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Mansion. Choices Text Adventure 1.38
Gravity Shot
A text based quest where the choices you make do matter. Atextadventure that can immerse you in a fascinating detectivestorywith puzzles and unexpected plot twists. Are you up forthechallenge to go through this interactive gamebook, solve allthepuzzles and find out what happened in the mysterious Mansion?Ifyou are tired of the typical stories about zombies, theapocalypse,ghosts, demons and maniacs, the real-life room escape"Mansion"will be a breath of fresh air for you. After all, this isa storyabout ordinary people, and these things could actuallyhappen toyou. It's a thriller, which is due to true-to-lifecharacters,tense atmosphere and a witty storyline will keep you insuspenseuntil the very end. All actions of the characters arelogical andcoordinated, and your choice really influences thecourse ofevents. There are no long pauses in the game, and at anytime youcan minimize the game and continue when it is convenientfor you.Of course, if you are not afraid to leave the maincharacters alonein the events taking place in the mansion. The gameis absolutelyfree to play from the beginning to the very end.Features: -fascinating story, consisting of two parts; - 2 basicand 6additional characters; - 46 endings; - 18 mini-games; -12achievements - a minimum of ads (which you can turn off!)andwaiting time. - for complete main game walkthrough, you do notneedto buy anything. Any player can open all endings for free.
The Fear : Creepy Scream House 2.1.9
Our new game The Fear 3: Creepy Scream House has been released,youcan find it at our store or at google play ! “Something hadstartedhappening to Marta. She was acting strangely. A couplemonthslater, it was diagnosed that she was psychopath and its curehadnot been existed. She was performing scary behaviors. Shehadstarted damaging herself. The only choice was taking her totheasylum and breaking up with her. I was so desperate but it wasthebest thing for our family. I met with Serena after taking hertothe asylum and I married with her to forget Marta. Me andmydaughter have been happy, but its like I feel something atnights.I have dreamt suicide of my ex-wife for a couple days. Isometimeshear some weird sounds and all of these make me scared. Idon’ttalk about that with my girl and daughter because I don’t wanttomake them worried. I don’t know what to do. The only thing thatIknow is I can’t stand all of these anymore... Mike”Suddenlyeverything started going wrong. Someone is following youand yourfamily is in threat. You should come back home quickly andsee ifyour wife and daughter are fine. Don’t let your fear beat youandarrive your home before getting late for everything. -Deeplyaffecting story - High graphics - Fearful and tensionatmosphere -8 different languages Turkish , English , Russian ,Chinese ,German , French , Japaniese , Spanish - Plug in yourheadphones forthe best - Do you have phobia like horror games andwant to lurchbecause of horror sounds - The Fear is a paranormalhorror andcreepy game - Live in the horrific horror stories andfeel thescream sounds - If you are a fearless player, you will facewithyour phobias in a terrible and haunted house - Do not lookscaredin front of your demon enemy. Because she is like a satan -Youwill feel the terror in your bones - That devil slender enemygivethe creeps - Your evil enemy fled out. Find her or she willcomeback to haunt you. Because there is no inner angst in her eyeslikehell
Scary Craft: Five Nights of Survival Horror Games
Discover the monster world! Begin crafting your weapon at dayandbuilding defenses at night! Can you survive five nights andholdoff a living dead army of zombies, ghosts and othermonsters?Horror adventure begins! Jump into a blocky cube cityinvaded byevil scary monsters! Prepare to fight off hordes of suchspookycreatures like a zombie, ghost, mummy and undead clown! It’sa truehorror adventure game. Survive a night! You’d like to closeyoureyes but crafting weapons and upgrades is a better way tohandle anight fear! Build a blocky cube wall and other defenses.Make surethat every zombie, ghost, mummy or clown will be dead bydawnlight! How long can you survive? One, two or five nights? Testyoursurvival skills in our brand new horror adventure game! Nofear!Chat with other NPCs (not real people!). You can even findagirlfriend or boyfriend! What’s better than love in thezombieapocalypse times? Craft, build & explore a scary world atdayYou won’t see any dreadful monster at day - enjoy freeexplorationexperience! Craft & mine resources! Look forsupplies in avast, sandbox blocky world. Pay a visit to the scaryhospital,haunted mansion or forgotten mine. Search a spooky oldcemetery anda city garden - you can set plants there! Gatherresources to craftbetter weapons and upgrades! Prepare for thenight! Before zombies,mummies and other living dead will storm off,you have to enhanceyour fortress! Build wall and other defensesfrom blocks. It’s nota game for little boys and girls! Scary horroradventure for realmen, who won’t run away seeing such a spookynight monster like azombie, ghost or clown! Best zombie apocalypsesurvival game withexploration mode for boys and girls! For free!Hold back anymonster and survive another night! You’ve beenexploring, craftingand building all day long - hopefully you’reprepared for thenight! A true battle begins! Blocky cube zombies,ghost, mummiesand any other living dead will try to break intoevery building.Don’t hide in a dark room of a hospital, hauntedmansion. Undeadstupid monsters have their eyes on you! Unload yourblocky cubeweapon and shoot any monster zombie or ghost you see!This scarybattle won’t end until the dawn - prove you’re skillednot only atcrafting & building, but also as a spooky zombiehunter! Everydead target must be dead by dawn light - for good!Fight evil &fear for five nights or even longer! This survivalhorror adventuregame never ends! CORE FEATURES: Exploration of aworld with terrorslike the living dead, zombie or ghost! Builddefenses from blocksand survive another day! Craft and upgradeweapons! Crafting &building at day, hunting monsters at night!Blocky cube horroradventure for boys and girls! UPCOMING FEATURES:Multiplayer mode!(multicraft) Co-op mode! More scary environmentsto explore! Moreresources to mine for crafting & building!(design craft) Moremonsters to fight with!
Sender Unknown: The Woods - Text Adventure 2.11
Sender Unknown is a text adventure game in the thrillergenrewritten by professional writer. Your choices can alter thestoryand change the lives of the characters.Morgan and friendsdidn't doanything wrong, but find themselves in harrowing danger.Help themsurvive the traps and make difficult choices. Their lifeis in yourhands now. The dialogue and story are written byprofessionalwriter Lisa Brunette. Morgan's friends and insulinsupply aremissing, and it seems the madman who took them wants toplay gamesthrough the radio. He has a thing for riddles andtraps—humantraps, that is. The ability to receive images means youcan see thetraps for yourself—and help Morgan survive achillingnightmare!Features: - Choose from 3 options at everydecision!-Shape the story and build stats in 5 categories. Successor failuredepends on your stats!- Open beautifully rendered imagesof crucialscenes and visual puzzles!- Engage with the story as itunfoldsthrough real-time notifications!- Internet connection notrequiredfor playing. Daily Magic Productions teamed up withaward-winningnovelist and game writer Lisa Brunette to bring youthisinteractive tale where the choices you make can changeeverything.Multiple paths through the game give you wildlydifferentresults—from romance to exciting twists and reveals to wholives ordies. At every game ending, you have the option to reset toyourlast defining choice, to the start of the last chapter, or backtothe very beginning. Stats add up as you play, and theycandetermine whether a choice you make succeeds, or fails. Canyoubeat a madman at his own game—without sacrificing anyone? Willyouhelp Unknown Sender uncover the mystery that still hauntsthesedark woods?PLEASE NOTE! After completing the first chapter,youwill be offered to unlock all the content with remarkablestorywritten by a story designer with 10 years of experience.PraiseforDaily Magic: “The best kind of ghost story, filled withlove,money, betrayal, and murder.” - Review of Dark Dimensions:City ofFog, Gamezebo “The visuals in Dark Dimensions: Homecomingaresimply outstanding…” - All About CasualGame “Captivating storythatreally draws you in.” - Review of Sable Maze: NorwichCaves,GamezeboAbout Lisa Brunette:Lisa Brunette writes books andgames.All three books in her bestselling Dreamslippers Series havewonindieBRAG medallions, and the second book was also named afinalistfor the Nancy Pearl Book Award and nominated for a RONEAward.Brunette’s game-writing credits include hundreds of titles,playedby worldwide audiences in the millions, for Big Fish andotherpublishers.Follow SenderUnknown:Facebook:
Asylum (Horror game) 1.2.2
[Notice!!!]You can got Tabomsoft game news from FacebookandTwitter!Facebook:[Story]Thechild who cured from closedward, 'Uzur' had a dream about murderedpatient in the ruinedhospital.When the child open their eyes, herealized that the sceneis correspondent with moment which hedreamed about.So, he decidedto escape from hospital, with avoidingfrom fear death which comingto attack him....▼ This summer, thefifth horror RPG fromTabomsoft! The horror game which made youbecome cliffhanger withmore upgraded version!▼ More upgragedstory!Truth which you canknow with proceeding storyWhat is theinside story in the Asylum?▼Various monster and trap whichparticipated in horror game.Hastydecision means death...Grotesquemonster and trap which we can notknow when they appear.▼ Endingwhich can be swayed fromselection!Tension which made us not tocareless condition.The storywhich can be differed from eachselection.Can you achieve with thisend of the game?※Caution : Datewill not stored if you delete thegame.
