Top 49 Games Similar to Girl Shopping Time

Beauty Makeup Tutorial
Makeup, dress up, this is every girl's daily work, andtheprincesses make an efforts in this regard, but some girlsarealways worried about this, because they can't make better.ThisBeauty Makeup Tutorial game can create a new incarnation foryou,it can help you have a better yourself . This is atutorialvaluable game, in this we will show you how to dress morebeautifuland you have fun by creating beautiful costumes for yourcharacter.Features: 1: Under the adviser 2: Choose your favoritecosmetics 3:Make a mask, apply BB cream and eyelashes 4: learn tochoose thecolor and design hairstyle 5: Choose the right clothes,jewelry,necklaces
The First Princess Salon and Spa 4.0.3
Does your girl like to be the most beautiful and hot princess intheparty? does she likes girly games,Does she likes a dancingdoll,dress up her,and makes her makeup and turns her like a beautyqueen?Does she dream of wearing her best dress and dance with hercharmprince? Does she likes to play doll.Than please check outourAmazing doll games for girls that Sofia tech brought you "thefirstprincess salon and spa". In this free makeup games for girls,yourlittle queen is invited to our beauty salon to help thisadorableprincess to make up and dress up for her party, prom orwedding!She will start in this free dress up games online with aspasection and Fix her hair up with different hair styles, puthermake up on, try out dozens of lip sticks, eye-shadows,mascaras,hair colors and much more. and help her to choose from ourhugelist of colorful dresses.
Top Model Dress Up - Fashion Salon 1.0.3
Want to dress like a top model? This app lets fashionistastraintheir taste with virtual clothes and gorgeous doll models.Createmany different outfits, make screenshots and share them withyourfriends! The game has 6 supermodel dolls, 25 hairstyles, andover150 clothing items: dresses, tops, skirts, jewelry,hats,accessories and more. Nothing is locked! Create an outfit foreachgirl: glam, fancy, classy, stylish or romantic. It's probablyyoursecret dream to be with superstars, famous actors andactresses,celebrities and top models on the red carpet. To become acelebrityand join the ranks of stars and supermodels, train youstyle andfashionista sense with creative makeovers for eachvirtualsuperstar character. We have more free mobile dressup gamesforgirls, teens and all the fashion crowd. Just follow the "MorebyGames For Girls" link, download and play our cosplay &beautyapps for free on your Android phone or tablet.
Cinderella Dress Up 1.1.9
Pick various clothing items for Cinderella in this new dressupgamefor girls. Everything is completely free, no purchases in thisgamewhatsoever!Cinderella is going to the ball where she willmeetPrince Charming. Before this important occasion she needsamakeover at a beauty salon for princesses, fairies and newbrides,and that's where your fashionista talent and fashion sensecome inhelpful! What other great way to become a fashion designeris therethan to play dress up games with princesses, fairies andgorgeousmodels just waiting for amazing makeovers and trendyoutfits?Choosethe various fancy dresses, tops and skirts, gloves,handbags,diadems and shoes for Cinderella! Prince Charming willfall in lovewith her and will ask to marry Cinderella. And thenthere will be aroyal wedding party where all the beautiful princesand princessesfrom all the kingdoms will be invited. Cinderellawill beabsolutely the best of all princesses in her wedding dressbecauseyou are a great fashion designer! Check out other dress upgamesfor girls by our studio! Join millions of cool girls intheirdressup and makeover addiction. We have dozens of beautysalon,fashion, dress up, makeover and fashionista games and girlapps,all of them free and without any in-app purchases.
Family Dress Up 1.0.4
If you like dress up girls games, you need to download this newandunique game where you can dress up 3 different families.Eachfamily has 4 characters: parents (mom, dad) and two kids (agirl(daughter) and a boy (son)). Dress them up for a shopping dayinthe city, for a weekend in a theme park or even for a vacation atasunny beach resort.Every family member has his or herowncategories of clothing items to put on. Mom's items:stylishhairstyles, dresses, tops, skirts, leggings, shoes,handbags;Dad'sitems: modern hairstyles, t-shirts, trousers, shorts,shoes, hats,accessories;Daughter's items: hair, tops, skirts,dresses, socks,shoes, girl toys (dolls, stuffed teddy bear andother toys);Son'sitems: hair, trousers, shorts, t-shirts, socks,shoes, boy toys(toy car, airplane, robot and others).Just like inall other gamesby our studio, everything is free. There are noin-app purchases!Train your fashion designer skills by creatingoutfits for thewhole family! Create cool outfits for mommy anddaddy and for thebrother and sister, all on the same screen.If youlike dressupgames with two or more dolls to make oversimultaneously, checkother free games of ours: "Couple Dress Up","BFF Dress Up" and"Pajama Party". To find them, follow the "More byGames For Girls"link!
Prom Night Dress Up 1.1.12
High school is over, and prom night is ahead! 6 girl friendsaregoing to the prom. Which of them will become the new promqueen?Each girl is gorgeous and has an incredible fashion taste.Pick thebest trendy dresses and other fancy items for the girls! Inthismakeover / dress up game for girls and fashionistas there areover200 clothing items, all available completely free withoutanyannoying locks or in-app purchases. Actually, none of ourdressgames for girls ever demand real money! That's why weproudlybelieve that our girl games are simply the best on AndroidandGoogle Play! We checked, nowhere else will you find suchanabundance of clothes at exactly zero cost and zero nagging. Ifyoulike this friendly approach, be sure to check out ourotherfashionista games for girls on other topics. In this newmakeovergame for girls you can browse between the followingcategories ofitems: dresses, skirts, tops, hats, shoes, capes,gloves,necklaces, flowers, handbags, and of course hairstyles.These youngbeauties have dreamed of the prom and now it's theirtime to looklike gorgeous princesses. Play "Prom Night Dress Up"free, dress upeach highschool student in unique outfits, make aphoto of the promprincess and share it with your friends!
