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Balloon Popping Games For Kids 2.1
🎈🎈🎈 Ready to start popping some colorful balloons? 😍 BalloonPoppingGames For Kids 😍 bring an abundance of cute balloons ofdifferentsizes that appear on the screen with increasing speed,and kids needto pop as many of them as they can before the timeruns out! 👶 👧👦🎈🎈🎈 This educational game for kids will teachtoddlers todifferentiate between different colors and improvetheir fine motorskills, as well as hand-eye coordination. Creativelearning gamesare very important in the early stages of children'sdevelopment, sodownload our "balloon pop for toddlers" and watchyour little oneshave the best time tapping multicolored balloonsfilled with cutekids' toys and other surprises!🎈🎈 FEATURES:🎈Simple but addictiveand entertaining! 🎈 Challenging for young kids– watch as they getbetter and faster at balloon popping!🎈 Popballoons as fast as youcan and win super power-ups and extrapoints! 🎈 Some ballons containtoys, some are filled with smallerballoons, some have bombs thatcan make other balloons explode andbring you more points!🎈 Balloonpopping games for toddlers hidemany more fun surprises, likespecial balloons that make time passfaster or slower – remember,there's only 60 seconds to pop as manyflashy balloons as you can!🎈Big beautiful balloons in all colorsof the rainbow are flying upthrough the air all the time, hurry upto pop them all!🎈 Tap theballoon to pop it and then tap the toysthat come out of balloonsfor extra points!🎈 Leaderboard to keeptrack of who is the bestballoon popper in the family! 🎈 "Balloonpop games" for toddlers,preschoolers and school kids FREE!🎈🎈🎈Looking for funny, cheerfulgames that your kids can play at anytime and have fun? "Bubble popgames free" are perfect babyeducational games for one year olds andolder kids. This classicbaby game is ideal to have on your phoneand play on the go,because it's one of those free games for toddlerto play offline –no wifi needed!🎈🎈🎈 Every parent needs easy toddlergames for littlegirls and boys, and we designed 😍 Balloon PoppingGames For Kids 😍having that in mind: our toddler learning gamescontain vibrantballoons, pleasant music and entertaining soundeffects that willkeep kids amused for a long time! 🎈🎈🎈 Vibrantballons are waitingto be popped – tap on balloons, free cute toysthat are inside andwatch them fly across the screen! This timekiller will surely puta smile on your kid's face as they popbright-colored balloons!Super power-ups make this balloon poppingadventure even moreexciting – hours of tapping colorful balloonswill improve kids'ability to stay focused and concentrate on atask. Learning gamesfor small children are the most important typeof games in thecategory of free games for kids, and our balloonshooter is a funbrain teasing activity for the youngestlearners!🎈🎈🎈 When it comesto preschool games for little kids, it'sessential that the gamesare entertaining, with kids-friendlyinterface and simple andintuitive gameplay - 😍 Balloon PoppingGames For Kids 😍 have allthe necessary features to be yourtoddlers' favorite game amongbubble popping and balloon pop freegames!🎈🎈🎈 Bubble pop games forbabies can also be consideredlearning games for toddlers, becausekids gain many new skills bypopping balloons or bursting soupbubbles! Watching balloons withsmiley faces fly by, carrying toycars, rockets, dolls, stuffedanimals and more! Download theultimate balloon pop for toddlers andsee how your child getsbetter at 😍 Balloon Popping Games For Kids😍!
Balloon Pop 🎈 - educational game for Kids 1.2.0
Balloon pop-pop-pop! Learn animal names and what sound eachanimalmakes; get familiar with the fruits and vegetables that youeat;learn your alphabet letters and count the numbers. Your babywilllove playing this educational balloon game, while learningnewnames and pronunciations. And improving his visualperception,concentration and hand-eye coordination skills at thesametime.Features: * Vibrant illustrations with lots ofcolorsappropriate for young kids.* Cute animations to make thefreeapplication even more entertaining - a shining star, aflyingplane, a silly ufo, a choo-choo train, etc. * Surprisingsoundeffects and soothing background music.* Focus on schooleducationby teaching the pronunciation of animal names, fruitnames,vegetable names, numbers and letters.* 30 different languagestochoose from, including Afrikaans, Arabic, Bengali, Dutch,Finnish,French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese,Russian,Spanish and Turkish.Themes:Farm Animals – babies popballoons whilelistening to the pronunciations and sounds ofdifferent domesticanimals: cow, horse, dog, cat are just afew.Aquatic Animals –watch how your toddler bursts the balloons andlearns the names ofmany sea animals like fish, dolphin, whaleetc.Birds – for allpreschool kids that are curious to know thenames of all the littlefeathery friends: the owl, the singingnightingale, the talkingparrot and many more.Wild Animals – thecute bear, dancing elephantand chubby hippo are just some of theanimals that your childrenwill see in this balloon theme.Fruits –yummy vitamins and colorfulballoons are a great combination forsome fun balloon touchactivity.Vegetables – learn all your veggieswith this balloongame, pop a tomato, a cucumber or a lettuce, plusmany greenfood.Alphabets – trying to gradually introduce lettersinto youreducational milestones? This game will be of great help,you’lllearn to read letters easily.Numbers - learn to count numberswhileyou’re popping colorful balloons.
Kids Balloon Factory 1.0.1
KIDS FUN STUDIO is presenting the new and exciting KidsBalloonFactory game with adventure and fun for little boys andgirls. Playthis kids balloon maker & factory game and enjoyvirtualsimulator of factory. This game is as much fun as Ice CreamFactoryand car factory game. Kids like to decorate the house withballoonson fun events! Hey little kids! We are providing you achance tovisit a kid’s balloon factory. Play your role as a factoryworkerand make beautiful and different designs balloons on largefactoryplants and machinery. Make adorable balloons of differentcreativedesign; use your amazing stylist skills to make balloons.Balloonmaking process starts from collecting natural rubber fortrees andthen making balloons. Little boys and girls make bestballoons forbirthdays, anniversaries and weddings. This game is asmuch fun asany cooking and maker game. Collecting Rubber First goto theforest and collect the natural rubber from the trees. Collecttherubber in the buckets and load it on the delivery truck todeliverit to the balloon factory.Rubber Processing and BalloonMaking Nowprocess the natural rubber in large machinery to makeballoons.Select the color and shapes of balloons and add rubberover thestructure to make balloon’s shape. It’s time to decoratetheballoons with multiple sticker, tattoos and smiles. Givetheballoons happy and crazy looks. Pack the balloons in thepacketsand send them to the stores, shops and supermarkets. Thisballoonmake game also contains a mini balloon pop game with willadoreyour kids. Now download this crazy balloons maker game andhaveawesome fun time.
