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Camera Block Free - Anti spyware & Anti malware 1.57
• APP BLOCK ALL CAMERA RESOURCES AND DISABLE ACCESS TO CAMERATOOTHER APPS AND WHOLE ANDROID SYSTEM [NO ROOT NEEDED] •Preventspyware, malware and viruses from taking unauthorizedpictures andvideo recordings on your phone. • The app will protectyour phonecamera from watching and spying you by privacy threatsas: Viruses,surveillance, spyware and malware applications. • Whyuse CameraBlock Free - Anti spyware & Anti malware: ✔ Protectyourprivacy from phone camera spies (spyware, malware, surveillanceorinfected apps) ✔ Monitor which apps have camera permission ✔Setupautomatic blocking periods ✔ Easy to use home screen widgetforquick access ✔ Simple and clear design with 2 templatesandmultiple icon sets. -- “Average android phone has installed24applications that have camera permission and can be anytimemisusedto watch you and spy on you. Each of 24 apps can takepicture orrecording video anytime they want. Most of the apps haveinternetpermission and can transfer pictures and videos to theworld. (Plusan unknown number of security agencies watching yourright now ;).”-- ★ Buy PRO version (Camera Block Pro - Anti malware& Antispyware): - PRO protection for 24/7 coverage (The freeversion isturned off between 8-10PM) - The PRO version has no ads.★ (Camera Block Pro - Anti malware &Antispyware) • FAQ: - Does "Camera Block" need camera permission?Isthe app safe? The app doesn't require "camera permission". Ourappis also blocked from watching you. This app uses theDeviceAdministrator permission. This permission allows app todeniedaccess to the camera.
Spy Mobile Remover - Anti Spy 1.0.3
Stop Spy
Did you know that your device may spy on you already?Inrecentyears, we are surrounded by so many different devices - thatwe useat home, at work, on the road and when study. But most ofall, weuse the phone or tablet. This device is always close to us,withinsight. We communicate with family, chatting with friends,readbooks, play games, watch movies, listen music and muchmore.Afterthe scandal (see "* Related information" below) with theserviceStealthgenie became clear that 5 minutes is enough toinstallspyware to track you, which will send data to the server ofyourphone services that offer such services.Everything - yourpersonallife is no longer personal and not just yours! Now yourdata, suchas location, calls, sms, photos, videos, conversations insocialnetworks will be available not only to you but also tootherpeople.Our app allows you to quickly, safely, andaccuratelydetermine whether you have installed the software and spysoftwareand if found such one it allows to remove it.So, are yousure thatyour device is not spying on right now?* DANGER SYMPTHOMSFirstsignals that maybe point that your device is already is spyingonyou: — battery discharged fastly; — increased internet traffic;—increased mobile phone costs; — lost data such as SMS, calllogs,phone contacts etc permanently; — your personal data, suchasphotos or videos began to appear at the other people or ontheinternet* RELATEDINFORMATION*WARNINGPlease, install our app only from Google Play - do not useany othersources, it's very dangerous.
Camouflage Spy Skins 1.0.4
Camouflage Spy Skins for Minecraft is a great collection oftopskins that are available absolutely for free. If you loveMinecraftand looking for the spy skin to play in hide and seek orscare yourfriends in multiplayer mode - Camouflage skins forMinecraft is thebest solution! The world of skins in camouflagestyle will add alot of interesting images with which you can easilyhide fromenemies. By installing our Camouflage Spy Skins for MCPE(PocketEdition) gameplay will be much more interesting and you justwillnot be bored.Noob Skins, military skins, skins inhoodie, skinsinmask, skins for girls, skins for boys, baby skins, hot skinsandmany others you can find in this application. Also, do notforgetto use your favorite mods for minecraft. We recommend suchasshaders, ideas for buildings, houses in minecraft, furniture,guns,mechanisms, lucky blocks, mech mod, portal, baby addon,capeeditor.FEATURES: + Download in one click+ nova skins+ All ofthecamouflage skins for free+ ability to add to «Favorites»+supportfor old versions of MCPE 0.15.0, 0.16.0,0.18.+ Do not forgettoleave suggestions in the comments what Camouflage Skinsbynicknames you would like to see and we will add them infutureversions.Disclaimer: Camo Skins for Minecraft is anunofficial app.This app is not affiliated in any way with MojangAB. All rightsreserved. In accordancewith
Anti Spy (SpyWare Removal) 3.0.4
SpyWare Detection and Removal. Is anybody spying on you? ThisSpyApp Detector can Find all Potential Spy Apps on yourDevice.Extremely easy to use.Protect yourself from all sorts ofSpyApps.This App can Find ALL Spy Apps on your Device, not onlytheWell Known Spy Apps like mSpy, etc, but also Apps made forotherpurposes, but which can be used to Spy on you byyourGirl-/Boy-Friend, Partner, Spouse and Boss. In addition thisAppcan also detect "Official" Spy Apps, like those that are usedbyGovernments and Law Enforcement Agencies in someCountries."AntiSpy" is a SpyWare Detector which can quickly checkif you are beingspied on, and help you to stop it. Also calledAntiSpyWare orMalware Protection. Everybody should have oneinstalled.Anyone whohas (or have had) access to your device caneasily install aspyware software/app to monitor your location, yourCalls, Contactsand your SMS Messages. It may even take Secret AudioRecordings,Pictures and Videos of you. SMSs, Call Lists, Pictures,Videos andother Files can be sent from your device to some unknownreceiver -without you knowing anything about it."Anti Spy" is anApp that canidentify Real Spy Apps on your device, so that you canstop and/oruninstall it. It is extremely easy to use. Just touch onthe "ScanNow" button to start searching for Spy Apps.Use "RelaxedScanCriteria" to find other/additional Apps - which MAY havethepotential to Spy on you - but which probably are not.ThisSpyDetector is able to detect more Potential Spy Apps on yourdevicethan most other similar Apps.Some Spy Apps are extremelywellhidden, and hard to find and to get rid of. "Anti Spy" willhelpyou to Detect and Uninstall them.The Publishers of some of themorewell known Mobile Spy Apps boast that their Appsare"Undetectable". Well, that may not be true if you have "AntiSpy"installed on your phone/tablet.If someone has borrowed/usedyourphone/tablet, use "Anti Spy" and check if your device isstillclean.Someone may have installed some SpyWare on your device,whichmakes it possible for them to spy on you. Whether it isyourspouse, your boy/girl-friend, your boss, a colleague, yourparentsor children, install this Free App and make a simple Scan todetectany Suspicious (Potential Spy) Apps.There are lots of Appsthat maybe used to spy on you.In addition to the obvious Spy Apps,here aresome examples of Types of Apps which can easily be used tospy onyou:- Some Anti Theft Apps- Some Security & Anti VirusApps(with Anti Theft feature)- Some SMS BackUp Apps- Some Cameraand/orMic Recording Apps- Some Call Recording Apps- Some ParentalControlApps- Some Baby Monitoring Apps- Some Gps Trackers andFleetManagement AppsFEATURES:- Detect all Potential Spy Apps onyourdevice- Also Hidden and Stopped Spy Apps are detected- UseRelaxedDetection Criteria to find other Potential (less likely) SpyApps-Find suspicious Apps that are installed from an UNKNOWNsource-Detect Active Device Administrator Apps- Optional checkingofSystem Apps- Whitelisting (Remove Safe/Trusted Apps from ListofPotential Spy Apps)- Remove / Uninstall unwanted Apps-ExtremelyFast Spy App Search EnginePLEASE NOTE that all Appsreported as"Potential Spy Apps" may not necessarily be SpyWare, butthey havethe POTENTIAL to be so. (We consider it better to list tenAppswhich are NOT true Spy Apps, than missing one which IS.) Ifyoufind an App which you think SHOULD have been listed (but whichisNOT), please send us an email, so that we can studyit.Allowautomatic updating, to ensure that you always have thelatestSpyWare Signatures! If you like this App, PLEASE give itaRating.If you have a problem, please let us try to help youbeforeconsidering posting a bad rating. Most problems seem to becausedby simple misunderstandings. Please send an [email protected]
3D valentine pigeon dove theme 1.3.5
no.1 3D Theme
3D valentine pigeon makes your phone lucky!Welcome to 3Dvalentinepigeon 3D theme! 3D valentine pigeon 3D theme provides youwithpersonalized wallpapers, characteristic lock screen andexquisiteicon packs! It includes dozens of uniform icons andwallpapers,with which you can easily stylize your device. Allartistic appicons will present a distinctively fashionable phonefor you forfree. Get this 3D valentine pigeon theme with 3Dvalentine pigeonscreen wallpaper! Install this 3D valentine pigeontheme right awayand enjoy your new 3D valentine pigeon livewallpaper!3D valentinepigeon theme consists of dove backgrounds, 3Dvalentine pigeon appicons, dove trendy wallpapers and lovelydigital effects. This 3Dvalentine pigeon launcher (icon packs)theme is specially designedfor dove people who love lovely theme.3Dvalentine pigeon islaunched especially for launcher users. Longpress will activatethe unique interactive live effects of each 3Dtheme. You will beamazed by the endless surprises.✪ Cool 3D DynamicEffects✈:Makeyour phone cool and awesome!Features ☂:✿ 3D valentinepigeon lockscreen theme with dove lucky peaceful HD livewallpapers✿ Animateddove lucky peaceful to decorate your screen✿ 3Dvalentine pigeon HDlive wallpaper with 3D valentine pigeon themebringing out uniquedove style✿ 3D valentine pigeon lock screen toprotect your privacyeasily ✿ lovely lucky skin with lovely luckyicon designs for 56popular apps✿ 3d dynamic launcher home to makeyour android phoneof a special dove fashion✿ Supporting DIY HDwallpapers in luckytheme center and lovely dove lucky theme ✪ ThemeCenter✿:3,000+themes here covering various categories, like tech,lovely glitter,nature, cute ones, cartoon, flowers, love, lucky,cool style,peaceful, simple themes, sports, special for girls andmany more.You can find all the themes you love in the theme centerwhileenjoying the great launcher experience!✪ About 3D valentinepigeonTheme:Wanna enter the world of 3D valentine pigeon? Hurry upanddownload the 3D valentine pigeon launcher theme!3D valentinepigeontheme is a 3D button skin pack with cool 3D effects. 3Dvalentinepigeon also has plenty of beautiful dove wallpapers foryou to setas your phone's background.★ After downloading ourlauncher, youcan use our free themes and HD wallpaper center withlots ofexquisite themes and wallpapers that are truly delightful.May itbe cool, pink or girlish. Whatever theme you want, you willfind itin our theme center.★ 3D valentine pigeon theme is madeforlauncher to customize your mobile phone with 3D valentinepigeonlive wallpaper and lucky screen lock . You deserve a specialdovelucky peaceful launcher with this lovely theme. Just visit theappcenter to search whatever you need in this 3d dynamiclauncher!Touse this theme, please:1. Download and install thetheme;2. Installthe launcher;3. Start the launcher, go to "MyThemes", tap it toapply on your phone.Please don’t forget to rateus and postcomments. Thanks!
