Top 24 Games Similar to HeartBeats

Pregnant Surgery Simulator
Get ready to play pregnant surgery simulator? Be a realsurgerydoctor and crazy surgeon today! There are lots of pregnantmothersin the hospital and need your careful treatment. Give thempropertreatments with lots of real medical equipments in thissurgerysimulator game for your kids. Features:> Tons of doctortools toselect! Like the stethoscope, thermometer, the bloodpressuresensor, and x-ray and many more!> Visit the doctor forregularcheck-ups.
> Use the ultrasound tool to find out if yourbaby isa boy or girl.> Diagnose the baby when you check forafever.
> Choose from tons of adorable baby clothingandaccessories! > Have fun with 5 challenging mini games!Find usonFacebook at about Bravo Kids Media, pleasevisithttp://www.bravokidsmedia.comFor more information aboutPregnantSurgery Simulator, pleasevisit
Heart Surgery Simulator
Everybody respects heart doctors, because they are handling themostcomplicated surgery in the world. Right now, you have thechance tobe a heart doctor and treat heart diseases for yourpatients.Entering this unique game, you could experience theexcitement andthrill for doing a heart surgery. I’m sure you willget pleasure andfulfillment through this process!This is a girls'game & casualgame & fasion game & kids game! Find morefree online games,please browse the website No needto download!
Open Heart Surgery Doctor
Surgeons and nurses little kids are scared to doctor andsurgerygames. Let’s take out surgery doctor fear from their brainwithOpen Heart Surgery Doctor, operate and give specialprofessionaltreatment to heart patients and liver effected victimsin crazyhospital or clinic with top surgery doctor adventurehospital game.This Open Heart Surgery Doctor is as amazing as otherorgantransplantation and body surgery doctor educational minigames.Medical experts ambulance is dropping off patients, shiftthem intomedical ward or Operation Theater. Now put on surgeondoctoruniform in kids operation game and get hands on bestsurgicaloperation tools and start operating critical sufferers ofhearttransplant, brain and stomach disease.Little kids be aProfessionalreal Cardiologist with Open Heart Surgery Doctor andgive victimsproper treatment and therapy in hospital or in clinic,your clinicis packed with surgery expert tools like pliers, x-ray,droppers,mouthwashes and laser guns, use best utensils to cleanmessyarteries. This game is as amazing as other organtransplantationand surgery games.In this crazy hospital tonguedoctor surgery gamemany sick patients are in queue and need yourinstant attention solittle Surgeons take them to Operation Theaterand use drasticmeasures and shed their pain away with pain killers.Call kidneydoctor, brain doctor, heart surgeon and stomach surgeonwhile youdeal with heart patients.Start Open Heart Surgery Doctorwithgeneral checkup of selected patient, check fever first andreliefpain with quick medicine dose. Now take subjects in emergencyroomand examine stomach and make cardio cuts carefully andcleantoxicities and dirt around them. After removing infection nowpickout harmful germs with picker and kill them with laser gun.Usesome magical drops as medications to heal wounds and injuries.ThisOpen Heart Surgery Doctor is fun pack game for kids with heartpumpbalancer and germs killer features. Diagnose patient’s painandcure injury effectively and make sure not a minor level pain tobeleft in patient’s heart.
Mega Surgery Doctor Games
Do you have what it takes to be a real time heart doctor? Bethedoctor you always wanted to be and perform some crazy surgeriesonyour patients at the hospital.This awesome kids heartdoctorsimulation game is super exciting and fun to play. With a lotofsurgeries to choose from, you can help your patients byperforminga heart surgery, ear surgery, stomach surgery and manymore. Thereare new patients waiting for you and most of themrequire openheart surgery. It is your chance to be a doctor in thisamazingsurgery simulator game and become a crazy surgeon.
Heart Operation 1.0
Nadine Games
Do you consider yourself a smart and fearless guy and abletoperform the most open-heart surgery of all time? If you do notwantto stop learning and you would like to train you in furtherstudiesof the human body do not miss our wonderful surgery game inwhichyou'll have great time with your friends and family orplayingalone, go for it!Here you will become a doctor specializedin heartdiseases and you will work in a private center where youwill bethe main responsible to heal all the sick people, do youdare? Ifso, be prepared to receive, identify and save the patient'slife tolive normal again, just head to your bag of instruments andchoosethe material you are going to specify to diagnose and treattheheart diseases: ultrasound equipment,defibrillators,electrocardiographs, sutures, clips, fans, needles,syringes ...etc. At the time the man is sleeping make an incisionin the areato treat to reach the valve problem, resize and repairthe area byremoving the excess tissue. When you finish this processclose thewound with stitches.Once the patient wakes up from theanesthesiado not neglect to offer him the necessary painkillers,antibioticsand anti-inflammatories for his good recovery. Proveyou're thebest doctor of history and win great fortune, Luck!
