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Cooking cake ice cream game
When we introduced the game of cooking cake and ice cream tothosewe hesitate to ask so that you can experience it and enjoy itthisa class of cooking games applications and our applicationtuningthe cake and ice cream game has many advantages andcontainsseveral great things you'll notice. It when you play it,and afterwe saw it spread rapidly between the game lovers andourexperience, we knew it was worth it. That's pretty cool, andI'msure you're going to like it. It's a game that's not like therestof the games in this store.Cooking ice cream Girls Game HelloDearhow are you today, it's a very hot day for us not to loveicecream, girls, because it's so tasty and healthy. Here's acookinggame for Princess Elisa Magic the most important stages ofthe gameprepare the ice cream and the cake will bring it from itsfavouritebook as it pleases it will blend the ingredients tosurprise thegirls only. Join Elissa to prepare it and prepare itfor allfriends and girlfriends! And a lot of surprises, even foryou,we'll let you find out everything by yourself. Enjoy cookingthecool boze from the New Girls Games BlogChocolate ice creamCookinggames help the chef to equip the tasty ice cream in a newand easyway with tasty chocolate you gain the taste of the bestcake foryour ice cream, tasty gourmet cooking games specializing ina coolcupcake cooking with ice cream, use your skills in preparingandarranging tasty cake so it looks more appealing and tasty.Icecream cooking game for girls ' cooksIce cream games from themostbeautiful of the 2017 cooking games where in the heat of thesunthe person needs a cool cream with bread or tasty biscuits andtheeyelash and here comes dorky as a cook in the cake restaurantandmake and make ice cream..... Good luck with the cooking games.
Cake Maker - Cooking games
Everyone especially girls and kids love the cake, but can youmakeit by yourself? With the free fun game--cake maker story, youcandefinitely make many kinds of cakes such as cupcakes, weddingcake,and baby cake by yourself; you can also add some decoration toyourcake and make it very beautiful, and sell them in yourbakery.Inthis game you have to prepare a cake for your friend'sbirthday. Weare not so good in making cakes, so we need you. Thecake will havethree floors and each floor and cream you will haveto choose orwhat bakery items to put on it. First, you must choosethe cakebase. You can choose a countertop made of chocolate,vanilla,strawberry, cherry, kiwi and banana. After you choose thecakedough, you must choose the preferred model on which we put onthecake, polka dots, twigs, ice crystal, crown or necklace ofhearts.After choosing the model you have to choose and cream to putonthis wonderful cake. You can choose between differentcreams,vanilla, strawberry, cherry or orange. Still you need to putthemand some balls of whipped cream: strawberry with whippedcream,dark chocolate, vanilla, strawberry white chocolateraspberries orcherries. Now you have finished the cake base and youmust make thesecond floor.Want to have something nice? Come on,create anddecorate one with our Cake cooking ,We all love delicioussweetcake. Plus, It's a lot of fun making one. But, we also knowit'snot always that easy. With a little mistake made, your kitchenwillbe turned into a mess. About 20 kinds of cakes that youcouldmake:
1. Cheese Cake2. Cake Pops
3. Cup Cake
4. Donut
6.Frozen Yogurt
7. Strawberry Cake
8. Orange Cake
9. MangoCake
10.Matcha Cake
11. Dark Chocolate Cake
12. Chocolate ChipsCake
13.Strawberry Chocolate Cake
14. Orange Chocolate Cake
15.MilkChocolate Cake
16. White Chocolate Cake
17. Strawberry IceCreamCake
18. Vanilla Ice Cream Cake
19. Mango Ice CreamCake
20.Chocolate Ice Cream Cake

pizza cookies cooking girls
If you think a recipe to make, you must first know what you needtocook that recipe. Flour, sugar, eggs, vanilla, butter, in thisgameyou have all the ingredients to make this have alltheproducts for cooking, it's time to start! In this game youwillwork with a mixer, oven and also with some bowls andcasserole,spoons, a knife, cooking trays and other kitchenutensils.The gamesimply lists the steps: Prepare the dough forbiscuits withingredients from the recipe.Mix all ingredientstogether, createthe finished dish with baking paper and oil.Take aspecial shovelmixed the dough in the form of cookies and then bakein theoven.After the cookies are finished fried, you may startmaking thecream, add all the ingredients into the bowl and mixeverythingtogether now you is cream ready, now take the cookies andput themon the board and you add on top of the cream and as anothercookieon top so you have a nice wonderful cookies gemaakt.en nowyou cango decorate the cookies with chocolate and choose thedesired coloralso with nuts and candies decorate.Now you can presson show andyou'll see you homemade yummy cookies and next to abeautiful icecream.This cooking game is suitable for boys andgirls, to makethese cookies in real life you have to help mom orfriends, to usethe right cooking tools, pizza.The purpose of thiscookie game isthat every child understands how to make a deliciousdessert, cookand dress are the best and most played games of theyear, inaddition to cookies and ice cream are also popular gamessuch asCheesecake, Cake Pops, Cup Cake, Donut, Brownie, StrawberryCake,Orange Cake, Mango Cake, Matcha Cake, Dark Chocolate,ChocolateCake, Chips Cake, Strawberry Chocolate, Cake Orange,ChocolateCake, Milk Chocolate Cake, White Chocolate Cake,Strawberry IceCream Cake, Vanilla Ice Cream Cake, Mango Ice CreamCake, ChocolateIce Cream Cake.You are always welcome to let us knowwhat you thinkof our games, so write a review.
cooking games cake berries
have fun cooking delicious games meals in your kitchen foryourcustomers , increase your marketing budget so you have evenmoreclients to your restaurants and have a lower delay timebetweenevery client , upgrade your cooking tools and improve yourskillsIn this cooking game we have a couple of recipes for you. Youcanchoose what to bake: fries and a hamburger, a donut or soup.Themost of the dishes you can decorate them also withdifferenttoppings or toys. Cooking in the Kitchen is a game fromTop Girlgames and one of the cooking games. We publish manydifferent easyto play girl games apps. We hope you will enjoy ourcooking in theKitchen and we hope you give us the love by likingour Facebookpage or follow us on twitter or Instagram. So we cankeep you up todate on cooking and baking games.application helpsyour to findingthe best and top cooking games. rankings and expertfeedback frommarket the game decided rankings.Cook Cake berriesgames game ofthe best and best cooking games for girls that helpall the girlsto learn about the working methods of sweets and workCupcake richwith berries and rich original raspberry flavor andhave you thatyou've had better pick up.cook cake Lemon fragile withwhite creamgames learning with Barbie states way of bread andserved cakelemon decorated with vine and cut lemon far Start Playand learn tocook cake raspberries and strawberries to cook a newidea, learn tocook cake raspberries and strawberries in gamecooking cakeraspberries and strawberries.
Cake Maker : Cooking Games
Hey boys and girls , do you like cookies and cakes ? Sure youlikethem, you are a kid who loves chocolate and fruit. And if youlikecookies then of course you like and birthday parties where youcaneat a very delicious cake. If you want to help a childwhosebirthday is today you have to help us prepare a big and tastycake.Through this chocolate cake cooking game you will be able toproveeverybody that you are a great friend but also a very goodcookthat can make the best looking cakes ever !We want the party tobea very beautiful and all friends of our son to be happy. Ifyouwant to help some children of the same age with you to havefunwith you please respect the instructions of this cooking gamesforgirls.In this game you have to prepare a cake for yourfriend'sbirthday. We are not so good in making cakes, so we needyou. Thecake will have three floors and each floor and cream youwill haveto choose or what bakery items to put on it. First, youmust choosethe cake base. You can choose a countertop made ofchocolate,vanilla, strawberry, cherry, kiwi and banana. After youchoose thecake dough, you must choose the preferred model on whichwe put onthe cake, polka dots, twigs, ice crystal, crown ornecklace ofhearts. After choosing the model you have to choose andcream toput on this wonderful cake. You can choose betweendifferentcreams, vanilla, strawberry, cherry or orange. Still youneed toput them and some balls of whipped cream: strawberry withwhippedcream, dark chocolate, vanilla, strawberry whitechocolateraspberries or cherries. Now you have finished the cakebase andyou must make the second floor. Again you have to chooseanotherfloor. You need choose again for the second floor cream,vanilla,chocolate, strawberry, raspberry, cherry, kiwi and banana.Afterthis you have to put this cream and after that you have tofinishedthe second floor. Follow the third floor which is all thesame asthe other 2. The cake is ready and we hopes to go to ourfriend.1)First you will have to go shopping, this consists inselecting allthe ingredients that you need, they are: flour, bakingpowder andvanilla extract;
2) Turn the stove, place a pan on lowheat andplace the cream in the pan;
3) In a bowl you must add:chunks ofmelted chocolate and cream, mixing well;
4) In anotherbowl youmust add: pieces of butter and sugar, now you have tomix;
5) Nowin a bowl you must add: flour, salt, cocoa, bakingpowder andvanilla extract in the end have to play;
6) In a largebowl youmust add: milk, coffee and water, you need to mix until itforms acreamy composition;
7) Put a pan on the stove and then addtheabove composition;
8) Over the composition of the above you havetoadd flour then you must add the eggs and mix;
9) Now you needtoenter the dough in the oven, wait a few minutes until itisready;