Kids Balloon Pop Game Free 🎈 17.4
A classic balloon popping game for kids, with colorfulgraphics,cute animals and various backgrounds! You can even adjustthe speedand size of the balloons your baby or child's skilllevel.AD-FREE:no ads are shown while playing!There are fourdifferent gamemodes:• Normal. Balloon popping just for fun. Greatfor toddlers,as a baby game• A - Z. Pop balloons containing lettersof thealphabet, and hear the name of the letter spoken out loud.• 1- 20.Pop balloons containing numbers, and hear the name of thenumberspoken out loud.• Colors. Pop balloons of different colors,andhear the name of the color spoken out loud.All game modesaresuitable for young kids, as an educational game.For babies orkidswith visual impairments such as CVI you can disablebackgroundimages and increase the size of the balloons in order tomake themeasier to popThe free version contains 4 regular balloons,3animals and 2 different backgrounds. The full game (unlocked viaanin-app purchase) is even more fun, with 7 regular balloons,3special balloons, 10 animals and 3 differentbackgrounds!Lookingfor an iPad version? Search for "appfamily" onthe App Store!Loveit? Hate it? Please review the game and let usknow.For more fun,check out our other games for kids!This app:-Does not containthird-party ads- Does contain a link to ourFacebook page- Does useanonymous data collection tools- Doescontain one in-app purchasefor the full version
Balloon smasher
Cosmic Mobile
Balloon smasher it is cool, free game. Start your adventure withaBalloon smasher now!How to play:You must smash theballoons.Foreach smashed balloon you get points.Tap the balloon tosmashit.Avoid butterflies, flies, birds, bees and wasps - do nottouchthem!Tap the 3 insects or 3 birds or miss 3 balloons - thegamewill be over.Smash the bubble with red heart - you will getanextra life.In case of any problems with the effect ofBalloonssmasher, instead of giving us the negative opinion, pleasesend usan e-mail and review briefly the problem. It will help us tosolveit in the next updates of game.Balloons smasher is freebutcontains ads. Revenue from advertising will help us to createnewattractive game, wallpapers and applications. All permissionsarerequired only for advertising and are supported by trustedvendors.
Pop Balloon Kids 1.25
Everyone likes balloons but popping them is even more FUN.PopBalloon Kids is a simple yet addictive and challengingballoonpopping game that offers you a lot of excitement. Your goalissimple: pop as many balloons as you can in 60 seconds and trytoscore as many points as possible in the process. There arenumerouscolorful balloons to pop in this game and, in addition,there areplenty of hidden toys to improve your score and a lot ofdifferent“power-up” balloons to make the game even morechallenging. Manyballoons contain a toy that gives you extra pointsif you tap on itwhile the “power-up” balloons either help you byblowing up allother balloons in the radius or they make your workeven harder byspawning more new balloons.Pop Balloon Kids is asimple andattractive game suitable for all ages and fun to play inany case -whether you want to just take it easy and relax, or playitseriously and test your tapping skills.Features:• easy toplay•beautiful HD graphics• colorful balloons• plenty of toys• lotsofstunning effects• special “power-up” balloons
Balloon Smasher Kids Game 5.1.4
Zabuza Labs
Balloon Smasher Kids is specially designed balloon game forkids,babies & toddlers. Do you like balloons? If yes, this isaperfect game for you!Immerse yourself in the world ofballoonpopping!Balloons fly from the ground up in the sky, tap themto popthem. Every now and then you'll see butterflies flying over.If youtap a butterfly, the game is over. Make sure you avoid them.Scoreas much as you can. Features:Classic Mode - There are somenaughtyballoons that may skip your touch.Some are really fast whilesomeare lazy ones.And yes there are bees & butterfliestoo,wandering here & there, a few protecting the balloons.Butyoumust not kill them. (You just cannot kill somethingsobeautiful.)Challenge Mode - You can't miss a single balloon.Don'ttap the black balloon. Your reflexes might give in. Don't.CameraAR Mode - With Augmented reality becoming the next big thing,thisgame now supports AR. Pop balloons in your very room, in real,withthis game. Amazing engagement for kids. Perfect Balloon gameforkids toddlers & babies. Features:- various colored andsizedballoons.- balloons have different amazing path patterns.-threemodes.- challenging. Tests your reflexes. - very kid friendlykidloving balloons- eye-popping themesSmash / pop as many balloonsyoucan, they are infinite. Enjoy!Balloon Pop Smash SmasherBugAnt.Balloon Smasher Augmented Reality, one of the first timeARsupport for any game.
Balloons for kids 1.0.8
Developing new exciting game for children "Balloon pop" is afungame, not only for children but also for adults. Your task istoburst balloons and score the best result! Games forchildrenballoon pop for kids are simple and straightforward evenfor theyoungest users. All that is necessary for the child is toclick onthe screen and pop the balloons.It is necessary to pop theballoonsand bubbles of various shapes and colors that will beveryinteresting for children. Each balloon has burst beautifully asifblowing up balloons. And some balls hid bird. When theballoonbursts - a bird flies to the sky. Some balloons are shown intheform of toys, stars and hearts, such a variety of balloonslongcaptivate restless kids. Lovely balloons with funny smilesreallylike kids and amuse children. Baby game "Pop Balloon" willhelp inthe development of attention, motor skills of fingers,accuracy andin the study of color. After all, children's developinggames forkids and educational baby games to help childrenperception of theworld. Kids developing games and educational gamesfor children tohelp kids in learning through play.Pop the balloonsis always a funactivity that will cause a lot of joy and smiles atthe child. Playthe child's game to pop the bubbles and get in agood mood! Burstbubbles with us!burst balloons this games forkids.burst babyballoons this fun.children's balloons like yourbaby.Visit us at:Site: http://yovogames.comYoutube:
Balloon Pop 1.6
Game Ability
“Balloon Pop” is a free balloon popping game.It is free -- itwillalways be free.Easy to play -- just touch the balloon on thescreenand it will blow up.Features• The balloons show up invariouscolors and function. - Regular Balloons -- Just to pop. Theyshowup in 12 different colors. - Heart Shaped Balloons -- Brings inanextra life. - Rainbow Colored Balloons -- Pops every balloon onthescreen. - Snail Balloons -- Slows down all balloons for 3seconds.•The number of popped balloons are counted and recorded. •Threeattractive backgrounds are available (at this time). •Eachbackground has its own joyful music. • Every interactiontriggers aspecial sound effect that excites kids’ attention. • Youcan enableor disable sounds and music.GameplayYou have to pop everyballoonwhile they are on the screen. Otherwise, you lose one ofyour extralives. You can increase the number of your extra lives(up to 15)by popping heart shaped balloons. As the game continuesthe numberof balloons on the screen and their speeds will increase.So it isbetter to collect extra life as much as you can. When youare outof extra life the game will be over. You can always restartthegame.The number of balloons that you popped is countedandrecorded. So you can challenge yourself or your friends. Duringasuccessful game, you may come across some interestinganimationssuch as chirping birds or enthusiastic rabbits.You cancontact usvia
Baby Balloons 🎈 pop 7.2
Learn numbers and letters in different languages with funnyballoonsand bubblesFun game with balloons and soap bubbles forbabies. Withthis entertaining game children can learn numbers andletters indifferent languages. When you baby touches the screen,balloons andbubbles will appear with numbers and letters. A soundteaches thechild which one it is.With different colors and in adidactic waychildren can learn languages as the game is designedto beconfigurable in different languages.This game is created foryourpeace of mind because they have no menus or options thatmaydistract the child while playing.When the child touches thescreena balloon appearsWhen the child touches a balloon it exploitswithfun animationsThe relaxing sounds help children to focustheattention and keep them entertained while learning.🎈 🎈 🎈
Balloon Pop Free 1.0.1
Balloon Pop is a simple and addictive balloon style match 2puzzlegame!Tap one balloon and crush all adjacent same balloons, sopopand pop!More balloons crushed more scores you get, enjoy thehappyday with balloon pop and become the balloon pop star.BalloonPop iscompletely free and no in-app purchases.Once you start pop,neverstop pop!Features:1. Well designed colorful balloons, easy tostartand harder to master.2. Excited balloon pop sounds, just popit!3.Share to your friends and challenge with them.4. Google+globalleaderboard integrated.Pop now, start your balloon popstarjourney.
