Top 49 Games Similar to HexaNum

2048 Bricks 1.1
The legend is back! Play the famous hit «2048» in totallynewaddictive way! Drop bricks down and merge similar numbers toget2048 and higher tiles. What’s your hightscore?
2048 1.0
Inspired by Gabriele Cirulli game available on theweb: the numbers and gettothe 2048 tile!Swipe to move all tiles. When two tiles with thesamenumber touch, they merge into one.Get to the 2048 tile, andreach ahigh score!
Port of 2048 to Android. +No Ads! +No permissions! +Features aslickand minimal layout +Smooth animations +One-step undo +Endlessmode!+Optimized for mobile devices Code is opensource:
2048 Classic Legend 1.0.5
2048 Classic Legend game - 2048 puzzle - a simple logically,super2048 plus puzzle but difficult to pass puzzle representingasomething between "Fifteen" and the game "Five in a row".Don’tworry about that, this 2048 puzzle game will help you to relaxandhave funny beacause it has super fast performance and super fun.Wesure that it is the best 2048 game optimized for Android.Pleaseplay puzzle express game! HOW TO PLAY: The playing field isasquare 4x4. You need to move and join the numbers to get tothe"2048" tile (you can proceed further). FEATURE: - AwesomeGraphicdesign with 2048 puzzle - Super 2048 Plus puzzle game -Highscoreboard google play service. - Super fast performance andsuper fun.- Smooth effect. - Challenge with best score - The best2048 gameOptimized for Android. - Game is automatically saved andcontinueto play later. TIPS: -Try to make highest block on theconer. -Push all block to the coner and 1 column. If you have someproblem,contact me via this mail:, wealways arewilling to explain your problem about this puzzle expressgame. Wewould like to thank all the half million users that usethis appfor the feedback and inspiration. Thank you for being partofmaking this app what it is today. :) Train, play and have funwith2048 Classic, super 2048 plus puzzle game. Thank you so much!Havea nice day with 2048 Classic Legend game - puzzle express game!
2048 4.2.18
The best 2048 game optimized for Android. Super fast performanceandsuper fun. HOW TO PLAY Swipe to move the tiles. When two tileswiththe same number touch, they merge into one! Reach 2048.Features: -18 beautiful color themes - Undo last movement - Gameisautomatically saved - Endless mode (you can keep playingafter2048... 4096...) - Sensitivity configuration - Native androidappwith super performance and smooth animation - Share scorewithfriends - Material design - Easy of use - Clean interface Wewouldlike to thank all the half million users that use this app forthefeedback and inspiration. Thank you for being part of makingthisapp what it is today. :) Internet permission is used for ads.Thisgame is based on
2048 Plus 3.0
Aleaf Games
In 2048 Plus Puzzle you can play different board sizesincludingsmallest 3x3 and biggest 8x8 board sizes. Swipe 4directions (Left,Right, Up, Down) to move tiles and merge numbers.Try to reach the2048 tile by joining the numbers. Start with 2 thenreach4->16->64->512->1024->2048. You can continue toplayafter reaching the number 2048. - Night and Day mode -Differentboard options: Tiny (3x3), classic (4x4), big (5x5),bigger (6x6)and huge (8x8) - Leaderboard for each board size - Highscore foreach board size - Use any part of the screen for swipe -Classicand modern design - Relaxing game sound - Removing Adsoption -Share with friends and family
2048 Kitty Cat Island 1.9.7
Combine the same images and catch as many fish as possible! Youcanexpand the island using the fish you catch. Build a catparadisewith this 2048 puzzle game! ▼ Catch fish - Move theseahorizontally/vertically to combine same kinds of fish. - Usethefish to expand your island, construct buildings, and adopt cats!-You can move on to the next island once you catch thelargestcreature(2048, 4096, 8192...). ▼ Cat adoption - Adopt 50types ofunique cats in each island! - Watch as the cats livehappily in theparadise you made with 2048 puzzle games. ▼ IslandExpansion - Usefish or pearls to expand the island and constructbuildings. -There are 7 buildings on each island. ♥ In order towatch in-gameads and save screenshots, the following permission arerequired. -READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE ♥ Contactus &report bugs Facebook : contact
Journey of 2048 1.3.1
Journey of 2048Let's make your own Journey with this Journey of2048the simple classic Puzzle Game!This is kind of game that canhelpyou create a whole new Journey while doing puzzles.◆ How toplay?-Slide your finger to move the Animals!- Combine the sameAnimals tocreate new ones- Unlock New world with new Animals.◆Features- Supercool Isometric design.- So many Animals to unlockeach Map.- 6+ mapsto unlock.- Shiny effect.- Cute sound andmusic.Many Animals andMaps are going to show up!Well, let's enjoyit!If you have someproblems or suggest to make this game better,please contactus!Thank you so much!
