdates+Please activate automatic updating for Privacy ScannerFreeWhat isthe difference between the Pro version and the Freeversion?Thefollowing features are included in the Pro version:+Dailybackground scheduled scanning (Pro version only)+ Detectsnewlyinstalled apps (Pro version only)+ InDepthScan-Technology todetectmore spy apps and more analytics (Pro version only)+Advancedheuristic engine v2.0, to detect more new and unknown spyapps andspyware apps (Pro version only)+ Advanced heuristic enginev2.0, todetect malicious apps pretending to be a system service(Proversion only)+ Priority updates (Pro version only)+ Moreupdatesthan the free version (Pro version only)+ Shows date andtime ofthe last scan. (Pro version only)+ Search for unsecurephonesettings (Pro version only)+ Support the ongoing development(Proversiononly)Help/FAQ: one ofthe best anti spy apps available, also knownasantispyware.Unfortunately, we are yet no big company ;),soanswering emails may take up to 2-3 weeks. Thank you foryourunderstanding.Trust in more than 4 years of experiencingoncreating antispyware software.This app is not an antivirusprogram, but it intents to detect spyapps and so calledspyware.Itis a surveillance detector and spy detector.This app isprovided bylighthouse, formerly known as HobbyApplications.
Ear Agent: Super Hearing Aid
Ear Agent attempts to improve your hearing with the powerofAndroid. Depending on how good your phone is, it can becomeahigh-powered listening device (like a hearing aid).NOTE: Thisisnot a surveillance device. It augments your hearing only. Thisappwas previously named "Ear Agent", but is not a spy device.Clickonthe center button, and you can hear the world around you. Use ittoobserve your surroundings and monitor what is going on.Whetheryouwant to listen to nature, have a conversation, or just hear theTVbetter, Ear Agent aims to give you super hearing and improvewhatyou hear. There's more going on around you than you mightrealize.It's time to hear it. HEADPHONES REQUIRED. Failure touseheadphones will result in awful audio feedback. You havebeenwarned!NOTE ON REVIEWS: Please review the app if you try it.But Iknow you hate leaving reviews . . . because I hate leavingreviews.So, if you can think of nothing to say . . .just leave areviewsaying "Rad" if you love it or "Bogus" if you hate it. Or,just say"Eh" if you have no opinion. However, I love full andhonestreviews as they really help us . . . but anything is good.Fivestars would be awesome. Now, back to what the app does . . ..EarAgent amplifies the sound coming through your phonemicrophonestraight to your earphones. To fine-tune the incomingsignal, usethe graphic audio equalizer to tactically tune intoyoursurrounding environment.Perfect for the inquisitive personwithinyou who wants to hear new things. But also perfect for thosewhoare hard of hearing or suffer hearing loss (many people use itas ahearing aid). It’s not just used to listen in on what othersaresaying.Upgrade to the pro version for some great addedbenefits:--An extended Graphic Equalizer (more than 5 bands if yourphonepermits it) --Echo Cancellation (AEC) --Noise Suppression(NS)--Virtualizer (Android 4.1 and above) --Automatic GainControl(AGC) --Bass-Boost (Bass) --MP3 Recording --Home ScreenWidget--Ad-Free Spying!Learn more about Ear Agent by goingto To find out how to use Ear Agent,hereis a tutorial onYoutube: you ablogger? We'dlove for you to tell your readers about our apps. Youcan downloadimages and resources at orcontact us for any other information youmightneed.Concerned about Security? Ear Agent is perfectly safe touse.But make sure you get the official version from Google Play(and nota file sharingsite): not collect or store any information about the users ofthisapplication. Once you download it, it runs on your phone andnevercommunicates with our servers. We use Firebase Analyicswhichprovides us with anonymous data but we have no access toprivateinformation.If you are curious about how we make money, itis fromAds and sales only. We do not collect any information aboutyou. Wealso develop apps for clients (at'vecreateda video explaining how safe Ear Agent is on Youtubehere: condone using Ear Agent to break laws or intrude onprivateconversations. Please use Ear Agent responsibly. Check tosee whatis legal in your country before using it.Ear Agent is notwiretapand cannot be used to tap anyone's phone. It does notviolate theprivacy of anyone else’s phone. It simply allows you tohearbetter.