Mall Girl Dress Up Game
Pinkie Pop
Everyone loves shopping, especiallygirls!Enterone of the trendiest dress up games and visit the mallwithabeautiful fashionista. She can't wait to play dress up withyou!Forgirls, shopping is like therapy: a new fashion item canmakeyou feelwonderful.The best place to look for a stylish dress, jewelry, shoesorpursesis the mall. Join our beautiful fashionista at the mallandtake hershopping in one of the most amazing fashion gamesforgirls!This shopaholic wants to change her look, so try thelatestfashiontrends with her. This is one of those dress up gameswhereyoucan’t get bored, because there are so many styles totry.We know that girls put a lot of work into their everydayoutfits,sowe have a special shop for that. Visit the casual fashionstoreandtry on amazing dress up items. Create outfits that arecuteandcomfy! If you are an active girl, you will enjoy thesportydressup level. All of the clothes in that level are designedtomake ourfashionista look stunning while she's working out!Boho fashion has been taking over the mall lately and allthegirlsare going crazy over this fashion trend. Experiment withagirlyand chill look at the boho shop. Everyone loves goingtofancyevents, but most girls spend hours staring at theirclosetsand notknowing what to wear. If this happens to you, browsethroughall ofthe glamorous dresses in the elegant store.Mall Girl Dress Up Game features:🎀 a gorgeous shopaholic fashionista🎀 4 game levels with different fashion styles: casual,sporty,bohoand elegant🎀 40 stylish hairstyles, 64 dresses, 40 pairs of shoes,40fabulouspurses and 40 necklaces🎀 free dress up game for girls🎀 play anytime, anywhere with no internetYour fashion adventure begins with just one tap! Enter thisdressupgame and join our lovely girl on a shopping spree thatyouwillnever forget!
Anime Couples Dress Up Game 1.0.5
Choose one of the 4 cute couples with different skin color anddressthem up! You can dress up both the girl and the guy on thesamescreen. There are over 250 items in the game (all free!), ofwhich150 are for the girl and 100 for the boy to wear. Design thebestoutfit for each couple, make a screenshot and share it withyourfriends! Make the lovers look adorable on their romantic date!Theyhad a crush on each other in high school, and they are stillin loveafter graduation. They will have a wedding soon! It will beso muchfun to pick a wedding dress and all those importantaccessorieswhich comprise a fancy bridal outfit. In her diary thegirl alreadydreams about the wedding party, the honeymoon (with aromantic worldtour!) and the future marriage life. Love dress up /makeover gameswith anime graphics, romance, kawaii Japanese girlsand chibiprincesses? Check out new similar games from our studioby followingthe link "More by Games For Girls": "Anime DressUp","Couple DressUp", "Anime Date Makeover" and more. All our gamesare completelyfree, with no locks, timers or in-app purchases.
Winter Dress Up Game For Girls 1.0.2
Winter season, snow and cold don't mean you have to stay athome.For the fashionista girls in our new winter dressup game thecoldmonths are a great opportunity to buy new winter outfits and gotoan ultra-modern mountain ski resort for theChristmasholidays.Active recreation requires skis, snowboards,skates andlast but not least, a company of best girl friends! Youcan dressup 6 girls in this game. Each girl has her ownappearance,character and interests. There are also 4 differentbackgrounds inthe app: steep ski tracks, a skating park, a cozycottage where thegirls can have a cup of hot tea or coffee and anice chat. Thewhole game is free, there are no in-app purchases orany lockedcontent! Train your fashion sense and clothing designertalentswith winter outfits in this amazing new dress up gameforfashionistas of all ages. Come up with new ideas on how to dressupduring winter time!We've got dozens of other dress up girlsgameson various topics. To download them all free, follow the "MorebyGames For Girls" link!
Anime Dress Up - Games For Girls 1.1.6
Hey, little fashionistas! Are you a Manga, Anime and Japanesepopculture fan? If so, the new Anime Dress Up is the game for you!Inthis virtual beauty / makeover game, you get to stylebeautifulgirls! There are 6 cute girls, 4 backgrounds and 250clothing itemsto choose from! There are no in-app purchases in thegame,everything is free! Anime Dressup is one of the free dressupgameson Google Playstore, that gives you the chance to dress themallup. All you've got to do is bring out the fashionista in you!Startdressing up animatronic dolls as you wish! We admire mangaculture,especially the kawaii highschool girl look. You may dressup aschoolgirl in high heels, the traditional short-skirted highschoollooks, chibi princess, or the Japanese sailor suits thatgirlslove! Every girl loves dress up games and makeovers. It's acutegame that you'll enjoy playing in your free time. You'll lovetheawesome anime graphics, and the trendy and fashionable outfits!Itis like you are in a salon with lots of trendy, fancy, highfashiondresses and accessories. There are millions ofpossiblecombinations that will allow for seemingly endless fun!AnimeDressup Features: * No in-app purchases! You can't spend anyrealmoney here! * Awesome Hairstyles * Cutest Kawaii girls ever! *Nicecollection of dresses, pants, shorts, skirts, adorable petsandmore! * Several backgrounds to choose from * Over 250 ofitems,millions of combinations Download this game and start yourfabulousmakeover now! Check "More by Games For Girls" to downloadand playmore girl games free!
Fashion Girl - Dress Up Game FREE.1.6
There’s a difference between fashion and style: Fashions comeandgo. Style is who you are! A true fashionista uses stylishclothesto create her own look. Because having her own personalstyle ismore powerful than simply dressing up in the latest clothesfromtop designers! How to play: Select a girl by tapping on hername.Apply spa treatments using face masks made from thepurestingredients. Trim her eyebrows to give them a neat shape andusethe face humidifier to soften her skin. Fashion girls loveputtingon makeup and jewelry. That’s what you’ll do next in themakeupsalon. Look at all the wonderful, colorful cosmetics wehave!Lipsticks ranging from hot pink to matte red, and face paintsthatinclude rhinestones, you’re sure to choose the prettiest lookforher! Then feel free to browse through her collection ofcuteclothes. Fashion girls love to accessorize, so remember tochoose apurse, coat, sunglasses and tights as you dress her up.GameFeatures: - Three fashionable levels: Spa, Makeup and Dress Up-Lots of cute clothing and accessories in the dress up section -Mixand match to create your own personal style! By downloadingthisapp you will be able to use some of the items for free.However, ifyou wish to use all of the items, you may purchase thefullversion.
Gothic Dress Up 1.0.7
Design outfits for 6 Goth girls, but don't be offended if theydon'tsmile. They are Goth girls and Goths don't smile! Justkidding.Anyway, Goths do enjoy black clothes and dramatic make-up,andusually look sad and serious! The Gothic style in this dress-upgameis both dark and very dramatic, but with a touch of glamor.Justcheck the gorgeous sophisticated clothes in this game, whichrangefrom the black and tartan mini skirts to the Edwardianblouses! Inaddition to dark make-up these fallen angels and gothiclolitas haveimpressive wings! Gothic style is inspired byVictorian fashion andmostly has dark colors, usually black andsometimes red. Gothculture expresses sadness, bad luck and doom.But the clothes andthe hairstyles can be glamorous and fancy. Ifyou combine Gothicawith Lolita style, you may get Gothloli, whichhas the sweetness ofLolita and the drama and the love of black.Choose from many optionsof skirts, tops, intricate accessories andmuch more to give theseteenage girls a gothic, sophisticated look!200 items to choosefrom, that's an incredible variety. Moreover,all of that comescompletely free, without any in-app purchases,locks, timers orother annoying garbage. All our dress up games forgirls andteenagers are completely free. Check "More by Games ForGirls" todownload and play our new Android dressup girl gamesabout fashion.
