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Darts Scoreboard 4.8
Andy Pandy
Play your favourite darts game and let Darts Scoreboard handlethescoring. Darts Scoreboard features X01, Cricket, teamplay,statistics and more. Android 4+ is needed to get all ofthefeatures. GENERAL FEATURES: • X01 and Cricket games • No limitonthe number of players • 20 computer opponents • Team play:pairs,triples - whatever you want • Statistics for all players andteams• Player rankings for all statistics • Head-to-head statisticsvseach opponent • Matches can be continued later • Randomiseplayerorder • Unlimited undo/redo • It's free! X01 FEATURES: •Standardand doubles dartboards • Double-in option • Choose startingplayerin deciding legs • Choose the sets, legs and points for eachmatch• Players can start with different points • Checkoutsuggestionsfor all dartboards • Tie-break final set / win by 2 legs• Setupsuggestions before an outshot is reached • Separatestatistics fordifferent leg start points • Auto-handicap points forcloser games• Single-press checkout entry • 2-dart out-chart basedon thecurrent score CRICKET FEATURES: • Standard scoring for2-playergames • Cut-throat scoring for more than 2 players APPPERMISSIONS:Darts Scoreboard is a free, ad-supported app, andnetwork access isused only for the ads.
Pro Darts Scoreboard 2.1.3
Julien Duchow
Feature Overview:● X01-Gamemode(Sets, Legs, Startpoints andCheckoutadjustable)● Cricket-Gamemode(Hits per Field and Modeadjustable)●Any number of Players● Undo any number of timespossible● extensivestatistics● diagrams for some statisticsand theadvantage againstall other Apps:● All your played games getsynchronized on the ProDarts Server and you can play withdifferent devices and synchronizeyourgames!___________________________________With Pro Darts youcanenter your points in a clear front end. You can modifyeverythingbefore the game, like start points, sets, legs and finishmode.ProDarts saves all your played games and analyzes them. So youcan seemany statistics about your games, like average points, hitratios,highest finish and many others.If you do not play on thesamedevice every time, it is no problem. Because Pro Darts has aserverwhich synchronizes all your played games if you wish.Fullautomatically. So you can access and share your games from allyourconnected devices easily!
Darts Scoreboard: My Dart Training 2.1
My Dart Training, the training & darts scoreboard app foralldarts players. Training/Practoice on a regular basis isimportantto improve your darts skills. But it is just as importantto keeprecords of the trainings results. This job does My DartTrainingfor you. Keep track with your progress in miscellaneousvariantsand bring your gameplay to the next level by detectingyourproblems and optimizing your play. My Dart Training supportsyou indoing so. My Dart Training is also a multiplayer dartsscorer, forX01 games and many other darts games. Currentlyavailablemultiplayer games: * X01 Scoreboard (two input options-score oreach dart, no Player limitation) * Cricket ( no Playerlimitation)* Highscore ( no Player limitation) * Buetts Eleven *Halve-It /Splitscore * Killer Currently available trainingvariants: * x01(170, 201, 301, 501, 701, 1001) * scoring * roundthe world / clock(options are singles, doubles or trebles) * roundthe world scoring* Challenge Mode (like a CPU Opponent) * Bob's 27* Catch 40 *Highscore * Finishing 50 * Game420 * Cricket (classicand scoring)* Target Training * Halve-It / Splitscore * JDCChallenge *Multiplayer Darts Scoreboard Functions: * save andrestore databasefrom phone * Save and Restore Database on/fromGoogle Drive *Profiles: use different Trainingsprofiles fordifferent Darts orSetups and compare them * Google Play Games givesyou optionally aoppurtunity to compare your results with yourfriends or peoplearound the world. More functions and improvementsare in work andwill be released continuously. (zb: moreTraininggames, moreMultiplayer Games, more Stats.....) Follow onFacebook:
PDC Darts Match 3.10.1509
The ONLY Darts App featuring the world’s BEST players! PLUS!fullPDC endorsement Come and play against the thousands ofpeopleplaying PDC Darts Match! Work your way up to become aprofessionaldarter and take on some of the world’s best! Play: ★Live Cricket ★Live 501 ★ Live 301 Double In ★ Around the Clock ★Flawless aim andswipe dart throwing, easy to pick up but tough tomaster. ● Take onopponents in real-time across the world! ● Gohead-to-head againstMichael van Gerwen, Peter Wright, Rob Cross andmany more PDCplayers! ● Play in numerous venues including theexclusiveBlackpool Winter Gardens! ● Let your rival know what youthinkusing the in-game Chat! ● Level up and unlock millions ofdartcombinations! ● Collect medals by completing challenges andshowthem off! ● Take part in weekly leagues and rise through theranksto earn more money! ● Feel like a pro by using an officialUnicornEclipse HD2 dartboard, the dartboard used in all major PDCdartsevents! The sequel to Microsoft Beautiful Game winner DartsMatch!Support - If you experience any issues with PDC Darts Matchor havea suggestion to improve it, we'd love to hear from you!Contact usin the app or on our support page.
Darts Master 3D
Mouse Games
Playing darts has never been more exciting than in DartsMaster!Darts Master offers a genuine challenge for professionals aswellas a casual pub game for amateurs. Darts is a form ofthrowingsport in which small missiles are thrown at a circulardartboardfixed to a wall. Usually the player throws three darts pervisit tothe board with the goal of reducing a fixed score. But thisgamealso includes a number of variations on the standard rulesandscoring systems. Now challenge the computer or play againstfriendsto beat records all around the world! Game Features: - 501(doubleout), 301 (double in & out), Dart Golf, Dart Snooker -100+levels of various rules in Challenge mode - Tournament and2Players mode - Tons of well designed darts and dartboards tounlock
Darts of Fury 2.0.1214.1103
🎯 Let's play darts! Compete against real opponents in thestunningnew multiplayer darts game from the creators of 'TableTennisTouch'. 'Darts of Fury' is an action-packed, modern dartsgamedesigned for darts newcomers and fans alike. MULTIPLAYERLEAGUESPick up your darts, join Sparrows League and face yourfirstchallenger. Take aim, swipe to throw and compete againstrealopponents from all over the world. Earn XP to climb up theLeaguesand aim for League promotion to unlock better darts,fasterflights, tougher challenges, and bigger rewards. Can youreach thelegendary Eagles league? MODERN ARENA Set in a stunningandcrowd-packed arena, Darts of Fury is unlike any darts gameyou'veever seen before. Perfect for both darts newcomers and dartsfans.Interactive dartboards will highlight your targets, freeingyou toconcentrate on achieving the perfect throw. Meet 'ShotBot' -yourvery own checkout guide drone. She'll guide you around theboard,calculating the safest path to that winning checkout. Bigscreenaction, explosive celebrations, interactive dartboards, anddigitaloches all come together to launch darts into the 21stcentury.COLLECT AND UPGRADE DARTS Customize your darts withendlesscombinations of barrels, shafts and flights. With 80darts,hundreds of flight designs and shaft stickers, you can showoffyour unique personality to League challengers. Earn coins inLeaguematches to upgrade to slimmer, faster darts and increaseyourchances of getting that elusive perfect '180'. GAME MODESInLeague, play 'Tower X01' - an explosive take on the classic'01game. Race to score the most points and be the first tocheckoutwithout going Bust! In Training, test your accuracy underpressurein the fast paced 'Round The Clock'. And stay tuned formore ofyour favorite darts games coming soon. AND MORE • FacebookandGoogle sign in so you can save progress across devices andplaywith your real name and photo • Loads of achievements tocollect •Player stats • Flag selection • Language support SUPPORTIf youhave any problems with Darts of Fury or you just want to tellusabout a feature you want to see, then you can reach usat Note: Darts of Fury is free todownload.However, some items are available to purchase with realmoney. Ifyou don't want to use this feature, please disable in-apppurchasesin your device settings.
Darts King 1.1.9
[Support rules] 301 501 Half-It Round the Clock StandardCricketCount UP [manual] select play mode which you want drag andslide tothrow darts [feature] - Classic mode: Play the classicdarts of thevarious rules - Stage Mode: dart board with a varietyof trickshots - Multiplayer: Online War together with the world -Invite aFriend: Invite your friends over for a possible war online-Practice Mode: Practice mode for beginners darts - Supports16countries language. - Support achievements, leaderboard andinvitefriends. - Supports multiplayer. - Support tablet device. -Offlinemode support Try the real challenge now 3D dartssimulation!Homepage: YouTube:
Darts Scoreboard
Darts Scoreboard is the perfect app for tracking your dartsscoresduring a game of 501 or one of its variants. In the app youcan setmany preferences, such as the number of players, the startscore,or whether you want to play in legs or sets. Using the app iseasy,after every turn you simply need to enter the total pointsscoredwith three darts. Darts Scoreboard does the math and givesyou awide range of statistics. It is possible to save and sharethesestatistics. When you reach a score that can be finished theappwill show a checkout suggestion. Profile If you are logged inyoursaved games will be associated with your profile. Also youcanselect your profile when you start a new game. You can viewyourown statistics in a list. In a future update you will be abletoview various graphs, so you can see your progress. Preferences*Players: 1 to 4 players, custom names can be specified *Startscore: 101, 170, 201, 301 up to and including 2501 * Matchtype:sets or legs * Number of legs to win a set: 2, 3, 4, 5 *Checkouttype: single, double, triple Statistics * Various averages,likematch average, best set and/or leg average, average of firstninedarts in a leg * Scores: Number of 180, 140+, 100+, etc.*Checkouts: Highest and average checkout, number of outs above100,number of outs above 50 * Other: Highest score, best leg, listofdarts needed per leg Darts Scoreboard is free of charge andisupdated with new functionality on a regular basis. The appisdesigned for smartphones and tablets. Use it while playingwithfriends, or when you are training or practicing on your own.
