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البرنامج عبارة عن مجموعة من أجوبة الاستفتاءات وفق رأي سماحةالعظمىالسيد علي الحسيني الخامنئي (دام ظله الوارف )مصدرالنص: Esteftat is aResalaof Ayatullah Al Uzma Al Imam Al Sayyid Ali Al Khamenei inArabicfor Shia Asna Ashri (Fiqh e Jafari)
Abbas Ibn Ali Live Wallpaper 5.0.1
Sorrow and Grief for the Martyrs of Karbala! Abbas Ibn AliLiveWallpaper is here for all Muslims to honor the greatest warriorinArabia.This is well designed wallpaper that represents Al AbbasIbnAli dying by his horse Uqab showing his greatness and dedicationtoIslam.============================================================HOWTOINSTALL ABBAS IBN ALI LIVE WALLPAPER: Home -> Press Menu->Select Wallpapers -> Select Live Wallpapers -> SelectAbbasIbn Ali Live Wallpaper fromthelist============================================================AlAbbasIbn Ali was killed on Friday, 10 Muharram 61 Hijri on thebanks ofthe river Euphrates. Hence, he is called Hero of Al-Qamah(anothername for the river Euphrates). His death is generallymourned on the8th night of Muharram. Shia Muslims mourn the deathof all martyrsof Islam associated with Husayn in the month ofMuharram, the firstof the Islamic calendar, mainly in the firstten days. Fadl ibnAbbas and Qasim ibn Abbas also laid down theirlives at Karbala.Ubaydullah ibn Abbas lived to continue thelineage of Abbas withfive sons of his own.Abbas was buried at thatground where he fellfrom his horse in Karbala, Iraq. The Al AbbasMosque was builtaround his grave, to which millions of pilgrimsvisit and pay homageevery year.May Allah bless you all!For moreIslamic Live Wallpapersand apps, please visit my channel.
Fiqhi Masail Urdu (for Tab) 2.1
Fiqhi Masail Ka Majmu'a (Masail ki Tauzeeh) in Urdu as perfataawaof Grand Ayatullah Al Uzma Sayed Ali Al Husaini Al KhameneiforShia Isna/Asna Ashari (Fiqh e Jafari)فقہی مسائل کا مجموعہاردو(مسائل کی توضیح) مطابق فتاوٰی حضرت آیۃ اللہ العظمیٰ سید علیالحسینیخامنہ ای مد ظلہ العالیPlease pray for all those whocontributed tothis work.This version is for mobile and for tabdevice, ifapplication doesn’t work in your device please search for"FiqhiMasail Ka Majmua (Urdu) "
Imam Ali(a.s)Quiz 3.0
One Momin
WELCOME TO the ISLAMIC QUIZZESIslamic Quizzes (IQ) brings you alotof quizzes espically on 14 Masomeen and on different topicslikeHistory, Quran, Ahlul Bait (a.s.), Al-Ghadeer, Nabuwat, Imamatandmany more...The major purpose of the quiz is to enhancetheknowledge. There is only one mode for each quiz and quiz have 10to20 questions. This quiz contain information on these topicsaswell:Imam Ali (a.s)Imam Hasan (a.s)Imam Hussain (a.s)ImamSajjad(a.s)Imam Baqar (a.s)Imam Jafar e Sadiq (a.s)Imam MusaKazim(a.s)Imam Ali Raza (a.s)Imam Ali Taqi (a.s)Imam Ali Naqi(a.s)ImamHasan Askari (a.s)Imam Mehdi (a.s)Hazrat Fatima(a.s)Hazrat Zainab(a.s)Hazrat Abbas(a.s)KeyWord:Shia Quiz, IslamicQuiz, Islam, Shia,Nohay
Ya Abbas Live Wallpaper 1.0
Maula Abbas Live Wallpaper. Martyr of Karbala Abbas Ibn Ali.Getcloser to Ahlulbayt even in your day today life.Do Remember Usinyour prayers. Remember Imam Hussain and Karbala.
Labbaik Ya Hussain 1.0
Acknowledge the call from Maula Hussain - Labbaik YaHussainRememberUs in your prayers.Related: Moharram, Karbala,Shia,Imam, Ali,Islam, Ahlulbayt
Karbala Quiz 3.0
One Momin
WELCOME TO the ISLAMIC QUIZZESIslamic Quizzes (IQ) brings you alotof quizzes espically on 14 Masomeen and on different topicslikeHistory, Quran, Ahlul Bait (a.s.), Al-Ghadeer, Nabuwat, Imamatandmany more...The major purpose of the quiz is to enhancetheknowledge. There is only one mode for each quiz and quiz have 10to20 questions. This quiz contain information on these topicsaswell:Imam Ali (a.s)Imam Hasan (a.s)Imam Hussain (a.s)ImamSajjad(a.s)Imam Baqar (a.s)Imam Jafar e Sadiq (a.s)Imam MusaKazim(a.s)Imam Ali Raza (a.s)Imam Ali Taqi (a.s)Imam Ali Naqi(a.s)ImamHasan Askari (a.s)Imam Mehdi (a.s)Hazrat Fatima(a.s)Hazrat Zainab(a.s)Hazrat Abbas(a.s)KeyWord:Shia Quiz, IslamicQuiz, Islam, Shia,Nohay
Ghazi Abbas Alamdar (علمدار)‎EvageSolutions 1.1
This beautiful app has been designed for all islamichistorylovers.Through this app , the users will find the contentcoveringthe whole life of Hazrat Abbas (a.s) in addition tobriefpresentation of the historical circumstances that led him tobe onthe top in the list of the heroes of humanity in general andislamin particular.The prominent features of this appare:-decentlayout-language (english/urdu)-user friendly-easynavigationbetween pages-zoom in/zoom out-easy install/unistallDodownloadthis app,rate it and pray for my father that mayALLAHforgive him,rest his soul in peace and grant him with jannah.
Hadis Eshq 2.1.3
Contains all Love books, Ghazals, Poems, Sufi and Awlia StoriesinDari/Persian/Farsi.Includes:- Noornama and Shamaelnama- DivanHafizSherazi: (with audio)- Soragh Eshq- Kolyaat Shams Tabrizi3300ghazals- Ghazalyaat Saadi Saheb 650 ghazals-Tazkerat-ul-Awlia(Memoirs of Saints)- Robayaat Omar Khayyam - MirzaAbdul MahaniBedil- Masnavi Manavi by Mawlana Jallaludin Balkhi(Rumi)- BustanSaadi- Abdul Rahman Jami- Iraqi- Saheb Tabrizi- AmirKhosrow- Abuʾl-Qasim Ferdowsi Tusi: Shahnameh- Abu SaheedAbul-Khair- Shah nameFardowsi- More coming soonFeatures:- Openpoems randomly- Audiosupport (Divan Hafiz saheb)- Share items withfriends via Twitter,Facebook, email, dropbox etc.- tabletoptimisationTodo:- Searchfunctionality. coming soon...
Sword Of Xolan 1.0.12
Sword of Xolan is an action platformer game that includes thejuiceof pixel art style. Xolan is a young and brave man who fightforjustice no matter what the cost. Help him on his adventure tostandagainst darkness and bring back the peace and serenity thatoncewas. Features: - 30 handcrafted adventure levels - 9time-basedchallenge levels - 3 "End Of Act" bosses - Over 30differentenemies like: zombies, giants and flying creatures - 10uniquegame-cards to improve Xolan's skill - Customizable touchcontrols -Controller support - 19 Game Center achievements -Originalsoundtrack by Burak Karakaş
Go Sanic Goo! Runner MLG Hyper Meme Dash 1.9.5
SanicDa hghbhogg and his thoughts enjoying the day going fastandstuff until those annoying enemies shows up andruinseverything.Now Unleash the power from SanicMANA hyper Dash,andBroke the sound barrier ! . Speed is at max!Play as ModernSanic,the runner Classic Sanic 2D Meme and a Sanic runner fromFuture.GoSanic Goo! run fast!