2048 3.30
2048 game is a number puzzle game that is one of the cool mathgamesof all times! 2 4 8 16 32 64 128 256 512 1024... Join thenumbersand get to the 2048 tile! Now, you can also play with 3x3grid! 2048is an extremely addictive number puzzle game is now inAndroid withonline leaderboard. You can login with Google+ tosubmit your scoreand compete other fans all around the world. Youcan also play inoffline mode, in that case your score is notsubmitted to onlinescoreboard. 2048 game features : - Game isautomatically saved -Keeps track of best score - Keep playingafter reaching 2048(Optional) - 3x3 and 4x4 grid size - OnlineLeaderboard - Competewith friends - Clear and simple UI - Supportsall devices includingtablets (Android 3.0.* and above devices) -Restart new game withconfirmation (No more restarts by mistake) -Remove ads! 2048 gameis played on a simple gray 4×4 grid withtiles of varying colorsoverlaid that slide smoothly when a playermoves them.To move tilesleft, right, up, and down just slide yourfinger to desireddirection. If two tiles of the same numbercollide while moving,they will merge into a tile with the totalvalue of the two tilesthat collided. The resulting tile cannotmerge with another tileagain in the same move. Higher-scoringtiles emit a soft glow.Everyturn, a new tile will randomly appearin an empty spot on the outerframe of the board with a value ofeither 2 or 4. A scoreboard onthe upper-right keeps track of theuser's score. The user's scorestarts at zero, and is incrementedwhenever two tiles combine, bythe value of the new tile. Theuser's best score is shown alongsidethe current score. 2048 gameis won when a tile with a value of 2048appears on the board, whenyou merge two 1024 tiles. After reachingthe target score, playerscan continue beyond and reach to 4096 orfurther. When the playerhas no legal moves (there are no emptyspaces and no adjacent tileswith the same value), the game ends.You can watch this video tolearn how to play.! Enjoy!
2048 2.9
- You join the numbers and get to the 2048 tile! Supportstiny(3x3), classic (4x4), big (5x5), bigger (6x6) and huge (8x8)boardsizes. Be ready for a new challenge! HOW TO PLAY: Swipe (Up,Down,Left or Right) to move the tiles. When two tiles with thesamenumber touch, they merge into one. When 2048 tile is created,theplayer wins! 8 .. 16 .. 128 .. 1024 .. 2048. FEATURES -Classic(4x4), big (5x5), bigger (6x6), huge (8x8) and tiny(3x3)boardoptions! - Super 2048 Plus puzzle game - Keep playing forhighscore after collected 2048 tile - Game is automatically savedandcontinue to play later. - One Undo move support - Beautiful,simpleand classic design. - High score and leaderboard fordifferentboard sizes. - Completely native implementation. - Play onany partof the screen.
TimePaz ( EyeTest, 2048, HexGame, Timepass ) 1.0.0
Free Patience games, Timepaz games are which you can play whenyouare bored because these games are amazing timepass. Timepaz.comisa new gaming platform with more than 150+ Million usersglobally.These games are designed for kids and adults of all agegroups whospend a lot of time playing games on their smartphones.Highlyaddictive online games for Free. Math Puzzle games 2048, EyeTestgames for testing your eye sensitivity and Amazing Hex Gamesetcwhich kills your stress as well as time.
2048 1.6.8
2048 game - a simple logically, but difficult to passpuzzlerepresenting a something between "Fifteen" and the game "Fivein arow". Help you relax and have fun. The playing field is asquare4x4. You need to move and join the numbers to get to the"2048"tile (you can proceed further). Has a bright attractivegraphicsand animation. Optimized for Android. Train, play and havefun! •This application is a complete analog paid application "2048Pro",except for the presence of advertising.
com.ub.wpri 1.0
* This game is also available offline.! 2048 Craft blocks ofthesame shape on the floor to create rabbits. Various rabbitsarewaiting for you. Combined rabbits are playing in the rabbitvillagefor life! ▶ Rabbit Village * use 2048 puzzle and Combinedrabbitsmove to the rabbit village. * Let's see what combinationrabbitsare playing. ▶ Carrots and rabbits * You can get a carrotwith alow probability during the puzzle. * Please give carrots tohungryrabbits in rabbit village. * The hungry rabbits give you anitem! ▶2048 Puzzles and items * As the stage goes up, thedifficultyincreases. * Look at the ads or use the items rabbitsgive. * It iseasier to combine new rabbits. ▼ Privilege: Thefollowingprivileges are required to provide advertisements.-READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE
City 2048 1.4.8
City 2048 is an exciting, addictive and easy to play puzzle game.Itis a unique version of the 2048 Number Game. Swipe to move thetileswith the blocks to build a huge metropolis! Develop yourcity. Getbonuses, and who knows what might be ahead...
Wonders of 2048 - Fantasy City Making Game 8.2.2
CDI Studio
Connect the same blocks to discovery Wonders. Experience anewfeeling while building a city and descover Wonders in thepuzzlegame Wonders of 2048.▼ HOW TO PLAYSwipe (Up, Down, Left,Right) tomove the tiles. When two tiles with the same images touch,theymerge into one. When the wonder tile is created, the playerwins!To access Leaderboard, you will have to sign in using googleplusaccount.▼ Make strategic moves using various items* Recoverfromyour mistakes using Undo item* Use Magic Wand to evolveyourbuildings. * Cleaner item wipes out low level buildings tosparemore space for you!Facebook
It is a fun and addictive puzzle game. You need to combinesamenumber to score bigger number Test your mind power now. Youcansave your score and compete with other players
2048 1.5
- The classic 2048 puzzle is a fun, addictive and a simplenumberpuzzle game. You join the numbers and get to the 2048 tile! -This2048 plus game is an upgraded version of the current popular2048game. This is a super 2048 plus puzzle, it supportstiny(3x3),classic (4x4), big (5x5), bigger (6x6) and huge (8x8)board sizes.Be ready for a new challenge! HOW TO PLAY: Swipe (Up,Down, Left,Right) to move the tiles. When two tiles with the samenumbertouch, they merge into one. When 2048 tile is created, theplayerwins! 8 .. 16 ... 1024 .. 2048. To access Leaderboard, youwillhave to sign in using google plus account.FEATURES- Tiny(3x3),classic (4x4), big (5x5), bigger (6x6) and huge (8x8)boardoptions!- Super 2048 Plus puzzle game.- Keep playing forHigh-scoreafter collected 2048 tile- Game is automatically saved-One Undomove support- Beautiful and simple UI- High score-Leaderboard-Supports all devices including tablets- Completelynativeimplementation
R. Apps
2048 is a simple but addictive puzzle game supporting 6differentboard sizes, an undo button and a unique user experience.Swipe tomerge numbers and get to the 2048 tile before running outof space.You can even go further and continue the game in endlessmode afterthe 2048 tile created. Reach a high score and challengeyourfriends. 2048 comes with a spectacular design and with 3differentthemes, so you can choose the one that fits you the best.A perfectchoice to pass time and have fun!