Let's Dart Scoreboard 1.5.5
Let's Dart is a mobile dart scoreboard applicationsupportingplayers in calculating and recording game dart data.Using this appeach player has the possibilty to analyze player andgamestatistics to recognize their weakness and and improvetheirskills.* Currently in development: Training plan mode*Thisdartscoreboard app includes the following functionality andfeatures-X01 game with several options like double out, master in,...-Cricket- CPU Player including 9 levels of diccifulty- Gameandplayer statistics: scoring, average, checkout, aiming, CPU1on1-Advanced minimalistic user interface- Player management:profilepicture, player name, favourite status- CheckoutSuggestions-Smartphone / Tablet SupportThis dart scoreboard offersthepossibility to capture and present dart data in single-andmultiplayer modus. All player statistics can be analyzed onseveraldetail levels like leg statistic, set statistic, gamestatistic orplayer statistic. Let's Dart Scoreboard gives everyplayer thechance to analyze and improve his skills.Have fun an gameon!
Essential Darts Scoreboard 6.1.6
The Essential Darts Scoreboard is the essential app for everydartsplayer, to keep track of your scores and stats. Usingthescoreboard you will never have to stop and calculate aftereverythrow and can enjoy your game of darts to the fullest!Thisno-nonsense app has several game modes: Cricket, 170, 301,401,501, 601, 701, 1001 and 1201! You can play with 1-4 players,andthe app provides you with live checkout suggestions! Also handyisthe undo button, so when you make a mistake, your game is notlostor worthless. To make playing on your own more interesting youcanalso play against a bot on 4 different levels. During allyourgames the app will keep track of all of the most interestingstats,such as averages (leg and match), finishes and highestthrows!
DartBee - Darts Score Counter 5.0.2
DartBee is the perfect app for keeping the score during a gameofdarts. It’s a virtual Darts Scoreboard with lots ofextrafunctionality. The app is easy to use, shows yourecommendedfinishes, has a DartBot computer opponent and can showyou the mostawesome statistics of all Darts apps on the Play Store.Input Youcan use DartBee score counter with the standard “type thetotal ofyour turn on a virtual numpad”, or use the super easy toDartinput. With dart input you only have to tap the individualdartscores and tap double or triple if necessary. The advantage ofthatis that there is absolutely zero math involved and that itallowsfor more advanced statistics. There are dedicated buttonsforTriple 20 and 19, because those are scored the most. The apphasunlimited undo’s for if you make a mistake. And there’s acoolcomputer voice announcer like on TV tournaments. CricketmodeDartBee has a completely separate cricket mode that’s alsosupereasy to use: just tap which scores you have hit and the appdoesthe rest. You can play cricket with up to 4 players.ProfilesDartBee lets you create profiles to keep players separate.Everyprofile can choose a color to differentiate and can choose iftheyprefer the per dart or per turn input. Statistics DartBee hasthemost advanced statistics of all Darts scorekeeper apps on theplaystore. The app has a Quickstats menu that’s easily accessed ingamewith a simple swipe up or with the stats button. Quickstatscanshow things like averages, leg averages, finish percentages,theamount of darts to win, highest score etc etc. If you want, youcanview the Q uickstats for previous games, but DartBee also hasanadvances stats menu to visualize your darts progress withbeautifulgraphs. It can show you an overview of all previous gamesand letsyou compare your progress. It can also compare matchups orshowstats from within a game. Profiles, games and statistics dataisstored on your phone automatically and can be safely backed upandsynced across devices with Google Drive. Dartbot DartBee hasanadvanced Dartbot computer opponent. Its difficulty can bechosenwith a level ranging from grandma that cant even hit theboard tosuperhuman. It throws very realistically, and can matchitdifficulty with your history if desired. Its difficulty can alsobedetermined with a scoring average and a finish percentageCustomizeyour game With DartBee scoreboard you can customize yourgame toyour liking. You can play a 501 game with as many people inonegame as you want, choose if you want to play with sets orjustlegs, configure the startscore to anything below 1000 andconfigurethe allowed finishes and first darts with any combinationof singledouble and triple. Other features: • Fullscreen/ immersivemode tomaximize screen real estate • Optimized interface fortablets andlaptops • Supports physical Bluetooth or USB keyboards/numpads. •Currently translated to Dutch, German and Italian EventhoughDartBee darts scorer is tested thoroughly, it is made by ahumanand can contain bugs. Please report them to me so I can fixthem!Have any feature requests or would like to see the apptranslatedto your language? Please email me [email protected]
Russ Bray Darts Scorer 4.36.006
***** 5 star award in Apps Magazine "Russ Bray will speak yournameand work out the scores for you, and there are so manyfeatureshere we cannot possibly cover them all. It is a brilliantandambitious darts scoring solution in app form".One hundredandeighty! Welcome to the official app from the 'Voice of Darts'RussBray. Russ is a world famous darts referee who has beenscoringmajor professional Sky TV tournaments for 20 years.In theapp Russreferees your darts match in full including speaking yourname,throws, total left, and shot-outs with his silky vocaltonesexactly as he does on TV - you'll think you're at the AllyPally!Aswell as two player and Cricket scoring you can also improveyourgame by playing virtual matches against the computer (01 games)atten different skill levels. If you can beat the computer atlevel10 you are ready to take on the world number one!All playershavetheir own profile including a photo which can be shown duringplay.Every match is recorded with detailed stats includingaverage,first 9 average, best leg (darts thrown), highest checkout,highestthrow, doubles hit and score table (60's, 100's, 140's and180'scounts).Get the best selling darts scorer for a fraction ofthecost of a standalone product! Features include...- 2 Player.-Playthe computer practice mode (01 games).- Cricketscoring.-Personalised audio, hear Russ speak YOUR name (over 3000namesincluding player nicknames).- Request a name and Russ willrecordit for you personally.- Audio the same as on TV.- Playerprofilesincluding photos, handicaps and audio name which can bechanged atany time.- Full match history.- Detailed stats for thecurrentmatch and all past matches including average, first 9average, bestleg (darts thrown), highest checkout, highest throw,doubles hitand score table (60's, 100's, 140's and 180's counts).-Choosebetween scoring the full three dart total or eachdartindividually.- Set your own custom start number between 101and9999.- Play with handicaps.- Play with double to start(includingplay the computer). This is the format for the PDC WorldGrand Prixand also popular in local leagues.- Play with leg or setscoring (3or 5 leg sets).- Select starting player.- 10 computerlevels.- Last4 scores shown in 3 dart mode.- Number of darts thrownin currentleg. - Checkouts displayed when a finish is available.-Full undoand redo for the current leg.- Music plays alongside Russcallingyour match. ** Used by members of the Australian andEnglandcricket teams **** Sky Sports coverage during the WorldMatchplay**Follow us on Twitter @RussBrayApp.
Darts ScoreCard PRO 2.2.2
Entreco the best app for tracking your dart statistics. A musthave app,for every darter. Play like Phil Taylor and Raymond vanBarneveld,or challenge your friends for a game in abar!01Game,Crickets/Tactics,1-8 players,Statistics,Checkouthelp,Undo,Sound, Preferences, RSS,and more...
DartEagle Scoreboard 1.3.0
DartEagle Scoreboard is a great 501-style darts scoring appthathelps you easily keep your scores and stats for yourdartsgames.Features include• Unlimited players• Configurable matchsetupincluding: Leg target, Number of legs, Set based scoring,Doublein/out, Treble in/out, Loser throws first / rotate startingplayer•PDC or BDO style match score display• Efficient score entry•Largetext landscape mode for highly visible scoring information•Livecheckout suggestions• Over 20 different statistics for eachmatch,plus individual double stats• Review match statistics frompreviousmatches• Graph statistics for multiple players• Editableleghistory• Leg, set and match statistics• Pause and resumematches•Twitter integrationThe best unlimited player, easy scoreentry,501-style dart scoring app. Remember, the Dart Eagle!