Nohay 0.81.13457.43535
One Momin
NohayNew Nohay of Muharram 2013 (1434) updated.Largest collectionofNahay available in this application.Nohay,is an applicationwhichcontains the Nohay, majalis,Quran,Ziarat, MOJEZAAT, Naatmarsiye offamous Nohay khans.Nauha Khans Nadeem Sarwar,AliSafdar,Irfan Haider(Karwane Aza),Farhan Ali (Ali Waris),Mir HasanMir,SafdarAbbas,Shahid_Biltistani,Subbaib Abidi,Javed Raza,ShujaatAli Asad(Queeta), Shadman Raza,Khurshid Asri,ArshiNaqvi,FatemahLadak,Mukhtar Ali Shedi,Hai Shabir,Raza AbbasShah,AhsanBaltistani,Maisam Abbas Nayani,Dasta-E-Imammia(Iso),JabirHussainTurri Bangash,Sajjid Jafri,Zaigham Abbas,AliHaider,ArifBaltistani,Zain Abbas Shah,Rehan Azmi,ShujaRizvi,RizwanZaidi,Anjuman E Azadarane Dare Bat,
Rockbot 1 1.20.069
A homebrew game freely inspired by the classic 8-bitjump-and-shootgame style with some modern features such as dialogs,stories andgraphics. It also comes with an editor (Linux andWindows) that youcan use to create your own stages, enemies andadventures.SupportsUSB and Bluetooth controllers like joysticks andkeyboards.Reportissuesto:[email protected]:
Hisn Almuslim 4.1.2
Fortress Of The Muslim (Hisn Almuslim Azkar & Doaa)containsalot of azkar that muslim needs in his day and in dealingwithpeople.The application includes alot features enables you toreachall azkar easily including:- Azkar index- Search both theindex andthe azkar- Copying azkar and pasting them in otherapplications-Sharing azkar via mail, SMS, Facebook, Twitter ...etc- Sharing theApplication with friends
Azkar Pro: Ramadan Dua, Morning & Evening Azkar 1.3
App Unique feature: Read & Show specific Dua & Azkarwhileusing other apps.Main features:- My Azkar, you can customizeyourown Azkar \ Dua, to appear on screen like others!- Changecolor,Size, Rate , and add your own Zikir .- Set alarm for everyazkar toview in Chat heads mode.- Add your own azkar or Dua forevery azkarcategory.- Exclusive Channels (made like telegram) onlyfor MuslimAzkar Pro user's!.- All Athkar are from Hisnulmuslimbook, with themost important categories that any muslim need(Morning Dua, EveingDua, Sleeping Dua, etc.)- Read athkar's in Chatheads mode.(morning and evening adhkar)Share with your friends inWhatsapp& Twitter so it will be as on-going charity for you(SadaqaJariyah), and remember: it might be shared thousand timesafteryou! Keep sharing so we spread Allah remembrance on allMuslimphones around the world!
Stories of Prophets in Islam 1.0
Jannaty Pro
Islamic stories mp3 ( Prophet stories & Tales of theProphetsalso called Stories of the Prophets (Ibn Kathir) ) inArabic: قصصالانبياء صوت وصورة Qisas al anbiya And Qisas Sahaba havebeendescribed extensively and narrated by the holy Quran; This ledusto create this application of Muslim prophets stories in islamtoknow the interests that Allah put in the Quran tostabilize,strengthen believers, instruct us and give us lifelessons like theinfamous soty of : yusuf & ayub & muhammadsaw &yunus.The stories are taken from ibn kathir's book and theaudiofrom tareq suwaidan and nabil al awadi.A complete applicationforthe whole family mp3 and written: Qisas al anbiyae forchildren“stories of the prophets for kids in english audio”, qasasulanbiya in english, kisas al anbiyae arabe audio or kisas alquran.100% constructive and educational.We have also added some :RamadanRingtones 2017 & Islamic Nahseeds 2017 along withthestories.Qisas al-anbiyae & sahaba or stories of prophets isacollection of the story of the prophet Mohammed and the life ofhisfirst 17 companions that peace and blessings of Allah be uponhimwho propagated after his death his complete message of " Islam;Aswell as the other prophets of god.It is indeed a guide ofhumanity,education, an ideal and perfect lesson of the life ofMohammed"sws", all the prophets and their stories, and the 17sahabas ofthe prophet muhammad.Any Muslim or non-Muslim personreading orlistening to these stories of prophets in islam throughthis bestApp of Qisas al Anbiya -sahabah (kisas al-anbiya) willtravel withthe noblest man Mohamed and his companions "Sahaba RasulAllah" andthe lives of the messengers of God.Qisas Al anbiyae audio- Qasasul Anbiya & sahaba and all the stories in their liveswereborne by the Qur'anic Verses and the Hadiths of theprophetMohammed.Derived from the Koran and the Sunnah Beautifulsounds,you will discover Islamic history in an objective way onhikayat esahaba & kisas al anbiya with our sheikh Nabil Alawadi and hisvoice, very high quality, from Adam Until Mohammed"SWS".Prophetsspent their lives serving Islam religion. Kisas alanbiyae arabe ishere to guide you for a better understanding of theQuran. .✅ Howit works?List of moving stories of kisas Al anbiya mp3and written& Sahaba stories (Hayat e Sahaba):🌛 1- Reading thestory of theProphet Muhammad, 17 caliphs and the messengers ofGod.🌛 2-Possibility to resize text, choosing from 3 small, Normalor largetext sizes.🌛 3- Night Mode: You can gradually reduce thedegree ofbrightness to protect your eyes and make reading easierforeveryone.🌛 4-Possibility to share kisas Al anbiyae Arabic2017& stories of Sahabas in islam or the entire applicationviaSMS, WhatsApp, Facebook, Gmail, or other social networks.🌛5-Bookmarks & Favorites: save all the stories of theprophets,you love in your favorite list for easy access when youwant toespecially during Ramadan 2017.🌙 Features of Kissas Anbiaa&islamic stories of sahaba 🌙🌛 various muslim stories &KissasAnbiaa, advanced design, easy interface to use makes thisfree appstand out from other Apps of Quran stories.🌛 Timer to readMuslimstories (Story of the prophets & sahaba), unlimitedreading ofQasas ul ambia “Islam prophets”.✅ List of messengers “prophet’snames”: Adam, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Ishmael, Lot, Isaac,Jacob,Joseph, Moses, Aaron, Job, Jonah, Solomon, David, Elijah,Ezekiel,Zechariah, John the Baptist, Jesus, Hud, Jethro and Salih.✅List ofcompanions of the Mohammed prophet " sahaba names":Abu bakrassiddiq, omar ibn khattab, ibnu abi talib, khadija bintkhuwaylid,talha ibn ubayd allah, zubayr ibn al-awwam, khalid ibnwalid, ibnawf, saad ibn abu waqas, ibn al- Jarrah, Mouadh ibnJabal, Omoulmouminin Aicha, Salman al-Farisy, Abu Hurayrah andBilal ibnRabah.Don’t hesitate to download stories of the prophetswithoutinternet. Good Ramadan 1439.