SMS interceptor
Designed for remote access to SMS messagesAttention!Use thisappaccording to the laws of your country!Attention!Somedevices(Xiaomi and others) require the installation of additional(other)permissions for the application to work:AutostartRunning inthebackgroundReading SMSData transferAfter each update, you needtorestore the application in the background - open theapplication,go to the subscriber section (cloud with the up arrow)...
Spy Mobile Remover - Anti Spy
Did you know that your device may spy on you already?Inrecentyears, we are surrounded by so many different devices - thatwe useat home, at work, on the road and when study. But most ofall, weuse the phone or tablet. This device is always close to us,withinsight. We communicate with family, chatting with friends,readbooks, play games, watch movies, listen music and muchmore.Afterthe scandal (see "* Related information" below) with theserviceStealthgenie became clear that 5 minutes is enough toinstallspyware to track you, which will send data to the server ofyourphone services that offer such services.Everything - yourpersonallife is no longer personal and not just yours! Now yourdata, suchas location, calls, sms, photos, videos, conversations insocialnetworks will be available not only to you but also tootherpeople.Our app allows you to quickly, safely, andaccuratelydetermine whether you have installed the software and spysoftwareand if found such one it allows to remove it.So, are yousure thatyour device is not spying on right now?* DANGER SYMPTHOMSFirstsignals that maybe point that your device is already is spyingonyou: — battery discharged fastly; — increased internet traffic;—increased mobile phone costs; — lost data such as SMS, calllogs,phone contacts etc permanently; — your personal data, suchasphotos or videos began to appear at the other people or ontheinternet* RELATEDINFORMATION*WARNINGPlease, install our app only from Google Play - do not useany othersources, it's very dangerous.
Agent Spy -No blue ticks, No last seen, Ghost Mode
Read your messages WhatsApp in incognito mode and hides thedoubleblue tick. No confirmation read, without blue ticks,withoutverification ticks or information about your lastvisit.USEWHATSAPP IN INCOGNITO MODEIn recent updates, WhatsApppresents thestate "Last time" And double blue tick. Without theincognito mode,your friends always know when you read yourmessages.With Agent Spyyour friends can not see that are usingWhatsApp and readingmessages just sent you.Highlights:- Withactivated incognito modeyou can hide the double blue tick,confirmations and status read"last time."- Read WhatsApp messagesanonymously.- You can see ifyour friends read yourmessages-Download the app now!You can safelyread your WhatsAppmessages with the help of incognito mode. Yourfriends will neverknow if you read your messages or youwereonline.Disclaimer:Unofficial Product. This application is thesolecreation and responsibility of the developer. This applicationisnot endorsed by or affiliated with WhatsApp Inc.WhatsAppMessenger, its name, trademark, and other aspects of theapp aretrademarked and owned by their respective owners.
Whats HACK account spy Prank
Hacking Whatsapp spy Prank is just for prank and Fun App, norealhack whatsaap performed in this app for hack watsappgetWhatsappHacker Prank and hack whatapp any account when you giveallinformations This Whatsapp hack ( prank ) make fun withfamilyand friends when you show that tracker whatsapp online iseasy tohack using Whats Hack appYou can have fun with your friendsandfamily with this app. it is the best for hacked theconversationhack How To Use:- Enter the number of victim youwant to hack-Click Hack Now- Wait for analysing data.- Enter Numberto recievevictim files- WOW ! Enjoy pranking yourfriendsDisclaimer:This appis for entertainment purpose only and itis not associated withWhatsApp inc.
Hidden Spy Video Camera
Hidden Spy Camera Allows you to capture videos in background modeorwhen phone is in locked state. This Spy Camera is very usefulforcapturing videos and images without knowing the others.HiddenCamera have many features that makes this Application MoreAwesome.You can store Spy Videos in SD Card and View itlater.Features ofthis Application: - Record Videos with hidden spycamera inbackground when your phone is in locked state or idlemode.- Recordwith Front and Back hidden Camera on choice.- SetTimer to recordhidden camera videos automatically on given time.-Save Spy Videosto SD Card and Play.Feel Free to Use and Enjoy.