Sports Meet Emergency Surgery 1.0.3
The players are injured in the sports meetandthey are suffering! Please give them emergencysurgeriesimmediately!There are 2 players who need surgeries:1. Football PlayerThe football player’s leg was injured in the football match.Pleasecall 911 and give him an emergency treatment. And then pleasetakehim to the hospital! He needs Emergency Surgery right now!Thereare 5 parts in this stage:• Football Player is Injured• Emergency treatment in the ambulance• Surgeon Comes• Surgery Preparation• Leg Surgery2. SwimmerThe swimmer had a heard attack in the swimming race. Please call911and give him a CPR. And then please take him to the hospital!Heneeds Emergency Heart Surgery right now! There are 5 parts inthisstage:• Heart Attack• Cardiopulmonary resuscitation(CPR)• Surgeon Comes• Surgery Preparation• Heart SurgeryCould you please save all of them?Find more free online games, please browse thewebsite No need to download!
Crazy Clown Heart Surgery
Do you love crazy clowns? Have you always been a fan of theirfluffyhair, red noses and performance they do? But wait, seemslike clownis not feeling well today. He is having chest pain andshortness ofbreath. Oh no! the symptoms are not that good. Someone please callER emergency 911, as clown had a heart attack whileperforming forkids in circus. Here comes an emergency rescueambulance . TheAmbulance emergency doctor has noted down thesymptoms and diseasesthat he already has, on his way to thehospital.The rescue ambulancehas reached the hospital in timeotherwise the patient would havegone in a frozen state. He mightneed a pacemaker fixed inside him.This crazy clown is sufferingfrom a heart disease that can affecthis arms, finger and legmovements if the heart does not pump bloodproperly. Crazy clownveins and arteries might have been blocked.Get to know theirhistory first before treating them and sendingthem to theoperation theater for surgery. Keep checking his brain,eye, ear,nose, tongue, kidney, liver, lungs, stomach and all partsof thebody. Prevent him into getting to a frozen state. To avoidanyother damage, prepare for the open heart surgery now. You aregoingto be the Cardiologist doctor surgeon to perform theoperation.Call the Brain doctor, kidney doctor, lung doctor,anesthetist andall other surgeons on duty to keep a check on thepatient’s organswhile you carry out the surgery simulation. Butthis is no easyoperation to be performed, you will need a lot oftools to open thechest up and it’s not even easy using them. Markthe area where youwant to cut and use sharp cutting tool to openthe chest and absup. Here you need very clever wrist work so thatyou don’t hurtyour patient. Carefully cut through the ribs andreach for thefrozen heart. You have to wear the gloves and sanitizeyour handsand wrists. Cut the chest & abs and be very carefulnot todamage lungs, kidneys or stomach as these organs are asideofheart. Give anesthesia with an injection before the operation.Onceyou are done with the operation, apply plaster and givehimmedicine syrup so that he can heal quickly.Crazy ClownHeartSurgery features:* Realistic open chest Surgery Simulation.*Funtreatments & real er emergency surgeries.* Save patient'slivesfrom realistic chest pain problems, perform operations, maketestsand let your patient a chance to survive.* Amazing graphicsandcrazy surgery game play.* Perform the routine health check;whichmay include body temperature, ecg, blood pressure, heartbeatsandpulse rate* Use medical tools like scalpel, injection,tweezers,cream, antiseptic lotion, band-aid in hospital.* Crazynurses anddoctors team to assist you in your cardiac surgeryhospital.Testyour skills to become best rescue heart Surgeon .Thepoor clownhave painful expressions and a fear in their prettylittle eyes. Bethe super star surgeon; Treat them with all themedical tools andmedicines at the doctor’s office. Don’t forget toclean away theblood to avoid infection during surgery. You aregoing to play therole of a heart surgeon to help your patient gaingood health andrecover.