Kid Chameleon Classic 1.2.1
Unleash your super powers in SEGA’s colossal platformerKidChameleon! Play free and experience one of the largestplatformersever created. You are Kid Chameleon, an ordinary kidgiven strangeand fantastic new powers through the use of magicalmasks. When thevillain of a new arcade game escapes into ourreality and only youcan stop him! Using the masks, transform intoan unstoppablewarrior, high-flying superhero, or human tank tobring him tojustice! Kid Chameleon joins the SEGA Forever classicgamescollection, a treasure trove of free SEGA console classicsbroughtto life on mobile for the first time! DOWNLOAD THEMALL!GAMEFEATURES- Over 100 stages crammed with secret warp pointsandhidden areas to explore- Become an axe-wielding maniac, ahumantank, a medieval knight, a blood-thirsty berserker, and more!-Ninedifferent masks to collect, each with different powers!SEGAFOREVERFEATURES- PLAY FREE- SAVE YOUR GAME PROGRESS AT ANYTIME-CONTROLLERSUPPORT - HID compatible controllers- OFFLINE PLAY- GAMESRELEASEDEVERY MONTH - download them all!RETRO REVIEWS"Sonic shouldkeeplooking over his shoulder, the Kid is on his back." [89%] -LesEllis, SEGA Pro #6 (April 1992)"Kid Chameleon has aclevercombination of Alex Kidd’s best games, puzzle strategyelements,and arcade-style action." [88%] - "Earth Angel", GamePro#33 (April1992)"There's a new kid in town - Kid Chameleon - andhe's gonnashake you apart with his rock 'n' rolling adventures."[82%] -Marshal M Rosenthal, SEGA Force #4 (April 1992)TRIVIA-10,000 pointprize blocks are the most elusive blocks in the game...can youfind any?- Scoring 100,000 points early on in the gameallows youto skip ahead to the half-way point- Giant floating headHeadyMetal is the one and only boss in Kid Chameleon- KidChameleonreceived two full stories in Sonic the Comic in the UK-Want tospeedrun a level? Try the Cyclone mask!CLASSIC GAMEFACTS-Originally released in 1992 worldwide- Developed by SEGA'sin-houseAmerican studio STI- In Japan, the game is known asChameleon Kid-- - - -Privacy Policy: ofUse: apps are ad-supported andnoin-app purchases are required to progress; ad-free playoptionavailable with in-app purchase.This game may include"InterestBased Ads" (please see more information)​and may collect "Precise Location Data"​(please see​for moreinformation)​.© SEGA. All rights reserved. SEGA, the SEGAlogo, KidChameleon, SEGA Forever and the SEGA Forever logo areregisteredtrademarks or trademarks of SEGA Holdings Co., Ltd. oritsaffiliates.
Ahkam alFayadh 1.0
iShia Project
Offers quick access to G. A. alFayyad Ahkam, ruling injurisprudencewith special section covering his rulings onHajj.It's covers Arabicand Farsi for now and English data will beavailable later.
Live Holy Shrines 3.3
Lilani Soft
Miss the divine place and can't get there in an instant? Nowyoucan..!With Live Holy Shrines view live broadcast of all theholyshrines and sacred places making you feel right there.No timeto gothrough books to know about islamic events and searchziyaraat?Watch videos and listen to audios that took place on thedate. Getarabic text of ziyaraat in the ziyarat write upsection.Justdownload the app and get live streams from the holyplaces aroundthe world, whether it be makkah or medinah, karbala ornajaf,samarra or mash'had, distances can't keep you awayanymore!Watchand listen to nohas and manqabat and stay updatedabout the Islamicevents. Get all you ziyaraat in one place to avoidthe trouble ofcarrying books. The world of purity and blessings isjust a clickaway..!
Animal Dash 1.6.1
Shark Jump
That nasty Chef is at it again! Help the animals jump and dashtheirway to freedom, and collect as much fruit as you can on theway!Whyget Animal Dash?- Kid safe fun!- Adult safe fun!-Limitlessadventures- Heaps of achievements- 15 playable animals-Lots ofupgrades and bonuses- Multiple themesSo don't be such a boarandstop lion around. It'll bear-ly take any effort, crab a copytoday!
12 Imam A.S(Urdu Islamic Book) 10.0
Apex Soft
Yeh kitab Mufti Ghulam Rasool Jamati Naqshbandi R.A nay tehreerkehai. Is kitab main following 12 Imamon (A.S) ki Ahwal eZindagibyan ke gye hai:1. Hazrat Imam Ali A.S2. Hazrat Imam HassanA.S3.Hazrat Imam Hussain A.S4. Hazrat Imam Zain ul Abideen A.S5.HazratImam Muhammad Baqar A.S6. Hazrat Imam Jaffer Sadiq A.S7.HazratImam Moosa Kazim A.S8. Hazrat Imam Ali Raza A.S9. HazratImamMuhammad Taqi A.S10. Hazrat Imam Ali Naqi A.S11. Hazrat ImamHassanAsqari A.S12. Hazrat Imam Mehdi A.SThe book has been indexedforeasy navigation.
Flag of Iran 2.0
Magic Flags
Magic flag: IranCharming Flag of Iran with water effectontouch.Download for free today!This live wallpaper will createadynamic wave effect when you tap the screen.Created especiallyforpatriots. Perfect for celebrating national holiday!Mainfeatures:-5 different backgrounds- 5 different ripple size- waveeffect-Accelerometer support- Compatible with many smartphonesandtablets.We would appreciate if you rate our wallpaper.
Duas by Duas.Org 1.1
In the name of Allah, the most Beneficent, themostMerciful.“Associate with people in such a manner, that theyweepfor you when you die and long for you if you arealive.”-ImamAliDuas.Org is the biggest and most beneficial site forthescripture of any type of Islamic prayer in the world. Renownedforthe versatility and immense library of prayers in Arabic,English,and transliteration, Duas.Org strives to present aneffectiveopportunity for servants of God to pray on the go. Suchprayersthat are included consist of Dua Kumail, Ziyarat Ashura forImamHussein, Dua Iftitah, Dua Simaat, among others. There areanumerous essential and elaborate prayers that includeEnglishtranslation, Arabic, and transliteration text. Duas.Org hasbeenstriving to present the Islamic community with an accessiblemeansof prayer, and it hopes to continue to do so in the future.Pleasepray for the sick. Please pray for the needy. Please pray sowe allcan be closer to the One and Only, Allah. Succint list ofPrayers:Dua'a MashloolDua’a KumaylDua'a asSimaatDua-e-TawassulDua’aMiraajDua’a A’Z’ulmalbalaaNade AliKabeerDua-e-Yastasheer Dua’aAdeelaDua'aJaushan-e-KabeerHadis-e-KisaDua'a NudbaDua'a AbuHamzaThumaliDua-e-Ahad (replace with Sahifa Mahdi (a_t_f_s_)-Supplication 1)Ziarat Ashura- Imam HusseinDua Safwan (DuaAlQamah)Aayat al-KursiDua Iftitah A Gift from Imam Al-Husayn(A_S_)99Names of Allah
Free Islamic Ringtones 2018 1.2
Download islamic ringtones 2018 for Free, to have the abilitytohear and enjot the best of nasheed islamic songs ( ranat dinia-naghamat islamia ) in our great islamic apps ringtones,Don'tforgetthese wonderful islamic reciters ranat diniya: islamic songsfrommecca (makkah ) Adaan Saudi, ezan from Egypt, Al quds orathanmedina or al masjid al-haram, islamic songs ( نغمات دينية )forramadan ringtones,free islamic songs , quraan and a lot ofbestmasjid qibla wich are made and handed for you with love forprophetby popular reciters and muezzins for salat azan 2018 inengland youcan set them as ringtone nasheed arabic beautifulanachid maherzinappreciate listening to our most Beautiful islamicringtones2018 ( نغمات اسلامية ) by the most famous singers in thegreatworld of islamic books and muslims calendar while your getanearful of nasheed 2018 use it as Salat Reminder, Fajr Alarm orEzanAlarm, Call for prayer islamic ringtones 2018 Times : Allahuakbar,Ash-hadu an-la ilaha illa allah, Ash-hadu annaMuhammadan-Rasulullah, Download and Listen to nasheed Fajr (islamic ringtones 2018- naghamat islamia - nasheed islami - anachiddinia- anashed ) inMP3.Hayya'alas-ṣalah, Hayya ʿalal-falaḥ,As-salatu KhayrunMinan-nawm, Allāhu akbar, La ilahailla-Allah.islamic songs isheard all over the world to thebelievers to Pray to Allah.islamicringtones 2018 MP3 - nasheedalarm is a super easy app that workson Android’s phones and allowsto its users to listen to the latestmuazzins’s incredible voicesand enjoy the beauty and deep wordswhenever you like worksoffline.islamic ringtones 2018 nasheed is agreat selection ofsounds application is the latest mp3 nasheedislamic, islamicringtones ( اغاني اسلامية 2018 ) ( رنات دينية بدونانترنت )beautiful islamic ringtones 2018We collected the mostamazingislamic songs here are our list :- Ramadan Ramadan - RaaituAthThunoob - Rahman Rahman - Saiyda Al Akhlaq - Allahu Allah -AllahuAllahu - AlMuallim -Mawtini - islamic dua 2018 - qunoot -Yas3adFou2adi - Anta Al Salam - Asma Allah- Mother - Supplication- YaAllah - Ya Mustafa - Anachid Afassi - khayra lbariya -MohammedNabina - Al Badr Mashary - Allah Allah - Do3aa Mashary -LabbaikAllahuma Lab - Subhana Allah ..