Slendrina:The Cellar (Free) 1.8.1
This is the story of Slendrina The Cellar. Now she has becomemoreevil than before and hates it when someone intruding onherterritory. She will do anything to stop you. Whatever you not look back!Try to find 8 missing old books in the darkcellarand then run to the exit.You also need to find keys to opencertaindoors.Look everywhere, for they could be anywhere.If youlikeSlender Man, then you will love this horror game.If you wanttosend an email to me, please write in English or SwedishThankyouall for your kind ratings you have given me! You are thebest!Thegame is free but it Contains advertising.It is now possibletounlock all levels with STC-points, which you can earn in thegameabsolutely free.Have fun!
The Fear 2 : Creepy Scream House Horror Game 2018 2.4.6
Our new game The Fear 3: Creepy Scream House has been released,youcan find it at our store or at google play ! "Was it allanightmare or is it just the beginning? I need to end thismadness.My new wife and daughter are kidnapped by a ghost. Thisghost is myex-wife Martha. Because what I did to her in the past,she is nowtorturing my family. But, what could I possibly do? Shegone madand she was hurting herself and my daughter. Now I see, shewillnot stop until she avenge and she will keep haunting us. I needtofind a way to get rid of her. I need to keep this demon awayfrommy family. My wife and daughter are innocent. It is all myfault,why is she doing this to them? I am ready to face thisdemon."Everything until now was a nightmare. It is all startingnow. It istime to face your fears. This demon still has yourfamily. Can yousave them? Be aware, it will not be easy, you haveto face the mostcruel demon ever. Are you ready for this scaryadventure? Scaring 5million people to the bone, the second game ofthe series is hereand it is even more terrifying! Are you braveenough to outrun anddefeat this demon? - Fearful , psychopath thebabadook hauntsterror in haunted house. - Abhorrance and angstcreatingcatastrophical atmosphere with blood-curdling satan andboogeyman !- Do you like horror , horror game , horror games ,haunting andsurviving game ? - Run through the gloomy corridor ,from thehorrible and sinister evil! - In this scary game , you willlivegehenna with freaky and ominous daemon. - Forsaken possessionanddesolate house will be simulacrum of life. - Save yourkidnappedfamily from lunacy , insanity and derelict babadook. -Weeping girl, evil devil , scary games , astounding and hauntedhouse.. Are youinterested with this ? - Are you ready for fightwith lurch andloathing monster ? - Staggering and ineluctableend... - Thedeathless hades brings despair in necropolis. -Executioner makesyou a frightful and imperishable evil attack. -Devilish bugaboostab you and you cried
Horror Craft Scary Exploration Five Nights of Game
Feel the thrill and become a square head ghost buster! Dont’tleaveyour friends alone too long otherwise it could be last timeyou seethem! But don’t be scared tooOOoooO early! Firstly play themostenjoying free survival crafting game based in cube world withscarymonsters & ghosts! Play one of the best scary craft gamesforgirls and boys – play HORROR CRAFT for free! Spooky HorrorHouseExploration! No dungeons and dragons ! Just you, thehauntedmansion & halloween exploration. This lite pocket mineblockgame for boys and girls, inspired by the popular cube &voxelbased pocket edition creative games, lets you craft &buildspooky world! Experience fear and deep horrifyingatmosphere.Survive in a world of monsters, skeletons, ghouls,vampires andother creepy creatures! Craft & build a perfectcube horrorhaunt story! Search an old, abandoned house and collectanyvaluables but be careful - there are rumors of a ghost hauntingthebuildings! Exploration world craft is here! Constructhauntedmansion, halloween decorations or haunted abandoned cemeteryfullof skeletons! Play in a creative mode with unlimited resourcesormine deep into the cube scary haunted world. Craft andexplore!Become a ghostbuster! Exploration of randomly generatedcubeabandoned, terrifying robots terrains, build and createamazing& perfect things from the simplest of creepy homes tothegrandest of cube fortresses, haunted castles and mine to theearthcore finding the hell! Become an adventurer! This game willnotbring you only joy and relax of halloween time! This game forboysand girls scare the heck out of you! Adults are welcometo!Dragons, monsters and survival world craft mode. Cube robotsworldand your infinite creativity! This lite game for boys andgirlscontains: block placing, cube world, real time worldcraftgeneration. Build a cube horror story world! Craft &Explorethe cube world - build a horror maze! In this incredibleandtotally free game you can destroy all the blocks,collectresources, survive and build terrifying & scaryBuildings. Thispocket edition game (PE) contains a large number ofdifferentblocks with which you can craft your own cube horrorworld! Craft& explore! High resolution textures, veryconvenient andthoughtful game control, High FPS, withoutcompromise! So plungeinto the fantastic world of halloween HorrorCraft: Scary BuildingExploration’ - with new cube spooky worlds andadventures! Placeblocks / cubes move voxels, dig and mine! Gobeyond your wildestdreams, make your own cube scary robots world,castle or city!Transform the surface in a 3D environment! Buildshelter, fight,grow and use block craft. The only limit is yourimagination! Starta cube world craft! Horror Craft features: 🎃Crafting &building fun in horror! 🎃 One of the scariest horrorgames! 🎃Halloween sweets! 🎃 Ghosts and monsters! Play the besthalloweenscary game – Horror Craft – and feel the thrill! Comingsoon:Multiplayer Crafting items Building craft mode Survivalexplorationmode Cube Block Craft World Craft Story Skyblock freemode Storymode Weather (rain, snow) Moving cars Stats and inventoryDifferentworlds (hell, heaven, lair) If you are interested insimilar gamessuch as our cube girls craft world game please see ourother games.1. Explore the haunted house! 2. Build & craftduring the day3. Survive the night!
Choice Game Library: Delight Games 7.2
Delight Games
Now you have found THE free library of choice-driven games! Youget65+ stories with more on the way! Want to play a detective inagritty noir novel? How about a teenager after a zombieapocalypse?A wizard or a rogue in a medieval fantasy? And muchmore. In aDelight Games interactive novel, you play the part of themaincharacter and make choices for survival, love, wealth, fame,andmore. Can you make it to the end? Can you achieve a new highscoreand rank? Now, with the Delight Games Library you can getthecomplete series like Wizard's Choice and Zombie High. If youlikechoice-driven, interactive fiction or just want to trysomethingdifferent, this is the ultimate free download for you!Featuresinclude: ✔ 65+ interactive stories. Over 1 million wordswith TONSof decisions to make. ✔ Dozens of achievements, fromchallenging toplayful. ✔ Lots of checkpoints and the ability to goback on achoice. ✔ Stat booster for an extra dimension to strategicplay. ✔New books are automatically added to your library when youupdate.No more hunting for new books! We're passionate aboutmakingreading addictive! Help us make that happen. Download it now!
