Top 19 Games Similar to Angry Robot Dog Toy War

Toy Robot Dino War Carnotaurus 3.3
Carnotaurus a group of large theropods, lived between about 72and69.9 million years ago (Late Cretaceous period). It was 8-9 minlength, weighing at least 1.35 metric tons. Carnotaurus hadthickhorns above the eyes, looks like bull (Taurus), the horns andthemuscular neck may have been used in fighting conspecifics. Inthiscool assemble robot dinosaur series game, you could create arobotCarnotaurus, test performance,try attack weapon and defense,jointhe Toy Robot Dino War!
Robot Double Head Pterosaur 3.5
You would create a unique Robot Double Head Pterosaur dino inthefun game.Assemble all parts, test performance,join the toyrobotwar, showing your power!
Toy Robot Mexico Rex Dino War 3.7
The robot toy world war continued for an eternity. You have tomakethe robot Mexico Rex to join the war, protect yourhomeland!Assemble all parts of the Mexico Rex. Test performance,showingyour power!
Assemble Robot War Triceratops 3.5
Assemble a robot Triceratops
Robot Ankylosaurus Toy War 3.9
Do your like robot Dino? Join the cool game, creat your ownrobotAnkylosaurus. About dino Ankylosaurus you should know: itlived inend of the Cretaceous Period (about 68-65.5 millionyearsago).Ankylosaurus have two horns, armor plates covered in hisback.Ankylosaurus grew to at least 6 meters long,6 tonnes weighed.Veryhuge Did it !? Assemble all parts of Robot Ankylosaurus,customizecolor of it, test performance,tuning up the weapon, jointhe ToyRobot Dino War, fight with other robot dino, such asrobotrex,Therizinosaurus,Stegosaurus etc.. Have fun!
Robot Therizinosaurus Toy War 3.9
Create robot Therizinosaurus!
Toy Jurassic Robot Bee 2.5
Welcome back to the Toy Jurassic series game. Assemble allpartscreate a huge robot Bee. Join the toy robot war! Defeat allevilrobot enemies!
Robot Jurassic Dragonfly 2.5
Create a robot Dragonfly.Join the robot war!
Robot Dinosaur Black T-Rex 2.6
Create a Robot Black T-Rex Dinosaur in the game. Fight theevilrobot enemies! Protect our home.
Assemble Toy Gun Pistol 1.0
Did you like pistol? Join the game, putalltheparts together, assemble 3 different style pistol, makeyourgun.Test performance, complete all challengetargetpractice!
Toy Robot War:Robot Sickle 1.0.0
Like solve the puzzle? Like bots fight?RobotSickle is the right one for you.We have been working on the Toy Robot War for a really longtime.We developed many bots that you might like. We like tointroduce theRobot Sickle. In challenge mode you can be thedomination of thecity. Destroy the building, with kick-ass skillyou will beinvincible. In fight mode, you will meet multiplebosses and woulduse your skill to defeat the boss. Robot sucklehas many forms,puzzle form and robot form.You will enjoy the awesome fighting experienceKey Feature:- Get the pieces out of the box! Revive Transformers!- Be the domination of the city.- Defeat the boss with your kick-ass skill.We hope you would love this game, and if you have anysuggestionor question please follow us on:Facebook: you like to say something, you can also reach us by thisemailaddress:
T-rex Cops - Combine! Dino Robot : Dinosaur Game 1.3.2
A free Dino Robot game provided by First Fox Games! "T-rex copsisresponsible for security officer, belong Double TargetExcellentmobility for the criminals arrest, reinforced the boosterengine isequipped with. His defense also increased dramaticallywhenequipped with "Knight Defense Armor" It is not difficult tocarryout any form of police duties. He is currently achieving a100%arrest rate, Which is higher than the Tarbo Cops' arrest rateof99%." Assemble the parts are scattered Try assembling a largeandpowerful robot dinosaur "T-rex cops". After assembling You canusea variety of techniques. if you review and comment new dinorobot,we will make it soon.