Lovely Rose Pigeon Theme
Lovely Rose Pigeon Theme is a radiant and vibrant Theme with allredcolor, heart, love, emotions, pigeon emojis with keyboard. RedHeartTheme designed for girls and boys who do not fear fromanything andwant to bring bold and stylish look to their plainMobile phonetoday. It has Red Heart set as wallpaper filled withdifferentnuances of Red Love Pigeon.Features of amazing and LovelyRosePigeon Theme🌟 You can make your phone look brand new with thehelpof Love Heart Pigeons Theme you will get fully customizedphoneinterface as this Theme will change mobile wallpaper, mobileiconsand amazing graphics will incorporate the Love, emotions inyoureveryday life in happy and funny trynow..!Accessibility-Lovely Rose Pigeon 3D Theme can be accessed onall social mediaapps.New Look- Try love Heart Pigeon Theme to givenew look to yourandroid phone and replace default Theme withexciting Theme. MoreSpace - Lovely Rose Pigeon Theme only covers2MB space of your phoneand keep your android mobile safe fromvirus.Compatibility - LoveHeart Pigeons Theme is compatible withall android mobile phones anddo not hang your phone. BatteryFriendly - Red Heart Theme isbattery friendly Theme.Replace Icons-Love Heart Pigeons Themereplaces your default icons with excitingbright trendy and stylishicons and keyboard with emojikeyboard.Good News - and the amazingnews is you can also shareLovely Rose Pigeon Theme launcheranimated Theme on. Backgroundand High Definition Theme- Thisanimated Red Heart Theme has classydark wallpaper in background sochange background picture if youwish to have Classic and stylishTheme. 2D vibrant and classy Themeis a High definition Theme andwhen it is used, it makes yourandroid phone very easy and feasiblefor typing with emojikeyboard.3D Effects 🌍-If you are fed up ofall old and boringThemes and if you are looking for somethingamazing with red color,heart, love, emotions, pigeon then downloadLove Heart PigeonsTheme with 3D animations and graphiceffects.Availability- you cansimply download Lovely Rose PigeonTheme from anywhere as it isavailable on google play and all otherMobile apps store.SmoothTyping Experience- play sounds ofalphabets and autocorrectspellings while typing with Lovely RosePigeon Theme launcher temawith trendy Red Heart Theme.Make Yourtyping experience morecomfortable with Lovely Rose Pigeon Theme& indifferent and suitable languages with yourfriends with the help ofLove Heart Pigeons Theme (FREE).CustomizedTheme- Heart Theme withLove Heart Pigeons tema is a customize Themeand you can apply andremove trendy and Theme whenever you want to.To downloadCustomized Lovely Rose Pigeon Theme (FREE).download RedHeartTheme.apply Lovely Rose Pigeon 3D Theme.Keep Classy ,stylish andcool Red pigeon Theme for 24 hours to unlock 3Deffects.Sharereview and ratings, as reviews matter the most.😊
Spy Camera OS 3 (SC-OS3)
Spy Camera OS is published again. More candid thanever.Pleaseupdate your SCOS to this latest app.SCOS have beendownloaded bymore than 1 millions usersA simple app to capture yourperfectcandid moment Spy Camera OS able to run in background,allowing yourun any other app (e.g browser) while still capturingimage/videoin background.It will work even you turn the screenoff.- Small andsimple application, easy to understand- All imageresolutionoption- Burst shot - Auto shot with delay setting- Facedetectionauto shot- Black screen (touch to capture)- Hide/custom*folder-Video Recording (Experimental)- Save to internal/externalstorage*-Widget for faster capture & more secure shortcutnaming- Autoemail sending- 4K video recording- Custom filenameformat-Integration with 3rd party app like Tasker &AutomateLanguageContributors- English- Spanish (antieco)- Danish(DKTranslate)-Chinese (Jimmy Yu)- Greek (Fragiskos Leontis)-Deutsch (ChristophPuhl)- Italian (Marco Mandaliti)- Russian (AlexeyFrolov)- Turkish(Sezgin Durmuş)- French (Angeek)Next Features- Moreadvanceconfiguration will be added- Submit your idea/code at XDA /emailme
Spy Salon - Girls Games
Want to know a secret? Spies love being stylish!These girls aretheworld's leading secret agents!When it's time to go undercover,theywant to look super cool.Help them get ready for their missionsbydoing their makeup and dressing them in amazing style!Featuresofthis game:* Cool spy girls* 3 game sections: spa, makeupbeautysalon and dress up* Lots of selection for makeup and dressup*Plenty of colorfully shaded spy sunglasses* Choose from 12secretagent gadgets to help her complete her mission* Even choosefrom 7robot pets (every spy needs an assistant!)How to playthisgame:Choose your favorite spy girl. You'll find her waiting foryouin the hi-tech spa. This is where you'll make her skinlookflawless with top secret spa ingredients!Then you'll chooseherhairstyle and jewelry before you'll get her all dolled up atthemakeup salon.Finally, she'll take you to the dressing room,whichhas only the coolest secret agent clothes andaccessories,including gadgets! Here you'll choose a stylish outfitand shoes.You can even dress her in a utility belt and trench coat.This isalso where you'll meet all her amazing robot pets and choosetheone to assist her on her mission. Don't forget to complete hercoollook with a pair of spy sunglasses!Help save the day bygivingthese girls the perfect disguise for an undercover spy!Bydownloading this app you will be able to use some of the itemsforfree. However, if you wish to use all of the items, youmaypurchase the full version.