Goosebumps Night of Scares 1.1.7
Cosmic Forces
VR compatible! - Featuring Jack Black as the Voice ofR.L.Stine***GOOSEBUMPS’ GREATEST MONSTERS COME TO LIFE! WILLYOUSURVIVE?***The bestselling horror series comes to life onmobilefor the first time and features Goosebumps mostfrighteningmonsters, including Slappy the Dummy, evil gnomes,werewolves, andmore. Can you survive a night in R.L. Stine’s house- a living trapfilled with his most famous monsters? Mystery,madness, andfrightening moments await!****HIGHLIGHTS****Thefirst-everGoosebumps game for Smart Phones and Tablets.Goosebumps’greatestmonsters come to life, including Slappy the Dummy, evilgnomes,werewolves, and more.Jump scares galore! Play a terrifyingsurvivalgame of hide-n-seek with Goosebumps’ most fearedvillains.Hide tosurvive! Learn the secrets of R.L. Stine’smysterious house toavoid being detected.Solve the mysteries!Collect pages from R.L.Stine’s most famous books to trap monsters.Virtual Reality mode:Place your phone in a VR-compatible headset toget even closer tothe action! Compatible with any SmartPhone-compatible VRheadset.Stop Slappy from unleashing havoc, butbeware of the TWISTthat may lead to your doom. *** READ THE BOOKS.SEE THE MOVIE. PLAYTHE GAME!***Goosebumps TM Scholastic. Movie ©2016 CPII. Game code© 2016 Cosmic Forces, Inc. All RightsReserved.Game Developer &Publisher: Cosmic ForcesGameDeveloper: Free Range Games
Impossible Quest 1.7.21
Axel Sonic
Do you like funny jokes and fun adventures? Then this textadventureis for you! Impossible Quest is a story of a verydisturbed man. Hecan't live a day without getting into sometrouble. Your job is tohelp him and keep him alive. ImpossibleQuest has more than 100endings. Can you find them all?
GOD OF MAGIC - Offline Choose your own adventure 2.14
Back to Panda
✓ Play offline ✓ Chat like "Choose your own adventure" game with6skill mini games! ✓ Choose your path in this textadventure!Infinite choices! ✓ Play minigames, improve skills of thegamebook!✓ YOU are the decision maker as a GOD of this interactivefantasy!GOD OF MAGIC is an interactive fantasy chat app and textadventure,where YOU are the decision maker of the stories. Roleplaygames,chat, play minigames and finish the stories of the gamebookas aGOD of this fantasy world! Choose your own adventure. Keepchattingwith a young wizard trapped on a mystery island, makedecisionafter decision through the chat, make sure they are goodchoices!Be part of an interactive fiction like never before! Don’tmiss outon the most unique fantasy sorcery gamebook, a new kind ofroleplaychat! Download now! ✓ Not satisfied with your decision?Choose yourown adventure. Jump back to a previous location andcontinue thechat story from there! ✓ Interactive fiction, chat,sorcery &roleplay games! ✓ 1 gamebook, 4 minigames, 1 main chatstory, 3extra chat stories and more to come! ✓ Use the interactivemap ofthe fantasy world to see your progress! ✓ Ride a phoenix! Oryouwant to battle the phoenix? It’s your decision, you are thereaderin this old school choices text adventure, interactivefiction. ✓Play offline! These fantasy chat stories are full ofexplorationand danger, so as decision maker, you are responsiblefor theresults. Choose your path carefully! As one of the bestroleplaygames, sorcery text adventure gamebook, GOD OF MAGIC isfull ofchatting and funny, exciting stories that are in a fantasyworld.Roleplay chat as a GOD! Choose your own adventure. Are yougood orare you evil? A chronicle told by roleplay chat. Shape thestory,choose your path by chatting, play the most uniqueinteractivefiction! Discover the secrets and history, sorcery ofthis richfantasy world, chat with choices and guide othercharacters! Asdecision maker, the fate of a whole world is in YOURhands! Can youchat your way through to saving the world of the textadventure?But this chatting game is so much more, and you need moreskillsthan chatting. You have to overcome obstacles, defeatenemies,solve riddles by playing minigames and upgrading skillslike Lockpicking, Spell casting, Dexterity and Logic. OfflineRoleplayexperience! Can you protect the world? There are 4 roleplaystoriesin this text adventure, and more are on the way! Roleplaychat,discover the stories, secrets and easter eggs of the chatapp!Protect the wizard kid, his fate is in YOUR hands! Everydecision,choices you make influences the chat stories. Last day onearth.How good a decision maker can you be? Hidden treasures orcertaindeath? Choose your own adventure. Ready to play this textadventurechatting game? Wander on the island by chatting andchoosinglocations, discovering paths of the stories. Continue thechatstory on different branches! You are more than a reader, youare adecision maker and a god, who is casting fireballs,exploringdungeons, taming dragons, riding phoenixes, sorceryshaping thechat app story. Roleplay chat stories have never beenthis funbefore! A chat app to play together, the best chatstories,roleplay games for kids! The story is free to play thewhole waywithout blockers. You find delight in rpg fiction based ona myth?You like sorcery, fire, a wizard in a fantasy rpg? Want toroleplayas a god? In this episode of God of Magic, an interactivenovel,YOU are the decision maker, the finder of the best path, thefinderof a happy end! The game is like a library with more thanonestory, so you can be reading, interact, chat and roleplay foralong time. And even more episodes are coming, for your delight,sothe library and the myth of God of Magic grows! It’s more thananovel, more than just reading: the graphic mission is notastraight line. The life of a wizard is in your hands choiceafterchoice!
Mental Hospital III Lite 1.01.02
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ The best horror 2014 years, according to manygamers.4Pda★ ★ ★ ★ ★Mental Hospital III, is a first-person survivalhorrorwith astonishing graphics and a really frighteningatmosphere.Ourstory started quite ordinary. The main character gotan offer torecord a video of a special forces raid in one of thepsychiatrichospitals where secret experiments were supposed to becarried out.Sounds easy enough… That was what he thought.But hewill foreverremember that night. The night everything went wrongfrom the verybeginning: Horrible weather, problems on the news, andthe carbreaking down appeared to be inevitable, as was missing thestartof the clinic capture operation. Having arrived at hisdestinationlate, the main character decides to find LieutenantSidorov as soonas possible, hoping to film at least something.After the maincharacter gets inside of the hospital and isintroduced to it'sinhabitants he understands that it will be nearlyimpossible todescribe what he saw there. You can of course erasethe footage,but there is no option to erase your memories.This isreality. Willthe main character emerge from this fateful hospitalalive, or willhe too, like it's residents, be trapped here for theremainder ofhis life.
Malachai: Horror Jumpscare 1.2.1
Experience one of the hottest new jumpscare games in thePlayStore...What our players are saying:- "I love it . It gave meaheart attack when I saw Malachai in front of me!"- "I willneversleep so afraid of this game!"- "I've only started playingthis andI've jumped twice and my heart is pounding"A perfect familyfrom aperfect community are missing.The Police are drawing blanksintheir investigation and in desperation they recruit you, alocalpsychiatrist who has worked with the family since thedisappearanceof their first child.When you enter the house yourealise thingsare not as they seem, as you try to hold back yourfear and realisesomething is leading you on a terrifyingsupernatural adventure,full of excitement and discovery.All youneed is your sense ofsound, a good sense of direction and yourtrusty journal to keeptrack of all the creepy goings on.Can yousurvive a night of fearand horrific jumpscares in the Aldersonhousehold? Can you collectthe mysterious drawings and crack thesafe code? Can you solve themystery of the perfect family and theirdark secret?Not suitablefor the faint hearted!**To enhance theexperience, we recommendplaying this game with headphones**
Choices That Matter - text based game 7180
Tin Man Games
CHOICES THAT MATTER is a collection of epic text adventuregamessimilar to the classic Choose Your Own Adventure books(CYOA).Newcontent is written and delivered periodically, making ourstoriesthe most complex in the CYOA category. No one player candiscoverthe entire story in a single play through. See how manyotherplayers visited the same place as you, each time you concludeastory arc.Are you ready for the most epic text based gameoutthere?** OUR STORIES **ADVENTURE 1: And The SunWentOutApproximately 600,000 words and 2,400 choices in total!Whatifthe sun inexplicably vanished only to return hourslater?Investigate with your AI companion, Moti. Uncoverconspiracies.Discover ancient religions. Travel the globe.Find outwho ismurdering scientists and what this has to do with therandomdisappearances of the sun. This is your journey, and onlyyourchoices can expose the truth.ADVENTURE 2: And Their SoulsWereEatenYou have a gift. With your gift, the dead are nevertrulygone.But what if there is a dark side to your gift? What ifthereare those who can pervert your talent, and alter the balanceoflife and death?Travel across a steampunk 1830s Europe, wheremetalis magical, giving powers to those who wear it. Learn moreaboutyour ancient gift and what it means for you, your family,andhumanity. Uncover the nefarious plot to destroy all life...andfight against time to stop your enemy from destroyingeverythingyou hold dear.ADVENTURE 3: And Their Heroes Were LostYouwake up ina dirty prison cell with no memory of who you are. And,you're notalone. Who are the other prisoners? What are they to you?Are theyyour allies... or enemies?Will you escape? Try to find outwho youare? Why did the people who captured you stealyourmemories—instead of just killing you? Travel the world asyouuncover the details of a past that holds many secrets, and afuturethat is in peril.This story is ongoing!"What’s reallyinnovativeabout Choices...unlike traditional gamebooks that have adefiniteend, Choices: And the Sun Went Out is acontinuinggamebook...allowing you to progress through the storyover time. Asyou make choices in your story, it will advance inways completelydifferently than other readers..." -PocketTactics.comThis app issupported by video ads which can beoptionally disabled bypurchasing a story pass.Privacypolicy:
Office Horror Story 2
Poison Games
Office Horror Story Explore Office, Stairs and Basement. Findoutthe horrifying story about the Mad Killer. - 16 levels to play -2melee weapons - Puzzles to solve and objects to find. - If youlikeHorror Games, this one is for you.