Dino Robot Battle Field - Armoured Dinosaurs War 4.2.6
In Dino Battlefield, various dinosaurs Robot belonging to DinoWorldappear. Fight countless battles that will shake the worldwith yourown DinoRobot! Constantly challenge your enemies and gainbattleexperience to grow stronger! They will obey you. Inaddition, youcan get a new DinoRobot or upgrade an existingDinoRobot with adinosaur capsule with powerful energy. In the DinoWorld, except forcertain DinoRobots, they were created, assembled,and combined basedon data that appeared in the Triassic toJurassic and Cretaceousperiods of the Mesozoic era. They aredinosaur Robot specialized inbattle with excellent genes andshapes. The theropod T-Rex basedT-Rex Red and Terminator T-Rex arepredators that subdue theiropponents with their massive body andpowerful jaws, while theRaptor based Velociraptor is a hunter whopreys on their prey withunique agility. Mammals, the Smilodon andthe Mammoth, each threatentheir enemies with their sharp teeth andmassive weight. Also, thepterosaur based Pteranodons andRamphorhynchus watch and attackenemies from the skies. Besidesthat, a variety of powerfulDinoRobots are waiting for you tochoose.
Triceratops - Combine! Dino Robot&Dinosaur Puzzle 1.4.12
A free Dino Robot game provided by First Fox Games!"Triceratopsisfirefighter, belong to Duble Target in T-rex city.Hisextensiontank can hold large amounts of water in one go. Heisadvantageousin suppressing a big fire, So Troodon hates himverymuch. He isknown really close to spinosaurus And move togetherinemergencysituations, they shows the excellent teamwork."Assemblethe partsare scattered Try assembling a large and powerfulrobotdinosaur"Triceratops". After assembling You can use avarietyoftechniques. if you review and comment new dino robot, wewillmakeit soon.
Spinosaurus - Combine! Dino Robot 2.3.2
A free Dino Robot game provided by First Fox Games! "SpinosaurusisaDouble-Target's firefighter And is the captain ofthefirefightingteam responsible for the safety of Tyranno City.Hehas a strong bodyand strength through training, He equippedwithtwo powerful firehoses." Assemble the parts are scatteredTryassembling a large andpowerful robot dinosaur "Spinosaurus".Afterassembling You can use avariety of techniques. if you reviewandcomment new dino robot, wewill make it soon.
Megalosaurus - Combine! Dino Robot : Dinosaur Game 1.2.1
A free Dino Robot game provided by First Fox Games! "Megalosaurusislarge cargo truck of Black Union. He supply ammunition andcargousing the supply route." Assemble the parts are scatteredTryassembling a large and powerful robot dinosaur"Megalosaurus".After assembling You can use a variety oftechniques. if you reviewand comment new dino robot, we will makeit soon.
Dr.Ptera - Combine! Dino Robot : Dinosaur Game 1.2.5
"Dr.Ptera is director of Ptera laboratory. He think he isthegreatest, So he rides "GTP(Great the Ptera)" is Special robotlikehimself. And he can summon a giant combat robot andinventionsanytime, anywhere. He achieved a number of scientificachievementsis revered by many scientists." Assemble the parts arescatteredTry assembling a large and powerful robot dinosaur"Dr.Ptera".After assembling You can use a variety of techniques. ifyou reviewand comment new dino robot, we will make it soon.
Mosa Plesio - Combine! Dino Robot 1.2.1
A free Dino Robot game provided by First Fox Games! "Mosa Plesioisbelong Storm Dragon, combined a Dino robot Mosasaurus andDeepPlesio as the ruler of the sea. They coalescence to preventtheBlack Union from coast wires." Assemble the parts are scatteredTryassembling a large and powerful robot dinosaur "Mosa Plesio".Afterassembling You can use a variety of techniques. if you reviewandcomment new dino robot, we will make it soon.
Toy Robot War:RobotSlayerWolf 1.0.0
The toy robot war is breaking out!We needtoprepare some strong robot warriors for the war.But they arestillin the packing boxes.So let's assemble them to join thewar.Now weneed to put together the Robot Slayer Wolf,and then wecan test itsperformance!Have fun!