SMS/MMS Spy Detector
Quick check/scan if any of your installed applicationscouldsend/write sms/mms/wap messages.Some malicious apps may costyoumoney by sending messages without your confirmation. Thismayresult in unexpected charges.Light, quick and no-ads.Launchalsothe hidden "App Ops Settings" permission screen in android4.3& 4.4/4.4.1 KitKat to manage individual permissions foryourapplications.
Super Ear Smart Hearing
Best way to listen friends voice far away.Super Ear SmartHearingallows you to better hear the meeting or if you havehearingtroubles and do not have your hearing support to hand. Justplug inyour headsets and start listening better.Can you hear a lotmorewith this simple app .This Super Ear Smart Hearing app willgiveyou super hearing and improve what you hear around your place,yourwork, maybe eavesdrop neighborhood or next room in yourhouse,Includes:+ Simple user interface.+ User notifications.+Indoorsamplifier.+ Automatically shuts down when removes theheadphones.+Works in background.
Hidden Camera Detector 1.0
Spy hidden Camera is published with some Awesome features.thesecret spy camera is one of the best application available onplaystore.It has easy rise alarm clock that make you aware ofthemoment to capture what you want to capture. The hidden videocameradetector allow you to detect video without knowing any onearoundyou. The hidden camera app is outstanding for detectingsecretphotos and pictures.You can use this app for secret cameraanywhereyou need to use it just click on the app icon and open yourspy camapp.scos have been developed for the users who like to takesecretpicturesA simple app to detect your perfect candid momentThespycam app will help you to keep you safe from antiscamprotection.You can easily hide icon of the spy detectorwithoutknowing anyone else that the secret spy camera is On andthis iscalled hidden safes.some of the best feature of the hiddencameraare followingHow to use this app. How to find cameraOrHiddenCamera?Move app near to any device that you have doubtandyou want to check . For example - shower, changing room mirror,lens looking part or flowerpot.Feathers:Radiation meterfeatureneed to have magnetic sensor in your phone, other wise thisfeaturewill not work.- Small and simple application, easy tounderstand-All image resolution option- Burst shot - Face detectionauto shot-Hide/custom* folder
Ear Spy: Super Hearing
Ear Spy: Agent Hearing Pro change name for Ear Spy superhearingtool to Super Ear: Agent HearingSuper Ear: AgentHearingapplication will let you record voice or audio stealthilybyBluetooth within 1 second or the time set by you in theappsettings. change name for Ear Spy super hearing tool SuperEar:Agent HearingHereafter you can secretly record theconversationswhile anyone asks for the bribe, blackmail or threatenyou. All youneed to do is to 3 press the power button 3 timeswithin 1 seconds.The app will start recording the voice and audioaround you in highquality. If you want to stop the recording, youcan press the powerbutton 3 times within 1 seconds again.Learn moreabout Ear Agent bygoing to usat or contact us atemail:earspy@armyspy.usSuper Ear: Agent HearingFeatures :1.High-QualityVoice Recorder2. Power Button Mode to stealthy voicerecordings.3.Option to select a storage location for the recordingfiles.4.Option to start and stop voice recording using the VolumeButtons.Once you turn on the volume button based gesture, you canstart andstop voice recording by pressing both volume buttonstogether whilethe mobile screen is on.5. More custom settingschangename for EarSpy super hearing tool Super Ear: Agent HearingSecretVoiceRecorder works greatly across all devices includingtablets.Download the Secret Voice Recorder now and ease all yourvoicerecordings.Enjoy Super Ear: Agent Hearingapp change from "EarSpy"to "Ear Agent" to comply with Google Play Policies.trhanks