10) You must place the chocolate doughCheese Cake
2.CakePops3. Cup Cake4. Donut5. Brownie6. Frozen Yogurt7.StrawberryCake8. Orange Cake9. Mango Cake10. Matcha Cake11. DarkChocolateCake12. Chocolate Chips Cake13. Strawberry ChocolateCake14. OrangeChocolate Cake15. Milk Chocolate Cake16. WhiteChocolate Cake17.Strawberry Ice Cream Cake18. Vanilla Ice CreamCake19. Mango IceCream Cake
Cooking Madness - A Chef's Restaurant Games
PREPARE 🔪, COOK 🕑and SERVE 🍕 delicious meals from all over theworld🌎 in Cooking Madness! Become the master chef 👨‍🍳 you havealwayswanted to be! This year it’s this highly addictive timemanagementgame that’ll bring you the best digital cookingexperience! Getyourself in a real cooking craze. Cook like you’rea MAD CHEF inCooking Madness! Did the cooking fever caught on andyou can’t getenough of 🍨 cooking games? Then this is THE cookinggame for you!You’ll be serving delicious dishes 🍩 to hungrycustomers in amazingrestaurants in a ⏩ FAST pace. No challengethat can’t be beaten byyou. Dash from restaurant to restaurant onthis magical map. Youwill discover and unlock many places as youprogress on yourjourney. 🌄 Get the restaurants back to businessand attract more andmore customers. Let the Cooking Madness begin!Practice your cookingtechniques and management skills 🍽. Tap asfast as you can whilekeeping your eye on the time. Making disheshave never been so muchfun and exciting! Try all the possiblekitchen appliances 🍳 toimprove your cooking abilities. Upgradedishes and kitchenware for abetter gaming experience! Love alittle bit of a thrill in yourcooking game? Keep up with the rushhours, become better at timemanagement 🛎. This cooking game offersendless fun levels withchallenging missions set up in each levelto give you that specialexperience. What more FUN things bringsthis game? - Cook &Travel discover many different newrestaurants 🍴- Get Combos andEarn Huge Tips while showing off yourcooking skills 💰- Unlock NewRestaurants by collecting enough keycards 🌮- Upgrade your Kitchenand Level Up to become the famous MadChef! 💵- Tap away in many funlevels 🍖- Complete special missionsand achievements to earn more🎁 -And keep an eye on many moreupdates to come! 🔥 Put that Chef Hat onand get cooking! Downloadfor free today and join the CookingMadness! ♥️ Follow us on theofficial fanpage:
Cooking Fest : Cooking Games
The Cooking fest is an addictive, time management cooking gameforgirls, boys, kids and everyone, to cook and serve deliciousfood.Have you ever dreamt of becoming the world best chef, byplaying,one of the top chef games or restaurant games? Want to cookandserve, yummy fast food, as a chef, in an amazing restaurant,withone of the best cooking and serving games? Then do so withthecooking fest cooking game which is one of the best, topcookinggames or cook game with levels, and feel the kitchenfoodfever.Cooking Fest is one of the best top chef games orrestaurantgames for android, for free, with plenty of levels toplay. In thiscooking game or cook game, you have differentrestaurants for thecuisines like the fast food, seafood, Chinese,Indian, USA andmore. Cook meal as a restaurant chef, for thecustomers, waiting atthe restaurant counter using a fast foodmaker, and feel thekitchen food fever, in this cooking game or cookgame. Use kitchenappliances like the pizza maker, popcorn maker,and more, byplaying one of the best top cooking games or cookingand servinggames.Dash and make fast food meal using food maker likethe garlicburger maker, pizza maker, popcorn maker and many more,by playingone of the best food games or baking games and feel thekitchenfood fever. Serve customers with tea, juice, noodles, hotdogs andmore, by playing this food fest game or cooking game. Makefooddishes by cooking like mama, by keeping the cooking time inmind,with one of the top chef games or burger games.In thiscookingschool, we have, Japanese sushi food maker or sushi foodmaking,pasta maker game or pasta making games and the candy maker,toprepare, sugar candies, with one of the best food fever gamesorbaking games.Bake pizzas, pizza sauce using the pizza makerinpizza factory and yummy doughnuts using the doughnut maker,withone of the top family restaurant games or pizza cooking games.Havefun cooking breakfast like the dosa, idly, poori, scrambled eggandmuch more by playing one of the best chef games or cafe games.Areyou looking for baking games for girls, then this is the rightgamefor baking cake, baking donuts, baking food, bakingcupcakes,baking burger, baking pizza and more.Cook bakery food likethebread in the bakeries in one of the best bakery games orcafegames. In my sandwich shop prepare egg sandwich, usingsandwichbread and sandwich maker bought from the food store, byplaying,one of the top bakery games or kitchen games.Explore thesaladlocation in this cooking bread game, which is one of the bestgirlscooking games with levels and cooking entertainment games, orgirlsgames. Prepare salads with one of the top girl cooking gameswithlevels and cooking entertainment games, or girl games.Inthiscooking app, prepare burger in the burger shop, using theburgermaker in one of the best burger king hotel games or kitchengames.Serve the meal with salad and juice for an awesomediningexperience with one of the best food games or chef games.Wanttostart family restaurant or confectionary or beach resort orfoodstore? Are you confectioner? then you found right foodcookinggames. Using this food fest game, you can learn egg saladrecipeusing ovens, you can sell fruits and vegetables, sunshineburgers,veg soup, ham, hamburger, vegetable burger, egg omlet,tasty yummypizza, soups and stews, meat, cheeseburger, ice creams,yum pasta,beverage. In this cooking game, you can make breakfast,and sellburger, using knife, ovens, operating taverns, bar andrestaurant,luxury hotel, bakeries, baking and cooking, bread andbutter, beachresort. Wear chef hats and start cooking dishes forbreakfast,lunch and dinner.This is one of the best top cookinggames for freeor time management games for android.Like us onFacebook us on:Twitter
Cake Maker-wedding Decoration
Cake Maker-wedding Cake Decoration:A wedding cake is themostimportant part of a wedding ceremony! I want it to lookdelicious,fascinating and spectacular when I will get married sothat allguests should be impressed! In order for my wedding cake tobeperfect, I practice each day wedding cake decorating.Ready tobakeyour very own sweet cream cake? How about a huge designerweddingcake with pink frosting? Or a sweet birthday cake withchocolatetoppings? With Cake Maker, you can run your own virtualbakery andcreate any kind of cake you can dream of! Bake tasty,sweet treatsfrom scratch, starting with the best ingredients andending with anamazing cream topping you decorate yourself. Don'tforget the pinksprinkles. No sweet designer cake is completewithout pinksprinkles!A good cake starts with the best ingredients.You haveeverything you need to bake this dessert from scratch:sweet sugar,vanilla cream, pink frosting and so much more. Mix theingredientsand put the cake in the oven to watch it rise. When it'sbaked tojust the right temperature, you can pull it out and let thefunbegin!Decorate your pretty pink cake with some of the bestdesignertoppings and frostings in the world. Choose a tasty pinkcreamtopping for your holiday cake, or mix up your own chocolateorvanilla flavored treat. Spread the frosting on your cake andstackit to the sky if you like. It's your cake, you can createwhateveryou want and make it look as simple or outrageous asyouplease!Features:- Run your own sweet virtual bakery!- Createallkinds of cake from scratch.- Decorate each designer treat withpinkfrosting, chocolate and more.- Pick from many different funcaketoppings.- Share your creations with friends. Have a cakeparty!Howto Play:- Open up your bakery and pick your ingredients.-Mixeverything together and bake until it's ready.- Choosedifferenttoppings and frostings.- Decorate the designer cake untilit'sperfect!Enjoy with Cake Maker-wedding Cake Decoration app.
pizza cookies cooking girls
If you think a recipe to make, you must first know what you needtocook that recipe. Flour, sugar, eggs, vanilla, butter, in thisgameyou have all the ingredients to make this have alltheproducts for cooking, it's time to start! In this game youwillwork with a mixer, oven and also with some bowls andcasserole,spoons, a knife, cooking trays and other kitchenutensils.The gamesimply lists the steps: Prepare the dough forbiscuits withingredients from the recipe.Mix all ingredientstogether, createthe finished dish with baking paper and oil.Take aspecial shovelmixed the dough in the form of cookies and then bakein theoven.After the cookies are finished fried, you may startmaking thecream, add all the ingredients into the bowl and mixeverythingtogether now you is cream ready, now take the cookies andput themon the board and you add on top of the cream and as anothercookieon top so you have a nice wonderful cookies gemaakt.en nowyou cango decorate the cookies with chocolate and choose thedesired coloralso with nuts and candies decorate.Now you can presson show andyou'll see you homemade yummy cookies and next to abeautiful icecream.This cooking game is suitable for boys andgirls, to makethese cookies in real life you have to help mom orfriends, to usethe right cooking tools, pizza.The purpose of thiscookie game isthat every child understands how to make a deliciousdessert, cookand dress are the best and most played games of theyear, inaddition to cookies and ice cream are also popular gamessuch asCheesecake, Cake Pops, Cup Cake, Donut, Brownie, StrawberryCake,Orange Cake, Mango Cake, Matcha Cake, Dark Chocolate,ChocolateCake, Chips Cake, Strawberry Chocolate, Cake Orange,ChocolateCake, Milk Chocolate Cake, White Chocolate Cake,Strawberry IceCream Cake, Vanilla Ice Cream Cake, Mango Ice CreamCake, ChocolateIce Cream Cake.You are always welcome to let us knowwhat you thinkof our games, so write a review.
