Top 24 Games Similar to 下班打麻将

Hong Kong Style Mahjong
Mahjong is a popular game that originated in China. It iscommonlyplayed by four players. The game and its regional variantsarewidely played throughout Eastern and South Eastern Asia and haveasmall following in Western countries. Mahjong is similar totheWestern card games like rummy, mahjong is a game ofskill,strategy, and calculation and involves a degree ofchance.NEW: Helpsystem. Learn how to play Hong Kong StyleMahjongThis is a 13 tileimplementation of Mahjong based upon HongKong or Cantonese rules.This version of mahjong has the mostadvanced, responsive andintuitive touch interface for any mahjongapp on the market.Fulldetails for Hong Kong Style rules can befoundhere fast paced Mahjong action. Incorporating traditionalHong Kongrules with many options to customise your playingexperience,including:* Tournament Mode and Competitions* Minimumlevel setting*Flowers and Seasons tiles option* Resume mode*Traditional, English,Black, Ivory and more Tiles available* Fastor Slow mode*Leaderboards and Achievements* Statistics* HighDefinition Tileimages thanks to Feelfree to emailcomments or bug reports to I dorespond. Specialthank you to those that have emailed bugs,suggestions and screenshots. Shape the future development of thisapplication and chatwith other users on facebook, or just like usat game now automaticallysavesyour progress so that you can resume at any time in thefuture ifyou have not been able to finish a round. It will alsorecord a listof high scores and achievements.Hong Kong styleMahjong is also thepredominant version of Mahjong played incountries like Australia,Singapore, USA and Canada.Featuresinclude:1) Hong Kong Style Rulesand optional extended rules2)Vastly Improved UI and graphics3) Thefastest Mahjong game on theAndroid Market with option to play fastor slow.4) HelpInstructions5) English, Traditional and many othertilesavailable6) Minimum level setting (0,1,3,6)7) Resume previousgame(it resets the current game, but will remember your place intheround.8) Leaderboards and Achievements9) TraditionalChineseLanguage, Simplified Chinese, Spanish and English
Mahjong legend is a free matching game using mahjongg tiles.Youselect 2 mah jong tiles with the same pair, When they matchtheywill blast into pieces. This free version is deluxe and it'splaylike a solitaire game. It's just like old one you play inarcade.We carefully made a 800 board,Is probably the most!you canplay itfor a long time. Eliminate all the tiles on mahjong boardwhich ismatch, you will pass the degree. This free game need luckystrategyand patience, but it is relaxing. We offer 24 gamesbackground andseven sets of tiles for your choice. This mahjongboard game isalso known as Mah jong, majong. matching pairs ofidentical mahjongtiles is really a enjoy.Game Features:# 7 set ofmahjong tileswhich you can change# 800 free board layouts keep yourmind active#MP3 background music and sound effect# 3D transitioneffects# freehint Function# HD high quality tile sets.# plenty ofHD beautifulpicture backgrounds# Optimized for Landscape mode.#Unlimited undo#offline play# All level board thumbnail displayMayyou enjoy ourfree shanghai mahjong deluxe version © 2015 HaoDingFollowus:
麻将十三张 --*单机版四人麻将,使用国标麻将13张的规则,配有美女真人声效和出牌提示,软语酥音醉人迷~~*网络版四人麻将,请呼朋唤友,避免三缺一的等待iPad上牌比较大,打起来比较爽快。iPhone上牌比较小,要仔细选才行,注意哦.有问题请发信或评论:-)欢迎尝试!Mahjongthirteen-* Standalone Edition four mahjong, use 13 GB mahjongrules, withlive sound and beauty tips cards, soft words crispsoundintoxicating fans ~* Network Edition four mahjong,pleaseHupenghuanyou avoid waiting San QueyiiPad on the card isrelativelylarge, fight more readily.iPhone on the card isrelatively small,carefully selected for the job, pay attention toOh.Have questionsor comments letter :-)Welcome to try!
Mahjong Solitaire Free
Mahjong Solitaire is a free mahjong game based on a classicChinesegame.(also known as Shanghai Mahjong, Taipei Mahjong,Kyodai,Mahjong Trails, or Shanghai mahjongg)The goal is to removealltiles from the board. You may remove only paired free tiles.Thetile is free when there are no tiles either to the left or totheright from it. If you cannot find any pairs you may shufflethetiles at any times, but you will get a time penalty.Features -150board layouts. - 6 backgrounds. - 3 tile art.- shuffle, hint -autosave - block shadow - auto zoom inEnjoy!