Brain Surgery Simulator 3D
Brain Dr Surgery Simulator is a truly innovative concept ofcrazydoctor kids games that your children would surely love.Thepatients are waiting to get their brain surgeries done. Givethemproper treatments with lots of medical equipments in thissurgerysimulator educational game for kids. Solve patient brainproblems,treat injury & use many tools to cure them.Theambulance ishere. Here comes a new patient to get his brain surgerydone fromBrain surgeon. The Ambulance doctor has noted down thesymptoms anddiseases that he already has on his way to thehospital. Thispatient is suffering from a brain disease that canaffect his arms,finger and leg movements. Brain controls our heart,eye, ear, nose,tongue, kidney, liver, lungs, stomach and all partsof the body.Prevent him into getting to a frozen state. To avoidany otherdamage, prepare for the surgery simulation now. You aregoing to bethe brain doctor surgeon to perform the surgery. Callthe Heartdoctor, kidney doctor, lung doctor, anesthetist and allothersurgeons on duty to keep a check on the patient’s organs whileyoucarry out the surgery simulation.Take the patient toOperationTheater. Keep checking the heartbeat. Check temperaturewith athermometer. Monitor blood pressure. Clean the blood withwaterspray. Give anesthesia with an injection before the operation.Onceyou are done with the operation, apply plaster and givehimmedicine so that he can heal quickly.Brain Dr SurgerySimulatorfeatures:√ Fun treatments & real surgeries√ Amazinggraphicsand crazy game play√ Realistic Brain Surgery Simulation√Usemedical tools like scalpel, electric shock, injection,dropper,cooling shower, tweezers, cream, band-aid and syrup√Checktemperature with a thermometer√ Zoom in with a camera√ You’vegotbrain teasers (hints) showing on screen for treatmentBrainDrSurgery Simulator has so much fun options to try crazysurgerysimulator at clinic. Kill those germs causing pain anddiseases.There is a biggest rush of patients waiting outside yourclinic toget treated. Treat Crazy Father & Nerdy Mommy in yourvirtualCrazy Hospital.Doctor games have never been this awesome.Becomethe real doctor and crazy surgeon to perform the surgerysimulatoron your patients. Test your skills, become a professionalsurgeon,treat patients with painful expressions and make themhealthy andhappy again.
Operation Theater Escape 1.0.4
Are you ready to play surgery game? Performbea real surgeon and saves your patient's lives! There arepregnantwoman's car broken down on the way and she needs urgenttreatment.Give her proper treatment with lots of real medicalequipment likeinjection, scissors, marker, tongs, cream and muchmore. Be carefulwhile doing the pregnant surgery simulator on yourpatients. Herein this game we included many more surgeries for you,like kneesurgery, brain surgery, heart surgery and much more. Sotest yourskills become a real surgeon, solve patients all surgeryproblemsand make them healthy and happy again.About GameivaGameiva brings you the latest creations of most loved categoriesofgames and apps which are all hugely loved by kids. We areentirelydevoted to build user friendly games related to fun andlearningfor better educational familiarities and enjoyment forkids. Staywith us for the latest updates of GameIva on Google playand getmore of educational games.Reach us at: us on Googleplus: us: us: our gamevideos: will be glad with your response. Contact us anytime foranyquestions and suggestions at
Liver Surgery Simulator 3D
Liver Surgery Simulator has real doctor tools to add more fun totheawesome doctor games. This is a doctor surgery game withsuperrealistic laser treatment, anesthesia, blood pressure,cuttinginstruments, forceps, clamps and much more. Become the bestliversimulator surgeon to help your patients get healthy andhappyagain.There are lots of patients in the hospital, waiting togettreated. There’s something wrong with them. They might need alivertransplant surgery simulation. Complete their surgeriesandtreatments quickly.Here comes an ambulance with an emergency.Thepatient is suffering from a severe liver disease. Theambulancedoctor has given him first aid and noted down his historyandsymptoms so that the liver doctor can treat him immediately. Hehasbeen complaining about pain in the right side of his stomach forafew days. The stomach doctor has referred him to the liversurgeon.This patient had an appendix surgery simulator done fewmonthsback, followed by a plastic surgery treatment to treat thescars.Alert all the specialists on duty while you do thesurgerysimulation. The heart doctor, kidney doctor, anesthetistandstomach doctor are just a call away. Be careful while you shiftthepatient to the operation theatre, he has a frozen shoulder. Hehadan accident a few months back, leaving his arms and legsbroken.They haven’t healed properly yet.Features of LiverSurgerySimulator:√ Realistic Surgical Instruments√ ProfessionalTreatment√Fun treatments & real surgeries√ Amazing graphics andcrazygame play√ Realistic Liver Surgery Simulation√ Use medicaltoolslike scalpel, electric shock, injection, dropper, coolingshower,tweezers, cream, band-aid and syrup√ Check temperature withathermometer√ You’ve got brain teasers (hints) showing on screenfortreatment Test your skills to become best Liver SurgeonlikePlastic Surgery Simulator, Heart Surgery