App Key Features:
- Fullandroidsupport
- All new anted dinia catalog with free nasheedmp3
- Morethan 49 islamic ringtones 2018 mp3 and many more!
-Browse featured,most popular or newest dwonlaod nasheedmp3.
-Press play button tolisten any islamic ringtones 2018 youlike.
-Press islamic ringtones2018 - 99 Names of Allah, Yarahman,Islamic Music tala al badrualayna, Reciters : al ghamidi,abd el basset abd essamad, ali ibnahmad al mala, Az : Saudi,Algerian, Egyptian, sudani, Iraqi,Moroccan, Yemeni,azan Syrian,Tunisiann Somali, United Emirates,Libyan,
Jordanian, Palestinian,mauitanian, Kuwaiti, omanin,quatari, Bahraini,Zahrani hamadDeghreri majed al hamnasheedislamiciissam boukhari, 
Sheesha,mahmoud al khalil, and misharyrashed alafasy , ibrahim Al Arkanimansoor ,.
we made sure to gatherall those reciters from everycountry of the Islamic World islamsongsislamic ringtones 2018 mp3free - nasheed Alarm application iscompatible with the mostandroid devices and versions like: SamsungGalaxy S7, and/A7/A5/Note S3, Samsung Galaxy S5, nexus9 LG G2 andSony Xperia,HTC One M9+ our anachid dinia ringtones are suitablefor most ofandroid™
Azadari in Mumbai (AIM) 2.4
Assalamu'Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh,"Azadari inMumbai"Android mobile application was developed in the year 2016(1438Hijri) in Muharram ul-Haram to provide information aboutISLAMICPLACES & AZADARI (events) like Majalis, Juloos, Shab eDari,Khandak and other events like Niyaz, Jashan & Aamaalhappeningaround the city to Azadar of Mumbai, New Mumbai&Thane.WhatThis application aims to provide the mourners ofImamHussain, with complete information regarding Majalis, Juloos,Sahabe Dari, & Khandak processions that will be held in Mumbai,NewMumbai, and Thane.WhyThe application aims to provide Momeneenwithaccurate information about the timings of the Majalis,Juloos,Sahab e Dari & Khandak processions so as to avoidconfusion andprovide more cohesion to the process of organizing andattendingAzadari.WhoWith the help of free volunteer across thecity,information will be updated for their respective localityevents.
Ziyarat e Ashura زیارت عاشوراء‎Oasis Solutions 1.0
Complete Ziyarat e Ashura (زیارت عاشوراء) with English , UrduandFarsi translations .Salih Bin Aqabah and Sayf ibn Umayrahhavereported “Alqamah ibn Muhammad al-Hadrami as saying that he,once,asked Imam al-Baqir, Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him,toteach him a prayer with which he would pray Almighty Allah onthatday (of Ashura) when he would visit Imam al-Husayn’s shrine andtoteach him another prayer with which he would pray Almighty Allahonthat day when he would be unable to visit the shrine and thenhewould point to the tomb and send greetings to Imam al-HussainA.Sfrom his own house. The Imam said, “Listen, Alqamah! Afteryoupoint to Imam Hussain A.S with greetings and offer thetwo-unitprayer, you may say the Takbir statement (i.e. allahuakbar) andthen say. (the forthcoming form of Ziyarah). If you doso, you willhave said the prayer that is said by the angels whovisit Imamal-Husayn A.s. You will be also raised one hundredmillion ranks tojoin the rank of those who were martyred with him(i.e. Imamal-Husayn) and you will be included with their group. Youwill,moreover, be awarded the reward of the visiting of allProphets andMessengers as well as the reward of all the visitors ofImamal-Husayn (A.S) since the day of his martyrdom. Peace of Allahbeupon him and upon his household.” Ziyarat e Ashura hasbeencompletely translated into English, Urdu and also Farsi. WithAudioplayback each Arabic text and English text will easily appear.Andalso English, Urdu and Persian text is given for every ZiyarateAshura Arabic text. Feature of Ziyarat e Ashura. app -ZiarateAshura with audio playback with each line.- Details ofZiyarat eAshura in English.- completely offline app,no needinternetconnection- Details of Ziarate Ashura in Urdu.- Details ofZiarateAshura in Persian.- For every line of ziyarat ashura, Thelinetranslation in English is provided
Sad Quotes shiaa 1.3
soufiix inc.
Commemorate one of the most important events in Muslim culturewithour brand new app Ashura Live Wallpaper! We bring you manybreathtaking back ground images of the Battle of Karbala! Witnesstheheroism of Husayni bnAli on 10 Muharram many centuries ago! Ifyouare looking for the ‘’best Islamic wallpapers’’ to decoratethescreen of your phone for Android™, Ashura screen saver istheperfect solution for you! Get the free download of HussainHDpictures and embellish your tablet device with the photos fromthemost significant date in Islamic history! After a lot ofreadingand listening to the ‘’Karbala story’’, you have auniqueopportunity to see the vivid Ashura pictures of the battle!Usethis once-in-a-lifetime chance and step into the city ofKarbaladuring the greatest battle in history! Remember Husayn andall hissupporters in your prayers and celebrate their lives andheroismwith ‘’Ashura Live Wallpaper’’!Follow theinstallationinstructions:Home Button -> Press Menu ->Wallpapers ->Live Wallpapers* You can choose from lots ofdifferentAshurabackground wallpapers inspired by Islamic religion!*Bothlandscape mode and home-screen switching are fullysupported!Wouldyou like to see the historical battle at Karbalathat happened agesago? With the help of ‘’Ashura wallpaper’’everything is possible!The freeAshura images depicting themartyrdom of Husayn and thebravery of other fighters will make youproud of being a Muslim!Celebrate this national holiday anddedicate the recitation ofQuran quotes to all brave people who losttheir lives during thebattle! Set the Ashura photos on thebackground of your phone andshow everyone that this event willnever be forgotten! Invite allother Muslim brothers and sisters todownload this free Android appand they will love it, for sure! Assoon as you look at thisreligion wallpaper, you will immediatelyfeel closer to God! This‘’Allah live wallpaper’’ will connect youwith your ancestors – theIslamic prophet Muhammad and his grandsonHussain!If you cannotafford to visit the Husayn Mosque in Karbalaon the day of Ashura,don’t worry! We give you a chance to downloadthese beautifulmosques images completely free of charges and enjoyone of theoldest mosques in the world! You like Mecca Madina livewallpaper?If so, you will be enchanted by these ‘’Shia Islamicwallpapers’’!Visit the holiest site of Shiism and make a pilgrimageto theShrine of Husayn outside Makkah and Masjidal-Haram!Respecttraditions and fast not only during Ramadan but also duringthesacredmonth of Muharram! Allah background images on yourAndroidmobile will inspire you to pray and to read the Quran! Youdon’thave to carry a history book with you – set the AshuraHDwallpapers on the display and you will be fascinated by thehistoryof Islamic culture!‘’Muharram live wallpaper’’ is a must forallpeople who respect Islam and live according to the Quran! Checkoutyour Islamic lunar calendar and don’t miss the MourningofMuharram! Remember all the great deeds of your ancestors andbeproud of your religion! Look at 99 names of Allah writteninexquisite Arabiccall igraphy and remember that the Lord isalwayswith you! Be a true believer – go on the Hajj, pray and fastandAllah will offer you his spiritual guidance!We bring youtheastonishing Muslim images depicting one of the most heroicbattlein history! Be among the first ones to get the best free appforAndroid! Remember the tenth day of Muharram in Islamic calendarandcelebrate this important historical event with the mostbeautifulMuslim application ever – Ashura Live Wallpaper! * Androidis atrademark of Google Inc.شيعةأهل البيتكربلاء المقدسةرمزياتشيعيةعراقيةمحرميا علي يا حسينيا حيضرقبسات شيعيةيا حسينلشهرمحرمالكربلائيلطميات محرملطميات شيعيةصدرياتحكمعليعقائدالشيعةعاشوراء الحزنزيارة عاشوراءمعركة كربلاءكربلاءالشهداءالعاشر منشهر محرم صيام عاشوراء
Ziarat Imam Hussain 1.0
This beautiful app has been designed for al muslims especiallyforpeople belonging to fiqah Jafriya. It contains "Ziarat ofImamHussain (a.s) in Arabic.According to Hadith, duringLailat-e-Qadran angel proclaims from the Arsh (throne) on theSeventh sky thatAllah has forgiven who have visited the grave ofImam Hussain (as).While performing Ziyarah of Imam Hussain (as),remind yourself thaton this night, the souls of 124,000 Prophets(peace be upon themall) visit Imam, who is aware of our innerspiritual reality and ishurt and repulsed by our record of repeatedevil deeds,indifference to God’s commandments; thus, we shouldavoiddisgracing ourselves in that great audience of ImamTheprominentfeatures of this app are:Worth knowing features of thisappare:-Decent layout-Easy navigation through pages-Handy zoom inandzoom out -Language Arabic-Easy install and uninstallDo downloadit,rate it and share with your friends.Also do pray for my fatherthatmay Allah rest his soul in peace and grant him with high rankinjannat.