2048 1.0.9
Nice and addictive 2048 puzzle game to play with your friendsandfamily. Make high score and compare your score withpeopleworldwide in leaderboard. How to play: Slide same numbertilesup-down right-left and merge them to make bigger number. Forex.2+2=4, 4+4 =8, 8+8=16, 16+16=32,... and so on. As soon asyoucreate 2048 tiles you will win the game. To access leaderboardyouhave to login with your google plus account. Features: ✓Loadedwith Beautiful themes ✓ Multiple five boards(3x3, 4x4, 5x5,6x6,8x8) to play 2048 ✓ Undo move option ✓ Automatic save game ✓Highscore ✓ Reset game option Available Languages English,German,French, Russian, Dutch, Danish, Spanish 4.02
LTG Games
2 To 2 - Match 3 is a number connect puzzle game. Connect-3&merge the number! By connecting as many same numbered dots asyoucan. The longer the line, the more points you get and thelongeryou’ll survive. How to play: • Connect same numbers on ahorizontalor vertical line, cross line. • Connect-3 or more samenumbers tomerge them. • The result of connected value being amultiple of 2:4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024, 2048... • This"2 To 2 -Match 3" will end when you can't connect any more.Feature: •Addictive and innovative game play. • Easy to learn, hardtomaster. • Auto saved. • No time limit • Leaderboard: compareyourbest score with friends and orther players in the worlds.Support:• Any suggestion, please mail-to ""Thanks forplaying!
2048 Tycoon: World Theme Park 1.5.8
The most beautiful 2048 puzzle game! ■ Fun to collect Variousdesignrides and to expand theme park • Collect a variety of coolrides. •Every time you move blocks, you can get a variety ofrides, attractmore guests, earn money, and purchase more fun rideswith that moneyto expand your own theme park. • The rides ofvarious design will beupdated. (Santa Town Theme Park, etc.) ■Enjoy Theme park tycoongame by 2048 puzzle • New game mixed 2048puzzle and tycoon games •We adopted the 2048 puzzle gameplaymechanic to make Tycoon gameseasy to operate on mobile. [Features]• KILLING TIME GAME •INCREDIBLY FUN, SIMPLE AND ADDICTIVE • NOTIME LIMIT • NO LIFE LIMIT• NO WIFI? NO PROBLEM • FREE TO PLAY FORLIFE Music DirectorSooyoung Kim(KREMS) Academic Advisor SangmyungUniv. - Minho Jang,Sundo Chung, Sooyoung Kim Composer Minho Jang,Sundo Chung, SooyoungKim, Kim Kyu Ri, Kim Hojung, Jinyang Kim,Mina Ryu, Kate Lee, JeonJin Woo, Yunmi Jeong, Yuo Gao, YookyungKil [Please note] 1. Allgame data is lost if the app is deleted.2. Has in-game purchasesand advertisements. 3. 2048 Tycoon foryour smooth game play Thefollowing permissions are required.External save permission todownload the data needed for the game[WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE,READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE] email Thank youeveryone for your time and interest!If you had fun, please spreadthe word to your friends and leave areview. Your reviews helpimmensely with improving the game!
2048 Number puzzle game 7.05
2048 game is fun and addictive number puzzle game where your goalisto collect 2048 tile. Functionality and advantages of the game:+Optimised for performance and battery saving + Super 2048 gamemode(5x5) with unlimited undo + Game board with square board sizesof4x4 and 5x5 + Night and Day theme - saver for your eyes + Gameisautomatically autosaved and u can continue playing after+Leaderboards and 2048 puzzle modes statistic + Changesensitivityand animations speed - fully customisable + Keep playingforHigh-score after collected 2048 tile! + Best 2048 numberpuzzlegame Enjoy original 2048 free number puzzle game!