Simulator or virtualkneeSurgery Surgeon. The poor patients have painful expressions andafear in their pretty little eyes. Be the super star surgeon;Treatthem with all the medical tools and medicines at thedoctor’soffice. Your crazy treatments need Laser beam,Stethoscope,heartbeat machine, blood pressure apparatus, antisepticcreams,injection, scallop and medicine for treating the swelling,wounds,cuts and injuries. Don’t forget to clean away the blood toavoidinfection. You are going to play the role of a liver doctor tohelpyour patients gain good health and recover. Be careful, donotleave a scar on their skin otherwise they would have to go toaplastic surgery doctor. Get this surgeon simulatoreducationalgame, be a doctor, treat adults in a real surgery clinicand kidsin a children's hospital. You can make them healthy againand put asmile back on their faces. Check their history &symptoms firstbefore giving a diagnosis. Hospital games are so muchfun to playfor little kids. Doctor games with real surgerysimulator teachthem more about body parts, organs, hearts,stomaches, livers orears. Surgery games for kids are quite aninteresting activity tospend time. Such Surgery Simulator 3D gamescreate a love for thisprofession within them.
Superhero Doctor 2 -ER Surgery
SOS! Superheroes are saving people. They need YOUR help! Usemedicaltools to clean wounds, use defibrillator bring people backto life,fix broken bones. ER adventure begins! Enjoy the thrill ofbeing anER doctor! Never end excitement as you save the lives ofyourpatients!Doctor! Superheroes are rely on you, save superheroessavethe day!***MORE THAN 50 TOOLS ARE FREE NOW!***FEATURES>It'semergency! Stop a heart attack, bringsuperheroes back tolife!>Treat your special patients with cooland fun bone surgery!>Tons of professional surgery tools toselect! Let's find out allthe tools in game.>Use defibrillatorand Hi-tech tools to curesuperheroes.>Give energy stone tosuperheroes help them regaintheir strength!>Have fun withchallenging mini games!Wanna havemore fun with our games? Find uson Facebook at moreinformation aboutBravo Kids Media, please visithttp://www.bravokidsmedia.comFor moreinformation about SuperheroDoctor 2, pleasevisit
Summer Pool Party Doctor
Someone is drowning in the water! Accidents happened in Beverlyhillpool party. To save bikini girls' lives, you need tousedefibrillator bring them back to life, repair their brokenbones,and take control over 50 professional medical tools. Find outwhata professional vampire doctor can do!>MORE THAN 50 TOOLSAREFREE NOW! FEATURES> It's emergency! Stop a heart attack,bringsuperheroes back to life!> Use defibrillator and Hi-techtoolsto cure your patients.>Give an injection to your bikinigirls.>Treat your special patients with cool and funsurgeries!>Tons of professional surgery tools to select! Let'sfind outall the tools in game.>Have fun with challengingminigames!Wanna have more fun with our games? Find us on Facebookat more informationaboutBravo Kids Media, please visit
Surgery Simulator Doctor Games
There is an emergency declared in the city due to a sandstormthathas caused quite a lot of destruction and made many peopleinjured.All hospitals and ambulance are full of people so it’s yourjob nowto start treating patients and perform open heart surgery,stomachsurgery, and ear surgery, tummy surgery and evenmaternitysurgeryThere are 4 patients that need your help and youcan chooseany one of them and start preparation for surgery bybecoming anamazing ambulance doctor.Every patient has a differentinjury andyou will have to treat them to make them perfect again.The firstpatient needs a stomach surgery because it got rupturedwhile thepatient fell on sharp objects that pierced through hisgut. So hewill need a plastic surgery as well. You can start bybecoming anamateur surgeon and making incision and put stitchesinside to stopthe bleeding. Make sure you do the surgery in acorrect manner,otherwise the patient might need a heart surgerydoctor as well.Thesecond patient broke his leg and needs metalplates and plaster toget the bone fixed again, as shown by thex-ray.The third Patientis not much serious as he injured his wristand needs a minor earsurgery in the hospital. But still he needs aproper doctor surgeonto help him out. You will have to make a minorincision and fix thepatients wrist by applying stitches and at theend finally applyingbandage after he gets back from the x-raydoctor. After that, hemight need an ear surgery as well, but we arestill not sure aboutit.Finally the fourth patient is also a bitserious as he got hiskidney ruptured and needs emergency liversurgery so that the organcan be saved. You can start byadministrating an injection to putthe patient to sleep and make asmall incision. To make this gameinteresting, there is a mini gameincluded that will never make youfeel bored. After you have fixedthe patient’s kidney, stitch theincision to stop the bleeding andapply bandage. You mustunderstand that the kidney is close to theliver, so perform thecorrect surgery otherwise he might need aliver surgery as well.Sowhat are you guys waiting for? Downloadthis fun filled excitinggame and start treating patients.FeaturesInclude:• Be the crazydoctor you always wanted to be • Perform realsurgeries on patientsto make them better again• Operate on mommiesthat need maternitysurgery.