Cake Girls Games Cooking Games
Strawberry Cake cooking games Cake games very sweet andbeautifulstrawberry cake cooking games delicious games andverybeautiful.Cook delicious cuisine cooking Cake Tessa games forgirlsonly beautiful new cooking games and beautiful games Cakecookingwith Tessa beautiful games to play sweet flash too wonderfulforgirls and boys and girls cooking Cake Tessa games for girlsonlybeautiful and renew cooking games ice cream cold forgirlsallocated only our application Games cooking in this game willnotwork many levels Ktbouk ice cream in various forms and there isaway to prepare the ice-cream consisting of natural fruit afteritstime in the summer time and warm there is what is morebeautifulthan the cooking ice cream games and do not forget urbanand Jhazeesweeter tart ice cream with cooking game and prepare thecake withchocolate delicacies and wonderful ice-cream, a game veryrigidgames Girls and Stgiden finest Pots with games new andverybeautiful and wonderful girls and in this topic of the gamewhereall the details to prepare for the game Ice cream withdeliciouschocolate in a game of making ice cream with chocolate andfruitappetite of games for girls of fun games on the new andexclusiveour application,Cake cooking games, cooking games cakes,Cakecooking games, cooking game cake, cooking cake games,deliciouscakes too sweet Cooking Games nicest Cake cooking games,Cakecooking games, cooking game CakeAs for how to play and theyareeasy all you need is to follow the instructions that'll find itatthe beginning of the game of cooking games and girls gamesanddressing now, all you need is the start of play on thebeautifulour game that you'll love and do not forget to share withfriendsthis topic the game like a game of Girls Games CakeChocolate
Cooking Fever
Cook delicious meals and desserts from all over the world inthisFREE addictive time-management game! With a choice of 20uniquelocations, from Desserts and Fast Food to an Sea Food andOrientalRestaurant, you will be able to practice your skills in avarietyof settings and cooking techniques. Use more than ahundredingredients to cook several hundred tasty dishes. Try allthepossible kitchen appliances, from coffee makers and rice cookerstopizza ovens and popcorn makers. Decorate your restaurantstoattract more clients. Make your own freebies, such as cookiesorcupcakes, to make your customers’ experience more personalandmemorable – just like in real life! Upgrade your kitchenandproduce an even greater variety of dishes. Oh, and did we saythatthis game is as addictive and as engrossing as fever? Havefuncooking and don’t forget to share your delicious meals withyourfriends on Facebook!IMPORTANT NOTE:Cooking Fever nowrequiresaccess to the internet in order to play. The game uses asmallamount of data for features like our Cooking Fever dailyrewards,restoring lost game progress, and other gameplayimprovements. Wehope that you have a great time running our latestrestaurant!Features:* More than 400 dishes to cook using 150ingredients* 20unique locations* More than 400 levels to complete*Hundreds andhundreds of upgrades for your kitchen appliancesandinteriorCooking Fever asks permission to fully enablesomefunctions:* Access location – to provide region specificin-gameoffers* Access external storage – to correctly save yourprogress
Strawberry Ice Cream Sandwich
Bring your fantasy to life with strawberry ice creamsandwiches!Cook this amazing treat by collecting the ingredients,mixing themtogether, as well as preparing your ice cream and yoursandwichesbefore decorating and eating them. Perfect treat to eat,why notshow off to all your friends with this cookinggame!FeaturesCollect the ingredients from the store ready to makeyoursandwiches. Slice the strawberry up and blend it ready to makeyourice-cream. Mix together all your ingredients to bring togetheryourtasty ice-cream flavour.Create and cook your sandwichmixturebefore adding the ice cream to complete your yummy treat.Decorateyour ice cream sandwiches before eating them all up for thebestflavour in the world.
Street Food Kitchen Chef - Cooking Game
The number one free cooking games for kids!Street food at afoodtruck festival is the best way to try new kinds of food. Beakitchen chef and use the food maker to cook different dishesinlots of free cooking games for kids. Make your best meal inthisrestaurant and help the customers on your stand. Fever willstartin this carnival fair of street food, are you ready forit?Let’splay Street Food Kitchen Chef right now!⬩ Ice CreamStandPick acone and craft balls of ice cream. Decorate your icecream sandwichand voila. Yummy!⬩ Fruit Juice StandMix fresh fruitsand ice in onecup for happiness. Add milk and sugar for a tastymilkshake too!⬩Popcorn & French Fries StandPop popcorn withbutter and bakefrench fries in oil. Your fast food truck stand willbesuccessful!⬩ Pizza StandBake a pizza in the oven and decorateitwith vegetables, meat and tomato sauce. Delicious!⬩HamburgerStandBake bread and get burgers on it. Add vegetablesdecorationand make the best burger in town!This food truck festivallets youcook different dishes and the best meal in town. Start thefever ofa real restaurant or carnival fair and use the food makerhow itshould be done.Street Food Kitchen Chef is one of the bestfreecooking games for kids, if not the best cooking game online.
Food maker - dessert recipes
Cook up an amazing dessert with one of many recipes. Here youcanbecome the ultimate food maker by collecting youringredients,mixing them together, cooking your dessert as well asadding thefinal finishing touches to it. Nothing beats cooking inyour ownkitchen with this cooking game! Features* Collect allyouringredients from the grocery store ready for your dessert. *Mixyour ingredients together to create your dessert mixture. *Createyour donut or cupcake dessert and add the final finishingtouchesto it. * Decorate your amazing dessert and enjoy eating itall up.
Cook owl cookies for kids
Cook yummy kids owl cookies with this great game! Create yourowncookies by mixing your ingredients, cutting out yourshapes,cooking your cookies before creating and decorating a box toputthem in. Perfect for any day out, enjoy your yummy treats withthisone of many great cooking games. Features* Mix all youringredientstogether to create your cookie mixture. * Roll yourmixture out andcut out your cookies into shapes ready for cooking.* Cook yourcookies so they’re hot and steamy ready for eating. *Create yourbox and decorate it ready to show off your cookies. *Enjoy yourcookies by eating them all up.
Ice Cream Factory - Kids Cooking
For more videos, subscribe to BabyBus on YouTube!►► Ever wanted to make sweet ice creamandpopsicles on your own ? Bring your fantasy to life withstrawberryice cream and more! Cook this amazing dessert bycollecting theingredients, mixing them together, as well aspreparing your icecream and your popsicles before decorating andeating them. Perfecttreat to eat, invite your friends to eat yummyice cream andpopsicles!Get dressed with chef’s apron and hat, andprepare foryour ice cream factory! Are you ready?Choose ingredientsandmaterials for making ice cream, create a unique flavorofyour-style ice cream, design special and cute shapes of icecream,popsicles and more! When delicious ice creams have beenfinished,you can sell them to your little friends. Look! Yoursmallcustomers at the your ice cream shop are waiting and hungrynow.Come on! Turn on the switch, and start to make ice cream&popsicles!Descriptions of “Ice Cream Factory - Kids Cooking”:*Turnon the mixing machine and stir the cream.* Various jams for youtochoose. Add sweet jams to the cream, the flavor will bemuchbetter!* Slice the fresh fruits up and blend them ready tomakeyour ice cream. * Mix together all your ingredients tobringtogether your tasty ice cream flavor.* Choose your favoriteicecream stick for decoration!* Decorate your ice cream with alayerof yummy flavored topping and chocolate sprinkles beforesending itout to your customers!* Start the freezer for chilling!Thedelicious ice cream will be ready soon.* Last but not least,wrapawesome ice creams and popsicles inbeautifulbags!Features:1.Various yummy flavors and ingredients tochoosefrom. You can make your-style ice creams and popsicles!2.Lots ofadorable shapes of ice cream, popsicles. It all depends onyou! 3.Learn to operate amazing ice-cream producing machines andenjoy thefun of being a super dessert chef!4. Fun and tasteful icecreamflavors like strawberry, banana, blueberry, milk, kiwi andmore!5.Ice Cream Factory Manager pretend play: Sell ice creams togaingold coins, and buy more ice cream materials.———AboutBabyBus———AtBabyBus, we dedicate ourselves to sparking kids'creativity,imagination and curiosity, and designing our productsthrough kids'perspective to help them explore the world on theirown. NowBabyBus has offered a wide variety of products, videos andothereducational content for 250 million fans aged 0-8 around theworld!We have produced more than 150 children's educational games,700children's songs, and animations of various themes spanningthearts, health, and science. —————————————Contactus:ser@babybus.comVisit us:
Cook Baked Lasagna
Give your inner chef a new challenge with this great cookinggame!Here you can prepare and make your lasagne ready for eating.Youget to boil the pasta, prepare the ingredients and cookyouringredients before plating it up and eating it all. Yum! Somuchcooking fun to be had with this great lasagne cooking game! Tryitnow!FeaturesBoil the pasta to make it nice and soft readyforeating. Prepare your ingredients ready to make your lasagnetastegreat. Simmer and cook your ingredients in a pan ready forserving.Choose your plate, fork and drink to complete your meal andgetready to eat. Drink your drink and eat all your lasagnebeforecooking another delicious meal.
Ice Cream - Kids Cooking Game
Do you like Ice Cream Maker- Cooking games, Ice Cream Factory–Dessert, candy fever, Street Bakery Shop Story, Ice CandyPopMaker, Pizza Maker Kids -Cooking Game, Potato Chips Factory –Chef,Cold Drinks Factory – Chef, Popcorn Factory Chef Mania, IceCream,Cooking Ice Cream Cone Cupcake, Ice Cream Maker - cookinggame,free cooking games? Are you ready to play best ice creammakergame, Here is place that giving you best ice cream – kidscookinggame so energizes yourself with frozen, fruity, juicy &slushyice pop candy. Ice cream game is a yummy & extremecookingfever mania game. Ice cream cooking chef will make this kidcookinga complete fun! The Cooking Ice Cream fever game is a coolandyummy game which is ideal for any stimulating cook to makesomedelicious ice cream. Now you can easily create, mixing andgrindingthe ingredients together in your own kitchen to make yourjuicy anddelicious treat.★★★★ Recipe of Ice Cream ★★★★★ Add allingredients★Choose the flavor including orange, mango, peach,strawberry andmany more.★ Now mash it, grind it and blend it★ Thetasty sundaestreat in the freezer to make it a frozen bar.★ Makeice cons,scopes and yummy luxury in this food festival★ You alsocan usedifferent sprinkle, fruit and candies to decorate. ★ Readyto eatand enjoy amazing ice cream fever ★★★★ Features of Ice Cream★★★★★Beautiful HD graphics★ Easy to use ★ Unlimited combinationsofsprinkle toppings and decorations ★ Huge range of ingredients★Multiple cream flavors★ Fun games!★ Share your juicy ice lollytofriends.★ Free to playDownload this ice candy fever game andhavefun!