Mahjong Legend
==============How To Play==============Mahjong Legend is afreemahjong game based on a classic Chinese game.(also knownasShanghai Mahjong, Taipei Mahjong, Kyodai, Mahjong Trails,orShanghai mahjongg)The aim of the game is to remove all theplayingtiles in the fastest time, while trying to achieve thehighestscore. Each tile has a picture on it, there are 43differentpictures in total. Tiles must be selected and matched withothertiles of the same picture. Whenever you match two tiles, theybothdisappear, and when all tiles have disappeared the gameisover.==============Features==============- 1000Game Levels. -8backgrounds. - 3 tile art.- Shuffle- Hint- Undo - Auto save -Blockshadow - Auto zoom in
国标麻将单机版 1.0
最热门的单机麻将火爆来袭,游戏采用国标麻将规则,但取消了8番起胡的规定,游戏操作简单清晰,玩家可以轻松的进行休闲娱乐,体验国粹的博大精深。1 超强人工智能,高超出牌技巧2 无道具,无收费3 无登录,无注册4 节奏紧凑、强烈推荐!The mostpopularstand-alone struck popular mahjong game mahjong rules usingthenational standard, but canceled from 8 Fan Hu provision isclearand simple game play, players can easily be entertainment,thequintessence of profound experience.A powerful artificial intelligence, high-skillbeyondlicensing2 no props, no charges3 No login, no registration4 paced, highly recommended!
Mahjong Shanghai Free
Shanghai is the original Mahjongg Solitaire provided by SUNSOFTwithvarious stages, high quality graphics, easy operation, andmanymodes let you enjoy any number of times.You will surely beabsorbedto Majong which satisfies both beginners and advancedplayers!!Whenyou complete later stages, you can read the storiesbased on Zeus,Hera, Titan and Herakles written in Greekmythology.mahjongg isperfect for your vacant time! The rule isvery simple!!Remove pairsof "Mah jong" Tiles with matchingpatterns from piles stacked invarious configurations.We have alsoinnovated sharply-etched tilewith suited 3D background image, easyoperability by touchinterface, and over 1200 stages areavailable.Also, newly added amode that you can compete with otherplayers in whole country at nocharge!!You should try right now!!
1、无解锁、无道具,无任何收费情况,完全免费2、支持2.2以上的android手机,屏幕最小要在480*800以上(320*480也可玩,效果差些),高效性能,省电3、支持单机游戏,无需登录,无需注册直接游戏4、超强人工智能,高超的出牌技巧,为玩家提供了强劲的对手5、精美画面1,nounlock, no props, no fees, completely free of charge2, supportmorethan 2.2 android phone, the screen to be minimized (alsoplayable320 * 480, less effective) than in 480 * 800, highperformance, lowpower3, support for stand-alone game, no login, noregistrationdirectly from the game4, super artificialintelligence, superb skillcards, gives players a strong opponent5,exquisite picture
Mahjong Solitaire
Mahjong Solitaire is a free matching game using mahjongg tiles.Youselect 2 mah jong tiles with the same pair, When they matchtheywill blast into pieces. This free version is deluxe and it'splaylike a solitaire game. It's just like old one you play inarcade.We carefully made a 800 board,Is probably the most!you canplay itfor a long time. Eliminate all the tiles on mahjong boardwhich ismatch, you will pass the degree. This free game need luckystrategyand patience, but it is relaxing. We offer 24 gamesbackground andseven sets of tiles for your choice. This mahjongboard game isalso known as Mah jong, majong. matching pairs ofidentical mahjongtiles is really a enjoy.Game Features:# 7 set ofmahjong tileswhich you can change# 800 free board layouts keep yourmind active#Optimized for Portrait mode.# MP3 background music andsoundeffect# 3D transition effects# free hint Function# HD highqualitytile sets.# plenty of HD beautiful picture backgroundsandUser-defined colors# Unlimited undo# offline play# All levelboardthumbnail displayMay you enjoy our free mahjong solitairedeluxeversion © 2015 Hao Ding
Mahjong is a free solitaire matching game which uses a setofMahjong tiles. The goal of this pyramid game is to match openpairsof identical tiles and remove them from the board, exposingthetiles under them for play. This board game includes 96 tables.Ahint functionality also exist to help you when being stuck onadifficult table.A refresh functionality is exist to helpyourefresh Mahjong tableYou will be challenged to eliminate allpiecesfrom the Mahjong board.Mahjong involves skill, strategy,andcalculation, as well as a certain degree of luck.If youenjoypuzzle game, you will surely enjoy playing Mahjong !