ER Surgery Simulator
>>> Perform emergency surgery on injured patients! Userealdoctor tools to treat your patients! >>>Anesthetize,clean, cut, repair and sew your patients up! It’s asurgerysimulator! >>> OH NO, a shocking earthquake has hitthecity and YOU, the ER Doctor, need to save lives! Doctor X totheRescue!These injured patients need YOUR help! Use medical toolstoclean wounds, cut skin open, repair organs and sew the skinbackup! Save the lives of your patients and wonder at just howamazingthe human body is!ER Adventures - Surgery Simulator! Enjoythethrill of being an ER Doctor! NON-STOP excitement as you savethelives of your patients! Become an expert surgeon as youcarefullytreat each patient! Who knew surgery was so cool?ExcitingEmergency Features:> Carry out 10 amazingdifferentoperations!> Save lives using real tools used by ERdoctors!>Practice real surgery steps! Perform surgery yourself!>Realistic and interactive surgery simulator! > Discoverhowserious injuries are treated in the ER! > Learn all abouttheincredible human body as you fix it up!In-apps that include"AllLevels" allow you to enjoy the entire game! Complete eachlevelindividually to advance to the next one and achieve yourfinalgoal.ABOUT TabTale A Google Play Top Developer, recognized foritscommitment to launching high-quality and innovative appsonAndroid, TabTale lovingly produces games, interactive e-books,andeducational experiences. With over 1 billion downloads andgrowing,TabTale has established itself as the creator of pioneeringvirtualadventures that kids and parents love. TabTale’s appssparkchildren’s imaginations and inspire them to think creatively,whilehaving fun! Search “TabTale” on Google Play and discovermoreincredible apps. Visit us: GooglePlus: Likeus: us:@TabTaleWatchus: US Let us know whatyouthink! Questions? Suggestions? Technical Support? Contact us24/7at MESSAGE FOR PARENTS: * This Appisfree to play but certain in-game items may require payment. Youmayrestrict in-app purchases by disabling them on your device.*Bydownloading this App you agree to TabTale’s Privacy PolicyandTerms of Use at andat consider that this Appmayinclude third parties services for limited legallypermissiblepurposes.
Brain Surgery Hair Doctor
Are you ready to be a crazy virtual surgeon and treat headinjuries& transplant patients' hair?In this fun top app youwill havebest surgery experience with cool surgery tools availablein thedoctors' clinic. Nowadays accidents occur in abundance,somesimilar incidents were reported today, ambulances are doingtheirjob by carrying patients giving them first aid and leadingthemtowards the emergency wards.Doctors of various surgeriesarepresent in the hospital, you have got to play the role of adoctor,you will be performing operations & operating the thecrew torecover the patients' health.Diagnosis Scenes It's time tooperatenow : Hair transplant surgery simulation & brainsurgerysimulatorAs a brain doctor you will be performing brainsurgeryafter cutting the hair, after that as a hair surgerytransplantdoctor you will be taking the patients' hair samples andimplantingnew hair of the patients' choice.Brain is the mostimportant partof the body which runs the all the functions of body,make surepatient's heart beat and blood pressure is normal tooperate thepatient. Some parts of brain will be frozen by injectionso that itwon't be painful for the patient. In case blood pressuredrops rubthe foot, and hands to stabilize the pressure.Hairtreatment alsoaccompanies the mini game to kill germs and monstersin thepatients' head.For hair loss you will be using hair loss oilmakepatient look great again.After treatment doctor will advice tothepatient to eat healthy food, vegetables and fresh fruitsjuices,patient will be able to grow her hair again can go tobarber's shopcan choose any hairstyle to look good and happyagain.Play ourother free girls games & games for kids.Kindlyrate us and giveyour valuable feedback at