Panda Chef, Chinese Recipes-Cooking Game for Kids
For more videos, subscribe to BabyBus onYouTube!►► wanted to have a taste ofChinese food?Now you can! BabyBus kids apps bring you a kitchencookinggame,that is, Panda Chef, Let's cook!, where you can cookwithin amultiple recipes. Pick ingredients, prepare food andexplorecooking in your own way. You can also decorate your disheswithdifferent toppings or condiments. Dress up as mini chefs, andcleanup the messy kitchen! Don’t forget your chef’s hat!Cooking inthekitchen features:*Choose from 4 Chinese delicious dishesandsnacks.*Cook them in different ways, Boil, chop, Steam, fry,Pureeand more.*Varieties of ingredients and condiments tobeprepared.*Exploring cooking by using varieties of ingredientsincreative way.*Useful kitchen tools: whisk, flourstrandingmachine,rolling pin and more.*Cute characters to cook for- eachwith their own favorite food!*Choose your favorite kitchensauce:soy, sesame, peanut sauce and more!*Funny character reactionwillmake you giggle.*No rules or stress, kid-directedfun.Descriptionsin Cooking Chinese dishes:[Noodles CookingRestaurant]*Createdifferent flavors of green and healthy noodles inkitchen.*Cookdelicious noodles and serve your customers.[CandiedfruitStore]*Varieties of fruits to be chosen to make yourspecialdishes.*The appealing sugar-coated fruits look brightlyred,tempting you to bite.*Decorate with yummytoppings.[DumplingsBar]*Prepare dumpling wrappers andfilling.*Various cute dumplingshapes to choose. Just have a try andcook! [Yuen XiaoHouse]*Choose your favourite flavor and blend itwith honey.*Wrapthem with glutinous rice flour and cook in apot.Free to enjoycooking the delicious Chinese recipes! Create themon your own way,and make it later at home! About BabyBus—————AtBabyBus, wededicate ourselves to sparking kids' creativity,imagination andcuriosity,and designing our products through kids'perspective tohelp them explore the world on their own. Now BabyBushas offered awide variety of products, videos and other educationalcontent for250 million fans aged 0-6 around the world! We haveproduced morethan 150 children's educational games, 700 children'ssongs, andanimations of various themes spanning the arts, health,andscience. —————Contact us: ser@babybus.comVisitus:
Real Cake Maker 3D - Bake, Design & Decorate
Hungry? Get baking! Become the best cake baker in town andcreatethe yummiest cakes, in this delicious cooking game! Thiscookinggame’s beautiful 3D art will make you feel like you’rebaking areal cake! Yummy! What are you waiting for? Get your mixerout andstart cracking those eggs! Be the best cake baker the worldhasever seen! What’s your favorite type of cake? Sweet birthdaycakes?Fancy wedding cakes? Whatever it is, you can make it!Decorate yourcakes to make them extra beautiful, and take photos soyou can showyour friends your yummy creations! You can even enteryour cakes ina contest and serve them to your friends at thecakeparty!Features:> Learn how to bake the most delicious cakesEVERin this fun cooking game!> Tons of mouth-watering cakerecipesto make for you and your friends!> Use professional bakertoolsto bake, design & decorate the most delicious cakes!>Fromrainbow-sprinkled birthday cakes to strawberry cupcakes,thechoices are infinite!> Decorate your cakes with yummyfrosting,delicious decorations & adorable toppers!> Arethose weddingbells? Design and bake a beautiful cake for the bride.> Put theprettiest picture of yourself on your very owncake!> Have acake party with your fuzzy bunny, kitty and puppyfriends, cutebabies, and more!> Make the party extra festivewith your veryown party decorations!> Enter the cake bakecompetition, votefor your favorite cake, and win first prize!>To-die-for darkchocolate, cherry-banana cake or cheesecake? Youchoose - You’rethe baker! > It’s princess party time! Put yourfavoriteprincess on a cake! > Take pictures of your masterpieceto showoff your gorgeous cake designs!> Make a cake album soyou’llalways remember your incredibly delicious creations!> Tonsofadorable and fun coloring pages for you to draw in, in thisawesomecooking game!ABOUT Coco PlayCoco Play Limited isChina-baseddeveloper of creative and unique apps for kids. Foundedin 2013,Coco Play provides rich 3D simulation-based games for thewholefamily. Coco Play is a subsidiary of TabTale, a leading,globalcreator of innovative games, interactive books andeducationalapps.Visit us: Likeus: us:@TabTaleWatchus: US Let us know whatyouthink! Questions? Suggestions? Technical Support? Contact us24/7at MESSAGE FOR PARENTS: * This Appisfree to play but certain in-game items may require payment. Youmayrestrict in-app purchases by disabling them on your device.*Bydownloading this App you agree to TabTale’s Privacy PolicyandTerms of Use at andat consider that this Appmayinclude third parties services for limited legallypermissiblepurposes.
My Bakery Empire - Bake, Decorate & Serve Cakes
Once upon a time, there was wannabe baker whose dream cametrue!Enjoy this mouth-watering cake bakery story and help Lizziefulfillher dream of someday opening up a sweet bakery of her own.Now thatday has finally arrived! She's graduating from college, andshe'smore than ready to get baking some tasty cupcakes. But sheneedsyour help! Have fun opening up lots of yummy bakeries, bakingwithLizzie and becoming a true baking professional who’s famousforbeautiful, tasty delights!Help Lizzie open up world-famousbakeriesand take specific orders from her demanding customers!Learn how tobake delicious, mouth-watering desserts like cupcakes,smoothies,donuts and cakes! With your assistance, Lizzie willbecome the mosttalented pastry chef ever! You’ll just LOVE thistasty bakery storygame! But here’s a little warning - this bakerystory game WILLmake you hungry!Features:> You’ll love this funcake bakerystory game! Help Lizzie open up a cake bakery… and thenanothercake bakery… and another cake bakery! There’s no such thingas toomany bake shops! And definitely no such thing as toomanycupcakes!> Take specific orders from your customers, andservethem with a smile! Make sure they get exactly what they askedfor,whether it’s cupcakes, donuts or cakes!> Learn how to baketonsof desserts from so many yummy recipes, with a professionalcakemaker!> Make your cakes extra fancy with colorfulcakedecorations!> Dress up Lizzie like the true baker she is!Giveher a pretty chef’s hat and a pretty apron!> Show off yoursweetbakery skills and win first prize in baking contests andcakefairs!> Get ready to bake the tastiest desserts ever, fromappleyogurt smoothies to princess birthday cakes, toscrumptiouslydelicious cupcakes!> Build up your reputation andbecome themost famous baker in the world, in this fabulous sweetbakery storygame!ABOUT Coco PlayCoco Play Limited is China-baseddeveloper ofcreative and unique apps for kids. Founded in 2013,Coco Playprovides rich 3D simulation-based games for the wholefamily. CocoPlay is a subsidiary of TabTale, a leading, globalcreator ofinnovative games, interactive books and educationalapps.Visit us: Likeus: us:@TabTaleWatchus: US Let us know whatyouthink! Questions? Suggestions? Technical Support? Contact us24/7at PARENTS The app is free to playbutcertain in-game items may require payment. You may restrictin-apppurchases by disabling them on this device. Use of the appissubject to TabTale’s Terms ofUse: The app may includeadvertisingfor TabTale and certain third parties which willredirect users toour sites, apps or third-party sites. TabTale iscommitted toprotect its users’ privacy. The app may enablecollection oflimited user data by TabTale or its carefully selectedproviders(e.g. ad networks and analytics) for limited and lawfulpurposes(e.g. respond to support queries; maintain, analyze andimprove theapp’s features and services; serve contextualadvertising). The appmay contain certain features only accessiblebehind an age-gate forprotection of children (e.g. behavioraladvertising; socialnetworks links to connect with others whileplaying; option toaccept push notifications to inform of excitingnews (e.g. appupdates). By downloading or using the app you acceptTabTale’sPrivacy Policy: andpermit suchuses for users of your device. For more informationplease refer toour Privacy Policy.The app may also contain certainfeatures thatare only accessible behind an age-gate for protectionof children(e.g. behavioral advertising, links to social networksallowingusers communication with others while playing, and theoption toaccept push notifications to inform of exciting news (e.g.appupdates).