Haunted Circus 3D 1.0.5
Mouse Games
Welcome to Haunted Clown Circus, the #1 first-person survivalhorrorwrapped inside a realistic 3D world. Discover what happenedin thecircus 25 years ago! Our story started quite ordinary. Yougot anoffer to visit a legend circus but you will forever rememberthattrip! The exploration went wrong from the very beginning:horribleatmosphere, broken lights, and insufficient cell-phonebattery tomake a call. But with full region over the entirecircus, you canutilize monitors, elevators, Christmas trees andanything else toward off the dreadful creatures such as clowns,rabbits, orangutansand other killers. This is reality. Will youemerge from thisfateful circus alive, or will you too, likeprevious visitors in thepast 25 years, be chased and trapped herefor the remainder of yourlife. Game Features: - Unsettlingrealistic 3D graphics and eeriemusic - Intuitive and simple twofinger controls - Multiple gameendings including both good and bad
Paladins: Text Adventure RPG 3.0
Delight Games
A text adventure RPG where YOU play the characters in amedievalfantasy novel! The story is set in the rich world of Dezrelcreatedby author David Dalglish. You play several differentcharactersincluding a Paladin of Ashhur, a wolf-man pack leader, ascrappyfarmer, and more! Put yourself into the shoes of thecharacters andwatch the story unfold, but be careful what choicesyou make. Deathis always near. 103 chapters of adventure, over 150achievements,and TONS of interesting choices. And it's all free.Sweet, sweet,freedom. These interactive novels are based on DavidDalglish'sPaladins Series of fantasy novels. Mr. Dalglish haspartnered withDelight Games to "gamify" his novel. As far as weknow, this is thefirst time a traditional novel has been gamifiedlike this.Download it and be among the first to experience a novelin thisnovel way. ;) Reading made addictive!
Escape From The Dark demo 3.4
EscapeFromTheDark is a video game of the genre survival horror.Ahorror adventure, with terrifying images, sounds and music,thatyou will handle in the third person through a virtualjoystick.Johncowans, returns home after a long time living in thecity, in themiddle of the road the road is cut and has to continuewalkingalong a path to a village, night creek in which somethingstrangeis happening.Puzzles, sinister creatures and the need toescapefrom the dark is the challenge that awaits you if you embarkonthis adventure.You have to take John to the exit, not only ofthattown, but also of the darkness that lurks. It is up to you tosolvethe riddles, before the creatures that emerge from the densefogand darkness kill you.
The Timeless Love. Interactive story 200.0.77
Some travel to other countries or even continents – but Barbaracantravel back to the past. She has crossed centuries to meetthecreator of time traveling portals – the man she has admired mostofher life. Trouble is, due to a glitch in the system her guideisgone missing, the dispatchers are not replying and Barbara islostin the past. And her only chance to find the way back home isYou.What secrets are hidden in this interactive story and what willbein the end of the text game book? Try to find answers inthetemporary funnel of the Valerian era. Be sure: 'The TimelessLove'- is one of the strangest love stories you've ever met. Ifyou'venever played text based games and you've never readinteractivebooks before, open the text quest "At the End of Time"and plungeinto the whirlpool of fantastic events. - Explore thetemporaryfunnels; - Open secrets; - Protect your heroine fromenemies andfrom ill-considered actions; - Open all the finals ofthisInteractive fiction. Features: - 'The Timeless Love' is a oneofthe most romantic gamebooks; - the action of the textadventureoccurs in real time: sometimes you have to wait, becausethe maincharacter needs to sleep, and sometimes she falls intotraps out ofthe coverage. But as soon as Barbara gets free, shewill have sentyou a message. If you don’t want to wait – you candisable thewaiting timer in the game settings. - Choosing this orthat variantof actions in the gamebook, do not forget: every yourdecision willbecome fateful for Barbara of the IF game and launch achain ofunique fantastic events. Welcome to the magic world ofinteractivefiction games!
Survival-quest Symbiont 1 3.7
THE STORY. The last 36 hours of the sole survivor of amysteriousaccident in a top-secret lab complex. Abandoned byeveryone anddesperate, wandering among the walking dead, by somemiracle hemanages to contact you and asks for help. You’re short ontime —the deadly virus is about to break out, threatening theentirehumanity, and you’re now involved in this dramatic action.Symbiont1 is a science fiction text quest, a mix of horror andsurvivalelements. Each decision you make impacts the course of thestory,and the salvation — or destruction – of humankind is in yourhands.FEATURES ★ Mind-blowing atmosphere, a mix of sci-fi andzombieapocalypse. ★ Gamebook script by a published author. ★ Therealbook volume entails dozens of hours of dramatic gaming. ★Plotriddles, unexpected discoveries and twists that will astonishyou.★ The novella's action approximates real-time and depends onthedecisions you make. ★ Over 700 locations. ★ 3 original finales.★40+ unique “deadly” finales.
Tiny Text Adventure 2 1.1.2
The sequel to the popular Tiny Text Adventure 1 - continuetheadventure, in a slightly larger fashion.In this text adventuregameyou control the plot, acting as the hero you must save the townofPerpetuity and all those whom you love from the evilmachinationsof the witch Bella Constantine. Solve entertainingpuzzles, talk tocurious characters and visit mysterious locationswhilstprogressing through the story of a land ruled by aninsurmountableevil.This game harks back to the original textadventures of theauthor's youth - Colossal Cave, Sphinx Adventure,Zork. Experiencea tiny subset of the majesty of this genre withoutthe painful needto actually type text on a mobiledevice.PermissionsThe INTERNETand ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE permissionsare required to allow gameplay analytics to be gathered. Thisinformation is minimal andincludes things like how many timesyou\'ve completed the game, howlong it took and how long the gametakes to load. All of this datais anonymous and averaged out by theGoogle Analytics servers.There is no personal data included in thisinformation. This datawill be used to understand what features ofthe game are used mostand where improvements can be made, forinstance to speed up loadtimes if there is seen to be an issue oncertain devices.