DartBee - Darts Scoreboard PRO 5.0.1
DartBee is an easy to use darts score counter with support forx01and cricket. DartBee is the perfect app for keeping thescoreduring a game of darts. It’s a virtual Darts Scoreboard withlotsof extra functionality. The app is easy to use, showsyourecommended finishes, has a DartBot computer opponent and canshowyou the most awesome statistics of all Darts apps on thePlayStore. Input You can use DartBee score counter with thestandard“type the total of your turn on a virtual numpad”, or usethe supereasy to Dart input. With dart input you only have to taptheindividual dart scores and tap double or triple if necessary.Theadvantage of that is that there is absolutely zero mathinvolvedand that it allows for more advanced statistics. Therearededicated buttons for Triple 20 and 19, because those arescoredthe most. The app has unlimited undo’s for if you make amistake.And there’s a cool computer voice announcer like on TVtournaments.Cricket mode DartBee has a completely separate cricketmode that’salso super easy to use: just tap which scores you havehit and theapp does the rest. You can play cricket with up to 4players.Profiles DartBee lets you create profiles to keep playersseparate.Every profile can choose a color to differentiate and canchoose ifthey prefer the per dart or per turn input. StatisticsDartBee hasthe most advanced statistics of all Darts scorekeeperapps on theplay store. The app has a Quickstats menu that’s easilyaccessed ingame with a simple swipe up or with the stats button.Quickstatscan show things like averages, leg averages, finishpercentages,the amount of darts to win, highest score etc etc. Ifyou want, youcan view the Q uickstats for previous games, butDartBee also hasan advances stats menu to visualize your dartsprogress withbeautiful graphs. It can show you an overview of allprevious gamesand lets you compare your progress. It can alsocompare matchups orshow stats from within a game. Profiles, gamesand statistics datais stored on your phone automatically and can besafely backed upand synced across devices with Google Drive.Dartbot DartBee has anadvanced Dartbot computer opponent. Itsdifficulty can be chosenwith a level ranging from grandma that canteven hit the board tosuperhuman. It throws very realistically, andcan match itdifficulty with your history if desired. Its difficultycan also bedetermined with a scoring average and a finishpercentage Customizeyour game With DartBee scoreboard you cancustomize your game toyour liking. You can play a 501 game with asmany people in onegame as you want, choose if you want to play withsets or justlegs, configure the startscore to anything below 1000and configurethe allowed finishes and first darts with anycombination of singledouble and triple. Other features: •Fullscreen/ immersive mode tomaximize screen real estate •Optimized interface for tablets andlaptops • Supports physicalBluetooth or USB keyboards/ numpads. •Currently translated toDutch, German and Italian Even thoughDartBee darts scorer is testedthoroughly, it is made by a humanand can contain bugs. Pleasereport them to me so I can fix them!Have any feature requests orwould like to see the app translatedto your language? Please emailme at [email protected]
Simple Darts - Dart Scoring 3.0.2
Nsane Apps
** Simple Darts is not a dart game **Simple Darts is newandimproved! The best dart score keeping and dart gamescoringapplication for Android is even better! Dart scorecard hasneverbeen easier. Play your favorite dart game with your friendsand letsimple darts track the scoring!Simple darts has NO ADS! Anditnever will!INCLUDED:- X01, Cricket, Baseball, Around theWorld,Shanghai and Golf (Single players and teams)- Unlimited"undo" onall games- Save and load all games- Keep playerstatistics- Shareyour games on Facebook and Twitter- Supports allscreen sizes &tabletsWITH DONATION:- 1 to 8 players on X01- "NoScoring" optionon Cricket- Skipping ahead on Around the WorldThrowyour darts, tapyour score and see what all the players have on onescreen. ThatSIMPLE!I have worked hard to implement requestedfeatures andanswer feedback and keep as much of this app as free aspossible toinclude keeping it ad free.Please rate & comment ifyou likeit. Good ratings & comments help me stay motivated andhelpothers decide to download or not.There is also a donationmodule ifyou would like to chip in towards my morning coffee. ;o)
Darts-Counter 3.4.0
The Darts-Counter is a scorer for the classic Steel Dart. Theappcan be used in the current version on all devices fromAndroidversion 4.1. No commercials, pure Darts fun! Keyboardoperation for301/501 at Android TV Box. More games will follow.Thepossibilities! Player Management: All players and teams withanynumber of members are managed. Clicking on long can edit teamsandplayers. Up to six players or teams can play at the sametime.301/501: 301/501 points must be thrown. Whoever is the firsttoachieve 0 points has won. A player wins, or it will be playedout.Single, Double and Master In Out can be played.VariantElimination: From 0 to 301/501. If one player reaches thescore ofan opponent, he must start again at 0 points. Checkout-Tipatdouble out games. Cricket: A game for four players or teams.Itmust be closed all fields from 15 to 20 and scored the mostpoints.A player wins, or it will be played out. Variant Cut Throat:In thevariant Cut Throat, the opponents get the points. The winneris whohas the least points. Fox hunt: The fox has to throw down allthenumbers beginning with 20 counterclockwise until 20 again, thenheis in its den. The hunter start at 18 and have to catch thefoxbefore he is in its den. Fir tree: A game for two players orteams.Who first cleared his fir tree first is the winner. Hangman:A gamefor two to six players or teams. Who does not throw more thanhispredecessor loses. Halve It: Hit the targets 15, 16, Double,17,18, Triple, 19, 20 and Bull in nine rounds. You can't, yourscoreis halved. All Fives: The sum of three darts must be divisibleby5. There is a point of any fives. 51 point or more to win.CountUp: In eight rounds it must be thrown as many points aspossible.Double Down 41: Hit the targets 20, 19, Double, 18, 17,Triple, 16,16, 41 (in total) and Bull in ten rounds. You can't,your score ishalved. Shanghai: Points are collected in each roundon a currentfield. Who last has the most points, or hits a single,double andtriple of the current field wins.
Darts Master 2 1.1.26
Please note: This is not a game. It is a practice tool designedtohelp you improve your dart skills by playing against multiplerealor simulated opponents in multiple game modes.★★★ FEATURES ★★★-X01mode- Cricket mode- Round The Clock mode- Multiple practicemodes-Leagues- Knockout tournaments- Statistics/graphs- Create yourownhuman and computer players- Teams★ X01 mode ★- Play a classic'01game of darts.- Custom sets/legs/score up to 9999 (freeversionlimits sets/legs/score options).- Statistics/graphs- Bestof/firstto set/leg options- Double in option- One touch scorebuttons -configure up to 9 one touch score buttons- Save and resumematches(unlimited)- Advanced statistics within game- Preview scoresbeforecommitting, this allows you to enter scores to view outswithoutsubmitting the score★ Cricket ★- Cricket mode (the freeversionallows you to play 10 times but unlimited plays can beunlocked).-Statistics/graphs- In game MPR, high marks count★ RoundThe Clock★- Round The Clock- Hit the given sequence in order orcreate yourown (if purchased)★ Practice modes ★- Multiple practicemodes (willalways remain totally free and unrestricted) such asBob's 27, theessential tool for practicing doubles.★ League mode ★-Compete in aleague in a individual or team based competition. Eachleague willconsist of a home and away game and uses the most commonleaguesformat where a win is 2 points, a draw is 1 point and a lossis 0.The league is played in 1 set with a best of amount of legs.Freeversion allows 3 leagues or unlimited if purchased.★ Knockoutmode★Play with up to 32 players in one tournament and battle yourwayto the final and become the knockout champion!★★ Teams ★★-Createteams with the ability to combine human and computer players-Eachteam and set of players have their own statistics.- Play teamVteam matches★★ Advanced statistics and graphs ★★- Bar graphsforhigh scores- Three dart average line graphs to help trackyourprogress- Win/loss graphs- Graphs for every game mode-Comparestatistics against an infinite number of players or teams byaddingthem to your selection and swiping between them★★ Createhuman andcomputer players ★★- Create human players (2 for free,unlimited ifpurchased)- Create computer players (if purchased)tweaking up to 6different skill options to craft your perfectsimulated opponent.-Add your created players to teams.★★ Mix it up★★- Play on your ownfor practice, human versus human, human versuscomputer, 2 humansversus 2 computer players, 1 human verses 5computer players - youcan mix and match any match!★★ Computerplayers of all skill levels★★- Unlock up to 9 computer players,ranging from novice to Masterlevel (100+ three dart averages!). If9 isn't enough, you cancreate your own!- 3 computers players forfree★★ Tournaments ★★-Create your own tournaments: You can create aseries of opponentsto play in any on match, for example: Your team(Team A) plays TeamB. When Team B is defeated, you move on to TeamC. When Team C isdefeated you move on to Team D and so on. You cando this for aseries of 1 on 1 or team matches!★★ Ultimate realism★★Darts Master2 is clever - just like on a real dart board when thecomputermisses it will intelligently generate a realistic miss.Eachgamemode has it's own artificial intelligence and no two games arethesame.★★ Feedback ★★Straight from within the app you can providemefeedback, I'd love to hear from you and if you have anysuggestionsor ideas, please let me know, I take everythingonboard!★★★★★★★★And yes, a computer can produce a 9dartfinish!Please email any suggestions/[email protected] or visit www.dartsmasterapp.comformore information.
