Top 24 Games Similar to Monster Arena

Ace of Arenas
Check out the fresh new look of Ace ofArenas,with a new interface, new champions, Item Builder, andmore!Ace of Arenas is a fast paced action MOBA with challenginggameplay,multiple modes, and over 1,000,000 players from aroundthe world.Become a hero, creating formidable teams to dominateyour rivals andbring glory to your team! Level up and strengthenyour Champions totactically decimate enemy players, turrets andultimately, the Coreof their base in furiously paced head-to-headbattles.FEATURES- FREE to play Mobile action MOBA (Multiplayer OnlineBattleArena)- Innovative controls: Clear target distinction for easeofplay- No more tedious tapping: break the mould and swipe your waytovictory- Fight with or against players from all over the world in realtimePvP games- Develop tactics and team play to devastate enemies- Leaderboard: Battle it out with the world’s best players totopthe league- A wide selection of distinctive Champions to choose from- Level up and customise your Champions: Hundreds of skinsandweapons to choose from- Smooth Graphics: Immerse yourself in-game with crisp,cleangraphicsAll the fun of MOBAs now available on your mobile. Enter thechaosof battle to see if you can emerge victorious. Thearenaawaits...
Far Cry® 4 Arena Master 1.0.7
Become the arena master with Far Cry® 4 Arena Master, theofficialFar Cry®4 app. Collect animals and mercenary fighters foryour ownpersonal arena pen and send them to battle against otherFar Cry®4players for fame and fortune.Far Cry® 4 Arena Master can be linked directly to your FarCry®4game, allowing you to share your arena progress and sendcustom FarCry® 4 arena challenges to your friends. Playing Far Cry®4 arenacan also unlock new fighters in the Far Cry® 4 ArenaMasterapp.The choice is yours, play Far Cry® 4 Arena Master as eitherastandalone game or as a companion to your Far Cry®4experience.World MapSend mercenaries on quests to capture animals and recruitfighters.But be careful, they will experience all of the encountersandchallenges of the open world which can end in one of twoways:tragedy or victory. The World map is synced to your Far Cry®4gameworld map, accurately reflecting outposts, bell towers, andotherprogress made in your game.PenUnlock cages and enclosures to collect and manage your animalsandfighters. Buy, sell, hunt, and recruit units that you can sendintobattle. Unlock stronger units as you gain fame and progresstowardsthe status of Arena Master.BattleArena challenges:Send your warriors and animals into battle. Set up and sendarenachallenges to your friends playing Far Cry®4. Earn in-gamecash,experience and rewards as your challenges are played by FarCry®4players.Solo:Battle against AI champions. Defeat the greatest arena fightersandbecome the Arena Master!
Arena Battlefield Team Combat 2.15
EnJen Games
Notice: Users playing the game onandroidversion 5.0, and 5.0.2, have reported a bug making thegamerestart, in bigger maps. It appears to be a problem betweentheandroid version, some hardware processors, and the game engine.Weare working to fix this issue.Free 3d action and real time strategy game.Prepare for war and build up your own elite arena army, andfaceoff, in mortal combat, against enemies in the arenas andonbattlefields! Only one team will be victorious!Control any character on your team that you want, and shootyouenemies with a bow or a javelin - or get up close and hack atthemlike crazy with axes, swords, spears and more! Or take amorestrategic approach, and line up shield walls, and usetheenvironment to your advantage!4 awesome classes, 14 different levels, 6 super fun arenasandbattlefields, and an unlimited amount of enemies tofightagainst!Time your attacks and movement to block opponent hits,andcounter them with an axe or a sword to the face!Follow EnJen Games on, to requestnewfeatures, report bugs, or get news about new EnJen gamesorupdates!