Fabularium: Interactive Fiction 1.4.1
Create and play interactive fiction on your Android phone ortablet.Also known as text adventures, interactive books, playablenovels,z-machine, glulx, tads, terps. Fun for adults and also agreat wayto encourage children to read and develop theirimaginations.Fabularium can play all of the major formats: Adrift(includingversion 5), AdvSys, the Adventure Game Toolkit (AGT),Alan (2 and3), Glulx, Hugo, Level 9, Magnetic Scrolls, Scott AdamsAdventures(Scottfree), Tads (2 and 3) and Zcode (Infocom). It alsoincludes asimple integrated development environment (IDE) forcreating yourown Glulx, Tads 3 and Zcode games. Fabulariumsupports Unicodegames, so if you would prefer to play in alanguage other thanEnglish, no problems! Either define your ownkeyboard via thekeyboards.ini file (see examples in that file) ordisable thebuilt-in keyboard via the settings, to use your systemkeyboard.Keyboards defined via keyboards.ini can have multiplelayouts andeach key can be programmed to generate one Unicodecharacter, acomplete command, or even multiple commands, that arefed to theinterpreter one by one. As with anything else infab.ini, you canset the different keyboards you've defined inkeyboards.ini toautomatically load with different game and terpcombinations. Seescreenshots for examples. The interface and playstore descriptionswill also be gradually localised into variouslanguages over comingreleases. Fabularium takes accessibilityseriously. Much of the appis now TalkBack enabled and the built-inkeyboard supports "exploreby touch" and "lift to type" technology.Accessibility features willcontinue to improve over the comingreleases. If you are blind orvision-impaired and would like tohelp me with this (e.g. testingand feature suggestions), pleasecontact me We care about typography!While the defaultsettings should work for most games, Fabulariumis also highlycustomisable. Make the margins as narrow or as wideas you want.Don't like the default fonts and colours? Change them.Adjust linespacing. Fiddle with other typographical features.Optimise thatgame for your device's screen. For maximum screenspace, try using ahardware keyboard. Fabularium is and always willbe completely free,with no ads, and open source. It does not comebundled with anygames; you will need to obtain these separately.There are manygames freely available at can download these games anywhere to yourinternal storage/SDcard and then add them to your library fromwithin the app. The appis also able to extract files from archivesusing ZIP, RAR, 7Z andother popular compression formats. Inspiredby the great Gargoyleinterpreter by Tor Andersson, Fabulariumimplements Andrew Plotkin'sGlk 0.7.5 spec in Android and cantherefore support any glk-enabledinterpreter. More interpretersmay be added in the future. Forfurther information see the in-apphelp. Questions, comments,feedback and suggestions for futurefeatures always welcome, pleasecontact me
Hotel All-Inclusive: text quest 2.1.8
A beautiful and non-linear plot that will not leaveanyoneindifferent! All your actions have an impact on the world andthefate of the characters. Try this game - and a part of yoursoulwill always remain among the Romanian Mountains!
Bigfoot Hunt Simulator 1.93
Bigfoot Hunt Simulator is FPS horror survival where you play asabrave hunter who looks for a mysterious monster beast deep inthenorthern forest! You have heard the rumors that a lot of peoplegotlost in the forest and later found dead. A lot of people whowenton finding bigfoot just dissapeared. Knowing that thisadventuremight be very dangerous you prepared for it. In yourarsenal yougot small spy cameras, bear traps, hunting rifle,flashlight andall the stuff that might be useful. The goal is veryeasy - trackand hunt down the monstrous beast. But be careful orthe Bigfoot isgoing to tear you apart! You have to act really smartwhiletracking the Sasquatch. This monster have already killed a lotofpeople and it knows what to do. Always remember that in anymomenta hunter may become a prey. Place traps, set up cameras tolookaround and always be ready for an attack from behind. Thisthing isclever and already know your weak sides. Bigfoot HuntSimulator hasthree difficulties so when you finish the first one,you will beable to test your strength on another level ofdifficulty. Wepromise you it won’t be easy. So if you are a fan ofhunting gamesand hunting simulators, if you want to hunt downmysteriouscreature and be a brave and fearless hunter than BigfootHuntSimulator is a perfect pick for you! Good luck and good hunt!
Mental Hospital III HD 1.01.02
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ The best horror 2014 years, according to many gamers4Pda.★ ★ ★ ★ ★Mental Hospital III, is a first-person survivalhorror withastonishing graphics and a really frighteningatmosphere.Our storystarted quite ordinary. The main character gotan offer to record avideo of a special forces raid in one of thepsychiatric hospitalswhere secret experiments were supposed to becarried out. Soundseasy enough… That was what he thought.But hewill forever rememberthat night. The night everything went wrongfrom the very beginning:Horrible weather, problems on the news,and the car breaking downappeared to be inevitable, as was missingthe start of the cliniccapture operation. Having arrived at hisdestination late, the maincharacter decides to find LieutenantSidorov as soon as possible,hoping to film at least something.After the main character getsinside of the hospital and isintroduced to it's inhabitants heunderstands that it will benearly impossible to describe what hesaw there. You can of courseerase the footage, but there is nooption to erase yourmemories.This is reality. Will the maincharacter emerge from thisfateful hospital alive, or will he too,like it's residents, betrapped here for the remainder of his life.
King of Dragon Pass: Text Adventure RPG 1.1.29
“A Sharp’s King of Dragon Pass is quite literally the bestanddeepest text-based game I’ve ever seen” - ***15new interactive scenes added! *** • One of the Top 100 bestmobilegames of all time (Metacritic) • Epic saga of conflict,mythologyand community • Immensely replayable • Hand-paintedartwork •Interactive story with an ultimate level of complexityRule yourown clan, take important strategic decisions, win battlesandexpand your influence. This is story-based story richtextadventure rpg game. It’s set in Glorantha (the world of thegamesRuneQuest, HeroQuest, 13th Age, and soon Six Ages). Thisstrategygame in atmospheric fantasy mythology is very difficult.Chooseyour own adventure in Cult Classic. A unique mix of RPGandstrategy: everything in King of Dragon Pass is about choiceandcontrol. Choose your counsel carefully, sign diplomaticagreementsor declare war on nearby clans. This acclaimed game ofmagicalstorytelling blends interactive stories and resourcemanagement.Immensely replayable, thanks to nearly 600 interactivescenes.Short episodes and automatic saving mean you can play evenwhen youonly have a minute or two. The built-in saga writes downthe storyfor you and advisors with distinctive personalities helpyou ruleyour clan. The gorgeous hand-painted artwork won BestVisual Artsat the second Independent Games Festival. Become theKing of DragonPass! _____________________________________ FOLLOWUS: @HerocraftWATCH US:
Outcast's Journey - Interactive Fiction game 1.2
You are contacted by a mysterious stranger who claims that he'saninventor from another world. Suddenly his life changes and hefindshimself involved in the continuous round of events, from whichhecan't escape without your help. From this moment his lifedependson decisions you'll make together.What’s awaiting him inthefuture? Will he be able to pass through all the challengesandsurvive? Everything depends only on you!ACT QUICKLYTheimminentcatastrophe is coming. Find out where the menace is comingfrom andtry to eliminate it. Remember! Time works against you inthe worldof interactive fiction “Outcast's Journey”!CHOOSEANSWERSDELIBERATELYEach phrase you choose is very important, eachdecisionwill impact on the story. Text games have never beensoexciting!CONTROL ARMYSoon the main character'll have to engageinbattle with the enemy and lead the people behind him. Are youreadyto fight with him?FEATURES- Modern interactive fictionwithstrategy elements. Be a part of this story!-Atmosphericsoundtrack- Nonlinear narrative and various endings:each takendecision causes consequences* The game doesn’t requirepermanentInternet connection.*************************Youradventures beginin the interactive fiction“Outcast'sJourney”!*************************Social media:* Facebook- * Twitter- * VKontakte-*************************Foundmistakeor typo? Send e-mail to*************************
Bear Haven Nights Horror Survival 1.44
SunRay Games
Welcome to the Bear Haven Motel on you new part timeelectricianjob! There's temporary er... lack of guests at thistime, but thisshouldn't worry you. Also we have some strangeproblems in ourelectrical system at nights, but we're sure you'llmanage to fixthem. Don't forget, if there's something broken by6:00 am you willbe fired! So don't miss a change to get a hugepayment for yourjob. Yes... And about our dear guests. Just try notto get in theirway. Bear Haven is a great indie horror game whereyou have tosurvive scary nights. You don't have just to watch atcameras as anight security guard, but you can freely walk aroundand interactwith the environment. Participate in atmospheric andintriguingnightmare adventure. Fix broken electricity and hide fromangrybears so they couldn't catch you. Run if something goes wrong.Thenclose the door and turn of the light. The phone shouldn't ringandTV shouldn't work while you are hiding. Then you can survivethefirst scary night! Play one of the best free horror games now!