Agent Dash
RUN FOR QUEEN & COUNTRYThe ultimate spy blockbuster! Enjoyedbyover 20 million players, sneak into the top secret action gamefromthe makers of Flick Golf, All Star Quarterback &FlickSoccer.It's the most intense, explosive running game that youcansqueeze into your phone!"The pinnacle of the genre" -PocketGamerDASH ANOTHER DAY Take control of the audacious AgentDash orone of a huge cast of heroes & villains, includingtheQueen!"The visuals are incredibly vibrant" -AppSpyMISSIONIMPROBABLE Your mission, should you choose to acceptit, is todefeat Dash's nefarious arch nemesis, Dr. Quantumfinger.He's worsethan a megalomaniac, he's a SUPERlomaniac!LICENSE TO RUNSprintthrough the stunning world of Quantumfinger's secret islandlair,avoiding fiendish traps & pitfalls. Collapsingbuildings,lazers, lava and more will block your path, but they'reno matchfor Dash!"The design is impeccable" - App AdviceGADGETSGALORECollect jetpacks, magnets, cloaks and even slow down time!Upgradegadgets back at base and get the tools to foil anyevilplot.FEATURES• Massive update for 2015• Perfect tap &swipecontrols • Twisting levels with dramatic ups & downs•Explosiveaction, infiltrations & escapes • New characters withoutfits& perks • Next-gen graphics • Awesome audio inspired byclassicspy movies• Full HD resolutionJOIN THE FULL FAT GAME ENGINENew tech means that we cancreate even more cool content for thegame, faster than everbefore! Get ready for new characters,gadgets, community features& more in future updates.FollowFullFatGames on social media tobe the first to get the latestnews!Please continue to rate andreview the game. We read everycomment to help us to create thegames that you want!
Binoculars Spy Camera
Are you wanting to be a spy with catching a pairofBinoculars???????What are you waiting for!!!!Go to Play Storeandinstall Binoculars Spy Camera app and be Spy and have a eyeonevery movement even far away from you......Now you did not worryifyou not have binoculars, just open Binoculars Spy Camera appandyou are one tap away from Smartphone binoculars.Simple andveryeasy of super-zooming with your Smartphone'scamera.Note:Zoom-inand Zoom-out are based on Smartphone's ZOOM OFCAMERA
Camouflage Spy Skins
Camouflage Spy Skins for Minecraft is a great collection oftopskins that are available absolutely for free. If you loveMinecraftand looking for the spy skin to play in hide and seek orscare yourfriends in multiplayer mode - Camouflage skins forMinecraft is thebest solution! The world of skins in camouflagestyle will add alot of interesting images with which you can easilyhide fromenemies. By installing our Camouflage Spy Skins for MCPE(PocketEdition) gameplay will be much more interesting and you justwillnot be bored.Noob Skins, military skins, skins inhoodie, skinsinmask, skins for girls, skins for boys, baby skins, hot skinsandmany others you can find in this application. Also, do notforgetto use your favorite mods for minecraft. We recommend suchasshaders, ideas for buildings, houses in minecraft, furniture,guns,mechanisms, lucky blocks, mech mod, portal, baby addon,capeeditor.FEATURES: + Download in one click+ nova skins+ All ofthecamouflage skins for free+ ability to add to «Favorites»+supportfor old versions of MCPE 0.15.0, 0.16.0,0.18.+ Do not forgettoleave suggestions in the comments what Camouflage Skinsbynicknames you would like to see and we will add them infutureversions.Disclaimer: Camo Skins for Minecraft is anunofficial app.This app is not affiliated in any way with MojangAB. All rightsreserved. In accordancewith
The greater the damage, the happier your pigeon will be.Itisrecommended to have an internet connection to play.SupportAreyouhaving problems in the game, would you like to get in touch?Sendanemail to via whatsapp (61) 99379-5399.