Sniper Arena: PvP Army Shooter 0.6.7
💥The best 3D PvPmultiplayerarmyshootinggame!Free!💥💥 Sniper squad will allowexperiencingrealadrenalineof warin battlefields from real lifebattle net.😎JOIN ELITE SNIPER SQUADThe “Sniper Arena” simulator will take youfromyourmobiledevice’sscreen right to a realistic and tough worldofwarandterror!💥BECOME THE BEST SNIPER 😎Take a rifle and join in fierce battles inthemainsnipermobileonline PvP game. Prove to everyone that youarethebestkillershooter by fighting with the strongest snipersoftheworld,thereis more than 500 000 of hunters already. 💪Destroy snipers on the way to elite, wintitles,discoverandresearchthe best rifles over the world,usemodernmilitaryammunition in eachbattle.Enjoy excellent 3D graphics and dynamicshootingwithonlineplayers,that creates a full sense of actualcombat!Topthestandings withyour platoon, arrange shootingandhuntenemies,capture and defendterritories!GAME FEATURES✓ Three modes of online battle – oneagainstall,teambattle,conquer territories. Challenge other players,joinasquad,or createyour own! Arrange sniper duel shooterswithothersquads,and fightfor territory! 🔫✓ Multiplayer: up to 8 real opponents on themap.RealWorldWar– Special Forces and terrorists,soldiersagainstassassinsandhitman.✓ Enjoy breathtaking 3D GRAPHICS:theworld’sbestSNIPERRIFLES, superbly realistic and authenticineverylittleaspect,and 4 spectacular combat locations,madewithsupremeattention todetail, thought through in terms ofgamelogicandthebalance.✓ Try intuitively easy controls – SWIPE,ZOOM,KILL!Competeinbest-known 3 game modes: Deathmatch,TeamDeathmatch,andDominationwith up to 8 real opponents on themap,whoevershootsmore snipers -wins the round.✓ Ally with your friends to buildanUNSTOPPABLESQUAD,leadthem to the top, duel with other teamsandwinterritories intheDomination mode.✓ The most convenient controlling: shootandkillhitman.Firstperson shooter: it can be handled even byachildsitting onapotty-chair, or a granny on a bench attheporch.✓ Realistic 3D Weapon: improve your shootingskillsandhitthetarget by the best sniper rifles of theworld,realsoundsofweapons.✓ Scenic battle locations: 🚁BlockhouseMountain,OldCustomsHouse, Village in the mountains,andUSmilitarybase.✓ Unique players rating and detailedstatistics,morethan60sniper titles: from Recruit to Hunter!✓ A great number of upgrades and improvements.✓ Common game server for all platforms.✓ Real-life network communication: teamandgeneralchat.ATTENTIONIn the game Sniper Arena there are materialsforadults,scenesofviolence and blood. All the battles take placeinrealtime, soyouneed an Internet connection.Get answers to all questions about thegame,searchforsquadandfightershere:
Gods In Arena 6.0.0
War just broke the thin line betweentheworlds. The gods are now involved. The story is set in thebackdropwhere the vikings are trying to invade the divine palace tocapturethe throne but are challenged by loyal defenders to fightfor it.Choose your army and play the hero you want to be. Defendagainstthe mighty invaders.The objective of the game is that you have stop all the vikingsfromcrossing the x-bow line. Place units, warriors, plantfarmers.Collect potions and spells to win this battle★★★★★ CHOOSE WEAPONS TO FIGHT AND UNITS TO DEFEND ★★★★★We loved the fact that you loved the first version ( HeroesVsZombies ) . So this time its double the fun and a differentangle.Mighty power ups, lots of ways to earn gold, tacky levels andsomany different types of units and weapons.★★★★★ SUPER STRATEGY GAME ★★★★★ Only if placing of unit wassosimple. You need to be alert and careful in picking upyourenemies. Time is crucial and choose enemies that you can killfast.But also be careful not to let them sneak in too close.★★★★★ MIGHTY HEROES JUST GOT SHARPER ★★★★★ Each hero has itsownadvantage. While one can act as a sheild for your unit theothercan kill from a distance. Which you choose it up to you.Theirdivine powers are a mix of magic from Gods of Egypt andstrength ofmight greek gods.★★★★★ A FREE GAME ★★★★★ The game in itself is free. Tosupportour bills we had to integrate Ads. But thats not at the costofuser experience. If you feel we have done a good job thenpleaserate us.