Balloon for Little Kids 🎈 1.2
"Game balls for children distributed free of charge and freeofhype. It will have to burst colorful balloons, watchingthebeautiful effects. Balloons will be to their liking as wellasother games for children 2 or 3 years.Popping balloons - goodfunfor the kids. Developing game will entice a child that willallowparents to release an additional minute for their hobbies. Thegameis infinite, without interruption. The child does not need tohavetime to burst all the balls. Just Eats balloons, which havetime.Play and have fun. Very comfortable to play on your phoneandtablet. Educational children's games very well help theirparentsin the child's learning. Also, balls are very well suitedforplaying in a traffic jam. The child is interested in, andparentscan safely focus on the road."
Balloon Pop Smasher 1.0
How to play:To play this game, you have to tap on two ormoreadjacent balloons to pop or smash them. The more balloons youpopat once the higher score you would gain. So, think strategicallytogather more balloon and smash them! Each type of game settinghasits own highest score saved.The way the score is calculatedisshown as below: 2 balloons = 2 x 13 balloons = 3 x 24 balloons =4x 35 balloons = 5 x 4 and etc..Game Features:Number ofballooncolors: 3 to 6Number of columns challenged: 6 to 10Gravity:normalor anti-gravitySide gravity: on / offSound effectBalloon popandscore animationPreference of gameplay background: darkorbrightGrab Balloon Pop Smasher game now and enjoysmashingballoons! Please do not hesitate to leave us a feedback toimprovethe game.
🎈Colorful Animal Balloon : Popping Balloons Games 1.8
✔ Ready to have lots of fun with an amazing burstingballoonsgames?🎈Let's pop some amazing colorful balloons, funnyballoons andanimal balloons✔ 🎈Colorful Animal Balloon : PoppingBalloons Gamesis a free, entertaining and the best popping balloonsgames orballoons pop games for all ages😉 In addition, kids learncolors andnumbers while playing pop balloons games for kids🤡🎉✔ Easyto play:Just tap the screen to pop the balloons🎈✔ Game Modes:🎈ColorfulAnimal Balloon : Popping Balloons Games for free hasfiveentertaining game modes🎮: Time, Survival, Toys, Numbers andColors.Children learning colors and numbers with bursting balloonsgames😉✔Time: You have 60 seconds to pop the balloons. Solid colorpoppedballoons give 1 point and colorful popped balloons give 2points.When you pop time gift balloons you earn extra +3 and +5seconds.Besides, once you pop the XL balloon, your balloons getbigger!Then it becomes easier to pop big balloons. So try to pop asmanybig balloons as you can to get higher score🎮✔ Survival:Thisbursting balloons games mode is so challenging and veryexciting toplay. You have to pop balloons without missing any ofthem. You canonly miss 10 balloons. Heart balloons give you extra 1life. Whenyou pop snail balloon, your balloons get slower for 10seconds.Solid color popped balloons give 1 point and colorfulpoppedballoons give 2 points. You never stop playing thesepoppingballoons games or balloons pop games!✔ Both Time andSurvivalbursting balloons games modes are very challenging andexciting toplay. These popping balloons games for free modes areeasy to playbut hard to master 😉✔ Toys: Every balloon has adifferent awesometoys and animals in it. Just tap the screen to seethem! Kids willreally love these toys and colorful animal balloons.( Cat🐱, dog🐶,elephant 🐘, duck🦆, cow🐄, horse🐴, unicorn 🦄, hippo🦏,monkey🐒,tiger🐯, cat🐱, penguin🐧, bunny🐇, rabbit🐇, seahorse, teddybear🐻,panda🐼, owl🦉, giraffe🦒, bee🐝, dinosaur🦕, train🚂,basketball🏀,football⚽, rocker🎠) 🎈Bursting Balloons Games : ColorfulAnimalBalloon Kids Toys Mode is very colorful and have funnyballoons andanimal balloons. Besides,Children learn animals withburst animalballoons games for kids.✔ Numbers: When you popnumbered balloons,you’ll hear the numbers being spelled. It helpskids learningnumbers, besides they have lots of fun with popballoon fun game orballoons pop games.Let’s have fun with funnyburst balloons!🎉✔Colors: When you pop solid coloring balloons,you’ll hear the colorspelling voice. It helps kids learning colors,besides they havelots of fun with pop balloon fun game✔ Every scenehas a differentweather effect. 🎈Colorful Animal Balloon : PoppingBalloons GamesKids modes have shining star effect on the sky⭐, anice rain dropeffect💧 and a cute snow effect ❄⛄ with movingclouds⛅✔ 🎈ColorfulAnimal Balloon : Popping Balloons Games for freeis the best burstballoon games for free for everyone and offers anentertaining andexciting gameplay🎮, spectacular graphics, music🎼 aswell as sound🎹There are lots of crazy balloons games for kids!🎈✔Pop balloon toysmode has amazing sounds🎼 To hear them just burstballoons, besideslots of awesome toys and animal balloons✔🎈Colorful Animal Balloon: Popping Balloons Games Features; 📌 Easyto play: Tap screen toburst balloons 📌 Children learning colors andnumbers with burstballoons 📌 One of the best kids learning games 📌Fun balloons gamesfor kids 📌 Every kind of Balloons are here; Funnyballoons,colorful balloons, animal balloons, big balloons,funnybubbles,colorful bubbles🤡✔ We hope you’ll enjoy these colorfulburstballoon games for free very much. Whether you like pop balloonfungame or not, please review the game and let us know todevelopourself🎈
Tap and Pop Balloons with Kirk 1.5
Tap and Pop Balloons with Kirk the Armadillo, is a gamecreatedespecially for young children.It's incredibly relaxingandaddictive. You play with Kirk, your friend cheerful, playfulandfun who will accompany you throughout the process.Tons ofcolorfulballoons are flying in the sky blow up all you can and havefun.Also enjoys playing with our animal-shaped balloons and burstthemdiscover the original sounds of each. All this and more makethis afun and educational game at a time. Features:- Balloons inbrightcolors.- Balloons with real animal sounds.- Beautifulgraphicscartoon created especially for children.- One of the bestgames ofall time.- Two different game types.- An application superfun andeducational at the same time. All free!Already afan?Like us: us:www.babybeanslab.comThanksfor fun learning!