Cinderella Fashion Salon - Makeup & Dress Up 2.1.3967
Kiwi Go
The poor girl Cinderella is bullied by her step mother andsisters.She doesn’t have beautiful clothes and makeup for the royalball.Can you help her dress amazing to meet her Prince Charming? Doamagic to turn the pumpkin to a carriage and turn the micetoattendants. Choose delicate makeup and gorgeous dress. Ofcourse,she needs a pair of glass slippers to draw the prince’sattention!Features: ❤ Amazing visuals to take you to magic world ❤Tons offashionable makeup to choose from ❤ Glaring glass slippersjust asin the fairy tale ❤ Turn the ordinary girl into a gorgeouslady ❤Dance with Prince charming and be his forever love ❤ Shareyourbeautiful Cinderella with friends via social media Cinderellaiswaiting for you to do makeup for her! Come to do the bestmakeupfor her!
High School Dress Up For Girls 1.0.9
The cute girls in this new dress up game are very popular intheirhighschool not only because they (usually) have good gradesbutalso for their beauty and impeccable fashion tastes. Theiruniformslook really cool and they pay great attention when choosingtheirhigh school uniforms, shirts, skirts and accessories. Play"HighSchool Dress Up" game for free and rummage through thehugeinventory these fashionista girls have in their wardrobes. Turntheboring student's uniform into something chic and fancy, justgreatto attract attention on the hallways. That's why these girlshave alot of friends and are always invited to parties. There are240+items in the game, with 14 categories, including scarves,belts,leggings, tunics, jackets and glasses. All of that isavailable forfree, there are no in-app purchases. Girls who lovedressup andmakeover games can download and play other games by ourstudio ontheir Android phones and tablets completely free. We'vegot "SchoolDress Up", "Anime School Dress Up" on the school andcollegetopics, but also dozens other girl games for any taste!
Dress up: Dove Wedding Bride 1.0.2
Dress up Dove Wedding Bride is a surprise dress up gamewithbeautiful gowns, hairstyles and accessories to create themoststunning bride ever seen! Get ready to conquer the world offashionweddings by completing Achievements and collect perfectoutfits inthe Gallery. Can you score a perfect 5 star on a BrideDress up?Unbox the wedding dress and choose from a ton of optionsto strikea perfect score and become a wedding fashionista! Dressup: DoveWedding Bride features: - our beautiful doll, Dove - 80+brandinspired wedding fashion items - 10 Achievements to proveyourexperience - bride outfit Gallery - star based score foryourwedding dress up - bride Save feature for social sharing withyourgirls - intuitive gameplay - realistic, beautiful graphics -fullyresponsive dress up and landscape for the best dress upexperience- FREE and SAFE for kids If you like our game for girls,help morefriends discover it by sharing, rating and reviewing it!We'd loveto hear your thoughts at :) Thank youforplaying our dress up game for girls! Come back for new dressupgames!
Princess Dress Up 3 1.0.1
This new princess dress up game for Android offers you ahugeselection of items (200+) without any in-app purchases,locks,timers and similar annoying stuff. The whole game is truly,reallyand completely free.Pick one of the princess girls (each girlhas adifferent skin tone), and then rummage through their hugewardrobefull of dresses, tops, skirts, gloves, diadems, handbagsand otherclothing items. To finish the makeover, don't forget toselect ahairstyle as well. When you're happy with your outfit fortheselected princess, tap the "Camera" button to save ascreenshotinto your Gallery - you can share it with your friends toshow offyour fashionista talent!We've got a huge collection oftruly freedress up games for all the fashion- and dressup-addictedgirls outthere. Just tap the "More by Games For Girls" link to seethe fulllist.60851458b5
Indian Doll Makeup And Dressup 16.0
Ginchu Games
Indian doll makeup and dress up is very traditional game forallgirls.Learn how to present in indian costume and wear anethnicmake up.Help to Indian doll girl to look beauty with newfashionstylist.Every indian princess doll want to look like bridalfashiongirls in her own indian theme wedding.Help indian doll tolookgorgeous with unique hairstyle and makeup using indian girlsalonview in the game.Multiple views to get engaged in game.Features: 👸Apply spa and make her face glow👸 Learn all shades ofmakeup inindian style👸 Try some new indian hairstyles on indiandoll👸 Openwardrobe of indian traditional saree & choli👸 Share abeautifulpicture.👸 Voting view is to get best indian dressed bride.
Office Dress Up 1.0.9
This new dressup game is about work clothes a professionalwomanwould wear in an office at her day job. Business clothingstyle isusually pretty conservative, especially in accounting andfinance,but can be more relaxed ("business casual") in places likeIT orthe games industry. Business style reflects the new empoweredroleof women in the modern world. But business looks don'trequiresacrifice of beauty or style! If you like dress up andmakeovergames for girls, give it a try as a stylist and fashiondesignerfor adult women who work in an office. They arebeautiful,successful and have a busy schedule because they aremaking acareer in a large company. But their wardrobe is impeccableandthey are fashionistas in their soul. Business styleincludesskirts, trousers, shirts, jackets, dresses, shoes and otheritems.Also choose hairstyles, fancy handbags, jewelry andtrendyaccessories to dress up these virtual dolls. All of the itemsinthe game are available for free, nothing is locked! Designtheoutfits for the girls according to the company's dress code!Agreat makeover will make the professional woman stand out amonghercolleagues, make her more confident and rise her spirits. Freegirlgames is what we like the most, so we have tons of otherdressup /makeover games for all young fashionistas!