Cutting Edge Arena FREE 1.0.8
Cutting Edge Arena is an actionmultiplayergame, with legendary warriors taking souls of theirenemies duringa never-ending war.It gives you an opportunity to play with other players aroundtheworld on several arenas.Fight them using swords, hammers, daggers, sticks andmanymore.Create your own account, earn Soulen Coins and experience. Buynewequipment to defeat your enemies faster.We also provide a global ranking system. Become the best warriorinthe world!The game uses a Wi-Fi connection for online gameplay. You canalsoplay offline with AI opponents through "Bot Game".You may also need to enable Universal Plug&Play on yourrouterin order to host online games.FULL VERSION Game features: (Just few of them are available inthisversion, buy a Full Version to unlock all features)- 9 playable characters- 27 weapons- 2 different arenas ( 4 in full version )- 5 power-up skills- 9 character upgrades- offline bot game mode- game awards system ( in full version )- global ranking system ( in full version )- player accounts system ( in full version )
Deadlands Arena 1.3
When the doomsday came, the world in itsoldsense has ceased to exist. Each new day can be your lastone.You're one of the few survivors of the zombie Apocalypse. Dayafterday, making your way through hordes of the walking dead, youthinkonly about one thing – how to survive.Zombieland Arena is an example of classical, scary, butexcitinggame about zombies, which keeps tension all the time.The main goal of the game is to survive as long as possible inapost-apocalyptic arena,which is infested withbloodthirstymonsters.How will your story end – depends on your dexterity, intuitionandof course, your will to survive.Play the unique continuation of the widely acclaimed zombiegame:free, convenient and incredibly gripping.Be the first to score in a legendary Zombieland Arena!Features:- Real atmosphere of the Apocalypse: splendid graphics, vividsoundsand the atmosphere.- Deadlands Arena is a logical continuation of the"Deadland’sRoad", zombie 3D horror adventure game.- The exclusivity of the genre – hardcore zombie shooter withtheelements of zombie arcade game and survival.- Easy game control, designed especially for mobileplatforms.- Dangerous zombie enemies and mutants – you'll getunpredictableaction.- Ammunition for different weapons is available duringthegame.- The ability to earn power-up during the game.- Share results with friends
Dot Arena 5.2.0
Asia’s #1 Mobile Game is taking SoutheastAsiaby storm! Experience innovative strategicaction-card-battlegameplay, collect your team of cute and epicheroes, and challengeyour friends in unique PvP, survival, andguild co-op multiplayercombat.Join the 43 million players discovering this unique RPG cardbattleexperience – enter the world of Dot Arena now.Dot Arena is Asia’s top PvP RPG action card battle game.Key Features:1 Unparalleled Heroes – With over 100 unforgettable,collectableheroes: melee sea sprites, agile archers and musketeers,powerfulmages and magic summoners. One-touch skill releases eachhero’sunique special ultimate skills in real-time battle. Withsimple andstraightforward gameplay, this game is easy for anyplayer to pickup, but with its deep strategy mechanics and herocombinations, ittakes a true master to conquer the Arena!2 Adventure Unique Survival-mode PvP – Adventure through DotArena’sunique survival PvP mode: the Crucible of Fire. Your heroeswill beeliminated once they die in battle and only the survivingheroes canenter the next CoF battle.3 Raid Dungeons – Challenge the Raid Dungeons and cooperatewithyour guild mates to beat monsters from different campaignchapters.You can also collect special raid dungeon loot to equipand upgradeyour heroes.4 Team Customization - in Dot Arena, there are Over 100millioncombinations of heroes, let alone equipment so it is up toyou toselect your team! Your skill, strategy, and lightningfastreactions will command your heroes in each battle to lead youtovictory. If you don’t have the meta-friendly heroes, don’tworry,rentable Mercenary heroes in camp are waiting to behired.5 Energy and Experience – in Dot Arena, 60 free Energy is given3times a day to make sure player have enough energy to collecttobattle. Also the Caverns of Time and Dojo are now updated withnocool down time to enable player explore these stages ashe/shewishes, making the game a better experience for our fastpacedplayers!6 Dot Arena is free to play, and there is always abundant lootforplayers to collect and upgrade their heroes, in addition moreitemscan be bought via in-app purchases. In Dot Arena, we havediamonds,arena coins, dragon scale coins, gladiator coins andbrotherhoodcoins. These in-game currencies are all collectable forboth payingand non-paying users in different stages and battles,and can beexchanged in different stores in the game for a varietyof excitingitems and even heroes.Fan Page:
King of the Arena 1.1
Fight for your freedom in the deadlyarena.Defeat the undead horde of soldiers of the dark king. Killeveryone of them to advance to the next wave. Share your score toyourfriends with the built in facebook share button. Be thebestfighter to earn your freedom.