Balloon Pop Christmas Fun 1.00
This balloon pop game has 4 different balloon pop games.1.ChristmasBalloon Pop Fun2. Halloween Balloon Pop Fun3. EasterBalloon PopFun4. Spring Time Balloon Pop FunYour little baby willlove thisballoon pop game. There a lot of balloons in this game.Fireworks isexploding while the balloons are popping. Your littletoddler willtry to catch the balloons. This game will help toimprove yourtoddler and / or baby eyes and finger coordination.Just touch andpop, that's all. Playing this game is very easy. Alot of funnyballoons comes and fly up in the sky, pop them all ifyou can. Youwill have fun... This game is very funny for thepreschool childrenalso.Why your kids, toddlers or baby will lovethis game?+ Very easyto play! Just touch and pop, that's all!+Speedy Reaction!+ Funnymusic!+ Wonderfull Graphics made speciallyfor kids!Play the"Balloon Pop Chritmas Fun" game with yourtoddler/baby continuouslyfor a few hours or days, and you will besurprised at the mobiledevelopment of your baby's/toddler'shands."Balloon Pop ChritmasFun" game must be played in thepresence of parents, and it isencouraged for you to guide yourbaby through the game for a fewdays at first.WHEN TO PLAY!Whenyour baby is hungry or will not stopcrying, playing this game canhold your baby's attention. (Thevarious sounds, animated shapesstimulate your baby'scuriosity.)This game is exceptionally handyfor mothers and fatherswho spend time with their babies but cannotfigure out how to spendthat time usefully.This game may be tooadvanced for infants under 6months old.CAUTION!Playing the gametoo much or leaving the childrenalone with the mobile phone ortablet pc is not encouraged.Pleasefeel free to notify us!ThankYou...
Tap Pop Balloon - Combo Party 1.32
Pop balloons! Tap on a balloon to make it explode. Blast themalland make color combos to get the highest score. This simpleandfunny game is a balloon popping party! Fun for all ages,frombabies to adults. Play now!FEATURES:- Free!- Fun for all ages,frombabies to adults.- Different special balloons!- No adsduringgameplay.- Make color combos to increase your score!-Differentgame Modes.- Share your score with your friends at thesocialnetworks - A balloon popping party!GAME MODES:Game hasthreeDifferent game modes to test your skills: Classic, ArcadeandChallenge.- Classic mode: You start with three lives. Justpopblooms until you run out of lives! Don not tap the skull ones(Orit will be “Game Over”), and don´t let any other ballon escape!(Itwould cost You one live).- Arcade Mode: In this game mode thereareno lives, but You have a time limit: Only 60 seconds to explodeallballons! Pop Frenzy! (Beware of skull balloons).- Challenge:Inthis game mode you have 90 seconds, and there are no skullsorlives. Just challenge yourself to reach the highest scorebeforetime is over! Pop ballons and take advantage of color combos!
Balloon Bow & Arrow 8.0.4
Zabuza Labs
Pop Balloons with bow & arrow. Be an archer. Shoot throughtheballoons. Earn superpowers. Hit more balloons. Pull back thearrowfrom the bow and pierce the balloon with a pop in thisincrediblyexciting and unbelievably addictive game that has caughtthe fancyof over 5 million players!Balloon Bow Arrow is an archerygamewhere you pop balloons using the bow & arrowa.k.a.archery.Balloon Bow Arrow is a perfect game for kids of allagegroup & toddlers. It's a no brainer no non-sense game madeforpeople from all walks of life!THE GAME: - Balloons ofdifferentsizes and colors rise from the ground and fly into thesky. - Shootthem with your arrows (you get 25 arrows to start offwith). - Useawesome ARROW POWERS and pop a lot of balloons insingle shoot. -When you shoot 3 balloons in a row, you get a bonusof 2 freearrows. - Unlock super powers and beautiful themes bytrading thecoins you have collected. COOL FEATURES: - Realisticsound effects- Cutting Edge Graphics - Excellent animation, -Accurate physicseffects - Challenging objectives to achieve -Awesome ARROW POWERS- Beautiful themes - Classy balloons -MULTIPLAYER SUPPORTNow youcan compete with other players on playervs player basis! BalloonBow Arrow is downloaded over 4 milliontimes and is one of the bestballoon game out there!Like ourfacebook page to staytuned. Balloon Bow&Arrow for free and be super entertained.Kids love balloongames,and this game is specifically made for kids. ToddlersenjoysBalloons too, and so this balloon pop game makes a perfectgame fortoddlers as well!Play endlessly!
Pop Smiley Balloons 1.0.5
New Blue Diamond Games Game for kids and adults!!Pop SmileyBalloonsis a fun and great game for kids and also for adults. Kidswilllearn shapes and colors while having fun in a educativehappyway.Tap Happy Balloons to get points and avoid spikes, bombsandsad balloons! Pop stars to get +25 points!! You'll need pointstounlock new levels so pop as much smiley balloons and stars asyoucan. Play now this fantastic lovely game and become aballoonmaster!! Features:- 4 different stages.- tap the screen andpophappy balloons to increase your score.- avoid spikes,bombs andsadballoons.- lots of colors (red,orange,pink,yellow...), yourkidwill love it!.Enjoy now this balloon challenge alone or withyourkids!!
Blow up Balloons Simulator 1.0
Do you like holidays? You love balloons, right? Inflate aballoonsin the smartphone. The balloon can explode, but it is funwith theBlow up Balloons Simulator app. Choose the ball, take apump ordial more air into the lungs and blow on the mobilesmicrophone toinflate and burst the balls. Burst, blow up as manyballs as youcan and make it in 60 seconds.Everys day a holiday withBlow upBalloons Simulator
Balloon Pop 1.0001
The balloon pop fairy, who brings toy hope and blast dream, hitstheroad as usual with balloons full of dreams and give toallkids.Balloon Pop is a fun, free and exciting game with 900LEVELSof fun and NO LIVES SYSTEM that you can play as long as youwantwithout the restrictions of time and Internet! Even on aplane!Evolve your balloons and attempt various missions throughlinedrawing for kids and adults that want to pop balloons!Clickonmatching color balloons and make them pop and blast, completethemission and clear the level match puzzle, 5 or more balloon popandget a firecracker shooting star missile to shoot and pop ballooninline, 7 or more blast balloons will get you a balloon bombthatblast balloons around it, 9 or more balloons pop will get youthemagic balloon color bottle that can change balloons color tomakebetter and bigger balloons pop, 11 or more pop balloons willgetyou the ultimate super ball balloon that send electricity tootherballoons and make them pop, the boosts will help you clearthelevel faster and the levels you will have many kindofobstacles like spreading magic cloud that take over yourdreamballoons and and turn them to cloud, boxes that can be blastonlyif you pop balloons near it, freeze ice toy cube that blastonly ifyou pop balloon near it and block your balloons from fallingandmany many more special and unique puzzle level items that willmakeevery level unique and fun!if you get stuck you can get freeprizesfrom the great free prize wheel and find hidden treasures inthedream treasure chest, you can even find coins and buy what everyouwant with them even more moves and boosters to help you clearthelevel and blast balloons.[Features]- Link balloons in beautifulskystages filled with colorful graphics.- Connect 2 or moreballoonsof the same color to link and make your balloon animals.-Makeballoon animals until causing chain-reaction to get ‘BalloonPower’power ups.- Line drawing puzzle that kids and adults fromallaround the world can easily play and have fun.- Notimerestrictions. no lives No! Stress!- Evolve your balloons anddefeatdiversified stages!so what are you waiting for? startpoppingballoons right now!