Ballerina Magazine Dress Up 1.3
Have you always dreamed of being a ballerina? It's your momenttoshine along with our adorable ballet dancers. Enter one of themostbeautiful dress up games for girls and let your dreamscometrue!Ballerinas are graceful and they dance so effortlessly!Ourgirls love fashion just as much as ballet. Reveal everythingourdress up game has to offer. Explore the colorful clothingitems,accessories, decorations and use them to create the bestballerinamagazine cover!Spend as much time as you want playingdress up,finding the perfect outfit will take a while. Accessorizea prettytutu dress with a necklace and give each girl a stylishtouch witha gorgeous hairstyle, or combine some trendy tights witha blouse.Try everything out until you make each ballerinalookstunning!After dress up, you will be in charge of the photoshoot.Decorate the room and make the girls look even more wonderfulonthe magazine. Create as many looks and magazines youwish!BallerinaMagazine Dress Up game features:🌟 5 ballerinas toplay with🌟 3 gamelevels with cute and girly graphics for each gamecharacter🌟 over170 dress up items and accessories🌟 lovelydecoration options formagazine and room🌟 entertaining game forlittle girls🌟 free, playwith no wifi Ladies, don't miss the changeto learn how to dress uplike a ballerina! Get now this amazing gamefor girls and you'llnever get bored of playing with our ballerinas!
❤ Vacation Summer Dress Up ❤ 1.1.3
Six girl friends spend their summer vacation / holidaystogether.They travel, sunbathe, swim in the sea and visit coolplaces. Theseyoung fashionistas also love to go shopping and buyall kinds ofdresses and other clothes in foreign countries to showoff backhome. These amazing girls are the coolest and the mostbeautifulladies in their town! Just have a look at the niceselection ofgorgeous dresses, hats, handbags and shoes they'vebought! In themorning they usually have a cup of coffee in somecozy little cafe.Dress the girls up in their new summer dresses orskirts! Afterthat they go swimming. Pick a swimming suit and apareo for theoccasion! Hair got wet and all messed up - time for anew hairstyleand a walk across Old Town, to boutiques and fashionclothingshops. In this dressup game about summer holidays /vacation youcan even set the tan level of the skin. The longergirls spendtheir time in the open sun, the darker their skin gets.Everyoneloves summer, vacation and beautiful sea beach resorts! Aholidayis especially fun if your cool girl friends are with you!All ourdress up games are completely free and offer no in-apppurchases."Vacation Summer" has as many as 225 items (18categories) tochoose from, all free. We bet you'll hardly find anydress up gamesfor girls with such variety and friendliness toplayers. Follow the"More by Games For Girls" link to download evenmore similarmakeover games by our studio on other topics!
Princess Prom Night - Dress Up 1.6
Beauty Girls
In your world famous spa, girls turn from ordinary to fabulouswitha snap of your talented fingers. There's a reason that you arethemost highly rate salon among ladies worldwide! Use yourmakeoverskills to turn each girl into a picture perfect princess!Carefullyselect the right spa tools, makeup, and clothes to makeeach girl'sfairy tale dreams come true. Will you doll them up likesuperstars?Or will you dress them like fairy tale princesses? It'severygirl's fantasy to get an appointment with you so don'tdisappoint!The options are endless! Be creative! Make them shine!ProductFeatures: Fun salon makeover game with fairy tale andfantasythemed outfits. Different girls to give a picture perfectmakeover.Tons of fashionable options to choose from. Many differentmakeupstyles to use. Pretty accessories and jewelry to accent eachgirl.Beautiful hairstyles from updo's to long curls. Gorgeous gownsandoutfits to dress them up. How to Play: Use interactivetouchcontrols to make your selections. Choose a girl to makeover.Dressup each girl in cute outfits and accessories. Do their makeupandhair to match their outfits. Come visit our:Website:
Mermaid Dress up for Girls 1.2.0
A free dress up girls game: dress up your Mermaid! If you are agirlwho's into dress up games and dreams of becoming a fashiondesigner,here is your chance to run a fashion & beauty salonfor littleand cute mermaid princesses! Pick 4 colorful underwaterbackgroundsand any of the 4 Mermaids waiting for makeovers. Choosea tail fromdozens with various colors, patterns and shapes:bright, pastel,stylish and glamorous! Pick the top from a hugelist: short tops,medium and long ones. Create your own personalfashionista style!Lots of hairstyles and hair colors to choosefrom! How shouldMermaid look: delicate, classy, fancy, trendy,cool, glamorous? Youcan even dress a Mermaid bride for a weddingin one of the chicwhite wedding dresses! Tons of accessories toround up the outfit:diadems, bracelets, jewelry, tridents,flowers, handbags, and evencute underwater pet animals withmagical powers. Make your Mermaidinto little princess of theunderwater world, the most gorgeous ofall the princesses and magicfairies! Over 250 items are availablewith millions of possibleoutfits. All of that is free! There are noin-app purchases in thegame. Play this dress up game for girlscompletely free. Alsodownload other dressup apps and makeover gamesby our studio byfollowing the "More by Games For Girls" link. Wepublish new girlsgames all time, so be sure to check often!
Tris Fashionista Dress up Game 1.4.1
Tris Fashionista Dolly game is a new type of dynamic dress upthatprovides more fun than ever before! Dolly Tris is trulyafashionista and she gets a lot of fashion mystery boxes everydayas gifts! Are you excited? Open the boxes and combine thecoolestoutfit with only 4 choices at a time! Tris Fashionista DollyDressUp features: - the most glamorous fashionista doll, our Tris;-tons of misterious gifts to be unboxed and dressed up out of;-lots of clothes, shoes, jewelery and hairstyles to be discovered;-the coolest, most fashionable, brands inspired combinationsofoutfits for girls; - a photo feature to save your favoriteoutfits;- very intuitive dress up gameplay; - endless replayposibility; -beautiful girl games graphics and animations; - simpleand SAFE forkids; If you like our game for girls, help more friendsdiscover itby sharing, rating and reviewing it! We'd love to hearyourthoughts at :) Thank you for playing ourdressup game for girls! Come back every week for new games!