God of Arena 1.0.0
The annual epic masterpiece "Dead orAlive"global has released! With the wonderful game storyline, thefineart pictures ,it maximize the restoring of the legendary herointhe Roman era.Join with your friends in the best and latest actionRPGmultiplayer online battle arena, God of Arena! Collect andtrainyour heroes, gather your teammates, strengthen your heroes andwipeout the enemy in thrilling, addictive and fast-paced games.Overone hundred quests for you to partake in the story that youtell.Which heroes will you choose?Start form here ! This is the heroic era. Write your ownhistorywith your sword.= AN EXCEPTIONALLY RICH AND ADDICTIVE GAME =1) Recruit legendary gladiator, dominate the Coliseum inRome!Form your team with the powerful allies, recruit different typesofdistinctive gladiators. You will have a chance to fight withthelegendary gladiators!2)Formation tactics, Fate with teammate, High-endstrategybattle!Try out different formations and team matching; figure out yourbeststrategy in the combat.3) Wonderful story,Exciting Dungeon!Follow your storyline and venture into many exciting dungeons.Fightthe bosses and get the loots.4)Different kinds of character enhancements and varietyofevents!Equipment, skills, specialty training and much more excitingcontentare waiting for you to discover!Like GOA on Facebook: service:
Zombie Arena 1.2.1
Enter the Zombie Arena with yourFacebookfriends. Who will survive this zombie game?There is nothing keener than taking out your friends intheZombie Arena! Turn your friends into ZOMBIES! What kind ofmadnessis this?Superb graphics and amazing social gaming integration arewhatyou can expect from this off-the-hook zombie survival game!Gear upand head out to the arena with your friends as you battletosurvive against them as they become the horde in your owngrimdead-walking fantasy. The more friends you add to your game,themore brain-crazed hungry zombies you will have to eliminate.Hey! They are the ones that want to take you out to dinnerandhonor your head as the main dish on the buffet of brains! Getyourfriends on board so they can battle against the zombie you! Seewhothe toughest zombie survivalist is in your circle offriends!Awesome zombie gaming that is so much fun, you could saythat it’s“INFECTOUS”! Upgradable and customizable social gaming atitsbest!Features* Third person view survival shooter game play* Dual virtual joysticks control* Facebook thumbnail pics accompany the Zombie Arena avatarsforquick identification* Fight against your friends, stay alive, and keep the zombieshordecoming after you* Max-out your fighting skills by upgrading your stats as youamasspointsGet in touch with your inner zombie fighter and zombie!Can you survive the zombie horde?Enter the Arena!