Pruu 1.0.1
The greater the damage, the happier your pigeon will be.Itisrecommended to have an internet connection to play.SupportAreyouhaving problems in the game, would you like to get in touch?Sendanemail to [email protected] via whatsapp (61) 99379-5399.
Spy Salon - Girls Games FREE.1.3
Want to know a secret? Spies love being stylish!These girls aretheworld's leading secret agents!When it's time to go undercover,theywant to look super cool.Help them get ready for their missionsbydoing their makeup and dressing them in amazing style!Featuresofthis game:* Cool spy girls* 3 game sections: spa, makeupbeautysalon and dress up* Lots of selection for makeup and dressup*Plenty of colorfully shaded spy sunglasses* Choose from 12secretagent gadgets to help her complete her mission* Even choosefrom 7robot pets (every spy needs an assistant!)How to playthisgame:Choose your favorite spy girl. You'll find her waiting foryouin the hi-tech spa. This is where you'll make her skinlookflawless with top secret spa ingredients!Then you'll chooseherhairstyle and jewelry before you'll get her all dolled up atthemakeup salon.Finally, she'll take you to the dressing room,whichhas only the coolest secret agent clothes andaccessories,including gadgets! Here you'll choose a stylish outfitand shoes.You can even dress her in a utility belt and trench coat.This isalso where you'll meet all her amazing robot pets and choosetheone to assist her on her mission. Don't forget to complete hercoollook with a pair of spy sunglasses!Help save the day bygivingthese girls the perfect disguise for an undercover spy!Bydownloading this app you will be able to use some of the itemsforfree. However, if you wish to use all of the items, youmaypurchase the full version.
Hidden Camera Detector - Anti Spy Cam 1.0.8
Hidden camera detector - Anti spy Cam helps to you to detectanyhidden cameras and spy electronic devices by a simplescanning.Hidden camera and spy devices can be easily fit intobehind themirrors,clocks, fans etc. Hidden Camera Detector - AntiSpy Camuses the magnetic sensor of your phone to detectmagneticradiations and magnetic fields, on the base of which itdetects andlocates hidden cameras and spy electronic devices.★Hidden CameraDetector - Anti Spy Camera can also be used aselectronic deviceslocator and finder, electronic devices like smartphone, laptop, TVcan easily be detect and locate by a simplescanning search bydetecting magnetic radiations emitted fromelectronic devices byyour cell phone magnetic sensor.★ HiddenCamera Detector - Anti SpyCam can also detected infrared deviceslike infrared cameras,infrared TV Remote by using cell phonecamera. A special filter isused to detect and locate infraredsupport devicesWhat youneed??Your cell phone should have a magneticsensor in it to useHidden Camera Detector - Anti Spy Cam and todetect magnetic fieldand magnetic flux or magnetic radiations by aprocess of simplesearch scan.A radiation meter will show you thedepth of magneticflux and magnetic radiation. Different hiddencamera and spydevices and other electronic devices such as TV,speakers etc havedifferent range of magnetic radiations.★How ToUseHidden CameraDetector - Anti Spy Cam is very easily to use.Tolocate Hiddencamera or detect hidden cameras that might spy on you,open theradiation detection option and move you cell phone nearthesuspicious area and radiation meter also know magnetic meterwillshow you the results. if magnetic radiations are high the appwillstart beeping like an alarm.To detect or locate infraredcameras doa simple camera scan and you will see it as whitespotHidden CameraDetector - Anti Spy Cam can also be use as a metaldetector, thoughmagnetic field emitted from metals are not thatstrong the valuesin magnetic radiation meter will not be thatmuchaccurate.★Features✔ Detect Hidden Cameras✔ Detect SpyCamera✔Detect Spy Devices✔ Detect Suspicious devices✔ Radiationmeter✔Camera Filter✔ Quick Scan✔ locate Spy Devices✔ MagneticSensor✔Detect Electronic Devices✔ Detection Alarm✔ Find Metals✔FreeCamera Detector✔ Easy Scan✔ Awesome UI✔ Detect InfraredCamera✔Detect Infrared Devices✔ Detect electronic Infrared Devices✔DetectTV, Radio, Laptop✔ Magnetic Flux✔ Find Hidden CameraHiddencameradetectors are the best solution for easy hidden cameradetection.After hidden camera detected successfully furtherinvestigation canbe done according to you. Hidden camera detectorsare therequirement of the current era of technology for hiddencameradetection. Bugs can be detected by hidden camera detected appwithin no time.Spy camera can be easily fitted in simple thingsofdaily life use so in the this case it is necessary to usecameradetectors and if hidden camera detected, so hidden cameradetectioncan be reported.Hidden camera detectors can be very veryuseful toavoid some big problems by hidden camera detection. So onemust dohidden camera detection with hidden camera detectors. Besure toTurn Off camera in any other application open in thebackground,otherwise Infrared detection in Hidden Camera Detector -Anti SpyCam won't work
Dove of Peace (Pomba da Paz) 1.403
Vitor Bruno
Peace dove is a game where you must take a white square anddoveever upward.It appears placed in an environment full oflevelsconsisting of small floating platforms ranging from one sideto theother. Its mission is to skip these elements one by one inorder toget as high as possible.If you shock your pump to thebottom of theplatforms, it dies. In this case, you have to startall over again,since the game works in the style "survival" inwhich there is onlyone life. Porting: missed, lost. Keep an eyeInaddition to theseconstant dangers under each platform, thecharacter must be carefulalso with another dangerous element. Withthe pitch, a demonic birdappears on the scene spitting "squareballs" of fire. Once youreach the same level it is necessary tojump immediately to thenext, as these spat can kill the poordove.Read moreat:
Daft Pigeon 1.1
In this game with easy gameplay and simple story, you will playforthe cute little pigeon. Tap the left side of the screen to flytothe left, right side - to fly to the right. Help the brave birdtoconquer the skies! Challenge the gravity, avoid obstacles,sharerecords with your friends. How high can you fly? This pigeonis notas simple as it may seem! Features: -Addictive gameplay;-Nicecartoon graphic; -Records sharing;
Super Ear Smart Hearing 1.6
Super Ear Smart hearing application is based onsmartphonemicrophone. It's for people who want to hear low's foryou with a simple UI for you to have fun with friends orfamily.Super Ear Smart hearing gives you the ability to eavesdropon thosearound you like an Amplifier . It amplifies sound comingfrom youphone microphone straight to your earphones. You can listentopeople talk about you in the other room depending on how goodisyour phone. You can use it for ghost hunting to hear soundslikewalking. HOW TO USE: Enter the app an click the red buttonandstart listening to conversations FATURES: • Simplelisteningdevice. • Get improve sound quality. • Super microphonewith highfidelity system. • A good Amplifier. • Works inbackground. • It isable to transmit to a bluetooth ear piece • Itis good for havingfun • Ultimate super app • User notificationQuestions &Answers: Q.Does Super Ear Smart hearing supportrecording ? A.Fornow the app does not record, we will provide thisfeatures in thefutur Q.Can i use the app as a hearing aid ?A.Definitely no, theapp is created for fun and it's a tool totransmit sound from micto specker, we're not responsible for anymisuse of the app. Q.Cani use it to watch TV ? A.Of course, Whetheryou want to listen tonature, have a conversation, or just hear theTV better. Q.Does itwork if i used Bluetooth headsets ? A.UsingBluetooth headsetbrings additional delay to sound transmission andPossible echoingcan appear,We cannot guarantee that the quality ofthe applicationfunctioning with a Bluetooth headset will becomparable to thequality of the application functioning with awired headset due tospecific features of Bluetooth standard. NOTEEarphones arerequired, and failure to use headphones will result inawful audiofeedback. You have been warned! NOTE ON REVIEWS: Pleaseleave areview if you havn't any idea just say "Good" or "Bad","Work" ,"Doesn't work" to be honest reviews really help us toimprove ourapp Disclaimer We do not accept using Super Ear SuperSmart Hearingto spy or to break laws or interlude on privateconversations.Please use Super Ear Super Smart Hearing on yourresponsibility.