Dungeon Nightmares Free 1.635
K Monkey
***Dungeon Nightmares IINOWOUT!*** benchmark in horror games on mobile in DungeonNightmaresFree! and find out what makes it scarier than any othergame outthere.NOTE: Please make sure you adjust your sensitivitysettings onthe title screen by tapping on the options icon (topright).DungeonNightmares has been called the SCARIEST game on iOSby players.Every night you go to bed, you find yourself in anendless nightmarethat you must escape from. The dungeon islittered with items foryou to collect, including Candles that helplight up your path. Butbe warned, you will not be alone in there.You must survive eachnight and progress to another to find moreclues about thisnightmare. What do these nightmares mean? Who isthat girl? this issomething for you to find out... ==========DUNGEON NIGHTMARESFEATURES - Intense scary atmosphere -Combat-less gameplay - Diverserange of "horrors" in the dungeon -Dynamic AI for enemies thatchanges based on how you play - Fully3D level design - Rich 3Dsurround sound (headphones recommended) -Graphical special effects(fog, bokeh particles) - Traditional dualstick controls - Intuitivetouch controls for interaction========== Follow our Twitter@kmonkeyblog
Lifeline 1.6.4
Lifeline is a playable, branching story of survival againstallodds. You will help Taylor make life or death decisions, andfacethe consequences together.Acclaimed writer Dave Justus (Fables:TheWolf Among Us) weaves a gripping interactive story throughtheaftermath of a crash landing on an alien moon. Taylor isstranded,the rest of the crew are dead or missing, and Taylor’scommunicatorcan only reach you.A totally unique experience enabledby moderndevices, this story plays out in real time. As Taylorworks to stayalive, notifications deliver new messages throughoutyour day. Keepup as they come in, or catch up later when you’refree.Or, dive inand jump back to earlier points in the story, andsee what happenswhen you make a different choice. Simple actionscan have aprofound effect. Complete any single path to restart thestory andunlock this mode.Lifeline is a deep, immersive story ofsurvivaland perseverance, with many possible outcomes. Taylor isrelying onYOU.Internet connection not required. No in-app purchasesand noads.WATCH US:“I’ve played many games that I find engrossing,butLifeline may be one of the first that changed the way Ithoughtabout my daily routine, which leapt off the screen andbecame apart of my lived experience.” - Eli Cymet, Gamezebo“I cared–really cared – about the fate of a completely fictionalcharacter.I don’t think any other game I’ve played has made me feelthat waybefore.” - Matt Thrower, PocketGamerLifeline on Android wascreatedby:Dave JustusMars JokelaDan SelleckColin LiottaJackieSteegeWilsonBullJason NowakBen “Books” Schwartz
KIMs Lifeline: Creepy texts travel text adventure 1.8
KIMs Lifeline game Creepy texts travel text adventure is a realtimetransmedia simulation game based on chat messages. It’s not agame,it’s a conversation. Do you have the skills to survive thiscreepytravel text adventure? There is only one way out ... KIMsisinnocent, find her story in her travel blog in facebook,twitterand instagram (sara is missing).We love reading, just likeyou. Andwe love traveling. So we created this app to make yourreadingexperience fun and let you dream of your next holiday. Astory thatdrops you right into the place of action, you will feelthe islandwith KIM. The chat cyoa is available in English, Spanish,German,French, Portuguese & Catalan. The usage of the app isfree, youcan enhance your experience with IAP or video ads. Alsopublishedas short story / scary story in Hooked and Tap chatstories /Wattpad. Scary text stories in the way of SIM - sara ismissing.Tap stories, chat fiction and yarn texts, all bundled inone singlechat story: KIMs lifeline.From the award winning SamiApps team(Google Play Editors Choice 2017, Academics Choice SmartMedia2016, 1st place Global Mobile Awards) we present you thetextadventure app with an immersive travel chat story. TRAVEL CHATTEXTADVENTURE:◆ Scary chat Stories: KIM was travelling the world,nowKIM is lost somewhere and only has the CHAT with you◆NoStranger:KIM is innocent in problems while travelling◆ One ButtonTravel:you are KIMs only contact, decide where to go and what todo◆Multiple Choices: take your decisions wisely, there are a lotofdangers waiting for KIM◆ Scary text Stories: KIM was travellingtheworld, now KIM is lost somewhere and only has the CHAT withyou◆Chat CYOA: create your own adventure, you decide how KIMstravelends (I am Innocent)◆ Choices That Matter: one step to thewrongplace and KIM will not return◆ Immersive chat experience: KIMhasreal facebook stories, twitter stories, Instagram stories (likeSIM- Sara is missing)◆ Travel text adventure Chat: KIMs travel cametoa sudden stop, KIM needs to chat with you to move on ◆ChoicesGame: every decision counts and time is ticking for KIM◆ HerStory:will get you hocked◆ Text Adventure RPG: prepare your nextholiday:_)◆ Scary text stories: discover together with KIM the wayout, itis not a whiteout◆ Choice of Games: would that KIM hadmorechoices◆ A Textingstory: inspired from titles such as LifeLinefreeLibrary and Delight Games.KEY FEATURES: ◆ Game design tostartdirect into action and get hookt◆ Rewind the story for morescarytravel chat with KIM◆ Fast Mode (paid option): enjoy thetapstories with cliffhanger faster◆ Free to play option withvideoads◆ Annie96 would write KIM about breathtaking audio andeffects◆Yarn chat fiction like Sarah is missing◆ Creepy texts fromKIM withbackground image changes depending KIMs situation◆ Realtimestories: wait for KIM to come back and receivepushnotificationsDon't hesitate! Download the Must Havetravelnarrative game App: KIMs Lifeline. A text game. CONTACT USWewantto hear your feedback! Please send us your suggestions for ourApp„Kim's Lifeline“ „Choose your story chat stories App“ or newideasto: frequently publishfreepromotional codes for our apps in our social media, have alook:◊Web:◊Twitter:◊Facebook is acreepy travel text adventure based on chat messages.It’s not agame, it’s a conversation as Chat CYOA. Do you have theskills tosurvive this creepy travel text adventure? There is onlyone wayout ... KIMs is innocent, find her story in her travel bloginfacebook, twitter and instagram (nostranger).
Noble Man (Choices Text Adventure) 2.0
Delight Games
A full-length, choice-based spy novel (text adventure RPG) whereYOUplay the characters! Play an ex-CIA agent who has gone roguetofight human trafficking. Make choices for a kidnap victim. Playaruthless killer for hire.Put yourself into the shoes ofthecharacters and watch the story unfold, but be careful whatchoicesyou make. Death is always near.49 chapters of grittyadventure andwhite-knuckled suspense. Over 100 achievements, fromthe silly tothe challenging and of course TONS of interestingchoices. And it'sall free. Sweet, sweet, freedom!Reading madeaddictive!
Scary Stories 2.9.5
Are you interested in mysticism and can’t live without horrors?Ourscary stories are waiting for you! Every day we add morestories!Smart design and interactive environment with scary imageshelp youto enjoy chill of fear…• Read stories offline! All storiesyou cansee online will be available offline.• Estimate and discussstorieswith other users!• Add your stories and you can become thebestauthor! Your likeminded people will use the application andtheycan estimate you!• In application you can find section ofstoriesrecommended by moderators, chosen and accident. All storiesaredivided on many sections.• Find new friends and chat withthem.Allour stories are from open sourses. If you have rights for astoryor image and you right wasn’t indicated or you are againstitsusing in our application please contact us. We will correct dataordelete it as soon as possible. All information is usedfornoncommercial purposes. Application authors aren’t responsibleforuse of data available in the application. Any commercial useofapplication data without written permission is prohibited.Ifyouwant to add your stories:• You are responsible for yourstorycontent:• You are responsible for image attached to yourstory:.•Your story shouldn’t be copied, only original works. If wefind outcontrary we have right to delete your story.
House of Slendrina (Free) 1.4.4
The game is free but it contains advertising.Slendrina isback!Thistime you need to find out the secret of Slendrina. Youmust exploreher house and find out who she really is. But becareful. She ismore evil than usual.Try to find 8 pieces of apicture to open akey cabinet. Then go down to the cellar and findout the secret...You also need to find keys to open certaindoors.Lookeverywhere, for they could be anywhere.Thank you all foryour kindratings you have given me! You are the best!If you want tosend anemail to me, please write in English or Swedish.Have fun!