Archery Master Balloons Shooter 3D Arrow King 1.1
After the Royal Archery Crossbow Master game Beta Games studioMakea new archery game in 2d version with new ideas and newenvironmenthope the fans and lovers of archery shooting game likethis cuteand sweet archery balloons shooter. on this gamemultipleenvironments Snow, Rainfall, butterfly adventure. greenjungle. andothers interesting adventures on this game available.balloon towerdefense like a bubble shooter or archery targetshooting. kids playpop the balloons shooting and boom blasting onthis sweet archery2d game. championship of this season on thearcade game gallery.welcome to the bow and arrow target aim archeryshooting shooter and egg archery bow and arrow targetmaster championshooter.Enjoy one the most popular unique balloonbow and arrowtarget shooting with amazing target archery game.Archery craze is3D, everyone is welcome to play and start your ownshooting. Go tothe arcade balloons shooting game and test accuracyoutstandingskills to moving arrows and explosion the colorfulballoonstargets. You will inspire of this characteristic archerssimulator.Come and try your greatest to be the archery master withexcellentgraphics, fabulous shooting environment and stunningaffectivesounds. If you are the fan of archery assassination thenyou don'tmiss the chance to playing this addictive game. Tryrealistic bowand arrow target shooting with archery simulate. Thisis the newestarchery range is the balloons bow, arrow and thecustomizationarchers simulation for you. In this wonderful strikethe mission isto shoot the amazing balloons and get high scores. Ifyou are goodarcher gentleman or bowman then you smash the midpointof balloonsand get extra score and an arrow. In this archery targetaimingsimulation your mission is shoot target at the center ofballoonsyou must inspire of this classic archers game. You can facethreetypes of mode like easy, medium and hard each mode consistsofmultiple difficult tasks. . Go to the archery game andtestprecision remarkable abilities to moving arrows and explodingthetargets. Remember! You need to complete your mission at thegivenspecific time. You should hit correct at the target, collectpointand get three stars to easily unlock next exciting levels. Theaimof the game is assassination your arrows at the goals. There areadiversity of levels with different landscapes andshootingchallenges. Archery sweet balloons shooting Contest is anandroidmobile game which has super-hot shooting graphics,animations. It’sso accurate. Focus on goal and master all locationto be the bestwith most modern sport game. In this game you haveextra more pointand save your arrow then, you can shoot at maceball. Mace ball ishelping with you and destroy balloon in limitedtime. Shoot the bowballoon and get extra arrow to hit more balloonsand earn addedpoints in this addictive game.In this balloonsshooter simulatoryour job is shoot the colorful balloon at theparticular time andenjoy in rain, snow falling and fresh greeneryweather with hugemagnificent mountains and to long hills wonderfullocation, eachtask is tough than the previous task. You cancomplete your missionand shoot all given balloons and unlock nextexciting challenginglevels. The goal of the modern royal archerygame is shooting yourarrows at the targets on colorful balloons.You enjoy archerysimulation after first play and give yourreaction. You can facemultiple levels in which differentatmospheres, flying balloons,air stream effect and arrows. Downloadthis game available onGoogle play store! It is absolutely free forandroid phone users.
Balloon Boom for kids 3.0
How many balloons can you pop in 60 seconds? This game isamazinglyrelaxing and strangely addictive.Touch and pop, watch themgo"boom"! Tons of colored balloons come and fly up in the sky,popthem all and have fun!Tweaks Reaction, and can keep your oryourchild playing long time. In fact, we really tested it.Enjoynicecartoon like and playful atmosphere. Also suitable forPreschoolkids.Why your Kid will love it?+ Extremely Easy to play!Touch andPop, that's it!+ Tweaks the Reaction!+ Super Fun forbebys+ Verybeautiful Cartoon Graphics made specially for Kids+AwesomeMusic!Ballon boom provides variety of Baby Balloons, thatyou canblow up. Besides the main balloon pack, there are -animalballoons, educational pack with numbers and letters as wellas toyballoons.Most of babies love just watching them fly, afterone yearthey start enjoying touching the screen to blow them up andhearthe fun POP (burst) sound. So they way to use the app dependsonhow old is your child.
Balloon Rush rc4
Pipra Studio
Can you save a rising balloon that will pop if touched bythesurrounding spikes? This game offers breath-taking challengeinevery moment as you can tap or tilt your device to shifttheballoon left and right. Balloon rush was designed for any agegroupfrom kids to grown ups.Balloon rush can challenge you nomatterwhat you are, kids or grown ups, but at the same way bothkids andgrown-ups will enjoy saving the balloon for its simpleandaddictive gameplay.To challenge you even more, the gameoffersthree speed options. The chances of balloon pop will increasewiththe time as its speed will increase with the time too.Forthose,who might have found the tilt control very hard, we haveintegratedtap control along with the tilt. Once you master thecontrol youshould e able to avoid the balloon pop longer. Rememberthe balloonwill pop with the slightest touch with the spikes.Shareyour scorewith us on ourfacebookpage like us ifyouhaven't yet.Also, any kind of suggestion related to theimprovementof the game is highly appreciable. Mail us for anyinquiry Luck
Balloon Popping For Kids Pop 1.2
Balloon Popping is a funny and endless balloon blast game withasimple and entertaining game plan. The game seems extremelyeasyinitially, but as gradually it moves ahead, the game playbecomeschallenging; in fact it becomes overwhelming to blast alltheballoons popping up in the air on and on consistently. It is afreeandroid game with endless scope to shoot the balloons all atyourfingertips.How to play the game:The game play is super simple.Youneed to tap the balloons as and when they are popping up fromtheground. You have to tap the balloons faster so that none ofthemget missed. When you shoot a balloon, you will scorefivepoints.However, there are imbedded challenges: as you willshootthe balloons successfully, the speed of balloon popping willgetfaster and you have to tap faster and faster. The difficultylevelwill change as you will change the game level.You have threelivesto survive the balloon blast challenge: if you miss a balloonyoulose a life. If you miss three balloons, you will lose threelivesand the game will be over. Features:• Easy-to-understanduserinterface: • It is a multilevel balloon blast game: thefreeversion includes normal and charged levels.• Stimulatingmusicreciprocates game dynamics, • You can use multiple fingers tobreakmore balloons,• One missed balloon costs you (the player) onelife:when three lives are lost, the game will get over.• Best scoreonthe device will be stored: the player can compare his currentscorewith the best score.• There are two more levels: super chargeandchallenge. You need to upgrade your app’s version in ordertoaccess and play these balloon popping game levels.Download theappBalloon Popping For Kids and start playing its blastextravaganza.Ask your kids to play the shoot the balloon game.Besides lots offun and thrill, the colorful balloon blast game willimprove theirnatural motor skill for sure.