One of the toughest arcade games out thereinthe market , SPY-D gives the user a tough game experience.Themission of our spider(SPY-D) is to dodge the lasers. Just Taponthe screen anywhere to make spider rush down.Achieve high scores, Compete with friends , enjoy the game!HOW LONG CAN YOU SURVIVE ?Features- Simple Touch Controls,Tap and hold to rush SPY-D down.- Fun and challenging game.- No in-app purchases.
Signal Spy - Monitor Signal Strength & Data Usage
Basic Features -------------------- Connection History DataUsageReports Access Dialer Codes from Notifications Allows ProjectFiusers to manually switch between networks with provideddialercodes "Ok Google" support for Dialer codes ("OK Google StartSignalSpy") Android Wear support for Dialer Codes ProFeatures----------------- No Ads Detailed History - Additionalinformationof network connection history on history cards -Detailed view foreach history card with additional data AutomaticDialer Codes -Switch between cellular networks (Project Fi userscan switchbetween networks with ease) with root supported directswitching -Non-root supported switching (requires Accessibilitysupport)Advanced Data Usage - Monitor data usage and prevent dataoverageswith variable date data usage reports - Sortable by name orMB used- See data used by carrier Data Limit - Monitor data usagewithdaily data limits to warn you when you use too much data -Abilityto limit data usage when you cross a user-defined thresholdOtherTools - Android 7.1 App Shortcuts Signal Spy allows users tobebetter informed when it comes to their cellular service. Itallowsyou to see signal strength and technology in real time. Wecan alsotell you what LTE band you're using on Sprint and T-Mobileso youcan understand what speeds and features to expect. Signal Spyalsokeeps a history of all of your connections: when you connectanddisconnect from WiFi, and what carrier you're using! Pro Userscannow see a history of Wi-Fi and Cellular connectivity alongwithsignal strength and location! For Project Fi customers, userswillalso be able to better manage their experience by easilyswitchingbetween carriers with our dialer code shortcuts. Ournetworkswitching logging will be extremely useful to show you howoftenyou switch between Sprint and T-Mobile networks. We also havearesources page within the app dedicated to resources thatProjectFi users have found helpful with their service. Note thoughthatour app will not automatically switch for you, and that allswitchrequests will revert after 2 hours. This is a ramification ofusingthe dialer codes and cannot be controlled by Signal Spy.Havequestions, bug reports, or feedback? Send an email tothedevelopers from the about page! Explanation ofPermissions:Location: In order to determine your LTE band, we needto accessinformation about that tower. Accessing tower informationrequiresthe coarse location permission because of the data you canextractfrom that tower. We also use Location to determine whereeventstook place (you can turn this off in settings) Phone: Inorder touse the dialer, which is necessary for the carrier switchcodes, weneed to have the phone permission Contact: In order torestoreprevious purchases on other devices, we need to verify yourGoogleaccount and confirm add on payments. We don't store yourcontactinformation outside of your device “This app usesAccessibilityservices.” Developers: Bryan Gintz, Ziggy Dziegman,Yara Abdallahand Andrew Brookes Art Contributions: Andrew Carterand BrandonPence
Classroom Spy 4.5.0
Use the Classroom Spy as a classroom management tool tomonitoractivity of all students. Here are major features: - Monitoryourusers over the Internet using our Cloud connection - Youhavecomplete control over what students are doing. - Thisapplicationprovides you with a live picture of the studentscomputer screens.- You can take over the student computer bycontrolling its mouseand keyboard. - The student computer screensare represented in thetable with a customizable number of rows asthumbnails. - Executeseveral actions on all student computers withon tap. Before youcan start supervising your students you need toinstall an agent ontheir computer.
Dove 3D Live Wallpaper 2.11
Pigeons are extraordinarily beautiful and smart birds! Been thedoveis a symbol of peace, harmony, prosperity and bright future!Whitedove is a manifestation of faithfulness between man and man.Aboutpigeons written a lot of poetry! And there are a lot of fairytales!And the dove is a Biblical character! Our live Wallpaperwith awhite dove extremely original and beautiful! Change the lookof yoursmartphone! Install these Wallpapers on Your Androidsmartphone andenjoy a clearer picture of live Wallpapers! Alsohere there are alot of settings to personalize these Wallpapersfor you!We offer toyour attention a brand new live Wallpaper withwater effect! Ituncompromising image quality 4K!!! Now the finestimage details willbe left out of your attention! Lots of settingsallow you toconfigure all the parameters exactly to yourneeds!Scrolling hasnever been so informative! Swipe two, three,four fingers or anentire hand across the screen of Your smartphoneand you beautifullymove the background image with a beautifulwater effect! Icons ofYour apps will stay where they are! If youswipe one finger then theicons will take after him! Just try it!Power consumption has neverbeen so low! Now you don't have tochoose between the beautifulpicture or long battery life! Withthese live Wallpaper You will getit all together! Leave Yourcomments and suggestions! And we willconsider this in nextversions! And also write us a mail! And put 5stars)
Anti Spy Mobile PRO
Anti Spy Mobile
Is Someone Maliciously Spying On You Through Your Cell Phone?Here’san APP to Put a STOP to THAT! If you have ANY reason tobelieve,fear, suspect (or if you just want to PREVENT) someone –ANYONE,even your GF, BF, wife – from spying on your cell phone,downloadTHIS APP right now!! That’s because nowadays, anyone whohas accessto your cell phone (even through “permissions”) caneasily installSPYWARE software that you won’t even know about!Spyware runs in thebackground, silently stealing all yourinformation. The threat isREAL… Every day, the news is full ofstories of celebrities gettingtheir private cell phone pics STOLENand SPREAD ACROSS THE INTERNET!They can monitor your calls. Readyour text messages. Snag yourphotos and videos. Determine yourexact location at all times. Evensteal your contact list and startharassing your friends andassociates. This is dangerous stuff! TheDigital Age has ushered ina whole new level of potentialviolations of privacy – to the pointwhere it can ruin people’slives, or even endanger their lives!Don’t let it happen to you!“The price of freedom is eternalvigilance!” Listen: This is the21st Century. The electronic/digitalage means you need to be“eternally vigilant” about your personalprivacy, safety, andsecurity. Let our Anti Spy Mobile appautomatically handle thisvital task for you. FEATURED - "As spyware andpermissions have been the talkof the Google Play Store before, anapplication like this isdefinitely something the app downloadingaficionado should checkout." Joe Hindy, - "With banking,e-mail, and various other sensitivedata now passing through oursmartphone and tablet devices, it is ofparamount importance thatyou arm them against the unscrupulousindividuals behind themalware, so be sure to download Anti SpyMobile..." Ben Reid,Redmond Pie - "What areyou waiting for?Protect yourself from spyware and unauthorizedspy-ablepermissions" Carl Parker, Android Authority -"Anti SpyMobile Free for Android is the best described as afantastic antispyware app, with which you can easily detect andremove spywareapps on your smartphone." NOTE: ===== If you haveinstalled AntiSpy Mobile FREE, please remove it before installingAnti Spy MobilePRO. The PRO version is a complete full-featuredapp, and you don'tneed the FREE app anymore. We recommend to turnon automaticupdates for this app to ensure that you are armed withthe latestspyware definitions. WARNING: ===================== Thereare somefake versions of the product on the internet with the samename.Installing such versions can compromise your device!! TheONLYofficial installation page is this one. If you needFREEprotection, please use the FREE version, installing softwarefromnon-official sites may compromise your device !