D&D Style Medieval Fantasy RPG (Choices Game) 10.2
Delight Games
⚔️ OLD-SCHOOL D&D-STYLE TEXT ADVENTURE WITH MODERN TWISTS!Ifyou like old-school D&D-style RPG games where you makethechoices for the main character, this is for you! Play a wizard,asuccubus, a ranger, and a rogue in this epic series oftext-basedgames. Here, old-school doesn’t mean primitive. There arehundredsof achievements to uncover—from the silly and surprising totheepic. As you make choices, stats go up and down, with rarelyan“instant death”. You have ready options for going back onchoiceswhile gripping you with a sense of suspense and challenge.⚔️SIMPLE, YET ADDICTIVE GAMEPLAY Medieval Fantasy RPG isdead-simpleto learn, yet hard to master. You read and make choices,that’s it,but the consequences of your choices are not alwaysobvious. It'slike a series of your favorite fantasy novels, butgamified to beeven more awesome! Soon you will be immersed in anRPG richer thanany you have played before because your ownimagination is drivingwhat you see, hear, and touch. ⚔️ PLAY AMASSIVE, WELL-THOUGHT-OUTSTORY! This huge series of intertwiningstory lines is made up ofover 1 MILLION words! Over 7 years hasgone into the development!You start off playing a character insearch of glory and loot, butsoon delve into a world of deadlyconspiracy and paralleluniverses. Later, the story continues as youswitch to playing asuccubus (demon), and then a rogue—each withtheir own personalityand goals. Also, there’s more on the way! Likea good D&Dcampaign, it doesn’t end. ⚔️ ACTUALLY FREE AND NOPAYING FOR ACHOICE Play well and you will be rewarded with thecurrency youneed to finish everything without spending a penny.Hunt down thoseachievements, get the high ranks, and choose towatch the rewardedvideos as they become available. Not that I don’tappreciate yourmonetary support and I’m confident that you willfind it well worthit, but know that you do not have to. Unlike manychoice-basedgames, you do NOT spend currency to make choices. Nochoice iswalled off from you for need of gems, etc. nor is thereany suchhint to spoil which is the “better choice”. You choose! ⚔️REALROLE-PLAYING To succeed, you must put yourself in the boots ofyourcharacter and do what’s best for him or her, even if it’s notwhatyou would normally do. This requires more than logic, butalsoempathy for your character and the situation he/shefindsthemselves in. This is role-playing in its purest form. ⚔️EASY ONBATTERY AND STORAGE. EVEN PLAY OFFLINE! Although this is ahugeinteractive story, offering many hours of enjoyment, it’s atinydownload and you can even play offline. ⚔️ Origin Got thisfar?Well, let me tell you about the origin of this game. My nameisSam. I grew up with Dungeons and Dragons (1st edition, yeah!)andChoose Your Own Adventure books in rural Wisconsin, a placewhereimagination offered the most expedient means of escape.Decadeslater, I wanted to see if I could combine the best offantasywriting with mobile game design in order to make readingaddictive.Over six years ago, I left my corporate job to embark ona quest tocreate the best Interactive Fiction package I could. Overthoseyears, I’ve been working full-time in my backyard shedstriving tokeep on the right side of sanity as I drift off intoother worlds.This isn’t quite as sad as it sounds. My shed isinsulated againstSeattle’s winter chill, I invested in a standingdesk, and mymonitor is pretty sweet. I’ve had help from contractorsover theyears, which has been a lifesaver, particularly for artwhich I'mhopeless with. I hope you enjoy the fruits of my obsessionandmaybe I’ll hear from you via mail, etc. People like you makethesacrifice, the isolation, and the ups-and-downs of thebrutalmobile business worth it. :)
Alter Ego 1.6.4
What if you could live your life over again? In thistext-basedinteractive fiction, you choose what happens next. It'sin thestyle of pick-a-path gamebooks, but with over athousandmultiple-choice questions, it's much longer and deeperthantraditional gamebooks. Alter Ego starts at birth and ends atdeath,including two substantially different versions, dependingonwhether you choose to be male or female. Will you grow up tobeconfident and happy? Will you fight with bullies, or befriendthem?Will you find a date to the senior prom? Will you marry andhavekids, or start your own business and become a millionaire?Thechoice is yours. This game will change your life.(Alter Egowasoriginally published in 1986 for the Commodore 64, MS-DOS,AppleII, and Macintosh. The current edition of the Alter Ego gameis aproduction of Choose Multiple LLC. This edition includes anupdatedinterface and fixes bugs in the original version of thegame, butthe content of the game hasn't changed from the original1986version of the game.)
Escape Games: Fear House 2 2.0
The game is full of puzzles in a scary atmosphere.Can youescapethis place, it will not be easy I assure you! Are you up forthechallenge?An addictive and scary adventure game! We hope youwilllove it!Game features:- nice graphics- solve puzzles- find,combineand use items- find solutions- kill zombie- use your brainand youmindEscape this fear house and win thegame!Facebook:
com.choiceofgames.dragon 1.5.9
Tyrannize the kingdom as a fire-breathing dragon who sleeps ongoldand kidnaps princesses for fun! "Choice of the Dragon" isathrilling interactive novel by Dan Fabulich and AdamStrong-Morse,where your choices control the story. The game isentirelytext-based--30,000 words, without graphics or soundeffects--andfueled by the vast, unstoppable power of yourimagination. Battleheroes, wizards, and rival dragons in yourinsatiable thirst forgold and infamy. Start by dominating a localtribe of goblins, thenusurp the kingdom, defending and expandingyour despotic regime toannex neighboring kingdoms, incinerating thepeasants in theirthatched-roof cottages. O, mighty dragon, spreadyour wings and letyour shadow fall over the terrorized nationbeneath you! • Play asmale, female, neither, or an undeterminedgender • Find and seduceanother dragon to be your mate • Kidnapprincesses for goodconversation, to bait heroes, or for a lightsnack • Isn't it alittle sexist to always kidnap princesses? Kidnapa prince instead• Ransack holy temples, blaspheming againstvengeful gods
True Fear: Forsaken Souls I 1.2.11
Delve into the horror adventure full of mysteries asHollyStonehouse in Part 1 of the True Fear: Forsaken Souls trilogy.Findyour sister, unravel the secret of mother's death, escapethestalking darkness. Play the entire first Act for free, try itnow!- Investigate sister's house, return to mother's manor,visitabandoned asylum. - Use Map for fast traveling. - Solve morethan20 puzzles. - Watch over 25 cutscenes. - Read through hundredsofnotes and diaries to fully immerse in the atmosphere ofmysteries.- Experience the true fear and oppressive psychologicalatmosphere.- Find 15 hidden character figurines and learn theirstory. -Unlock 40 achievements. - Unlock Bonus Material: puzzles,conceptart, secret info. - Listen to the soundtrack of thehighestquality. - Choose Escape the Room or Hidden Objects scenes.- Pinchin to see the smallest details. Find out about the sequel,shareyour thoughts, ask questions! Policy
Paranormal Territory Free 1.0
Caution: this game is a test of your courage, at the end ofyou'llsee your result.Does your mind starved for puzzles, and yournervesfrom thrill? Well, then horror "Paranormal Territory"from"AGaming+" will shake you to the core! Turn off the light andtakeyour headset. But be careful, only your vigilance can help youtoescape from the paws of the horror that is happening here.Ourstorybegins in a small provincial city. Once upon a time, intheevening, returning while you were returning from work youfoundthat your family is disappeared. Not wasting a minute youarestarting quest of your family in the house. And it depends onlyonyou, you will be able to find them or not!Version of thegamewithoutadvertising:
The Phenomenon Lite 1.7.7
2 Fly Dreams
First trailer: Secondtrailer: Fullversion: is an episodic survival horror game withgreatre-playability. The main character is Barry Nellan, aparanormalresearcher whose work is known worldwide. Many casesconnected withunexplained activity were investigated. Most gave noreal results,but the last one… "Hospital Sinister" is the namepeople have givento this abandoned hospital. Many people try toavoid this hospitalas when they are near it, they start feelingbad; it seems asthough real fear and panic are stalking you here.There are rumorsthat a curse was put on the hospital and that evilinhabits it. Itappears as a ghost, and it is called Sophie. Littlegirl Sophie wasstruggling with an unknown type of amnesia, and herparents tookher to the hospital where her granny, Annabelle, was anurse. Shewas not getting better, and the girl was a resident ofanothercountry, undertaking expensive treatment. These eventsforcedAnnabelle to resort to non-traditional methods of treatment.Afterthe death of her granddaughter, Annabelle could not sleepproperly,she always had nightmares in which she was walking amongSophie,her grandpa, and dead people. Not intending to sound trite,it wasFriday the 13th when the old woman decided to settle a scorewithher own life in the forest. Shortly before the closure ofthehospital, sinkholes began to appear around it, and thewindowsstarted turning black, preventing daylight from passingthrough.The hospital security guards Charlie and Alan call thesesillystories, blaming the abandoned mine, Outlast, which ispartiallylocated under the hospital. It causes the ground tocollapse anddue to coal dust there is always a constant mist andwindows turndark. In addition, the security guards don't believe inthe hole,Devil eye, inside the mine that is deeper than the KolaSuperdeepBorehole and leads directly to Hell, where a demon voiceor thescream of someone’s sinful soul can be heard. Charlie andAlan saythat ufologist Oliver Wake recently began to explore thehospital.In his youth, he was inspired by The X-Files , and sincethen hehas been blogging, mostly on topics like Bigfoot, vampiresandwerewolves, UFO hunting, and the conjuring spell. Many peopleknowhim from the article about the Lazarus serum within thesecretgovernment program. Currently, communication with Oliver islost.You can find far more absurd legends about this hospital thatcomefrom internet videos and PC games, right up to those thatpeoplecan find Rake, Slender here or, unbelievably, Baldi and Momo.Butall those are just rumors, right? In the EPISODE 1, youwillexplore map of 3 square kilometers with over 500 spawns ofobjects,use devices for paranormal research, fight againstcreatures withsmart and tricky AI, and find out a lot of otherthings that makeeach new game unique. Compete with other players totake the firstplace in the global leaderboards. Besides touchinput, you can usethe gamepad and a keyboard with a mouse. The mainlanguage isEnglish, but Spanish and Russian are supported too.Please contactus if you need any assistance, have a proposal forfuture updates,or found a bug. Contactform:
Slendrina: The Forest 1.02
It's time again with a new scary adventure with Slendrina.Thistimeit will be your mission to find out the dark secret that hidesinthe dark forest.You need to find some keys and tools tosucceed.Andas always, watch out for Slendrina and turn around assoon as yousee her.You must also be careful so you do not faceSlendrinasmother.If you want to send an email to me, please writein Englishor Swedish.Thank you all for your kind ratings you havegiven me!You are the best!The game is free but it Containsadvertising.Goodluck!