Real Darts Car Challenge 1.0
Are you brave enough to take crazy stunts and can beat theworldjump record with a parachute car? If yes, then welcome to theworldof next generation car stunts with incredible darts challenge.thedrift car darts challenge is all about living life on theedge,that extreme jumping and racing stunts game will blow youaway!Geton your specially modified sports car, join the world ofextremejumping from rooftop to rooftop. Take one level high in therealdarts car challenge world. Get behind the wheel of steering andgetready for impossible car racing, drifting and jumping over thesky.Let’s see if you can survive in parachute car flying andlandingchallenge game. perform amazing crazy jumps in the sky andbalanceyour car for precision landing on placed dart in thewater.Fastenyour seat belt, rev the engine and start your journeyon impossibletracks in real stunt car zone. Drive dart car withdart to conquerthe sky, there are huge jumps, outlandish tracks,aerial tricks andmidair ramps have been waiting for you. Experiencethe colossalramps and exciting adventure now and get bird’s eyeview with thisground-breaking challenge. be world car jump andstunt master tosurvive yourself in this darts challenge. you arecar jumper andhere your duty is drive your car on speed track oninsane speed andmake a perfect jump. Fly in the air and open yourcar parachute tomake balance and land on the dart which is placedin ocean. Balanceyour car in the air and land it on spot veryperfectly, if you landyour car wrong your car will crash ant it’sthe end of game. forgetthe highway racing and parkour simulationgames, try now this newidea car racing and jumping game.No moreboring racing games, nobusy traffic highway drive, now time toenjoy the jumping and stuntwith parachute car. The amazing realdarts car challenge containsintense racing tracks over the sky withinsane jumping challengewith outstanding graphics to amuseyourself. If you like car racinggames or simulation games then youwill love this parachute car airstunt simulator. Download now andenjoy the endless jumping andflying car fun in the sky.Key Featuresof real darts carchallenge:Drive at lightning fast speed on therampRealisticmodified sports car challengeDriving of parachutecarsReal physicsbased car jumpsIntense car racing tracksTimecontrolled levelsGreatrooftop jumping experienceFeel free to postsyour ideas, we willtry to implement them as soon as possible, thankyou very much forall your support and interest in our games!
DartCounter 3.3.1
DartCounter is the darts scoreboard app for keeping track ofallyour scores. Play x01 games, Cricket, Bob's 27 and severalothertraining games. In the x01 games you will hear the voiceofMasterCaller Ray Martin who will announce all your scores.Registerwith Facebook or log in and all your games will be saved.Play withmultiple players with a DartCounter account and the wholegame willbe saved in both accounts. Preferences: * Players: 1 - 4players,with or without account * Startscores of 501, 701, 301 oranycustom number * Match type: Sets or legs * Player mode / teammode* Play against computer dartbot (avg. 20 - 120) Trainingoptions: *x01 Scoreboard * Cricket * Bob's 27 * Doubles training *Singlestraining * Score training Stats: * Match average * First 9average* Checkout percentages * Highest score * Highest start score*Highest checkout * Best/worst leg * Avg. darts/leg * 40+, 60+,80+,100+, 120+, 140+, 160+ & 180's
Dartprofi Shop 5.32.0
Dartprofi Shop mit Riesenauswahl und schneller Lieferung. Allesrundum den Dartsport. Big selection and fast delivery. Everythingaboutthe sport of darts. Negozio Freccette shop con grandeselezione e laconsegna veloce. Tutto ciò che riguarda lo sportdelle freccette.Boutique de fléchettes avec grand choix et unelivraison rapide.Tout sur le sport de fléchettes. Dardos shop congran selección yentrega rápida. Todo lo relacionado con el deportede los dardos.Billardshop shop with huge selection and fastdelivery. Everythingabout the sport of darts. Big selection andfast delivery.Everything about the sport of darts. Negoziofreccette shopselezione e la grande con consegna veloce. Tutto losport riguardaciò che delle freccette. Boutique de fléchettes avecgrand choix etune livraison rapide. Tout sur le sport defléchettes. Dardos shopcon gran Selección y entrega rápida. Todolo Relacionado con eldeporte de los dardos.
Dartslive Rating Check
It is an APP which view the play data of the DARTSLIVE.TheDARTSLIVEcard of the paid member is required.Can browse in onescreen withcurrent Rating and stats, award by today's play.ratingof the nextday is presumed and displayed from the play of the day.* However,it is not an exact value. Please wait for an exact valuetill thenext day, or confirm it by the TouchLive. The saved playdata can bedisplayed in a graph. Theme changes are publishedseparately candone with the "Dartslive Theme Changer".Can be madeto start if"change theme" is selected.The item which can bechecked CurrentRatingRating of the next day (estimate witherror)Stats / differenceon the previous day between 01 andCricketBull rate / D BullrateTriple rateToday's AwardnumberToday's stats highest, theminimum, and an averageHistorydata of rating stats count-up (graph,list)01 DART OUT and bestscore of practice( A display is changed byhorizontally scrollingin the column of Stats.)
Amusement Arcade 3D
Mouse Games
Amusement Arcade is #1 collection of 3D arcade games that youplayat carnival funfair or amusement park! For years, you've beengoingto the arcade, carnival, or theme park to play the classicarcadegames. Now Amusement Arcade brings the most authenticarcadeexperience onto your phone! It’s time to catapult your way toamountain of prizes, ticket tokens and achievements! GameFeatures:- Aim and roll the up the ramp and into one of thenumbered holesin skee ball style game - Beat the buzzer by sink asmany basketsas you can in basketball shooting game - Push shinygold coins andexciting prizes into your hands in the coin pushermachine -Control the claw to grab gems, dolls, stuffed animals inclaw cranemachine - Slide the frog flying towards lily pads andland them inthe lilies in frog toss game - Throw darts at theflying balloonsand hit as many as you can in balloon shooting game- Shoot fun andfast moving ducks in shooting gallery and play withsquirrel ingoing nuts game
POWERUP 3.0/DART 3.4.1
Shai Goitein
Upgrade your paper airplane into a smartphone-controlledflyingmachine! Meet and pilot the POWERUP 3.0 and POWERUP DART,theworld's first ever paper airplane smart toy. Get up to 200 feetofflying range with POWERUP’s epic technology.Here’s how togetstarted: Make a paper airplaneAttach the POWERUP 3.0/DARTSmartModule to your paper airplaneDownload the POWERUP app ConnectyourPOWERUP Smart Module’s Bluetooth - and you're ready to fly!Here’show it works: Control your POWERUP with two awesomecontrollertypes: Intuitive gesture control - go full throttle onyour device,and launch your POWERUP 3.0/DART high into the sky.Tilt yourdevice left and right to steer your plane, and up or lowerthethrottle to make the plane go higher or lower. Gamepadcontroller -use your throttle and roll sliders to steer yourPOWERUP plane.Cool unique features: Yes, the POWERUP 3.0/DART iseven moreawesome, with these cool extra features! In-appflightschool.Pre-flight preparations checklist.Guidedtrimmingprocess.Missions section for advanced challenges.Endlessairplanedesigns: choose your plane type and create design afterdesign:from slow fliers and speedy jets that will fly with yourPOWERUP3.0/DART Smart Module - your imagination is the only limit!Boostbutton for extra thrust.Takeoff and land from the ground(availableonly for POWERUP DART).*Note: This app supports bothPOWERUP 3.0and POWERUP DART. You need to have the POWERUP SmartModule inorder to fly a plane using the app. More information isavailableat
Scoreboard Games Liga 1.2
Chapas Games
I Recommend you download my new app "Scoreboards TV" where youcanfind all my scoreboards together including this one. Like inLiga,get your team colors and enjoy your football games with thissimpleand easy to use scoreboard.With scorers name! and now you canloadyour favourite logo. You have to write URL from image, ifyousearch in Google you have to open image in new window and copylinkto paste inside app.Hope you like, if you need more colors orotherthings just tell me.
Adelaide Crows Official App 4.8.0
Updated for 2018, the Adelaide Crows Official App is your onestopshop for all your latest team News, Videos, Player Profiles,Scoresand Stats delivered LIVE to your smartphone or tablet!Featuresinclude: - LIVE scores and stats for every game of the 2018AFLToyota Premiership Season - Match Centre, including new teamandplayer stats, and in-game video highlights - My Club sectionwithaccess to exclusive features for club members and My CrowsAccountholders - Team Stats section showing how the club shapes upagainstcompetition averages - Improved Player profiles withadditionalstats and player information - Video on Demand to watchmatchhighlights and press conferences while you’re on the run -LatestNews & Videos from the club - Player profiles for everycurrentplayer, including bio, related articles and video, plusseason andcareer stats - Team Selections as they are announced -Matchdetails for the season including Fixture, Results and Ladder-Alerts to your phone for club news, team announcements andmatchstarts - Team song audio and lyrics - Follow your clubsocialchannels including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram - VisittheAdelaide Shop - Manage your tickets without leaving the app
My Bowling Scoreboard Pro 3.6.16
Peter Ho
Bowling is my favorite hobby. I need an app to record down thescoreand pin location for further analyst. For example, what isthepercentage of spare of “Big four”? or how many times ofcontinuous 4strike ? So, I decide to write this app. Features: *Record bowlingscore or pin location in database * Retrieve scoreor pin locationfrom a database * Show statistic of the score,strike, pin location* Export history to CSV file * Support singlebowler * Support max.10 history records * Support English, German,French, Italian,Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Korean Features inPRO: * Support upto 3 bowlers * NO limitation of number of history* No ads Featuresin Ultra: * NO limitation of number of bowlers *NO limitation ofnumber of history * No ads Proversion* Modify/delete SD card contents is used to write CSVfile to SDcard * Internet access is used for ad Note : For thosewho needsupport please email to the designated email. Do NOT useeither thefeedback area to write questions, it is not appropriateand that isnot guaranteed that can read them.