2048 Huge 2.1
Aleaf Games
2048 Huge is an addictive 2048 Super puzzle game. The goal ofthegame is to reach the number 2048. Slide the tiles and merge themtoreach 2048 tile. You can undo the last move. You can playwithdifferent board sizes. All of them are very fun. You willgetaddicted! Free 2048 is one of the best number game fromnumberpuzzle games based on number merge. It is popular fun gameand amerge of number games, brain teasers games, difficult gamesanddifferent games. You can play without Internet. Number gamesforadults are great for relaxing and having fun. - Differentboardsizes. Tiny(3x3), Standard(4x4), Big(5x5), Bigger(6x6),VeryBig(8x8), Extreme (10x10) - 3 different unique gamethemes:Classic, Blue and Spring - Leaderboard and High Scores. -Smoothand addictive gameplay. - Simple and modern design - Oneundooption - Number puzzle games and brain games for adults -Popularfree games and relaxing numbers game
4096 Jewels : Make Crown 2.0
The most addicted number puzzle game! 2048 puzzle game hasbeenupgraded! [HOW TO PLAY] 1. Swipe to push tiles 2. Two tilewithsame number will be merged. ( 2+2=4, 4+4=8 ... ) 3. Keepmerginguntil you get 4096! [FEATURES] - Simple and modern design-Leaderboard - Achievement - Aim for the Golden Tile (32768)![Multi language support] * This game requires Phone/ContactsAccesspermission to detect incoming phone calls while playinggame.Homepage:
2048 Charm: Classic & New 2048, Number Puzzle Game 3.7501
DoPuz Games
Are you ready to play the most fun and innovative 2048 game inthemarket? New 2048 is here to offer you the most classic 2048puzzlegameplay along with 12 different variations, all in onecompletepackage! With rich gameplay, intuitive interface, and allthefunctions right at your fingertips, this 2048 number puzzle gameissure to be your favorite! Get immediate access to 2048 plusgamevariations like 4x4+ Board, 5x5 Board, Drop mode, Party mode,andother 12 fun number puzzles gameplay! 2048 Charm PuzzleGameFeatures: ♥ 12 unique & advanced 2048 gamemodes in one app♥Keep playing for High-slcore after collected 2048 tile ♥Classicand simple UI, smooth sliding block experience ♥ One Undomovesupport to adjust coolmath strategy ♥ Reset 2048 standardanytimein case you get stuck ♥ Detailed guide and rules for each2048classic modes ♥ Process and high score will be automaticallysavedHow to play 2048 Charm: Swipe the screen to move tiles left,right,up, and down. When two tiles with the same number touch, theymergeinto one! Every swipe, a new tile will randomly appear in anemptyspot on the board with a value of either 2 or 4. Slide thetiles tomerge them, 2+2→4, 8+8→16 ...32 ...256 ...1024..., when2048 tileis created, you win! Play this amazing 2048 game and havefun! 2048Charm Game Modes: Classic Mode: Classic (4x4), big (4x4+)amdbigger (2048 5x5) board options. This 2048 number challenge modeisan upgraded version of the original 2048 game. Click &Joy:Click the tile, the number +1 and compose a new numberwithadjoining tiles. Be prepared for a new super 2048 puzzlechallengefor best record! Drop Mode: Place the falling tiles to therightposition. Two tiles with same number will merge into one. Thisisthe interesting combination of 2 classic logic puzzles games:Blockcrush game & 2048 Ultimate. Party Mode: Click on theadjacenttiles with the same number, all the tiles will merge intoone anddouble its number. Explore deep cool math logic challengefor yourmind! Merge Mode: Click on the blank spot, blocks will movecloser.Start playing this awesome 2048 unlimited mode, merging thenumbersand experiencing the cool math logic game. Line Mode: Slidetoconnect the same number, the more you connect, the highernumberpuzzle game score you get. Compete with your friends to seewho canreach the best score. Spin Number: Line up numbers fromsmall tolarge to generate a more larger number. The longer the lineis, youhave more chance to win the 2048 pro magic puzzles game. 12LegendMode: Only the red 1 tile and the green 1 tile can combine a2.This is an amusing 2048 mania game mode that will get yourbraintrained, get fun out of it and make you think. More fun 2048gamesare waiting for you in our cool math games: 2048 Charm!Withendless 2048 you now have the famous math logic puzzle alwayswithyou – anytime and anywhere for free! We deliver all of thatwithina refined, appealing and easy to use interface! Relax or keepyourmind active – pass time in a pleasant way! If you want to haveagreat time while learning more math tricks in logic puzzleapps,this is the right brain teasers game to help you with that.Our2048 free number app will make the puzzle solving experiencesmoothcause you can have lots of fun as you explore all thepossibilitiesand everything that you might want from a popular 2048game! Likeus on Facebook: us onTwitter: Free toDownload Now! Enjoythe fun on this 2048 charm number puzzle games!
com.androbaby.original2048 3.2
2048 Original is the classic 2048 puzzle game. Slide the tilesandmerge them to reach 2048 tile. Start with 2 and reach 16, 32,128,512, 1024 and finally 2048. - Square and Rectangle boardoptions. -Different square board sizes. The smallest is 3x3 and thebiggestis 8x8. - Different rectangle board sizes. The smallest is3x5 andthe biggest is 6x9. - Achievements and Leaderboard -Continue thegame after reaching 2048. - Addictive 2048 play.
2048 1.1
2048 is played by swiping the tiles to merge matching numbers.Iftwo tiles of the same number collide while moving, they willmergeinto a tile with the total value of the two tiles thatcollided.Every turn, a new tile will appear with a value of either2 or 4.You will win the game when you get a tile with 2048 value.