Naat Sharif 2.2
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Naat Sharif is the Android version of the oldest Islamic portalofnaats, We have tried to provide all thebrothersand sisters with an opportunity to listen to naats rightfrom theirphones.The app is very simple and easy to use. All youneed to dois to install the app, select the naat khuwan from thelist andplay your favorite naat.A Naat or Na'at is a poetry sungwithoutmusic to praise the last prophet of Islam, Muhammad (PBUH).Its areligious activity in Islam to praise Muhammad (PBUH) anddoing sowith naat is a practice that is famous in south Asiancountries,particularly, Pakistan and India. Current list of NaatKhuwansinclude but not limited to:- Abdul Rauf Roofi- FasihUddinSoharwardi- Aamir Liaquat- Akhtar Qureshi- Imran SheikhAttari-Farhan Ali Qadri- Junaid Jamshed- Owais Raza Qadri- AbidaKhanum-Umm-e-Habiba- Waheed Zafar Qasmi- Muhammad Rashid Azam-MuhammadAli Zahoori- Alhaaj Khurshid Ahmad- Zulfiqar Ali- RehanRaza Qadri-Shahid MehmoodCurrently, you can listen to 100s of naatsonline andwe are in continues process of adding more Urdu, English,Arabic,Punjabi, Pashto Naats and Naat Khuwans to our alreadyextensivedatabase. The app is user friendly and can be usedfrequentlyduring the holy month of Ramadan.There is a contactbutton in theapp through which you can send us your feedback andsuggestions toimprove the app and also to participate in addingadditionalfeatures and Islamic content to this app.
com.ali.kabir 1.1.0
Imam `Ali ibn al-Husain Sayyid as-Sajjidin (prayers be uponhim)related from his father from his grandfather the Prophet ofAllah(blessings of Allah be upon him and his family) thatthissupplication was taught by the Angel Jibra’il (prayers be uponhim)to the Prophet (blessings of Allah be upon him and hisfamily)during one of the battles. Imam Husain ibn Ali (as) said,“Myfather Ali ibn Abi Talib (AS) had bequeathed to me that Ishouldmemorise and protect this supplication and write it on hisKafan(burial shroud) and that I should teach it to my familyandencourage them to read it as it contains 1,000 names of Allahandwithin these names is the Greatest Name of Allah (Ism-e-Azam).
Ziyarat al-Mubashir 1.5
In His Name the Most High, All praise is due to Allah, may peacebeupon Muhammad and his pure progeny and may the curse of Allahbeupon their enemies.Imam Sadiq (a.s.) narrates,‘Allah hasappointedsome angels at Imam Husain’s grave. When a Shia makes theintentionfor Imam Husain’s (a.s.) Ziyarat, Allah forgives all hissins. Whenhe takes a step to go for Ziyarat, he erases his sins.His virtuesmultiply and they increase till the time he becomesworthy ofParadise ‘.Ali ibn Abi Talib (a.s.) on the authority ofGod'sProphet (s.a.w.) said, "One of my own flesh and blood willbeburied in the land of Khorasan. God the Highest will surelyremovethe sorrows of any sorrowful person who goes on pilgrimage tohis(Al-Raza's (a.s.)) shrine. God will surely forgive the sins ofanysinful person who goes on pilgrimage to his shrine". ImamJafarSadiq (a.s.) declares,‘One who visits us after we have passedawayis like the one who has visited us while we were alive.’Therearemany other traditions of the Infallible Imams (a.s.) whichprovesthat visiting the shrines is a very recommendableact."Ziyaratal-Mubashir" is an application in which users can watchLiveShrines from thefollowingcities:MeccaMadinaNajafKarbalaKaazmainMashhadWe have alsoaddedImam Hussain TV on request of one of our users.Yourvaluablefeedback will always help us to improve.P.S.: You need MXPlayer tostart live streaming.You need to download the latestversion of theapp from the followinglink:
برنامج المؤذن .مواقيت الصلاة .تذكير الصلاة 1.0.6
Download the program of the muezzin and prayer times on a verysmallsize on your Android system where increased life andentertainment,but the program alerts you in the case of negligenceor sleep timesof prayer and will not miss the prayer, God willing,and will be areason for your commitment to the five prayersTheprogram is alwaysupdated and the prayer times are completelyspecific according toeach country, whether Islamic, Arab orforeign, and the timesaccording to the provinces and regionswithin each country andupdated in a correct manner, whether thetiming or summer timing isone of the best applications alerts atthe time of the earsHow touse the program: First answer theidentification of your currentcity either through manual researchor search through the Internet,for example, choose from handresearch Egypt and the city of Giza todetermine the dates ofprayer correctly and do not forget to changethe default city isMecca so as not to calculate the timing In thewrong way if you donot stay in MeccaSecond: from the settingschoose the jurisprudenceof Hanafi or Shafie, and the method ofcalculation, for example theEgyptian General Authority for Surveyand the summer time or wintertime and the voice of the noticewithout a voice or ears fullI hopethat the program will benefit youas well as not a five-starevaluation to support the program andshare with the rest of yourfamily
Shia Companion
Shia Companion An Islamic application for all the lovers ofAhlulBayt (a.s.) ● It contains Duas, Namaz & Ziyarats (Mafatihplusother Ziyarats). ● Live streaming of Holy Shrines fromMecca,Madina, Iran and Iraq . ● Live Streaming of Islamic TVchannelslike Channel WIN, Zainabia Channel, Hadi TV, Imam HussainTV, etc.● Prayer Times with azaan. ● Updates for Wiladat &Shahadat ofMasoomeen (a.s.) and other important events. ● More than2500Hadiths. ● Tasbeeh Counter. ● Library (More than 1100booksincluding Hayat al Qulub, Al Kaafi, The Book of Occultation,etc)Download now: app is only ~6 MB We request our users to inform us aboutanyissues or mistakes found in the app. We will try to rectifythem assoon as possible, inshaAllah. If you want to add somethingin theapp let us know at [email protected] We would liketo hearfrom you. Disclaimer: This app is only an interface throughwhichusers can view different channels and get benefit. We arenotresponsible for any third party content displayed in the app.