Balloon Fight 1.3
Balloon Fight is come backControl Balloon Fighter with twoballoonsattached to his body defeat the enemies.Repeatedly pressingthe UPbutton or the DOWN button to fly up or down.Holding down theLEFTor RIGHT button to go left or right.If balloons is popped,aparachute will open. Try to land on ground and stay stationarytopump new balloons.Hey, thats not all. You can also playwithfriends or "global players" to reach the highest ranks.*Note:thisgame still in the beginning of its life (few online user atsametime), "Quick Game" may not making the match as soon as youwant.So, help me increase the users by invite your friends to"QuickGame".Features:-30 levels Single Play-3 levels Multiplay-17ranksfor Multiplay
Bug and Balloon Pop 1.05
There are a lot of random moving balloons and you have to catchandpop them. How many balloons can you catch and pop in 45seconds?Aim of the game is popping the balloons more and more inthelimited time. This game is incredibly relaxing and funny.TouchAndpop, that’s all, very easy to play. Many colorful balloons comeandfly up in the sky. You must catch and pop them all.Enjoybeautifulgraphics an amazing music of the game. There are awesomeatmospherein the game. This game is not just for you. It is alsosuitabletoddlers and preschool kids.Why will you love this game?•Very easyto play, just touch and pop the balloons if you can.• Thegame isextremly funny for everyone.• Amazing game graphics andfunnymusic.Also this game will improve mobile function and reflexof thebabies. At the begining your baby will watch the balloonsthen willtry to touch the balloons. You will see and surprisetheirdevelopment.Play flip flops, bees and wasps. Earn extra pointsforeach crush and get the highest score. Be careful! There's abombbetween the bugs. You have exactly 3 lives. Use your reflexestoget the highest score.Have Fun!CAUTION!playing the applicationtoomuch amount of time for kids or leaving the children alone withthemobil device is ot encouraged.AGAMED
Balloon Butterfly Popping 2.1.1
Popping balloons with your child!In this game, your child willhaveto keep an eye on the balls and try to just get on it toburst.Thus, the child develops fine motor skills of hands.Also,thanks tothis application you can distract the child while he isnaughty.Thegame has more 80 species of butterfliesrecommendations*Thisapplication is not recommended for children under 12 monthssince.may be too complicated.* Try to keep the device away fromyoureyes.* Do not leave your child alone for a long time withthedeviceEnjoy the game!
Baby Pop Balloon 2.0
Download free games for kids, games for kids 2 or 3years.Poppingcolorful balloons on the phone or tablet is verypopular with thechildren.Balloon pop children's entertainment forkids, it isclassified as educational games for toddlers andchildren up to 7years. Developing baby games - a very importantcomponent of modernbaby development. Learning games for kids andfor kids on mobiledevices become trend in category of games forkids.Entertaining funfor kids! Pop soap bubbles is child's play forthe youngestchildren. A million bubbles! It is necessary to burstthe balloonwhile popping balloons fun. Ball boom Masha release.Children'sgame pop the ball brings the children happiness andjoy.You need tohave time to burst all the balloons! Plus airships,stars, bubblesand soaring birds in the blue sky!Play and have agood mood!Play"balloon Pop - game for children" because childrenlike to burstballoons and soap bubbles.If You like our freeeducational gamesplease rate them and visit our website to downloadmore educationalgames for kids!
Balloon pop Games for children 1.6
little apple
The wheels of the bus go round ... The game foryoungchildrenImportant! The game WITHOUT VIOLENCE !!This funnysongloved by children before kindergarten, and for older childrenisthe leitmotif of our simple game.Our game is aimed at childrenaged2 years old, 3 years old, 4 years old, 5 years old. From ourtestsshow that children older than 6 years also willing to reachforthis fun game for kids. During the tests many times have weheardalso from adults testers that cracking, crushing, touchingsweetsand balloons are engrossing.Beautiful red cheerful buscarryingpassengers. Coming jumps up on the road. On the back of thebusbillows of smoke. Color changing background when the vehicleismoving.Even so, the best thing is that behind the little redbusdislodged beautiful colorful little candy, small cakes, niceshapes- critters and balloons.Touch candies, balloons shapes andthenthey burst. Drag your finger across the screen when you cut itlikea ninja.Touch, break, crush balloons you lose heart. Catchtheheart and regain one life.For crushing objects to earn pointsuntilyou lose all the hearts.Touch, intersect and collect crystals.Withcrystals toddler will be able to unlock more scenery alongwhichmoves the bus.The game has been thought in this way to learnbyplaying. Apart from the obvious exercise coordination andprecisionchild learns the logical consequences of their choicesanddecisions. Touch a passing bird, see what happens, tapthesunshine, wybuchnij balloon and see what will happen after thebigboom.For the batter, crush, destroy candy in the suit is areward.When you hit a certain number of candies, cookies, shapes-creatures of the color, so color will appear on therainbow.Thegame wonderfully suited for children. Children aged 2and 3 yearsold will have lots of fun with just looking atridiculously ridingthe bus. Younger children, under the age of 5and 6 years old, lovethe song wheels of the bus go round ...Thisgame is also a lot offun entertainment for the older siblings andparents. Toddlers havea very developed sense of observation andhaving a great timespending time with parents or grandparentswatching interactivevideo where you can burst, destroy candies,shapes and balloonswhich triggers a lot of funny sounds.How toplay:- You have acertain amount of hearts number of lives- Behindthe bus shootcolored items - candy, cookies, nice shapes -creatures, balloons-Crush, cut, touch, fret, destroy, tap tap, poppop up from behindthe vehicle items and get points for it- When youdestroy theballoon you lose a life- Grab the heart to recharge yourlife-Pęknij, tap the balloon smiling and as a reward you will get alotmore points- Collect crystals and explore new landscapes busLotsoffun for kids from collecting crystals. Collect the fallingcrystalsin the game. jewels is the currency for which the shop canbuy morenew beautiful scenery on the background of which will bespedlittle red little bus.Our game is a wonderful interactivemusicvideos and even interactive fairy tale. Adored by childrenfrom allover the world the song in the background. The difficultyof thegame for the players selected at the age 2+, which means thatit isnot only directed to 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 year olds, but also foroldersiblings, or even parents.Available in the game sweets,balloonscreatures or monsters after breaking, touched, crushing thebreakas funny and charmingly like. Bubbles or beads used inothergames.We have introduced to the game bird is not a bad orflappy.It is one of the fun interactive environment elements. Touchit,pęknij balloon next to the bird, make a boom.Game of the littleredbus is a game where you simply touch the candy to bursting andnotjust cut.Important! The game WITHOUT VIOLENCE !! Funnypopsimulation type games. The game is designed as a simple sim taptapto provide some simple fun.
