Top 24 Games Similar to EscapeGame L26- Kids Play Room

EscapeGame N47 - Treasure Cave 2.0.0
A treasure cave made of four different caves-Specially designed for the adventure lovers. This will beanothergreat escape which challenges you with full of brain twist,baffledclues and mysterious puzzles.Challenge yourself to get out of the treasure cave escape!Download!! Have fun and Enjoy!! Attractive graphics brings richness for the game play Gather the hidden objects in the treasure cave Note down the baffled clues to help out in the escape Solve the hilarious puzzles in each room Use collected objects to aid in your escape! Each room will gives you different experience for game play Finally, collect the diamond to get escape fromtreasurecave Be first, before your friend to escape from this adventure It’s free! No registration, hassle free, just downloadandenjoy
EscapeGame N34 - Scientist Lab 2.0.0
Best of Luck!! See if you can crack thecaseandescape!!Good-looking laboratory will experience you withmostinterestingpuzzles and problem solving.This escape game composed of real time experiments in what wedointhe laboratory. Really challenging adventure escape gametestsyourlogical thinking skills.Mad scientist lab is designed with three differentroomswhichgives you new experience of the laboratory withmostinterestingclues for finding the hidden objects and lotmoresurprise iswaiting for you.Search and find the escape door key by utilizing allthegatheredobjects to get escaped from the mad scientistescape.Download this awesome mad scientist lab escape!! Havefunandenjoy it!!We would like you to rate five stars and commentthischallengingmad scientist lab escape!!