Dr.Slenderman Episode 1 1.1
Fix all bugs Enter Chris Arknikelle skin, and tries to escapefromthe asylum of Dr.Slender You will search for 4 Documents toescape.Find the keys and objects needed to emerge unscathed fromtheasylum. Be careful with the spirits Looking kits help assomeenemies will hit you on your adventure. Hide the Dr.Slendersinceit will follow you anywhere. Be careful when you meet Celder,as itopens the doors, and often strike veryhard
Hotel Insanity 1.0
Welcome to the Hotel Insanity.The hotel where you have to surviveaslong as you can.You must find coins that are on different placesinthe hotel. They show up at random places. coins can be hard tofind,so look properly.The coins you must use in any of the threeApplemachines that are located in the hotel.The apples you shouldeat tosurvive your hunger.There is even a small apple thiefwandering inthe hotel and who loves apples. Watch out for thatlittle guy.Bewareof the maniacs wandering in darkness. They'llhurt you.And alsobeware of traps. (Some traps you can disarm).Goodluck and havefun!Thank you all for your kind ratings you havegiven me! You arethe best!If you want to send an email to me,please write in Englishor Swedish.The game is free but it containsadvertising.
com.IncogitableZ.MightyMage 1.2.75
If you have ever wished you were a wizard, mage, sorcerer ormagicalhero, this game will satisfy your fantasy and desire! Ipoured myheart into this project, because - just like you - I havedreamedabout wielding magic powers and studying the arcane arts.Hopefullyyou will have at least half as much fun playing this gameas I hadmaking it! Mighty Mage is a text adventure (CYOA) and openworldrole playing game that will captivate you for hours to come.As youtravel through this world of interactive fiction and chooseyour ownadventure, you'll hear original, unique score - musiccomposedspecifically for this mage RPG. You'll get a chance tolearndifferent schools of magic, experience an epic journey anddefeatyour foes using powerful magic spells. Starting from yournovicewizard training in Monastery, through undertaking tasks fromtheMage Order to completing side quests, you will not be able toputdown your device as you play this fantasy RPG! Features: ✔Powerfulmagic spells ✔ Pick any school of magic ✔ Conjure andsummoncreatures ✔ Many paths to take in your own choose your ownadventure(CYOA) story ✔ Open world RPG ✔ Beautiful music ✔Absolutely noadvertisements There is a free trial and a paid fullstory unlock asan in-app purchase.
Can You Escape - Fear House 3.1
The game is full of puzzles in a scary atmosphere.Can youescapethis place, it will not be easy I assure you! Are you up forthechallenge?An addictive and scary adventure game! We hope youwilllove it!Game features:- nice graphics- solve puzzles- find,combineand use items- find hidden objects- kill zombie- use yourbrain andyou mindEscape this fear house and win thegame!Facebook:
Slendrina: The School 1.2
Slendrina is back in a new scary game!This time you are in anoldschool where Slendrina at young age use to go to.Try to find8fuses that are scattered throughout the school.The 8 fuses willbeused to open a locked door.You must also find one ofSlendrinasbelongings and give it to her, to get something inreturn.You alsoneed to find keys to open certain doorsand healthboxes that giveyou a little more health when you have beeninjured.Thank you allfor your kind ratings you have given me! Youare the best!If youwant to send an email to me, please write inEnglish or Swedish.Thegame is free but it contains advertising.Havefun!
com.inkle.eightydays 1.5a1
inkle Ltd
1872, with a steampunk twist. Phileas Fogg has wagered hecancircumnavigate the world in just eighty days. Choose your ownroutearound a 3D globe, travelling by airship, submarine,mechanicalcamel, steam-train and more, racing other players and aclock thatnever stops in TIME Magazine's #1 Game of the Year 2014.Featuringstunning art by Jaume Illustration, a half-million wordscript byMeg Jayanth, original music by Laurence Chapman, and builtusingthe same inklewriter engine that powers ourcritically-acclaimedSorcery! series, 80 DAYS is an interactiveadventure created byyour choices, on the fly, and is differentevery time you play.Playing as Phileas Fogg's loyal valet,Passepartout, you mustbalance your master's health, your finances,and the time, as youchoose your own path from city to city all theway around theworld. Bribe your way onto early departures, butdon't let yourselfgo bankrupt or you'll be sleeping rough andbegging for aid! Tradeitems for profit, and collect the equipmentfor the conditionsyou'll face: but too much luggage will slow youdown... 80 DAYS isa breakneck race, with an in-game clock thatnever stops running.Trains, steamers, hot-air balloons, boats,camels, horses and moreleave and arrive minute by minute. Everycity and journey isnarrated via an interactive story where youcontrol every action.Will your choices speed you up - or lead youinto disaster? Willyou earn Fogg's trust and respect? Will youuncover the secrets andshort-cuts that can shave days off yourtime? Murder, romance,rebellion and intrigue await! The app isnetwork-connected, with alive feed that shows you the position ofall the other players ofthe game, their routes, triumphs anddisasters. You can race to bethe fastest - or look ahead to learnthe secrets of the world.Share your own journey with friends, andload other's routesdirectly into your app so you can racehead-to-head. * "We’ve beendreaming about this future for decades.Guess what? It’s here." -New York Times * "Interactive storytellingas its best" - TheGuardian * "This brilliant interactive novelre-imagines PhileasFogg's journey around the world... One of thefinest examples ofbranching narrative yet created." - The Telegraph* "For people wholove high adventures and good writing, 80 Days isa voyage thatmust be taken" - The Verge * "A brilliantly paced,memorable andquite frankly terrific piece of modern interactivefiction, thatmasterfully blends strategy, resource management andadventure" * "This is modern storytelling thatengages anddelights, and the bold, stylish artwork gives 80 Daysalmost agraphic novel feel. Pack your case, armchair Passepartout-adventure awaits!" - Joystiq * "Is it a game? Is it a story?Both,really. And a delight." - The Telegraph - Best Novels of 2014*"Could be the best interactive fiction game out there" - 148 Apps*"A sublime video game to immerse yourself in" - The Examiner *"Oneof the most extraordinarily memorable and unique games I’veplayedin years" - Pocket Tactics * "Everything about this gameisperfect" - AppAdvice * "Innovative and extraordinary,andunpredictable fun" - Apps Zoom * "Rich with ideas,brilliantlywritten, and creates a world that you'll want to visitover andover again" - PocketGamer (gold award) 150 cities toexplore.Millions of journeys. Detailed research and techno-fantasycombinein an 1872 of tensions, inventions and exploration. ClimbtheBurmese mountains, trek the Zulu Federation, sail up the Amazonanddisappear under the Indian Ocean - but don't fall behind thetime!