Cooking in the Kitchen
We have multiple recipes for you inn this kitchen cooking game.Youcan choose what to bake: fries and a hamburger, donuts,soup,spaghetti with meatballs, sushi, pizza, sorbet, cake,cocktails andmany more! Most of the dishes you can decorate withdifferenttoppings or toys.There are more than 25 recipes in Cookingin theKitchen already! This is the menu:✔ Make fries and ahamburger✔Bake and decorate your own donut✔ Cook your own soup✔Bake anddecorate your own birthday cake✔ Bake your own pizza in theoven✔Fill your thanksgiving turkey and bake it✔ Make a long drinksummercocktail in your kitchen✔ Chop and fill your sushi withyourfavorite ingredients✔ Bake cupcakes for the family anddecoratethem✔ Create a poke bowl dish✔ Make taco's for diner✔ Cookwaterfor your own noodle soup✔ Bake waffles with ice cream andtoppings✔Design your own Easter egg and paint it✔ Make your ownchocolatebonbons✔ Bake french croissants for breakfast✔ Bakepancakes withfruits and syrup✔ Make the best hot dog in townCookingin theKitchen is easy to play for kids, a must play kitchen cookinggamefor kids from Top Girl games and is one of the best foodmakergames!We publish many different easy to play girl games apps.Wehope you will enjoy our Cooking in the Kitchen and we hope yougiveus the love by liking our Facebook page or follow us on twitterorInstagram. So we can keep you up to date on baking andcookinggames.★ Facebook -★Twitter-★ Instagram-
Cooking Chef
Welcome to your cooking world! Crazy Cooking Chef featuredwithtime-management and food-cooking RPG gameplay. 🍭😀Cook foodofdifferent flavors with professional machines. Acid, bitter,sweet,or spicy. Cook hamburger🍔, seafood🐟, spaghetti🍝, steak. Makecola,juice🍹 or milk tea☕️ . Make sweet ice cream cone, cupcake.RunWestern Restaurant, Indie Restaurant, Chinese Restaurant andsoon🏪. You are not only a chef who decides the taste, but alsothemaster who owns restaurants! Experience and serve exoticflavorsall over the world with crazy cooking chef. Practice makesaskilled chef.Sweet Note: upgrade your kitchen appliancesandinterior to attract more customers. 🎂Features:☆ 12+custom-designedrestaurants☆ 480+ levels for you to challenge☆Hundreds of dishesand ingredients☆ Beautify your kitchen withelegant decorations☆Generous coin and gem rewards for achievementchallengesServe bestcuisine, earn yourself a big fortune. Take thiscooking adventure,become a top chef in the world! Enjoy cooking andrunning kitchenson your own!
Cooking Ice Cream Cone Cupcake
Do you like Ice cream cones? If that is a yes then you willjustlove playing this cooking game by following the simple butfunsteps to realize perfect cupcakes.Here you can easily make youricecream cone cupcakes from scratch by collecting all theingredientsfrom your shelf and preparing them ready for mixing. Wehave allthe necessary ingredients so all you need to do is start toprepareand decorate your own cupcake ice-creams, you willdefinitely haveplenty of fun making ones that suit your needs. Whenyou havefinished cooking your cones you can have the fun ofdecorating themby adding the icing, syrup and any yummy decorationsfor addedflavor and effect with this Ice Cream Cone Cupcake cookinggame.Great for everyone to enjoy, why not get your friends togetherandsee what types of ice-cream cupcakes you can make.Features youmaylike :- CHOOSE the ingredients from the shelf to makeyourcupcakes- SLICE the butter into small slices ready for cooking-MIXthe ingredients together with the mixing bowl- COOK and wrapthecones ready to hold your delicious cake mixture- PLACE the conesinthe tray and fill with your homemade cake mixture- PLACE theicecream cone cupcakes in the microwave until they are cooked-COLORthe top of the cones with blue, yellow, and purple icing-ADDChocolate, mapel, or honey syrup to your ice cream cones toaddflavor- DECORATE your ice cream cones and add the finishingtouchesto promote additional flavor- COLLECT your cone with yourconveyorbelt gripping hand!- FILL your cone with a layer of icecreambefore sending it into the freezer for chilling!- ADD youryummyice cream from your ice cream tube until it is nice and highon thecone!- DECORATE your ice cream cone with a layer ofchocolateflavored topping and chocolate sprinkles before sending itout toyour customers!** NEW FEATURE ADDEDNow you can easily createicecreams like never before with the new Factory Mode of thisCookingIce Cream Cone Cupcake game! In this mode you can create icecreamslike a professional factory! Here you can collect the cone,fill itwith a layer of cream, freeze it, fill it with yummy icecream, addyour toppings to it, sprinkle it with chocolate and sendit out toyour customers! Let yourself race the time and see if youcancomplete your ice cream target in time to collect all yourmoney!With great fun to be had why not check out the Factory Modewiththis fun cooking game today.
Wedding Party Cake Factory
After success of Cake Factory- Dessert Maker, Kids Fun Studio isallhere with another chocolate factory & ice cream cake makergame.Wedding Party Cake Factory The real world factorysimulationsetting. A perfect dessert cake games for all littlesugarchefs!All little girls dream of a wedding day withbreath-takingelegant wedding cake, and with our new factorysimulation and newcreamy cakes bake game for girls you can makewedding cake in yourown cooking cake game. A new cake chef bakeryfactory game whereyou enjoy cake decoration inside our fantasticsweet shopbakery.Now make girls best occasions chocolaty creamycakes in thischocolate factory. Brides for their big day need bestdecoratedcake ever. So get along with factory workers &makeirresistibly yummy cakes in this ice cream cake maker &dessertchef games. Start your baking story in this best weddingcake salon& make yummy desserts for your loyal customers! Solittle sugarchef… are you ready for this baking contest & crazycookingchallenge? Get in the factory kitchen and starts cookinglike aprofessional cook to bake adorable muffins & weddingpartycreamy chocolate cakes. Cake factory is a virtual cookingsimulatorgame for kids. This crazy food mania game is the realtimeexperience of cooking cakes in the factory for party occasionsandweddings.Hurry up! Customers are coming to your cake factoryshopto pickup their orders. Choose the customers favorite cake,forbaking the cake first bake the plain cake by with the mixerofeggs, butter, flour, baking powder and flavor. Makedifferentlayers, cook the cake in the oven. Now add differenttopping andcream lawyers with automate machines. Make chocolate,vanilla, andmango and other cakes. In the end decorate the cakewith weddingday decorations & sprinkles. This chocolate factorymakes bestchef cakes. Here we go! Sweet dessert is ready to bedelivered tothe customers. With so many wedding cakes, wonder tocreate youwon’t ever go out of business with this management game.Weddingparty Cake factory is the best bakery shop in the town. Kidsuseyour master chef skills to provide the best cakes in the city.Thiscooking mania game is crazy fun and adventure.Cake factory isthebest bakery shop in the town. Kids use your master chef skillstoprovide the best cakes in the city. This cooking mania gameiscrazy fun and adventure.Now download this chocolate factory&cooking cake games & have fun!
Cake Maker - Cooking games
Hi girls! This is a free girls, kids, cooking & bakingcasualfun maker game. Have a lovely Sunday brunch with friends andfamilyby making yummy pancakes virtually on your smart phones.Thegameprovides you with everything to cook, bake, make & dressupyummy delicious emotionally filled pan cakes. The best way tokeepyour little kids busy that also make others happy by cookinganddecorating finger licking Pancakes. Do you know pancakes arelovedmore than Cakes, Cupcakes, Burger, Cake Maker , PizzaandSandwiches? Enjoy our other games like pan cake maker, CakeMaker ,cupcake maker etc. Be a star on Thanksgiving, Christmas,DailyBrunch, New Year or on any occasions by cooking your ownAmazingPancake dishes and share it with everyone in the familytoeat.Cheese CakeCake PopsCupCake
Orange Cake
Mango Cake
Dark ChocolateCakeChocolate Chips CakeStrawberry ChocolateCake
Orange ChocolateCake
Milk Chocolate Cake
White ChocolateCakeStrawberry Ice CreamCakeVanilla Ice Cream Cake
Mango Ice CreamCake
Chocolate Ice CreamCake
A great new game mode in this version:Cake Shop Mode.Let’sdownload a Cake Maker - Cooking games game now,a greate game ofOthgames! It free!
Cake Maker Story -Cooking Game
Everyone especially girls and kids love the cake, but can youmakeit by yourself? With the free fun game--cake maker story, youcandefinitely make many kinds of cakes such as cupcakes, weddingcake,and baby cake by yourself; you can also add some decoration toyourcake and make it very beautiful, and sell them in your bakery.
Cooking Rainbow Birthday Cake
Bring some color into your life with this rainbow birthdaycakecooking game. Cook your rainbow cake by mixing theingredients,adding the food coloring, cooking your cakes in theoven along withdecorating them with yummy sweets. So much color tobe found uponeating, why not surprise your guests at your nextbirthday partyand bake a rainbow birthday cake! FeaturesMix youringredients andseparate it into a different pans. Add differentcolors to yourcakes and place them in the oven for cooking. Layeryour coloredcakes on top of each other and cover with yummy icing.Decorate itwith pretty butterflies and spots that really make itstand out.Cut into your cake and see the lovely rainbow colorsbefore eatingit all up.