Mahjong is a free Halloween theme board game. Classic mahjonggamewith this Halloween themed version to entertain you.Intraditionalmahjong you shoud Match up tiles until all of tiles aregone inthis authentic Chinese board game.this classic game is Asingleplayer solitaire mahjong game.Mahjong game is popular withmost ofthe world people. ©2015 HE GUOHUAFeatures:- Completely free- Veryaddictive, you to play for a long time- About 1000 boards!-Freehint, Undo, Shuffle and Rewind feature.- Tile can be Halloweentypeor ancient Chinese type- Amazing HD graphicEnjoy ourclassicmahjong Halloween!
Mahjong titans is a free traditional board game. Select twomahjongtiles which have the same pattern, they will match. Clearallmahjong tiles in the board, you will finish the challenge.InMahjong titans we edit 1000 levels, you can play for alongtime.Mahjong titans have two type of scene Night and day.trymahjong titans right now you can be a mahjong king.
Mahjong 1.1.2
Easy Apps Co
The goal - to clear the board by removingallpairs of identical tiles of the folded shape. The samepairconsists of two tiles, both of which are \"not blocked\".\"Not locked\" Knuckle:- Other knuckles do not lie on top of it and do not close it(evenpartially)- Other knuckles lie on either side of the (left and right)The sooner cleared the playing field, the higher is the level oftheplayer.Features of the app:- A large number of initial options for figures- Level Editor - You can create an unlimited number of yourownlevels, even for the most experienced players- A large number of different settings- Ability to select the design (style) background- Ability to cancel the course- Approximation (zoom) of the playing field- Tips- Ability to watch the game computer- Statistics- The ability to add the initial figures to favoritesThe game is well coached brains, logic, attention! Ideal forthedevelopment of tactical and strategic thinking.The game is optimized for Android (for both phone and tablet)
Amazing Mahjong 1.0
※ A must have for Mahjong Matching Lover※ Fun, Challenge, and Simple gameplay---------------------------FEATURES:---------------------------- A mahjong matching game- 4 packages with 200+layouts- Zen mode is powerful- Nice background music- Gorgeous animation effects- Zoom in or out- Charming retina HD graphics!- Fully universal support---------------------------HOW TO PLAY---------------------------- The Goal of the game is to remove all tiles out of the boardbypairs.- Tap to select tiles with the same picture and theywilldisappear.- Only free tiles that are not covered are allowed to remove.- Items(shuffle,hint,Zen) are helpful.- The quickly you clear the tiles, the higher score and morecoinsyou get.- You can use coins to unlock more packages.
Mahjong 1.7
sling mahjong
Mahjong traditional is a free gamewhichusechinese mahjong tiles.Our mahjong have a space theme which have afloatingcastlebackground.The goal of mahjong is to remove all tiles in the board.Mahjong tiles must be selected and matched with other tilesofthesame picture.There are 1000 classic game puzzles.Enjoy our classic mahjong.
This Mahjong game uses the classic mahjong stone designs. Findthepairs of identical stones and match them to remove them fromtheboard. Mahjongg stones must be free on at least one side beforeyoucan remove them. Mahjong online is a popular game and enjoyedbymillions of players worldwide. Connect mahjong andplay!Mah-jonghas 100 amazing levels with 5 exciting worlds.Thereare some veryhelpful boosters. The game will start easy but thedifficulty willincrease progressively with lots and lots ofchallenging mahjonglevels.This Mahjong game features:★ Mahjongconnect gameplay★Classic Mah-Jongg tile design★ 100 classic mahjonglevels
Mahjong Legends
Mahjong Legends is a classic Mahjong solitaire game. Your goal istoremove all the tiles from the board by matching pairs ofidenticaltiles. The game generates only solvable puzzles andcontains 96challenging board layouts. Features: ★ 96 challenginglayouts. ★Puzzles are always solvable. ★ Undo, hint, and shuffleoption. ★Option to highlight all free tiles. ★ Records your besttime foreach layout. ★ Automatically saves and restores anunfinished game.
Kungfu Mahjong™
Kungfu Mahjong™ is a free mahjong matching game using tiles.thisdeluxe version is like a solitaire game. Select 2 mah jongtileswith the same pair, They will match and blast.Eliminate allthetiles on mahjongg board which is match, you will pass thedegree.this free game need strategy luck and patience, butrelaxing.Thisfree mahjong board game is also known as Mah jong,majong. matchingpairs of identical mahjong tiles is aenjoy.Features:# MP3background music and sound effect# Beautiful 3Dgame backgrounds.#free hint Function# HD high quality mahjong tilesets.# Optimizedfor Landscape mode.# Unlimited undo# 300+ boardlayouts keep yourmind activeHope you like our free mahjong deluxeversion
Mahjong game is a free matching game that using Chinesemahjongtiles. Mahjong HD free is one of the most popularboardgames.Mahjong has no time limit, you can play it as long asyou canin 1 stage. The goal of the game is to remove all the tilesin theboard.Select two same mahjong tile on the board, it willbeeliminated. All-in-One game board. © 2015 LU CHAOJUNGameFeatures:-More than 800 boards!- Relaxing background music andsound effect-Simple pick-up-and-play controls.- Shuffle- 1080p HDGraphics!-Completely free- Free hint Function- Warm interiorscenesMay youenjoy our mahjong free!