Naats (Audio & Video) 1.5
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★★★★★ Naat application with Audio and Video CategoryAvailable★★★★★Listen more than 5000 Audio and Video Naats from ourlargestrepository of Naats★★★★★ Search your favorite Audio orVideoNaat★★★★★ More than 150 Natkhwaan★★★★★ Simple and easy touseinterface★★★★★ Downloads Naats and listen them offline withouttheinternet★★★★★ Add Naats to favorite list and easy accessforfuture.★★★★★ Share Naats and application with friends★★★★★ Weaddnew naats on daily basis★★★★★ Now you can also listen the Naatsinbackground, and can start stop and next and previous fromyournotification bar of android deviceMore than 150 Natkhwaan AudioandVideo NaatsincludingFollowing★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★Aamir AnwarQadriAamirQadriAbdul Hameed Rana SoharwardiAbdul Qadar SanjiAbrarul HaqAbulHussain Muhammad Bilal QadriAfshan TaneerAhmed RazaQadriAttariAlhaaj Muhammad Rehan Raza QadriAl-Haaj SaeedHashmiAl-HaajjMuhammad Azam ChishtAli HaiderAmir LiaquatHussainAmjad GhulamFareed SabriAnas YounusAnus Ahmed KhanQadriAnwar IbrahimArabicNaatsAshfaq IbrahimAwais Raza QadriBilalQadriEnglish NaatsFahadShahFaiza KamranFaiza KhanFaizanKhawajaFakhruddin QadriNaqshbandiFarhan Ali QadriFasih UddinSoharwardiFazlay AhmedRazaGhous Muhammad NasirGhulam MustafaQadriGulam MustafaAttariGulam Mustafa QadriGulam Nabi QadriHafizAbidHafiz AbuBakarHafiz Ahmed Raza QadriHafiz Mohammad IlyasAbbasiHafizMuhammad Sajid QadriHafiz Muhammad Tahir QadriHafizNisar AhmedMarfaniHafiz Noor SultanHafiz Zain Ahmed QadriHaji BilalRazaAttariHaji Iftikhar Ahmed QadriHakeem Faiz SultanHassanBinKhursheedHooriya Rafiq QadriHuriya Rafiq QadriImran SheikhQadriAttariJaveria SaleemJunaid JamshedKhurshid AhmadLaibaAftabMMushtaq AttariM Mushtaq QadriM Shakeel QadriM Zahid AttariM.RehanNaqshbandi KanchwalaMadina KaSafarMahmood-ul-HassanAsharfiMarghoub HamdaniMaryam YousafMazharQadri AshrafiMohammadFurqan MayariMuhammad Abdullah Khalil QadriAttariMuhammad AfzalBaigMuhammad Ali SoharwardiMuhammad Ali ZahooriQasooriMuhammadAnas QadriMuhammad Anees SabaMuhammad AsifChistiMuhammad BilalIshaqMuhammad Bilal Qadri MoosaniMuhammadFaisal HassanNaqshbandiMuhammad Farhan QadriMuhammad Farhan QadriAttariMuhammadJabir Hussain Attari QadriMuhammad Milad RazaQadriMuhammad MoinTajiMuhammad Naseef MoosaniMuhammad RashidAzamMuhammad Rehan RazaQadriMuhammad Serwer SoharwardiMuhammadTahir Nadeem QadriMuhammadTanveer Ahmed NaqshbandiMuhammad TufailRaza QadriMuhammad UmairZubair QadriMuhammad Zahir NoorQadriMuhammad ZamZam RazaQadriMuhammad Zeeshan Gouhar QadriMuhammadZubair MecciMuhammedNoman QadriNusrullah Khan NooriOtherProf. AbdulRauf RoofiPunjabiNaatsPushto NaatsQainat SheikhQari HamidMehmoodQari Jawad AhmedNaqsh BandiQari Shahid MahmoodRafey NaseerQadriRahat GabaRao Arsal& Rao MutahirRao Asad AliRehanQureshiRizwan QadriRizwanaAzeezSaba ChaudhrySaba Sitara AhmedSaimaShabirSajid RazaQadriSalman AliSami YusufSamreen AbdulRasheedSaqlain RasheedShabirAbu TalibShahbaz Qamar FareediShakeelAshrafSiddiq IsmailSyed AftabAli Qadri ChishtiSyed Furqan QadriSyedKhalid Hussain ShahSyed MoinAlam KarimiSyed Muhammad RehanQadriSyed Sabihuddin SabihRehmaniSyed Zabib MasoodSyeda AmberSaleemSyeda Siddiqa KhaleelTajDare Haram vol 1Tasleem AhmedSabriTehreemUbaid Raza Qadri &Abdul Mustafa AttariUmmehHabibaUsman UbaidUzma ZaidiWaheed ZafarQasmiWajid Ali QadriYaqoobIbrahim NaqshbandiYousuf MemonYusufIslamZafar Iqbal PatniZafarIqbal QadriZeeshan QadriZulfiqarAliMuhammad Fahad Raza QadriDuaNoorHafiz Ahmed Raza MehmoodiQadriand man morePashto, Punjabi,Arabic and English Naats are alsoinduced in this app
Allah Water Ripple islamic LWP 7.2
Water ripple allah islamic live wallpaper simulates liquidwaterripple effect and beautiful water drop ripple effect withfallingleaves. Magic touch water waves is a beautiful livewallpaper whichis touch sensitive and gives a rippling effect. TheislamicWallpapers is sorted by many categories such as : ✔ 99 NamesOfAllah ✔ Basmallah ✔ Allah Akbar ✔ Doua And Islamic reciteFeatures:✔Islmaic background with islamic arabic writing. ✔Ripple3D effectwhen you touch the screen. ✔Original and Modern allahakberWallpapers. ✔Frequently Updated with new Wallpapers.✔MaterialDesign Dashboard. ✔You can crop the wallpapers beforeapplyingthem. ✔Double Tap to Zoom wallpapers. ✔Share pictures toany otherapplications. ✔Get a picture ideal for your deviceparameters.✔Enjoy amazing HD and QHD quality. ✔Islamic Frame andStickers. ✔99Name Of Allah LWP with 360° View ✔Automatically changeyourwallpaper on a predefined time ✔Unlock Your phone withplayingbasmala and showing basmala picture This wonderful app isavailablefor free in the android market.
Islamic Ringtones
New Appa Era
Salam alaikom Brothers and Sisters. Islamic ringtones and Songs isafree application that contains a collection of the most famousandbest Islamic songs of 2015 / 2016. Islamic ringtones containsmorethan 36 Islamic songs like 99 names of Allah, Ya taiba, ilahiantamaqsudi, arkan al islam (Five Pillars of Islam song ),assalamoalaykom, forgive me allah, ramadan ringtones. We alsoadded variouschoises of Nasheed ‘religious songs’ also some FamousDuaa, andIslamic Notification like fajar alarm, Islamic alarmtones so youcan enjoy the beautiful islamic ringtones, we alsoadded Adan foralarm clock. If you like religious and arabic songof maher zain,Sami Yusuf, Affasi, Soudais, … then this applicationis all what youneed. This Application is 100% free. AppliFeatures: =========== -Set as ringtone for android : change yourringtones to any of theapplication songs that you like - Set timerto wake up for prayerthe sound : you can put any of the sounds tomake you - AlarmRingtones : set any Islamic sound as adhan to wakeup for assubhprayers. - SMS Ringtones - Halal ringtones: whichmeans nointerments are used in the majority of the music Legalinfo:======== Sound clips used in Islamic Ringtones app are underpublicdomain license and/or Creative Commons’ license. Sounds fromthisapp are not commercial sounds from video games.