Flap Pigeon Flap 1.6.1
Move the pigeon by flapping it's wings, avoiding the obstaclesaheadof you. How long can you keep your pigeon alive?Please noteyou'llneed a middle to high end phone or tablet to playoptimally.If youhave problems running Flap Pigeon Flap from yourdevice, pleaseemail [email protected] with details of theproblem and yourdevice make and model. We will respond to youremail within 24hours.
CPU Spy Plus DONATE 0.5.60
Giuseppe Baglio
This is the DONATE version of CPU SpyPlus(,withthe same features except for the ad banners.To be sure the appworkson your device try first the free version of it and than buythisversion.Think of this app like a little reward for my efforts:)Thisis a simple app to display the time the CPU spends in eachfrequencystate. This can be a useful tool in diagnosing batteryproblems ortweaking your overclock settings. It also displays thecurrentkernel information and some other CPU informations. The appis amassive upgrade of Brandon Valosek's version with a bunch ofnewfeatures.New Features:[*] For devices non compatible: deepsleepinfo available[*] Swipe gestures: horizontal swipe to showthe mostused settings[*] Now compatibility with the device can betested:"App Test" menu item[*] Ability to reset/restore the timerswhen thecable is unplugged/plugged. thereshold customizable[*]Added infosabout battery juice lost since last reset.[*] You cangroup togheterall the stats which percentage of use is under acustomizablethereshold of.[*] Lots of UI changes: - Swipegestures: horizontalswipe to show the most used settings - 2nd UIlayout with buttonsfor the most used action(start/stop timer,refresh, hide states) -infos on both partial and total time -timer info: initial batterylevel and juice lost - expandiblecontent in main UI layout - row inthe graph for all the groupedfreqs - "Deep Sleep" can beshowen/hidden [*] "Cpu Files" menu itemto see the content of thefiles: affected_cups andtime_in_state.[*] UI sounds[*] "Setting"menu to maximize thecustomization experience[*] Available language:english, italian,german, chinese (simplified and traditional)[*]"Idles states"informations with timers[*] and more...For anySUGGESTION feel freeto write me at [email protected] youhave any kind ofPROBLEMS, please, contact me [email protected] so that Icould solve/fix it.
Streptopelia chinensis sound 1.5
The spotted dove (Spilopelia chinensis) is a small andsomewhatlong-tailed pigeon which is a common resident breeding birdacrossits native range on the Indian Subcontinent and SoutheastAsia. Thespecies has been introduced into many parts of the worldand feralpopulations have become established. This species wasformerlyincluded in the genus Streptopelia with other turtle-doves,butstudies suggest that they differ from typical members ofthatgenus. This dove is long tailed buff brown with awhite-spottedblack collar patch on the back and sides of the neck.The tail tipsare white and the wing coverts have light buff spots.There areconsiderable plumage variations across populations withinits widerange. The species is found in light forests and gardens aswell asin urban areas. They fly from the ground with an explosiveflutterand will sometimes glide down to a perch. It is sometimesalsocalled the mountain dove, pearl-necked dove or lace-neckeddove.
D-Vasive Anti-Spy 4.0.97
John Clore
Stop apps from spying on you! D-Vasive alerts you when yourcamera,microphone, bluetooth, and WiFi are activated AND allows youlockyour hardware so invasive apps won't be able to spy onyou.D-Vasiveis the first anti-spy app that gives you completecontrol! In thisday and age, privacy is a big concern. There aremany invasive appsout there that discretely collect your personalinformation as wellas track your location, record yourconversations and even use yourcamera to video record youractivities.D-Vasive will help protectyour privacy from invasiveapps by alerting you when an applicationis trying to spy on youusing your phone's camera, microphone,bluetooth or WiFiconnections. D-Vasive also lists running andinstalled apps thathave access to tracking your location. D-Vasivealso allows you tolock down your device's hardware to preventother apps fromaccessing your hardware without yourknowledge.D-Vasive is not yourtypical anti-spyware solution. Atypical anti-spyware solutionrelies on a database of knowndefinitions. Such a method does notoffer solid protection as thereare viruses and spyware beingcreated everyday. A recently releasedvirus or spyware will beunknown to the database, bypassing yourtypical anti-spywaresolution and, as such, would be able to accessyour system. D-Vasiveoffers a layer of protection that is in yourcontrol and is veryreliable. D-Vasive operates in a unique way,allowing you completecontrol in managing your mobile device'sinternal hardware. When apotential malicious app tries to openyour camera, microphone,bluetooth or WiFi to spy on you D-Vasivelets you know and lets youcompletely lock them down. D-Vasiveoffers features to completelysecure your privacy:   • Secure Camera   • SecureMicrophone    • SecureBluetooth    •Secure WiFi    • SmartSense    •List Installed Tracking Apps   • Real Time Alerts   • MultipleAlert ModesOnce you run D-Vasive onyour device it is alreadyworking and protecting your privacy. Youcan then customize whichalerts you want to receive. When you exitor close D-Vasive, don'tworry, we still have you covered! D-Vasivewill still be protectingyou as it will be working in thebackground. For more informationcheck out our website:http://dvasive.comThis app uses the DeviceAdministratorpermission. This is needed for you to allow D-Vasiveto preventother apps from taking control of your device's hardware.
Dove Live Wallpaper 1.8
Download this amazing Dove Live Wallpaper and fall in love withthisbeautiful snowy white and gentle “little bird” that bringshappinessand peace to everyone. This wonderful free “Dove androidwallpaper”on your phone screen will make you relaxed and calmevery time youlook at it, filling your heart with love and hope.If you arelooking for inner peace and simple and pure naturalbeauty, youshould definitely download our adorable Dove wallpaperfor Android™and beautify your screen with elegant “dove images”.These awesome“Dove free wallpapers” for your smartphone are sobeautiful that itwill inspire you to discover everything about thegorgeous “dovebird”! Main features: ▫ Beautifully animated “dovepictures” foryou! ▫ Choose a “birds wallpaper” for your phone ortablet–more birdHD backgrounds are added daily! ▫ Amazing “naturewallpaper” ofthese fascinating birds for the screen of yoursmartphone or tablet!▫ These awesome “white dove live wallpaper”are very easy on thebattery – they sleep when the device isinactive! ▫ Enjoy this new,free “doves wallpaper” – get it now!Follow the installationinstructions: Home -> Menu ->Wallpapers -> Live Wallpapers▫ HD graphics and open GL. ▫Optimized Battery Usage. ▫ Compatiblewith 99% mobile phonedevices. ▫ This “animal wallpapers” fullysupports horizontalorientation and looks amazing on tablet devicesas well as onmobile phones. Our brand new “Dove HD wallpaper” foryour mobilephone shows the amazing birdthat is widely known for thecapacityto find its way home over hundreds, even thousands ofkilometers.The most heroic recorded flight was from a dove releasedin Africathat took 55 days to get home to England! This aweinspiring birdportrayed by our gorgeous new “Dove live wallpaper”was travellingover incredible 11 000 kilometers. Check out thisfantastic free“dove wallpapers” and meet the bird that has beenused as amessenger for thousands of years, particularly during war.Dovesplayed a vital role in the First World War, where the successindelivering messages was 95 %. Messenger doves are stillemployedtoday by remote police departments in India. Put thesemajestic new“Dove live wallpapers” on the screen of your smartphoneor tabletand it will absolutely inspire you to wish to have a doveof yourown! Take a close look of our adorable new “Dove freewallpaper” onyour smartphone and admit that you can't tell thedifferencebetween doves and pigeons! That's because they belong tothe samefamily and they have many similar features, and even theirnamesare often used interchangeably. These beautiful gentlebirds,presented by our new fantastic “Dove HD wallpapers”, arehighlyadaptable and can be found world wide, except in theharshestextremes such as Sahara desert and Antarctica. The “whitedove” onyour Dove live wallpaper is one of the most favorite birdsin the“animal kingdom”. Due to its delicate and gentle look, andsnowywhite feathers, it had a special significance in differentculturesand religions. If you download our awesome free “Doveandroidwallpapers” for your mobile phone, you'll get atraditionalChristian symbol of love and peace. In Judaism it is asymbol ofthe human soul, for the Egyptians it was the symbol ofinnocenceand the Chinese considered it the symbol of peace and longlife.Get this new cool Dove live wallpaper and bring calm andbeauty toyour life today! This application is ad-supported.*Android™ is atrademark of Google Inc.