Balloon Bender 1.3
Playing as a balloon you can fly by taping the screen and driveitby rotate your phone, avoid the spikes obstacle and pick somecointo gain more Score, and beat the Highscore
Balloons 2.1
How many balloons can you pop? Balloons is a thrillingadventurewhich lets you kick back and relax but still challengesyourlogical thinking.
Color Balloon Combo 3.0.3
Balloon Smasher Kids is specially designed balloon game forkids,babies & toddlers.Do you like balloons? If yes, this isaperfect game for you!How to playtouch all balloon but don'ttouchblackballoon. before time out.Balloon red blue green yellow -1combo and 10 point.Balloon Pink - 100 point.Balloon Orange-Destroy all balloon.Balloon Navyblue - Call moreballoon.BalloonPurple - Time + 10 sec.*Balloon Black - Don't touch8 sec.Hitballoon with travel to around the worldLove it? Hate it?Pleasereview the game and let us know. thank you.
Balloons For Kids Free 1.0
Amazing balloon popping gameplay designed specially for kids,withnumerous bright colors, moving cars and animals! Impovethereactions and logical skills of your baby by popping therightballoons. As a result you’ll get full colored wordsornumbers.DOWNLOAD FOR FREE*** FEATURES ***- Two main modes:lettersand numbers- Amazing & colorful graphics- Bright &funnyaudio effects- Ability to exercise strict reactions andlogicalskills- The game was developed with the participationofprofessional pediatricians and child phychologists!You haveanopportunity to download Balloons For Kids FREE. Enjoy the beautyofthe gameplay and get vivid impressions just now!
Popt! (Free)
Free Version! Ads are enabled!A mobile balloon popping gamethattests your hand-eye coordination! Balloons of differentcolorsfloat away into the sky and you must pop them as they appear.Poponly the balloons of different color in each row or it's gameover!And watch out for birds, they can distract you and even popthewrong balloons!
Bubble Balloon 1.0
App Anchors
Bubble Balloon Kids is specially designed Bubble balloon gameforkids, babies & toddlers.Do you like balloons? If yes, thisis aperfect game for you!Immerse yourself in the world ofballoonpopping!How To Playing...?Pop Up Balloon and Smash that ToIncreaseyou scoreFeatures:- Increase Your Score- various coloredand sizedballoons.- balloons have different amazing path patterns.-twomodes.- challenging. Tests your reflexes. - very kid friendlykidloving balloonsSmash / pop as many balloons you can, theyareinfinite. Enjoy!Keywords: Balloon Pop Smash Smasher Bug Ant
Baloon boom - Ballons shooting 1.3
The best game
balloons good old fun and easy game to play bursting balloonswithfruit, for fun and appreciation of young children. Simply touchtheball for the burst and the basket will automaticallycollectfruits.How many balloons can you jump in 60 seconds andabove themaximum fruits collect ? This game is surprisinglyrelaxing andstrangely addictive.Touch and pop , watch them go "boomboom" !Tons of colorful balloon come and fly high in the sky , popbaloonsand all have fun!Enjoy comic strip as playful andfriendlyatmosphere. Also suitable for preschoolers .How manyballoons canyou pop? Balloon is a thrilling adventure which letsyou kick backand relax but still challenges your logicalthinking.Enjoy withballoon.Thank you to leave your comment andrating
Balloon Pop Kids Learning Game Free for babies 🎈
★★★★★ Best Kids Balloon Pop for Preschool&Kindergarten Learning ★★★★★★★★★★ Turn your smart phone or tablet into a fun toy phone foryourkid ★★★★★★★★★★ Balloon popping Games (free - All-in-one) ★★★★★★ Learn Alphabets & Numbers in 5 different languages -English,Spanish, Portuguese, French, German★ 14 Mini games for boys & girls★ Adjust the size of the balloons according to your toddler'sskilllevel★ Learning the Numbers & counting turning into fun! Minigameswith balloon popping for your children!★ Babies learn animal sounds & vehicle sounds★ Balloon Pop Kids Baby Game provide free ABC Alphabet for kids.Funeducational game for your toddler★ Children will enjoy this colorful balloon with musical notes&learn the different instrument sounds (bongo, trumpet,percussion,guitar, maracas, Piano) with different colors &shapes★ Best Educational game for toddlers with Puzzles & Memorygame.Kids puzzle games for 3 & 4 years old★ Funny Peekaboo kids free animals to play with. Awesome traingamesfor kids★ Funny & Colorful Kids monster game & kids memorymatchgame★ Peekaboo kids free with Balloon Pop Kids - Baby Game app,babieslearn about animal sounds & vehicle sounds throughinteractionwith engaging animations & sound effects & hearanimalssounds( cat, dog, elephant, chicken, duck, cow, horse,hippo,monkey, pig, rooster, tiger, sheep, cat, penguin, bunny,rabbit,Panda) both farm animals & jungle animals &improvememory★ Toddlers can learn the basics of ABCs Alphabet (letters) &theNumbers (1-20) , Zoo Animals & Piano Musical sounds usingthisapp (games) with different colors & shapes. Best traingames forkids★ Educational games increases child skills & interestinlearning new things using the phone or tablet in a fun wayIncludes4 basic kids games with interactive, helpful voicenarrating,colorful graphics, cute animals & various farmbackgrounds tohelp your kids learn alphabets, numbers, farm animal,& musicsounds (Piano)★ This Kids Preschool Learning Games will improve kids memoryskills& a great mode of education for toddlers enteringkindergarten(2,3,4,5,6 age) while playing with bubbles in juniorplay★ Balloon Pop Kids - Baby Games is designed with your childreninmind. There are no high scores, failures, limits or stress.Yourchild can interact with the app at their own pace & popthebubbles★ Such games help your toddler learn the alphabet, Numbers,Vehicles& animal Sounds with no effort! Try it for freetoday★ Kids can learn very fast if you let them play while learning.Thisfree game is very kid friendly. No need to guide them howtoplay★ Kids pre k baby phone game will allow your little angelsinlearning alphabets, numbers, animal, & music while theywillplay their all-time favorite balloon game cute & fun gamegreatfor toddlers, as baby games or games for 2 years old, gamesfor 3year olds & games for 4 year olds★ Best Educational kids games for Kindergarten &Preschoolchildren learning - Tablet & Phone - baby Touchballoon withtoca barnyard HD graphics & colorful & funnyballoonfaces★ Pop the balloon for kids has 4 different game modes withdifferentcolors & shapes for kids boom blast displayed in amore funcolorful & magic way★ Balloon popping just for fun. Great for toddlers, as a babygameto learn farm animals & improve kids memory skills★ Pop balloons blast has letters of the alphabet A - Z, &hearthe name of the letter spoken out loud★ Pop balloons popping numbers 1 - 20, suitable for young kids,asan educational game★ Baby educational games that will keep your preschool&kindergarten age kids train while children (toddlers) arelearningwheels on the bus phonicsRECOMMENDED AGE: Baby, Toddler, Preschooler, KindergartnerLANGUAGES - English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German
Balloon Pop 1.1.0
Juraj Kusnier
Balloon Pop is easy and funny mobile game. You have one minutetoget the best score. Use your fingers to tap balloons andearnpoints, but be careful some balloons can increase your scoreandsome balloons can reduce your score.You can share and compareyourHigh Score with your friend.Have fun!