القرآن الکریم Holy Quran 27.2
The application of the Holy Quran is an application thatcontainsthe whole Koran to read and listen to the voice of a numberofreaders.The application also contains information about eachsuraand each reader and contains Ahadis and Adiaa with the storiesofall prophets and messengers of God with Islamic songs.
Twelve Imams 4
This program has the biography and sayings of Prophet Muhammad(SAW)and Fatima Al Zahra (AS) and the twelve Imams (AS): Imam Ali(as)Imam Hassan (as) Imam Hussain (as) Imam Zain Al-Abidin (as)ImamMuhammad Al-Baqir (as) Imam Ja'far Al-Sadiq (as) Imam MusaAl-Kadhim(as) Imam Ali Al-Ridha (as) Imam Muhammad Al-Jawad (as)Imam AliAl-Hadi Al-Naqi (as) Imam Hassan Al-Askari (as) Imam MahdiAl-Askari(as) If you have any problems using this application orif you haveany suggestions you would like to see, then contact mevia:[email protected]
Six Kalmas of Islam 2.13
Six Kalmas are pillars of Islam, 6 Kalimahs/Kalmas/Kalmah arethemain content of this application. Muslims all over theworld,please read, recite and learn these :)1) First Kalma Tayyab:Laailaaha illal Lahoo Mohammadur Rasool Ullah2) KalmaShaadat:Ashahado An Laa ilaaha illal Laho Wahdahoo Laa ShareekaLahoo WaAsh Hado Anna Mohammadan Abdo Hoo Wa Rasoolohoo.3) KalmaTamjeed:Subhanallahe Wal Hamdulillahe Wa Laa ilaha illalLahoWallahooakbar. Wala Haola Wala Quwwata illa billahilAliYilAzeem.4) Kalma Tauheed: Laa ilaha illal Lahoo WahdahooLaaShareekalahoo Lahul Mulko Walahul Hamdo Yuhee Wa Yumeeto WaHoaHaiy Yul La Yamooto Abadan Abada Zul Jalali Wal ikraamBeyadihilKhair. Wa hoa Ala Kulli Shai In Qadeer.5) KalmaAstaghfar:Astaghfirullah Rabbi Min Kullay Zambin Aznabtuho AmadanAo Khat AnSirran Ao Alaniatan Wa Atoobo ilaihe Minaz Zambil LazeeAalamo WaMinaz Zambil Lazee La Aalamo innaka Anta Allamul GhuyoobiWaSattaarul Oyobi Wa Ghaffaruz Zunoobi Wala Haola Wala Quwwataillabillahil AliYil Azeem.6) Kalma Radde Kufr: Allah HummainniAaoozubika Min An Oshrika Beka Shai Aown Wa Anaa Aalamo BehiWaAstaghfiroka Lima laa Aalamo Behi Tubtu Anho Wa TabarratoMinalKufri Washshirki Wal Kizbi Wal Jheebati Wal Bidaati WanNameematiWal Fawahishi Wal Bohtani Wal Maasi Kulliha Wa Aslamtoo WaAamantooWa Aqoolo Laa ilaaha illal Lahoo Mohammadur RasoolUllahff63964df4
Imam al-Husain Biography/Words 1.0.1
Imam al-Husain was the son of Ali ibn Abi Ṭalib and Fatimaal-Zahra(daughter of prophet Muhammad peace be upon them) and theyoungerbrother of Hasan ibn Ali. Husayn is an important figure inIslam,as he is a member of the Ahl al-Bayt (the household ofMuhammad)and Ahl al-Kisa, as well as being the third Shia Imam.This is acollection of his words, his prayers, and little biographyabouthim.
Ziarat e Nahiya 1.0
The text of Ziyarat al-Nahiya was found in some earlyZiyaratcollections such as al-Mazar al-Kabir, by Muhammad IbnJa’faral-Mash’hadi, pp. 496-513. It is also reported in al-Mazar,byal-Mufid as mentioned in Bihar al-Anwar, vol. 98, pp. 318-329.Ofthe several prescribed Ziyarat of Imam al Husain (asws), onewasrecited by Imam al-Mahdi (atand reached us through one of hisfourspecial deputies. For that reason, it is known as the Ziyaratthatwas issued from the sacred side (Ziyarat al-Nahiyaal-Muqaddasa).One of the most important features of this Ziyarat isthat indifferent phrases, Imam al-Mahdi (atfs) graphicallydescribes theevents of Ashura and the agony that Imam al-Husain(asws) and hisfamily faced on that horrific and ominous day.Theprominentfeatures of this app are:-User friendly-Decentlayout-languageurdu-Zoom in/Zoom out-Easy navigation betweenpages-Easy install/unistallDo download this app , rate it and prayfor my father thatmay Allah forgive him and grant him with highrank in jannah.
Ziarat e Waritha (زیَارت وَارِثَ)‎Oasis Solutions 1.0
Complete Ziyarat E Warisa زیَارت وَارِثَ with English andUrdutranslations. Ziarat Waritha of Imam Hussain A.S زىارة وَارِثَ.This ziarat is recited on thursday nights & every day &isalso a means to seek needs when recited with specificintentions.Ziarat Waritha has been completely translated intoEnglish and alsoUrdu. With Audio playback each Arabic text andEnglish text willeasily appear. And also English and Urdu text isgiven for everyziarat e warisa Arabic text. Feature of Ziarat eWarisa. app -ziarat e warisa audio with audio playback with eachline.- Detailsof Ziarat e Warisa in English.- completely offlineapp,no needinternet connection- Details of ziarate warisa in Urdu.-For everyline of ziarat e warisa, The line translation in Englishisprovided
3D Iran Flag Live Wallpaper 3.1.4
A top quality Iran flag live wallpaper! A perfect live wallpaperforcelebrating Iran independence day or national day! Feel proudofyour country? Let this Iran flag fly high in yourphone!APPHIGHLIGHTS===============✔ Real OpenGL 3D animation! Not avideoloop or animated gif!✔ Fully interactive! Shake phone, blowwind ortouch screen to let the Iran flag fly!✔ Play Iran nationalanthem!✔Floating cloud, thunderstorm, snowing, starry night etcanimatedbackground effect!✔ Lighting control!✔ Use own photoasbackground!✔ Use own audio file as national anthem!✔ Optimizeforboth tablet and phone, portrait and landscape mode!✔ Set aslivewallpaper or run as standalone app!FLAGCONTROL============>Double tap to start/stop wind> Double tapto start/stopbackground music> Scroll up/down toraise/lowerflagDISCLAIMER===============* This is a free previewversion. Somescreenshots and features listed here only available infullversion.Feel proud of your country, let this Iran flaglivewallpaper always flying high in your home screen!We hope thatthese3D national flag apps are of use to anyone wanting to learnmoreabout the nations of the world. We truly believe that knowledgeofother nations and cultures will help lead to further peaceandunderstanding in the world, and learning about other nationalflagsand anthems is a good beginning.CREDITS=======Some backgroundsceneuse in this app are from creative commons. Below aretheirrespected links. Thanks for sharing suchgreatphotos![email protected]/4355494411
Fajr Alarm Ringtones 4.7.1
Fajr Alarm Ringtones included a total of 5 ringtones foryourAndroid phone/ tablet. Part of the ringtones/ sounds includedinthis apps are Azan from Abdul Basit and Mishary AlAfasy.Features:- Play the sound in a single click of button.- Setit asringtones by long press on the Islamic sound track.- Set itasnotification sound by long press on the sound track.- Set itasdefault alarm sound by long press on the sound track.- Play,stop,shuffle or repeat the sound.- Nice, clean & easyUserInterface.- Best customized theme base background.- Sociallyshareit with your friends through WeChat, WhatsApp, Facebook,Google+and more.- You can play it OFFLINE without internetconnection.- Itis FREEHave a nice day!Don't forget to rate us 5star if you likethis app! May Allah Bless You!Thanks
Crazy Taxi Tycoon 1.0.0
Let’s make some craaazy money! Be the boss of your very ownCrazyTaxi empire. Prestige Mega Corp, a soulless ride sharecompany, isripping off your drivers to make corporate pigs rich.Fight thecorporate machine and TAKE BACK the city! With just a cab,a cabbieand a dream build a fleet of cabs, amass untold wealth, andbecomethe ultimate taxi tycoon! In SEGA’s all-new Crazy Taxi idleclickerjust tap to unleash the mayhem. The more your driver’sdeliver, themore cash you make! The crazier they drive the fasteryou earn. Andthe more you earn the happier you will be. So let thegood timesroll. Features killer tracks by The Offspring, “All IWant” and“Change the World” CRAZY CABS, CABBIES AND CASH - Buy,grow andupgrade your fleet of crazy cabs - Hire and level up a castof newand classic Crazy Taxi drivers - Each driver has a favoritetype ofcab. Match drivers to cabs for extra bonuses - Mastermultipliersto more quickly expand your routes across the cities -Prestigeyour business for even greater wealth - Fun and fast playsessionsperfect for playing on the go or whenever you have time - -- - -Privacy Policy: Terms ofUse: Game apps are ad-supported and noin-apppurchases are required to progress. This game may include"InterestBased Ads" (please see more information)​and may collect "Precise Location Data"​(please see​for moreinformation)​ © SEGA. All rights reserved. SEGA, the SEGAlogo,CRAZY TAXI TYCOON and CRAZY TAXI GAZILLIONAIRE are eitherregisteredtrade marks or trade marks of SEGA Holdings Co., Ltd. oritsaffiliates.