Ear Spy Volume Booster Free 2.0
ear spy volume booster is a free application which can help youtoimprove your voice so that it sounds good in the ears.earspyvolume booster free also set the tone of your device to suityourneedsthe feature of ear spy volume boosterfree:-Automaticregulating device so that the sound is heardwell-maximize soundsthat could not be set on the deviceIf you likethe application eraspy volume booster free please rate andcommentThank you
Spotted dove sound 2.0
The spotted dove (Spilopelia chinensis) is a small andsomewhatlong-tailed pigeon which is a common resident breeding birdacrossits native range on the Indian Subcontinent and SoutheastAsia. Thespecies has been introduced into many parts of the worldand feralpopulations have become established. This species wasformerlyincluded in the genus Streptopelia with other turtle-doves,butstudies suggest that they differ from typical members ofthatgenus. This dove is long tailed buff brown with awhite-spottedblack collar patch on the back and sides of the neck.The tail tipsare white and the wing coverts have light buff spots.There areconsiderable plumage variations across populations withinits widerange. The species is found in light forests and gardens aswell asin urban areas. They fly from the ground with an explosiveflutterand will sometimes glide down to a perch. It is sometimesalsocalled the mountain dove, pearl-necked dove or lace-neckeddove.
CPU Spy 2.41
Vibhinna Apps
The new CPU Spy Reloaded and was designed followingGoogle'sMaterial Design Guidelines to the core.Features★ View CPUstatestatistics★ Wake lock detection (Root needed)★ Crude detectionofbig.LITTLE cpus★ View CPU information.★ View Deviceinformation.★View GPU information.★ View battery information.★ Viewreal timeCPU clock speed★ View the time (and %) your phone spent indeepsleep.★ Ability to reset and reset CPU state information.★Abilityto reset CPU state information when battery is full★ BlackandWhite themes (Pro only).Howtouse'stheperfect tool for debugging battery drains and deviceoverheating. Itwill be a great addition to your power userarsenal. It's can beused to debug battery drains with new kernelsand new ROMs.Pleasenote that wakelock detection will only workeither on rooted deviceswith SELinux disabled, permissive orabsent OR devices with rootedwith Chainfire SuperSu.UsefullinksTranslators:https://cpuspyreloaded.oneskyapp.comXDAthread:
Pigeon Wallpapers 8.2
This is my free Pigeon Wallpapers. This application is ahugecollection of wallpaper images in hd quality.Personalize yourhomescreen with the Pigeon Wallpapers and make your androiddevice(mobile or tablet) more attractive and beautiful every photoiswonderful.Just install this perfect Pigeon Wallpapers app onyourandroid device mobile or tablet.I hope you like this freePigeonWallpapers app.Have you ever thought how to decorate yourmobilephone or tablet background and make it more stunning? Thebestchoice is to set one of the Pigeon Wallpapers as your homescreen.It is a free wallpaper app, including beautiful andwonderfulPigeon Wallpapers, images. A lot of Pigeon Wallpapers hdimages,completely free!Internet connection (Wi-Fi or 3G) isnecessary todownload awesome Pigeon Wallpapers App.App Features:→This PigeonWallpapers absolutely free.→ All wallpapers are in hdand hqquility.→ This app has a very clear interface.→ Simple andeasy touse.→ No need Internet after Install.→ Fast load.→ Playbutton forplay images.→ Color button for change image color.→ Setimages aswallpaper.→ Save images to sd card. → Top Arrow buttonused forfull screen image→ Easily and free download.→ You can easycropimage and set as wallpapers.→ Favorite button used for imagesaddor remove to favorites.→ Better personalization,betterexperience.→ Supports zoom in and zoom out.→ Supports allscreenresolutions i.e mobile and tablet.→ You can send wallpaperbyemail.→ You share app link with friends.→ You can setwallpaperimage as contact photo.This beautiful and amazing PigeonWallpapersis waiting for you!Enjoy unforgettable views in thisenchantedPigeon Wallpapers . Explore the beautiful PigeonWallpapersscenery.Pigeons and doves constitute the bird cladeColumbidae,that includes about 310 species. Pigeons arestout-bodied birdswith short necks, and have short, slender billswith fleshy ceres.Doves feed on seeds, fruits, and plants. Thisfamily occursworldwide, but the greatest variety is in theIndomalaya andAustralasia ecozones.In general, the terms "dove" and"pigeon" areused somewhat interchangeably. Pigeon derives from theLatin pipio,for a "peeping" chick, while dove is a Germanic wordthat refers tothe bird's diving flight. In ornithological practice,"dove" tendsto be used for smaller species and "pigeon" for largerones, butthis is in no way consistently applied, and historically,thecommon names for these birds involve a great deal ofvariationbetween the terms. The species most commonly referred toas"pigeon" is the feral rock pigeon, common in many cities.ThisfreePigeon Wallpapers contains unique selection of images. Choosefromseveral backgrounds. These mobile backgrounds is well designedforall android smartphones and tablets. Just install this free appandset Pigeon Wallpapers photo as wallpaper on your androidmobiletablet!Fantastic beautiful Pigeon Wallpapers wallpapers isthe bestfree app for you, if you like Pigeon WallpapersPersonalizeyourhomescreen with cool Pigeon Wallpapers photos and artillustrationsis the best choice for everyone.You can share PigeonWallpapersbackgrounds to your friends via lots of social networksi.e Gmail,G+, Skype, Facebook, Twitter, Bluetooth, Outlook andPicasso etc.This wallpaper application has been testing the latestequipment,such as Samsung Galaxy S4, S5, S6, J1, J2, J5, J7 prime,SamsungGalaxy Core Prime, Samsung Galaxy Grand 2, Samsung GalaxyGrandPrime and Grand Neo, Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite, HTC One andSony XPeria Z1, Z2, Motorola MotoG3, Motorola Moto X, Huawei,Millet,Nexus7, Lenovo etc.Contact Us:If you have any question,suggestionor if your settings are not supported, related to my apppleasecontact us via [email protected]
Spy Secret Detect: Hidden Cam Detector 1.0.3
Spy secret detect: hidden cam detector are so common they can nowbehidden in teddy bears, clocks, watches, key chain remotes andevenin your bathrobe and towel hooks! Use our camera finder app tofindhidden spy cameras today!How to use this app. How to findspycamera?Move app near to any device that you have doubt. Forexample- shower, flowerpot, lens looking part or changing roommirror.Thisapp analyse the magnetic activity around the device. Ifmagneticactivity seems similar to that of camera, this app willbeep andraise alarm for you so that you can furtherinvestigate.Protectyourself from all sorts of Spy camThis App canFind ALL Spy cameraon your Device, not only the Well Known Spycamera like camSpy,etc, but also Apps made for other purposes, butwhich can be usedto Spy on you by your Girl-/Boy-Friend, Partner,Spouse and Boss.In addition this App can also detect "Official" SpyApps, likethose that are used by Governments and Law EnforcementAgencies insome Countries.App beeps near metal or electronics -Thisapp is notdesigned to detect metals. Metals are good conductionforelectricity so they have electromagnetism but it is very weakandapp is designed to ignore it.But sometimes, some type ofmetalsdepending on their length, material, temperature may exhibitsamemagnetic activity as that of camera. In that case app may beep.Ifso please look for lens on the suspect. What do I do if itbeepsnear metal -Check if there is any lens on suspect. If not,then youare secure. if you find lens, there should be hiddencamera.Appdoes not open Infrared camera detector. It showsnotrespondingPlease kill all other camera apps from running.Manytimeswe click on middle button to exit app, then it is not closed,itruns in background and do not give this app access tocamera.🔎features of Spy secret detect: hidden cam detector:🔎✅ greathiddendevice finder app✅ easy to use & intuitive ✅ stopsscammers toruin your privacy✅ detects electronic devices✅ instantlyshows anydetected devices✅ free security & privacy tool✅ hiddencamdetector📹HOW IT WORKS🎙Based on a unique feature, Spy secretdetect:hidden cam detector senses the magnetic field that anearbyelectronic device should have if it is present in yourroom/home.Simply turn on the app and start rotating in your room.The appwill display and notify you if any hidden device is found!!