Shopping Mall Shopaholic Girls 1.1.18
Let’s help this shopaholic girl. She needs to dress up and doherglitter makeup. Go to the shopping mall and get the sweetfashionoutfits and jewelry for the girls. Sparkle for the cameraand be asuperstar! Shopaholic girls are always in the shoppingmall, andthat’s exactly what you do here around black Friday. Findthe bestsweet fashion outfits for this girl game and use the cashregisterto pay for a special sale price. Find dresses, sunglasses,pants,skirts, shoes, bags and many more sparkling accessories!Dress upwith the most beautiful dresses or sweet fashion outfitsandcleanup your body for new makeup. Put on glitter makeup in frontofthe mirror and finish the makeup. You will sparkle as asuperstar!Features: ⬪ Travel through the shopping mall around blackFriday ⬪Help shopaholic girls with their dream look ⬪ Be thepersonalstylist of our little girl ⬪ Get sweet fashion outfits forthisgirl game ⬪ Dress up as a superstar ⬪ Cleanup your body fornewmakeup trends ⬪ Put on glitter makeup and sparkle in front ofthemirror ⬪ Explore the complete shopping mall and return home ⬪Paywith the cash register in the store for special sale prices⬪Become one of the shopaholic girls ⬪ Best makeup game for girls⬪Realistic fashion outfits ⬪ Black Friday super sale levels
Trendy Fashion Styles Dress Up
Are you ready for some fun with fashion? Join the beautiful dollsinan awesome dress up game for girls and become their guide intheamazing world of fashion! The two dolls want to try newfashionstyles and they could use some expert advice. Enter one ofthe moststylish dress up games and be amazed by all of the options!Thewardrobes are filled with sparkly dresses, cute blouses,pants,skirts and many more. Our dress up game for girls offers 4mainfashion styles: kawaii, punk, girly and tomboy. Experimentwitheach fashion style and create amazing looks for the dolls.Fashiongames are the best girl games! Discover sweet kawaii clothesandcolorful hairstyles, or try a punk look with a little blackdress.We believe that there are no wrong choices when it comestofashion. Pick whatever you like in one of the most creativegamesfor girls! Find out what looks best on each doll and create asmanylooks as you wish! Trendy Fashion Styles Dress Up gamefeatures: 👗two dolls which you can dress up - Cindy and Evie 👗 4dress uplevels 👗 4 completely different fashion styles 👗 192clothing itemsand accessories 👗 play offline, with no internet 👗free dress upapp What are you waiting for? Download Trendy FashionStyles DressUp app now and get ready to show off your fashionskills. It's theperfect app for you if you like fashion and dressup!
Tailor Boutique Clothes Shop 1.0.4
Cooking Club
Ice Princess wants to looks gorgeous in this winter. She wantstoyou to stitch a memorable dress for her and fill her closetwithlots of stuff so that she can enjoy number of events suchaswedding, party, Valentine’s Day, Night Gown, etc. Help her inthismess and sew amazing dress ups for her. You can purchase clothsandother laces and buttons from the nearest supermarket of yourtown.Pick up the car and go to shop with your shopping list. Checktheitems that you have put in your shopping cart. The shoppingmallgirl will help you to complete your shopping list. Once youhavedone, go the pro cashier to cash register your items. Makethebills and take the receipt and come back to your home. Cut apieceof cloth and mark it with tailor’s chalk. Cut it withscissorsaccording to the required size. Stitching machine is readytostitch it. Yes it is as simple as one two three done. You canmakegorgeous dress up for icy queen in your tailor designershop.Wedding dress for bridal can also be prepared. Snowy princessisconsciously waiting for your phone call. Make a wonderful dressforwinter season and beautiful snowfall. Decorate it as beautifulasyou can do. It will not take lot of efforts but very little.Tailoris a most favorite person by girls and women especially astheymake beautiful clothes for them. So be a star girl for everyoneandshow your best efforts in designing awesome clothes.Play thebestever tailor designer games for girls and learn sewing inanefficient way. Play our other casual and educational games forkidsas well and must give your feedback. Good luck!
Dress up Game: Sery Runway 1.5
NEW Runway Dress up UPDATE - You can now refresh the gift boxestoget more control over the outfit - You can unlock new dressupitems by coming back every 6 hours - We added some newchicaccesories for you to dress up Sery with and go on the runwaylikea queen! ------------- Dress up UPDATE - You can now makeawesomeAchievements based on your dress up experience! - Fashionoutfitsnow have Star Ratings! Make a 5 star dress up to rule thefashionworld! - Your dress ups are now saved in the fashion Galleryso youcan review them over and over again. - Also, now you canShare yourcreations with all your Facebook friends! -------------Best dressup dynamic, new approach on dolly dress up and awesomefashionclothes for a runway model! Get it now FREE! With only 4choice ata time, based on your luck and fashion skill, dress up abeautifuldoll for her runway presentation and share your creationwithfriends! Dress up game: Sery Runway features: - our beautifuldollymodel, Sery; - 80+ brand inspired dress up items for girls; -5achievements to complete - doll outfit gallery - star basedratingfor your girl dress ups - unlimited outfit combinations -outfitSave feature for social sharing with your girls; - directFacebookshare feature - intuitive gameplay; - awesome graphics; -fullyresponsive: portrait or lanscape for the best dress upexperience;- FREE and SAFE also for little girls! If you like ourgame forgirls, help more friends discover it by sharing, ratingandreviewing it! We'd love to hear your thoughts Thank you for playing our dress up game forgirls! Come backevery week for new dress up games!
Dress up - Games for Girls 1.3.1
In this fashion and beauty salon game for fashionista girlsyoudress up 12 princesses in fancy outfits. The game iscompletelyfree. No purchases in this princess dress up gamewhatsoever! Ifyou're addicted to dress up games, come see thesegorgeousprincesses who are just waiting for amazing makeovers andnewwonderful dressups! How should these princesses look:trendy,fancy, stylish, royal, casual? Use your fashion sense andyourinternal fashionista talent to create the best outfit foreachprincess girl. Choose hairstyle, dress, gloves, shoes, wings,andother accessories for your princess girls. This game letsyoungfashionistas develop their taste and fashion designer skills.Weknow that girls just love dressup and makeover games, sowe'vecreated a lot more dress up games for girls of all agesondifferent topics! Check out our fashionista games withprincesses,fairies, brides and much more by following the "More byGames ForGirls" link! More free girl games and new makeover salonappsawait!
Anime Wedding Dress Up 1.0.2
This is a new dressup game for girls who love anime graphicsstyleand manga culture. Pick any of the 6 cute and young Japanesebridesand dress them up in the finest and the most beautifuldresses ontheir wedding day! 200 items to choose from here: diademsandcrowns, wedding dresses, skirts and tops, necklaces, veils,gloves,shoes, handbags, flowers and even cute little petanimals!Everything is completely free in this game, nothing islocked,there are no in-app purchases or other annoyances typical inotherdress up games for Android you may have played before.Everygirldreams of her wedding because it's the day when she is thecenterof everyone's attention in her bridal outfit and she lookslike abeautiful princess. These kawaii anime girls have dreamed oftheirmarriage, too, and now it's time for each girl to dress upproperlyand become the princess of the day!We have several otherdressupgames for anime and manga lovers: "Anime Dress Up", "MangaDressUp" and "Anime School". Also, we have other games aboutmarriageand bridal outfits: "Wedding" and "Princess Wedding".That's a lotof games, and they are all free, with no in-apppurchases. Justfollow the link "More by Games For Girls" on thisapp's Google Playstore listing.
