Top 24 Games Similar to Cute Mouse

Sewer Rat Run! 3D 2.4
Chi-Chi Games
Sewer Rat Run 3DA stimulus tricky action maze gameThe protagonist is a sewer ratCan you help him escape from the sewer? Come andchallengeit!How to play:With the passage of time,The physical value of the mouse will be gettinglowerandlower,Can supplement eating cheese on the road,Escaped from the condition of the sewer is "set atleastthreekey"Set at least three key find the door you can cross thebordertoescapeMouse Run
The Cat and the Mouse 1.1
Poo and Play
Welcome to the cat and mouse free gamewhereyoumust catch as many smiles in one minuteA young kitten named Oscar wants to learn to hunt inanapartmentwhere an invasion of mice as big as rats attack!With over eight cat and mouse collect in your shoppingbecomeatrue wild catmuch realistic animation and detail and sets out Oscar isclawhe'shungry youable to help a horrible hunt rats!With a pet shop and ultra realistic atmosphere play TheCatandthe Mouse is a fun gem videoworthy of our childhood cartoon system with a filmcameraandmusicnice all the elements are met to make you happy.Produced in high definition 3D texture quality to anewgenerationSamsung Galaxy tablet and s2Team pooandplay and happy to share free Cat and Mouse!check out our other game on the same theme as snap junglecatversusdog!Please share your comments Yours supports means a lot to us!
Mouse Attack! : Make Mice Rain 1.0.2
Mouse Attack! : Make Mice Rain is a funcasualgame where you try to breed as many as mice as possible byclickingon a Mice Hole & Use Boosters with the Mice youbreeded. Clickthe Mice Hole, Build your mice empire by usingvarious Boosters,and soon your number of Mice spawn every secondwill raise fromzero to millions, billions, trillions! The time hascome to repelthe Zombie Cat with infinite numbers of mice! Get thegame, jointhe fun - it's 100% FREE!TESTIMONIAL5/5 "Fun Addictive and awesome."5/5 "Yes Zombie Cat Evolution + Cookie Clicker= thisawesomegame"5/5 "Love it This game is adorable and fun and creepy! LOL"PLAY✔ Breed as many as Mice as you can by Tapping on a Mice Hole,soonyou'll enjoy the infinite # of Mice!✔ Once you have enough Mice, use them to buy upgrade boosterstobreed Mice Even Faster!✔ Once in a while Monstrous Zombie Cat will com in to eat theMice!Drive her away with Cat Toy!Mouse Attack! : Make Mice Rain is an addictive mixture ofCreepyyet Adorable World View and Simulation where you build yourMouseEmpire. On a start, you'll have only one Mouse at a second,butsoon you'll be able to breed tons of thousands of Mice in asecondwith click and boosters.Browse tons of boosters, enjoy theWorld ofBreeding Mice almost a Million a second! Create your ownMouseEmpire and boast your nubmers of Mice against friends! Don'tforgetto drive away the Zombie Cat - She'll eat lots of Mice!
Catcha Mouse
Outwit a rascally rodent in Catcha Mouse,themassively addictive App Store hit now available for yourAndroidphone! A furry foe has invaded your household. Simply placethetraps around the mouse to keep it from reaching an exit hole.Canyou corner it?Visit GameHouse:http://www.gamehouse.com
Mouse Hunter 1.2
Here comes a new game from our own kitty.The‘Mouse Hunter’Mouse hunter is a game in which you have to save your cheesefromthe intruding mouse army.There are numerous and end number of mouse who are coming totakeyour yummy cheese away from you. The time has come now whereyouneed to pull up your socks and start tapping on the intruderstosave your cheese.The mice are greedy enough, so don’t show mercies in tappingthemall as if anyone of them goes off the board will call theentirebrigade. There are some other creatures also to increasethecomplexity of the game. Avoid tapping them up as this will endwithnegative scoring.There are bombs in the beginning of this game which will allowyouto clear the entire board filled with mice. Use itcarefully,preferably once the entire board is filled with the mice.The bombgets refilled once you tap more than 30 intruders.In a particular game three lives are given which will end up byandby once the mouse reach the cheese plates. In this game nevergiveup while tapping and save your cheese.Features:• Colorful and lively mouse.• Mission ‘Save the Mouse’• Endless Game• Powerful bomb to clear off the board• Different creatures to create illusion• Excellent graphics• Global leadership Board to compete with others aroundtheworld.Enjoy this fun filled game for hours and hoursoffun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tricky mouse 1.0
Cousin Games
Tricky Mouse is hand eyecoordinationgameBeware of mouse trap and bars it makes you kill the mouse.Tap to eat the cheese makes mouse happy.★ Simple game play★ Amazing graphics★ addictive game play★ contest with your friends for high score★ single hand gameplay
Mouse Game 1.3
eHappy Studio
Users must hit the mouses to get 10scores,ifyou hit the rabbits,you will lost and the scores willsubtract50scores.The mouses and rabbits will soon appear and disappear byrandomatany time.Now you just have 60 seconds to play this game,play thestartbuttonto Play.