Wild Pigeon Simulator 1.01
Live a pigeon life in nature of Wild Pigeon Simulator - simulatorofa bird family in wild nature. Keep your bird flock flying overthewild nature - bird flock needs a leader, fly with your family.Livewith a flying pigeon flock in the Wild Pigeon Simulator! WildPigeonSimulator features:- Wild pigeon family- Bird breeding andflockmaking- Friendly and hostile animals- Survival and quests-World ofwild natureFly with bird family!Flying with family is muchfunnier,so find another pigeon and start a flock. Pigeon became afamilybird for survival, flock is vital for survival in thesimulator. Newpigeon will join the flock as you levelup instruggle for survival.Ensure survival of your flock - fight, seekfood and breed. Alwaysrely on your family when flying innature.Pigeon lifestyle!There’s alot to do in the survivalsimulator, besides fighting nature forsurvival and flying. Takeyour pigeon family on a flying mission! Itwill help you explorethe nature, train your pigeon and bird family.Or just be a wildbird. Try pigeon life style - nature calls yourbird family tofight for survival and fly in our simulator!Wild birdfamilysurvival!Enjoy bird survival and flying in Wild PigeonSimulator -face challenges of nature with your bird family. Flyhigh with yourpigeon family and experience wild birds life in oursurvivalsimulator - get ready for flying and survival in wildnature!Flyout with your wild animal family in Wild Pigeon Simulator- lead aflying pigeon flock to survival in a bird simulator. Flyinglikebird in nature is possible for you!
hidden spy microphone & camera detector 1.6.2
Hidden Spy Microphone Detector app uses your devices magneticsensorto measure magnetic field values and turns your phone into arealSpy Devices Detector. Data is displayed in µT (micro Testla).1µT =10mG (milli Gauss). The magnetic field in nature ranges from25 to65 µT (0.25 to 0.65 G). Any higher measurement is anindication ofspying Microphones in the area. When there issuspected spying metaldevices in the area, magnetic fieldincreases. App works bestdetecting ferromagnetic materials, suchas camera, microphone, bugor any other similar surveillance devicethat may be stored in yourroom or home without your knowledge. andcan’t detectnon-ferromagnetic materials such as aluminum. Appworks bestdetecting metals up to 15cm away.Spy Microphone Detectorapp issimple to use, just open it and move it around. If themagneticfield values rise there is some hidden spy devices in thearea.Accuracy of the app is entirely dependent on the magneticsensor inyour device and is affected by electrical equipment suchas TVs,PCs… due to electromagnetic waves.If the app doesn't workas itshould then the problem is in your magnetic sensor. Maybeyourdevice does not have one. Or try to initialize the sensorsbypointing your phone up and rotate it in a figure 8 pattern.Weworkvery hard when we develop our apps. If you like our app andwant tosupport us, please rate the app. we love to see good ratingsandgood comments. They inspire us to do the best.
Leaf Spy Pro 0.45.119
The Leaf Spy Pro application allows anyone with a NissanLeafelectric vehicle, Android device with Bluetooth and asupportedELM327 OBDII Bluetooth adapter the ability to monitortheir batteryand other vehicle information normally visible only tothe dealer.Due to a recent cost reduction (and feature reduction)many of thecheap ELM327 OBDII Bluetooth adapters from Asia nolonger work withthe Leaf and report themselves to be version 2.1.The previouslyrecommended Bluetooth Konnwei KW902 OBDII adapter isalso no longerrecommended as a batch of defective ones have madetheir way intothe market. These will basically short out yourLeaf's CAN bus (orany CAN bus they are plugged into). But whenremoved do not seem tocause any lasting damage.With the release ofversion 0.39.97LeafSpy Pro now supports two Bluetooth 4.x LEapproved adapters.The recommended one is the LELink available fromAmazon. Bluetooth4.x LE has the advantage of not needing to bepaired and lowerpower from both the Android device and the Leaf.The LELink ishighly recommended and also works with the iOS versionof LeafSpyPro.The built-in help file is available as a PDF bysending anemail with subject "Android PDF Help" [email protected] displayed by Leaf Spy Lite& Leaf Spy:* Voltage ofeach of the 96 cell pairs (highlightedif shunt active)* Minimum,average, maximum cell pair voltages*Histogram of cell pairvoltages* Battery Temperature readings (4sensors for 2011/12models, 3 for 2013 models)* Battery AHr rating(this will deceasewith age and is an indication of remainingcapacity)* VIN*Odometer* Number of Quick Charge connections* Numberof L1/L2Charge connections* EVSE Max available amps* EVSEvoltageAdditionalinformation displayed by Leaf Spy:* Battery energylevel in GIDs& kWh* Resetable energy usage meter (Whresolution)* Graphicdisplay of SOC, GIDs and DTE (Distance toEmpty)* Remainingdistance meter (miles/km) to Event (Low BatteryWarning, Very LowBattery Warning or Reserve) based on userselectable energyefficiency* Graphic display of battery temperaturewith min, avg,max temperatures* Tire Pressure of each of the fourtires with lowpressure warning and delta pressure warning alarm*AmbientTemperature* Logging function that records most data andoptionallyGPS location to a csv file that can be easily importedintoexcel.The "Pro" version adds the ability to performfunctionsnormally requiring a visit to the dealer.* Changeautomatic doorlock/unlock settings* Read Diagnostic Trouble Codes(DTC)* RegisterTire Positions (required after tire rotation orseasonal tirechanges so your Leaf knows the correct location ofeach tire on thecar)* Ability to reset DTCs from selected ECUs
Fluence ZE Spy
Use a ELM version 1.4 or 1.5 compatible OBD Bluetooth dongle andgetdetailed information about your Fluence ZE.Check the websiteforinstructions on how to find the OBD connector to plug-inthedongle.Source code is available at github.
Army Spy Dog Criminals Chase 1.2
In Army Spy Dog Criminals Chase, we are with an expert army spydogand expert army officer in one of the retiring army doggameshaving the concept of army spy dog. So get ready to start thefullchoke action with an army dog simulator in one of the brandnewarmy dog and criminals catching games with the army spy doggamesthrill to become an audacious officer in this army doggames.Control army dog to track the criminals and ram to criminalstotake them down to complete the level and the arrest, alsofoundsome unidentified bag at the army base and catch the bomb,thoseare plants by criminals. In this amazing game you'll learn howtocatch the robbers, performing incredible feats of justice tostopthe criminals getting away in Army Spy Dog Criminals Chase.ArmySpy Dog Criminals Chase game is about army spy dog vscriminals. Inthis game you are the police pursuit officer and yourreal missionis to chase down the thieves, robbers and criminal whoare tryingto escape and getting away after flouting into the cityandrunning. Army Spy Dog Criminals Chase also has someexperienceabout army spy dog and thief catching game. And it’s timeto playarmy chase games with the police dog for army pursuesmissions.This exclusive spy dog criminal’s chase game is the newestof armyspy dog chase games that will give you the chance to playsomethingelse, then the regular police games, police and thiefgames andpolice car games. Now challenge yourself as a perfect armyofficerand enjoy the brand new army spy dog and take down thecriminalsuspects as fast as possible.
Listening Device Detector - Microphone Detector 1.2
If there are privacy issues such as you think someone is spyingonyou. You can detect the listening devices such asmicrophones,mobile phones, cameras etc easily using our app. HiddenMicrophonedetector works on an algorithm devised on magnetometersensor. Itgets the radiations and detect whether there is anyharmful devicearound you that could possibly spy on you.Try it toknow it.
The ORPHEUS Ruse 1.2.0
Infiltrate the enemy as a psychic spy, leaping from body to bodybytouch! But when your own body is stolen, you'll race againsttimeto find it before your mind disintegrates.The ORPHEUS Ruse isthethrilling interactive spy novel by Paul Gresty, where yourchoicesdetermine how the story proceeds. The game isentirelytext-based–without graphics or sound effects–but driven bythevast, unstoppable power of your imagination.What secrets haveyourmentors been keeping from you? Can you trust your friends whenyoudon't know whose face they're wearing? What will you sacrificetohide your powers from the world?