Diablo Super Biker 4.5
Diablo SuperBiker has renewed its design and improved theaccuracyof its data detection system: the app is ever more reliableforyour routes on the track and on the road. Track your sessionswithyour smartphone, save and share your records on Facebook! Thenewversion of Diablo SuperBiker provides you with even more detailsonyour performance, offering you a more exciting userexperience.TECHNICAL INFORMATION: - A more accurate lean anglecalculation,thanks to the combined use of telemetry and a new GPSalgorithm,and to the use of the following parameters: o Center ofmass of thebike o Tire width o Maximum acceleration; - Measurementofgravitational acceleration; - Calculation of altitude; -Detectionof weather conditions (temperature and atmosphericpressure) duringyour riding experience; - Detection of the type ofasphalt for thetraveled route; - Greater accuracy and ability tohandle longperiods of no network coverage. SESSIONS: - Choose theduration ofthe countdown before starting the recording(5-10-20-30-60 secs.);- Pause the recording during the sessions; -Visualize data in animproved layout that facilitates the analysisof the sessions; -Visualize telemetry data synchronized with themap. - Choosebetween road map and satellite map views. USERPROFILE: -Registration is mandatory to enable the saving of roadand tracksessions for more accurate measurements; - Personalizeyourenriched user profile. SOCIAL - Sign in with your Facebookprofile;- Find friends who have installed Diablo SuperBiker, eitherthroughFacebook or through the app itself; - Share your bestsessions onFacebook, Twitter, email. WEBSITE - Access our new, moreintuitivelayout; - Visualize all data collected during yoursessions andthose of your friends.
World Korfball
World Korfball gives you mobile access to match schedules,resultsand match statistics including live scores ofinternationalkorfball events, like the World Games 2017.
Ski Pursuit 4.1.3
The Ski Pursuit app is the perfect tool for all skiersandsnowboarders looking for fun and challenges. Thanks to thisuserfriendly app, you’ll be able to track and record all yourrunsduring the season, and share your stats with your friendsonFacebook and Twitter. You have always wondered what is youraverageriding speed? The Ski Pursuit app will give you a completeanalysisof your runs and a global recap of your season: maximumspeed,average speed, duration, distance, ascent, descent. For eachrun,you’ll be able to see your line on a real map of the mountain,andfurthermore, you’ll see what your exact speed is during the runbysliding the cursor with your finger! Record your best runs;connectyour app to Facebook and compete with your friends!Features:-Recording: maximum speed, average speed, duration,distance,ascent, descent - Autostop: the tracker stops recordingwhen yourspeed is lower than 1 km/h - History: list of your runs,filter bysport, filter by period- Map view: view of your run on areal map -Explore your run: view of your exact speed by sliding thecursor onthe map - Share: share your stats on Facebook and Twitter-Settings: Imperial/Metric units, countdown set up, autostopsetupContinued use of GPS running in the background candramaticallydecrease battery life.
SnoreLab : Record Your Snoring 2.1.15
- Monitoring 1 million nights of snoring per month - Measureshowloud your snoring is and tracks it over time - The worldwideNo.1app for snorers on iOS and Android SnoreLab records, measuresandtracks your snoring and helps you to discover effective waystoreduce it. Simply set SnoreLab running whilst you sleep torecordyour snoring and to measure your Snore Score. Find out ifyoursnoring is as bad as your partner says it is! If you then trysomesnoring remedies, or register some lifestyle factors, you cantrackhow they impact your snoring, helping you to discoversolutions.'An ingenious app' - Mail Online 'Best Health App -Runner-up' -Best App Ever Awards 2014 "This app is a revelation.For the firsttime I feel in control of my snoring problem. Thankyou SnoreLab!"- User review "SnoreLab is the best sleep recorder Ihave tried. Mysnoring is down 40 plus percent in just two weeks." -User reviewFEATURES: ▷ Advanced snore detection algorithms ▷Records soundsamples of your snoring ▷ Measures snoring intensity(Snore Score)▷ Compares snoring across nights ▷ Tests theeffectiveness of anysnoring remedies that you use ▷ Measures theimpact of factors suchas drinking alcohol on your snoring ▷ Recordssleep statistics ▷Optional full-night recording mode ▷ Email soundfiles ▷ Providesinformation about snoring remedies ▷ Easy to use,no calibrationneeded Here is a selection of some of our favouriteuser reviews(from iOS app): "App is truly amazing, I think it is amust havefor every fellow man :)" "Fascinating and helpful - Ilearnedwhat's going on when I'm sleeping." "This app is wonderfulin thatnot only does it work, but its ease of use. This is asimple,effective tool to better health." "Excellent app. Thishelped me toreduce my snoring by applying some of the remedieslisted. My wifeand I thank you, especially my Wife!" "Take it froman MD... Thisprogram works and is a very useful tool to share withyour doctor."
Call Recorder - ACR 18.6
ACR (Another Call Recorder) is a free call recorder application.Itis one of the best and most advanced call recorders in thePlayStore and offers many advanced features such as: - Record callsperphone number(s) - Exclude recording per phone number(s) -Listrecordings by matching phone numbers to your contacts - Searchbyphone number, contact name and note - Recycle Bin for easyrecoveryof deleted recordings - Auto delete old recordings -Markingrecordings as important so they don't get auto deleted -Multiselect, delete, send - Manual (Pro) call recording -Passwordprotection of recordings - Lots of recording formats suchas MP3,M4A, OGG, WAV, AMR, 3GP, FLAC, MP4 - Ability startdelayedrecording - Different recording modes by number,contact,non-contact or just selected contacts - Free transcriptionservice(English only) - Sharing parts of recording - Local Wi-Fiaccessfor easy backup - Recording Transfer between devices - Clouduploadsupport (Pro) for Email, Gmail, Google Drive, OneDrive,Dropbox,WebDAV, FTP and WebHooks Please do not use ACR inconjunction withother call recorders. Contact us if you have anyissues. Somephones do not support call recording properly. This isdue tocapabilities of different chipset/CPU or Android versioneachbrand/model have. Legal: Please check with local laws relatedtocall recording in your country
SimpleWeight - Recording Diet 1.0.10
SimpleWeight is a very simple yet powerful weight control tool.Manypeople try many diet methods and fail because it is hardtocontinue.With SimpleWeight, all you need to do is to measureyourweight daily and type in. It shows the record in a graph alongwithyour target weight.Knowing your weight and its trend is thefirstand the most important step for taking it under control.Thisappmakes this step very simple & fun!Simplicity leastoContinuity!Continuity leads to the Result!Some of the featureofthe app are:- Simple & easy-to-use user interface- Recordbodyfat % as well as the body weight and see them in a graph!-BMIcalculation and indication for daily data. Overweight areaisindicated in yellow/red color in the graph.- Scrollableandzoomable graph to explore your past record.- Make notes aboutwhatyou had and/or how much exercise you did, etc. for eachrecord.-Make notes about events that affect weight changes, whichappearson the graph!- Post on Twitter to share your progress withyourfriends.- Import/Export data from/to the online server.Automaticexport for protecting your data from any accident isalsoavailable.- Passcode Lock to protectyourprivacy.********************** Caution**********************Thisapp is intended for a healthy adult toreduce/manage their bodyweight. This app is not intended to give amedical advice nor doesnot guarantee that you succeed in achievingyour target weight. Ifyou are seeing a doctor or have any disorder,consult with yourdoctor on your weight management.Unreasonabledieting or exercisingcould damage your health. Try to do properexercise for yourcondition and have wellbalanceddiet.******************************************************It'sverysimple and easy to continue, and seeing the progress ofweightcontrol is fun!Have a nice & simple weight controlwithSimpleWeight!* If you found any problems, or have any questionsorfeature request, please contact us from thecontactform:
Weight Loss Tracker - RecStyle 3.2.7
** Let's diet cleverly when we have an appetite! ** It’s easytouse. Just enter your values once a day. You can continuebecauseit's simple! Now is the time to diet and lose body fathealthily!RecStyle will provide strong support for your beautifulfigure andyour health. ** Various functions to provide strongsupport foryour diet! ** * You can easily customize the items youwant tomanage! With RecStyle you can add items indispensible fordieting,such as 'weight' and 'body fat', and you can also manageyour'muscle mass', useful for muscle training. In addition, youcaneasily add 'waist', 'BMI', 'all types of stamps (overate,exercise,drank too much, constipation, poor health, menstruating)',and'text notes' with one touch from the input screen. * Adetailedgraph display that's easy to understand! When you'veentered valuessuch as your weight and body fat, try turning yourdevice sideways.It will automatically change to a graph display,where you cancheck the change in your values as well as stamps andnotes you'veentered previously. In addition, you can check theaverage valuefor each 'week' or 'month' with the buttons on theupper left ofthe screen. * Stop forgetting to input with dailynotifications! Ifyou set the time that you usually weigh yourself,it will send anotification to stop you forgetting to input. Inaddition, everySunday it will report the average change in weightfor the week,allowing you to understand the progress of yourdieting. * 5 colorsto choose from! You can change the color to suityour tastes oryour mood for that day, from five different colors:black, white,orange, green and pink. You can tackle your weightrecording anytime with a fresh attitude. * Of course it is alsocomplete withbasic functionality! Its basic functionality is alsocomplete, suchas a 'lock function' to protect the important weightmanagementdata that you don't want other people to know about, a'targetvalue display' on the graph display (it is possible to setthetarget value for 'weight', 'body fat', 'muscle mass' and'waist')and much more. ** All these functions are free! And thereare noadvertisements at all! ** This is for all those who want tomanagetheir weight, whether for diet or for muscle training.