Dinosaur Arena 1.3.6
Dinosaur Arena is the original real-time3DDINOSAUR fight game on Android.Game features:* Offers a relative high quality experience (3D Models and3DSounds)* Easy to control (Virtual joystick and buttons)* Smooth camera follow view* Four AI levels (Easy, Normal, Hard, Nightmare)* Six real dinosaurs with different features* Free with unobtrusive Ads==========================================or Others ?Please follow us:Facebook - -
Scribbled Arena- PvP Battle 0.8.1
Apar Games
** Nominated as best multiplayer inCasualConnect Asia**Disguised in the playful doodle is a thrillingmultiplayerexperience where high skills arerewarded.   Take charge of your tank and head-on for real-time battles withyourfacebook friends or any other player.Features:Unique hand drawn doodle artworkReal-time cross-platform multiplayer battleEndless customization possibilities Multiplayer Modes:1) One on one death match:- Destroy your enemy tank and dominatethebattleground2) Capture the trophy – Be the first one to find the trophy andexitthe arena. Use power ups to boost your gameplay or slowdownyouropponent’s progress3) Coin collection crusade : Be the highest grosser of coins tomakesure you win the battle. So be greedy but make sure you don’tgetkilled by enemy tank.Single player game:- 1) Practice arena:  harness your skills here and thengetinto the arena.2) Infiltration: Infiltrate into enemy’s arena.3) Defend your base against the enemywave.  (comingsoon) Blend Skills with Customization:-  (Coming soon)Use all your mean skills to upgrade the perfect battle vehiclesi.e.Rust, Raven and Sting. Different tanks, weapons and power-upscancustomize a battle vehicle that suit your play style.With each upgrade gain more powerful armourandweapons (Coming soon)Primary weapon,Secondary weaponsExplosivesArmoursAI Bots Fascinating Powerups:Freeze the opponentShield your tankTank speed-upBullet damage capacity enhancerHealth capsulesAchievements :Trophy Case: Maximum trophies collected1st Blood: 1st win in multiplayer modeRecruiter: Invite 5 (n) friendsStreak Wins: Consecutive wins in multiplayer modeChallenger: Accept 10 (n) challenge requestsBoost: Share your score on FacebookShout out Loud: Share your score on TwitterAnd Counting: Kill/Death ratioTreasure Collector: Maximum coins collectorGod Like: Maximum kills
Heroes: Defense Arena 2.4.1
Mobile Arena
Charge into battle with the insanely funandaddicting 3D ARPG/RPG game, "Heroes: Defense Arena"!Withmeticulous designed hero and monster characters, along withintensefighting skills and actions, "Heroes: Defense Arena" is aRPGpacked with amazing design content that will both entertainanddelight you.★ "Heroes: Defense Arena" has a very unique way of controlandit's really simple and intuitive. You are able to form a team of5heroes and trigger attack of each hero by "a single tap".★ "Heroes: Defense Arena" heroes have their unique set ofskillsand abilities for your own lineup.★ "Heroes: Defense Arena" New Costume System let players tohavea new experience in customizing their heroes specialabilities.★ Massive content with various single and multiplayergameplaymodes. Adventure through classic campaign to realtime-challenge inElite, Arena Leaderboards, Subterranean andAncient Battlefield -biggest war with no player limit. Fight for"Heroes: Defense Arena"MVP Title.Facebook Page: Service:
Monster Strike 8.2.3
Monsters will bring us together in thisperfectfree-to-play game for friends and family. Team up andslingshotmonsters around like pinballs. Play with up to threeothers locallyfor fun mayhem and unforgettable memories. Become amaster andcollect over 1,000 unique and powerful monsters —staking your claimas the best Striker around!Monster Strike is completely free to download and play, thoughsomein-game items can be bought. Get many of the strongest monstersbycompleting quests. You can disable payments by turning offin-apppurchases through your device's settings.FEATURES○ Play locally with up to three other friends for four playerco-opmadness○ Cooperate to destroy powerful enemies○ Fling monsters and deal epic damage○ Bump into other monsters for major combos ○ Turn the tide with unique strike shots○ Clear quests full of hazards○ Collect and raise an ever-growing roster of monsters○ Unlock and set Titles to show your prowess○ Keep track of your play statsPLAYER REVIEWS"Playing with friends and earning rewards with them is thebestaspect to this game...""This app is by far my favorite app ever created...""Must download! Love the co-op play mode!"SUPPORTHaving problems, Striker?Visit and send aninquiryto our support team.SOCIAL MEDIAJoin in the conversation:Facebook - - - DEVICESWe recommend devices with Android 4.0 or later (with theexceptionof certain devices.) We cannot offer support orcompensationrelated to use on non-recommended devices.