Text, Message, Notification, Location Remote Spy 2.0
Kim Manz
Install on target device and remotely receiveallmessages,notifications and location, in real-time. The bestindiscrete andcomplete surveillance.You will get from thetargetdevice:TextsSMS/MMSLocationFacebookMessengerHangoutsNotificationsLineSkypeViberAllinformationissent to your email in real-time. Parents now have apowerful tooltohelp keep your young child or teen safe even whenyoucan’tphysically see them.
Microphone Block Free -Anti malware & Anti spyware 1.41
• Simple one click blocking / protection of your microphone.APPTEMPORARY BLOCK AND DISABLE ACCESS TO MICROPHONE TO ALL OTHERAPPSAND WHOLE ANDROID SYSTEM. [NO ROOT NEEDED | PHONE CALLSNOTINTERRUPTED]. • App will protect your phone from spying on youandrecording your voice or call by: virus, spyware, malware,backdooror surveillance applications. • Try Microphone Block Free -Antimalware & Anti spyware: ✔ Block and disable your microphonebya single click. ✔ Protect your privacy from being recordingandeavesdropping through the phone. ✔ Use “Spyware detector”featureto analyze if you are not already spied or recorded. (Byspyware,malware, virus, backdoor or surveillance apps). ✔ Show listof appswith “record audio” - microphone permission (See securitythreats:spyware, virus, malware, backdoor and surveillance threats)✔Blocking and protection of all “call / audio / speech /voicerecorder” type of application ✔ Use home screen widget forquickaccess. ✔ Simple and clear design with 2 templates andmultipleicon sets. -- “On the average android phone there is14applications that have „record audio“ (microphone) permissionandcan be anytime misused to eavesdropping and recording you oryourcalls. Each of 14 apps can record your voice, speech andcallanytime they want. Most of these apps has internet permissionandcan transfer your records to the world.” – ★ Spywaredetectorfeature A special feature that helps you to analyze andcatchapplication that may be recording and spying on you. Whenyourtelephone is in sleeping mode (screen is turned off)application isevery 5 minutes testing access to your Mic. ★ Buy PROversion(Microphone Block Pro - Anti spyware & Anti malware): -PROprotection for 24/7 coverage (The free version is turnedoffbetween 8-10PM) - The PRO version has no ads. ★Here: (Microphone Block Pro - Anti spyware&Anti malware) • FAQ: - Why application requires “recordaudio”(microphone) permission? „Spyware detector“ feature requiresaccessto the microphone to execute security test. Microphoneprotectioncan't be technically done without direct access tomicrophone. -Can application secure / protect from spying bysecurity agencies ?The application can secure and protect yourandroid phone fromlistening and recording you by other applicationsthat are infectedby spyware, malware, virus or security agenciesspying code, butcan’t protect you from recording your calls goingthrough“telephone line”. The app can’t secure “telephone lines” soonceyour voice leave the phone we are not protecting you anymore.(Ifsecurity agency decide to record your calls on the “telephoneline”or “operator” we are not able to protect you).
Hidden camera founder and camera detector 1.3
Midrib Tech
anti spy camera detector app or anti-spy camera detector 몰래카메라 ,몰카has come up with some new and unreleased features. This appprovideyou some unique functionalities that will let you find andeasilycatch the different devices being used for spy purposeslikemicrophone, security cameras, 몰카 around you Got some newplaceslike hotel room, washroom or any bed room that you aresuspectedabout, then simply open the Spy camera detector, cameradetector,spy camera detector, spy hidden camera app and tap thecameradetector Button and start scanning the whole area this willlet youknow with beep sound when the app detect or finds any spydevicearound you. Make sure to scan everything like mirror, tables,sofa,& bouquet to make sure that you’re safe from beinghiddencamera 2018 can also be used for searching electronic deviceslikecomputer, laptop, mobile phones, TVs, sensors , hi spy, spydetect,hidden video camera, Detector, spy camera detector caneasilylocate by tapping on the scanning button. It detects themagneticfield radiations emitting consistently from the electronicdevicesby your cell phone. Spy camera detector radiation meterneeds tohave a feature of magnetic sensor in your phone that detectand caneasily find the magnetic field produced by differentelectronicdevices around you. How to scan things using Spy cameradetectorfield camera, φακό φακού: Bring your spy camera detectornear toany device that you have doubt. For example - shower,flowerpot,lens looking part or changing room mirror and detect spyhiddencamera. If the magnetic field graph values rise then thereisprobably a hiddencamera or microphone in that particular areaandthen you will be notified while the phone beeps when the camerahasbeen detected any device (Camera, Microphone).\ Main FeaturesRANGE  Hidden Cam Detection –spy camera detector worksbestdetecting all metal cameras up to 15 cm away from your deviceandworking best detecting ferromagnetic materials such asdetectcamera and it can’t detect non-ferromagnetic materials suchasaluminum or other material  spy camera detector, spycameradetector, camera detector Radiation Meter  Radiation MeterOurHidden Cam Detection – anti spy Camera App's radiation meteralsohelps you detect hidden cameras around you. It only beeps whenthemagnetic readings match with that of camera detector. Themagneticreadings are shown on a real-time graph and an alert isgeneratedwhen a device or hidden camera is detected. Infraredcameradetector Hidden camera founder and camera detector- Anti SpyCameracomes with another feature which is detecting infrared lightbysensor. Field camera, anti scam protection, hide camera,cameradetector, Verticals. Only open the detective camera and scanforwhite light that appear on screen but not visible by nakedeye.Such white light indicate infrared light  Special spycameradetector filter for detect spy camera detector, camerahidden, spycamera detector, spy hidden camera, personal camera hidden camera2018 detects cameras spy hidden camera  Infrareddetector anti spyapp 몰래카메라 몰카, field camera, φακό φακού, 몰래카메라 Detect hiddenelectronic devices by their magnetic field  BestHidden Cameradetection and anti spy camera app for android Cameras detectionand 보안 카메라 el gráficochile metel detector  freeanti spywaredetect magnet magnétomètre kierunek  Hidden camerafounder andcamera detector  camera with magnetic field magneticfield,Magnetic anti spy app  Hidden Camera detection anti spycameraautomatic activity sensor, spy cam app  spy camera detectorEasyinterface  spy camera detector Magnetic fielddetection还呗,sensors, hi spy, spy detect, hidden video camera  freeantispyware detect cameras candid camera, campaign, spycam,spytracker.  antispy Camera hidden detection camera detector,spycamera detector, hidden camera, Glenda Your suggestionandrecommendation are warmly welcomed please send at Thank you
Privacy Scanner (AntiSpy) Free
Privacy Scanner Antispy Free: A free mobile anti spyware toolFreemobile spy protection for your smartphone. Are you being spiedbyyour boss, (boy/girl) friend, spouse or friends? PrivacyScannerAnti Spy was created to check your smartphone whether youarereally being spied on. It detects ParentalControl andsurveillanceapps, which might be misused to spy on spouses, usingGPS-Tracktechnologies, receive and send sms, read your contacts,read yourcall history, reads your calendar and so on... Checkyoursmartphone with this app whether you are being spied on. Asof2017-28-12 Privacy Scanner detects more than 3,000 SpyandSurveillance and Anti-Theft apps! Features: + DetectsSpyBubble,eBlaster Mobile, UonMap Spy, variants of Skygofree,parentalcontrol apps and many more surveillance apps, also known asspyware+ Scans for apps using suspicious permissions (like readingSMS,reading your profile, read your contacts and so on) +Optionallyscan using heuristics + Search for apps using analytics(like.GoogleAnalytics) to retrieve more information about you +Moredetailed description of found spy/spyware app + Possibilitytoreport an app as safe + Free protection against spy apps +Detectapps listed as Device Administrator + Customize if you wanttoinclude popular apps + Uninstall any found malware inside thisapp+ Add apps to your whitelist and remove apps from your whitelist+Simple design + Change language to English, German,Spanish,Portugese or French + No permissions required + UpdatesusingPlaystore + Regular updates + Please activate automaticupdatingfor Privacy Scanner Free What is the difference between theProversion and the Free version? The following features areincludedin the Pro version: + Daily background scheduled scanning(Proversion only) + Detects newly installed apps (Pro version only)+InDepthScan-Technology to detect more spy apps and moreanalytics(Pro version only) + Advanced heuristic engine v2.0, todetect morenew and unknown spy apps and spyware apps (Pro versiononly) +Advanced heuristic engine v2.0, to detect malicious appspretendingto be a system service (Pro version only) + Priorityupdates (Proversion only) + More updates than the free version (Proversiononly) + Shows date and time of the last scan. (Pro versiononly) +Search for unsecure phone settings (Pro version only) +Support theongoing development (Pro version only)Help/FAQ: Itis oneof the best anti spy apps available, also known asantispyware.Unfortunately, we are yet no big company ;), soanswering emailsmay take up to 2-3 weeks. Thank you for yourunderstanding. Trustin more than 4 years of experiencing oncreating antispywaresoftware. This app is not an anti virusprogram, but it intents todetect spyapps and so called spyware. Itis a surveillance detectorand spy detector. This app is provided bylighthouse, formerlyknown as HobbyApplications.