2048 Game
2048 is an addictive number puzzle game based on simpleaddition.You can enjoy all fun of number games, cool math games,logicpuzzle games, brain teaser, and mind blowing in this freesupernumbers puzzle. With 5 undos, 5 boards, smooth performance,lowstorage plus other features, this new free 2048 game bringsyoubest experience among all 2048 number games. HOW TO PLAY:Swipe(Up, Down, Left, Right) to move all tiles. After every swipe,a newtile of 2 or 4 will appear in a random empty spot. When twotilepuzzles with a same number touch, they merge into one.2+2=4,4+4=8, 8+8=16, 16+16=32, 32+32=64, 64+64=128, ..., 256 .. 512..1024 ..., when 2048 puzzle is created, you win! When there’szeroavailable spot and zero adjacent tiles with a same numeral,youlose. FEATURES: - Five undos. Most 2048 games have just oneundo. -Classic (4x4), small (3x3), big (5x5), bigger (6x6), huge(8x8)boards! - Endless mode. After winning at 2048 tile, youcanchallenge 4096, 8192, 16384, 32768, 65536, 131072 ... toENDLESS! -Process is automatically saved - Beautiful plus simpleUI, smoothanimations - Leaderboards. - Native implementation,bestperformance, low storage, small app - Supports androidversionsfrom 2.1 - Upgraded version of original popular classic2048 numbergame The three multiply three ( 3 x 3 ) mode is hardestwhile theeight multiply eight ( 8 x 8 ) mode is easiest since theyhavefewest and most empty spots separately. Slide screen, jointhenumbers, merge the puzzles, get to 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512,1024,… then win! This fun numbers app is for adult, teenagers,kids.Everyone can experience cool math logic in this fun puzzlesgame.Now start training your brain, your mind and enjoy playingthisfree cool math, educational, and addicting mini numbersgame!Challenge best score!
2048 classic puzzle +5 games
2048 Puzzle is simple, fun and addictive number puzzle gamealongwith 5 other games. Join the numbers and get to the 2048 tile!2048game is upgraded and optimized version of the most popularpuzzlegame. Enjoy the super fast performance while having superfun. Itsupport classic 4x4 tile board, No time bound. Game state issavedinstantly, so you can resume game any time. Current score andalltime best score is shown on the game screen. To access thepersonalleader board you can click on the best score button. GameLogic isvery simple to learn- Use swipe to move the tiles. When twotilesof same number touch with swipe, they merge into one biggertile!Reach 2048 and win the game Start your fun on this additivepuzzlegame and explore deep challenge for your mind! Features-Classic4x4 tile board optimized for mobile screen size. Nativeoptimizedandroid performance, very swift animation. Keep playingmode forhigh scoring after 2048. Game state is instantly saved,resumeanytime. Undo game step supported Beautiful and simpleclassic UIHigh score, Personal Best score and leader board gamesupport foralmost all android devices Frequent game update withadditionalfeatures No extra mobile permission required to playNoregistration and login required Ads supported but not intrusivetogame play How to play- -Swipe (Up, Down, Left, Right) to jointhenumbers. -When two tiles with the same no touch, they mergetocreate tile of double no. i.e when 2 2 merge it create tile with4no. -When a tile with 2048 number is created, game ends andyouwins. Please give your feedback in comments, we will make itthebest 2048 puzzle game. This game is based on classic opensource2048
com.ekstar.game2048 9.0
Fun and addictive mobile version of Ekstar 2048 game andmostperfect 2048 number puzzle game for Android! HOW TO PLAY:Swipe(Up, Down, Left, Right) to move the tiles. When two tiles withthesame number touch, they merge into one. When 2048 tile iscreated,the player wins! 8 .. 16 ... 1024 .. 2048
2048 1.7
2048 is played on a gray 4×4 grid, with numbered tiles thatslidesmoothly when a player moves them using the four arrow keys.Everyturn, a new tile will randomly appear in an empty spot on theboardwith a value of either 2 or 4. Tiles slide as far as possibleinthe chosen direction until they are stopped by either anothertileor the edge of the grid. If two tiles of the same numbercollidewhile moving, they will merge into a tile with the totalvalue ofthe two tiles that collided.The resulting tile cannot mergewithanother tile again in the same move. Higher-scoring tiles emitasoft glow. HOW TO PLAY: Swipe (Up, Down, Left, Right) to movethetiles. When two tiles with the same number touch, they mergeintoone. When 2048 tile is created, the player wins! 8 .. 16 ...1024.. 2048. Completely native implementaion
2048 Plus 5.1
2048 Plus is an upgraded version of the current popular gamesof2048.Join the numbers and get to the 2147483648 tile!Swipe tomovethe tiles, when two tiles with the same number touch, theymergeinto one.Get 2147483648 in one tile to win a game! Exploredeepchallenge for your mind!It is a super 2048,It hasmorefeatures.2048 Plus support auto move. Support two swipemodes:continuous sliding, moving once and moving severaltimes.Supportfour auto move modes: Corner, Swing, Swirl,Random.Support multipleauto move speed: 0.1s, 0,2s, 0,3s, 0.5s, 1s,2s.Support autosave.Support undo.Support Night mode.Support turnon/offsound.Support Gravity mode.Support English Alphabetskin.SupportChemical elements skin.Support Chinese dynastiesskin.Support MerryChristmas skin.Support multiple sets of customskin, you can customyour own skin.Support Backup and Restore yourgame progress.Supportcustom game background andtransparency.Support multi-stepundo..Support more play modes:1.3x32. 4x43. 5x54. 6x6 (default)5.8x8More and more people joined the2048 plus game, play it andenjoy it.