Monster Sniper Hunt 3D 2.0
Here, the coolest sniper hunt experienceispresented!! Feel the thrill to snipe a scary monster; afirebreathing predator, wandering in a jungle. Test your armysnipershooting skills, hold a precise and accurate sniper gun; killamonster which is very strong and powerful, obviously suchafearsome monster will not be killed with one shot or withrandomshots. You have to behave like a professional hunter andshoot themonster accurately and win the war.It is more common hunting animals, in a jungle, like lion,bear,pig, or deer but killing such a strong monster is nothing lessthana challenge. If you are unable to show the guts of aprofessionalhunter, you will not be able to shoot the monster andyour deathwill be inevitable. So muster up your courage, be braveand acceptthe challenge to complete the mission of killing such ahorrifyingmonster and brag about.Now be ready for an ultimate adventure to play this actionpackedgame and have a real sniper shooter experience of shooting adeadlyand dangerous creature.Once you start the game you will be lost in this new kindofshooting game. Be ready to play one of the best snipershootinggames and show your stamina for killing deadly monster withyourautoloader professional sniper shooting gun.HOW TO PLAYPosition your professional autoloader sniper gun and aim atthepredator. Fire accurately as you have limited time. It is notlikea common animal so will not be killed by one shot, you willhave toshoot it for five times accurately to kill the beast,maintain abalance between your patience and speed. In next level ifyou shootat the head two times accurately it will be enough to makethemonster dead. Go start the battle and win!!FEATURES- Cool, high fidelity 3D graphics- User friendly interface.- Two zoom options are available.- Mission to kill a monster which is somewhat like adinosaur.- Game is made simple yet entertaining.Updates will be coming soon.
Monster Island 1.1.7
Monster thugs are on the loose harassingtheinhabitants of the colorful world of Monster Island. Now, it'supto you and your arsenal of mini-monster bombs to get rid ofthisplague of unwanted visitors. Can you stand against suchmischievousfoes?Unlock five different monster bombs, each with its ownabilities:Rocko, Sticky, Xplode, Blui and the fearsome Don Tonator!Toss themat enemies over 5 worlds and 315 reactive puzzles whichwill dazzleyou for many hours of unparalleled fun.Change your character in the store to get new and cool looks.KEY FEATURES:★ 315 levels over 5 different islands (and more to come!)★ Choose one of 16 unique heroes★ Amazing HD graphics★ Openfeint Leaderboards and Achievements★ Game music, which automatically switches itself off at startwhenplaying other music on your phone★ Interactive tutorial to learn how to play***************************************Try also the free web version of Monster Island onourwebsite:
Marble Monster Mobile 1.05
Embark on your journey through variousWorldsin over 100 dungeons and raids.Assemble your Marbles from over 500 different Monsters andbattlealone or withyour Guild!Are you prepared to go on the most epic Marble adventure?---------------------------------------Features:- Free to Play- 100+ levels with more to come!- 5 distinct elemental Worlds- 500+ monsters to collect- Earn daily mission rewards- Guild, Raids, Dungeons, and much more!---------------------------------------LIKE us on Facebook or FOLLOW us on Twitter for up-to-datenewsand content updates:
Infinite Monsters 1.0.3
Italy Games
Infinite Monsters is the #1 actiongameavailable in Google Play which takes Android gaming to newheightswith gorgeous visuals and endless adrenaline fueledbattles.In a world filled with monsters where everything else is ruinedandpolluted by radiation, you have to wipe out the infinitemonstersby travelling around the exotic world shores locations,battlingzombies, demons, dino like monsters and more! The game isinstantlyplayable and simple to control while the difficulty of thegamebecomes more and more hard as you level up. Now pick up theweaponsand shoot the monsters with nothing to lose!How to Play:- Tap bottom left key to move and tap bottom right to fire- By default you have a basic pistol and unlimited amount ofammowith low lethality. Kill those monsters and earn your cash fornewweapons and ammo.- You also have a special skill to protect yourself initially.Buymore new skills in the shop to enhance your ability.Game Features:- Charming hand-drawn hunter characters and monsters- Equip yourself with 14 different weapons and 7 differentspecialskills- Crisp graphics and Immersive CD quality audio