NinjAwesome 1.0.6
NinjAwesome - the best ninja game ever!Use skillful swipes tohurdleperilous traps and snatch mischievous bouncing coins!Rushthroughthe pixellated plants, swiftly slashing wicked enemies,sniping foeswith shuriken as you leap!Complete the tests of theninja -Assassination, Infiltration, Sabotage, Espionage, andWandering - tosatisfy your destiny!- Upgrade your mystical NinjaPowers!- Collectmany Deadly Shuriken!- Master 5 types of SecretMissions!- Competein the zen-like Endless Mode!DownloadNinjAwesome now to join theancient and sacred order of the ninja!
Cameraless - camera block 3.0.5
Cameraless app blocks all cameras in your device, providingfullprotection against:• Spies, stalkers, spyware andvariousmalware• Taking pictures/videos in secure areas. Primaryfeatures• Option to grant permanent camera access to specificauthorizedapplications• Auto block based on day• Passwordprotection• Multi-language support• Special mode withmaximumsecurity level for classified workplaces• Auto block basedontime/location (PRO)• One click widget to block/unblockcamera(PRO)• Tasker/Automate integration (PRO)ProductDescriptionYouwon’t believe how easy it is to use your cameraremotely withoutyour knowledge; to spy on you; stalk you; or harmyou when you arenot protected.Cameraless is the perfect anti spycamera blockerapplication.There are two major functions:1. Enable /Disablecamera manually.2. Enable / disable camera automaticallyaccordingto time of day or location.Supported version: 4.0 andabove(ICS,JB).Cameraless is also useful for those who work atsecureenvironments. One time only – define your workplace locationandlet Cameraless block your camera automatically when you’re atwork.You can also protect your settings with a password so that theappwill always function and your device will be constantlyprotectedwhile you’re at work. Additionally, special notificationallows youto verify the status of your device’s camera.Please note:When theapplication is password-protected, the level of security isat itsmaximum. Even when your device has no cellular locationreceptionor when you are in Airplane Mode, your camera willremainblocked.Don't miss the PRO features with the camera blockerwidgetand the one click shortcut to activate the camera even whenit isblocked.Feature List• 24/7 anti-spy security• 3 modes(Manually,Block by Time, Block by Location)• Whitelist – option tograntpermanent camera access to specificauthorizedapplications• Passwordprotection• Multi-languagesupport• Tasker/Llama/Automateplugin• Extreme batterysaving• Quick uninstall function• Locationmode capabilities:automatic location acquisition, dynamicnotifications, auto-sleepwhen screen is off and auto launchafter• Controlling camerawidget• Quick camera activationshortcutHow to use•  Enable /disable camera manually, by time ofday or location from the mainscreen.• Whitelist:Select “Whitelist”from the menu.A list will bedisplayed including all apps installedon your device. Select anyapps you want to authorize to use thecamera even when it isblocked.Return to the home screen and you’llsee that for everyapplication you have defined, a special Launchericon has beenadded which provides the app with camera access at alltimes, evenwhen blocked.After closing the app, the camera willautomaticallybe blocked either immediately or in accordance with“Delay time”settings you’ve defined on the Configurationscreen.• Disable bylocation:→ Insert the center location (lat,lon)of the target areawhere your phone should be disabled.→ If you arestanding in thecenter of the target area you can click on the "Setcurrentlocation" button and the center location will beupdatedaccordingly.→ Insert radius (meters) that your camera willbedisabled within (around the center location).That is all –yourphone will become camera-less when you are in the target areaandvice-versa.For support please contact us byemail:[email protected] app uses DeviceAdministratorpermission. This permission level allows Cameraless toblock allyour device's cameras.
Swipe Light. 1.2
WELCOME TO SWIPE LIGHT, THE MOST ADDICTIVE GAME. A game developedby17 and 18 year old guys! Swipe to avoid the obstacles.Payattention, even if you graze them you will die. Get in theworldranking, millions of players are challenging each other rightnow,what are you waiting for? Game Features: ◆ Collect the starstounlock new characters and MEMEs. All Unique! ◆ Easy and funtoplay. ◆ Challenge score 500. ◆ #SwipeLightCHALLENGE onInstagram!If you win, you can be a character of the game. ◆Colorful UI, Funsound effects,Attractive character. Share yourscreenshots onlinetagging us: @swipelightgame Enjoy SwipeLight withyour friends atschool or anywhere! Share your screenshots onlinetagging us:@swipelightgame Enjoy SwipeLight with your friends atschool oranywhere!
Car vs Cops 1.2
Escape from cop cars, trucks, tanks and helicopters in thisendlesshigh speed chase game. Maneuver around by either using thejoystickor tap controls. Enable combo scoring by letting cops comeclose toyou.◉ Tons of vehicles◉ Unlimited challenges◉ DailyRewards◉Leaderboards◉ Amazing music and graphicsDownload and playnow!
Cube Escape 1.5
Dignity Games
Cube Escape is a fast-paced arcade game that will put yourreactiontime to the test. Beware of the walls, you have beenwarned! Themore points you score, the faster the cube will move.Tap thescreen to turn the corners. Make sure you don't hitthewalls.Collect gold to unlock awesome new characters. Get yourscoreon the leaderboard and compete with the best players aroundtheworld. Challenge your friends and family to beat yourscore.Don’tmiss out on the latest news:Like DignityGames: us onTwitter: you for playing CubeEscape!
Infinite Slice 1.1.5
Monthly 23
Addictive & minimalist game for all ages.[Features]- Freetoplay- Endless gameplay- score competition with players fromallover the world[How to play]- Touch and drag screen to aimsliceangle.- Release finger to slice stage.- If sliced spaceincludesred ball, additional slice is activated.- When blue ballcollidewith red ball, game is over.- You get score when slice stageoreliminate red ball.- Challenge to make your high score!Visitourfacebook page. releasegameevery month.
Roller Coaster 1.0
How long can you ride the Roller Coaster?Just touch the screentomove the ball left and right and try to avoid the blackobstaclesand crush the targets! Hit the targets in the middle toget aperfect hit bonus!
Space Frontier 1.2.1
Blast off for the stratosphere with Space frontier, theaddictivephysics rocket game that your friends will want to play,but theycan’t! It’s your phone, mate.Your mission is to launch yourrocketas high into orbit as possible. Simple touches control whenyourelease each stage in your rocket. Earn in-game currencyfromsuccessful launches and spend it to acquire new partsandstyles.Easy to play but hard to master gameplay means you’llbecoming back again and again for one more boost.
LAB Escape! 1.5
Welcome little specimen!You're the unstable... thingy capturedbyscientist. Consume meats, select random Mutations, and Devourallbad guys in your sight! Every time you gain meat, you canselectmutations to make your specimen stronger.Rogue-like stylerunninggame with dynamic mutation features.Every mutation cards canstackup to 3 times for better effects.Collect Set of hats toenhanceyour specimen.
Stairs 1.1
Would YOU be brave enough to climb?Try to pass each stair inthiscrazy endless journey. Dodge spikes, collect rubies and makeinsaneperfect combos!Started from the bottom now we're here!
Looper 1.2.3
Danny Cruz
Looper is a minimal infinite runner. Flow past obstacles withgraceand rhythm to survive. I hope you enjoy this simple yetchallengingarcade adventure!
Slav Tiles - HardBass Gopnik Edition 1.2.1
ARE YOU A REAL GOPNIK OR AMERIKANSKI SPI? THE CHERNOBYL REACTORISGOING CRITICAL NOW!If you ever wanted to know how it is to beslav,just play this game suka and rush B.After you learn how to beatrue slav by playing this game, gopniks won't stop you onthestreet anymore asking what are you wearing because you willhavetracksuit. What music to listen in your blyatmobil - HARDBASSIfyou want to infiltrate pindostan - make TRI POLOSKItatoo.Enjoy itwhile squatting with friends outside local shashlikplace. Thisgame is brought to you by the power of the mayonez. Staycheekibreeki.