Actress Dress Up - Covet Fashion 1.0.3
Are you interested in celebrity fashion and the glam world offamoussuperstars, cinema directors, hot models and movieactresses? Inthis makeover game you can fantasize about being aHollywood starwhile dressing girls up. The whole game is free,there are no locks,no hidden payments or other annoying stuff. 6dolls of differentraces to choose from, 8 backgrounds and over 160unique clothingitems. Enough to create millions of outfits. Whenyou're satisfiedwith your design, press the Camera button in thetop-right corner tomake a screenshot, and then share it with yourfriends or just keepit on your phone as a trophy. Types of itemsin the game:hairstyles, dresses, tops and skirts, statuettes tohold in thehand, shoes, handbags and jewelry. Awake the innerfashionista inyou and start styling to train your creativity. Givethese virtualcelebrities fancy makeovers in a trendy supermodeland superstarsalon. Each of these fashionistas has her owncharacter and style.Be the fashion designer for each doll and puttogether a greatoutfit for each girl. We've got more cosplay andbeauty games forfashion-savvy women and girls, and all of them arefree. E.g. "TopModel", "Model Wedding", "Red Carpet" and more newgames coming outregularly. Just check "More by Games For Girls",download all ourdressup apps for free to your Android phone ortablet, and get busydressing up.
Glam Doll - Fashion Designer 1.1
Your fashion sense is always getting you noticed at school, andyourfriends think it’s high time that you show off your skillsandfashion ideas as a famous fashion designer.You’ve landed the gigofa lifetime as a glam doll fashion designer. You’re gettingthechance to show off your passion for fashion with your veryowndress collection for an upcoming fashion show. Supermodelsandcelebrities are going to be wearing your dress designs onstage,and you’ll get full credit as the designer. How to Play:• Youlovefashion more than everyone else, and always are doodlingsomedesign or another• You’ve finally gotten noticed by thefashionworld and are making your glam doll fashion designer debut•Youneed to design an amazing dress collection for the fashionshow•Create a wide variety of dresses and gowns that will showcaseyourunique fashion style• Supermodels and celebrities will beyourmodels, so make sure that they look good so you look good• Bereadyto take a bow when the crowd loves your workA famous dressdesignercan go far in the fashion world, especially when famousbeautifulwomen love your designs. Download now to get your creativejuicesflowing with the fashionable dress you’ll create for youradoringfans.We want to hear your voice!Watch our awesome videos onourYouTubechannel! Twitter: more about Salon™onofficial website:
Anime Date Dress Up Girls Game 1.0.2
A cute girl had a crush on a handsome guy and is going out on adatewith him tonight. What to wear, what to wear... Help thisyoungbeauty out! Rummage through her huge wardrobe, with dresses,tops,skirts and other categories of clothing items to assemble thebestpossible outfit out of millions! Almost 250 items and 6 kawaiigirlswith different skin colors are there to choose from, all ofthemfree, without any ridiculous locks, timers or in-apppurchases.Willthey make a great couple? What will she write in herromantic diaryafter the date? How long with the love and romancelast? Much ofthat depends on what impression she makes on the guy.She has totake care of every little detail in the outfit, and useher fashionsense and style to the maximum. Can you help thesegirls in gettingreally amazing makeovers?For all the anime andmanga lovers we'vegot dozens more dressup / makeover games on allpossible topics:"Anime Wedding", "Anime Couples", "Manga DressUp", "Chibi Princess"and more! Download and play free of charge!Just tap "More by GamesFor Girls" to see the huge list of newgirls games we have for you.
Pajama Party Dress Up 1.0.3
This free dress up game lets girls feel the amazing atmosphere ofacool pajama party with your best girl friends. What could bemorecomfortable and cozy than to get into soft big armchair or acouch,wearing pajamas and having some sweets with cup of teaorcoffee.Join the party! Girls will choose cool outfits forthepajama party in this dressup game!There are tons of items(over220) to pick: pajamas, t-shirts, shorts, pants, dresses andlastbut not least, slippers and warm socks :) Nothing is locked!Youcandress up both girl friends simultaneously! Make sure theiroutfitslook great together.A pajama party with your BFF (bestfriendsforever) means being yourself, in a natural and simple way,but onestill needs to prepare. Girls will make cool hairstyles andpickfancy pajamas and other accessories. All of that you can putonyour dolls in this amazing dress up game for girls completelyfree.For the cozy feel, place some pillows and plush toys around.Wheneverything is ready, have a nice chat with your BFF. Youcouldorder pizza, play some games, text your friends, comment onthelatest news on Facebook, look through fashion magazines orjustgossip about mutual friends and schoolmates. Just download andplaythis new and great makeover game on your Android for free.Dress upgirls games are a great way to train your fashion sense.Ourfashionista games are completely and truly free, withridiculouslyhuge amounts of items to choose from. Just downloadthem all onyour Android phone or tablet and enjoy!
Anime - Japan Princess Dressup 1
FCat Games
Do you like anime manga and want to become a mangaka? Youalwayswant to be part of this fantastic world? So, this gameisdefinitely for you! Try it and become a own stylist formahoushoujo, make awesome make up and choose original clothes! Youhaveto create the most original style for the fairy princess andmakethe girl a beauty queen!Lets start with original outfit. Lookintothe princess wardrobe and find cute and fashionable clothesinanime style. At your disposal will be many kinds of dresses,schooluniform, colored blouses and skirts. Make girl most beautiestwithstylish headwears, tights and awesome shoes. But that is notall!Give freedom to your fashion passion and give the girl aoriginalitems synthesizer or microphone!It seems that it's timeforincredible anime makeup for the shoujo! Use awesome cosmeticandshow your makeup artist talent! Apply colored lipstic, blushesandeye shadows, change brows shape skin tone and eyes color!Choosepretty hairstyles for the fairy princess and try originalfacedecor! Well it's alomost over exep one thing! You forgotaboutaccessories and jewelries. Choose pretty earrings,necklaces,baracelets and crow for the anime girl! Now the princessis readyfor the fantastic adventures and you are became a beststylist andmakeup artist!***Features ***Plunge into fantasticworldCreateawesome look for the girlUse brand cosmeticsDressupprincess inanime style!Play with makeup colorMake incrediblehaircutsUsestylish accessories and jewelriesTake a photo of thegirl for thefashion magazine in photo modeTry best bacgroundscollectionDo youlike dressup and makeup games for fashionable kids?Play free andchoose accessories for the fantastic mermaid, preparesweet girlfor the first date and the first kiss with brave prince,makewedding makeover and become a stylish bride!You have anyquestions?We will be glad to see them on onTwitter: materials in the gamearethe product of our artists' imagination. Any resemblance toothercharacters, artworks, and other graphical materials ispurelycoincidental. All rights belong to their actual authors.