Timestamp Camera Free 1.100
Yubin Chen
Timestamp Camera is the best(maybe only) app to add timestampstonew videos. ●Add current time and location when recordingorcapturing, you can change time format or select the locationaroundeasily. Timestamp Camera is the only App that can recordvideo withthe time watermark accurate to millisecond(0.001 second).- Support61 timestamp formats - Support change font, font color,font size -Support set timestamp in 7 positions: top left, topcenter, topright, bottom left, bottom center, bottom right, center- Supportauto add location address and GPS - Support changetimestampopacity and background - Support add altitude and speed oncamera ●Support display custom text and emoji on camera. Forexample, youcan input "Good day at the zoo" ● Support displaycustom logo imageon camera ● Support record video with or withoutaudio ● Support"Battery saver mode", the brightness of screen willbe 0%~100% ofnormal when turn it on. Support double-tap to turn onthe "Batterysaver mode" ●Support turn off the shutter sound whenshooting ● Allof the time effects are real-time and can be usedwhen taking photoor video ● Can change effect, toggle camera whenrecording ●Support portrait and landscape ● Support changeresolution ●Support capture photo when recording ● Support savephoto and videoto SD card directly, enable it in the advancesetting Please mailus [email protected] if you have any problemor suggestions.Thank you.
Podcast App & Podcast Player - Podbean 6.3.7
Podbean Podcast App is top trending podcast apps of global best2017in Google Play Store with 45K+ reviews and an average ratingof4.6/5 Also nominated as "Top podcast player apps, 50bestpodcatchers for Android and iOS" by TCC A better way todiscoverand play all your favorite podcasts anywhere, anytime. ThePodbeanpodcast app enhance your podcast listening experiencewithintelligent speed, volume boost, customizable playlist and allthebest podcast features: DISCOVERY / RECOMMENDATION •  Searchbypodcast name, episode name, or author name.•  Browsenew/trending/top podcasts by topics or categories.•  Getcustomized recommendations based on your play history.•  View yourplay history and favorite episodes. •  Chooseaudiobooks frombestsellers and classics for free. PLAYBACK / AUDIOEFFECTS•  Instantly stream or download podcasts to play offline.•  Stayorganized with customizable playlists. •  Intelligent speedremovessilences from an episode without distortion. •  Volumeboostnormalize the volume and make shows easier to listen to.• Advanced playback features like auto-play next and Sleep timer.• Support mini podcast player widget on your android homepage.• Support bluetooth, chromecast and android auto. •  IntegratewithAmazon Alexa. NOTIFICATION / AUTOMATION •  Stay updated: Getnewepisode notification from followed podcasts •  Automaticdownloadand option to delete after being played. •  Support batchmode todownload, delete, and add playlist. •  Settings can becustomizedby podcast. AUDIO RECORDING •  Professional audiorecording witheasy-to-use interface •  Mix your voice withbackground music. • Preview and edit your recording before publish.•  Auto-post toFacebook and Twitter. Listen best podcasts 2017 onPodbean -Podcast App & Podcast Player, including This AmericanLife,Serial, The Joe Rogan Experience, Radiolab, True crime,Criminal,Joel Osteen, The Dave Ramsey Show, ESPN Radio, TheNerdist, TheMoth, The Tim Ferriss Show, Freakonomics Radio,Startup, Stuff YouShould Know, How Stuff Works, Bloomberg,Revision3, Relay FM,PodcastOne, The New Yorker, Showtime, Slate,TEDTalks, NPRpodcasts, WNYC, 5by5, KCRW, NASA, CBS Radio, CNET,CNN, CBC, BBCand Bill O'Reilly etc. Download Free Podbean PodcastApp now!
Footej Camera 2.3.7 build 192
A brand new, fascinating, user-friendly and robust camera appishere, ready to capture, orchestrate and give a new life toyourbest moments… *** If you have any problem or if you can'tfindmanual controls, before give us a negative rate, please readF.A.Q.( an issue to support *** Major Features - Simpleandbloat-free user interface - Amazing Photo and Video quality-Utilizes Android's camera 2 API (on devices that supports theAPI)- Focus and exposure from different areas (if supported bydevice)- Integrated Gallery and Slider - Burst mode - Animated GIFs-Video slow motion recording - Manual ISO, Focus, ShutterSpeedcontrol (if supported by device) - RAW format (if supportedbydevice) - Snapshot during video recording - Selfie Light -Panoramamode (if supported by device) - Timelapse - HDR+ (Pixel 2devices)Camera Premium Package - Burst Interval below 500ms - Morethan 20maximum shots in burst - Better JPEG Quality - Antibandingin 50Hz(Europe) and 60Hz (Asia) - Video max duration over 5 minutes-Photo histogram - High resolution Animated GIFs -Timelapseintervals over 10 seconds This app uses Accessibilityservices.Please send us your feedback or report any [email protected] For more information, pleasevisit: Frequently AskedQuestions: betatester: usonGoogle+ on Facebook us onTwitter
Saver Reposter for instagram 5.9
Saver is the first app that will help you to copy text,hashtags,save images & videos from instagram posts to yourphone ortablet, so you can share them back on other apps or justkeepingthem on your device, all in one app, very easy to use, fast&smooth transition between Insta & Saver. Downloadingimages& videos has never been easier and faster, and copyingtext oronly hashtags has never been possible before. Now it is withSaver.What makes Saver better than the other similar apps is that:- Youcan view the downloaded media in your phone gallery. - You cangoto Saver in one click and go back to instagram in just one click.-The first app to give you the ability to copy thepostsdescription. - The first app to give you the possibility tocopyonly hashtags from posts description or copy descriptionwithouthashtags. - Downloading can be processed in background. HowTo Use:1- Copy "Share URL" from instagram. 2- Paste the URL or justclickon the Saver icon in notification bar. 3- Choose to Save theimage,video or copy the text & Enjoy!
League Live: NRL scores, stats & rugby league news 7.8.11
The League Live app by Sportsmate is the #1 rated NRL app forareason! It's built by league fans, for league fans,combiningup-to-the-second live scores and stats from the NRL, StateofOrigin, International Fixtures and all of the majorstatecompetitions (Intrust Super Cup - QLD and Intrust SuperPremiership- NSW) with the most in-depth statistical database, aswell asexclusive analysis and the latest breaking league news andvideohighlights. Not to mention player ratings that areupdatedinstantly so you can follow your fantasy team throughouttheweekend. Whether it’s an intense local derby, the colour of aStateof Origin match or the drama of the final minutes of the NRLGrandFinal - don’t just follow your favourite club, join them!FOLLOWLIVE Access live coverage of every NRL, State of OriginandInternational Test match plus selected state leagues includingtheIntrust Super Cup - QLD and Intrust Super Premiership - NSW)Livescores for each match Play-by-play match commentary Detailedteamstat sheets, team lists and score worms Player specific statsheetsTRACK YOUR FAVOURITE TEAM AND PLAYERS Follow the progress ofyourclub and your favourite players throughout the NRL season.Followevery thing to do with your club in the dedicated Team NewstabWatch all your team's highlights after their match Stay up todatewith the latest club news and team tweets Keep an eye onyourfavourite players GET THE STATS Need a hand with your fantasyteam?Been thrown a thorny league question? Need the perfect NRLtriviaanswer? Don’t worry we have you covered here too with adetaileddatabase of team and individual player stats. Up to dateclub andplayer stat rankings Leaderboards for individual stats andKPIsIndividual player profiles and career stats Compare playershead tohead STAY UP TO DATE League Live by Sportsmate also bringsyou thebreaking league news, along with exclusive match previews(andtips) as well as analysis from Sportsmate’s team ofcommentatorsfrom around the country. A thorough overview of theday’s play fromaround the country via the Fixture tab Access leaguenews andupdates about club teams Watch and listen to videos andpodcastseries on demand Personalise alerts so you never miss any oftheaction, league scores or latest news DOWNLOAD NOW League LivebySportsmate is available FREE for all Rugby League enthusiastsinAustralia and around the world. Don’t miss a minute, downloadnowand start tracking live footy scores today! NEW FEATURESCOMINGSOON With some exciting updates coming in 2018, we’d love tohearfrom you how we could make the League Live app even better.Pleasesend all feedback to [email protected], tweet [email protected] or use the feedback form inside your app’sSettings.ABOUT THE DEVELOPERS Founded in 2009 and based inMelbourne,Australia, Sportsmate Mobile is an Independent SportsMedia companywhich creates and distributes mobile applicationsfocused ondelivering lightning fast sport scores and stats tosports fans allover the world. With over 10 million globaldownloads, we areAustralia's number one sports app network. Ourgrowing suite ofapps is built by a dedicated team of sports mad appdevelopers,designers and content creators who are passionate aboutdeliveringcontent sports fans crave. Find out more about us and ourothersports apps at
SnapSaver 1.3
This app allow you to take screenshots and screenrecordingsanonymously. Features include: ★ Easy to use interface ★Optionwith screenshot & video record in the same session! ★Nologin/registration required ★ No account ban or locks ★Autosavefeature (experimental) ★ Works with chat ★ No notificationwhenscreenshot is captured ★ View captured images/video withbuilt-ingallery ★ Records video with audio (if desired) ★ Simpleandintuitive Please contact us with any questions or featurerequestsat [email protected]!