99 Names of Allah: AsmaUlHusna 2.0.5
Thank You For Helping Us Reach 1 Million Downloads! > VotedBestIslamic App > Memorize 99 Names Of Allah With Meanings>Islamic Radio > Memorizing Asma-ul-husna tests included >99Names Of Allah - Asma-ul-Husna Audio/MP3 >Multi-LanguageCapability Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said “There are 99names ofAllah, and that anyone who memorizes all the names will beawardedparadise.” Finally an app that helps you to learn andmemorize the99 names of Allah. The amazement does not stop therethis app alsohelps you remember the meanings of each name of Allah.The 99 namesof Allah are called 'Asma Ul Husna' (Pronounce Asma AlHusna) whichin Arabic means ‘The Most Beautiful Names’. Theseislamic names areattributes of Allah SWT by which Muslims regardGod in Islam. InArabic, the word Allah means ‘The God’. It isderived from theunion of the word ‘Al’ meaning ‘The’ and ‘Ilah’Meaning ‘God’. Theword Allah is the supreme and all comprehensivedivine name. InIslam, the name Allah is unique and unmatched andindicates theexistence of one creator of the universe. ProphetMuhammad’s (PBUH)life, traditions and his Islamic lectures (Sunnahof prophetMuhammad) are of great significance & Muslims followhistraditions all over the world. 99 names of Allah are writteninEnglish and Arabic along with the meanings of each name inArabic,English and Urdu. Install this android app today to get Asmaulhusna, the beautiful names and attributes of Almighty AllahinEnglish and Arabic along with the meanings of the names. Reciteormemorize the 99 names of Allah any time any where from yourphone.* Features of AsmaUl Husna (99 names of Allah) - 99AllahNames(Asma Ul Husna) in English. - 99 Allah Names(Asma UlHusna) inUrdu/Arabic. - For each name of Allah, a short Englishtranslationof Quranic-meaning is provided. Detailed meaning of eachname isalso provide within the app. - Did you know? Islamic factssection- Asmaul Husna with synchronized audio for most names. -CompletelyOffline Islamic God names and meaning App! No internetconnectionrequired to use this Islamic app after its firstdownload.-Quiz/Test – Test yourself to see how well your doingmemorizingAllah’s names. - FREE app. No cost or purchases required.Justdownload for FREE today, for use during Islamic prayer times-Adhan / Salaah. We have tried our best to provide the mostaccurateinformation within the smallest possible size for androidphones.This pro app is completely Offline and FREE!! We arededicatingthis to all Muslims and non-Muslims alike to understand& learnabout Islam, in hope to spread the knowledge of Islam.This is anAd-supported version. Support the developer of this appwith yourpositive feedback & good ratings, so that we can bringto youmore quality Islamic apps for FREE on demand! Thank you foryoursupport. New Feature Added: CallerID feature for unknownnumberidentification. This feature will show Callinformationduring/after calls and you can fully adjust it to yourpreferences.Enable / disable or configure the CallerID at any timein thesettings menu. Updated c04eab4a47
Ziyarat e Ashura:زيارة عاشوراء‎EvageSolutions 1.0
This app is specifically designed for the ease of shia communitywhohave a urge to perform their religious traditions.The appincludes:-Arabic text of ziyarat Ashura- English rendition ofziyara Ashura-Ziyarat and dua- The ziyarat of Imam hussain- Thebenefits ofziyarat of Imam hussain- The societa benefits- TheEttiquette of theziyarat of Imam hussain- And much moretheprominent features of thisapp are:-Attractive layout- Easy to use-Zoom in/out- Easynavigation between pages- PortabilityDo downloadour app and rate itif you find it useful.
Al Quran-ul-Kareem 4.2
Description:The Sanctified book of Almighty Allah Quran is thelastand final revelation to mankind and a constant reminder tothosewho wish to please their Lord, the One and only True Allah(God).How wonderful would that be if we could constantly keep thedivineBook and be reminded of Allah's grace? The I.T departmentofDawateislami in recent time’s technology has advanced far enoughtoserve our needs. You can now read Quran anytime- anywhere onyourMobile! Its software can be downloaded and installed onmobilephones and carried usefully to places onetravels.AL-Quran-ul-Kareem Application has a real page turningeffect, itselegant style and charming features will attract you tofull pagerecitation. Readers will not have to bother anymore toscroll upand down and will be able to easily recite the Quran pageby page.All 30 chapters and all 114 Surah’s can be bookmarkedwhilerecitation and reader can go to any page number instantlybydownloading it. Features of the App:1) Al-Quran-ul-Kareem: It isa16 lines free mobile app available for Android and othermobileusers and is part of Islamic applications and has beendeveloped bythe Majlis I.T of dawateislami.2) Our App will supportin readingboth styles (Portrait & Landscape) A- Zooming searchresults B-Bookmarking 3) Remarkable Surah Indexing: Separate iconindexing isused for both Makki and Madani Surahs.4) SearchingAlternative: Bythe support of {Go to page} option, user will beable to search thedesired page.5) Book Marking: List of Bookmarkswill be displayedand in addition user can add bookmarks whilereciting and with theoption to go to page number also jump to apage instantly.6) CleverResume: Our users will be able to continuetheir recital from theexact verse of their previous login.7)Sharing App: User can alsoearn bundles of good deeds by sharing theapps link thru Gmail,Facebook, Twitter, Skype and other socialmeans.What’s new?OurUnified Quran mobile application plays recitalsin more than onevoice; with a probability to download a recital andplay it offline{without an internet-connection}.We warmly welcomeyour suggestionsand don’t forget to support us by sending in yourfeedbacks, whichwill be highly appreciated [email protected] Pleaseremember us in your prayers.
Super Sonic Surge 2
Blast your way once again through an obstacle-filled,dangerousworld; this time, the worlds are infinite.Super SonicSurge is thefollow-up to the fast-paced Sonic Surge. Race acrossdifferentsectors, each filled with obstacles which you must avoid,whileshooting down on enemy ships that would fly past you.Collectenough orbs along the way to unlock faster and morepowerfulships.Features:Race through INFINITE worlds that changeseverydayNEW SHIPS can be unlocked by collecting orbs CompleteQUESTS andMISSIONS to gain more orbs Get daily REWARDSPick upPOWERUPS alongthe wayPost your best scores with SOCIAL and GLOBALLEADERBOARDS