Toddler Dress Up - Girls Games 1.0.2
Adorable toddlers await in this new dress up games for girls!3girls and 3 boys of different skin colors, 200+ items of babyandtoddler clothes, 4 backgrounds - all of that completelyfree,without any in-app purchases.Free your clothing designertalent andassemble amazing costumes and outfits in baby &toddlerfashion. Make a screenshot of your girl or boy with "Camera"buttonand share the pictures with your friends.All dressup gamesforgirls and kids developed by our studio are free and have noin-apppurchases. Check out "Baby Dress Up", "Little Princess","CuteMermaid" for other kid characters in dress up games. Just tapthe"More by Games For Girls" link to download and play free ofcharge!
Prom Queen Dress Up - High School Rising Star 1.0.3
Six young female high school students are going to graduatesoon.Before they set off to college or university, a big event inon theagenda: the prom night party! What to wear, what to wear...Sinceyou are a fashion expert with an impeccable sense of style,honedby years of playing dressup and makeovers, you are nowtheirfashion designer and thus in charge of each girl's fate. Whowillbe elected as the prom queen? You as the owner of thefancyclothing salon decide. Pick a trendy outfit for each doll,selectaccessories and a glam hairstyle from a huge wardrobe. Thereareover 150 items in the game, without any locks or in-apppurchases.We have a lot more makeover games for fashionista womenand girls!Download and play them for free on your Android phone ortable byfollowing the "More by Best Dress Up Games for Girls" link!Ourbeauty/styling apps have no in-app purchases and have hundredsofitems to choose from, and new ones come out regularly. Avirtualcosplay paradise for young fashionistas :)
Shopping mall & dress up game 2.0.5
Are you ready to go shopping? It's time for a makeover with thisfundress up game. You'll have a blast going to pick out newclothes,visiting the spa salon, and dressing yourself in thelatest fashionto complete your new look. Feel like a diva for aday as you get tobuy anything that you’d like to make yourselflook great. Features:* Pick out all of the fun things, includingaccessories, clothes,and beauty products, that you need to createyour new look. * Whenyou go to the mall, you’ll get to select theitems that you like andthen take them to the cashier to check out.* Put everything in thebag, pay with your card and off you go asyou travel around town. *Make a stop to the spa to get your makeupand hair done. * Try onall of the clothes that you purchased todecide which items lookbest on you.
Floral Summer dress up game 2.0.0
Life is a flower and the fashion without a flower looksboring.Flowers are symbol of life and happiness, so lets bring moreflowerin our life. Enlight your summer dress up with amazingskirts,dress and belts. All with flower patterns.
Sports Girl Makeup - Keep Fit 2.5.3953
Kiwi Go
Hey, girls! Do you want to be the one possess beauty andperfectbody figure? Fitness is indispensable for girls who desireto havea good figure. Sports girl salon is special for girls wholovefitness. Remove your makeup, tie up your hair, put on comfysportsclothes, do some Yoga, or put on your favorite music and gofor arun. After one hour’s work out, let’s take a relaxing showerandselect some beautiful outfits. Features: ▽Discover a way tokeepbeauty and fitness ▽Transform you into a cardio goddess ▽Dressin acool and comfy style even in the gym ▽Do a spa and relaxafterexhausting workout Girls, ready to lose some fat and get inshape?
Dress up Game: Tris Homecoming 1.0.8
Unbox gifts and get ready for an unique dress up experience!Createthe most fashionable Homecoming girl outfits, complete dressupachievements, create your own fashion gallery, share yoursupermatches with Facebook friends and try to create the 5 starlook!Dolly Tris is the Queen of the Homecoming event and she'stakingyou with her in a stunning dress up experience! Get readytodiscover the most fancy outfits in the new dolly dress up game!Getit now FREE! Tris Homecoming Dress up features: - Thebeautifulfashionista doll, Tris; - Fashion Achievements tocomplete; -Outfit rating for the most fashionable girls; - Fashiongallery tosave the doll outifts; - THOUSANDS of unique outfits forgirls youcan create; - TENS of glamorous dresses, accessories andhairdosyou can try on - endless replay posibility - beautiful girlgamesgraphics; - EASY and SAFE for kids; - PHOTO feature thatallows tosave and share your dress up creations If you enjoyed ourdollydress up game for girls, help more friends discover it bysharing,rating and reviewing it! We'd love to hear your :) Thank you for playing our games forgirls!Come back every week for new games!
Anime School Uniforms 3.0.1
bweb media
In this dress up game, you will be dressing up this bright,youngengergitic school going girl in her uniform, Who is ready toturnup to school after a long weekend. Dress her up and have fun.
Supermodel Magazine - Game for girls 0.1.200
Are you a creative fashionista who likes to play games forgirls?Get Supermodel Magazine right away and enter a world fullofstylish dress up items and beautiul girls! Begin by selectingoneof the pretty models and take your time and discover everythingourgame for girls has to offer. The models can't wait to seewhatfashion choices you're going to make. Experiment withcolorfulclothes and accessories in the dress up game levels, takepicturesof the models on the runway and design the coolest fashionmagazinewith the girls on the cover. Take your time and try on thedress upitems until you find what looks best on each girl. Pair atrendyskirt with a cute top, or go for an elegant long dress,you're thefashion stylist so it's all up to you. You will never getbored ofplaying dress up with Stella, Kimmy and Vera. After youfinish thedress up game level, you will be in charge of the photoshoot.Decorate the scene, so each girl will shine and make her lookevenbetter on the magazine cover. Supermodel Magazine - Game forgirlsfeatures: ⭐️3 beautiful fashion models ⭐️3 main game levelswithgirly graphics and fun gameplay ⭐️hundreds of dress up itemsandglamorous decoration options ⭐️safe for little girls and kidsallages ⭐️play for free and with no internet Become the nexttopfashion magazine designer! You decide how to dress themodels,decorate the runway and design the magazine. Get creative inone ofthe coolest games for girls!