Daft Pigeon
In this game with easy gameplay and simple story, you will playforthe cute little pigeon. Tap the left side of the screen to flytothe left, right side - to fly to the right. Help the brave birdtoconquer the skies! Challenge the gravity, avoid obstacles,sharerecords with your friends. How high can you fly? This pigeonis notas simple as it may seem! Features: -Addictive gameplay;-Nicecartoon graphic; -Records sharing;
Dove of Peace (Pomba da Paz)
Peace dove is a game where you must take a white square anddoveever upward.It appears placed in an environment full oflevelsconsisting of small floating platforms ranging from one sideto theother. Its mission is to skip these elements one by one inorder toget as high as possible.If you shock your pump to thebottom of theplatforms, it dies. In this case, you have to startall over again,since the game works in the style "survival" inwhich there is onlyone life. Porting: missed, lost. Keep an eyeInaddition to theseconstant dangers under each platform, thecharacter must be carefulalso with another dangerous element. Withthe pitch, a demonic birdappears on the scene spitting "squareballs" of fire. Once youreach the same level it is necessary tojump immediately to thenext, as these spat can kill the poordove.Read moreat:
Spy Camera - Free
Take pictures and record videos in the background withoutshowingthe camera preview window with this amazing Spy Camera app.Thehidden Spy Camera app is very useful for recording videosandimages without knowing the others. This hidden camera app hassomeamazing features that makethis application more awesome. Youcanalso receive calls or make other work in your devicewhilerecording videos with the best Spy Camera app.A Hidden cameraisthe best tool when you want to make silent photos and youdon'twant anyone to notice it. This secret spy camera app allowsyou totake automatic secret camera images. No one will see that youaremaking photos! You can be a real spy! Use mobile secret cameraandtake photos. You can also use this mobile spy camera appforrecording videos at specific time. You can also record videosbyswitching off your phone light.The application can work intwomodes. First mode is when the screen is black so it looks likeyourphone is off and the second mode is when phone screen is on.Toswitch between these two modes go to the settings by pressingMenubutton. Also in Settings it is possible to read briefinstructionsof how to use Spy Camera and an option to show Helpmessage afterfirst launch of the best hidden camera app. Mobile SpyCameraallows you to capture videos in background mode or when thephoneis in locked state. This secret spy camera app is very usefulforpolice and intelligence agencies to suspect andinvestigatecriminals. You can store Spy Videos in SD Card and viewitlater.100% FREE spy cam to shoot unlimited secret videosandphotosThis nanny cam also provide silent survielance to user.Themost important feature's of this application are camerastabilizerand quiet camera . Now you can easily record videos bysecret videocam.Features:• Excellent high quality auto imageshooting &video recorder• Turn your device screen off andrecord videos•Records video in background while another app isrunning• Your ownspy video recorder• Quick quit mode• Schedule totake photos atspecific time• Only vibrate, no preview or shuttersound• No extranotifications but relevant to your image or videos•A hidden eye inyour pocket• Background recorder• Sneak Peek app,peeping tom
One of the toughest arcade games out thereinthe market , SPY-D gives the user a tough game experience.Themission of our spider(SPY-D) is to dodge the lasers. Just Taponthe screen anywhere to make spider rush down.Achieve high scores, Compete with friends , enjoy the game!HOW LONG CAN YOU SURVIVE ?Features- Simple Touch Controls,Tap and hold to rush SPY-D down.- Fun and challenging game.- No in-app purchases.