Fantasy Story : 2048 1.45
Niji Games
Fantasy Story is a 2048 puzzle game mixed withcity-buildingelements to help you strengthen your heroes andaccomplished asmany level as you can. Discover many places, summonvariety ofheroes to join your cause, and destroy all obstacles tokeep movingon! FEATURES * FREE TO PLAY! * Simple 2048 game systemand easy tocontrol. * Combo system to ease your day. * Build shopsanddecorate your own village! * Collect resources and farm the landtoupgrade your shops! * Summon and strengthen your heroes tounlockedvariety skills * 200+ levels to play. * Great visuals andgraphics.HOW TO PLAY Swipe the screen to move the 2048 tile toeverydirection you like! The number will multiply each time itscombinedwith the same numbered tile. Feeling stuck on certainlevel? Youcan use your Hero Skills to help you go through it!Complete allthe goals before the movements are running out! ---Please Rate andwrite a review to support us! 😉 Connect with us onsocialmedia: us for any feedback,ideas, and other inquiries 4.0.5
Panda Studios
• • Single Player With a flick and stroke of your fingertipsmergethe same blocks in 2048 style and construct a cross-agemetropolis!From historical site to bustling downtown, from suburbshouses toskyscrapers, the rise of civilization in just a snap offingers! •Includes Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty,Bolshoi Theatre,Saint Basil's Cathedral, British Museum, Big Benand dozens ofunique and aesthetical architectures, waiting for youto discoverand evolve! Amazing buildings will be presenting to youin eachevolution. • Various themes of civilization are waiting foryourchallenge! • Spring to winter, sunrise to sunset, day tonight,enjoy the view of your city in construction from every angle.•Buildings unlocked will be kept in architecture gallery withtheirrelevant information, so you can always read them. • A varietyofprops to help you to build a great nation - "Rewind"–time-reverse, continue building your perfect layout. - "Upgrade"–evolve your building instantly! - "Remove" - remove building,makemore space wisely to upgrade. - "Renew" - removelow-levelbuildings and construct! • Extra gems and special propsareprovided randomly to strengthen your edge! • Provide buildingleveltags for easy visibility to control layout. • Wheel of Fortuneisspecially prepared for you upon completion of building, to letyouwin your last chance to create the next golden age! • Challengeallplayers and friends all over the world with high scores toseewhose metropolis is more flourished! • • RealtimeMultiplayer4-Player realtime competition! Choose various historicalpersonagesas your hero, build your city in 2048 style, meanwhilecast uniqueskills to attack or disturb opponents, crash theircities andbecome the champion. • Witness opponents' constructionprogress inrealtime, tense and exciting. • Each personage possessesdifferentskills, eg the Black Hole & White Hole of Albert Einstein,theUrban Renewal of George Washington, which lend you power to winthematch! • Collect vairous skins of the heroes, fight withotherplayers in different styles. • Upgrade your heroes, enhanceskillpower, overwhelm your opponents in the battlefield!
com.newpower.game2048 v20190708
Join the numbers and get to the 2048 title. HOW TO PLAY: Useyourswipe screen to move the tiles. When two tiles with the samenumbertouch, they merge into one! TIPS & TRICKS: 1. Take ItSlow 2048is so easy to play, you might get into the habit oftearing throughgames without even really paying attention to whatyou're doing.That's not a good idea. Take your time - there's nopenalty forthinking your moves through after all. Also, try topredict wherenew blocks might come in and how you could deploythem. Somethinglike playing chess. 2. Work The Corners In order towin the gameyou should have a specific strategy. If you do not haveone, youwill most probably not reach further than 512. So, a goodstrategyis to always keep your highest value tile at one of thecorners.Just choose one corner and direct all your tiles there. Itis notas easy as it sounds, but you can master it quickly. In ordertostop the highest value tile to leave "the king's place", trytopack tiles around it. Preferably, they should be the otherbiggesttiles. Master this simple strategy and you will soon reach1024 andeven win the 2048 Game! 3. How to make the highest valuedtile inthe right bottom corner and not to move it? Once you haveplacedyour highest tile value is in the right bottom corner, do notmoveit. To make sure it is not moved, you have to make the lastrowalways filled by pushing the down arrow so that the use of LEFTandRight Arrow would not move the highest valued tile. Basically,thisis the most important cheat for 2048 Game - keep the highesttilein the corner and do not move it. We Support this: 1. Supportthenumber of custom tiles , if you unlike 4*4 , you can try toplay5*5 , 6*6 , 7*7 , 8*8 or 9*9 2. Support achievementsandleaderboards. a lot of other player in the leaderboards 3.Supportcheat , you can remove all 2 tiles if you like. 4. Supportundo, ifyou make a mistake, you can undo. 5. Support night mode. 6.Supportremove ads Quotes about the 2048 Game: “Help! I can't stopplaying2048.” “2048 Game is the most addictive game I have everplayed!”“Don't play 2048 if you have homework to do.” “Sorry forbeinglate, bro, I just couldn't stop playing the game you showedmeyesterday.” “This is the game of March 2014!” “I've beenplayingthis all day today. I basically created my own demise.”“Holy *** Ijust lost like 45 minutes to this.” “Evil evil game.” “Ijust spenta few hours on this. I'm in love-hate relationships withthe gamenow.” “There was light outside my window when I first beganplayingthis, and now it's pitch dark.” Hope you can get the 2048tile .