cooking games salmon cooking
Hi Girls and Boys , today we are going to cook an salmon recipeandwe want to show you how. on cooking games salmon cookingthisperfect recipe is how you combine ingredients to make adeliciousmeal. You have to enjoy this day because you will learn tocook anew dish, and you have a beautiful landscape. You must firstcleanthe table on which we will work to remove all the sheets andwashthem well. Then you need to have all the ingredients on thetray,so you can get easier when we need them. After that, you havetomix some ingredients to prepare the gamessalmoncooking Many trips are made by plane and you certainlyimpress youthe idea to travel with an air plane and see manycountries above.Enjoying clouds which you can look up close. Whenwe were in aplane flying feel that it is a wonderful feeling. Tohave asuccessful trip are many people working in this. The aircraftmustbe clean and therefore today you please help us through thisgamefor kids. We are sure that cooking games salmon cooking canhelpyou to make everything perfect.If you want to help somechildren ofthe same age with you to have fun with you pleaserespect theinstructions of this cooking games for girls.In thisgame you haveto prepare a cake for your friend's birthday. We arenot so good inmaking cakes, so we need you. The cake will havethree floors andeach floor and cream you will have to choose orwhat bakery itemsto put on it. First, you must choose the cakebase. You can choosea countertop made of chocolate, vanilla,strawberry, cherry, kiwiand banana. After you choose the cakedough, you must choose thepreferred model on which we put on thecake, polka dots, twigs, icecrystal, crown or necklace of hearts.After choosing the model youhave to choose and cream to put on thiswonderful cake. You canchoose between different creams, vanilla,strawberry, cherry ororange. Still you need to put them and someballs of whipped cream:strawberry with whipped cream, darkchocolate, vanilla, strawberrywhite chocolate raspberries orcherries. Now you have finished thecake base and you must make thesecond floor. Again you have tochoose another floor. You needchoose again for the second floorcream, vanilla, chocolate,strawberry, raspberry, cherry, kiwi andbanana. After this you haveto put this cream and after that youhave to finished the secondfloor. Follow cooking games salmoncookingwhich is all the same asthe other 2. The cake is ready andwe hopes to go to our friend.Ifyou want to help some children ofthe same age with you to have funwith you please respect theinstructions of this cooking games forgirls.In this game you haveto prepare a cake for your friend'sbirthday. We are not so good inmaking cakes, so we need you. Thecake will have three floors andeach floor and cream you will haveto choose or what bakery itemsto put on it. First, you must choosethe cake base. You can choosea countertop made of chocolate,vanilla, strawberry, cherry, kiwiand banana. After you choose thecake dough, you must choose thepreferred model on which we put onthe cake, polka dots, twigs, icecrystal, crown or necklace ofhearts. After choosing the model youhave to choose and cream to puton this wonderful cake. You canchoose between different creams,vanilla, strawberry, cherry ororange. cooking games salmon cookingneed to put them and someballs of whipped cream: strawberry withwhipped cream, darkchocolate, vanilla, strawberry white chocolateraspberries orcherries. Now you have finished the cake base and youmust make thesecond floor. Again you have to choose another floor.You needchoose again for the second floor cream, vanilla,chocolate,strawberry, raspberry, cherry, kiwi and banana
Food Truck Chef™: Cooking Game
Celebrate Spring with our limited-time offers!'Food Truck Chef'waschosen as one of Google Play’s Best Games of 2017!Cook tonsoffabulous cuisines and become a top chef in thisaddictivetime-management food truck cooking game! Download nowforfree!Travel across the world and spread the Food Truckcraze,something a restaurant could never let you do! Usevariousingredients to cook lots of amazing recipes of deliciousdishes anddesserts like Coffee, Pizza, Sandwich, Cake, BBQ, Burger,FrenchFries etc… This fun food truck cooking game has more than 150new‘n’ tasty dishes and more than 250 levels to play with, and adashof challenge at every turn. More cuisines being added allthetime!Upgrade your kitchen appliances to cook quick andfast.Decorate your truck with awesome upgrades to keep thesurroundingscool and fun for everyone.Game Features:• Unlock lotsof coollevels with unique dishes and ingredients.• Unlock new itemstoupgrade your kitchen and be a better chef.• Welcome yourcustomersto your food truck with a new look, customize the look tokeepgetting more tips!• Chase whacky achievements.• Battle itoutagainst other chefs at the Food Truck Carnival• Play withyourfriends when you connect to Facebook• Go on a cruise and tryyourluck at the slot machine!Let’s fire up the grill!‘Food TruckChef™: Cooking Game’ is a completely free to play game but somein-gameitems require payment.We would be happy to hear from you. Doget intouch with us.- To know more about the Forfeedback/suggestionswrite to us: - Forlatest news, like uson game has beenconceptualizedand developed by Nukebox Studios. Visit****************************************************************GameRequirements****************************************************************'FoodTruckChef™' respects your privacy, does not store anypersonalinformation and does not share this information.We dorequire a fewadditional Permission to function:- Permission to read& writeto external storageFood Truck Chef™ needs thispermission to storeyour game progress locally on your device.
Birthday Party Cake Factory
Sweet sweet ca desert for all leckere desserts lovers..Birthdaybashsweetest cake party of the year and it becomes more fabulouswhensweet dishes are alike you wants it to be. You have madeyummydesserts for yourself in many birthday game but this time,let’sthink out of the box… what about baking customized crazy cakeforyour customers in real virtual factory. Hey kids! Welcome tothiscooking fever free game. Birthday party cake factory, akitchenfever for all baking mania lovers who does not only love toeatleckere desserts but wants to try their hand in sweetestfoodcooking. Cooking, baking and decoration.. All the things inonesweet dishes maker & party salon. So crazy cake maker, taketheorders, manage your time and make best sweet dishes foryourcustomers to make your cake making business more profitable.Whatare you waiting for? Clients orders are already in queue, letsgetthe work start! Act like a real sweet sweet desserts makermaster,bake it decorate it and create unique sweet dishes.Thisparty salonstarts by cake selection. Ca desert making always startwith addingall the ingredients in the food processor. But first,collect allthe recipes sweet ingredients like flour, milk, eggs,fresh cream,butter, hot chocolate flavor with a lot of sugar thencarefully mixthem together. It is an important step before bakingthe cake. Ifyou are a food kitchen fever and love making sweetdishes, you willalways pay attention to every detail in the crazycake cookprocess. Once you have mixed all the ingredients, now putyour cakemixture in the oven, adjust the temperature and press thebutton.Lets wait for the right time… some seconds .. use your cadesertbaking skills & cooking techniques. The truth is, themorecooking techniques you get, the better crazy cake can bebaked.After finished the baking process, it is time to getcreative! Fromthe base to the border, we get to choose what we wanton our tastycrazy cake! Fun isn’t over yet… this birthday game andreal factorysimulator provides you hundreds of differentdecorationcombinations to create your favorate desserts ! Choosefrom a hugerange of decorations such as frosting caps, frostingcolors, icingpatterns, yummy flavors, all kinds of candies, fruitswith icingflowers,etc. So many sweet sweet choices to make thiscrazycustomized cake a best experience for your customers sweetdishescelebration with this leckere desserts maker. Order it readyto bedelivered! Deliver it to your clients to make them happy andtoprove yourself best business person running own dessertsmakerfactory.
Baking black forest cake
Bake a delicious and mouth-watering Black Forest Cake thateveryonewill love! It is a stunning and decadent cake but it’sfairlysimple to make. There is no cake quite so impressive as thiscake.Have some fun while learning a new cake recipe. If you are oneofthose who want to discover how to bake a black forest,enjoyplaying this cooking game! Features* Mix all the ingredientsin abowl.* Bake the chocolate cake mixture in the oven.* Yourchocolatecake sponge is ready for some toppings.* Choose yourdelicioustopping in a wide variety of flavors.* Be artistic anddesign yourtasty Black forest cake, as you like.* Your tasty Blackforest cakeis ready to serve.
Cake Shop - Kids Cooking
Wow, your cake shop has opened! As a cake shop owner, do youknowhow to cook satisfactory cakes for customers? No worries. Comewithme to learn how to cook delicious cakes!Features:※ Manage yourowncake shop※ Mix all delicious ingredients together ※ Learn tocookdelicate cakes step by step ※ Serve your customers withspecialshapes and flavors of cakes※ Varieties of toppings todecorate yourcake※ Clean your cake shop and tidy up dolls on theshelf※ JoinEating Competition and win the prize Endless fun in thecake shopis waiting for you to find. Share your cooking secret withyourfriends and family. Download and play this game for free!
Little Panda Restaurant
Juicy tender meat is covered by a golden crispy crust! One biteandyou will never forget the taste of it! Wanna be a world classchef?Start right here! Download Little Panda Restaurant andstartcooking these delicious cuisine. Fun features:1.From east towest,wide variety of entree to choose from. 2.Beef, mushroom,eggs...mixand match to satisfy your guests.3.Wok, blender,oven...we have allthe equipment you need to finish your masterpiece. 4.Chili powder,seafood sauce...various seasonings tostimulate your taste buds.5.Serve the dish to make money and usethe money to make moredish!Design concepts:We focus oninspirational learning;We focus onskill-building;We focus onbringing fun contents to our youngaudience;Take the baby bus for anunique learning experience!AboutBabyBus:BabyBus is the most trustedbrand in early childhoodeducational software. The mobileapplications are designed anddeveloped specifically for children.Tips: In the search bar, enter"BabyBus" to find all of ourproducts.Contactus:E-mail:en@babybus.comWebsite:http://www.babybus.comFacebook:
Cooking wedding cake
Weddings can be beautiful. Bake the best wedding cake ever withthiswedding cake game. Mix your ingredients and cook yourdelicious cakebefore decorating it with yummy icing! Don’t forgetto accessorizeto make it unique for the wedding! With so muchcooking to do whynot use your skills to create the best weddingcake with this freecooking game.Features: * Choose betweendifferent cooking recipes.•Choose your ingredients and mix themtogether in a bowl.• Add yourmixture to your baking pans ready forcooking. • Add the glaze icingover your cake while creating thestunning tiers.• Choose and addyour icing design to make your caketaste great.• Accessorize withbeautiful pieces to make your cakefit for your wedding day.
games cooking donuts
These customers are hungry for donuts! Make and serve all kindsofyummy donuts! Use tools to prepare the dough, fry thedonuts,decorate and frost them! You can even make ice cream,milkshakes,serve coffee and more! Compete in a baking competitionand show thejudges that you’re the best baker around! Now that'swhat you calla sweet bakery do you want to bake donuts in a reallymagical way?Visit fairy chef Anna in her cloud castle and bakemagical donutsthere! Gather stars from the sky to make star flourand pour milkfrom the magical clouds. Ask your cute little friendbunny to geteggs from birds in the sky and bake your donuts insunlight. Whendonuts are done cooking, cut them in a flower shapeand decoratewith the most delicious Go shopping in the Small Mart,stock up oncandy at the Candy Shop, help sort the Shopkins in theHomewaresstore, get creative in the Statonery shop, sort rainbowcakes inthe Cake shop, play with the Petkins in Petkins Park, helpDonatinaat her Donut Cart, make a tall-stack in the pancake shop,and bakea delicious cupcake in the Cupcake Shop! Plus, there's asecretstore for you to discover! Once you shop Use more than ahundredingredients to cook several hundred tasty dishes. Try allthepossible kitchen appliances, from coffee makers and rice cookerstopizza ovens and popcorn makers. Decorate your restaurantstoattract more clients. Make your own freebies, such as cookiesorcupcakes, to make your customers’ experience more personalandmemorable – just like in real life! Upgrade your kitchenandproduce an even greater variety of dishes. Oh, and did we saythatthis game is as addictive and as engrossing as fever.