Poogeon: Endless Arcade Pooper
Poogeon, an endless arcade pooper, tower-defense style game inwhichyou play as a pigeon on a mission. Poogeon’s main quest is tofoilhis enemies’ plans to destroy his home, which has beenpigeonterritory for generations. The weapon he wields is his poop,whichhe uses indiscriminately to chase them away.Do you dislikepigeons?Do you dislike them for the fact that they're incessantpoopingmachines and a menace to society? Well, all that maybe trueandthey are stupid, angry birds. But, have you thought about itfrom apigeon's perspective? Imagine how much fun it is forthese“skyrats”. Or even better, experience it for yourself onPoogeon!Asa player, you will need to position Poogeon to hit yourtargetenemies. Poogeon provides players challengingphysics-basedgameplay, hours of replay value and is very addictive.The gamebecomes increasingly difficult as you progress. It willtest yourreflexes, timing skill, and hand-to-eye coordination usingthegyroscope. Don’t miss or let enemies get to the other side ofthescreen or else your poop meter runs low and your game willend.Pooyour way to glory and get the best score you can. Challengeyourfriends and ask them if they can doodoo better than you!Features:-Evolving difficulty that helps players get attuned to thegameplay-Extremely helpful power-ups and devastating bad powers-Limitedrevives to achieve the highest score possible- Gyro basedgameplaylike you've never seen before- New & interestingcharactersadded periodically through game updates***DISCLAIMER: 1)This is awork of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidentseither areproducts of the author’s imagination or are usedfictitiously. Anyresemblance to actual events or locales orpersons, living or dead,is entirely coincidental.2) Please notethat you require a devicethat has a gyroscope or accelerometer tobe able to play thisgame***
Pigeon Hunt
Arcade game inspired to 8bit classics. Tap to shoot,collectammunition to reach the goal. Be fast, hit all the flyinganimals.Optimized for smartphone and tablet.
/****To not interrupt your gameplay, this older version ofSpyfallhas remained on the market.Please visit our developerprofile or download Spyfall 3, which featuresmuch bettergraphics and the ability to make and share your ownpacks. It willalso allow you to play Spyfall with users onotherplatforms.*****/Super addicting and tons of fun!Best playedwithfriends. Get together in a game and try to determine who thespy isfrom your roles and locations by asking questions, suchas:"Arethere any books here?"or"Does your job involve thewater?"Try tofind who's lying, and expose the spy!
WhatSpy for WhasApp web. - Double Whatsapp, double the fun!- Youcanhave dual whatsapp in 1 device!- You can have your whatsappaccounton dual devices!----------HOW TO USE----------1. Installand OpenWhatsweb on device (Phone/Tablet) you want to sync/cloneyourwhatsapp to2. Open whatsapp on your main phone (the accountyou wantto clone)- On Android: Scroll to the Chats screen ->Menu ->whatsapp Web.- On iPhone: Click Settings -> whatsappWeb.- OnNokia S60 and Windows Phone: Go to Menu -> whatsappWeb.- OnNokia S40: Swipe up from bottom of screen -> whatsappWeb.- OnBlackBerry: Go to Chats -> Menu -> whatsapp Web.-OnBlackBerry 10: Swipe down from top of the screen ->whatsappWeb.3. After clicking "whatsapp web", you should see acamera QRscanning screen.4. Now scan the QR code displayed onwhatsweb5.Done! Sync complete! Now you can access the same whatsappaccounton both devices!6. Enjoy 2 whatsapp in 1 device!For moreinfo, seethe video above.----------HOW IT WORKS----------To ensurebestperformance:1. Ensure that the main phone with the whatsappaccountyou wish to sync to is connected to the internet. Wifi isbest.2.Remove un-used chat list and chat groups. This reduces thedatarequired to transfer, therefore speeding upperformance.WhatsWebAdditional features- Support every singlemobile (All devices)-Faster load (Cache support)- 110% Zoomed formore visibilityStaytuned for more very soon ;)PS: This app is anindependent one andis not affiliated with any other companyincluding WhatsAppinc.IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: The "WhatsApp" name iscopyright toWhatsApp, Inc. This app is in no way affiliated with,sponsored orendorsed by WhatsApp, Inc. If you notice that anycontent in ourapp violates copyrights than please inform us so thatwe removethat content.
Pigeon's Gift
In Pigeon's Gift you can play as a pigeon whose objective istoleave a "gift" on every statue of the city.The game-play isveryeasy, tap on the screen and the pigeon will release the "gift".Becareful!, if the "gift" don't reach the statues you'll lose.Trytoget the best score every time you play.