2048 Crush - Numbers Puzzle 1.0.3
Match number tiles, collect coins… Did you get bored becauseofplaying the same type 2048 games? Download this extraordinarydigitgame. It is different from similar ones! 512, 1024, 2048! Itiseasy for you to make these scores, if you are good at mathgames!Like most game, it is not an ordinary puzzles game! ★ FREEtoinstall and play. ★ Clear font and soft background. Designed nottotire your eyes even after playing for hours. ★ Simple to play,yetdifficult to master. ★ Entertaining and addictive to players ofallages. ★ Strengthen your logical and strategic thinking whilehavingfun. ★ Endless gameplay
2048 3.8.0
effect design
👌🏻 This is a prefect time killer small game. 👑 Now you canenjoywith beautiful and eye catching visual. 🎮 One rule, swipe andtryto get a 2048 tile!
2048 3.15
Evgeniy Vel
Join the numbers and get to the 2048 tile!Swipe to move alltiles.When two tiles with the same number touch, they merge intoone.Getto the 2048 tile, and reach a high score!
2048 BEAT: Make music
Music fan penguin Hates the cold South Pole, but gets lost inthejungles to the south Sings with friends in the jungles andholdsparties Simple and interesting puzzle game 2048!!! The moreyouplay, the more animals you meet, the more music you will get.The1st music puzzle game!!! Game Features - Although you can onlyuseone finger to play this game, it is an easy puzzle game thatishighly addictive - No energy and heart, you can play all day-Off-line mode is available - Small package size, less than30Mdownload it without a hesitation - Supports 14 languages -Supportstablet gaming Game Methods - All animals are multiple of 2- Slideto match the same animals - Match the same animals to turnintoother animals - Please complete simple quests in each missionNotes- The date will be initialized when using a new phone or whenyoure-install this game - Ads and some in-game purchases.[AppPermissions] #Required Permissions Storage -Allows the apptoinstall the game and to save game data. #How to revokepermission-OS 6.0 and above: Settings>ApplicationManager>SelectApplication>Permission>Revoke Permission-Below OS 6.0: Youmay only revoke permission by deleting theapplication.
2048 App Real 1.2
EarnCash App
It support classic 4x4 tile board, No time bound. Game stateissaved instantly, so you can resume game any time. Current scoreandall time best score is shown on the game screen. To accessthepersonal leader board you can click on the best scorebutton.GameLogic is very simple to learn-Use swipe to move thetiles. When twotiles of same number touch with swipe, they mergeinto one biggertile! Reach 2048 and win the gameStart your fun onthis additivepuzzle game and explore deep challenge for your mind!
2048 1.10
GMT Mobile
Fun and addictive Android version of 2048 game. - Best 2048PlusAndroid version implementation! - Smooth animations - Endlessmode!- Optimized for mobile devices - High score - Leaderboard-Supports all devices - Beautiful and simple UI Play and havefun!2048 puzzle To learn more, please visit: : Twitter:
2048 Muug : Let’s Stir Tea 1.2.3c
★ Google Play(Korea) Featured Games!★ A cup of tea makeseverythingbetter! What’s your favorite tea or coffee? There’splenty of teaand coffee available at Muug! Let’s stir the cup! Youdon’t need toput the kettle on. your tea is ready. Sugar and teaingredients arefloating in the cup. Two same shape of teaingredients are able tomerging it. If you continue to merge, youcan see Bremen'smemories. This is the story of women. You may haveexperienced orexperienced this before. Please listen to theirstory. Features * Agame stage consisting of various tea and blocksmade of teaingredients. * 2048 puzzle game made of tea ingredientsand sugar.* Spoon and straw help the 2048 game more fun & easy!*Numerous characters and stories that tell a variety of episodes.*Whenever, wherever you can continue the game. * Collectbeautifulposter that can be used as a mobile wallpaper. Follow 2048Muug, t: @redMinSgame If you need anyhelp,please contact here,
2048 Original 2.0.3
The most captivating game of the year! Will you be able to reachthemythical number 2048?-The rules of the game couldn't besimpler!Movethe tiles from top to bottom or from bottom to top andfrom left toright or vice versa. When two tiles containing thesame numbertouch, they merge becoming one single tile. The numbersare added upautomatically. When a tile is created with 2048,you've won!+ Thebest version of the game available on yoursmartphone + completelyfree + a score table so you can to try tobeat your best score everytime Become a veritable 2048 pro!!!!!!-Ultra addictive game*-Quickand easy - For all players, all agesfrom 7 to 77 - Automatic backupof your latest scores
2048 (WoT) 1.16.5
Join the tanks and get to the victory! The game was createdtoplease the fans. Good luck on the battlefield! 11 Nations:USSR,USA, Germany, China, Japan, Great Britain, Czechoslovakia,France,Sweden, Poland, Italy. Four types: Heavy Tanks, Mediumtanks, SPGs,Tank Destroyers -HOW TO PLAY- Swipe to move the tanks.When twotanks with the same touch, they merge into one. This gameis basedon This applicationis NOT adevelopment of Application is made inaccordancewith Wargaming Developer Partner Programrules: The images contained within are copyrightedbyWargaming.Net LLP and tank stats are intellectual propertyofWargaming.Net : Copyright © ®, All rightsreserved.World of Tanks, WoT are trademarks or registeredtrademarks
💙 BTS Bangtan 2048 Puzzle 1.9