Ice Cream Lollipop Maker - Cook & Make Food Games
Hi! Everyone! Welcome to Ice Lolly Maker Shop! We make andselldifferent kinds of ice lollies to help you cool down in thislonghot summer!The ice lollies we sell are not only look beautiful,buttaste soooo yummy! Such as sunshine lollies, fruityNeapolitanlolly loaf, fruity ice lolly pens, watermelon icelollies, and themost popular rainbow ice lollies! Do you want totry these amazingice lollies? OK! Just come with me! Let’s getstart rightnow!Product Features:-A super fun food-making game-Makeyummy icelollies-Five kinds of ice lollies to make: sunshinelollies, fruityNeapolitan lolly loaf, fruity ice lolly pens,watermelon icelollies and rainbow ice lollies-Tons of realisticcooking tools toplay: ice lolly molds, knife, cutting board, bowl,freezer,induction cooker, pan, plates, spoons, peeler, foodblenders, creammixer, cling film, cake mold, popsicle bars,spatula, kettle, teatimer, sieve, potato masher, ice cream spoon,paper cups and somuch more-Tons of food materials and decorationsto try: juice,fruits, chocolate, heavy cream, milk, vanillaextract, vegetables,water, sugar, gummy candies, edible flowers andso much moreHow toplay: - Use interactive controls to play thegame- Take differentcourses for sunshine lollies, fruity Neapolitanlolly loaf, fruityice lolly pens, watermelon ice lollies andrainbow ice lollies- Trydifferent tools to make your ice lollies-Mix various ingredientsto create the unique flavor and color ofyour ice lollies- Decorateyour ice lollies with beautiful chocolatesyrup, sprinkles, candiesand fruits Important Message forPurchases:- This App is free toplay but certain in-game items mayrequire payment. You mayrestrict in-app purchases by disabling themon your device.- Bydownloading this App you agree to Kids FoodGames’ Privacy Policyat consider that thisApp may include third parties services forlimited legallypermissible
Ice Candy Maker - Ice Popsicle Maker Cooking Game
►►►►►Best Ever Free Ice Candy Cooking Game◄◄◄◄◄Want to beattheheat? A refreshing Ice Pop is all you need! Cool down yoursummerswith the Ice Candy Maker and unleash a chef inside you.Because youare never too old to enjoy a Juicy Fruity stick of IceCandy.Cakes,Donuts, Ice cream and other bakery items are deliciousbut why notcrush something different like a cold, juicy andmouthwatering IceCandy with this free cooking/maker game as a sweettreat for yourloved ones.In Hot summer who does not need a fullcone of IceCandy. Don’t you love yummy juicy ice pop in sizzlinghot summerdays? So let’s sing this song together and make Ice candypop ofour dreams. Kids always love to do something creative,somethingout of the box. We have an amazingly new cooking game forthem.Thiscooking game is appropriate for everyone: kids, girls,young boys,babies, toddlers, children, parents, family and evenadults wholike cooking, making and serving ice candy- or justeating it!Makesomeone smile today - Create an ice candy pop andshare with themfor their Happy Birthday or other occasion and Havefun with thedelicious and easy to make treat!Choose from severalmouthwateringflavors and make your own Ice Pop just the way youwant. Sprinkletoppings, decorate with the many frosting that IceCandy Makerprovides you with and make your Ice Candy your Eye Candytoo!Itstime you kids can serve something other than ice creams andslushmaker in the summer parties. And yes your friends will lovethe IcePop & Popsicle too.HOW TO PLAY?==============- Selectyourfavorite flavor from a list of yummy and delicious flavors foryourice candy popsicle.- Put your juicy fruity flavor in agrindingmachine and crush them with ice.- Select your desired icecandyshape.- Now pour the mixture of flavor into the shape.- Let’scoolit in freezer for some time to get a cooled, chilled yummyicepop.- Apply toppings, candies, jellies, chocolates, add-ons,funfaces and many more. Show your creativity and decorate theicecandy to make it the ice candy of your dreams.- Eat it bite bybiteand enjoy what you have made so far.- Take a snap and sharewithyour friends to make them surprised.FEATURES==========-WallpaperBackgrounds- Pick wallpapers that suits your candy andpoppopsicle!- Fill in your candy with some tasty cream,darkchocolate, soft caramel, or tangy red sauce!- Multiple flavorstomake your candy!- Choose different shapes for yourcandy!!!-Beautiful high-quality HD-graphics.- Intuitive, easy touseinterface with drag gable items for better positioning-Thousandsof possible combinations for making your very own icecandies.-Suitable content for little kids- A real eye candy forkids- Noguns, violence, monsters, zombies or scares.LetUsKnow:==========Let us know how you feel about our effort foryourkids. So do rate and review us.Share itwithfriends…………
Doll Cake Maker
Welcome to the top Doll cake maker kids baking game of 2017 Doyouwant to make something special? Create yummy and special dollmakercake in your kitchen. Start an amazing royal cooking sessionrightnow. It’s time to make ideal princess cake an any event.Afterthisgame experience you can make your own cooking dashmaniarestaurant. Cook fever ice cream cake and brownies to makehappyyour customers. Select the supreme ingredients and mix up themallingredients of royal recipe of doll cake. You can easily do itinwhatever shape you like cook in the kitchen and ornament in anywayas you wish.After playing this game you will be able tomakeawesome birthday cake, royal princess cake and stunning dollcake.Now its best way to make someone birthday special and thisdollcake will make most memorable moment in your life. Add somefinaltouch to your good-looking princess cake and create yourcakerecipe amazing with special design of doll. You can becomeaprofessional baker and use your skills for baking. Garnish themasa real chef would do. Features of Doll Cake Maker: - Verityoftoppings- Excellent and high quality graphics - Easycontrol-Entertaining background sound- Excellent graphics - Improveyourcooking skills- Design doll shaped cakeWear your chef hat andstartcooking or baking with stunning doll cake maker. Don’t be boreinyour free time. Download this doll cake maker and make yourtimeentertaining.
Cooking Tycoon
Cooking Tycoon is #1 extraordinary restaurant stimulation gamethatoffers a perfect blend of kitchen cooking withrestaurantbuilding.Cooking Tycoon delivers fresh new cookingexperience alivewith smiling customers, hundreds deliciousingredients and tastydishes! Running a restaurant is loads of funin this addicting gamethat is optimized for playing on-the-go.You’ll learn to takeorders, grill patties, add toppings, and serveeverything fromburgers and fries to sushi and desserts to all ofyour crazycustomers. Collect tips to make money to unlock newdishes andbuild more types of floors to attract more customers.Escape to theworld of cooking, friends and fun now!Game Features:-7 uniquegourmet restaurants: Fast Food, French, Italian, Drink,Dessert,Japanese and Chinese- Multitask between serving, grillingandstacking- More than 40 dishes to cook using hundredsingredients-Stunning graphics and authentic sound effects
Bake Cupcakes
Cook up a treat for any birthday with this great cooking game!Bakeyour very own cupcakes like a true baker and watch as they cometolife right in front of you. You can make your delicious treatsfromscratch before decorating them just the way you want them tobe! Sotake on the best cooking game today and show off your skillsin thekitchen! Features: + Up to 23 cooking levels !+ Use all yourdevicecapabilities to make the recipe+ Decorate your cupcakes withlotsof sugary treats to make them extra tasty.
Deep Fry Maker - Street Food
The sights and smells at the carnival keep you coming backyearafter year. Your nose leads you to the best fair food. It'stime toget cooking up some tasty street food at your localcarnival!Streetfood is easy to eat on the go, and just makes sensefor carnivalsand fairs, but why not get to make it all the time?Let's getcooking to see how many different carnival favorites youcan make.Be sure that you have all the right ingredients, and getstartedcooking up the best food around. Think you can surpriseyourfriends and family with some amazing dishes? Try it outtoday!These great looking foods might just get your mouthwateringtoreally make some street food at home.How to Play:- Pick atastycarnival treat to cook up- Gather the ingredients- Getcooking!-Can you make the best fair food to beat all the othervendors?Thecarnival is in town and has gotten you in the mood forall kinds ofyummy fair food. You should get cooking at home some ofyour streetfood favorites! Your friends and family will love thesmells comingfrom your kitchen! Download today to start cooking upsome fun!