Zombie Dress Up Game For Girls 1.0.2
6 zombie girls want to dress up to go to the Halloween holiday. Asacool and open-minded fashionista, you are going to create anewfancy outfit for each of the zombie girl friends.Select one ofthe4 backgrounds, 20 hairstyles and 200 items (18 categories)intotal, including demonic wings and tattoos for the zombie girl.Asin all our dressup girls games, everything in Zombie Dress Upiscompletely free, nothing is locked. Just pick anything you wantinthe zombie makeover!We have other scary games about dressingupundead and dark creatures: Vampire Dress Up and Monster DressUp.Download them free by following the "More by Games For Girls"link.All our games for girls are truly free, with no in-apppurchases,and cover dozens of interesting topics for girls andfashionistasof all ages and tastes.
Couples Dress Up - Girls Games 1.0.3
In this new dressup game for fashionista girls you can dress aguyand a young girl simultaneously. 4 different couples,4backgrounds, and 200 items (100 girl's items and 100 boy'sitems)make a huge fashion collection to experiment with! Goodnews:everything is free here, no in-app purchases, nothing islocked.Just make sure that the girl's and the boy's outfits fitwelltogether.The young lovers met on the Valentine's Day and hadacrush on each other. Since then the young couple has spentallweekends, holidays and vacations together. Summer came, andwarmsummer days are great for romantic love dates! Will it be awalk inthe park, on the riverwalk, a date in a cozy cafe or a funnight ata night club? There aren't many date & couple makeovergames onAndroid, and it's even rarer when you can dress the boy inas manyitems as the girl. You've got that here.Girl's itemcategories:hairstyles, hats, dresses, skirts, tops, tunics,leggings,trousers, jackets, shoes, handbags, flowers,necklaces.Guy's itemcategories: hairstyles, hats, shirts, t-shirts,jackets, trousers,shorts, shoes, scarves and neckties, mustaches /beards,accessories.If you like makeover games with more than onedoll todress up simultaneously, check "Family Dress Up", "BFF DressUp"and "Pajama Party" by our studio! Just follow the "More byGamesFor Girls" link to find them.
Baby Fashion Designer & Cosplay 1.0.2
All little babies are just adorable and these cute girls andboysare no exception! Help the proud mom to pick out something forherlittle boys and girls to wear!This dress up game istotallyadorable! You have 4 girls and 4 boys to pick from. Chooseone ofthe 6 backgrounds and then experiment with over 180 items tocreatecute outfits for the babies! There are a dozen categorieshere:bodysuits, baby costumes, dresses (you would want to put thoseongirls), summer and winter jumpers, panties, pants, hats,babyshoes, pacifiers, toys and hairstyles. That's a lot to choosefrom!And more importantly, all of that is free. No in-app purchasesinany of our dress up girl games whatsoever. Just unleashyourimagination and dress all the babies up!Dress the adorablelittlebabies in all kinds of cute baby clothes and costumes!We havetonsmore amazing new games for girls about dressup and makeover onallkinds of different topics, like toddlers and babies, e.g."ToddlerDress Up". Download our dressup games free, with noin-apppurchases, by tapping the "More by Games For Girls" link!
Anime Princess Dress Up 1.1.0
This new makeover game features 6 cute princesses drawn inanimestyle, 4 backgrounds and 240+ items (hairstyles, dresses,tops,skirts, accessories and lot more) which can be mixed andmatched tocreate millions of combinations. Great news: nothing islocked! Thewhole game is free, no in-app purchases here, you can'tspend realmoney! Actually, all our games for girls are absolutelyfree, withno small print or sneaky credit card charges. We've got ahuge listof games already, be sure to check them out! Just followthe "Moreby Dress Up Games For Girls". In the similar graphicalstyledownload girl dressup games "Anime Dress Up", "Cute Anime","ChibiPrincess", "Manga Dress Up". Or, for western style, see"PrincessDress Up", "Cute Princess", "Arabian Princess", "IndianPrincess"and more.
Anime Boutique: Doll Maker 2.1
A bunch of options to choice. You can dress up. You can changecoloreverything. You can write ideas about character. You can saveandload game. You can take photo of two dolls together. ☀️Permissionsare needed: The app will read and write files fromexternal storage,for saving the screenshots to photo album.
Momo's Dressup
☆ Brand new dressup game *Momo's Dressup* ☆ Stylize your dollwithcute and lovely clothes. There are Wigs, blouses, skirts, shoesandso many items to accessorize with. Mix match various itemstocomplete your own style. Enjoy dressing up your doll. ♡ Features♡- Very easy and cute game! - Gather different flowers fromtheflower bed to receive present boxes. - Find decorative itemsinsidethe present boxes! - As you try on your new items, flowerswillbloom again, ready to be gathered. - Your goal is to collectall ofthe items! Dress up in different styles with your collecteditems.
Fashionable Punk Girl`s Story 13
FCat Games
Become a fashionable punk girl in new awesome and crazy makeupgame!Do you like pranks and make fun with your friends? Yes? Thenthisgame is definitely for you! Create your own little hooligangirllook with many kinds of trendy or handmade clothes and coolmakeupstyle with brand cosmetics.So, lets make story about fancypunkgirl! First of all, Let's go into the girl's bedroom and lookinwardrobe! And what we will see there? Maybe delicateeveningdresses? Or pinafore for princess? Of course not! HooliganGirllove to dress up a modern tops and shorts, jeans, originalblouses,sneakers, tights, skirts and hats. All this luxury clothesat yourdisposal, and its time to choose your unique outfit!So whatwe donext? Of course, makeup! Be creative, use awesome brandcosmetics!Make perfect hairstyles, choose fabulous hair color,apply coollipstick and eye shadows, change skin tone, brows shape,eye colorand try super face decor!Girl almost ready for thefunnyadventures! But what we forgot? Maybe crown for the littlefairy?Or magic wand? No! Hooligan girl want to a walk with plastichammerand toy baseball bat for make fun of herfriends!***Features***Play game freeBecome a fashionable punkqueenOriginal dress upmodeFantastic makeup modePlay with colors ofyour makeoverOriginalaccessories, necklaces and earringsTake aphoto of a girl for thefashion magazineDo you like dressup andmakeup games forfashionable kids and want learn how to create beststyle? Play freeand choose accessories for the fantastic mermaid,prepare sweetgirl for the first date and the first kiss with braveprince, makewedding makeover and become a stylish bride!You haveany questions?We will be glad to see them outourFacebook: onTwitter: materials in the gamearethe product of our artists' imagination. Any resemblance toothercharacters, artworks, and other graphical materials ispurelycoincidental. All rights belong to their actual authors