Appendix Surgery – Doctor game
Hey little surgeons out there, appendix operations have not beensoawesome and entertaining. This best Appendix surgery game willgiveyou a real time doctor fun and crazy surgeon experience whichyouhave been looking for so long. In this Top appendix surgerygameyou tend to see patient’s stomach infections, infectedribs,performing surgeries and appendix operations. You willusedifferent instruments to look deep inside the stomach.Appendixsurgery hospital best known for heart surgery and awesomesurgeons.Operate patients with appendix removal surgeon game andrelieve thepatients of killing pain. It’s a crazy hospitaloperation game justlike liposuction surgery doctor simulator,tummy, stomach surgeonhospital game. Appendicitis treatment,however, is different fromliposuction surgery.Hurry up littledoctors patients are waiting inOperation Theater and complainingabout pain in lower side ofstomach. Carefully make a cut throughchest and reach towardsinfected appendix. Remove or mend thedamaged tissues and harmfulinfections with laser technology andother caring instruments likewater gun with torch, needles andsyringes. The patients are inemergency as their pain is becomingunbearable. Stitch them up withsterilized surgical tools once theappendix operation has beendone. Give an awesome treatment to thepatients so that they caneven get a tattoo surgery! You can thenplay “Tattoo surgery doctorgame” by FrolicFox studio and makebeautiful tattoos on arm, hand& neck in kids tattoo surgerydoctor game. This is such a goodnews for all the tattoo lover girls& guys out there that thetattoo surgery doctor is here and canplay the crazy tattoo surgerydoctor and surgeon game! In crazyhospital numerous patients are inthe queue and need your immediateattention so little Surgeons takethem to the operation theater anduse drastic measures and shedtheir pain away. Call kidney doctor,brain doctor, heart surgeonand stomach surgeon while you deal withstomach infected patients.In this ‘Appendix Surgery’ game use yourdoctor skills and show uswhat you have got? Diagnose patient’s painand cure themeffectively and make sure not a minor level pain to beleft instomach.
Pregnant Mama Emergency Doctor
Little kids Ice princess become pregnant and she needs your helpinher pregnancy period to parenthood. Because there are a lotofpatients in the hospital. She needs your help for herpregnancytest to identify that she is pregnant or not? Her dietcare to keepher baby healthy. Baby delivery surgery simulator. Anew babysister or baby brother can be after delivery surgerysimulator. Ababy care babycenter is also available for newborn babysister andbaby brother.Features of Game:*** Ice princess pregnantmommiesselection*** Medial care and diet plan for patient mama.***Heartbeat & Heart surgery checkup.*** Anesthesia injection&working of injection simulator. *** Maternity deliveryemergencydoctor.*** Juice for refreshment.*** Toys for newborn babybrotheror baby sister.*** Ultrasound machine to give Mommyanultrasound.*** Newborn baby sister's nursery!*** Select fromtonsof adorable baby clothing outfits and accessories!*** Tons ofmomsclothes and accessories.Download now the pregnant mamaemergencydoctor, newborn baby surgery simulator game and startenjoyingdoctor (dr) games.