Mouse Escape 1.0.1
Help this mouse to escape from human'srage,heneeds to run and enters as fast as possible in hisrefugebeforebeing hit for a broom, only with your help he canaccomplishthisfeat.Obstacles will be found in path to hinder the entry of MrMouseinhis refuge, itens that boost your score and especialitemsthatshould be used to help Mr Mouse to overcome all theobstaclesandfinally arriving safely in his den. He reallyneedsyourhelp.It's easy to play, all you need to do is touch the screen toguideMrMouse at the best way until he arrives his refuge. Avoidmisstherefuge entry because Mr Mouse may be hit by a broom:).Controlling this little mouse is very fun, there are manylevelsandthe game progressively becomes more difficultandinteresting.There are 32 levels and bonus levels also, the levelsaredividedinto four houses where Mr Mouse will run, the entiregameprogressis saved automatically, how will you be helping outMrMouse? Seehow many stars you get, try to get three starsoneverylevel.
Cat and Mouse game 1.0
The new "Cat and Mouse" game for you.You have two options in this Cat and Mouse Game.You can choose to be Cat or Mouse.If you choose Cat, move him by using Arrow Keys and pressSpaceBarto throw water balloons at Mouse and Nibbles.You can only miss five times and then you're done. Game over.If you choose Mouse you also use Arrow keys to move him.Pick up and drop food to a hungry Nibbles with Space Bar.Thehigherthe drop, the more points you'll earn.let enjoy it.
Mouse Catcher 1.6
The house has become overrun with mice. Squash the white miceasfast as you can to clear the house before the mice have chancetoincrease their population. Avoid killing the pet hamstersandpoisonous spiders. Fun game for all. I have lots of ideas tomakethis game better but if you do too please let me know. To come+1'swhen mice are killed, stars and ratings. Plus new baddies thatareharder to kill.
Grandma VS Mice 1.0.5
Grandma was tired of mouse. so shedecidedtodestroy them by herself.Her left hand holding astick,righthandholding a pot wait for mouse run out.Players can control the hand with stick by click the leftscreentohit the mouse ran from the roof,control the hand with potbyclickthe right screen to hit running mouse on the ground.Control is easy, but the mouse move quickly, whichrequirestheplayer's reaction time is super short.
Mouse Math Lite 1.4.2
Ivan Komlev
Our furry friend has run into sometrouble.Heneeds your help to work out his maths problems and gethisdinner.Can you find the solution and keep the Mouse happy?Lend a hand; help the mouse get his lunch by solvinghismathsproblems in many levels of counting fun, with the allnewMouseMath game. Match the correct numbers of fruit itemsfallingfromthe log flume, to those the mouse has in his head.This is the perfect game to teach young childrencountingskills,as they aim to keep the Mouse happy. They will alsoget toadventurearound the world as they help the mouse with hismathsproblems, butthey will have to be careful not to upset himbygiving him thewrong item.Features– Bright, innovative animation makes for asimple,entertaininginterface and provides easy to followaction.– Travel to an exciting new location each level, withanewbackground from around the world to enjoy at every stage.– Use your devices tilt technology to make the correctnumberorfruit items fall where the mouse can reach it.– Alternatively tap the screen to throw a ball fromthebasketknocking the right item from the log flume towardsthemouse’shouse, before it disappears into the canyon.– Children learn in an engaging, entertaining waysimplybyplaying casually.– Upbeat music reinforces your child’s learning makingitclearwhen they have completed a task successfully.The game uses your devices accelerometer technology,allowingyouto tilt the correct number or food item in the directionofourhungry and often confused little friend. Match thenumbertocomplete the solution in his head, or feed his cravingforvariousvarieties of fruit.All of this comes in an attractive, easy to usepackage,makingfor a simple but entertaining game experience givingyourchild anenjoyable, interactive learning experience.Levels 1-8.
Smashy Mouse 1.0
Check out this fun and addictive game!Taptosquish the tiny flying clumsy racing mice and see how manyyoucandestroy. This is a simple yet fun game like Floppy BirdFishandFlappy Wings. Download for Free today!Features:-One touch controls-Amazing splashy graphics-Loads of excitement!Be the champ and show the mouse to hit the road!Download this smash hit today!
Mouse Maze 1.0.4
This is a simple maze game. Control themousetoreach the cheese, and get your apples. Make sure the catsstayaway,because they will eat the Mouse. :-) Have fun!
Mouse Maze 1.1.0
You are lost in a maze and you arehungry!Tryto catch the cheese before your opponent does.You can catch teleporters to your own advantage:- The white teleporter -> You will change position.- The black teleporter -> Your opponentwillchangeposition.- The black and white teleporter -> Are you feelinglucky?Someonewill change position, maybe even both!If your opponent gets in your way you both change positions.You can play in three different ways:- Locally against the bot with AI (you can choose his speed).- Against your friends over bluetooth- Online to gain experience and level up to becomethefastestmouse!Any suggestions would be appreciated.Are you ready for Mouse Maze? Enjoy!
Beat Mouse 1.0.0
This is a simple and funny game. Youjusttouchon the mouse eating the cheese as much as posible.Hãy nhanh tay đập hết lũ chuột đang ăn trộm bánh.
Mouse Country 1.1
Hit the mouse, just for fun. Besidesyoucanlisten the national anthem with different country theme.Thisissuitable for every ages.