Automatic Call Recorder 5.43.11
Record any phone call you want and choose which calls you wanttosave. You can set which calls are recorded and which areignored.Listen to the recording, add notes and share it.Integration withGoogle Drive™ and Dropbox allows calls to be savedand synchronizedto the cloud as well. Google Drive integrationworks on Androidversions 3.0 and above. Please note that callrecording does notwork on certain handsets and can result ininferior qualityrecordings. We therefore suggest that you try thefree versionbefore purchasing the paid app. If you encounter anyrecordingissues or wish to improve voice quality, try recordingfrom adifferent audio source, or use auto-on speaker mode. Recordedcallsare stored in the Inbox. You can set the size of the inbox.Thenumber of saved calls is limited only by your device memory. Ifyoudecide that a conversation is important, save it and it willbestored in the Saved Calls folder. If not, old recordingswillautomatically be deleted when new calls fill up the inbox. Youcanenable a Call Summary Menu with options to appear immediatelyaftera call. Search for recordings by contact, phone number, ornote.There are 3 default settings for automatic recording:Recordeverything (default) – This setting records all calls exceptforcontacts pre-selected to be ignored. Ignore everything –Thissetting records no calls except for contacts pre-selected toberecorded. Ignore contacts – This setting records all callswithpeople who are not contacts, except for contacts pre-selectedto berecorded. In the Pro version only: You can set callsfromparticular contacts to be automatically saved, and they willbesaved in the cloud. This app contains ads.
Voice Recorder 2.0.14
Splend Apps
Voice recorder - Audio recorder Voice Recorder isfree,full-featured, beautifully designed and easy to use audiorecordingapp for android. Our sound recorder provides highqualityrecordings without limits of time (only limited by memorysize).You can use it as a regular dictaphone for record voice notesandmemos, business meetings, interviews, lectures, speeches,concerts,sleep talking :) or anything else. This audio recorderworks wellon smartphones and tablets, with and without externalstorage. Morefeatures and details • 4 Different audio formats: MP3,high qualityPCM (wav), good quality AAC (m4a/mp4) and AMR (3gp) tosave space •Adjustable sample rate from phone quality (8 kHz) up toCD quality(44 kHz) • Changeable bitrate from 32 up to 320 kbps •Live audiospectrum analyzer • Recording in background even whenscreen is off• Customizable recordings folder • Selectable audiosource(microphones or phone call) NOTE: This app is not dedicatedcallrecorder and may not work properly on some devices. •Built-inuser-friendly media player like in a regular mp3 player •Send andshare via e-mail and other apps • Rename and delete yourrecordings• Set recording as ringtone, alarm or notification sound• Openwith option allows you to play and edit sounds in other apps•Control recorder and player from the status bar • BlinkingLEDnotification during recording and playing when screen is off(fordevices with notifiation LED) • Automatic stop when out ofmemory •Sorting recordings by date, name, size and duration •Saving soundsto android media library About Us • • Our PrivacyPolicy: • ContactUs: Follow Us •Twitter: •Facebook: •Google+:
Call Recorder Original 1.20
Tired of constant remembering the phone call conversations?Afraidof missing important things? The decision is right before you-Call Recorder Original. Why people use easy call recorderapps?It’s quite obvious, isn’t it? Some calls can take you bysurprise.No pen at hand, too much to remember… the reasons arenumerous, sothis auto call recorder is an easy and reliable app tohelp you insuch occasions. By the way we added an audio recorderfor free soyou may record your thoughts, tasks and important issueswithoutlimits! Record call and sound recorder allows to recall alltheforgotten memories or see through deceit! PERFECT SOUND QUALITYOFPHONE CALL RECORDER We try to make sound quality of phonecallrecord app clear as in the real time conversation. So youwon’tmiss anything that matters with the top rated call recorderand itsnew version 2017. Phone call recording let you replay therecordcall automatically as long as you need. Besides, now it'spossibleto set the maximum volume automatically to make the voicerecorderon call sound better and clearer! LOOK FOR A VOICERECORDER?HIGH-QUALITY AUDIO RECORDER IS HERE Your time is soprecious! Whyshould you waste it for writing? There is a betteralternative – adictaphone app to record voice notes and memos.Perfect solutionfor students and businessmen, for hard-workingpeople simply said,for everyone! This voice recorder is a notetaker that deservesyour trust because this audio recorder new savesyour memos notonly during call but when you are making them alone.Voicerecording app provides high quality recordings without limitsoftime. Intuitive design of audio call recorder allows to geteasyaccess to record, editing and other settings. SIMPLE CONTROLOFRECORD CALLS APP Automatic call recording has never beeneasierwith this latest version 2017. Minimalistic and functionalcontrolof your call recorder app for android is evident and clear.First,you choose people with whom you want to record calls fromyourandroid device with this call recorder both side. Second, youjustturn on the notification of call recorder manually and start tousephone call records unlimited times. Use this high qualitycallrecorder for recovery of your memory after each phoneconversation!Build-in audio recording app is useful for recordingnotes andthoughts. Listen to these voice recoder notes as manytimes as youwant! EASILY MANAGED PHONE CALLS RECORDINGS Callrecorder latestapp easily organize your calls records. They’resaved by callrecorder hide app in the folder you may chooseyourself. So then,you can see in the call recorder incoming andoutgoing callsseparately. Moreover, it's possible to sort them inthe callrecorder best app by time or by date. And, if necessary todeleteseveral records at once, don't hesitate to use this callrecorderoffline! PLEASE NOTE! Some people use call recorder as ahidden appduring call that’s why they look for call recorderwithout icon orcall recorder without beep. They use call recorderas a spysoftware to reveal and release secrets. We warn you that insomecountries record calls is illegal and you must get thepermissionfrom the caller! We hope, all our users are law-abidingcitizensand use our call recorder for android only for theirprivatepurposes. So let’s sum up Call Recorder Original features: -callrecorder asks every-time to tape a call - you can play, saveanddelete tracks of the call recorder unlimited times -chooseincoming/outgoing calls of call recorder lite - call recorderwithpassword and call recorder lock keeps your secrets - voicerecorderapp for android for those who appreciate their time By nowrecord aphone call isn't a problem! Сall Recorder Original keepsall yourmemories, important call content and saves them till thesuitablemoment. Download Call Recorder Original and turn your phoneinto avoice call recorder!
Timer Camera 10.10.67
Best Review:Alexandre GoisI dreamed of an application and foundthatthe same in my dream. couldenhance the picture taking functionwhenthere is noise and whenthere face? Since the camera hasfaceidentification sensor couldimplement this function.Greatapplication that takes picture when you want.You can by totake apicture at 3 am and see if you have ghost in yourhouse.TimerCamera is a fully featured and completely free Cameraapp forphones and tablets.(Some features may not be available onalldevices, as they may depend on hardware features, or theAndroidversion.)Features:* Timer option.* burst mode.* Optiontoauto-stabilize so your pictures are perfectly level no matterwhat(see example image shown above).* Zoom via multi-touch gestureandsingle-touch control.* Flash on/off/auto/torch.* Choice offocusmodes (including macro).* Touch to select focus and meteringarea.*Face detection option.* Choice of front/back camera.* Choosescenemodes, color effects, white balance and exposurecompensation.*Choice of camera and video resolution, and JPEG imagequality.Support for all resolutions offered by the camera. Alsosupport for4K UHD (3840x2160) video on some devices (experimental -may notwork on some devices!).* Video recording (with optionalaudio).*Burst mode, with configurable delay.* Option to silencetheshutter.* GUI works in any orientation without any pausewhenchanging orientation. Option to optimise for left andright-handedusers.* Configurable volume keys (to take picture,zoom, or changeexposure compensation).* Choice of save folder(though note Googlehave blocked write access to external SD cardsin Android 4.4, see ).* Configurable on-screendisplay showsbattery, time, remaining device memory, orientationand directionof camera; also option to overlay a choice of grids(including"rule of thirds").* Preview aspect ratio can be seteither tomaximise the preview display size, or match the aspectratio of thephoto/video resolution (so what you see is what isactuallyrecorded).* Optional GPS location tagging (geotagging) ofphotos,including compass direction (GPSImgDirection,GPSImgDirectionRef).*Support for external microphones (may not besupported by alldevices).* Instructions availablefrom* unlike most Androidapps.(Somefeatures may not be available on all devices, as they maydepend onhardware features, or the Android version.)Please contactme if youencounter any problems, or have any suggestions forimprovements -either email, or post at Location permissionis required for geotagging of photos,but this is disabled bydefault. If enabled, your location isencoded in the saved imagefiles (and it is only used for thispurpose).