💙 Special edition of 2048 game with Bangtan Boys. 💙 The rulesofthis puzzle game are simple: just swipe pics to matchthemtogether. Summ the same numbers and your score will increaseasfast as more you will merge. Can you reach the 2048th pic?Enjoyand win! BTS's Members: 💙 Rap Monster (Kim Namjoon; 김남준), Jin(KimSeokjin; 김석진), Suga (Min Yoongi; 민윤기), J-Hope (Jung Hoseok;정호석),Jimin (Park Jimin; 박지민), V (Kim Taehyung; 김태형), Jungkook(JeonJeongguk; 전정국) 💕 💙 This game is absolutely free and just forBTS'sfans apps and Unofficial. Enjoy playing this game
2048 Ultimate 2.0.6
2048 number puzzle is one of the cool math games of all times!2048mania goes on! 2048 Ultimate is the ultimate version of 2048gamewhich is optimized for performance and comes with manydifferentboard sizes from 3x3 to 8x8!. Join the numbers and get tothe 2048tile! Extremely addictive number puzzle game 2048. You canloginwith Google+ to submit your score and compete other 2048 fansallaround the world. You can also play in offline mode, in thatcaseyour score is not submitted to online scoreboard. Features : -Manydifferent board sizes, 3x3, 4x4, 5x5, 6x6, 7x7, 8x8! - Undolastmove! - Flawless gameplay, no lags, extremely fast - Gameisautomatically saved - Keeps track of best score - Keepplayingafter reaching 2048 (Optional) - Online Leaderboard -Compete withfriends - Clear and simple UI - Restart new game withconfirmation(No more restarts by mistake) - Very small file size2048 game isplayed on a simple gray N×N grid with tiles of varyingcolorsoverlaid that slide smoothly when a player moves them.To movetilesleft, right, up, and down just slide your finger todesireddirection. If two tiles of the same number collide whilemoving,they will merge into a tile with the total value of the twotilesthat collided. The resulting tile cannot merge with anothertileagain in the same move. Higher-scoring tiles emit a softglow.Everyturn, a new tile will randomly appear in an empty spot onthe outerframe of the board with a value of either 2 or 4. Ascoreboard onthe upper-right keeps track of the user's score. Theuser's scorestarts at zero, and is incremented whenever two tilescombine, bythe value of the new tile. The user's best score isshown alongsidethe current score. The game is won when a tile witha value of 2048appears on the board, when you merge two 1024 tiles.After reachingthe target score, players can continue beyond 2048and reach to4096 or further. When the player has no legal moves(there are noempty spaces and no adjacent tiles with the samevalue), the gameends. You can watch this video to learn how to win2048 game and2048 tips.!Enjoy!
2048 1.4
The classic 2048 is a fun, addictive and simple puzzle game.Youjoin the numbers and get to the 1024 tile, the 2048 tile, the4096tile, the 8192 tile and play as much more as you wish to makeitmore challenging and get to the highest scores on theleaderboard!😁It does not only have classic (4X4) board size butalso supportssmall (3X3), large (6X6) and huge (8X8) board sizes.HOW TO PLAY:Swipe (Up, Down, Left, Right) to move the tiles. Whentwo with thesame number touch, they merge into one. After everyswipe, a newtile will appear in a random empty spot on the board.Slide thecells to merge them, 2+2=4, 4+4=8, 8+8=16, 16+16=32 ... 64... 128.. 256 .. 512 .. 1024 ..., when 2048 tile is created, youwin! Whenthere is no empty spot on the board and no adjacent tileswith thesame value, you lose. Keep playing it, thinking aboutit,practicing your brain, you will be a professional of thisfunpuzzle app. Among all the cool math games, number games andlogicpuzzles apps, this free 2048 game is a most addictive app thatyoucan get your brain trained, get fun out of it and make youthink.It is so simple to play that it’s not only for adults andteenagersbut also for kids. Slide the screen, combine and join thenumbers,get to 128, 256, 512, 1024 and win at last! Download itnow! Startplaying this awesome and relaxing 2048 puzzle game,merging thenumbers and experiencing the cool math logic, then youcan getlogic fun from joining the numbers. Compete with yourfriends tosee who can reach the best score. To access theLeaderboard, youneed to sign in your google play games. FEATURES ✔️Endless mode.After winning at 2048 tile, you can go further andchallenge 4096,8192, 16384, 32768, 65536, 131072 ... to ENDLESS andunlimited! ✔️Classic (4x4) board, small (3X3), large (6X6), huge(8X8). ✔️Process and high score will be automatically saved ✔️ OneUndo movesupport. You can use undo function to cancel your lastmove. ✔️Beautiful and simple UI, smooth animations ✔️ Leaderboardfor allthe modes. ✔️ Supports all devices including tablets Madewith ❤for Coding. You will surely love it. Enjoy 😁
Doge 2048 3.0.3-bewildered
Wow such amaze, many funs! - Doge actually said this! (seeforyourself: Doge 2048 has thesamerules as 2048... Swipe to move the tiles, when two tiles withthesame Doge touch, they merge into a more awesome Doge. When aDoge2048 tile is created, you win! Features: - Google PlayGamesintegration! High Score and Winner leader boards, compete withyourfriends and random humans around the world. - Keep playingafteryou reach 2048 and even after you reach 4096! Just play tillyoucan't move no more. - Unlock achievements for doing a good jorb!-Games automatically save so you can go back to them later -Manywows! Join Doge 2048 beta to get access to latest features +bugfixes:
2048 Classic Puzzle 1.0
2048 game - a simple logicallyHas a bright attractive graphicsandanimation.Optimized for android, game of block puzzle andnumber.-Shiny designed for mobile- Leaderboard Google service.-Beautifuleffect in game.- Smooth and simple.If you have problemspleasecontact us!Train, play and have fun with block puzzle andnumbergame.Thank you so much!