Balloon Barrage Free 1.3
How To Play Balloon Barrage video onYouTube: Barrageis acolor matching skill game where the player drags the centerballoonto match the color of the converging balloons. Balloons withrabbiticons speed up the game, turtles slow down the game, X2arestackable point bonuses. When player his or is hit by adifferentcolor balloon the game is over.Swipe and match ballooncolors forpoints. Keep alive as the balloons close in. How high canyouscore?Balloon Barrage is a fun, simple and addictive arcadegamefor all ages.This game is supported by limited ads, there areNOin-app purchases.Enjoy!
Toddler Animal Trace 2.0
• Designed for kids ages 2+• Toddlers trace 24 animals in3environments• Cute animations, animal sounds, and balloonstopopThis game is ad free (contains no third party orcommercialads). This simple and fun game is an excellent way tointroducechildren to tracing. Your children will love watching theanimalscome to life as they progress through the connect-the-dotstyletracings. Trace the body, next the head, then the feet,andcontinue on until the whole animal is traced. Completed animalsareplaced in their home environments where they can beinteractedwith. How to PlayFirst, choose an animal. Second, traceeach bodypart until the whole animal is traced. Finally, pop theballoonsand place the animal in its home environment (jungle, farm,orgrassland). Simple TracingChildren trace animals by connectingtheballoons together. This is done by dragging the trace line fromoneballoon to the next. Several visual cues will help your childknowwhich balloons to connect. 24 AnimalsTrace the animalsyourchildren love, including: cat, dog, duck, elephant, horse,monkey,owl, turtle, and many more. Each animal features uniquesounds andanimations that are sure to capture your toddler'simagination.Questions or comments? Email orvisit
Balloon Festival - Tap Funny Balloons 6
The game "Balloon Festival - Pop Balloons" is a funentertainmentfor all occasions:- cheers up and captures;- Relaxesand soothes;-helps to pass the time in the traffic jam, queue;-promotes thedevelopment of attention, fine motor skills, accuracyandcoordination.Now the festival of balloons is closer to youthanever!Shovel balls - it's very exciting and colorful:high-qualitygraphics, funny muzzles and splashes of fireworks, whenyou breakballs, please the eye, train color perception.The task ofthe gameis simple: click on the balls, try to burst as many balls.Becareful! Sometimes the wind blows on the balls, and, ifyou'relucky, you'll notice a bomb-helper.Regardless of whether youplaythis game for relaxation or want to test your abilities intheshovel of balls - in any case, you will get greatpleasure.PopBalloons.
Air Balloon Rush (A Balloon Game) 1.2.1
This is a simple balloon pop game in which you need to poptheballoons using arrows.There are two levels in this balloonpopgame:-1) Beginner and2) Advance.In Beginner level there isnorestriction on colors of balloon. You just need to control therushof balloon by popping the balloons as many you can.In Advancelevelthere is one restriction. You just need to avoid blackcolorballoon which has danger pop / smash as many balloonyoucan, they are infinite. Enjoy!
Crush Balloons 1.2.2
Pump up your fingers! - this is slogan of the Crush Balloons!Youcan simply explode all balloons to play as long as it possibleoryou can make combo and get bonus score for this. Let's make itnice- get more score. Beautifull effects, bonus combo and funnybirdsdon't let you get bored. Crush Balloons will be interestingbothchildren and adults. Blow up everything - put new records!Shareyour highscore with friends on Facebook!Game features:-beautifulcolourful graphics;- single-tap gameplay;- endlessplaying;- forall ages.- Facebook integration.
Tap To Life 1.5.3
Just Do Games
Let us present for your attention our new Arcade game!Travel ontheboard of balloon, enjoy landscape and fight with challenges.Afterpassing levels you will have great opportunity - new transportas areward! Set records and compete with your friends!Features:-Uniquegraphics;- Game maintain any screen resolution;- 2D and 3Dversionsof gameplay;- Big variety of balloons;- Relaxing sound;Wewill bevery glad to hear from you about recommendations andadvices, whichcan help for development of game. Сontact us bye-mail (please,describe your device and it's model in yourletter!).
Pop Balloons Zima 3
Tap a lot of fun popping balloons! Tap, pop, tapAll likesballoonsbut popping them is even more fun. "Pop Balloons" is asimple yetaddictive and challenging balloon popping game thatoffers you alot of excitement. Your goal is simple: pop as manyballoons as youcan. "Pop Balloon" game is developing game which youcan downloador get free. There are numerous colorful balloons topop in thisgame. "Pop Balloons" is a simple and attractive gamesuitable forall ages and fun to play in any case - whether you wantto justtake it easy and relax, or play it seriously and test yourtappingbubbles skills. Regardless of whether you play this gameforrelaxation or want to test your abilities in the poping balloon-in any case, your child will get pleasure.Good luck!
Balloon Hit 1.7.5
Go on a balloon-bursting frenzy!Pop as many balloons as youcanwithin the time limit and aim for the top of therankings.However,if you pop one of the bubbles it's game over!
Balloon Strike 1.2.2
Funny game for all time. In bus, class also toilet. Pop allcolorfulballons, get highscore, beat all other players and enjoy!
Balloon Burst 1.1.4
Have some free time ?? Want to keep your kids engaged in acolorfulenvironment ?? You're at the right place !!Balloon Burst isasimple balloon popping game. You will have balloons comingfromdifferent unpredictable directions, coming at different speeds,itcould be slow or fast or very fast or mixed speeds !!! Make suretopop all of them. Watch out for the bonus balloons to add on toyourscore.We give you five chances to miss the balloon, you missmorethan 5 balloons your game is over.Watch out for the kitesflying,don't be a spoil sport and touch them else your game isover. Allowthe kites to fly undisturbed.Enjoy bursting all theballoons, youhave infinite number of them coming !