Strawberry Shortcake Bake Shop
Budge Studios presents Strawberry Shortcake Bake Shop!StrawberryShortcake is so excited to bake with you! Make thedessert of yourdreams with yummy ingredients, food coloring, icing,toppings, anddecorations! You can even create your berry ownrecipes to make athome! FEATURES • Step-by-step instructions so funfor kids of allages! • Each dessert features unique and deliciousgameplaymechanics! • Tilt to pour milk into the bowl or batter intothepan! • Decorate your dessert with icing, sprinkles,chocolatechips, and more! • Add birthday candles and blow them outyourself!• Tap to eat your dessert when finished! • Completespecial ordersto earn stars! • Get lots of handy baking tips fromStrawberryShortcake herself! • Create your berry own recipe, andmake itlater at home! • This app is compatible with tabletsDESSERTS• VeryBerry Shortcake (Free) • Chocalicious Birthday • Berry BittyCakes• Brownie Supreme • Princess Cake KITCHEN UPGRADES •OrangeBlossom’s Electric Mixer • Lemon Meringue’s Cooking Spray•Raspberry Torte’s Fine Knife • Blueberry Muffin’s Convection Oven•Cherry Jam’s Icing Press For more fun, be sure to trySTRAWBERRYSHORTCAKE DRESS UP to dress up Strawberry Shortcake andher friendsin tons of cute outfits and accessories! ABOUT BUDGESTUDIOSBudgeStudios leads the industry by providing entertainingapps for kidsthrough innovation and creativity. The companydevelops andpublishes apps for smartphones and tablets played bymillions ofchildren worldwide featuring high profile propertiessuch asStrawberry Shortcake, Chuggington, Dora the Explorer,SpongeBobSquarePants, and Minnie Mouse. Visit us:http://budgestudios.comLike us: us: @budgestudiosWatch app trailers: Before youdownload this app, pleasenote that it is free to play, butadditional content may beavailable via in-app purchases. This appmay contain contextualadvertising from Budge Studios regardingother apps we publish, fromour partners and some third parties.Budge Studios does not permitbehavioral advertising or retargetingin this app. Note that anypurchase made in the app will removepop-up advertising. The app mayalso contain social media linksthat are only accessible behind aparental gate. BUDGE STUDIOS andBUDGE are trademarks of BudgeStudios Inc.HAVE QUESTIONS? We alwayswelcome your questions,suggestions and comments. Contact us 24/ note that this app gives userstheability to record audio and save the file locally on his/hermobiledevice. These audio files are never shared with other usersin-app,nor are they shared with any unaffiliated thirdpartycompanies. End User License Agreement:
Cooking Game - Baking Cupcakes
Bake Cupcakes is one of the most loved cooking game with millionsoffans.Have fun and play this cooking game for girls by choosing5different recipes of cupcake maker game:✅ Sweet ColorfulCupcake✅Sweet Vanilla Cupcake✅ Oven Fresh Cupcake✅ Cute HeartCupcake ✅Creamy CupcakesEach cooking recipe is a different bakinggame,different style and unique cooking game experience.★ Stage 1:SweetColorfulIn the first step you need to find all the ingredientsinthe pantry, followed by a cooking adventure. Mix theingredients,prepare the dough and cook delicious Colorful SweetCupcakes.★Stage 2: Sweet VanillaIf you love sweets then this isyourexcellent choice. Sweet Vanilla will teach you step by step howtobake sweet cupcakes.★ Stage 3: Oven FreshOur recommendationforgirls who love baking cakes. In this recipe, girls willcookcupcakes like a real chef.★ Stage 4: Cute HeartOne of themostloved. Girls will help a bunny to buy ingredients and thenbakecupcakes decorated with hearts.★ Stage 5: Creamy CupcakesThisis apaid recipe. All others recipes are for free. This is anothergreatcooking cupcakes recipe with all steps included, cooking,baking,decorating, everything inside ready for you with a lotoffun.FeaturesEducational, developing skills andhobby.Amazinggraphic and enjoyable music.Easy to play cooking game,wellexplained in several steps.
Mini Burgers, Cooking Games
Cooking is always a great pass time and what better way to havesomefun than with this mini burgers casual cooking game! Perfectfor thefamily, let your inner chef run wild as you create theperfectmasterpiece burgers for you to enjoy. Here you can easilyslice upall the ingredients including lettuce, tomatoes, andcheese ready toplace onto your burger before cutting your bun inhalf! Next you getto become the ultimate chef and prepare, rolland cook your meatpatties on your own specialized oven beforecreating your perfectcooked food by placing all the ingredientsonto your bread buns!Lastly you can easily enjoy eating all yourmini burgers and savourthe flavor with this fun mini burgercooking game that you and yourfriends will enjoy! Features:COOKING game fun! Slice the tomatoesinto thin small slices!CUT thelettuce into small sliced pieces foreasy eating!SLICE the cheeseso it is in small thin slices ready toput on your mini burgers!CUTthe bread buns in half ready to placeyour ingredients on!PREPAREthe meat and roll them into balls beforecooking the meat pattieson a hot stove grill! LEARN AND CREATE yourmini burgers by placingthe lettuce, tomato, burger meat, cheese,herbs, and sauce ontoyour bread bun! KEEP your mini burgers inplace by pushing a smallstick through the center of them!ENJOYeating your cooked miniburgers all up before anyone else has achance to!
Princess Castle Cake Cooking
Ever wanted to be a part of royalty? Well now you can withthisPrincess Castle Cake decorating game. Here you can have plentyoffun with decorating your very own princess castle cake. Letyourimagination run wild as you choose your own cake color, towertops,front door design, cake layer lines, window types, grass andvineicing design, as well as decorations and accessories. Watch asyourprincess castle cake transforms in front of you as you mixandmatch the different decorations until your have abeautifullysculptured castle that is fit for any king or queen withthis funPrincess Castle Cake decorating game.Features: • CHOOSEyour cakecolour to match in with your theme. • ADD tower tops tomake yourprincess castle cake look realistic.• CHANGE the frontdoor tomatch with your tower tops.• LINE the castle cake layerswithdecorative walls so small people won’t fall off. • MATCHthewindows with your door to create a fabulous look. • WATCH asvinesand grass grow across the castle walls for a fun look. • ADDthefinal finishing touches by decorating with fruit, flags, andotheraccessories.
Street Food - Cooking Game
*** This Game is Available for Sell *** Contact us on oursupporte-mail.Welcome to Street Food - Cooking Game a freecookingmanagement world that puts you in charge of your own foodtruck!Bea master chef of street foods and start cooking delicioussnacks inthis virtual cooking game. There are hot dogs van, pizzavan,hamburgers van, French fries van and nachos van! Which one doyouwant to try first? They all look so yummy! Let's cook the yummyanddelicious street food and add some amazing toppings on them sotheylook as good as the taste. Kids will love playing chefcookinggames as they make their favorite foods, and you'll lovethatcooking up a chef quality snack doesn't mess up yourwholekitchen!Best part of this cooking game, there're so manydifferentkinds of food to choose from, the fun never has to stop!Create thefood combos you always dreamed of with Street Food –CookingGame!Make These Fully Delicious and Fantastic Foods:- FunnelCake(New)- Corn Dog (New)- Hot Dog- Burger- Pizza- Nachos-FrenchFriesLet's make the delicious food and that's so simple tomakefood in our game! You can try to cook different foods in ourStreetFood - Cooking game and can become a master chef! Join us nowinthe cooking adventure and start selling the food in yourstreetfood van!All levels are already unlocked & FREE to play!!Ifyou don't want to see Ads then you can purchase in-app toRemoveAds!! Download the best cooking fever game ever now forFREE!!!
Candy Cake Maker
Candy cake anyone? We all love cake, but we don't like the messthatit makes, why not get all the fun of making the cake with outhavingto clean afterward. In Candy Cake Maker you'll first have tomakethe dough, by adding all the ingredients in the right orderlike ina real recipe. Drag and drop all of them on the pot tocook.Remember to keep stirring that mixture, you don't want yourdough toburn. Next you'll need to pour it into a cake pan Tocreate theundercover first mix dark and white chocolate in a bowl,put it inthe microwave and melt it so that it'll go sweet and lushover yourcake. Candy Cake Maker lets you decorate the cake byadding the darkand white chocolate undercover with a vanillabutter and milk icingon top! Now you are ready to invite all yourfriends, wait... you'llhave to set up balloons for your party!Let's eat! We don't evenhave to fight over who gets to do thedishes!
Creamy Cake Decoration
Hey, do you like cookies? Sure you like them, you are a kidwholoves chocolate and fruit. And if you like cookies then ofcourseyou like and birthday parties where you can eat a verydeliciouscake. If you want to help a child whose birthday is todayyou haveto help us prepare a big cake and tasty. Through thischocolatecake cooking game you will be able to prove everybody thatyou area great friend but also a very good cook. The cake that youwillneed to prepare is for our son so please pay attention to allthedetails.We want the party to be a very beautiful and all friendsofour son to be happy. If you want to help some children of thesameage with you to have fun with you please respect theinstructionsof this cooking games for girls.1) First you will haveto goshopping, this consists in selecting all the ingredients thatyouneed, they are: flour, baking powder and vanilla extract;2)Turnthe stove, place a pan on low heat and place the cream inthepan;3) In a bowl you must add: chunks of melted chocolateandcream, mixing well;4) In another bowl you must add: piecesofbutter and sugar, now you have to mix;5) Now in a bowl youmustadd: flour, salt, cocoa, baking powder and vanilla extract intheend have to play;6) In a large bowl you must add: milk, coffeeandwater, you need to mix until it forms a creamy composition;7)Put apan on the stove and then add the above composition;8) Overthecomposition of the above you have to add flour then you mustaddthe eggs and mix;9) Now you need to enter the dough in theoven,wait a few minutes until it is ready;10) You must placethechocolate dough;11) The cake is ready, now you must decorate asyouwish.Thank you cooked for us today, you are definitely a verygoodfriend and a very good cook. Our child is very happy, he willhaveto spend the best and most beautiful cake. The party will beverybeautiful and you can stay with us, if you want to help us,pleasecome back to help us through this kids games withchocolatecake.Have fun and bon appetite!