Mahjong legend game is a free puzzle game which using mahjongtiles.This is a A single player solitaire mahjong, a FREE versionof thepuzzle game.This classic game generates solvable puzzlesandcontains about 1000 challenging board layouts, There aredifferentgame Difficulty.Solve the puzzle of an mysterious goldmine boardgame. You should remove all the tiles in this board thanyou willwin.Mahjong classic free is a popular board games thatgirlsloved.Mahjong legend has no time limit, you can play it aslong asyou can. This game looks incredible both on a Tablet or aphone.©2015 Shen LiangFeatures:- About 1000 boards!- Undo, ShuffleandRewind feature.- Actually free which means you can get thefullexperience and has not to pay - Simple tap controls.-Mysteriousgold miner scenes- full HD Graphics!- hidden Object thatyou canfind- background music and sound effect- Free hintFunctionMay yourenjoy our mahjong legend!
Mahjong China game is a free pair game that using mahjongtiles.Themain goal of this classic mahjong game is to remove thesame tilesas much as possible.Solve the puzzle of an ancient boardgamemystery.Mahjong classic free is one of the most popular boardgirlsgames that women loved, there about 60% women user.Mahjong zenhasno time limit, you can play it as long as you can. When youremoveall the tiles in this board game you will win. © 2015LUCHAOJUNFeatures:- More than 800 boards!- Simplepick-up-and-playcontrols.- Full HD Graphics!- Hidden Object thatyou can find-Completely free- Ancient Orient background music andsound effect-Free hint Function- Lovely interior scenes- 6 freeshuffle and canget more using no moneyEnjoy our mahjong free!
Mahjong Express 1.0
If you like Mahjong Mahjong then you will love the Express!Releasethe board that challenges you.
Best Free Mahjong Game
Grand Mahjong is a classic board game brought to the comfort ofyourmobile phone or tablet.Mahjong is the best card game, thatwillchallenge your patience and skills, do your best to form pairswiththe matching tiles from the board and remove them all!GrandMahjongHD is the classic traditional Chinese game, you can choosebetween+100 different deluxe HD layouts. This is the best way toimproveyour strategy to win all the levels and become the masterof thissolitaire board game.Totally playable for all ages, fromkids tograndparents.But there`s more... You can create your ownBoard withthe design that you like, choose where to put themahjong tiles andcreate designs as difficult as you want, you willhave infiniteMahjong levels!You can get help by pressing the"Hint" button,shuffle the tiles and highlight the one you canchose.Incrediblyaddictive game, that will put your brain into aquest to solve thecomplicated puzzle!The purpose of this game isto remove all thetiles, you will need a lot of patience to foundthe same piecesbecause they are very similar to each other.Totallyfree mahjongggame to enjoy from your android mobile phone ortablet.Some of ourloyal players kind words:- “Great game! I'vebeen a really big fanof the classic mahjong game on the PC andhave been looking for areplacement on my phone. Tried a fewversions but this one seems tohave stuck with me. Great interfaceand good ol Mahjong. I love thenew features that were brought inwith this game. 5 stars!”-“Worthwhile games, a must play.”- “Greatgame Love how it goes tonext game without scrolling. Thumbs up”-“Good game Very interestinggame nice to play” .- “Omg! This gameis so addicting. It's simple,yet challenging."- “Fantastic gameAddictive game and very fun”-“Good graphic Awesome. This game isreally great”- “Free Mahjonggames Now we're talking fun”Don'tforget to give us 5 stars if youlikeit!
mahjong master is a free HD solitaire matching game which uses asetof mahjong tiles. This fun solitaire mahjong master is alsoknown asChinese Mah-jongPlaying pyramid mahjong solitaire is verysimple:find and match pairs of identical tiles. Match all tiles tocompletea board.This board game includes 400 tables. A hintfunctionalityalso exist to help you when being stuck on adifficult table.Arefresh functionality is exist to help yourefresh tableYou will bechallenged to eliminate all pieces fromthe mahjong board.