AutoBoy Dash Cam - BlackBox 3.7.11
Black Boxes are a necessity these days. Have you hesitated to getablack box app for your phone because of the high prices?Nowavailable at Android Market, you can get the Autoboy Blackboxforfree. From now on, Autoboy will be your personal guardian forfree,with all the functionaliy that you can get from otherpaidapplications. Main function of Autoboy 1) Key Features -ContinousBackground Recorder (Continue recording as long as thebattery ischarged in background. - Three-Full Foreground (FullScreen, FullRecording, Full Files. Recording files' resolutiondoesn't get lowor doesn't create new ones in foreground recording)- Puase AndBackground (The world's first application of newtechnologiescontinue recording with the same form of backgroundrecording) 2)General Features - Support main theme (Windows8 Style,Round WorldStyle) - Provide various screen mode (length, width,reverselength, reverse width) - Support nine languages (Korean,English,Chinese, Japanese, Russian, German, Spanish, Dutch,Turkish) -Selectable internal / external memory - Easy backgroundchange(Easily can change into background mode for touching ordraggingthe main screen.) 3) Camera Features - Zoom - Focus - Flash- Soundon/off - Exposure set-up - Effect set-up - Scene modeselection -Grid line 4) Recording Features - Auto deleting recordfile(Automatically delete old ones and secure the memory whenneededmemory in recording) - Support video and photo at the sametime -Snapshot - SRT Subtitle (Event, time, GPS, address) -Recordingcycle set-up - Maximum capacity set-up - Video qualityset-up(Auto+User advanced setting) - User advanced setting invideo(Resolution, Encoder, Frame Rate, Bitrate, Audio Quality) 5)VideoAdministration Features - Recording files archive (Archivedfilesare excluded from automatic deleting) - Recording filesinformaton(Record time, File Size, Record Location, Resolution,RecordDirection, Storage Route) - Recording files share (Basicsharing inapp & Youtube upload) - Provide deleting the whole /selectedones. - Provide video player in 3 mode (Video mode,Video+Map mode,Map mode) - Provide snapshot player (Play videofiles and snapshotfiles together) 6) Snapshot AdministrationFeatures - Snapshotgallery - Provide snapshot folder for eachrecording files. -Provide snapshot viewer - Provide link betweensnapshot and videoplayer 7) Advanced Features - GPS Sensor - Smartcrash sensor -Auto start (Car Dock, Power Connection, BlueTooth,GPS) - Auto exit(Car Dock, Power Disconnection, BlueTooth, GPS) -Direct connectionwith phon gallery - Widget in main screen(Recording Start,Recording Exit, Video List, Set-up) - Backgroundpreview (ProvideSmall-size preview that you can see the navigationin backgroundmode or the screen with the other app) - LED Backlight(Let youknow that it's recording through LED flicking in backgroundmode) -Support the other app execute (For example it canexecutenavigation and music player together when you startrecording) 8)Backup & Youtube - Youtube backup (Support thebackup recordingfiles into my user account in Youtube in manual /automatic way) -Youtube player (Support player that can see user'svideo and myvideo in Youtube) - Youtube channel making (Supportchannel makingwith Youtube login) - Uploading subtitle files (Canupload subtitlefiles with recording files) - Youtube video list (Myvideos, User'svideo)
Daily Life : My diary 2.8.6
Daily inc.
Do you want to share your daily life sometimes? If so, shareyourdaily life in this diary. When you share your daily life, Thisappwill make someone love your daily life! Record your dailylife!Travel, Meeting, Distress, Happiness, Ideal, Dating, Memo,Notes,Unconscious, Love, Christmas, Happiness, etc. Record yourdailylife here and have fun! It's good to watch other people'sdailylife! Phrase, famous lines, sensibility, boyfriendgirlfriend,healing, puberty etc Empathize and communicate withvarious topicsof different diaries. We will guarantee the bigpleasure![FEATURES] 1. Attach multiple pictures 2. Search by dateswithcalendar 3. Password & pin code protection(SupportFingerprint) 4. Support for various font formats (Cutecursivefont) 5. Dairy alarm 6. Search entries 7. Hash Tag function-category trips, restaurants, distress, food, happiness,memories,dating, etc 8. A photo album of recorded pictures 9. Diarydatabackup function - Export/import daily life data to/fromyourprivate Google Drive 10. Diary share feature - Show tootheranonymous users through various categories such as bytime,sympathy, pictures, location 11. Leave comments on shareddailylives - Leave comments and communicate on shared daily lives12.Setting profile 13. Export your recorded daily life to othermedia14. Journals with special places (Include map features) 15.Supportdark theme 16. Attach music 17. Export to PDF feature (Onlyfree)This app supports all features of a diary. Try thisbeautifullydesigned diary right now for FREE! #diary #journal#empathy #distress #writing #photo diary #writer #anonymous#consultation#touching #alarm #warm #blog ※ We value your personaldata. In thecase of private posts, they are stored only on yourpersonal deviceand never stored elsewhere. [Selective accessauthorization] -Location: Used to add a special place to record myposts -Microphone: Use for recording voice to record my post
Automatic Call Recorder for Me
Apalon Apps
Call recorder is a simple no-frills app that allows recordingallphone conversations directly to your Android.Hearing isbelieving!Don’t hesitate to receive important calls in trafficjams. No needto memorize phone numbers and street addresses. Forgetabout pilesof papers while making notes or preparing your shoppinglist. Useauto call recorder to capture tender words from your lovedones.Howto record a phone call on your Android? The easiest way istochoose Automatic Call Recorder for Me - smart call recorderappwith a nice sleek design!KEY FEATURES:- Manual and autorecordingoptions- Share option to send your records wherever youwant asquick as a wink- PIN code protection for your recordedcalls-Automatic call recorder for incoming/outgoing and for callswithunknown numbers not included in your Contacts - Playbackthroughspeaker or earpiece on your phone- Auto sorting by date orbycontactSome extra goodies for you:- Tab Favorites forhigh-prioritycalls and convenient Search bar to save you timefinding thecontact you need at the moment. - Bookmarks to mark keypointswithin a call and add your notes.More impressive featuresarecoming soon...The simple setup, easy-to-use interface, andbasicplus custom choices to record phone calls will make thecallrecorder your indispensable go-to app.If you have any questionsorsuggestions on how we could make our product better, feel freetocontact us at [email protected]:
Audio Recorder 2.01.41
Mentioned in The New York Times “…how to record your ownpodcast”article for audiorecording: one of the 24 best apps for journalists in2018: the official Sony Audio Recorder application, which makesit easyto record and playback audio on your smartphone or tablet.Anintuitive recording interface makes it easy to record, pause,editaudio and more. In selected markets, we supportspeech-to-texttranscription via the Reportex service. Learn moreabout Reportexon This application usesanalytics softwareto collect and aggregate statistics. This datahelps us improvethis app and our services. None of this data can beused toidentify you.​
Voice recorder 1.26.284
voice recorder voice recorder, audio recorder The bestapplicationfor recording, HD quality Voice Recorder is a highquality voicerecording application, store your recordings as voicememos andshare them with your friends, this application uses thehighquality (8-41.1KHz sample rate) to give you the bestrecordingexperience. This app is simple UI, instant start and easyto use.Features: 1. HD Audio recording. 2. Simple user interface,instantstart. 3. All the required functionality is in one screenandwithin the user's click. 4. Supported operations in this Version-Recording with high quality. - Format file: mp3, ogg - Play,pause,stop audio file. - Send/Share your recording. - Deleteyourrecording right from the app. - Save the recording file. -liveaudio spectrum analyzer - mp3 encoding with adjustable samplerate(8-44 kHz) - recording in background (even when display is off)-microphone gain calibration tool -save/pause/resume/cancelrecording process control - easy to userecordings list -send/share a recording via email, sms, mms,facebook, whatsapp,dropbox, etc. - record by internal or externalmicrophone - notsupport call recorder - We are improve .wave format5. A timer tomonitor your recording time. If you have questions,please send mean email We will fix it for you. Thank you for usingthe [email protected]