My Newborn Baby Mania
John and Bonnie's baby due in one month! Let's help themlivethrough emergencies and witness the born of cute baby! Use tonsofprofessional medical tools. Join their pink baby shower party!Jointhe mommy-to-be on her journey from pregnancy to parenthood! Betheprofessional doctor right now!FEATURES> It's emergency! Stopaheart attack, bring superheroes back to life!> Usedefibrillatorand Hi-tech tools to cure your patients.>Give aninjection toyour bikini girls. >Treat your special patients withcool andfun surgeries! >Tons of professional surgery tools toselect!Let's find out all the tools in game.>Have fun withchallengingmini games!Wanna have more fun with our games? Find uson Facebookat moreinformationabout Bravo Kids Media, pleasevisithttp://www.bravokidsmedia.comFor more information about MyNewbornBaby Mania, pleasevisit
Multi Surgery Doctor Game 1.0.8
Let's learn some surgery operations likeheartsurgery, ear surgery etc. in this multi surgery game for kidswithlot of different operations on various parts of the body. Thekidpatients are waiting as they have serious problems in theirvariousinternal organs and they want you to treat their them inyoursurgery hospital. Use various different surgery tools and dotheoperation successfully. Hurry up as there are so manypatientswaiting for their turn of surgery.Features:1) A lot of different surgery on different internal organs ofthehuman body.2) Use a number of different tools like X-ray machine, oxygenmasketc. for the surgery.3) Follow the steps and complete all the surgerysuccessfully.4) Do the stitches after the surgery is over5) And finally put a plaster on the stitches6) Share this surgery game with your friends and share yoursurgeryknowledge.About GameivaGameIva brings you the latest creations of most lovedcategoriesof games and apps which are all hugely loved by kids. Weareentirely devoted to build user friendly games related to funandlearning for better educational familiarities and enjoymentforkids. Stay with us for the latest updates of GameIva on Googleplayand get more of educational games.Reach us at: us on Googleplus: us: us: our gamevideos: will be glad with your response. Contact us anytime foranyquestions and suggestions at
Eye Surgery Simulator 1.0.8
Cataract Eye Surgery Simulator is aCataracteye surgery game.These awesome doctor games with realdoctor toolsadd more fun.Perform Eye test, diagnose problems and Treat them. PerformCataractEye Surgery with real surgery tools.Test your skills and become best eye Doctor. Just like outothergames - Stomach Surgery Simulator,Heart Surgery Simulator,LiverSurgery Simulator,Ear Surgery Surgeon etc. Help patients andmakethem healthy and happy again.
Monster Doctor Injection Fun
Perform emergency heart surgery and laser therapy on sickmonsterpatients. As a ER doctor use real fun doctor tools to treatmonsterpatients with anesthesia, injection simulator, laser,incisions,stitches and much more to save lives. There has been anemergency,rescue your patients as a professional doctor. Helpinjuredpatients to recover using medical tools. These monsters arejustlike a human body. Save the lives of your patients, cleantheirwounds, repair organs such as heart, lungs, stomach, kidney,brainand much more. Cut open the skin to repair and sew it back.Enjoysurgery simulator in Monster Doctor Injection Fun with amazingERadventures. Enjoy the non-stop excitement of being an ERdoctorwith thrilling treatments to save lives of the monsters.Treat themas an expert surgeon. Surgery games have never been thiscoolbefore. The evil witch has cursed the Prince with a spell. Hehaslost his beauty and transformed into a monster beast &isworried that the princess will not recognize him. Help himregainhis beauty through surgery simulator treatments andplasticsurgery. Take him to the ER surgery clinic. With specialvaccine,you can help him recover. Use vaccinations and real doctortools tomake his wish come true. Remove wrinkles on his face andregainskin glow. Deal with his heart problems and eye pouch.Theseawesome doctor games with real doctor tools and crazysurgeontreatments are so much fun to play. With crazy game play,MonsterDoctor Injection Fun has real monster heart transplant andultimateoperations. The ambulance has reached the hospital intimeotherwise the patient would have gone in a frozen state. Hemightneed a pacemaker fixed inside him. Cut open the skin,avoiddamaging the rib cage. Track his progress; keep checkingtheinstant heart rate monitor. Gain health & fitness with asimpleopen-heart surgery simulation. Monster Doctor InjectionFunfeatures:√ Amazing surgery simulation operations√ Use ERdoctortools to save lives√ Practice real surgery treatment stepstoperform surgery yourself√ Realistic and interactivetreatments√Treat serious injuries on monster patients in ER√ Fix itup justlike a human body heart
Fairness Treatment surgery
Little makeup experts and doctors now get your hand on thisTopFairness Treatment Surgery game, our messy fairy tale ladyisworried about her dark complexion, she must become themostgorgeous princess and stunning girl for Royal party with thiscrazydoctor hospital makeover game. Little baby girls she needsyourhelp to look fair and bright in crazy adventure surgerymakeovergame. This game has more fun and crazy game-play for bothmakeoverlovers and surgery experts. Little makeover experts anddoctorsbring her in hospital through ambulance and shift her inmedicalward. It’s time to show up your fashion magic and designerskillsin this best Fairness Treatment Surgery game and become atopsurgeon and fashion makeup designer in town. Nurses and doctorsinthis Fairness treatment Surgery this ebony girl must looklikePrincess Cinderella so with best makeover tools removepimples,dark spots and blackheads from face plus pluck eyebrows andmakesure her skin look soft and glossy. Take ebony little girltoOperation Theater and dress her up in patients uniform andnowstart the operation surgery in your clinic. It’s time tooperateand remove blackheads from skin with laser surgery tools andmakeher skin whitening.In this Fairness treatment Surgery gameaftersurgery completion now move on to makeover tools. Make her themostgorgeous princess she wants to be, First you have to give bestspasession, manicure and pedicure in hospital or beauty salon.Boysand girls now use shower to wash her face and remove the dustandharmful germs then apply glowing beauty face mask. She mustwinheart of princess so polish her skin with best fairnesscreams,facial scrubs and masks. Make sure at final stage she looklikereal princess hazel and her glow and shine.