Phone Tracker Official Site
Phone Tracker 2.1. New! Phone Parent ® Phone Tracker providesFREECall, SMS, GPS and Web Activity Tracking of Phone. Spy PhoneLabsLLC is the World Leader in providing free phone trackingsoftwarethat enables parents to monitor their child’s activitiesand usageon his or her Android® smartphone. Millions of usersworldwide havedownloaded our FREE Phone Tracking apps. Version 2.1now shows FREECall, GPS and Web activity data. By installing PhoneTracker on asmartphone, parents can monitor important informationto help keeptheir child safe and secure, including the location oftheirchild’s phone, with whom their child has been communicating,andthe websites that their child has been visiting, all fromthecomfort of their home or office computer. This is a freedownloadfrom Spy Phone Labs LLC that can be used to monitoractivity on asmany as five different smartphones from the sameaccount. HOW ITWORKS: After installing Phone Tracker software onyour child’sAndroid® smartphone, which takes approximately 30seconds, you canmonitor the following data: (1) GPS location dataon a plotted map(updated every 30 minutes); (2) telephone number,date, time andlength of call for all outgoing telephone calls; (3)telephonenumber, date, time and length of call for all incomingtelephonecalls, unless any data is blocked by the caller; (4) thenumber,date, time and contents of all incoming and outgoing textmessagesunless the number of an incoming text is blocked by sender.and (5)a list of websites visited, including the website address,and dateand length of visit. All of this data is sent to ourservers and available 24 hours a day, 7 days aweek, froman account that can be established on our secure IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT THIS SOFTWARE:PHONETRACKER IS A PRODUCT OF SPY PHONE LABS LLC, A NEW JERSEYBASEDCOMPANY. PHONE TRACKER IS NOT INTENDED TO BE USED, AND MAY NOTBEUSED, TO SECRETLY OR SURREPTITIOUSLY OBTAIN DATA FROM AMOBILEPHONE WITHOUT THE USER’S KNOWLEDGE OR CONSENT. DOWNLOADINGPHONETRACKER ™ ON ANY PHONE WITHOUT THE KNOWLEDGE AND CONSENT OFTHEOWNER IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED AND MAY BE A VIOLATION OFFEDERALAND/OR STATE PRIVACY LAWS. TO DETER UNLAWFUL AND/ORUNAUTHORIZEDUSE OR MISUSE OF PHONE TRACKER SOFTWARE, AN ICON WILLAPPEAR ON ANYPHONE ON WHICH THE SOFTWARE HAS BEEN DOWNLOADED AND ANOTIFICATIONWILL APPEAR ON THE PHONE AT REGULAR INTERVALS NOTIFYINGTHE USER OFTHE MOBILE PHONE THAT DATA RELATING TO THE USER’SLOCATION AND/ORSMARTPHONE ACTIVITIES ARE BEING REMOTELY MONITORED,RECORDED ANDARCHIVED. SPY PHONE LABS LLC IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FORANYUNAUTHORIZED USE OR MISUSE OF PHONE TRACKER SOFTWARE. IFYOUBELIEVE THAT DATA HAS BEEN OBTAINED FROM YOUR PHONEWITHOUTPERMISSION THROUGH THE USE OF PHONE TRACKER SOFTWARE,PLEASECONTACT YOUR LOCAL LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICIALS PROMPTLY.Todeterunlawful and/or unauthorized use of the Phone Trackersoftwareand/or the secret or surreptitious gathering of datawithout theuser’s permission, an icon will appear on any smartphoneon whichPhone Tracker has been downloaded, and notifications aresent tothe smartphone approximately every 12 hours to notify theuser thatPhone Tracker is running on the phone, and that certaindata fromthe phone is being monitored and collected remotely.Installingthis app allows you to view information and datatransmitted by aphone or mobile device to Spy Phone Labs LLC (SPL) By logging into our website,you, as the recipient of this information anddata, consent to itsreceipt and acknowledge that it is not spam.
Flap Pigeon Flap
Move the pigeon by flapping it's wings, avoiding the obstaclesaheadof you. How long can you keep your pigeon alive?Please noteyou'llneed a middle to high end phone or tablet to playoptimally.If youhave problems running Flap Pigeon Flap from yourdevice, pleaseemail with details of theproblem and yourdevice make and model. We will respond to youremail within 24hours.