heart surgery game
heart surgery game allows you to do surgery in theheart.surgerygames is free.To collect money you will need to do thesurgeryexactly as it described.Fun game!Now you can be a heartsurgeon.Themain features are:- Many choices of medical tools.-surgery thepatient on time.- Easy!- Free!
Crazy Dr Surgery Simulator 3D
Crazy Dr Surgery Simulator 3D is a real surgery simulatorgame.There are lots of injured patients waiting for you atyourhospital. Diagnose their stomachs, lungs, kidneys &heartsproblems. Save your patient’s life with crazy surgeries.Operatenow! Carry out open heart surgery, lung surgery, stomachsurgeryand kidney surgery. The ambulance doctor might have givenanemergency treatment to the patients. Make proper incision,putstitches on ruptured skin and stop bleeding. The plasticsurgeonwould take care of the scars. After you have fixed thepatient’skidney, stitch the incision to stop the bleeding and applybandage.Call the liver surgeon if you get it damaged by mistake.With theuse of realistic surgical equipments you will operate insurgeryroom. Stomach Surgery SimulatorTake care of your patient andhelphim cure his stomach pain by performing a successfulsurgery.Remove all bacteria and clean out his stomach. Solvestomaches,tummy aches, liver and other abdominal issues; become astomachdoctor. Make an incision in the abdominal area, cut open theskin,drill through the organs, clean the germs and bacteria,replace badorgans and stitch it back. It has realistic surgeries,medicinesand general surgery simulator. Stomach problems aredifferent frombrain and head injuries and much more sensitive thanthe ones yousee in nail doctor kids games or a hair doctor game.Your littleboy or your princess would love to play surgeon with allthemedical products, x-ray machines, injection, pill andcompletesurgery environment. Kidney Surgery SimulatorBe the superstarkidney surgeon; Treat them with all the medical tools andmedicinesat the doctor’s office. Your crazy treatments needStethoscope, ECGmachine, thermometer, blood pressure apparatus,antiseptic creams,injection, scallop and medicine for treating theswelling, wounds,cuts and injuries. Don’t forget to clean away theblood andbacteria to avoid infection for the little baby kids. Youare goingto play the role of a kidney doctor, help your patientsgain goodhealth and recover. Lung Surgery SimulatorHere comes thecrazyambulance with a patient suffering from lungs problem. Callthelungs doctor and carry out lungs test as soon as possible sothatyou can start with the lungs surgery simulation. With suchpain,you can’t call it an easy ride for the patients from home tothehospital. This patient has a history of broken hand surgery&foot surgery from crazy surgeon. A skin doctor has beentreatinghis face pimples with plastic surgery simulator. He hasbeenthrough a heart surgery simulator and has a pacemaker workinginhis body. Be careful about respiratory treatments, germs anddirt.You need to be very careful to deal with brain surgerypatienthistory & Act like a smart surgeon doctor.Crazy DrSurgerySimulator 3D features:√ Lung Surgery Simulator√ KidneySurgerySimulator√ Stomach Surgery Simulator√ Call your patient fromthewaiting area√ Perform the routine health check; which mayincludebody temperature, ECG, blood pressure, heartbeats and pulserate√Now cut the patient’s skin with the help of laser to see theinsideorgans√ Remove the dust, germ & bacteria thoroughly√ Getthescars and pimples removed with an injection√ With an airpumpmachine replace the organ carefully√ Make them workable√ Stitchorsew the skin to stop blood√ After stitching, call the nextpatientThe amazing best doctor is here to make this surgery full offun.Do you dream to become a surgeon and help heal the sickpatients?Be the crazy doctor, start treating patients and have fun.Performreal surgeries in Crazy Dr Surgery Simulator 3D. Such doctorgamesare casual games to play in your spare time while you gettoexperience this career as well. It’s free kids games! Enjoyintensevirtual simulation surgeries and operations, one of the bestfreedoctors games for kids and surgery games.